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MEET YOUR WORLD The International will prepare you for a future in a global world. You will make friends for life from every part of the globe and improve your language skills while you develop on both an academic and personal level.

WE OFFER: • • • • • •

An English-speaking learning and living environment Modern study facilities & high-quality accommodation Cambridge IGCSE subjects and exams A choice of foreign languages A variety of exciting electives and profile subjects Worldwide study trips to Europe and beyond




Efterskole is a unique Danish Boarding School where students between the ages of 14 to 17 can choose to spend one or two years of their secondary education. Educational and personal development

An Efterskole is a self-governing independent institution which provides educational and personal development for students. The first schools were founded about 150 years ago and were closely related to the Danish Folk High School and the educational ideas of NFS Grundtvig (1789–1872) who wanted schools to offer enlightenment for life - rather than just formal educational training. This is why we are equally focused on the individual’s personal development and academics. Furthermore, an Efterskole often offers students an array of profile subjects and electives. Students can thus dive into their different passions with their new friends.

Compared to the state schools, the Efterskole has substantial freedom in, for example, choice of subjects and educational approach. The schools receive substantial state subsidies. There are approximately 240 Efterskoler throughout Denmark and the number of students has increased considerably within the last 25 years. Teachers at an Efterskole are responsible for the supervision and personal development of students as well as teaching. This establishes a positive personal relationship between teachers and students.

“An efterskole is not just about academic development, it is about social and personal development, too. Through dialogue and debate, we work on defining our individual needs, values and identity. And as such, can try to understand our existence.” Else Trabjerg, Head of Governors at The International

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The International___The Efterskole concept



We are Denmarks’ international boarding school. Every year young people from all over the globe come here and together work towards understanding life in a global context.

An international learning environment

At THE INTERNATIONAL we provide an English-speaking learning and living environment focusing on intercultural awareness, international relations and personal development.

We develop citizens of the world

We give you the tools to navigate in a diverse world characterized by infinite possibilities, cultural differences and constant change. Furthermore, our high academic standards, professional teaching and international outlook serve as an ideal starting point for your international studies and global career opportunities. With us, you will not only meet and get to know the world in class but further on exciting trips abroad and in everyday life where you will form friendships for life with your fellow students from different countries.

The International is where...

There is no doubt that the future job market will require strong language skills and intercultural competence. English is already the working language in many companies and parts of the world today. Therefore, The International offers an innovative Efterskole, where everything from assemblies to classes and cosy evening activities takes place in English.

• Cambridge IGCSE subjects are the foundation of the academic program at The International. They enhance international cooperation, development and understanding. • Through lectures, projects and storytelling, you will gain knowledge and understanding about the world around you. • Your everyday life will take place in an intercultural environment. This will help you develop international friendships as well as your cultural awareness and ability to empathize with others. • On our trips you will encounter different international environments, your cultural norms will be challenged, and you can build a global network. • Shared values, diversity and community are key principles at The International.

• learn to understand the world and yourself in an international context. • will meet the world - academically, linguistically, personally and socially. • will become ­a world-traveller and create a gloabal network of international friends. • ...your personal and academic development is paramount.

“We live in a global world that keeps getting smaller. Globalisation is no longer a choice - it is a fact. International relations and global understanding will give you an advantage in today’s competitive global marketplace. For future generations, the whole world is their playground - and we help give them the tools to play.” Kim Skouborg, Principle at The International


The International___Welcome to your world

YOUR WORLD IS ONLY A FRIEND AWAY At The International, you will have the best year of your life while gaining knowledge and understanding of the world around you. You will live and breathe English, travel to experience the world and make life-long friendships with people from all parts of the world. We make school matter. Your English-speaking world The international appeal of the school and the diversity of our students mean that our working language is English. From the moment you enter the school, you will encounter teachers and students communicating in English. We aim to promote this English-speaking environment so that all students can form lasting friendships - free from language barriers and prejudice.

Experience your world With trips to Europe and Worldwide destinations, such as Australia and the USA, you will experience the world first hand. We have exchanges with schools in different parts of the world, which means we visit them and often they, in turn, visit us - thus the world comes to us as well.

Your world, your home The International is both an Academy and a Boarding School - but more importantly, it is your home. Not only do you study, eat, sleep and socialize at the school with your friends around you, you will also have days packed with interesting classes, electives and exciting activities all conducted in English.

A world of choice

“The best thing about TI is the people. It’s a school with a lot of different cultures all combined, and it’s like we are making our own little culturally accepting community in a little corner of Denmark.” Mia, Australian student at The International 18/19

The International offers you a choice of interesting electives and profile subjects to complement your five Cambridge IGCSE subjects. With this wide-range of free-choice subjects to choose from, you create your very own custom made schedule. The choice is yours. The International___Your The International___En Worldinternational is Only a Friend hverdag? Away


Going over the pond or Down Under... Your world is waiting for you.

AN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION  With internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE subjects, fascinating worldwide trips and a wealth of internationally themed activities - we bring the world to you.

International efterskole life

International qualifications

International activities

You will work towards achieving five internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Furthermore, you will improve your communication skills in and knowledge of English.

You will celebrate and embrace all things international, ensuring that you increase your cultural awareness by learning about other nationalities and cultures. You will also have the chance to stay at the weekends to take part in activities with an international flavour, as well as other cultural events throughout the year.

International cooperation At The International, you will work and study with students from different parts of the world, both in and outside the classroom. You will meet native speakers and cooperate on global projects while engaging in thought-provoking studies.

International students The International welcomes both Danish and international students ensuring a vibrant study climate where the meeting of different cultures is a natural part of daily life. Every year we have students from all around the globe, and it creates a great and diverse environment at our school.

Our brand new state of the art campus provides you with the best facilities to enjoy efterskole life. We have modern classrooms, meeting rooms and common rooms which, amongst other things, are equipped with WiFi, smartboards and video conference facilities. You will live in contemporary en-suite double dorms with views of the picturesque Danish countryside.

“We are offering something unique. Many Efterskoler have a few classes taught in English, yet outside of the classroom, everything else takes place in Danish. We have chosen to go “all-in” and create a 100% English-speaking environment from the outset. It is an international school set within an Efterskole framework where you really can meet the world.” Kåre Heide-Ottosen, Head of School at The International

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The International___An International Education

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER Hans Christian Andersen once famously wrote: “To travel is to live.” At The International, we agree with this statement and we live by it. As a student, you will travel, live and experience the world together with your friends and become a true citizen of the world.

“One of the best things I have experienced was on a study trip. Students came back from their homestay and told me how they had been thinking and dreaming in English. One of the girls could actually remember what she “said” in her dream – in English. This illustrates how important it is to give the students the chance to learn the language where it is spoken.”

It is an integral part of our thinking that the trips should develop you personally, linguistically, and culturally in an authentic learning environment. We offer several exciting trips which will allow you to explore your world and expand your horizons. European Excursion – Teambuilding and cultural experiences You will travel to a European country in the fall. The overall purpose is to get to know your new international family while exploring a foreign country and culture together. Depending on the country we are visiting that year there will be various teambuilding activities such as river-rafting and climbing which will let you bond with your school mates in a different, challenging and fun way. Worldwide Adventure – The world awaits You will choose one out of several incredible destinations such as Australia, the USA or a European destination. You will be doing a country-specific project with your fellow friends and travellers while abroad. In all destinations, we will explore the history, culture and natural environment to give you an unforgettable experience. Our world trips are always one of the highlights of the school year and really encompasses everything we are about as a school. Discover Denmark - and Danish “hygge” The Danish word “hygge” is regarded as a defining character of Danish culture - and with good reason. It is both a ritual and an atmosphere created by enjoying the simple things in good company. At The International, you will experience Danish “hygge” - and many other aspects of Danish life both at the school and on little excursions throughout the year to visit different places in Denmark and find out more about your (new) home.

“[In Australia] we saw kangaroos and even had the chance to feed and pet them. That was really cool.”

Michel Christensen,

Charlie, student from Panama

Vice-Principal at The International

at The International 18/19

The International___The World is Your Oyster




VEDERSØ: at the heart of West Jutland, where young international individuals meet.

Your new home will be a well-equipped modern school situated in this picturesque Danish town close to Ringkøbing Fjord. Known for the Danish playwright Kaj Munk - Vedersø is surrounded by stunning natural beauty including lakes, fjords and fields. We love using the nature around our school no matter the season. The school is only 5km from the beach and the North Sea. So don’t forget to bring your bike! Nearby cities include Ulfborg, Ringkøbing, Holstebro and Herning.

Your new home

As well as inviting common areas, beautiful green surroundings and contemporary classrooms, The International has state of the art sports, music and creative facilities, shared with our sister school - Vedersø Idrætsefterskole. Facilities include a fitness room, sports halls, an artificial turf pitch with goal station, beach volley courts and dance studio, where you can spend time with your friends and enjoy our many sports electives. Connecting the world The school is fully serviced by 3/4G telephone coverage, WIFI and fibre optic Broadband throughout, so you can keep in touch with your friends and family, wherever in the world they might be.

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Where is Vedersø located?

Vedersø is situated 20 km Nort- West of Ringkøbing which has a well serviced-bus link. From Ringkøbing there is a railway station and a bus link towards Holstebro-Struer in the north, southwards towards Skjern-TarmVarde, whilst there is also an easterly connection to Herning and Aarhus. If necessary, students can be delivered to and collected from the railway station at weekends and holidays. 7

The International___Your Wold: Vedersø

“Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 yearolds. We are part of the University of Cambridge, trusted for excellence in education. Our qualifications are recognized by the world’s universities and employers.” Cambridge International Examinations

ARE YOU WORLD-WISE ? Thinking about an IB or A-Level course in Denmark? How about studying abroad at a high school or university? Have you thought about your career and where in the world that might be? A world of international educational opportunities awaits you. International excellence Our qualified international staff will ensure that you receive the most professional teaching and personal tuition possible. You will gain five internationally recognized IGCSE qualifications taught exclusively in English as part of your compulsory studies. These include: • English as a Second Language or English as a First Language • Combined Science

A first class exam certificate

Cambridge International Examinations is Cambridge University’s international department which has specialized in developing subjects that can be taught worldwide. At The International we teach at IGCSE level for 14–17 year-olds. IGCSE stands for “International Certificate of Secondary Education”. The level is equivalent to the Danish 9th and 10th Grade, which is the 10th and eleventh year in school. IGCSE is an internationally accepted educational programme taught in English. Thousands of schools in 140 different countries, throughout the world, teach and examine using a common curriculum. As Cambridge students, you receive an internationally recognized education and exam certificate which can be used worldwide.

• Mathematics • Global Perspectives • German, Spanish or French These Cambridge IGCSE studies, together with The International’s academic program and international learning environment, will not only improve your language and communication skills in English but will also develop your intercultural competence and cultural awareness. A wide range of elective subjects and extra-curricular activities will complement your academic studies and allow you to nurture your creative, music, artistic, and physical talents as well. With a focus on critical thinking, project and group work, plus our exclusive study skills course, you will be ready to meet the demands of an international education or global career – in short, you will be “world-wise!”

“Cambridge IGCSE subjects are a brilliant preparation for further international studies in Denmark or abroad. The students will reach a level of education that is internationally recognized and comparable to the rest of Europe and beyond. In my view the language is important and the approach they will learn is important. They need to be prepared to study with a critical approach and work with people coming from every part of the world.” Jon Ross, International Coordinator and IGCSE teacher at The Internatonal

The International___Are You World-Wise?




The International offers you a unique combination of academic studies along with the chance to develop your skills and understanding in the area you are most passionate about. SOCCER, DANCE, ESPORT or BADMINTON? The choice is yours! OR you can mix and match your own profile with our many electives.


If you are serious about soccer – then this profile is for you. We train up to four times per week, and you’ll be taught by UEFA licensed coaches, who will challenge and build your soccer skills, improve your physical condition and teach you fair play. A cornerstone in our program is the focus on teamwork and becoming a supportive, positive and responsible team player. You will participate in tournaments and with our three top-class outdoor soccer-fields as well as our artificial turf pitch and goal station, you will always have the opportunity to train and play with friends and teams from other schools. Training will include technical development of areas such as ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting. Tactics and strategies of the game will also be introduced, and our qualified coaches will help shape your future soccer skills. These are skills that you will be able to use wherever you go - whether you choose to play or coach.


Have a passion for dance? Join this course and let us help you develop your dancing skills. You may prefer Break/Street, Hip-hop, Pop/Lock and House or perhaps Latin/Salsa, Dancehall, Showdance and Folkdance. At The International, you will have the opportunity to try it all. The International has modern dance and training facilities such as mirrors, lighting, tumbling/mats. There are two large gyms/ dance studios, one professional tumbling gym and a new fitness/ stretching room. All of our instructors are specially trained within the various dance styles. The Dance Team is for both boys and girls.


The International___A World of Choice


At The International, we have great facilities for Badminton with two sports halls and nine badminton courts. We always have a lot of students who play badminton ranging from absolute beginners to experienced players at a very high level so you will always find someone to challenge you and have fun with. You can choose Badminton up to four times a week and work with some of the best coaches in Denmark to perfect your game but if you just want to have fun and combine it with other electives, you are also more than welcome to join. We guarantee a smashing time with the world’s fastest game.

Esports & Events

Do you want to rule in the world of esports? The International offers a great opportunity to ambitious young people who want to do more than “just” play. In a few short years, there will be a lack of qualified young people who understand the world of esports and how to manage, arrange and execute the many esports events - big and small - in Denmark as well as internationally. You will learn to improve your game with 10 hours scheduled esports per week as well as learn to plan, promote and execute events. To add to the daily training and teaching, we will throughout the school year be visited by some of the most competent and prominent actors within the world of esports, who will join us for workshops, events and casting, etc.

A GREAT MIX OF ELECTIVES Crazy about sports or more of a creative type? Maybe you are both? We offer it all, and you can mix and match at your leisure.

A world of sports

Due to our amazing facilities and experienced coaches whom we share with our sister school, we are able to offer a myriad of fun and fabulous sports electives. You have already been introduced to our profile subjects which you can choose several times a week, but we further offer a wide range of other sports on a weekly basis. Want to strengthen your body and prevent injuries? Try Bodyweight Training. Need to keep calm and carry on? Yoga might be for you. Love team sports? Try handball, volleyball and many more. You can even become an indoor bike instructor!

Let your creativity loose

Is there a future film-instructor, TV-host, photographer, journalist or copy-writer in you? Do you love to draw, write or knit?


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Hablas Espanol? Taler du dansk? Do you have an ear for languages or just like the challenge of learning new ones? Then choose one of our language electives or IGCSE subjects. Prefer French, German, Spanish? Or Chinese and Spanish for beginners? Maybe you want to learn Danish or continue to study it at a 10th-grade level? The choice is yours. You will receive excellent training in your desired language and will work on all the key language skills with emphasis on communication.

We are always looking to add more languages to our portfolio both as specialisms and free-choice subjects.

Create your very own mix

Or electives is where you get to dive into your passion - or explore new ones. We have three elective periods each year and it is up to you whether you want to try something new each time or give it your all within the same subjects. You can mix and match between sports, languages and creative endeavours or you can go all-in on the one that suits you and your personality best. The electives are your chance to choose. No matter what your choice might be, we guarantee that you will learn and grow.

“I think it’s so nice that we have a lot of different electives to choose from. I got to explore and challenge myself with indoor bike and yoga, and then I got to dive into my passion and creative side with Crea,” Selma, Danish student at The International 19/20

Then our creative electives are probably just right for you. We have several creative options for you such as Crea, Film Art, Creative Writing and Media &Journalism. These will all let you explore your artistic side, and you produce your own products, articles and art. No previous experience or level is required, it’s all about the journey.

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The International___Photo_Page

DEAR STUDENT The International will be your home and as such we want all of our students to feel safe and welcome in this multicultural environment. An International home Our students come from a variety of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds with various expectations and cultural norms. We want to ensure an open and tolerant learning environment, free from prejudice, where everyone can feel at home regardless of his or her nationality or personal background. Academic Achievement We aim to offer the highest standards in education in the best learning environment possible. It is, therefore, essential that you are prepared, focused and motivated to learn when choosing The International. This includes a strong work ethic, helpfulness, participation in classes and arriving prepared for lessons having done your homework. Everything is conducted in English The International promotes a 100% English learning environment. All information, lectures, lessons and tasks will be conducted in English. Should you, however, need to converse in your native tongue, this will be possible with teachers and parents by request. Otherwise, conversations will be in English in all public areas to ensure inclusion and maintain a positive atmosphere for all students.

Your world, your say We encourage your active participation in all aspects of daily life and to take responsibility for your learning environment. Our Student Council promotes democratic values and organizes a number of activities for students throughout the year. Responsible adults As a student at The International, you will be treated and respected as a young responsible adult. You will be met with respect, openness and a positive attitude - we naturally expect you to treat others in the same way. There will be numerous tasks throughout the day that you will have the responsibility for such as cleaning and kitchen duty. Furthermore, it is important that you treat your surroundings with care and consideration and follow the school’s rules.

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“Nothing can describe the way that a year here can actually change you mentally and emotionally. It’s honestly like a family and sometimes you’ll want to scream at your best friend but we all know that we love each other. These people, they become your real family,” Julia, American student at The International 18/19 “You have built such a great school, and I’ve seen how great an impact it’s had on my daughter’s thinking.” Jack, parent to Julia

The International___Dear Student


WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES At The International, our new school buildings from 2016 provide you with the perfect teaching environment. You will have peace and quiet to study as well as time to socialize with your friends. Our modern facilities include: • Classrooms and meeting rooms with WiFi and SmartBoards well-suited for project work with our international partners. • Specialized rooms for music, art and science. • A study café and common room. Here there will be room to study, meet and prepare project work, and receive help and guidance from the teachers. It’s also a great place to hang out and watch some movies or play board games with your friends. • Cosy contemporary en-suite twin rooms that you can make your own with pictures and decorations. The International creates the best possible study and living conditions for you as a priority – also in your own room. Boys and girls have separate rooms. • State of the art sports facilities shared with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole including unrivalled gymnastic and sports areas that are used for both electives and fun free-time activities. • The school has equipment both for digital media, film- and photography, sewing, art, jewellery and needlework. So let’s get creative.

“I think Denmark is a very safe place to send young students to. It was an environment, I was happy to send Holly to without me there protecting her. It’s important for young people to travel beyond their own country and see different cultural perspectives to broaden their horizons. Living within a different culture is very different from reading about it.” Cara, parent to Australian student Holly.


The International___World Class Facilities

Money makes the world go round Unfortunately, all of these fantastic facilities and experiences do not come for free and there is a fee involved for attending an efterskole in Denmark. The fee for Danish students is subsidized by the Danish state based on parental income. International students, not eligible for funding from the Danish government, must pay the full amount. To find out the appropriate fees for your school year, please contact our office or consult our website. The International’s school year runs from mid-August to early July, but you are welcome to pay us a visit at any time. The school holds regular Open Days throughout the year. Can’t make an Open Day? Then book a visit at your convenience or arrange a Skype interview. We look forward to welcoming you to your new home at The International. You are welcome to contact the school’s office for further information or to book your visit on +45 97 33 17 00 or at You can also book your visit here:







Vesterhavsvej 43 DK-6990 Ulfborg Denmark Tel. +45 97 33 17 00

The International is a department of: