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Issue 118 June/July 2018

Latest research On pool water quality

Bumper show issue Includes SPLASH! preview


Accessibility At water parks Connectivity Linking homes and pools The clifftop pool Wowing travellers

Our technology is used worldwide in: FINA-Standard Swimming and Diving Facilities Municipal Pools and Leisure Facilities Water and Theme Parks Lagoons and Water Features Hotels, Resorts and Spas

Schools and Universities Swim Schools Architects and Product Specifiers Councils and Body Corporates Industry Professionals

When it comes to swimming pool water disinfection, conventional chlorine dosing can get the job done – but at what expense?



Potential weaponisation


Health and safety hazards


Perpetual increases in TDS levels


Perpetual increases in water hardness


Chlorine gas is a hazardous material that can contribute to industrial accidents or be used as a potential terrorist weapon.

Handling chlorine is a constant safety challenge. Chlorine leaks, spills, and off-gassing can cause harm to humans and equipment.

Liquid chlorine and calcium hypochlorite constantly increase TDS and salt levels in pool water.

Calcium hypochlorite constantly increases water hardness.

Wasteful water dumping Increases in TDS and/or water hardness demands massive water dumping to correct water chemistry.

Seeing is Believing Turn the page to view Augmented Reality testimonials. Visit us at stand #78 to talk to AIS’ experienced staff.

Is your pool a ticking time bomb? Chlorine generation via electrolysis is a Simpler, Safer and Smarter solution for fresh, mineral or salt-water commercial swimming pools. (with salinity levels from 950ppm)



Eliminates the threat of weaponisation


Reduces health and safety hazards


Keeps TDS levels stable


Keeps water hardness stable


Simpler. Safer. Smarter. AISWATER.COM.AU

1300 965 222 (Australia wide) Telephone: +61 7 3396 5222 info@aiswater.com.au

Chlorine is produced inline, eliminating the need for storage on site.

No direct contact with chlorine means no fumes from storage and no PPE.

No unwanted increase of TDS level.

No addition of calcium hypochlorite means no detrimental increase in water hardness.

Protects Earth’s most vital resource Eliminates wasteful water dumping to control TDS and hardness levels.

See our innovation come to life If you’re still using conventional chlorine dosing for pool water disinfection it’s time to make the switch. Watch these testimonials to learn about some of the benefits of AIS’ Simpler, Safer, and Smarter technology.

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Councillor Adrian Schrinner Deputy Mayor Brisbane City Council

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Nathan Gordon Manager, USC Sport University of the Sunshine Coast

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Chad McCamley Team Leader Maitland Aquatic Centre

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Leonie Donkin Supervisor Jindabyne Indoor Heated Pool

Simpler. Safer. Smarter. AISWATER.COM.AU

1300 965 222 (Australia wide) Telephone: +61 7 3396 5222 info@aiswater.com.au



IN THE INDUSTRY ✓ Full product range ✓ 4kW to 200kW heat pumps ✓ Model to suit all locations and climates ✓ Heating and cooling ✓ Industry leading warranty ✓ 365 day technical support ✓ Simple installation ✓ All models in stock ✓ National distribution ✓ Marketing material available


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on titanium heat exchanger

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We only specialise in heat pump technology. Our technical heat pump support team are available 365 days a year to assist customers with any technical and installation questions.

Our exclusive heat pump technology is durable, utilising cutting edge components sourced from leading brand manufactures around the world. We back our products and offer a 25 year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger.

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AUSTRALIA’S LEADING SMART CHLORINATOR AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator with Bluetooth® Control The AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator provides a range of options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance.

Perfect Water Quality

This dramatically reduces time spend on manual water testing, maintenance or corrective actions required for your pool water. In Total Ai mode, the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator can test, monitor and maintain the perfect sanitiser level and pH balance, while also

Sensing Probes

controlling the pool pump for maximum energy savings. All of this to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family.


You can now easily control your pool’s water balance with Bluetooth® and the free

Environmentally Friendly

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editorial The biggest week of the year

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The industry is mustering towards Australia’s sunny playground on the Gold Coast for the week of July 30 to August 3. And while there’s likely to be plenty of fun in the sun, it will be pool and spa business that's front and centre.

Designers: Chris Papaspiros, Leanne Hogbin, Kea Thorburn Production Manager: Jacqui Cooper Head of Circulation: Chris Blacklock

The biggest industry event in the region and the hemisphere, the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show (August 1 and 2) is likely to set the bar even higher than the record-breaking 2016 event.

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Two years ago, the new venue inspired exhibitors to create a very professional event atmosphere, prompting observers to say the expo had come of age and looked like our own version of the big European shows. It will be interesting to see what the exhibitors come up with this time and how they choose to showcase their innovations to the industry. Also, the concept of SPLASH! Week has blossomed. Once upon a time there were just the two days of the trade show, then the Andrew Simons Golf Day was added on the Friday, and the welcome drinks on the Wednesday night, and the behind-the-scenes site visit on Wednesday morning, and the ALFA Queensland conference on Thursday morning, and the National Awards Gala on the Thursday night, and the extended education offerings on the Monday and Tuesday, and the Swim Schools Conference component across several days, and all this on top of a variety of events and functions organised by major industry players to coincide with SPLASH!.

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This year, SPLASH! Week will be even richer, with the addition of a whole two-day education program on the Monday and Tuesday. These eighteen essential seminars and workshops have been put together by SPASA Training and all attendees are eligible for CPD points and SPASA Certification recognition. On top of that there is the Women in Leadership Seminar on Tuesday morning, the International Swim Schools Spectacular on the Monday and Tuesday, the ASSA award night on Tuesday, and the World Infant Aquatics Conference on the Wednesday and Thursday. You’ll certainly be spoiled for choice. But I hope you'll have time to say hi if you see me – I’d love to hear what you think of the show and of course, the industry’s premium publication – SPLASH! magazine.

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This issue’s cover The Edge pool in Bali defies both convention and gravity, offering guests an experience at the very edge of the world. There is more on this pool on page 94. Image Credit: Evan Susanto

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  9

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Keeping the client happy Cal Stanley helps put you in the box seat for repeat business.

How to avoid business chaos Dave Crenshaw helps you focus on business success and avoid decision-making chaos.

Pools are valued assets Recent surveys show Australians value properties with swimming pools.

Learn to educate your clients Chris Newton shows how explaining creativity can improve the client’s experience.

IoT making life easier for pool owners Izzy Grace looks at how the connected home is making pool ownership a more attractive proposition.



A waterpark for everyone Inspired by a brave girl, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is open to everyone, regardless of ability.


Brands are failing Australian mums Katrina McCarter helps fix the marketing oversights that lose the people who make 80 per cent of consumer buying decisions.


Clifftop pool inspires travellers The amazing view from one of the most thrilling pools in Asia.


Improving pool water quality Tom Lachocki and Rose Lyda show how dealing with chloramines relies on a combination of education and experience.



The plunge pool revolution Home-delivered pools are creating a new market that builders can tap into.


Avoid failing at franchising Jason Gehrke helps you side-step the top five franchisee fails.


Women in leadership A preview of the upcoming 2018 Women in Leadership Seminar during SPLASH! Week.

Issues with pH and spas David Watson looks at the tricky issues with ORP/ pH controllers on spas.


Surf and yoga combine in the pool Boga Mat classes bring together physical training, balance and fun.

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Evolve looking for Poolrite investors Evolve Group is looking for investors in their Poolrite business to enable it to grow and achieve its full potential. In a move spurred by an increase in enquiry to Poolrite over the past six months, Evolve engaged its mergers and acquisitions team to seek a strategic investment partner. The aim is to equip Poolrite with the resources to handle the envisioned long-term, sustained growth. To facilitate this, Evolve will establish a dedicated entity to own and operate Poolrite’s IP, equipment and assets – and ensure that the new Poolrite business can operate independently from Evolve’s diversified and sometimes competitive resource pool. Australian pool and spa equipment manufacturer Poolrite was founded in 1978. It was acquired by The Evolve Group in 2013 after Poolrite had gone into administration. Evolve Group managing director Ty Hermans say that now is the perfect time for Poolrite to gain increased market share. “There’s no two ways about it,” says Hermans. “When Poolrite folded, a couple of the big players did very well. A few key players picked up most of that business, and while we’ve been steadily regrowing it, the opportunity is there to get that business back and more. “There is the opportunity for someone in the industry to pick up a great range of products or for a savvy investor to get in on the ground floor. If someone can’t come in and increase revenue by about five times in three years, then they’re not the right person.”

Looking inside and outside the industry

He says the right investor may come from the pool and spa industry, or may be a private equity or venture capital organisation. “We’ve already had responses from industry players and also from non-industry players,” he says. “It makes sense for someone in the industry to pick it up, but there’s absolutely a private investment play there as well, given we’re happy to be as involved or as uninvolved as the investor wants Evolve to be in the future operation. “We want to give Poolrite the resources it needs to go and take massive market share. If someone wants to take a minority stake that’s fine, and some may want Evolve just to be a supplier of components or finished goods to them, which we are open to.” Hermans says that what Evolve does is develop and commercialise products. “Poolrite was an opportunistic acquisition, based on the fact we saw In 2016 Poolrite by Evolve sponsored the welcome drinks at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show, introducing new products to the market

12 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Evolve managing director Ty Hermans at the Queensland facility

a lot of plastic going into the products that we could manufacture in our facility. Our focus was to build the foundations back up again. “Now we’ve got the best skimmer in the industry and the most scientific-based mineral system – and the wide range of reliable Poolrite pumps and filters that Poolrite was built on – the brand is set for rapid growth which our facility will ideally continue to manufacture here in Australia.” Last year, Evolve brought in Dale Collins as national sales manager. “Dale is the former national business development manager for Zodiac and their Titanium dealer network,” says Hermans. “He was brought in as our first dedicated strategic sales resource in August last year as a decisive move to pick up some serious customers. The first thing we did was make sure we have the right product mix. He’s been doing a really good job.”

Stability of the supply chain

Hermans says stability of the supply chain is paramount, and they will be working around the clock to ensure that there is no disruption to supply. “When the new entity is operational we will ensure all customers have ample time and preparation to cut across to ordering from the new company,” he says. “I believe ensuring Poolrite is equipped for long-term growth, and ensuring it is able to continue to launch innovative and iconic swimming pool equipment is something each and every one of us in the industry should be extremely supportive of,” he says. He believes this is a very exciting time for Poolrite and Evolve, and says his entire team is proud of what they have achieved with Poolrite to date, and where they will take it into the future. Contact: (07) 3283 1196; info@evolvegrp.com


Timeline of the Poolrite brand

Overall market on the rise

A timeline of the ups and downs and ups again of the swimming pool brand, Poolrite.

The available three-monthly pool DA numbers for March-toMay show an improvement of eight per cent over the same period last year. Over the three months, South Australia was up 67 per cent and Victoria was up 46 per cent (both more than making up for declines in the previous report), and New South Wales was up two per cent. Western Australia was down two per cent and Queensland was down 36 per cent.


Becomes part of the listed company GWA Group, along with Caroma, Sebel and Rover


Poolrite purchased by Ross Palmer’s Palmer Group from GWA


Relocates manufacturing to Brisbane


Palmer becomes more actively involved in running the company


Magnapool launched in Australia


Magnapool launched into Europe, head office set up near Lyon

July 2012

Palmer calls for investment in Poolrite

October 2012

Poolrite licenses manufacturing rights to Evolve

October 2012

Voluntary administrators called in

October 2012

Ex-staff band together to put in an unsuccessful bid for Poolrite

The annual figures comparing the 12 months to May show a modest increase of two per cent overall, with Queensland (up six per cent), New South Wales (up five per cent) and Victoria (up five per cent) improving, while South Australia (down two per cent) and Western Australia (down 21 per cent) declining.

Yearly comparison by month

Poolrite founded by Peter Wolpert in western Sydney

December 2012 A manufacturer – widely thought Year new toYear be old AstralPool Australia – 1500 seems likely to buy Poolrite 1200 January 2013

AstralPool pulls out, citing devaluation of Poolrite caused by purchase delays


July 2013

Evolve signs contract with 21 day settlement period


August 2013


Evolve purchases Jun Jul settles Aug Sepand Oct finally Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Year old

August 2013

July 2014

January 2015 Feb Mar Apr May

Year new


Manufacturing and assembly set up at Marco Engineering, Evolve 4000 Group’s manufacturing facility Evolve Group attends SPLASH! Pool and Spa Trade Show for the first time, 2000 hinting at new Poolrite products 3000

Marco Engineering completes construction of a 15,000 square metre 0 expansion to house Poolrite growth NSW VIC QLD WA


April 2015

Evolve Group relocates all facets of Poolrite to Marco’s facility

August 2016

Evolve hosts SPLASH! welcome reception, launching new range of Poolrite products

June 2018

Evolve Group seeks strategic investment

Year new















Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

Year new 3500




2500 3000

2000 1500


1000 1000


Poolrite, announcing part divestment to Zodiac and Allchlor

Three-monthly comaparison

June 2013

Administrators confirm interest from a manufacturer


Year old 1500

Year old

Yearly comparison by State




Quarter old





Quarter new

3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

While these figures give an indication of the way the market is trending, they are not comprehensive and don’t include all pools built or even all DAs lodged. By some estimates, the total national numbers including all types of pools could be almost double these figures. They do not include pool projects that are approved as part of a new home, smaller projects under the cost threshold, renovations that don’t require a DA, or some aboveground pools. Additionally, not all councils are forthcoming with data or report on time; councils in some states such as Queensland and Victoria are particularly reluctant. For further information, call Cordell Information on 1800 80 60 60.

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  13




Swimart turns 35 Long-time franchisees Bob Tully of Swimart Campbelltown in New South Wales was formerly the store manager at Brian Archer Swimming Pools in Miranda, which was purchased by Swimart in 1984. Tully then became Swimart’s first franchise manager, and he purchased the Campbelltown store soon after.

Swimart’s longest serving franchisee, Bob Tully, with his wife Julie at a function last year

He says that Swimart provides its franchisees with fantastic marketing and advertising support, and is good at keeping up with product trends and technology. “It’s good to be part of a company that moves with the times,” he says. “It’s also good to have loyal customers, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.” Founder of Swimart and Waterco, Soon Sin Goh

This year, pool industry retail franchiser Swimart is celebrating 35 years in business. Swimart was founded by Soon Sinn Goh, managing director of parentcompany Waterco (three years after he migrated to Australia from Malaysia) starting in 1983 with a single retail store in Killara, NSW. Swimart has steadily grown into a successful franchise with 75 stores across Australia and New Zealand and a fleet of more than 220 mobile service vans. Swimart franchise development manager Alex Johnson says Swimart is an agile, customer-focussed service-orientated company that works closely with their franchise partners to educate pool and spa owners about how to get the most from their investment. He attributes Swimart’s success to its long-standing franchisees such as Bob Tully, Reg Blue and Murray Lonie, who have been with the franchise for about 30 years. Johnson says that over the years, Swimart has observed a number of trends. These include an increase in demand for professional pool care services as pool owners become more time poor, as well as pool owners testing water quality more regularly – up to weekly or fortnightly compared with the previous twice a year. They have also noticed chlorine sales dropping significantly as pool owners look towards alternatives to traditional sanitisation, and that automation and sustainability are now part of the conversation between retailers and customers.

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He says that having worked as a manager in a Swimart franchise, he saw how successful the business model was, and so bought in. “I believe the company’s success comes down to a reputable brand, quality products and high-quality training and support,” he says. “Swimart has also been instrumental in educating Australian pool owners about water safety and healthy water.”

Key Swimart milestones 1980 – Soon Sinn Goh migrates to Australia from Malaysia where he worked in his father’s civil engineering business which built reservoirs, water treatment plants and pipework for the Government of Malaysia 1983 – Soon Sinn Goh acquires land and property at 554 Pacific Highway, Killara and commences business as a retail pool store trading as Swimart Killara 1986 – Commences business as a franchisor 1987 – Welcomes first franchisee, John Pavett, at Miranda where he remained with Swimart until he passed away in 2017 1988 – Expands considerably by acquiring Swimworld Wholesale Pty Ltd, Swimworld Retail Pty Ltd and Poolquip Pty Ltd 2018 – Celebrates 35 years in business

Top five online news stories

The online stories that made the news over the past two months.

Evolve looking for Poolrite investors

DIY pool fence recalled nationally

Evolve engaged its mergers and acquisitions team to seek a strategic investment partner to help Poolrite handle the envisioned longterm growth.

Clark Rubber’s DIY Be Safe Portable Pool Fence was recalled nationally following issues relating to opening the gate.

14 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Queenslander Reg Blue started working as Swimart store manager in 1989 before purchasing the Camp Hill franchise in 1995, which he still owns today.

Fluidra and Zodiac merger approved by local regulators

Building surveyor fined for incorrect certification of pool enclosure

Neither Australian nor New Zealand regulators will oppose the merger of Fluidra and Zodiac.

A WA building surveying company and its sole director have each been ordered to pay a fine of $2500 to the WA Building Commissioner.

Dreamworld ride operators didn’t know of emergency stop button, inquest told Thunder River Rapids ride operators didn’t know of an emergency stop button which would have shut down the ride within two seconds, an inquest heard.


Upcoming events 2018 July 7

SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence

July 16-18 National Sports Convention, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre July 21 SPASA WA Awards of Excellence, Crown Perth Grand Ballroom July 24-26

Piscine Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 30-Aug 1 Australian Swim Schools Conference, Gold Coast Aug 1-2

 PLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show, S Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southport

Aug 2 SPASA Australia National Awards of Excellence, Gold Coast Aug 2-3 World Infant Aquatics Conference, Gold Coast Aug 11-12 Spa & Pool Consumer Show (Winter Show), MCEC, Melbourne Sep 3-6

Automation Summit 2018, L’Aqua, Sydney

Sep 4-6

Aquatech Mexico, Mexico City

Sep 8-9 SPASA WA Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo (Spring) Sep 26-28

Japan Build, Osaka

Oct 9-11

Salon Atlantica, France

Oct 10-12 World Aquatic Health Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, USA Oct 23-26

Interbad, Stuttgart, Germany

Oct 31-Nov 2 International Pool Spa Patio Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Nov 12-16

IAAPA Expo, Orlando Florida

Nov 13-16

Piscine Global Europe, Lyon, France

Nov 16-Dec 2 World Lifesaving World Championships, Adelaide Dec 8-10 FINA World Aquatics Convention, Hangzhou, China

2019 Jan 29-31

Spatex, Coventry UK

Feb 26-Mar1 Tecnova Piscinas, Madrid, Spain Oct 15-18

Piscina, Barcelona, Spain

Nov 4-11

Aquanale, Cologne, Germany

More details at splashmagazine.com.au. Dates are subject to change and should be checked with the relevant organisation. Send calendar submissions to info@splashmagazine.com.au.

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  15



Spa Tech Tips Minimise issues with commercialised spas Avoid users tampering with touchpad settings by having a touchpad lock setting, a spa control system with a secondary touchpad allowing manual pump/blower operation but can’t access temperature, filtration or programming settings. Hide the main touchpad under the spa for service. Ensure automatic timeouts in case users leave the spa without turning it off. Modify jets to ensure 100 per cent water flow at all times, thus avoiding users rotating them to turn them off, potentially leaving the spa in a fault condition. Diverter valves and air controls should have threaded caps and removable handles. Minimise air controls to simplify function. Try not to polyurethane/EVA pillows as these are easily damaged. Try not to install residential-use components. Air blower motors cannot withstand the frequent operation typical in commercial use. Ensure a suitable thermal cover removal system so they’re not damaged by being dragged off the spa. High density covers offer extra protection against rough handling or a child sitting on them. Most Australian regions require strict testing and/ or automated chemical injection systems for commercial pools and spas, but choose carefully as spas are typically difficult to set up for auto dosing. For more, contact Australian Spa Parts 1300 736 025.

16 SPLASH! June/July 2018

DIY pool fence recalled nationally Clark Rubber’s DIY pool fence has been recalled nationally following issues relating to opening the gate. The Be Safe Portable Pool Fence was years in development with Hunter Products and had been extensively tested and passed by ALS Global, an ASX200 NATA-accredited testing company. Anthony Grice, Clark Rubber’s General Manager (Merchandise) says he is disappointed with the result but Clark Rubber is very much focussed on safety, and the company’s absolute first consideration is for safety and compliance. Clark Rubber sells thousands of portable pools each year, and the logic of the fencing product was to provide a compliant barrier solution to that market. “It was many years in development, because there was no room for mistakes. Mistakes could cost lives,” says Grice. However, earlier this year, they were informed of an instance of a child reaching around the fence to enable access to a pool. “We withdrew the product and started an investigation (with Hunter and ALS) and found it was an installation issue,” he says. “We went through the instruction text and put it back on sale. Then the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) wanted some extra testing – and as a result of that testing, I formed the opinion we should withdraw it from market.”

The Be Safe Portable Pool Fence The additional testing found that in some circumstances a thin object such as a tent peg could be inserted into the gap between the post and the latch mechanism, opening the gate. The QBCC wanted the product recalled in Queensland, but Grice decided it was best to pull the product nationally. Grice says they fully participated in the testing with the QBCC and fully support the regulator’s decision. “We built samples and we couldn’t reproduce the issue – but if there was any potential question about safety we wanted it out of the market. We are supporters of the position the regulators have taken and understand our obligations,” he says. “There were 147 sold nationally and we have 45 back. Of the 102 outstanding we know the details of 73 customers and with our suppliers we are focussed on getting the remaining units back.” Grice says they will consider other fencing solutions being put forward by suppliers.


WA surveyor fined for incorrect certification of pool enclosure Western Australia Building Certifiers and Assessors and its sole director John Phillip Greenwood have each been ordered to pay a fine of $2500 after they made errors in certifying a renovation work at an Iluka property in 2016. Their plans allowed for the installation of a new double door set in place of an existing window. The doors were shown to open out into the pool area from a rear bedroom in breach of regulations relating to the enclosure of private swimming pools. Building Commissioner Ken Bowron said that doors opening from a house directly into a swimming pool area had not been permitted in private properties since November 2001 and that building surveyors and building contractors need to be aware the regulations relating to private swimming pools changed on 1 May 2016. The respondents are seeking a review.


NSW certifier kicked out The Building Professionals Board (BPB) recently cancelled the accreditation of an E1 certifier who issued certificates of compliance for swimming pools at six rental properties. None of the pool barriers met the requirements of the NSW Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the non-compliances would have been readily observable upon inspection. The BPB says that all certifiers are public officials and their first duty is to the public of NSW. Drowning is a leading cause of preventable death in children under five, and the public expects certifiers to help improve child safety by upholding legislative requirements for swimming pools. The BPB says the certifier had felt pressured by the property agent to certify the pools and avoid losing future work. However, there is no acceptable reason to certify a potentially unsafe swimming pool.

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Industry moves Sadly, Andrew Holford from Holfords Pool Services/Bellevue Pools passed away in May. He was only 37 years old and his loss was sudden, unexpected and has left a giant hole in the lives of his family, friends and loved ones. Andrew dedicated a great deal of his time helping out the local community, coaching, managing and/or sponsoring local sporting teams and was always willing to dig deep for a worthy cause. He will be remembered for his vibrant personality, wicked sense of humour, his endless generosity and most of all for the huge amount of love he had for his family, his friends and especially his wife Diana and his three boys Hayden, Billy and Jack. A fundraising event was held for the family in June which included racing identity Richard Callander, comedian Steve Philp and football legend Paul Gallen. After 51 years coaching and running Carss Park Olympic Pool, legend Dick Caine, 72, has retired. Georges River Council took the lease in 2017 but Caine was still coaching until May. During his time he trained 17 Olympic and world champion swimmers as well as marathon swimmer Susie Maroney and ironman Chris McCormack. He also hosted the St George Illawarra rugby league team and the pool and gym have been used by boxers Kostya Tszyu, Jeff Fenech and Anthony Mundine.

Rob Guthrie sells TruPool and moves into semi-retirement Rob Guthrie has sold his TruPool pool retail business on Sydney’s north shore, and will start to wind down his involvement in the industry. “I’m out of retail and service but I’m still doing barrier certifying as a semi-retirement gig, and I’ll be starting to wind down,” says Guthrie. While he remains a member of SPASA Australia, he didn’t stand at the recent board elections. He has been on the boards of SPASA Australia and SPASA NSW for nine years (four as president of NSW) and was integrally involved in the SPASA Australia merger. “I’ll have a rest and draw breath for a year or so,” he says.

“I’ve enjoyed my time in the pool industry – and the industry has helped educate my children and so on. It’s certainly changed in the past eight to 10 years. The changes have had an impact on the retail segment and caused everyone to rethink what they’re doing – and caused some of us to think it might be time to move on.

TruPool’s retail outlets in Roseville and Turramurra and the eight mobile service units have been acquired by Poolwerx franchise partners David Cameron and Malcolm Price, who have well-established operations in Lane Cove and Killara respectively. Between them, Cameron and Price now have four stores and 22 vans operating on the north shore.

“Having something to do after you sell is a good idea – if you just stop and go straight to nothing it can be a bit hard. I’ll still be doing the barrier certifying, which I set up 18 months ago with a view to being a semi-retirement activity,” he says.

Guthrie bought TruPool in 1994 – which at the time was a business that had been operating for 26 years on the upper north shore.

Poolwerx CEO John O’Brien says Cameron and Price are at the right stage of their enterprise development and were keen to purchase, so it was a natural, easy fit for them.

“That purchase was 24 years ago, almost to the day. I bought the Turramurra shop and later acquired the Roseville shop, which had been originally part of TruPool but had gone off independently,” he says.

“I wish the new guys well with their rebranding and refocus.”

“I have admired the TruPool operation and Rob Guthrie personally for going on 20 years,” O'Brien says. “And our businesses have always had similar attitudes and values.”


Spa-Craft opens in Victoria Spa-Craft has opened a new warehouse in Hallam, Victoria, with managing director Jamie Galea saying it will allow the business to comfortably continue growing while providing their customers with the highest level of service.

The new warehouse in Hallam 18 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Rob Guthrie

“Our new facility will benefit both existing and new customers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania,” he says. Spa-Craft general manager Aaron Ward has relocated to Victoria and will be managing the new facility. “Aaron’s appointment will allow Spa-Craft Victoria to provide the same high quality service our customers have come to expect, with the added benefits of quicker delivery times and an even larger range of products,” says Galea. “I would like to welcome all customers to stop in and have a look at our new facility.” The property is at 39B Rimfire Drive, Hallam, Victoria, 3803. Contact: 1300 498 819; www.spa-craft.com.au





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Chemical Tips The effects of pH on chlorine pH is probably the most important factor when balancing swimming pool water – affecting bather comfort, the surface of the pool and equipment, and the efficacy of the sanitiser. I’m sure you professionals know the basics of pH, but I am surprised to learn how many pool operators don’t fully grasp its importance and its effect on chlorine. A typical residential pool will aim for a free chlorine level of about 1-2ppm. Free chlorine is a measure of both hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and hypochlorite ions (OCL-). The hypochlorous acid is the active part of the free chlorine which does the oxidising and destruction of contaminants. The hypochlorite ion is inactive and can be considered the “reserve” that converts to hypochlorous acid as required.

Industry training needs Queenslander support SPASA Training is seeking funding support for critical industry training. This will assist in industry workforce development, career path opportunities for new entrants, staff retention, industry professionalism and subsidising staff development costs for employers.

“Our business has an urgent need to attract swimming pool and spa building trades people in order for our business to grow.” “The shortage of qualified staff (swimming pool and spa builder) means we are unable to take on any new work.”

“We are unable to attract SPASA Training is asking pool and spa industry employers swimming pool and spa building To achieve these goals, the to provide letters of support Queensland Department of new entrants due to competing Employment, Small Business trades that receive funding.” and Training has been approached to support the “Demand for swimming pools and spa is Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building increasing at a level that is not in line with current – CPC40808. workforce capabilities.” Part of the process requires SPASA to obtain “Succession planning and career development support from Queensland employers. To this end, is difficult for our niche industry without SPASA Australia is asking pool and spa industry funding incentives.” employers to provide letters of support for the qualification, to help demonstrate employer and “The importance of funding for the Cert. IV Swimming industry demand for the training. Pool and Spa Builder is vital in not only securing extra SPASA has asked all Queensland-based employers to provide written support for the qualification via spiros@spasa.com.au. Letters must be on company letterhead or via company email. To help put your support into a written form, SPASA has come up with a few suggestions of the types of comments that might be included, such as:

work, but also in ensuring the work that is currently being undertaken is of the highest quality.” “We are unable to quickly engage new swimming pool and spa builders when someone leaves our employ or retires.” Contact: (02) 9630 6300 or spiros@spasa.com.au.

At a pH of 7, free chlorine consists of 75 per cent hypochlorous acid and 25 per cent hypochlorite ions. At a pH of 7.8, free chlorine consists of just 28 per cent hypochlorous acid and 72 per cent hypochlorite ions. So a pool with a pH of 7 and a free chlorine level of just 0.5ppm has the same sanitising effect as a pool with a pH of 7.8 and a free chlorine level of 1.35ppm. This is why it is necessary to first adjust the pH when shock-dosing a pool to maximise the oxidising power of the chlorine. These tips are supplied by pool industry pioneer and chemistry expert David Lloyd. For more information on this or any other technical enquiries call International Quadratics on (02) 9774 5550.

The expanded Warriewood warehouse Distribution

Pool Ranger expands into bigger warehouse Pool Ranger Pty Ltd has doubled the warehouse capacity at their head office in New South Wales on the back of high demand in the eastern states, coupled with an expansion into Western Australia. Pool Ranger managing director Michael Griffin says the constant increase in demand and competitor acquisitions has led to increased pressure on the business to expand.

“We continue to see strong growth in the domestic and commercial industry,” he says. “And now our warehouse can easily cope with our future long term logistics strategies. We welcome anyone in the trade to come and see the new facility.” The warehouse is at Unit 4, 1 Prosperity Parade, Warriewood NSW 2102 (off Apollo Place). Contact: (02) 9979 3490; sales@poolranger.com.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  21



Global news Poolwerx has picked up two more US franchisers in California: Redlands Pool and Spa Center in San Bernardino county and another in Mission Viejo. The Redlands business has one retail store, 11 mobile units and 24 staffers, increasing Poolwerx’s franchises to 28 stores and 104 mobile service units. Anthony Gallagher, a 60 year old expatriate Australian from Liverpool, was electrocuted in Bali while cleaning his swimming pool. He was living in Jimbaran with his Indonesian wife in a rented house with a pool. He was carrying out maintenance “barefoot and in the rain” using an electric pool cleaner directly connected to the mains. When he plugged the cleaner in, he was immediately electrocuted according to local Balinese media. One of the staff turned off the electricity but Gallagher was already dead. South Kuta Police confirmed the death was purely accidental. Plaskolite has announced it will acquire Lucite International’s continuous cast acrylic sheet business and related assets, including the spa material. This follows an agreement in 2016 to explore the possibility of a mutually acceptable purchase agreement. Plaskolite has been one of Lucite’s largest purchasers of acrylic monomers for the past 40 years. The acquisition includes Lucite’s manufacturing facility in Memphis where Plaskolite will continue to produce Lucite Spa and Lucite Bath sanitary ware used for spa and bath surfacing, as well as LuciteLux, generalpurpose acrylic sheet used for architecture and design applications.

22 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Training night brings out the legends More than 60 builders, services techs and retailers attended a recent training night at Legend Products home base in Loganholme, Queensland. Four presenters explained the intimate working of their swimming pool and spa products, including technical data and how to maximise sales. The first presentation was by Steve from ICH Roboter who discussed the benefits of their full range of robotic pool cleaners and their future plans through their distributor market. Shawn Scurrah, national sales manager of Hayward – together with his district sales manager Sam Thorsen – explained how variable speed pumps operating at low speeds gain benefits thanks to the power affinity law. Following a dinner break, Justin from Naked Pools talked about their new freshwater system and its environmental benefits. He also explained how his new NKD1 hybrid swimming pool system releases silver and copper ions into the water and with the addition of oxidation, provides healthy, clear fresh water.

More than 60 builders, services techs and retailers attended the recent Legend training night Finally, Tony and Adam talked about the benefits of their range of Evoheat heat pumps, and Tony talked about the company history and how to best sell heat pumps. David Webber, managing director of Legend, says it was a great turnout. “A big thank you to all the people who turned up to our trade night. To get more than 90 per cent of our invitees was a great result and one that we are very proud of. We were overwhelmed by the response and all the kind words hailing it such a huge success.” Legend Products sales manager Denis Riordan says it was rewarding that so many people said they learned so much. “This made both David and I proud and inspired to do great things for our new and existing customers.”


The word from Guangzhou In late May, Daisy Pool Covers managing director Derek Prince visited the Asia Pool and Spa expo in Guangzhou, China, and offered his opinions based on his Australian pool and spa industry perspective.

Derek Prince, pictured, says that while the Asian expo was well set out, it didn’t require a whole day to see everything on offer

He says that while the expo was well set out, he didn’t think it was very big – he believes it was definitely smaller than SPLASH! – but that having four expos running concurrently made it seem busy. “However after the first two thirds of the first day, the attendance in the pool and spa expo faded rather quickly. You definitely did not need a day to see everything on offer at the exhibition. “While the layout was rather good, I did not see anything new or exciting. There is still a lot of old tech that suppliers were trying to sell, and you can definitely see the technology and professionalism of the Australian pool industry is polarising to the China market. “While we in Australia are trying to develop and improve products for a superior user experience, the Asia Pool and Spa Expo had the feel of ‘more of the same, I can do it cheaper’,” he says. “There was a European influence visible in the product mix – items that are popular in Europe but simply don’t work or are unsuitable in Australia. I saw some questionable quality and design along with some rather good mainstream products.” He says he will probably give the next expo a miss.





Expo News For the first time ever SPASA and SPLASH! have combined to deliver almost a full week of training options for people in the pool and spa industry. The variety of sessions suits almost every need for a business in the industry, and varied session times have been set up to provide the opportunity for more staff members to attend. The sessions cover legal obligations, human resource skills, building compliance, sales and marketing, social media and much more. Those who attend the sessions run by SPASA training are also eligible for CPD points and SPASA certification. SPASA Australia is planning its second Leadership Convention for 2019. It will be held in late July or early August, with a location yet to be finalised. However, SPASA has already secured the services of a world renowned keynote speaker, and is looking to lock down further speakers in the near future. The Sport and Recreation Expo on July 16-18 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will focus on sporting products and solutions, indoor facilities programs and activities, and all aspects of sports equipment, technology and surfaces. Contact: Interpoint Events on 1300 789 845 or info@ interpoint.com.au.

24 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Organisers say this event was one of the strongest Brisbane shows in years Expos

Strong showing at Brisbane pool, spa and outdoor consumer show The recent sold-out Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo at Brisbane showgrounds recorded one of its strongest shows in years with exhibitors reporting excellent results. Show organiser, Noel Gray of Australian Exhibitions and Events (AEE), says that while overall attendance was down slightly on last year’s record-breaking event, the crowd was solid over the two days with many visitors well prepared and ready to buy pools. Spa companies reported consumers were less keen this year to sign up on the day, so had more follow-up to do after the event to convert the sales. “This may reflect on the tightening of discretionary spending in the household, as cost of living expenses continue to impact on household spending and consumers being more careful before committing to buy spas,” says Gray. Some exhibitors were enthusiastic, such as Lauren Ramsay of Esana Aquatics. “The show has been incredible and we are more than happy. Our leads and enquiries have been sensational,” she says. Another was Ronny Barth of Ideal Pools who says the show was excellent and based on his orders, was much better than last year. “I honestly believe we will get 60 pools out of this show and last year we did 50 pools,” he says.

The seminars were popular

Pool builders recorded a good level of enquiry

The show was a sell-out with 96 exhibitors participating – a record for the Brisbane event and reflected the strength of the Queensland market. A highlight of the event was the interactive Landscape Design Feature that was presented by award winning designer Alistair Hutton from Infinity Pool Builders and Everscapes with support from a host of industry sponsors that provided product for the area. The door prize at this year’s show was the highest ever offered with a complete pool installation of an Entertainer 5.5 Fibreglass Pool from Freedom Pools & Spas valued at $31,900 which was won by a delighted Chris Hammond of Aspley. Other prizes were donated by Zodiac, Ecozen Pools and Landscapes, Argo Architects and Newport Consulting Engineers, Aqua Action Slides and Belouis Investment Group with a record breaking $48,877 of prizes on offer. Gray says the seminar sessions were well attended and showed that consumers were doing their homework before they buy. Most popular were design, maintenance and energy-saving sessions. The next Queensland consumer show will be held in late May 2019. Contact: ngray@auexhibitions.com.au




In Brief SPASA Australia announced its new board of directors for the next two years following its annual general meeting in May. They are: Rob Kruber, Spa Industries (Chairman); Lynley Papineau, Aquatic Leisure Technologies; Elena Gosse, Australian Innovative Systems; Adam Jaworski, AstralPool; Andrew Jakovac, Majestic Pools & Landscapes; Garth Jackson, Triton Pool & Spa Inspections; John Daniel, Jade Swimming Pools; Neil Davey, Crackerjack Consulting Engineers; Stefan Ossenberg, Protector Aluminium; and Troy Cartwright, Poolwerx. Regional Committees were also announced: NSW/ACT: Garth Jackson, Triton Pool & Spa Inspections; Janine Bellifemine, Sunrise Pools; John Daniel, Jade Swimming Pools; Merv Smith, Sunbather; Peter Moore, Aquatic Pool Consulting; Jonathon Hatfield, Waterco. Queensland: Andrew Jakovac, Majestic Pools & Landscapes; Chris Nicholls, Queensland Family Pools; Daniel Gibbs, Jagun Constructions; Elena Gosse, Australian Innovative Systems; John Dixon, Sunbather; Kylie Rojahn, Atlantis Pool Services; Michael Chapman, Classic Pools; Stefan Ossenberg, Protector Aluminium; Troy Cartwright, Poolwerx; Wayne Haylock, Burleigh Pools. South Australia: Adam Marling, Freedom Pools; Anthony Scaffidi, Elite Pool Constructions; John Colella, SA Temp Pool Fencing; Manuel Karkafiris, Poolwerx Tea Tree Gully; Mathew Giles, Australian Outdoor Living; Neil Davey, Crackerjack Consulting.

26 SPLASH! June/July 2018

State winners prepare for national awards

NSW & ACT Pool of the Year – Freedom Pools Sydney

At the time of writing, three of the five state awards of excellence had been held, with the Western Australian and Victorian events imminent. The gold winners from all categories will go on to compete in the SPASA Australia National Awards of Excellence on August 2 on the Gold Coast, held as part of the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. In the next issue of SPLASH! we will detail the winners from all states and the winners of the national awards. Full lists of winners are also at www.spasa.com.au. Tickets for the award night can be booked at www.splashexpo. com.au while seats last.

Queensland Pool of the Year – Majestic Pools & Landscapes

SA Pool of the Year – Elite Pool Constructions

New South Wales & ACT

Freedom Pools Sydney won SPASA’s NSW & ACT Pool of the Year award. Other major award winners were: Commercial Project of the Year – Capital Fibreglass Pools Spa of the Year – Adept Pools Supplier of the Year – Europe Imports


Majestic Pools & Landscapes won Pool of the Year at SPASA’s Queensland Awards of Excellence. Other major awards were: Commercial Project of the Year – Surfside Pools Commercial Retailer of the Year – Atlantis Pool Services

Spa of the Year – Placid Pools Supplier of the Year – Blue Glass Pebble Company

South Australia

Elite Pool Constructions won the South Australian Pool of the Year at the SPASA’s recent South Australian Awards of Excellence. Other major winners were: Commercial Project of the Year – Riverscape Landscaping & Pools Product of the Year – Hayward Pool Products Retailer of the Year – Prospect Pool + Spa


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Pierce celebrates 120 years in business This year Pierce Pool Supplies is celebrating a significant milestone unmatched by any other Australian aquatics player – 120 years in business with 80 of those in the pool industry. This makes it the oldest existing aquatics business in Australian history.

invest in infrastructure projects such as sewerage plants and public swimming pools. The company of AH Pierce (later to become known as Pierce Pool Supplies) started importing dry chlorine powder for use in sewerage plants and swimming pools.

David Lloyd, managing director of IQ and Pierce Pool Supplies says this is a special birthday for the business.

In those days little was known about treating swimming pool water and many problems were encountered by the pool operators. Harold Pierce, who had taken over the company when his father died, regularly travelled throughout the country supplying councils and local pools, in the process becoming an expert in both sewerage and pool treatment and also becoming a conduit for passing information throughout the pool industry on how to treat public pools.

“I am so proud that Pierce Pool Supplies continues to thrive and evolve in the commercial aquatic space,” says Lloyd.

“Feeding a business to sustain its presence and growth, I think, affords a company some wellearned bragging rights! I couldn’t be happier when I look back on the company’s history and Founder Albert Henry Pierce, 1898 all the people who have contributed to our time He eventually encouraged the formation of what in the market. I would like to give a special and is now known as ARI (the Australian Recreationsincere thank you to all our ongoing loyal customers, as our existal Institute) and was its foundation patron. Pierce went on to develop ence is only here because of their support,” he says. and supply a wide range of products which were used in public pools.

The Pierce story In 1898 Albert Henry Pierce established the company of AH Pierce as a supplier of a wide variety of products to councils and retail stores throughout NSW. In 1938 the government, in an attempt to get over the Great Depression, loaned large sums of money to municipal and shire councils to

The AH Pierce company remained in the family’s hands until 2008 when it was purchased by International Quadratics Pty Ltd (IQ). As IQ’s commercial pool division, Pierce Pool Supplies continues to service and supply the public pool industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. It continues the legacy of Harold Pierce of offering not just products but expert advice and training to the public pool industry and also continues to develop new problem-solving chemicals and hardware.


Magnum hits a growth phase Managing director Peter Hogg says that over the past 18 months, Magnum Filters has experienced unprecedented growth. “This year we came back from our Christmas break early because we had five containers of filters to get out. In the space of ten days this turned into twelve containers,” he says. He says that he and his general manager son Rhys discovered they were struggling to keep up with demand. “There were two main reasons for this,” he says. “Firstly we needed not only more machinery but more efficient machinery – so we embarked on purchasing four new machines. Three were ex the USA and one was locally made in New Zealand.” The last of these machines was delivered in early June. They also need more storage space. As well as housing a factory/ warehouse for Magnum and their water treatment business AquaDynamics, floorspace had been leased to a multinational company. That company has now agreed to move to a new, more suitable warehouse that Hogg will build them. “This will give us a more space for production and a further 350 pallet spaces,” says Hogg. “The idea is to keep the factory going at maximum output and build stock so our lead time for orders comes down.”

The Magnum property

He says that Australia is a very strong market for Magnum at the moment, and they are also gaining some very good customers in Europe and Canada. Some time ago they bought into a UK spa-pool parts company Spaeuro, and have since bought out the other shareholders and reorganised the company so it sells Magnum filter cartridges to the UK and European markets, and manufactures spa pool covers. “We hold around 30,000 filters in stock in the UK, and have manufactured around 4800 spa pool covers last year,” he says. “Spaeuro is now by far the biggest manufacturer of spa pool covers in the UK. With all three companies experiencing growth it’s a very busy time, but I’m lucky I have my two sons and my son-in-law working for us. It gives us stability and they work extremely hard.” June/July 2018  SPLASH!  29

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Would you trust this man? Maybe, but if he sold you a lemon, you’d never buy another car from him, and you’d warn your friends

Customer relations: handling complaints and keeping the client happy


our years ago I wrote an article about customer relations because I perceived a need for pool builders to up their game in this area. Unfortunately I don’t think things have changed sufficiently since then so I will try and approach the subject from a different angle.

Your car

Similarities include: • Their cost is not widely dissimilar • They must look great • They must operate as intended • They must last a reasonable time (albeit a shorter time for the car) • They both require regular care and maintenance, etc.

It is not always easy to build a perfect concrete swimming pool. I am sure it is not easy to build a perfect car either. So how many of us are prepared to go into a new car dealer and pay the asking price for a car that has imperfections in it. How many would have no hesitation in expecting the dealer to honour his warranty, to fix those little things that go wrong? How many of you would purchase a second car from a dealer who sold you a lemon the first time? The answer is: none! With a new car purchase we expect every little aspect of the car to look and operate perfectly. If it doesn’t we hound the dealer until it is fixed. These days most car dealers generally don’t need to be “hounded” at all, as they know something the pool builder seldom thinks about. The dealer wants to sell you another new car when you get tired of the current one!

The main difference however, is that the car can be replaced quite readily whereas the pool cannot. When it is disposed of – normally by the sale of the house and property – just like the car dealer, the pool builder would normally want to build the customer a new pool at his next house. This sort of repeat business is the easiest business to get. You should have no competitors for this one. It is money in the bank!

Your pools

Pool problems

There are differences and similarities between a car and a pool.

“This sort of repeat business is the easiest business to get. You should have no competitors for this one. It is money in the bank!”

No-one can build the perfect pool every time. Things will and do go wrong. It is how you address these June/July 2018  SPLASH!  33


“wrongs” that determine whether or not you will get that next pool. It also determines whether or not you are even offered the chance to build it. Unfortunately I have seen too many pool builders take the attitude that any problem with the pool must be the customer’s problem. “I built and gave them a ‘perfect’ pool, so anything now wrong with it cannot be my problem. Besides, I am far too busy to worry about it now anyway.” And that language is very benign compared to some that I have heard. This attitude not only guarantees you won’t build his next pool, you won’t build any for his relatives and friends either.

plained about the quality of some mosaic tiling. He looked at the problem, agreed with the owner and re-did it. The owner was still not satisfied, as the new work resulted in one grout joint being twice as wide at the others. It was really bothering the owner every time he looked at it. The builder thought the guy was becoming far too “picky” and was inclined not to go back a third time. I asked if the problem could be made to disappear – he said, yes I can fix it but I just don’t like his attitude. I am sure that we have all had these clients and, at times, felt the same way.

My advice

“This attitude not only guarantees you won’t build his next pool, you won’t build any for his relatives and friends either.” Typical example

I recently had a phone call from a friend, who is a very good pool builder, seeking my advice. He will recognise his role in this article and I trust he will not sue me over it! One of his clients had com-

I offered the following advice. “If you can fix it, then go and fix it ASAP, because if he hates that joint so much he is going to tell every friend and visitor about that *@#$% of a pool builder who left him with it. You will never get a referral from the guy. He will only spread poison about you and your business.” I said: “You have the chance to come out of this a hero by facing and addressing the problem. Even though in your eyes it is a very small problem, it is obviously a big one to your client. “You fix it promptly and you will be a hero.”

T RY A H I G H E F F IC I E N C Y E L EC T R I C HE AT P UMP THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO HEATING YOUR POOL WHEN ROOF SPACE IS LIMITED The national award winning Heatseeker Nova series inverter heat pumps are designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. The unique and innovative DC inverter technology uses a variable-speed compressor which offers greater efficiency and lower operating costs. The spiral titanium heat exchanger combined with the super-quiet operation and soft start technology further enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the Heatseeker Nova series heat pumps.




34 SPLASH! June/July 2018


1300 787 978



Complaints generally

This complaint was not very costly and “You fix it promptly and easily fixed. Others may be very costly you will be a hero.” and harder to fix. Regardless, they all need to be addressed and responsibility accepted promptly. If you adopt a similar attitude to your complaints, they will never remain as complaints. You will be applauded by your clients for your attitude and your prompt attention. Only yesterday, I visited a pool where the owners had been trying to get a remedy to their problem for more than two years without success. The pool had been installed for the house builder. Not only will the pool builder never get any referrals from the owner, they will never get further work from the high-end house builder either. How silly is that? Complaints that go away quickly are quickly forgotten. Those that don’t will always be remembered and you will never know how much your business suffers from it, but rest assured it will suffer. n For these columns, Cal Stanley draws on his experience and success in pool construction, having run award-winning Neptune Pools in Western Australia for three decades, and sitting on many standards committees and industry body boards. More recently he has worked as a pool consultant and trainer and delivers hydraulics courses for the swimming pool industry. If you have a question regarding his columns or have a topic you think he should delve into, email him at neptunepools@westnet.com.au.

Sometimes small defects can irritate a client so much that it’s best just to fix them (this image is a representation only)

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EvoFG Niche Light


QUEENSLAND RAINBOW +61 7 3849 5385 POOL SYSTEMS 1300 366 020




ZODIAC NATIONALLY 1300 763 021 AQ_Splash_0618HP

AQ Splash Programming HPH.indd 1

30/5/18 10:06 am

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  35

feature Homes with pools are sought after and buyers are willing to pay more, but who they are and where do they live?

Pools are valued assets

for home purchasers


series of surveys has highlighted that swimming pools are popular with home buyers. The results are not consistent by any means – which is probably more to do with the data collection methods and criteria than anything else. However, all are generally positive for vendors of homes with pools. Traditionally, homes with pools had been seen to be worth more, but to a narrower market headed by families. Some of this data raises some interesting questions however. One survey found pools in inner Melbourne add at least $140,000 to the property value; another found that overall 60 per cent of Australians would pay more for a home with a pool; while another discovered that “pool” is the most popular search term for home buyers across the country.

Pool is the most searched term

Data provided to the Saturday Daily Telegraph by realestate.com.au showed that “pool” was the most searched for term by home buyers nationally. The term was searched nearly 270,000 times over the previous six months in NSW alone, five times more than the 52,000 searches of “waterfront” — the second most searched term. Granny flat came in third with 34,000 searches. In Victoria pools also won out, with the second most searched for term being garage, followed by courtyard. In Queensland second best was the acronym NRAS, standing for National Rental Affordability Scheme, followed by pets. South and Western Australian house hunters similarly searched for pets and 36 SPLASH! June/July 2018

granny flat, while those in the ACT and Northern Territory were seeking a “furnished” property. Realestate.com.au chief economist Nerida Conisbee was quoted by the Telegraph as saying it was unsurprising pools were a popular choice as many people still looked for that “dream” of owning a home with a swimming pool, and that there is a high demand for pools from families and investors.

Who will pay more for a house with a pool?

One recent study by an online mortgage broker found more than half of Australian home purchasers would pay more for a house with a pool. Lendi surveyed more than 1000 Australian men and women online to find out how much more they would pay, and what demographics they fitted into. Slightly more than 60 per cent said they would pay more. In the current competitive environment, it is possibly not surprising that nearly 40 per cent said they didn’t want to pay extra for the already expensive urban real estate. But most said they would. The most popular extra price to pay was $10,000 for a house with a pool (15.7 per cent) followed by $20,000 (10.8 per cent) – while nearly one in seven said they’d pay $50,000 or more, with 5.8 per cent responding with valuations upwards of $200,000. Clearly, a pool is a worthy investment to some Australians. But who are they? It turns out men would pay more than women. There were 44.9 per cent of male respondents who said they would pay up to $20,000 more for a house with a pool, compared to 34.6 per cent who were women.

Also, the younger the respondents were, the more likely they were to pay extra for a property with a pool, with nearly half (47.7 per cent) of the Generation Y sample paying up to $20,000 more, and 41.1 per cent of Generation Xers, compared with 31.6 per cent who were over 55-years-old. Results didn’t vary too much between respondents in different cities but those from states and territories in warmer climates valued a house with a pool a little more. When combining respondents from Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory, about five per cent more said they’d pay up to $20,000 extra for a house with a pool compared to those in southern states. Of course, most people get swimming pools to improve their lifestyle, health and happiness, but it also helps to know it will improve their property value.

Inner city pools are worth even more

Melbourne property market analyser Secret Agent conducted research last year that found swimming pools can add more than $140,000 to the value of an inner Melbourne property – with some drawing an extra $450,000. Secret Agent researches the Melbourne property market with the aim of improving prospects for purchasers, vendors and agents. They looked at ten suburbs in Melbourne’s inner East and South East: Kew, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Toorak, Kooyong, Armadale, Malvern, Glen Iris, Camberwell and Brighton. The study was limited to only include three to five bedroom houses for a more realistic representation of a pool’s value. On average, a swimming pool added between 10 per cent and 16 per cent to the value of a house, with the lowest expected value created being approximately $140,000. However, this varied between suburbs, from as low as six per cent in Camberwell, up to 35 per cent in Hawthorn East. In Kew, houses that featured a pool were expected to sell for $450,000 more, which is a premium of about 30 per cent. In Hawthorn, a pool is expected to only add $180,000 (11 per cent) to the value of a property. There are a few explanations for the differences in added value. For example, a big house may have other extensive renovations aside from a pool; such as a cellar, theatre room, tennis courts and sculptured gardens. Additionally, the number of car spaces and the school zoning would have an impact on sale price. Secret Agent says that a swimming pool can be a wonderful addition, satisfying our instinctive need to be close to water, while also being a good investment as the lowest expected additional value is around $140,000. n

Younger purchasers are more willing to pay more for a pool than the over 55s


The Internet of Things making life easier for pool owners By Izzy Grace

Swimming pools and spas are now being plugged into the connected home

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ith constant maintenance required to control pH and disinfection levels, temperature and auxiliary functions, savvy manufacturers and suppliers are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help streamline some of the often trickier aspects of pool and spa ownership. And it’s this growing connectivity between computer software, the network of servers known as The Cloud, and the devices we use at home and work that promises to maximise the time spent enjoying our home relaxation investments including swimming pools and spas. Put simply, IoT is a system connecting any device that has an on-off switch to the internet and to other devices. This includes everything from smartphones and wearable gadgets to fridges and washing machines. These autonomous devices also collect valuable data which is accumulated and aggregated across the network, and then fed into business applications. Sydney-based pool/energy enterprise Pooled Energy, for example, has fitted sensors to a number of pools which monitor everything from the chemical environment to the energy used by pumps, filters and other equipment. It’s this integrated solution of pool automation and electricity that John Huggart says revolves around creating a healthier swimming environment. “Most of us only test the water once a week on a Saturday morning but water chemistry is changing constantly, especially when exposed to hot days,” he says. “It’s terrific we can now have access to a technology that provides peace of mind, so we can enjoy the pool whenever we want to.” Then there are smartphone applications, better known as apps, like Zodiac’s iAqualink, which lets you monitor and adjust pool and spa equipment controlled by the Zodiac AquaLink pool control system. From adjusting your chlorinator or filtration settings while you’re on holiday to turning on the

spa and pool lights on your way home from the gym, iAquaLink is engineered to both simplify and enhance your pool experience.

Manage, monitor, control

“The Internet of Things in the pool industry is very exciting,” says Hayward managing director Tony Sharpe. “Having automated products gives us endless possibilities to manage, monitor and control pool, spa and backyard functions anytime, from anywhere – via website, smartphones and/or tablets. “Most recent are the advances in chemical automation and sanitisation, which for the consumer is the hardest part to get right. This can even be monitored in data measured via automation products like OmniLogic where you can actually save and store that information in case you want to share it with a pool professional for further advice,” he says. Hayward’s OmniLogic Automation System was designed to minimise pool and spa maintenance “and make your backyard paradise easy to enjoy”. Customisable to fit the clients’ lifestyle, it features adjustable Favourites buttons that allows them to set the most used features at their fingertips. “This automation system can even accommodate simple expansion hardware for adding features from fountains to pumps and lighting,” he says. “You can seamlessly access your backyard from your mobile device, tablets, home network, wireless and wired remotes, or the base unit itself, depending on where you are and what you’re doing. “These days we prefer to sit back and let technology do all the heavy lifting for us,” he says. “Basically, we want what we want, when we want it. We want apps that take the place of additional devices. We want sleek, contemporary, intuitive technologies that save us time, work and money. We carry those exact


attributes readily available to us on our smartphones, tablets, TVs, as well as in many other consumer electronics on the market.” The biggest time and money saver for us today, he says, is when we can combine and command multiple functions from a single intelligent device. “I don’t think these kinds of technologies will be the last of the IoT movement in the pool industry. We plan to grow and change with our consumers’ needs, and convenience is at the front of everyone’s minds at the moment.”

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Self-diagnosing swimming pools

Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh says IoT has been on the company’s R&D radar for a number of years, with its Poolware technology utilised in 75 of its Swimart pool and spa stores across Australia and New Zealand. “Poolware has a long history with Swimart, where it has amassed a wealth of knowledge through detailed data gathered from customers,” he says. “So we wanted to own that intellectual property and create something that would give us a unique point of difference.” Due to launch in 2019, the next stage of Poolware will enable Waterco’s salt water chlorinators to connect to IoT, creating pools that self-monitor and diagnose the condition of the water. “The key difference lies in the way it calculates various chemical equations,” says Bryan. “Let’s say, Poolware detects that your pool needs more acid. It will know that when you put in the acid, it will not only lower your pH but may also lower your alkalinity. Its software calculates what may happen to the other parameters when a particular chemical is added to the pool.” Built using the latest available software framework, Goh says this sophisticated pool maintenance solution will be responsive, fast and is designed to easily integrate new functionalities and features. And by combining live data recorded by the sensor in the pool with historical data in the system, pool technicians will be able to offer precisely the right advice for a perennial blue pool. “Our main aim is to ensure the pool is blue year-round with preventative maintenance,” he says. “That will make pool ownership easier for the customer and also create customer ‘stickiness’ and loyalty as pool shops will better understand exactly what their needs are – often before the customer does.” Waterco’s water treatment specialist, Victor Quijada, says the company’s objective is to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with maintaining a residential swimming pool. “For example, instead of dealing with problems like cloudy water or algae after they appear, the next stage of our Poolware technology will keep pool owners and service professionals informed of what is required to keep the pool in balance. “People want to know their pool is safe to swim in, that the water chemistry is right and that it looks as good as it can all year round.”

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The most intelligent freshwater pool system ✓ Four step startup making it simple to install ✓ Programmable to the pool size for easy maintenance

✓ Variable OXI and ION control to adapt to any environment

✓ Dual timers to suit variable speed pumps ✓ The perfect solution for asthma sufferers and skin allergies

Intelligent control

Pentair’s EasyTouch and IntelliTouch automation control systems are built for convenience by controlling operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats. “This takes the work and worry out of scheduling and operating pool and spa heating, filtration and cleaning cycles,” says Pentair marketing manager Robert Sterland. “It also gives you one-touch control over additional heaters, valves, pool lights, landscape lights, water features and more. At the same time, an IntelliTouch system makes sure all your equipment operates at peak efficiency for minimum energy usage and cost. It even helps protect your equipment investment.” IntelliTouch systems sense conditions that can potentially hinder operation and either alert you to these situations or take automatic corrective action. There are a number of control options including the indoor control panel, iS4 Spa-side Remote, SpaCommand Spa-side Remote and Screenlogic.

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BY LO-CHLOR ...because it works

Innovative new products on display Exciting new technology in water treatment Chlorine free solutions for pools & spas State of the art integrated water analysis software

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Zodiac’s iAqualink lets you monitor and adjust pool and spa equipment

Models available are the i9+3 for pool and spa combinations with shared filtration systems, and the dual equipment i10+3D for pool and spa combinations with separate sets of equipment. The IntelliTouch is also available in the power centre (smaller cabinet) and load centre (larger cabinet). “EasyTouch systems are available for a separate spa, a separate pool, or a pool/spa combination with shared equipment,” says Sterland. “You select from systems that control four or eight accessory functions. The EasyTouch PNP 5 is a five outlet system, with four relay controlled outlets and one permanent power outlet – typically used to control pool and/or spa operation plus pool or spa lights

and heaters. The EasyTouch PNP 10 is a 10 outlet system, with eight relay controlled outlets and two permanent power outlets, allowing separate scheduling for additional features such as landscape lighting, waterfalls, fountains, additional heaters and more. There are a number of control options including the EasyTouch system indoor control panel, EasyTouch wireless remote, iS4 Spa-side Remote, SpaCommand Spa-side Remote and Screenlogic.” Sterland says the main difference between the two systems is that the EasyTouch plug’n’play has inbuilt electrical outlets and internal

TOP LEFT: iAquaLink is engineered to both simplify and enhance the pool experience BOTTOM LEFT: Poolware has a long history with Swimart, where it has amassed a wealth of knowledge through detailed data gathered from customers

RIGHT: OmniLogic stores information in case the owners want to share it with a pool professional for further advice

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BOTTOM: AstralPool’s Connect My Pool app allows owners and maintenance professionals to remotely monitor the operation of all of the pool components RIGHT: Pentair’s IntelliTouch controls operating sequences, opens and closes valves and resets time clocks and thermostats

BELOW: Bryan Goh says Waterco’s main aim is to ensure the pool is blue year-round with preventative maintenance

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wiring. This eliminates the need for an electrician to install external GPOs near the pool equipment, saving money on what could otherwise be a costly installation. “Our automation systems can control everything including pool and spa temperatures, filtration and cleaning, jets, lighting, water features and the Intellivalve,” he says. “There are a number of different control options available such as remotes, wireless options and the ultimate convenience in poolside control is the Screenlogic interface, which allows you to access your pool from practically anywhere and at any time using your smartphone, computer or mobile digital device. “Also, Pentair has just released a new update for the Screenlogic interface for iOS devices, and you can control both systems with your voice using Amazon Echo.” Alexa can tell you the pH, temperature, ORP and disinfection level – and can even turn on the heating, spa jets or other features, simply by asking it.

Connecting with your pool

AstralPool’s Connect My Pool app allows owners and maintenance professionals to remotely monitor the operation of all of the pool components – this includes filtration systems, water treatment, air conditioning if indoor, etc – as well as garden functions such as irrigation and outdoor lighting. The owner needs a wifi connection to the internet, then simply installs the Connect Box device – the centrepiece of the system – and equips the pool and garden with products compatible with the app. AstralPool says the remote management platform provides three advantages to families: tranquillity, comfort and savings. And users can consult at any time if the different elements of the pool are working correctly and obtain very interesting parameters and control data

– for example, they can check that chemical levels are the healthiest and safest possible, or see if efficient water and energy management is being carried out. AstralPool says it can also be used to make life more efficient for pool techs. Thanks to the diagnostic tools of the system, industry professionals can provide constant monitoring from the status of an installation and move to the site only when a manual repair is necessary. In this way, the deterioration of the installation is avoided, the costs associated with poorly customised maintenance are reduced and technicians can offer a differentiated treatment while adding value for their customers. Also from AstralPool, the smart pool analyser called Blue Connect Plus analyses the pool water 24/7 thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor and notifies owners or techs of what is required to take care of the pool. It continuously measures core pool parameters: pH, temperature, ORP and conductivity and the results are reported via alerts to the customer’s smartphone. The Blue device sends measured data over the global IoT network called Sigfox many times per day, which is compiled and stored in a safe infrastructure in the Cloud. It also enables instant measurements at any time by Bluetooth. AstralPool says Blue is easy to install in the pool or plant room. The battery and probe can be changed with no need for tools in just a few minutes. Users can access their pool data over their smartphone wherever they are and whenever they want thanks to the Blue Connect app. Alerts are sent when action is needed, and the personalised tips help ensure optimal use of chemical products. There is also the professional platform for technicians to access their data in just one click and for free. The Pro platform enables them to optimise operations and maintenance services and anticipate customers’ requirements.



SPASA Queensland


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Remote spas

Adrian Lacy from Australian Spa Parts says most spa pack manufacturers offer optional smartphone modules to control spas remotely via the internet. “Features vary between brands, but all include operational functions, changing set temperature, setting filtration times and fault diagnostics,” he says. But he says the biggest benefits come in the form of remotely accessing heating so that a user can log in from work to increase the temperature so the spa is hot by the time they get home. This also saves the owner money, because they can raise the temperature of the spa when needed. “Running the spa at lower than normal temperature can save hundreds off their electricity bill,” he says. “So, this is perfect for people who spasmodically use their spa by providing energy savings at a lower temperature while also providing the convenience of using the spa when desired – provided they give the heater sufficient time to reach its set temperature.”


Strengthening builder offerings

Nortek Security & Control is a global company specialising in devices to connect appliances around the home and commercial innovations for business. One of their main products is the Elan entertainment and control system. Nortek Security & Control director of builder sales Bret Jacob says technology and IoT have important implications for builders and pool contractors. “First and foremost, presenting an automation system to a customer during the sales presentation of a mid-to-high-end pool establishes the builder or contractor as credible and tech-savvy,” he says. “Offering this option benefits the builder, and of course it benefits the customer if they choose to implement an automation system with pool control.” Depending on the platform and accessories installed, Jacob says many manufacturers allow builders to view historical information on their customer’s swimming pool or spa chemistry. “These configurations allow builders to receive alerts if the chemistry falls out of balance, which helps them to ensure that their customers understand how to manage their pools or hot tubs properly,” he says. “This can also help prevent damage to the equipment, pool finish, and other accessories – ultimately saving the customer money while avoiding warranty issues.” Remote access and automatic reporting make it easier than ever for a pool technician to diagnose a problem – and sometimes even fix it – without having to leave the office. “By receiving alarms and remotely monitoring chemistry levels, they can better plan their routes, make sure they have the necessary chemicals and equipment on hand when dispatched, and proactively address issues to avoid serious chemical imbalances, thus saving their customers money on consultation and testing,” he says. This sophisticated technology can also prevent chemical balancing systems from over-correcting imbalances. “Automated chemical balancers minimise chemical costs by adding chemicals with precision,” says Jacob.

CASUAL $40* per day/pp

WEEKLY $160* per week

MONTHLY $600* per month

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An automated pool and spa can manage chemical balance for homeowners. It can also report on pH, ORP and salt levels for pools equipped with compatible chemical controllers, making it even easier to care for pool and spa water. “We all know that a pool’s pH levels can fluctuate within just a few hours,” he says. “Especially during inclement weather. And pH affects all the other elements of water quality. If the pH drifts too high, the pool’s chlorine loses nearly all of its sanitising ability – and algae, bacteria and viruses can make their way into the pool water and thrive. An automation system provides constant pH control, resulting in a cleaner, safer pool. “Automation offers homeowners simple control and convenience, and mobile apps can control the various functions of pools and spas on premise remotely. These apps provide a simple, intuitive interface that enables users to easily and conveniently monitor and control water temperature, lighting, fountains, waterfalls and other pool features.”

A touch of colour

PAL Lighting’s Pool Touch wireless control system operates PAL Colour Touch lights and swimming pool equipment via remote handset or app control using smart devices. “This wireless control system is low cost and easy to install with a plug and play design,” says Bellson Electric general manager Moin Rahman. “The Pool Touch is available in either the fivechannel with remote control and optional wifi and valve actuator controls, and the nine-channel wifi control which has an inbuilt valve actuator controls for three motorised valves.” Apart from the standard product offering with the Pool Touch systems, PAL Lighting also offers a complete user-defined customisation option for the system. “The PAL wifi module wirelessly communicates with your device via the PAL Lighting app, which allows the user to link into their home wifi network and control their pool equipment anywhere in the world using the 3/4G cellular network,” says Rahman. “The app has a built-in timer control on each channel with three timer options – Schedule, Countdown and Cycle to establish a desired time sequence.” Another popular feature is its channel naming function, which allows the user to configure the channels in any desired preference by creating a name for each one on the PAL Lighting app. Rahman says they are in the process of expanding the Pool Touch system and are currently developing new features such as temperature control. “This will work in-line with pool heaters, allowing the user to control the temperature of their pool or spa at any time and from anywhere in the world. Another new feature is pump speed control, which will allow the user to set the speed of their variable pump. This will work in conjunction with the current timer control feature.” “The Pool Touch system is a user-friendly system which, with our current works in development, will only improve over time,” say Rahman. “PAL Lighting is focused and determined in growing the Pool Touch system to become a market leader.”

TOP: AstralPool’s Blue Connect Plus analyses the pool water 24/7 thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor and notifies owners or techs of what is required to take care of the pool MIDDLE: Remote access and automatic reporting make it easier than ever for a pool technician to diagnose a problem – and sometimes even fix it – without having to leave the office

The PAL wifi module wirelessly communicates with devices via the PAL Lighting app Photo Credit: Ryan Hughes Design

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New for 2019 Season NEW



TELSA 05 ®

TELSA 30 ®

WARRANTY 4 Years Full + 3 Years ProRata

TELSA®30 is ideal for cleaning medium-sized TELSA®05 is a rechargeable handheld vacuumpools. It quickly vacuums sand, gravel, and designed specifically for the needs of small pools other debris from pool floors. Its compact & spas. Its compact body allows for a great shape makes it very easy to maneuver around maneuverability around any pool / spa floor. the pool floor. A water sensor turns the cleaner on / off Its unique head with under and side brushes automatically, making it even simpler to operate. cleans pool surfaces and corners in only one go.

TELSA®05 is a rechargeable handheld vacuum designed specifically for the needs of small pools & spas.

TELSA®30 is a rechargeable vacuum ideal for cleaning medium sized pools.

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Plug in and then play

Australian-owned Ascon Pool is part of the Ascon group of companies which boasts more than 50 years of electronics engineering experience. Ascon Pool marketing manager Trinity Mansfield says future developments in IoT have huge potential to increase pool owners’ leisure time, and one reason for that is the supply chain factor. “Anything required for their pool can be automatically ordered and supplied without the pool owner having to worry about what to use and when,” she says. “The timely maintenance of their pool could be potentially taken away. All they have to do is swim!” She says that devices with inbuilt wifi capabilities and internet access are flourishing, providing pool owners with a perfect opportunity to automate their equipment and enjoy their downtime. “In five to ten years the growth of automation in the pool industry will be like nothing we could have imagined a decade ago. IoT is rapidly changing the way we live, and as suppliers of controllers and pool products our challenge is to provide customers with products that will enhance the pool and spa owner’s leisure time,” she says.

Amongst their many other products, Ascon Pool manufactures the Turmion wireless control system range, which is used in the swimming pool sector as well as in agriculture and construction. It enables users to switch devices on and off from as far away as 200 metres. “The basic Turmion system comes with a link control unit (LCU) dual and a remote control,” says Mansfield. “This allows you to remotely control two 10-amp power points at a single location. Simply plug the LCU into an existing power point that runs your appliances, then plug one or two appliances into the LCU.” It is possible to add three more LCUs to the existing control pad giving you up to eight remote controlled appliances at four different locations. A single 15-amp LCU allows for higher power-drawing appliances and can be run from the same control pad. “The master control unit (MCU) can control up to 16 of the dual LCUs as well as being programmed to set multiple start and stop times for each of the 32 power outlets connected,” says Mansfield. “Each of the 32 outlets can be remotely overridden by the remote control. You can start with the single MCU, which has two power points built in and then add up to another 15 dual LCUs

TOP LEFT: The PAL app allows the user to link into their home wifi network and control their pool equipment anywhere in the world using the 3/4G cellular network TOP MIDDLE: The Ascon 10 amp 2 channel controller ABOVE: Nortek Security & Control’s Bret Jacob says presenting an automation system to a high end customer establishes the contractor as credible and tech-savvy

BOTTOM: Turmion wireless control systems allow devices to be controlled remotely

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ABOVE: AIS is encouraging simpler, safer and smarter technology BELOW: The AIS AutoChlor Pro

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fangled, overcomplicated design and rather encourages simpler, safer and smarter technology. AIS: SPLASH! Stand 78; aiswater.com.au “AIS’ commercial water Ascon: SPLASH! Stand 102; www.ascon.com.au disinfection systems are AstralPool: SPLASH! Stand 70; www.astralpool.com.au operating in some of the Australian Spa Parts: SPLASH! Stand 14; www.spaparts.com.au world’s most advanced aquatic facilities and Bellson: SPLASH! Stand 28; pallighting.com.au can be integrated into Nortek Security & Control: www.nortekcontrol.com existing remote or onsite Hayward: SPLASH! Stand 50; www.hayward-pool.com.au technology if required,” Pentair: SPLASH! Stand 76; www.pentairpool.com.au says CEO Elena Gosse. “When it comes to Pooled Energy: www.pooledenergy.com technology and design Waterco: SPLASH! Stand 40; www.waterco.com.au however, we are passionate Zodiac: SPLASH! Stand 240; www.zodiac.com.au about manufacturing chlorine generators that do what they say they will as needed – giving up to 16 different site locations with – that work, last and are safe and easy to operate.” dual power points.” Gosse believes the residential chlorine generator Mansfield says Ascon Pool will be launching new wifi market is overloaded with products that boast features technology during the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade that the home pool user will probably never use, or even Show at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition worse, are too complicated to operate. Centre on August 1 and 2. “A chlorine generator should not require an engineering degree or the services of a pool technician A simpler approach to operate,” she says, adding that the reason her Finally, we look at a manufacturer taking a different company has been so successful over the past 26 years is tack. Australian owned and operated company proof of the value of the company’s ethos. Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) is well known “We don’t believe in building in extra features just to for its quality design, production and supply of inline boost profits, we don’t believe in adding lots of flashing chlorine generation technology via electrolysis. As lights for the sake of it, or the need to turn your home the company name suggests, it has won numerous pool chlorinator on from Switzerland,” she says. national and international awards for innovation and is “Our water disinfection technology is simple to use. considered a leader in its field. It’s safe for operators and swimmers. And it keeps But when it comes to water disinfection technology your pool water clean and clear. And that’s what the company says it refutes current trends toward new- makes it so smart.” n



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As important as motherhood is, it is clearly not the only thing defining mums

By Katrina McCarter

New research reveals brands are failing Australian mums


ow do you feel about the fact that the people who make up 63 per cent of your target market don’t think you understand them? Even worse, they are responsible for more than 80 per cent of consumer spending decisions. Who are they? Mums! Women who are making buying decisions for themselves and their families, and influencing each other’s buying choices. At the upcoming World Infant Aquatics Conference (WIAC) on the Gold Coast (which is part of SPLASH! Week), I will be speaking about the key mistakes marketers are making, and what Australian mums want from brands.

Millions of mums

Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy yet they remain the most misunderstood, misrepresented and undervalued consumer segment in the country. With more than 6.2 million mums in Australia – responsible for spending $132 billion every year – marketers who ignore them do so at their peril.

Latest research from Marketing to Mums reveals that brands are failing to connect with mums – that figure of 63 per cent represents the percentage of Australian mums who believe that advertisers don’t understand them. There is growing dissatisfaction from mothers around the country who are fed up with the lame, irrelevant marketing efforts being directed at them. This growing disconnect between advertising and mums’ reality is, in part, explained by AdNation research released last year which revealed the people working in advertising agencies are young, tech savvy and less likely to have children than the average Australian. How can these people manage to relate to the day-to-day life of a mum, create campaigns that appeal to her, communicate with her and maintain a good brand relationship with her?

Getting social

It is of vital importance for the success of brands that they invest now in gaining a

better understanding of the social media habits and communication style and preferences of Australian mothers. I’ve been studying mums for two decades. I have eighteen years’ sales and marketing experience working across diverse industries including grocery, hardware and online – always targeting mums as the purchaser. I also have a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and an MBA (International Business). However, my real learning happened when I became a mother myself. I left my corporate role to enjoy a five-year career break to raise my three children. As a stayat-home mum I spent hours in the park listening to the frustrations and challenges facing mothers. Six years ago, I launched an online shopping platform for mums called bubbler. com.au. I grew this to a community of 150,000 mums before selling eighteen months ago. During this time, my insight into Australian mums really accelerated and I gained a deeper understanding of mums’ lives. I learned how to engage mums to June/July 2018  SPLASH!  51


Brands are struggling to genuinely connect and sell to this powerhouse demographic

build a community, communicate effectively with them through social media and convert them into a sale. Working closely with brands, I saw the struggles they had in managing to genuinely connect and sell to mums. I kept seeing the same problem over and over again, prospective clients needed customers fast but didn’t have the expertise to sell to mums. Their poor ROIs proved that they didn’t have a clear understanding of the type of mum they were targeting.

A new way

I passionately believe there is a new way to communicate and sell to mums, delivering massive opportunities for businesses that get this right. In an Australian first, I surveyed more than 1800 mums, asking them how they wanted to be marketed to. The respondents were from different ages, stages, work status and household income brackets – and all were eager to share their views. I wanted to hear directly from Australian mums to better understand their social media habits, but more importantly, as no-one had asked them before, to understand how they wanted to be communicated with. The research is so valuable as it hasn’t been done before in Australia, and features ground-breaking learnings for businesses wanting to target mums.

About the speaker Katrina McCarter is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a research and marketing consultancy. She is a marketing strategist, best-selling author, speaker and consultant who specialises in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research. Katrina is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships, and works with both small and big businesses to increase sales and profits selling to mums. An award-winning businesswoman and mother to three, Katrina is an accomplished international speaker and regular contributor to business media and has featured on ABC Radio, Channel 7, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and SmartCompany. She will be delivering an inspirational talk at the upcoming World Infant Aquatics Conference (July 30 to August 4) which is held as part of SPLASH! on the Gold Coast. World Infant Aquatics Conference: australianswimschools.org.au SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show: www.splashexpo.com.au

52 SPLASH! June/July 2018

We found that mums were eager to give advice to the marketing community. They identified nine mistakes that brands make with advertising and communications. The three factors that topped the list were stereotyping (overwhelmingly), not being real and treating mums as stupid. They want to be treated as women first and mothers second. As important as motherhood was, it was clearly not the only thing that defined them. The report also identified that 91 per cent of Australian mums access their social media accounts daily with a staggering 30 per cent of mums checking their social media accounts more than 10 times each day. Facebook is their favourite platform, representing an incredible opportunity for brands to connect with mums via Facebook advertising, building brand communities and developing a Facebook Live strategy. Mums in Australia are fed up with the way they are being communicated with by brands and increasingly taking action thanks to social media. Ignoring this growing dissatisfaction is commercially disastrous for brands. Astute marketers who take the time to gather deep insights about mums and work to earn their attention can deliver a significant commercial advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace. n

Improved water quality

through education and experience By Tom Lachocki and Rose Lyda

Trichloramine is irritating in the water and is the primary contributor to the noxious “chlorinelike” odour we smell around swimming pools

54 SPLASH! June/July 2018


ike a good relationship, education and experience go hand in hand. Education can be improved when it is based on data and applied science, which then equals experience. Experience in aquatic water chemistry is no different— applied science enhances aquatic education. The advantage of utilising education and experience in tandem is illustrated by one of the most commonly taught pool and spa water chemistry topics: combined chlorine and breakpoint chlorination. Field experience has proven that industry education on these topics is inadequate and can be improved. Fortunately, new science has helped advance education that more reasonably explains our experiences. To understand where chemistry education can be improved by the application of experience, this article will briefly review the two principles of combined chlorine and break-point chlorination.

Combined chlorine

Education and experience have established the importance of testing for free chlorine and total chlorine, and calculating combined chlorine. Measuring the free chlorine level serves to indicate the amount of active disinfectant in the water, and satisfies the product label requirement for free chlorine residuals. Free chlorine is commonly defined as the amount of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-) present in the water. When nitrogen-containing molecules like ammonia (NH3) is present in the water, free chlorine will quickly break the hydrogen-tonitrogen bond (H-N) and form a chlorine-tonitrogen bond (Cl-N). For example, ammonia (NH3) will react with free chlorine to form monochloramine (Cl-NH2). Chloramine is the term used for chemicals with this nitrogen-chlorine bond.


The characteristics of chloramines are significant: • Chloramines do not react as well as free chlorine; • Chloramines do not serve as disinfectants; • Chloramines do not appear in a free chlorine test (commonly called the DPD1 test). What raises concerns about these characteristics is that trichloramine is irritating in the water and is the primary contributor to the noxious “chlorinelike” odour we smell around swimming pools. Chloramines are detected, however, when another reagent is added in a DPD3 test that measures total chlorine. Combined chlorine is then calculated by subtracting free chlorine from total chlorine: total chlorine – free chlorine = combined chlorine.

Breakpoint chlorination

It is commonly taught that chloramines – or combined chlorine – are destroyed through breakpoint chlorination: increasing the free chlorine level to ten times the combined chlorine level. The chemical reaction associated with breakpoint chlorination is the chlorination of ammonia to form monochloramine, dichloramine, and then trichloramine. Trichloramine further breaks down to form harmless nitrogen gas and a chloride ion. (NH3)








TOP: Free chlorine is commonly defined as the amount of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-) present in the water. TOP MIDDLE: In addition to prevention, while not the most environmentally friendly solution to reducing and eliminating chloramines, water replacement guarantees the reduction of contaminants LEFT: While chloramines do not appear in a free chlorine test (commonly called the DPD1 test) they are detected when another reagent is added in a DPD3 test that measures total chlorine. Combined chlorine is then calculated by subtracting free chlorine from total chlorine: total chlorine – free chlorine = combined chlorine

N2 + Cl

Ammonia monochloramine dichloramine trichloramine nitrogen gas & chloride ion

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  55

2018-SPLASH-IRIS A4 1HALF-20180606.pdf 1 6/06/2018 10:12:43 AM

If breakpoint chlorination is performed and combined chlorine is still detected, ammonia cannot be the sole contributor to the formation of combined chlorine











Premium handset design Long Range RF Plug & Play installation Suitable for new & existing pools

Science supports the ability of breakpoint chlorination to destroy ammonia-based chloramines. Experience and education concur on the practice that total chlorine and free chlorine can be tested and that chloramines are irritants and ineffective disinfectants. There is a common experience however, that indicates a flaw in combined chlorine and breakpoint education. Water, which time after time has received adequate free chlorine to achieve breakpoint chlorination, should be free of combined chlorine; but, when the water is tested, combined chlorine remains. If education was correct, after breakpoint chlorination, the combined chlorine would be undetectable. Actual experience, on the other hand, indicates users continue to sense and smell nitrogen trichloride in the air above the pool. The scientific method directs that in the presence of contradictory evidence, a hypothesis must be abandoned or modified to support the available evidence. In the example of chloramines, if breakpoint chlorination is performed and combined chlorine is still detected, ammonia cannot be the sole contributor to the formation of combined chlorine. Subsequently, the hypothesis has been modified to address another factor contributing to the presence of combined chlorine and the production of nitrogen trichloride: organic chloramines.

Organic chloramines


56 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Organic chloramines have been identified as negatively impacting the swimming pool water and surrounding air. The most common organic chloramine comes from urea. Free chlorine will break urea’s nitrogen to hydrogen (N-H) bond and form a nitrogen to chlorine (N-Cl) bond, similar to free chlorine’s reaction with ammonia.


RIGHT: The same issues that apply for residential pools are magnified by the higher bather loads of public pools Free chlorine NH2-CO-NH2 Urea


Cl-NH-CO-NH2 Monochlorourea

The difference between ammonia and urea’s chemical reaction to free chlorine is based on urea’s unique structure. Urea has nitrogen-to-carbon (N-C) bonds; ammonia has only nitrogen-to-hydrogen (N-H) bonds. The N-C bond takes days or even weeks to break down, depending on the free chlorine concentration. Consequently, urea breaks down more slowly, producing ammonia at low levels over time. The subsequent chlorination of ammonia produces trichloramine, which irritates swimmers’ eyes and membranes and evaporates to create an offensive odour in the area nearby.

Combining education and experience to address combined chlorine

Education leading to prevention is key. Although perspiration cannot be prevented, water contamination from perspiration, skin cells and cosmetics can be reduced by showering before entering the water. With urine being the primary source of urea in pools, collaborative consumer education can continue to prevent pee in the pool (see page 87). In addition to prevention, while not the most environmentally friendly solution to reducing and eliminating chloramines,


1300 787 978


June/July 2018  SPLASH!  57


Design and Engineering, Facility Management & Design, and Increasing Fun While Reducing Risk. More than 400 global aquatic specialists convene at the WAHC to network with industry leaders, develop professionally, and help shape the future through aquatics. Annual attendees represent all segments of the aquatics industry, including pool operators, service technicians, aquatic managers, environmental health officials, academia, pool builders/designers/engineers, health professionals, aquatic therapists, retailers, and manufacturers, from all around the world.

Vincent Hill presenting at last year’s WAHC

Two of the keynote speakers this year are Eadric Bressel, PhD, specialist in kinesiology at Utah State University who also conducts cutting-edge research reinforcing the health benefits of aquatics; and renowned Genesis faculty member Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile talking about colour theory and colour psychology.

World Aquatic Health Conference Hosted by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, WAHC 2018 will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, from October 10 to October 12. Attendees of the Charleston WAHC will enjoy more than 40 seminars this year with 2018 tracks including topics such as Improving Water & Air Quality, Advanced Service Concepts,

This year’s WAHC pre- and post-conference events will include opportunities to participate in NSPF’s Advanced Service Technician Certification, CPO Certification, Environmental Health Leader’s Symposium, and the ever-popular Insider’s Tour of local Charleston aquatic facilities. Contact: www.thewahc.org




Sho wo

STA n N 122 D

1300 498 819 info@spa-craft.com.au www.spa-craft.com.au Head Office: 20 Curtis Road, Mulgrave NSW 2756

58 SPLASH! June/July 2018

VIC Branch: 39B Rimfire Drive, Hallam VIC 3803


water replacement guarantees the reduction of contaminants. Even partial water replacement is part of the European DIN standards. Other oxidisation systems, such as UV, ozone, or monopersulfate, may also provide some benefits. Education and experience have limits when applied in isolation; the combination of the two can advance industry practices. Experience has taught that poor water and air quality are not explained by common beliefs in the industry. Education, based on good science, has taught that new approaches must be taken to address the issue. The better the industry understands combined chlorine, the more likely solutions will be created for water quality. The hypothesis that organic chloramines contribute to the presence of combined chlorine in air and water has been substantiated by National Swimming Pool Foundation-funded research, which is published in scholarly journals and presented at the World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC). n

It is commonly taught that chloramines – or combined chlorine – are destroyed through breakpoint chlorination: increasing the free chlorine level to ten times the combined chlorine level

This article was prepared by Thomas M. Lachocki, PhD, CEO, National Swimming Pool Foundation, with Rose M Lyda, MPA Director of Marketing, National Swimming Pool Foundation

Address: 23 Dulwich Street, Loganholme, Brisbane, QLD, 4129 Email: sales@legendproducts.com.au Tel: 07 3806 1823





Ben Petersen sitting on the plunge pool’s integral benches

Their mission is to make pools more affordable through mass manufacture in a controlled factory environment

The plunge pool revolution


The pool can be shipped to site and be quickly ready to swim

The pools can easily fit into Australia’s ever shrinking backyards

60 SPLASH! June/July 2018

PLASH! will be the venue for the official trade launch of a new pool business – The Plunge Pool Company. This is an independent company that has partnered with The Evolve Group and Poolrite on plunge pool design, pool equipment supply and advanced manufacturing. The Plunge Pool Company general manager, Ben Petersen, says the new company will have more Australians swimming more often. “We are revolutionising the pool industry through smart design and advanced manufacturing techniques,” he says. “Our mission is to make pools more affordable through mass manufacture, in a controlled, factory environment, resulting in a high quality, concrete swimming pool that can then be shipped to site, rapidly installed by our dealer network, ready to swim.”

He says they are using smart design to counter the rising cost of living and of construction by creating a ready-made product that can fit into Australia’s ever shrinking backyards. “By focusing on the key elements of mass precast concrete production, smart design and rapid installation, we can bring swimming pool ownership within reach of more people,” he says.

A new market

Petersen believes the current and planned products will create a new market segment. “We see our products as a great addition to a traditional pool builder’s range,” he says. “Whether they’re a concrete pool builder or a fibreglass pool installer, they can now offer their customers an option that will save time and solve site specific problems.” He says the precast swimming pools will help solve the problem of sloping blocks and the cost of above ground construction. “And our patent-pending, high-strength, preengineered design removes the often-clunky looking bond beam, or ribbed system, currently offered to the market.” He says the company has invested heavily in world class R&D in the quest for efficient use of materials. “This has flowed through to the patent pending, monolithic double bench design,” he says. “This unique design offers extreme strength, as well as saving a lot of material, and a lot of manufacturing time. Our benches are not a secondary process or an afterthought, they form what is the strongest pre -engineered precast plunge pool on the market. “We are really excited on where we will take this concept,” he says. See the pools for yourself at Stand 252-256 at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. n Contact: www.plungepoolco.com.au



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davey.com.au TAD895/0618/297x210


The top five things that cause franchisees to fail (and how you can avoid them) By Jason Gehrke

ABOVE: The business plan is yours – own it


fter more than 25 years in the franchise sector, I have seen many franchisees achieve spectacular things that would never have been possible in their previous jobs. However at the same time, I have also seen more than a few franchisees crash and burn. Typically, when a business fails, the owner will externalise responsibility for this and blame someone else. For an independent small business, the targets of blame are typically banks, landlords, big competitors, government regulation, the economy, or one or more of these in varying measure. For a franchisee, these same targets of blame exist, as well as the largest and most convenient target: the franchisor. While it might be easy for a failing franchisee to blame their lack of success on a variety of perceived or imagined shortcomings by the franchisor, sometimes franchisees are the authors of their own misfortune. So, based on 25 years’ experience, here are my top five reasons why franchisees fail, and what they should do to avoid them.

1: Insufficient research

For many people, the decision to become selfemployed is driven by factors other than money. It’s about taking control of their lives, enjoying a better lifestyle, getting out of an unenjoyable job or work environment, or some other issue. Rarely is it a decision based solely on dollars and sense. As a result of these emotive decision factors, potential franchisees often don’t do anywhere near enough research before buying a franchise.

For those who do make an attempt before signing up, it is often by proxy. In other words, they pay their accountant to do a business plan, and a lawyer for advice on the franchise agreement – then ignore both and go ahead anyway. So what you need to do is better research right up front, and neither your accountant nor lawyer can do this on your behalf. (And a word of caution here – deal only with lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in franchising. They will save you time, money and anguish in the long run compared to the local lawyer who did your will or the conveyancing when you last bought a house.) You need to talk to as many current and former franchisees as you possibly can (not just one or two, but dozens). The franchisor will have a list of these, and their contact details, in their Disclosure Document. You should also read the Disclosure Document and franchise agreement for yourself (in addition to getting advice from a lawyer). As boring as these documents are to read, they contain the essence of your future as a franchisee, including what you can and can’t do, and what you might be forced to do in future even if you don’t really want to. So my recommendation is very simple: Be prepared to spend up to one hour of research for each $1000 to be invested in the business. Be creative with your research too. Sit outside the proposed location and count the number of cars or pedestrians that pass by. Identify all of the potential June/July 2018  SPLASH!  63


competitors in your location, and learn as much about them as you can. Do a small business course online (there are lots to choose from). The more time you spend on your research up front, the better-prepared you will be to run a successful business.


Over 200,000 pools installed throughout Australia since starting over 50 years ago. Visit the Team at Splash Gold Coast on stand 320

Reseller and Distributor opportunities throughout Australia

Enquiries to

admin@driclad.com.au 0458 034 319

64 SPLASH! June/July 2018

2: Inadequate business planning

Starting a business without a business plan is like jumping out of plane without a parachute. Good franchisors will insist that you do a business plan, and great franchisors will go through yours (and possibly reject it a couple of times because you have made unrealistic assumptions) before they let you join. So let’s just get one thing straight. Business plans ARE important, but you need to OWN the plan. You need to craft it. You need to determine the sales projections and cost lines. Get your accountant to coach you on putting this stuff together, but it has to be YOUR plan, because your business will live or die by this. Relying exclusively on your accountant to do your business plan for you is a common and often fatal mistake. Your accountant won’t be running the business – you will. Your accountant won’t be responsible for any losses – you will. Your accountant won’t lose their house if it all goes pear-shaped – you will. So take responsibility up front, and make it your plan.

3: Insufficient monitoring and modification

Once a franchisee has a business plan, has completed the selection process, undergone training and finally started operating, they too quickly forget their plan as they get caught up in the daily needs of the business. This can be a fatal mistake. The business plan is the road map by which good franchisees drive their businesses to future success. This means they will constantly refer back to the plan while operating the business, and make frequent and minor course corrections to keep the business back on track with the plan. Unfortunately, many franchisees shelve their plans after they start operating, and only wonder what went wrong when they get to the end of their first six or 12 months of trading and wonder why they are so far off course compared to the plan. By then it can often be too late to make the big changes necessary to turn things around. So the lesson here is to monitor the performance of your business ruthlessly against the plan. Your plan should have annual, monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly sales targets (depending on the nature of the business), and therefore you should monitor these targets just as often to ensure you are on or ahead of target, and if you’re not, you need to act quickly to improve things before the rot sets in.

4: Not following the system

The ultimate act of self-sabotage that leads to ruin for franchisees is when they don’t follow the franchisor’s system. When franchisees invest in a franchise, they buy into a formula for how to run a business. When franchisees stop following this formula, not only do they undermine the initial investment that they made, but they also put their entire business at risk. The risks are twofold. The first is that the franchisee’s business will simply enter into a progressive tailspin because they aren’t doing all the things necessary to run it properly in accordance with the franchisor’s system, and will find that customers stop buying, sales dry up, expenses blow out, and the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.


The other risk is that the franchisor will breach or terminate the franchisee for not following the system, especially if their behaviour is likely to cause damage to the brand or the businesses of other franchisees in the network. (For example, franchisee’s taking shortcuts in performing services, swappingout approved products for unapproved products, failing to follow minimum safety requirements, failing to pay their staff correctly, etc.) Franchisees can still influence positive change in a network, but must do so through the processes established by the franchisor. Some of the greatest innovations in some networks have been developed by franchisees, but these have occurred where the franchisor has assessed the innovation for the benefit of the network as a whole. Franchisees cannot make universal changes to how they run their business without checking the implications of doing so with the franchisor first.

5: Complacency

Even successful franchisees have failed, often because they built their business to a level of performance where they thought they could just sit back and count the money, and therein lies the problem. A business requires the operator to be BUSY. A successful business is one where the operator stays in control and has their finger on the pulse at all times. They monitor the business’s critical sales and cost data constantly, and know what interventions to apply when things go off track. Good business owners don’t take their businesses for granted. They don’t abandon the business to someone else without an ownership stake to run it, because then they are only ever one phone call, text message or email away from anarchy and chaos when that key employee resigns. Good business owners also reinvest in their businesses, rather than plunder its spare cash for expensive holidays, cars, boats or other trinkets that they kid themselves into thinking they deserve. Bad business owners who plunder their businesses later wonder why they didn’t have the cash to pay their annual tax bill, or the means to refurbish their store at the end of its lease, or the means to replace a piece of critical equipment that fails unexpectedly. Good businesses owners are constantly looking for improvements in sales, margins, cost containment and profit. Bad businesses owners – if they look at these things at all – often focus only on costs to drive profits, and miss obvious opportunities to grow revenues.

The bottom line

This is not an exhaustive list of why franchisees fail, but it is hopefully a warning to potential franchisees who have a rosecoloured view of their future in business. Remember that a franchisee’s best asset is their franchisor, and their worst enemy is often themself. If you can avoid making the mistakes in this top five list, you will vastly increase your chances of running a successful franchise and start building your business empire. n Jason Gehrke is the director of the Franchise Advisory Centre and has been involved in franchising for more than 25 years at franchisee, franchisor and advisor level. He advises both potential and existing franchisors and franchisees, conducts franchise education programs throughout Australia, and publishes Franchise News, a fortnightly email news bulletin on franchising issues and trends. www.franchiseadvice.com.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  65


Industry leader and women’s advocate to present at


lena Gosse, CEO of Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) and winner of the 2018 Industry Advocacy Award at the national Women in Industry Awards, will be presenting at the Women in Leadership seminar during SPLASH! Week. The 2018 Women in Leadership Seminar will be held on the day prior to the opening of the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. Sharing the floor with Gosse on July 31 will be Lynley Papineau, managing director of Aquatic Leisure Technologies; Roslyn Ronning, managing director of C-Change Potential; and Lee Salisbury, owner of Sapphire Wetwork Pool & Spa. The seminar aims to bring women leaders from the industry together to look at how they can continue to strengthen their positions and empower each another. It is billed as a must-attend event for women in the swimming pool and spa industry, ideal for women seeking to celebrate positive change and learn how female leaders have overcome numerous obstacles to succeed in their roles. Gosse won the Industry Advocacy Award at the 2018 Women in Industry Awards, which recognise and reward the achievements of women working in manufacturing and other industries. The Industry Advocacy Award recognises individuals who have helped shape a positive view of their industry and/or helped create a policy change which benefits those working in the sector. “As a 55-year female CEO I’m now very happy with who I am as a person and a leader. I’ve embraced a leadership style that is based on authenticity, simply by being myself. This award will help me to continue making positive changes for our industry, particularly in my new role with the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia executive board of directors,” she says. Gosse says that her speaking commitments were part of encouraging the next generation of women to succeed in her industry as well as advancing the industry as a whole. “Being an advocate and role model for women in the manufacturing sector is very important to me. I am honoured to speak at the inaugural Women in Leadership seminar and hope this will become a regular feature of the SPASA calendar,”she says. I will be sharing some of the many challenges I have experienced during my career journey from the performing arts to manufacturing, 66 SPLASH! June/July 2018

Elena Gosse, AIS CEO, women’s advocate and Advocacy winner in the Women in Industry Awards

“I will be sharing some of the many challenges I have experienced during my career journey from the performing arts to manufacturing.” but most importantly I’ll be sharing how I overcame these challenges by drawing on my feminine power. “I believe women in this era have a wonderful opportunity to create positive change. We need to have these heart-to-heart conversations in order to support each other, embrace our innate talents and have the courage to use them.” Additionally, on August 1 at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show Gosse will present: “Is your pool a ticking time bomb?” Gosse says she will deliver a thought-provoking discussion about a problem “so big, so uncomfortable and so confronting, that instead of acknowledging it, we pretend that it doesn’t exist. Like the proverbial elephant in the room. “I will talk about the ticking time bomb that some forms of water disinfection pose to our community and planet and share examples of where it’s gone horribly wrong. I will also share my dream of how our industry can work together to make the world of water disinfection simpler, safer and smarter.” Women in Leadership Seminar Tuesday 31 July, 9.00am-12.30pm Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Cost: $95pp (inc GST) – price includes high tea Is Your Pool a Ticking Time Bomb? Wednesday, August 1, 10.15am-11am Gold Coast Exhibition and Convention Centre Cost: $30 Tickets: www.splashexpo.com.au


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Sp nTouch

Focus or chaos: which side are you on? By Dave Crenshaw

The Future of Water Testing Super fast and simple—results in 30 to 60 seconds Stand-Alone or Cloud-Ready Seamless integration with DataMate Web Ready To Go Anywhere, designed for... § Pool Operators § Service Technicians § Retail Professionals Learn More!

p 02 9624 8842 | f 02 9674 5115 e sales@lamottepacific.com www.lamottepacific.com 68 SPLASH! June/July 2018


usiness owners are caught in an ageless and epic struggle. Two forces battle daily to either move you closer to a glorious harvest or to a smoking pile of rubble. The odds of your success in your venture depend on which side is winning the battle. This is not a war between good and evil – but chaos and focus.


I define chaos as: the haphazard allocation of resources toward that which is of variable value. Consider what this means. As your business grows, you allocate resources. A little here, a little there. In the middle of answering an e-mail, the phone rings. The phone rings again in the middle of that call. In the middle of training a new teacher, you come up with another exciting money-making idea. And that’s just the first hour of the day! When you’re operating in a state of chaos, some of the things you’re working on are valuable. Other things you’re working on, the fires you have to put out, are worth jack squat in terms of using your resources wisely. At some point, it hits you. You start questioning yourself, asking yourself things like this: “Oh. My. Gosh. Why on earth did I spend hours and weeks and months trying to pursue [fill in the blank]?” That’s the haphazard allocation of resources at work. Unnecessary effort is manna to the chaos monster. An all-too-common example of Chaos is when a business sells a wide variety of only loosely related products and/or services… teaching, swimsuits, parties, movie nights, diving instruction, underwater basketweaving…you name it.

Sometimes they are adding new business ventures, too. They often call themselves a “one stop shop”. Sound familiar?


On the other side is focus. The definition of focus is eerily similar to that of chaos, with two very critical word changes. Focus is: the strategic allocation of resources toward that which is of most value. Focus is like chaos, except we trade “haphazard” for “strategic” resource allocation – and we trade “variable value” for “most value.”

“Focused businesses develop one service line until they have it perfected.” Like a stealthy ninja, you make careful, conscious decisions about how you use your precious resources. Focused business owners devote their time, money and everything else to only those things of greatest worth. Focused businesses develop one service line until they have it perfected. This is not to say that focused businesses never diversify. They do, but not until they have achieved mastery in one area, first. Tony Hsieh and Zappos.com sold shoes for seven years before they diversified into all of the product lines they offer today. Marriott began as a little restaurant and stayed that way for many years until the first hotel opened. Amazon.com used to sell nothing but books – what don’t they sell now? These companies – and many more like them – focused first, then diversified after mastery of one thing.

Know thyself

So, which side are you and your business on? Assess yourself candidly on a scale of zero to ten: zero being absolute and utter chaos; ten, being absolute, clear focus; and five being somewhere in the middle. Whatever your answer, take some action today to move yourself and your business more to the side of focus. That action, no matter how small, will increase your odds of entrepreneurial success. n

See Dave Crenshaw during SPLASH! Week Dave Crenshaw is the master of building productive leaders. He has appeared in Time magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News. His courses on LinkedIn Learning have received more than ten million views. He has written four books, including The Focused Business and The Myth of Multitasking which was published in six languages and is a time management bestseller. As an author, keynote speaker, and online instructor, Crenshaw has transformed hundreds of thousands of business leaders worldwide. Dave Crenshaw will be speaking at the Australian Swim Schools Conference, July 30 to August 1, as part of SPLASH! Week, www.splashexpo.com.au/assa.

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  69


“There’s a saying – the more you tell, the more you sell!”


ow do prospects value what you do unless you educate them? There’s a saying – the more you tell, the more you sell. But not when you’re talking about yourself ! What you tell should be about your solutions and ideas for the client. If you allow your clients to judge you as someone who builds ordinary pools, or ordinary landscaping or ordinary decks, then you’ll always be competing on price – always working your heart out, and always attracting the type of clients who expect the cheapest of everything. But if you’re creative in how you go about solving problems – in construction, landscaping, or creating a lifestyle resort feel around a pool – then you need to make sure your prospect is educated about it.

Explaining the details

Learn to educate your clients By Chris Newton

When my business partner, Neville Cox, built my pool and landscaped the surrounds (and this was long before we were business partners) not only did he produce a superb, resort style outcome for us, he was constantly educating my wife and me about the things that set our project apart. He’d have us crouch down and then he’d say: “You’ll notice we’ve used a diamond cutter to cut these pavers so they fan out evenly in patterns – it














demand compliance

ensu r e safety

conductorhub.com.au 70 SPLASH! June/July 2018




creates a magic effect when it’s done properly. “And have a look under here at how my carpenter has checked in the timberwork. It’ll be out of sight when the pool is filled, but you’ll know the true craftsmanship that has gone into building your pool. “Also, I have personally chosen the size and shape of these rocks and placed them in the waterfall to make sure the water flows and splashes, just as it would in a rainforest…” It’s interesting that other builders may also do these things. They most likely use a diamond cutter to cut pavers precisely, and have their carpenter check in the timberwork neatly – even if it’ll be out of sight in the final project – and they too may handpick rocks. The point is, those things may not be special when you’re doing them every day, but they are special to the client when they’re educated. Now, not surprisingly, I’ve retold others about those “special” things dozens of times – to friends and colleagues and in my presentations to business owners at conferences the world over. Again, long before we were business partners, I was raving to all and sundry about what Neville had created for us. If Neville did those things, but he didn’t educate us about this quality workmanship and creativity, would we have raved about it?

It’s called “making the invisible visible”. There’s a saying that no-one raves about ordinary. So when you practice extraordinary workmanship and creative thought – tell your clients!

Building value

Now, one last point. Chances are just now as I related my experiences with my pool builder, you were saying to yourself: “Hey, we do things like that too!” I’m sure you do, and that’s great. But the question is, do you make a point of educating your clients about those things? Understand, it isn’t boasting! It’s building value into what might otherwise be missed, or seen as ordinary. Remember, the untrained eye can’t always appreciate what goes into a project. n

See Chris Newton at SPLASH! Chris Newton, author of Sales & Marketing Toolkit for Pool Builders, will be presenting at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show, August 1 and 2, on the Gold Coast.

We stand by our product.

INDUSTRY BEST POOL COVER AND ROLLER SOLUTIONS Swimming Pool Covers and Rollers Built to Last • Domestic covers and rollers • Under bench rollers

• Full Commercial systems and solutions

• Below ground pool cover roller boxes • Manual, power and solar options

AUSTRALIA’S FAV URITE. 1300 55 18 11 • daisypoolcovers.com.au

Quality I Technology I Service      June/July 2018  SPLASH!  71


The problem with ORP/pH controllers on spas

By David Watson

Aeration affects the measuring of pH


n Western Australia, commercial spas are required to use a chemical controller to automate dosing of chlorine and pH correction. For many years now, I have not been recommending the ORP/pH control philosophy for spa installation. To the point about a year back a pool technician called me and had a go at me for not supporting his preferred ORP/pH controller, as they work on commercial spas no problem he said. He was wrong. There is a lot more going on than I am covering in this short article. However, before covering these other issues, these first points need to be appreciated to understand why these controllers struggle in a spa.

This principle states a change (in our case aeration) will drive a chemical equation to one side of the equation to bring the equation to equilibrium. In our case we altered the amount of aeration – this drove the equation towards gassing off and increased the hydroxide content in the water, hence increasing the pH. The pH increase observed is real and whilst harmless to us as humans, the ORP/pH controllers don’t respond well to this. The longer the aeration goes (think a commercial spa where someone is perhaps getting in and out two or three times in a row), the more likely it is to disrupt the pH reading on an ORP controller leading to inaccurate chemical dosing.

A simple test

Henry’s Law

To see why, try this test. Turn off any chemical controller, salt chlorinator or any other chemical control system.

“By introducing a moving pH, a layer of complexity is added to the chemical equations that an ORP/pH controller with its pH dependency cannot handle.” Run the spa in normal filtration mode for at least five minutes – no blowers operating, no jet booster pump working. Then test the pH. Assuming the spa is balanced, the pH will likely be somewhere around 7.4. Now turn the blower on. If fitted, start the jet pump as well and wait a few minutes – test the pH and it will be increased. Depending on how long it has been running the pH will be higher, the longer the time the higher it becomes – topping out at around 8.2. Now turn off the blower and jet pumps and wait for the water to settle back down to normal filtration mode. Test the pH again – it is likely back where it started. Try this again and you will find this is a consistent behaviour in the spa. This reaction occurs in every spa and for that matter any water body being aerated. Other examples of this are slides, water sprays in a spray pad and fountains. The reaction being observed is an outcome of two chemical functions.

Le Chatelier’s Principle

The first function to understand is a chemistry principle called Le Chatelier’s Principle. 72 SPLASH! June/July 2018

To make matters more complicated for the chemical controller, there is a second chemical function at work. This is Henry’s Law. Henry’s Law is a gas law. Effectively, it states the amount of a gas is at equilibrium in a solution at a given pressure. Activating the aeration devices alters the pressure, resulting in a release of gasses. On removing the aeration, the pressure returns to the previous state and – assuming no other chemicals have been added – the spa returns to its previous condition. This entire reaction causes havoc on ORP/pH control. Not because the equipment isn’t up to the task, it’s because the underlying ORP/pH reaction requires a pH that is more or less stable and not moving. By introducing a moving pH, a layer of complexity is added to the chemical equations an ORP/pH controller with its pH dependency cannot handle. However, how could it be the pool technician had a different view? If this is an inescapable chemical function, then surely it would be constant? It is – it’s as inescapable as gravity. The most likely reason is that it hadn’t been noticed or had been simply assumed to be a calibration error. If a spa has a very light loading or no aeration devices fitted, then it is likely the reactions haven’t been observed or are complete and corrected by the time the next service visit occurs. So, if you find yourself on every service visit to a spa with an ORP/pH chemical controller fitted adjusting the set points, only to have the following day’s tests show low or high readings, then consider this article. It may be possible to develop a work-around now you know the reason behind it. n David Watson is manager for Shenton Aquatics, a commercial water body water treatment specialist in Western Australia. Contact: www.shenton.com.au; commercial.shenton@gmail.com

1-2 AUGUST 2018

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

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WEDNESDAY 1 AUGUST 8.30am - 9.30pm Site Visit (Optus Aquatic Centre) 9.00am - 5.00pm Australian Swim Schools Conference 9.15am - 5.00pm Education program

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FRIDAY 3 AUGUST 8.30am - 4.30pm Australian Swim Schools Conference

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Thursday 2 August Gold Coast Exhibition & Convention Centre Tickets $185pp (inc GST), table of 10 $1850 (inc GST) The industries most prestigious night celebrating the pool and spa industry nationally. Held after the 2-day SPLASH! Expo on the Gold Coast, the 2018 SPASA National Awards of Excellence will celebrate and recognise the achievements of the industry on Thursday 2nd August with guest emcee Lawrie Lawrence. Join award winners from across the country as they compete for the top prize of National Award winner in 2018, a fantastic evening with opportunity for informal networking with industry colleagues. Book a table to celebrate with great food, wine and dance the night away with fantastic music from the Red Tie Band and announcing entertainer ANTHONY LAYE, Australia’s premier mentalist. Please call Megan McElhinney on 1300 021 482 or email megan@spasa.com.au if you require any further assistance in relation to the Awards. SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show

au rie Law rence

Tuesday 31 July 9.00am - 12.30pm Gold Coast Exhibition and Convention Centre Tickets $95pp (inc GST) - Price Includes High Tea

L ee Emc

This is a must attend event for all women in the swimming pool & spa industry. It’s for those who are seeking to celebrate the positive changes and learn from experienced women who have overcome numerous obstacles and succeeded in their roles. EXPAND your network with other like minded women in the industry HEAR about the success of our speakers and how they got to where they are LEARN a range of new approaches to your business to ensure you continue to be a Woman in Leadership Key Topics: • A pathway to leadership in our industry • Work/Life balance • Overcoming obstacles

• Recognise your value as a leader • Gender Equality


Elena Gosse

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Managing Director

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Australian Innovative Systems

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Education Program MONDAY 30 JULY 2018 8.30am-10.00am (Room 1) 'The Right Team' – employment for your business Martin Nally, AB Phillips 8.30am-9.30am (Room 2) Avoiding and managing contract disputes Craig Sawford, Construct Law Group 8.30am-5.00pm (Room 4) NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification Course Mark Spilsbury, SPASA Australia 10.30am-11.30am (Room 1) Contracts 101 Craig Sawford and Aleisha MacKenzie, Construct Law Group 10.30am-11.30am (Room 2) How to Hire Quality Staff in a Shrinking Talent Pool Jon Mailer, PROTRADE United 10.30am-12.00am (Room 3) Managing your people Martin Nally, AB Phillips 12.30pm-1.30pm (Room 1) How to use your work skills to get a nationally recognised qualification Peter Holland, SPASA AUS 12.30pm-1.30pm (Room 2) 10 Creative Strategies for Consistent Cash Flow & Profits Jon Mailer, PROTRADE United FREE Session All seminars are $30 + GST if booked by 30/06/2018, $40.91 + GST after Women in Leadership session - $95 (inc GST) NSPF CPO Course - $400 + GST

TUESDAY 31 JULY 2018 8.30am-9.30am (Room 3) Sales and Marketing Strategies for the pool building industry Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 9.00am-12.30pm (Room 3) Women in Leadership – promoting women in our industry Elena Gosse, Australian Innovative Systems, Lynley Papineau, Aquatic Leisure Technologies, Lee Salisbury, Sapphire Wetwork Pool & Spa and Ros Ronning, C-Change Potential 10.30am-11.30am (Room 1) Understanding best practices and remaining compliant Agata Evans, ACCC 10.30am-11.30am (Room 2) DOUBLE the strike rate Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 12.30pm-1.30pm (Room 1) Non-conforming building products Crystal Ray, Construct Law Group 12.30pm-2.00pm (Room 2) 26 ‘Rapid Fire’ Sales and Marketing tips – (Part 1) Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 12.30pm-1.30pm (Room 3) How to use your work skills to get a nationally recognised qualification Peter Holland, SPASA AUS 12.30pm-2.00pm (Room 4) ‘The Right Team’ – employment for your business Martin Nally – AB Phillips 2.30pm-4.00pm (Room 2) 26 Rapid Fire Sales and Marketing tips – (Part 2) Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 2.30pm-4.00pm (Room 4) Managing your people Martin Nally – AB Phillips


Optus Aquatic Centre

(Commonwealth Games 2018 Pool - $42 Million Upgrade) Wednesday 1 August Tickets $45pp (inc GST), $33pp before 30 June (inc GST) 8.30am – 9.30am (bus departs Convention Centre at 8am) Optus Aquatic Centre is located on Marine Parade, Southport, Gold Coast QLD 4225. The Commonwealth games 2018 held the swimming and diving events at this centre. It consists of six pools, including a new 50 metre 10-lane competition pool, a full suite of diving facilities and a dry dive training pit, fully equipped fitness centre, onsite café and function meeting rooms. The site tour will consist of the operations manager and pool builders involved with the project. SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show



9.15am-10.00am How to move from business prisoner to business owner! John O’Brien, Pool Werx

9.15am-10.00am The Internet of pools – taking pool tech to the next level David Charles, AustralPool

10.15am-11.00am Is your pool a ticking time bomb? Elena Gosse, AIS

10.15am-11.00am Towards a “No drown town”- embracing the pool and spa industry Ross Gage, Aussie Aquatics

11.15am-12.45pm Fewer quotes, higher conversions and better margins Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 1.15pm-2.00pm Building a 5 star pool in an energy crisis Simon Boadle, Sunbather

11.15am-12.45pm Fewer quotes, higher conversions and better margins Chris Newton, Builders Little Black Book 1.15pm-2.15pm Reinforced concrete structures Cal Stanley, Neptune pools

2.15pm-3.00pm What’s working on Facebook now Loren Bartley, Impactiv8 3.15pm-4.00pm PoolBox – The Complete System to Run Your Pool Business Adrian Floate and Eddie Lloyd, Embu 4.05pm-5.00pm Pool Barrier compliance & Australian standards update Spiros Dassakis & Cal Stanley, SPASA

2.30pm-3.15pm Taking the headache out of pool handovers Paul Simons, Lochlor 3.15pm-4.00pm Using Facebook ads to generate more sales Loren Bartley, Impactiv8 All seminars are $30 + GST if booked by 30/06/2018, $40.91 + GST after


Thursday 2 August ALFAQ members $40 (or free), Non ALFAQ members $100 - Lunch included 10.00am – 4.00pm The conference brings a range of key note speakers in these areas – delivering critical information on best practice, legislative updates, customer service and operational excellence in order breed the Aquatic Manager of the Future. A great opportunity to meet and network with other aquatics managers, industry professionals in addition to visiting the extensive (largest in the southern hemisphere) pool industry supplier exhibition at SPLASH.


u La

Speakers include: • Dave Crenshaw, USA • Krissy Bartlett, USA • Tim Ford, AUS • Bruce Sullivan, AUS

• Steven Franks, UK • David Gorman, USA • Beatriz Esesarte, Mexico • Theo Millward, UK

• Lesley Rudd, AUS • Mark Saunders, NZ • Jon Harker, AUS • Ulrika Faerch, Sweden

2 – 3 AUGUST 2018 WORLD INFANT AQUATICS CONFERENCE Day 1 & 2: The Ideal Swim School for Infants would be: Philosophy? Venue? Teachers? Parents? Curriculum? Day 3: Trauma Free Swimming Lessons Seminar Speakers include: • Francis Waters, USA • Beatriz Esesarte, Mexico • Katrina McCarter, AUS • Laurie Lawrence, AUS • Krissy Bartlett, USA


rie La wre n

Don’t miss the INTERNATIONAL Swim Schools SPECTACULAR – to be held alongside SPLASH! in the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

• Torill Hindmarch, Norway • Jo Wilson, UK • Terje Stakset, Norway • Monica Anzueto, Mexico • Tatiana Grigoreva, Russia


• Rafaele & Sandra Madormo, Brazil • Janine Ramsey, AUS • Tricia Roy, AUS • Torill Hindmarch, Norway

1300 789 845



The ANDREW SIMONS MEMORIAL GOLF DAY will once again be a 4 man Ambrose with THE SUDDEN DEATH SHOOTOUT!!!

The winners of the shootout will win the major prize of a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Pool | Spa | Patio Expo at the end of October 2018.

This revolutionary system revolves around a super six draw which occurs at the end of the days play where six holes are chosen at random from the eighteen played.

PRIZE DETAILS Flights for all 4 members of the 4 ball Ambrose team to Las Vegas, Nevada

The eight teams with the best scores then playoff over two holes creating a unique professional tournament atmosphere where finalists of the day will play in front of a gallery made up of the days former combatants.

Accommodation for all 4 people at one of the Exclusive Hotels on Las Vegas BLVD (also known as “The Strip”, Las Vegas)

Prizes for the Ambrose event will be presented after lunch at The Royal Pines Golf Club.

Complimentary passes for the Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in 2018 (Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2018) You will also join the Lo-Chlor team with their US Business Partners for a welcome dinner on the first night of the Expo.

Lo-Chlor Chemicals are once again delighted to sponsor the ANDREW SIMONS MEMORIAL GOLF DAY. Make sure you get your teams setup early as this years’ golf event will be the biggest in the history of SPLASH Expo. We look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast and of course in Las Vegas later in 2018.

ACCOMMODATION SPLASH! has secured great rates at a number of properties and hotels on the Gold Coast. Check the website for accommodation options and make sure to book early so you dont miss out!

SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show

AstralPool - Australia’s Leading Pool Brand

Australian Innovative Systems

Fluidra under the AstralPool brand takes pride in being the industry leader in manufacturing supplying pool equipment in Australia. Fluidra specialises in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of solutions for Swimming Pools and Spas — both private and public — for a range of sectors, including the wellness industry. AstralPool distributes products to over 170 countries worldwide. one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in the Swimming Pool and Spa industry worldwide, and is proudly based in Keysborough, Melbourne.

When it comes to public swimming pool water disinfection. Australian Innovative Systems warns it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

The Internet of Pools is here to stay and will be the primary focus at SPLASH this year at the AstralPool booth. This innovative concept is based on the application of the Internet of Things to the Pool Industry. With Connect My Pool App and Virtual Pool Care Platform, owners and maintenance professionals can remotely monitor the operation of all pool components (filtration systems, water treatment, air conditioning, etc.), as well as outdoor garden equipment (irrigation and lighting) With Australian Pool owners in mind, the AstralPool brand is committed to sustainable and smarter solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges. Visit us at Splash Pool and Spa Trade Show on August 1-2 at Stand 70.

As an industry influencer, AIS is passionate about education, exposing the risks of conventional chlorine dosing while promoting the benefits of inline chlorine generation via electrolysis. Australian Innovative Systems (AIS)’ awardwinning water disinfection technology is highly respected worldwide. The Australian owned and operated manufacturer of commercial and residential chlorine generators has its technology operating in home swimming pools, swim schools, aquatic centres, resorts, hotels, FINA standard competition swimming pools and large-scale water parks. And while global health guidelines recognise that chlorine remains the most effective swimming pool water disinfectant, AIS CEO Elena Gosse warns of potential “ticking time bombs” where public swimming facilities are still using outdated and unsafe, conventional chlorine dosing whether in liquid, granular or gaseous form. Suitable for fresh, mineral or salt-water swimming pools (with salinity levels from 950 ppm to 35,000 ppm), AIS’ technology disinfects water onsite and inline, conveniently and automatically. Exhibitor Stand: 78

Lo-Chlor From its humble beginnings in the 1980’s, as Lo-Chlor Chemicals now enters into its 4th decade, it still strives to maintain exactly the same policy as it did at the start of offering Pool Professionals the highest quality range of specialty pool and spa chemicals coupled with an expert, always friendly and personal service to back it up. The story behind Lo-Chlor and its humble beginnings began with Andrew Simons (the founder of Lo-Chlor) and his two pharmacies in Sydney. After delivering prescription drugs to a hospital with a pool that was ridden with algae he persisted and came up with Lo-Chlor pool conditioner which was also the first chelated copper compound produced and is still today (with the changed name of Lo-Chlor Pool Algaecide) the No.1 selling preventative algaecide in the Australian and New Zealand industries. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated, the Lo-Chlor range of chemicals still retains its place at forefront of the pool and spa industry right around the globe. Leading the way, not only by the size and variety of its range of specialty chemicals, but also by still being the major pioneer within the industry to introduce new science, technologies and formulations making pools and spas globally, safer, healthier and easier to use and maintain. Exhibitor Stand: 118

Pentair Pentair is exhibiting at SPLASH! 2018 at Stand 76. Pentair will be showcasing a number of new and upcoming products including the Intellilevel, ETi heater, IntelliFlo VSF, new EnviroMAX models and automation. IntelliLevel introduces a new standard in water leveling technology. It is the only water leveler to use contact-less sensing for troublefree operation. IntelliLevel’s multisensing technology keeps the water in your pool or spa at a constant level so there is no more wasting or overflowing of pool water. It is simple to set up and use. IntelliLevel is recommended for new pool construction. SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show

PRODUCT FEATURES • Monitors fill amount and fill time and indicates current water level in the pool • Maintains weighted average of fill rate • Eliminates jumper settings • Alerts user if fill fails • Fills desired amount in a single fill • Identifies flow rate deviation • Indicates pump activity • No wires to run to skimmer

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(rejuvenation, relaxation and enhanced water quality) Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive, you are adding naturally occurring minerals to your swimming pool, or spa (Spa pack size available), allowing you to bathe in water that provides health and wellbeing benefits to you and your family. It is compatible with all types of sanitising systems so any pool or spa owner are free to enjoy the benefits of this miracle mineral. It is the easiest and most economical method of converting your pool into a mineral bathing oasis.


“AstralPool are excited to once again be the major sponsor of the world class Trade SPLASH! trade exhibition - A great event to showcase all the new products the suppliers have been working hard on for the past 2 years...See you there!” - Matt Adlam, Managing Director, AstralPool Australia


“SPLASH! is one of the biggest events for the pool industry and we look forward to exhibiting at the show this August. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to spend quality time with our customers and to meet potential future partners. It also allows us to demonstrate to the market what Pentair is capable of by show casing our broad range of products, and any new products that we have released into the market.” - Bipen Gangadharan, Sales Director ANZ - Aquatics, Pentair


“International Quadratics / Theralux Mineral Pools are pleased to be this years Gold Sponsor of SPLASH! 2018! With so much industry movement over the past two years, it is shaping up to be of the best yet! Certainly one not to missed out on and we look forward to seeing” - Eddie Lloyd, Marketing Director, International Quadratics

The addition of Enhanced Mineral Additive will give the water a soft silky feel whilst moisturising and conditioning the bather. The minerals will naturally be absorbed through the skin to detoxify the body, relax the nervous system and provide relief to any muscular complaints. It also enhances the waters ability to absorb calcium and other minerals which cause cloudy water. The Enhanced Mineral Additive will also assist in maintaining better water balance and reduce pH fluctuation.


“Australian Innovative Systems has been attending SPLASH! for many years. We see it as a vital part of our business strategy, not only for promoting our own water disinfection technology but as a chance to work with our industry peers to advance the pool and spa industry as a whole.” - Elena Gosse, CEO, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS)


“SPLASH! has fast become the premiere Pool and Spa Show in the Southern Hemisphere. Having been involved since day 1, Paul Simons and the Lo-Chlor team are once again proud to be a part of this wonderful event. The Andrew Simons Memorial Golf Day is one where we remember the great pioneer of the industry that Andrew was, while enjoying a great day of golf and comradery where suppliers and customers can let their hair down after a long week of conferencing. Congratulations to the SPASA and SPLASH! teams and we are looking forward to a wonderful Expo. Bring on SPLASH! 2018!!!” - Paul Simons, Managing Director, Lo-Chlor

SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show


• Flowcrete Australia

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Industry training calendar Listed here are the industry training opportunities for the second half of the year. ACT

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commercial news


news Dreamworld inquest hears of safety failings. 84 Tenders. . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 Global news . . . . . . . . . 87 The Peequeal – don’t pee in the pool II. . . . . . . . . 87 A waterpark accessible for everyone. . . . . . . . . 88 The clifftop pool wowing travellers. . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Yoga and surfing combine at Queensland pool . . . 97


Sport and Venues gains Life Floor agency Australian sports surface and venue seating supplier Sports and Venues has gained the rights to market and sell US-made safety flooring product Life Floor. Grant Burgess of Sport and Venues says Life Floor is designed specifically for wet areas like showers, change rooms, pool surrounds, water parks, splash pads and anywhere people are barefoot. It comes in 610mm x 610mm soft, foam rubber tiles in a variety of textures, thicknesses and 32 colour options. “The tiles repel water and other liquids making them non-absorbent, antimicrobial, stain proof and chemical resistant,” he says. “Importantly, the ripple texture has a P5 rating to AS4586: 2013 Wet pendulum test.” Burgess will be at Stand 104 at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show on the Gold Coast, with US-based Life Floor executives, CEO Jonathan Keller and sales VP Kyle Seeman. WhiteWater and Life Floor enter waterpark agreement Meanwhile, WhiteWater has entered an exclusive

distribution agreement with Life Floor for the global waterpark market. Slips and falls are the main cause of waterpark injuries. However, with Life Floor, when a fall does occur, bumps and bruises are minimised. “This is a game-changing product for the water park industry because as every owner and operator knows, the majority of water park injuries occur in this category,” says WhiteWater CEO Geoff Chutter. “The partnership further confirms WhiteWater’s designs and offerings as the safest in the industry,” he says. Jonathan Keller, Life Floor CEO, says that working with market leader WhiteWater was an obvious choice to access a wider market. “Both companies are single minded about delivering fun safely with the highest quality products available. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are excited by the opportunities that this agreement represents.” Contact: SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show Stand 104; www.sportandvenues.com.au

In Brief The Northern Territory government says it is planning to develop a $100 million Darwin outback-themed waterpark near the current wave pools at Strokes Hill Wharf. The plans include food, retail, entertainment and accommodation as well as recreational spaces, with expectations of as many as 300,000 visitors each year. The NSW town of Bingara is expecting a $220,000 upgrade thanks to the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund. The funds will help heat the popular pool to a balmy 28 degrees throughout the winter months. The 55-year-old facility has been battling with leaks for years and the region’s frigid winters have limited usage to a five month window from mid-October to late March. Lindeman Island in Queensland’s Whitsundays is undergoing EIS approval for a $600 million redevelopment including several aquatic components. These include a beach resort, new 6 star spa resort adjacent to the existing resort with spa, sea view restaurant, pool and signature rock bar; two tourist precinct villa precincts; a new 5 star eco resort; a central village; airstrip; golf course and a new safe harbour. Christchurch City Council is looking at a council-owned, former nursery site for the new $21 million Linwood pool complex. The council also considered four other sites, but they did not meet enough of the criteria.

82 SPLASH! June/July 2018

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Retaining skills key to swim safety PARC swim teacher Keely McKenzie teaching her students how to swim as part of the learn to swim program Early results from a world-first research study show that preventing drownings is not as simple as getting more children into intensive school swimming programs. To help address the tragic prevalence of drownings, Frankston Victoriabased Peninsula Leisure has joined forces with Deakin University to undertake a comprehensive study at the Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC) into the most effective teaching method to help kids gain and retain swimming skills. In the past summer, Victoria recorded the highest number of reported drownings in more than a decade, yet there had previously been little to no research or formal studies undertaken on how best to teach kids to swim. Despite a worryingly low starting point, with two-thirds of students in the pilot study finding it challenging or impossible to swim 50 metres, early indications revealed a significant increase in swimming skills gained from the school swimming program. However, there was a severe lack of retention of these skills.

Kids actually going backwards Testing undertaken just nine-months after completion of the school swimming program showed 63 per cent of students had a lower level of swimming competency compared to the beginning of the program. Additionally, 24 per cent of students returned to the same level of competency. Peninsula Leisure CEO, Tim Gledhill says the pioneering research, which is due to be completed in 2019, will provide critical insights into how best to teach children so they learn and retain life-saving swimming skills. “This research is the first of its kind to show that one-off, intensive swim classes alone are not enough to address the lack of swimming ability amongst kids, or to reduce the tragic rate of drownings in Victoria and across Australia,” Gledhill says. “Early results show that students must attend regular swimming classes, or at least swim regularly outside school, in order to retain basic swimming skills and be safe and confident in the water.” He supports calls to increase the accessibility of schools-based programs to ensure all children can swim confidently by the end of primary school – but says this research also highlights the importance of ensuring the type and frequency of lessons is best suited to help kids retain these life-saving skills. PARC swim manager, Julia Wood, who helped lead the study, says she was especially proud of how the research could help increase water skills and safety in the local community. “The Frankston primary school students who participated in the study are not only on the path to gaining valuable swim skills, but helped us gain critical knowledge on which teaching model leads to greater retention of swimming skills,” she says. “This research could help save countless lives, and supports our vision to ensure every child in Frankston can swim.” Testing is still being conducted at Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre, with Peninsula Leisure and Deakin University aiming to provide final research findings in April 2019. Contact: peninsulaleisure.com.au; parcfrankston.com.au; www.deakin.edu.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  83

commercial news


Dreamworld inquest hears of safety failings A series of safety failings at Dreamworld has been revealed to the inquest into the deaths of Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low who were killed on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at the Gold Coast theme park in October 2016. The latest revelations (at the time of writing) relate to reducing ride maintenance at the park prior to the tragic accident. The inquest at Southport Coroners Court was shown executive meeting minutes stating that while revenue was up, profit was down, so cutbacks were to be enforced, including cutting the spending on repairs and maintenance. This decision was reportedly made after Dreamworld had appointed a new safety manager who said the park’s safety systems were inadequate at the time of the tragedy, and had too few qualified safety staff to monitor issues.

The court heard the junior operator Courtney Williams had only been trained for 90 minutes on the morning of the fatal accident. Earlier, the court was told that neither Williams nor senior ride operator Peter Nemeth knew the “emergency stop button” near the junior operator would stop the ride within two seconds. Nemeth said he could have shut the ride down more quickly if he’d known. Instead, he used the red stop button near him two or three times before the rafts collided. The red stop button takes eight seconds to work and the conveyor had not stopped by the time the rafts collided. It was the collision between the rafts that resulted in the deaths of the four people. The court also heard that one of ride’s two large pumps failed five times that week, including twice that morning, before the third failure that day caused the water levels to drop significantly, leaving one raft stranded on a conveyor belt – resulting in the collision. The inquest was told that electricians kept resetting water pumps rather than looking for the cause of the breakdowns. It also heard that there was a “rat’s nest” of wiring at the ride’s control panel and there was no water level monitor at the bottom of the ride where the accident occurred. Nemeth told the court that the Thunder River Rapids ride was more stressful to operate than other rides as he had to watch the water pumps, electrical issues, and three different lines of visitors while also overseeing the junior operator. He agreed with barrister Matthew Hickey, acting for Ms Low’s family, that the series of 20 tasks and 16 monitoring items was impossible to complete in the prescribed one minute timeframe. Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson has resigned in the wake of the inquest which resumes on October 8.

www.watertoys.com info@watertoys.com 1 866 833 8580 | 905 649 5047

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commercial news


Latest tenders These and other tenders are put online prior to the print magazine publishing. Be sure to subscribe to the free newsletter, or follow SPLASH! on Facebook or Twitter to keep alerted to new tenders, and for quick access to more information. Mackay Regional Council Aquatic Facility Management Request for Tender: MRC2018066 Mackay Regional Council invites submissions for the management rights and operational services for two aquatic facilities and one combined athletics and aquatic facility. Enquiries: Gregory Murray Ph: (07) 4961 9894 Email: contracts@mackay.qld.gov.au Documentation is available from: https://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/qtenders Closing: 10.00am Tuesday 10 July 2018.

Upon provision of a copy of your current Pool Operator’s Certificate to joanne.cooksley@ccrc.qld.gov.au quote documents will be provided. Further information is available from : http://www.cassowarycoast. qld.gov.au/web/guest/public-notices Cassowary Coast Regional Council Ph: (07) 4030 2222 http://www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au Closing: Wednesday 18th July 2018.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Pool Operators Request for Quotation The Mission Beach Aquatic Facility is a multimillion dollar modern pool facility due to open soon. Council invites quotes from Certified Pool Operators to manage the facility on a short term basis.

See us at the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Show! Stand # 10

Environmentally Friendly Filtration Neptune-Benson’s Defender® Regenerative Media Filter is one of the most efficient water filtration system available today. It offers unprecedented water, energy and space savings. The Defender Filter delivers up to: • 90% Less Total Water • 50% Less Energy • 30% Less Fuel & Chemicals • 75% Less Space • 95% Less Particulate vs. Sand Filters


June/July 2018  SPLASH!  85

Pool of Poolies UPDATE The Australian Swim Schools Association is gearing up to host the International Swim Schools Spectacular 2018, in conjunction with the SPLASH! Expo. This is a world first! Features include: * 300+ SwimSchoolers from around the World – 38 Presenters – 22 Speakers from overseas. * 6 big days: Australian Swim Schools Conference – World Infant Aquatics Conference. * Australian Swim Schools Awards Gala & Hall of Fame inductions – MC Duncan Armstrong. * Pre events for overseas visitors: Bondi Beach Rescue Experience & Sydney Swim Schools Tour. * Post ISSS 2018, all delegates can participate in a Brisbane Swim Schools Tour. * International Swim Schools Association Directors, Advisors & Ambassadors meeting. * Partner Expo; lead by Australian Innovative Systems, Vorgee, OzoneSwim, EvoHeat & LifeFloor. And many thanks to SPASA – SPLASH! for supporting one of the Keynote presenters, Krissy Bartlett, USA. Among Krissy’s many areas of expertise is teaching learners with disability. GOLD COAST INTERNATIONAL SWIM JUL 30 - AUG 4 SCHOOLS SPECTACULAR 2018

Bringing the Swim Schools World Together If you’d like to become one of ASSA’s Pool of Poolies, supporting learn to swim and drowning prevention, please email our CEO at Ross.Gage@australianswimschools.org.au Be part of our mission to make more Aussies swimmers for life!

commercial news


Global news Academic research published in BMJ Journals shows some child drowning rates in China have declined. While the overall drowning death rate was stable, a decrease in children aged 5 to 9 years being down by 36 per cent was credited to removing water hazards, wearing personal floatation devices, child supervision and teaching survival swimming and resuscitation skills – all measures recommended to be more widely implemented. Australia’s largest theme park operator, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, has opened its first Chinese waterpark, Wet’n’Wild Haikou in Hainan, partnering with Guangxi Investment Group and Mission Hills Group. The 50,000sqm park features 30 slides, pools and attractions including a huge wave pool. An inspection in May by Kansas officials found 11 alleged violations of amusement park regulations at Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City, including one relating to replacing ride parts. Schlitterbahn says the report contained misleading and false information and they would challenge it. In March, Schlitterbahn and some of its executives were charged over the 2016 death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab. Schlitterbahn is defending the charges. Paul Noland, IAAPA president and CEO has resigned to accept a new attractions industry and the IAAPA board is searching globally for a replacement, while CFO Hal McEvoy acts as interim president and CEO. Also, IAAPA recently broke ground on its new 2000sqm headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

The Peequel: Preventing Pee in the Pool II US research and advocacy body, the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) is thanking their public for its commitment to influence bather behaviour and improve water and air quality in and around swimming pools. The NSPF has been running a campaign in the US to improve water quality by stopping the unedifying habit some swimmers have of urinating in the swimming pool. Not only is that habit disgusting and unhealthy, it can adversely affect the quality of the water and dramatically hasten the formation of chloramines and more serious disinfection by-products. The public service message is a reminder to help keep pool time fun time by preventing pee in the pool! Within the last year, 200 US swim clubs, manufacturers, aquatic facilities, engineers, designers, builders, suppliers, educators, and industry influencers have pledged to Prevent Pee in the Pool. The NSPF is urging coaches, parents and facility managers to make small changes that can turn the tide against peeing in the pool, saying the health of swimmers, parents, coaches, and the entire industry is at stake. Scientific studies verify that urine from pool users is the largest avoidable contributor to harmful pool disinfection by-products, the leading cause of eye, skin and breathing irritations all too commonly associated with swimming. Preventing pee in the pool ensures more people can safely enjoy the health benefits of swimming without the harmful side effects of red eyes, asthma and rashes. If pool users take the time to shower and use the bathroom before enjoying the pool, the water and air quality will remain cleaner and safer for all pool-goers. They also say it is important to recognise that being submerged in water stimulates the body to create more urine. Other simple ways for coaches, parents and facility managers to reduce pee in the pool: • Swim coaches can give swimmers bathroom breaks every 30-60 minutes • Parents can schedule “out of pool” snack time that give children a chance to use the restroom • Facility directors can schedule Adult Only” swim time for 10 minutes every hour • And everyone can help by encouraging showering and bathroom use before entering the pool

Elite competitor’s experience Mark Weber, former USA Swimming national team member and project manager for Paddock Construction from Rock Hill, South Carolina, says he actively avoided many indoor aquatic facilities because of the breathing problems he regularly suffered when swimming indoors. “In high school,” says Weber, “I dealt with what felt like chronic bronchitis due to the poor indoor air quality at my local pool. My college choice was then influenced by Florida State University’s outdoor pool. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about terrible breathing conditions while swimming outside.” Post college and while training to qualify for the Rio Olympics, top of Weber’s list of needs continued to be finding a facility with well-maintained indoor air quality. He says maintaining proper water and air quality benefits everyone in and around the pool, and this season everyone has a role to play. “When families and friends gather in backyard pools for summer fun, encourage regular bathroom breaks. When guests visit aquatic facilities to enjoy the many benefits of water activity, remind them to use the toilet.”

The signage produced by the NSPF

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  87

commerical feature

A waterpark for everyone, regardless of ability

ABOVE: The waterpark is accessible for everyone RIGHT: The joy of splashing


aterparks are first and foremost places where you can relax and enjoy yourself. They enable families to create great memories, individuals to experience joy, and communities to be generally happier. They can bring even greater joy to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, most waterparks are not designed with those people in mind – and there are obvious difficulties in getting people in wheelchairs onto waterslides, for example. But times are changing, and more waterparks are being built with at least some elements that

“Rainbow Reef has warmer water for guests with sensitivity to cold.” are easily accessible – especially the splash and spray elements. One location has taken that idea and smashed it out of the park – Morgan’s Inspiration Island. 88 SPLASH! June/July 2018

An inspiration to help a community come together

Morgan’s Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, is billed as the world’s first ultra-accessible splash park where guests of all ages and abilities can get wet and have fun together. It opened last year next to the unique Morgan’s Wonderland theme park, which also caters for people and especially kids with disabilities. Both the theme park and the waterpark were inspired by Morgan Hartman and her ability to smile through physical and cognitive challenges. Her parents, Gordon and Maggie Hartman, decided to do something never before accomplished for individuals with special needs and their families – not only to create a one-of-akind theme park but also a unique school and other initiatives benefitting the special-needs community. The tipping point occurred in 2005 when Gordon observed Morgan wanting to play with other vacationing kids at a hotel swimming pool, but the kids were wary of Morgan and didn’t want to interact with her. Then and there, he resolved to create opportunities and places where those with

commerical feature

The smart option for retailers and mobile services

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1800 625 331


CLEAN • PURE • SIMPLE June/July 2018  SPLASH!  89

commerical feature

playgrounds and other colourful attractions. From the very beginning, anyone with a special need has been admitted free of charge, no questions asked.

World’s first fully accessible splash park

Abled and disabled people are welcome

90 SPLASH! June/July 2018

and without disabilities can come together not only for fun but also for a better understanding of each other. That led to the construction of Morgan’s Wonderland in an abandoned quarry in northeast San Antonio, taking as its symbol Joy the soaring butterfly. The completely wheelchair-accessible park features more than 25 elements including rides,

Morgan’s Inspiration Island waterpark is not for disabled people – it’s for everyone. “Like Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion,” says Gordon Hartman. “Both were designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment. “We decided to call it Morgan’s Inspiration Island because Morgan truly has been the catalyst for every project we’ve pursued to help the special-needs community,” he says. As with Morgan’s Wonderland, the waterpark admits anyone with a special need free of charge. “Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment,” says Hartman. “When Morgan’s Wonderland opened in spring 2010, we really didn’t know what to expect, but the park’s popularity has grown tremendously and encouraged us to add Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

commerical feature

“Now, we have two attractions like none other that everyone – regardless of ability or age – can enjoy. Morgan’s Inspiration Island promises to give individuals with physical or cognitive special needs a place where they can splash and play without barriers.� Morgan’s Inspiration Island overlooks the theme park’s 3.2 hectare catch-and-release fishing lake. The focal point is a seven-storey lighthouse with a rotating beacon on top that can be seen from a kilometre away.

A tropical island park

There are six major elements in the $17-million, tropically-themed island park. The largest is the River Boat Adventure ride, which twists and turns for more than five minutes through a jungle setting with bird and animal sounds in the background. Additionally there are five water play areas: Hang 10 Harbor, Rainbow Reef, Shipwreck Island, Harvey’s Hideaway Bay and Calypso Cove. These offer a variety of splashy elements such as raintrees, waterfalls, pools, geysers, water jets, water cannons and tipping buckets. As with Morgan’s Wonderland, every Morgan’s Inspiration Island element is wheelchairaccessible, and waterproof wristbands with

RFID technology are available so parents can go to a Location Station and easily ascertain the whereabouts of their children and other members of their party. Other special features include warmer water temperatures at Rainbow Reef so guests with sensitivity to cold can still splash and play.

Special wheelchairs have been designed for the aquatic environment


LovibondÂŽ MD 110 The new MD110 introduces simple and accurate water testing with BluetoothÂŽ data management to the highly proven LovibondÂŽ series of photometers.

    For more information call us on:

Email: sales.waterlilly@gmail.com

The free LovibondÂŽ App, AquaLXÂŽ is compatible with IOSÂŽ and AndroidÂŽ based devices, enabling immediate review, evaluation and sharing of water test results.

02 9798 9975 Web: www.waterlillyaustralia.com June/July 2018  SPLASH!  91

commercial news

It’s a great chance for family members to interact and have fun

Innovative wheelchairs

Gordon Hartman set up a foundation to build the parks

“In addition, we recently unveiled with the University of Pittsburgh revolutionary new wheelchairs propelled by compressed air,” says Hartman. “Our guests in expensive battery-powered wheelchairs can’t afford to get them wet, so we have special Morgan’s Inspiration Island PneuChairs available first-come, first-served, along with two other waterproof wheelchair models – a push-stroller type for guests needing assistance from a caregiver for mobility and a rigid-frame, manual wheelchair for guests who can push themselves. The first PneuChairs to go into service are prototypes that are already undergoing significant improvements.” Hartman says spacious private areas are available where guests can transfer out of their wheelchairs into Morgan’s Inspiration Island waterproof wheelchairs. Other facilities include the Rusty

Anchor Galley Grub and Little Italy Bistro food outlets for snacks and beverages; the Surf Shack Gifts and Gear sundries shop offering items such as sunscreen and souvenirs; a panoramic viewing deck; an air-conditioned party/meeting room; and private cabanas for rent. The splash park has been designed with water conservation in mind and water used in the various play elements is filtered continuously, recirculated, and stored in huge underground concrete tanks when the park is not in operation. As with the theme park, the waterpark is not just for those with disabilities. “Those without disabilities and those with, including individuals in wheelchairs, guests with hearing and visual impairments and even guests on ventilators, can play alongside each other and gain a greater appreciation of each other,” he says. “For the past three years, we’ve been collaborating with water park consultants from Texas, Arizona, Florida and Canada as well as local doctors, special-needs therapists, specialeducation teachers, parents and caregivers. We believe Morgan’s Inspiration Island will be tremendously popular because both children and adults in wheelchairs will be able to have fun in the South Texas sun.” The splash park adds to the growing family of “Wonderland, Texas” destinations in the old Longhorn Quarry, including Morgan’s Wonderland, The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland school for students with special needs and the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA (CRIT USA), a non-profit rehab centre for children born with or suffering from neurological, muscular or skeletal disorders and injuries. Additional facilities to help special-needs individuals are already in the planning stages. Contact: www.MorgansWonderland.com n

Making a Splash! in fitness with

For enquiries, contact us at Aquabikes exclusively distributed australia@aquaness.com or 0413 932 834 by Aquatec Fitness Trading 92 SPLASH! June/July 2018

commercial news

There is no charge for disabled patrons

About the founder Native San Antonian Gordon V. Hartman is a philanthropist and former businessman who at the age of 15 started his own landscaping business while attending a local seminary. By age 19, he had saved enough to begin his homebuilding business, and by age 23, he had started a land development company. Founded in 1983, Gordon Hartman Homes built housing for low- to moderateincome families. Over the next 22 years, Hartman grew his company into the largest locally owned homebuilding and land development enterprise in San Antonio. In 2005, he sold his companies and established The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation so he and wife Maggie could pursue their dream of helping children and adults with special needs. In 2007, he recognised the tremendous need for fully accessible outdoor recreational facilities, so he made another dream come true – Morgan’s Wonderland. Two years later, global automotive giant Toyota, a leader in mobility solutions for drivers with disabilities, opted to become the presenting sponsor of Morgan’s Wonderland under a long-term philanthropic agreement with Hartman.


Morgan’s Wonderland has welcomed more than a million guests from 65 countries through park participation and special events. In June 2017, he unveiled a major expansion to Morgan’s Wonderland – the $17-million Morgan’s Inspiration Island, the world’s first ultra-accessible splash park. Hartman also has played a key role in partnering with the $17 million CRIT clinic, modelled after successful CRITs in Mexico. The park plays an important role in the healing process by offering families respite from their treatment regimen and a chance to make memories together in a fun atmosphere.

The Hartman family

Because of his generosity and vision, Hartman has earned extensive local, regional and national recognition including an honorary Doctorate of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University.

The Eco-therm panel is manufactured by Aquatherm Industries in the US, who have been manufacturing pool heating panels for over 30 years, and its fluted design gives more surface area to achieve one of the highest heat transfer ratings in the Australian market. The strategically placed slots in the webbing prevent moisture build up under the collector and allow pressure relief during high winds. Of all the options available to heat your pool, solar energy is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method available.

To find out more visit our website.


p 1300 688 828 e info@ecosolarpoolheating.com.au

ecosolarpoolheating.com.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  93

commercial feature

Clifftop pool

inspires travellers

ABOVE: Refreshing as an ocean breeze, exciting as dangling over the sea IMAGE CREDIT: Evan Susanto

94 SPLASH! June/July 2018


t is not unusual to build a clifftop swimming pool. Sydney’s eastern suburbs, for example, boast a number of exciting examples of high-end swimming pool projects taking excellent advantage of a premium view. But the views tend to be out towards the horizon. What is different about this swimming pool is that the view is also down, allowing swimmers to capture the power and glory of the sea through an 80mm thick glass floor, hanging 6.5 metres over the Indian Ocean. Floating in the sanctuary of the luxury pool, guests can watch the waves crash and the sea roil, 170 metres below them. The pool is part of Bali’s renowned luxury villa resort, The Edge in Uluwatu. The Edge defies both convention and gravity, giving a reputation as one of

Bali’s new breed of super villas, promising its guests a chance to experience luxury at the very edge of the world. A series of cascading ponds spill into the pool, part of the resort’s cliffside oneeighty° bar. Guests of oneeighty° can relax on the cliff-side VIP deck, recline on a sunbed in the sand lounge or take a table at the enclosed bar, all overlooking the breathtaking 180° panorama. By day, the menu reads like a playful ode to classic beachside food, prepared by renowned Balinese executive chef Nyoman Suasa, previously sous chef at The Beverley Wilshire on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles. By night, the mood changes and oneeighty° transforms into a tranquil oasis, complete with a chilled soundtrack, fire pits and uplit coconut palms. At the bar, a tempting array of stellar cocktails

commercial feature

TOP IMAGE BELOW: Swimmers are separated from the rocky shore by an 80mmthick sheet of glass IMAGE CREDIT: Evan Susanto

BOTTOM IMAGE BELOW: The pool window hangs out 6.5 metres, 170 metres above the Indian Ocean IMAGE CREDIT: Evan Susanto

from the all-star mixologist team back up a Wine Spectator Award-winning wine list, presented by 2016 Best Sommelier Bali, Nyoman Suwinda Yasa. The oneeighty° pool is one of several pools on the resort, including The Villa, a private one-bedroom villa that includes its own cliffside plunge pool, ideal as a bridal suite and even for the wedding reception; and The View, which includes two stone pools overlooking the ocean. There is also the award-winning, glass-enclosed Spa, inspired in shape and design by the island’s famous rice-paddies. n Contact: www.mesahotelsandresorts. com/theedge/oneeighty

The oneeighty° pool Pool area: 300m2 Cliff overhang: 6.5m Pool volume: 350m3 Glass thickness: 80mm

June/July 2018  SPLASH!  95

National Swimming Pool Foundation® Presents

Educational Topics:

Shaping the Future Through Aquatic Research and Education 15th Annual World Aquatic Health™ Conference

October 10–12, 2018 · Charleston, SC

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1st Annual WAHCity Broadcast Event

October 10–12, 2018 · Various Locations

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The WAHC is a Premiere Aquatic Research Forum. New This Year, WAHCity Brings the WAHC to You: • Boston, Massachusetts

• Colorado Springs, Colorado

• Dallas, Texas

• Los Angeles, California

• Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Niagara Falls, Ontario



Opening Registration (April 2–May 31)



Early Registration





(June 1–July 30)

Regular Registration (Aug 1–Oct 18)

Register now at theWAHC.org Questions call: 719-540-9119 or email conference@nspf.org #WAHC2018


commerical feature

LEFT: Doing the cobra

BELOW: Tricky balance provides an added element to the usual exercise regime

Surf and yoga combine at Queensland pool


ake the physical awareness, strength and flexibility required for yoga – and then put it on a surfboard. That’s what the new Boga Mat classes are like – bringing together the attributes of physical training, balance and – importantly – fun! Boga Mat classes are big overseas and the classes are now making their mark here, starting with Toowoomba’s Milne Bay Aquatic and Fitness Centre. Attempting a handstand is not easy on a board

Karen Haydock, marketing and retention officer for community development and facilities at Toowoomba Regional Council, says the launch of the new classes created quite a stir in the local area. “We launched the new fitness classes and had massive reach and engagement on social media and it certainly got our town talking,” says Haydock. “Our first lesson saw local TV and newspaper reporters turn up to get a You can also work the arms

glimpse of this exciting new offering. Our Toowoomba councillor for community development facilities and tourism even took to a mat and outlasted the instructors!” Haydock says the classes have improved the level of engagement with the local community. “Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are giving the mats ago,” she says. “People are laughing, falling in and working out with friends and beating the summer heat at the same time. By no means is it an easy workout with the added element of stability, but the fun factor and new challenge comes into play and people are excited about the classes.” The classes combine the best aspects of core movements from gymnastics, yoga and boot camp workouts. The Boga Mat works as a floating platform and is great for strengthening the body’s core and improving balance, and they offer a number of unique workouts on water by utilising both traditional group fitness and yoga-based exercises like burpees, push ups, sit ups, downward dog and warrior – all with the added difficulty of a unbalanced surface. n Contact: www.tr.qld.gov.au/pools June/July 2018  SPLASH!  97

new products

Make pool space with a green roof

Australian green wall pioneer, the Greenwall Company, has received a marked increase in roof inquiries. They say the popularity of their adaptable EcoPillow design is growing due to the fact it is so lightweight and easily customised.

At just 60kg/m2, EcoPillow is lighter and provides faster production than traditional methods, radically reducing risk to and the cost of the roofing structure, and enabling the possibility of retrofitting. They are popular in inner city locations, and by moving the garden onto the roof, space might be made in the yard for a swimming pool. Contact: www.greenwall.com.au

Spanish poolside style

Vela is the new collection designed by architect Ramon Esteve for Vondom, the Valencia-based awardwinning furniture design specialists. Vela has the distinction of bringing an interior aesthetic into the outdoor realm, and the extensive outdoor furniture collection achieves the comfort and quality of interior lounge and decorative furniture without loss of originality. The modular, geometric system is designed to display a balance of proportions. The Vela daybed pictured here is made from 100 per cent lightweight recyclable polyethylene. Contact: www.kezu.com.au

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new products

The zero energy pool: one footprint, two solutions

Simultaneously generate electricity and heated water for your swimming pool with the 100 per cent renewable Heatseeker DualSun hybrid solar PV thermal panel. The electricity and heated water generated can dramatically offset the needs of the swimming pool. Any surplus electricity can be self-consumed, or returned into the grid for a feed-in tariff or a net-metering program. The internal heat exchanger allows direct connection to the pool’s water circuit. As water flows through the heat exchanger, it is heated whilst simultaneously cooling the panel. This allows up to 20 per cent more PV electrical generation, unlike standard PV panels which lose efficiency as the surface temperature increases. Contact: SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show Stand 262; supremeheating.com.au;

Driclad’s making a splash with something new

Modular pools have always been a great affordable alternative to fibreglass and concrete pools, making the dream of having a backyard pool achievable for more Australians. Driclad, the company that has been developing modular pools for more than 50 years, has been working on a new design which will be released at the 2018 SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. Come and visit the Driclad Pool’s stand at the expo to find out more about this exciting new range. Contact: SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show Stand 320 June/July 2018  SPLASH!  99

new products

Safer, cost-saving composite fence spigots

Poolrite’s new 100 per cent composite pool fencing spigot is the culmination of more than five years of intensive Australian R&D. Evolve Group says the NATA-approved spigot comprises the highest grade of engineering composite materials and meets AS1926.1 compliance certification. The composite fence spigot is designed specifically for on-ground glass fencing applications and Evolve says that due to its nonconductive composite construction, it does not require earthing under the AS3000.2007 Equipotential Bonding standard, making it the safest solution in its category. Additionally, as you don’t need an electrician for the install, it can save saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the project. Contact: www.poolrite.com

High performance aquatic centre flooring

The new Flowsports Aquatic range of high performance resin flooring solutions is ideal for aquatic, leisure and recreation facilities. It has been designed to meet the specific requirements of swimming pool flooring such as waterproofing, withstanding exposure to large quantities of water, minimising slips and trips, preventing unhygienic conditions and facilitating a fun and active space. There are five finishes: Flowsports SRQ, a decorative coloured quartz epoxy system; hybrid resin-based solution Flowsports SRQ PU; Flowsports SRQ Rapide with a methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced formulation for quick installation; textured polyurethane based Flowsports ID for interior spaces and Flowsports ED for exterior areas. Contact: www.flowcreteaustralia.com.au



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new products

New Sunique solar heating

New AquaRite chlorinator

Features include a unique, wing-shape riser tube design that maximises heat absorption and minimises convection heat losses while eliminating strong wind shear forces on the panel; a distinctive D-shaped manifold header allowing flat installation on a variety of roof types while eliminating rotational movement; fusion technology creating a precise seal around every individual tube perimeter; specially formulated high-conductivity, high-temperature stabilised polymer material; modular assembly; and patented panel clamps.

The AquaRite+ can control the filtration pump and is also fully expandable. With the addition of optional upgrade kits, it can measure and control the pH and ORP levels, control a heater and more, which can all be done remotely with optional upgrades via a free App which include: Spa Flow Switch Upgrade; pH Upgrade; ORP Upgrade; Temperature Probe Upgrade; Remote Display Upgrade; Wifi Network Upgrade; or all of these with the Total Upgrade Kit.

Heliocol will launch its new Sunique solar pool heating at SPLASH! 2018, saying it is designed for maximum heat generation while retaining all of Heliocol’s stability and wind resistance.

Contact: SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show Stand 6; www.heliocol.com.au ELI004_Splash Half Page Horizontal_ART.pdf



10:36 AM

Hayward says its new AquaRite+ is the most advanced salt water chlorinator for pools and spas on the market and with its low profile control box and NSF tested compact TurboCell, it is perfect for retrofits.

Contact: www.hayward-pool.com.au

new products

Warming the winter, part one

IXL’s Fresco Aurora outdoor heater combines ambient infrared heat, dimmable task lighting and mood lighting in one cleverly designed unit. Designed to be suspended from flat or gabled roofs and mounted to rafters or beams, it is ideal for pool cabanas, external dining areas, verandahs and outdoor rooms, transforming them into cosy ambient spaces. Using Halo Heat technology, it delivers an optimal level of warmth rapidly in a cost-effective way to ensure the people in the outdoor room are always comfortable. It remains functional throughout the summer months with its coloured mood lighting options. Contact: www.ixlappliances.com.au



18-20 July 2018 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Australia’s Leading Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Convention Register now visit www.nationalsportsconvention.com.au or phone 1300 789 845

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new products

Warming the winter, part two

Thermofilm’s new 2200W Intense model Heatstrip outdoor electric heater is ideal for alfresco areas. Thermofilm says Intense heaters are very energy efficient and therefore also economical to operate due to the special infra-red opaque carbon filament elements. This means there’s no intense glow, just comfortable warmth. The two models in the Intense range include a slimline, portable freestanding unit and a permanent wall or ceiling mounted unit, both corrosion protected and IPX5 rated to prevent water ingress. The Intense Heatstrip outdoor heaters will heat an area of nine square metres in an outdoor enclosed area or five square metres for an exposed outdoor area. Contact: www.thermofilm.com.au

nd e GrouA for v o b A S d Best by SPA Judgne Australia ive years! Pool i 0 Consecut 1

INTRODUCING… HIGH PERFORMANCE POOL SURROUND & LEISURE FLOORING Specialist leisure facility resin flooring systems that are… ü Slip resistant in wet, slippery environments

ü Waterproof under exposure to frequent splashes

ü Hygienic with no seams to promote mould or mildew growth


ü UV resistant & suitable for outdoor areas

ü Available in PU & fast-cure MMA chemistries

ü Attractive, with a wide range of colourful aggregate blends


QLD +61 7 3205 7115 SPLASH S AT SPA TRA POOL & NSW +61 2 4648 0397 DE STAND EXPO VIC +61 3 9578 5959 201 australia@flowcrete.com www.flowcreteaustralia.com.au

International and Australian distributorships available. In-ground or Above Ground Install Options for your customers. Salt Water, Deep Ends & Lap Pools plus exclusive colours. Introducing the NEW & EXCLUSIVE STAINLESS STEEL WALL. Great range of products with competitive price points. Huge buying power, passing on savings to our dealers. Largest stockholding of a/g pools in the southern hemisphere. Please contact us today for a comprehensive brochure pack.

CLASSIC POOLS PTY LTD Email: josh@classicpools.com.au Phone: +61 7 3451 2888 Fax: +61 7 3451 2899 663 kingstonRoad Loganlea QLD 4131 AUS

www.classicpools.com.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  103

new products


Flexible training, delivery and assessment to suit your circumstances

Smarter data

Structure Studios has introduced Smart Data, a new feature that makes 3D pool and landscape design software more helpful and more powerful than ever before, giving designers instant access to the data they need. Structure Studios says Smart Data delivers an easy-to-read, easyto-use breakdown of complex calculations, from turn-downs to step risers, concrete meterage to rebar, and much more, providing designers with a wealth of precise information about their projects, right when they need it. Contact: www.structurestudios.com

With over 120 workshops on offer, participants can now be recognised for industry best practice right across Australia

T 1800 802 482 W spasa.com.au E training@spasa.com.au

Wet entry for modular inflatables

Aflex Inflatables has built on its range with a unique wet entry option for both sealed and airflow pool inflatable products. Users can now enter the inflatable from the water, where until now entry has only been from the pool end – a challenge that often faces many pool facilities. This meant that if a pool had shallower water depths, the choice of airflow inflatables was limited. With the new wet entry option, staff can simply move the inflatable to deeper water where entry is quick and easy from within the water, eliminating the need to enter from the pool edge. Contact: www.aflextechnology.com

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new products

advance@advanceuv.com.au / sales@advanceuv.com.au www.advanceuv.com.au

Pool Disinfection & Chloramines Control UV Units Manufacturer - Chloramines destruction - Reliable UV disinfection


New developments from NFT

New from Australian pump R&D specialists New Fluid Technology is the latest Stelth Pump with an amorphous iron motor, delivering more than 67 litres per watt hours, and garnering what they say is a 10 star rating according to AS5102. They say that high powered amorphous motors are smaller than conventional and that Koller reports their Stelth “Ecolution” pump is running at 9 dBA, which is eight times quieter than most pumps and with 30 per cent higher efficiency, flow and pressure. Contact: newfluidtechnology.com.au

Call (02) 9896 1165 for

- Medium Pressure UV Units - UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves of All Types - UV Spares & Service - UV Refurbishments, Retrofits and Upgrades - HDPE UV Units

Compact excavator with adjustable track

The Takeuchi TB225 compact excavator is ideal for very tight excavation work associated with residential and commercial renovations, especially when located in densely populated areas that have narrow streets, steep slopes and present challenges to access. The Takeuchi TB225 is the world’s first 2.5 tonne-class excavator with tracks that retract to a narrow 1100 mm, meaning you can get the powerful machine into places which previously needed a 1.7 tonneclass machine. A bonus is its lift capacity of 327 kilograms with the tracks extended out to 1500mm – and even with the tracks at 1100 mm, it has a lift capacity of 219 kilograms. Contact: www.takeuchi.com.au June/July 2018  SPLASH!  105

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Paramount’s custom built in-floor cleaning systems are engineered to automatically clean any pool you design, including floors, steps, benches and spas. Minimising maintenance and maximising enjoyment.

Aquarius Pools – Mornington VIC


Pool-Water Products | P: 03 9873 5055 Email: info@poolwaterproducts.com.au www.poolwaterproducts.com.au

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP. FOR ALL YOUR POOL NEEDS. Pentair is the world’s leading manufacturer of pool / spa equipment. We offer an extensive range of pool products across three of our trusted brands- Pentair, Sta-rite & Onga. So whether you’re after pumps, filtration, heating, cleaning, automation, sanitation, lighting or white goods we have the right products for your swimming pool!



To find out more about our products visit WWW.PENTAIRPOOL.COM.AU

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