Nick Clark Design

Nick Clark Design

London, United Kingdom

I create special invitations for special events...

like corporate, charity and sporting events. I make celebration invitations to private parties, conferences and launches; I design identities, websites and ad campaigns too. My brief is always the same; get the people you want to want to be a part of it; get your audience full of anticipation beforehand; show that you care in the imaginative quality of your communication... make it a 'can't miss affair.'

All these projects began life as a brief from a client and a blank sheet of paper. My excitement lies in the initial process as ideas unfold and in waiting for that eureka moment. I sketch and draw... we develop, we chat and make decisions... then we go to artwork and production. The projects are always given special attention by my suppliers because they know it's likely to be something they'll be proud to show others when it's finished.

Enough of this eulogising!

You can contact me by email: