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24. Adrian Lacy (right, with Adam Ksiazek and Rachel Lacy) of Australian Spa Parts and Spatex: “We’ve recently decide to split the company into retail and trade divisions, so Australian Spa Parts is retail, and Spatex is trade. It’s so the sales channels we use will be more targeted to the trade guys for trade-related products: while the general public might just be looking for a replacement pump, the trade guys might be looking for replacement fittings to fix pumps. Hopefully our name just stands out a little better as a unique name rather than a generic name. I think the show’s gone pretty well, especially the second day. We’ve been getting good quality responses.” 25. Eddie Lloyd, marketing manager of International Quadratics, says the show was extremely productive for them. “It’s a significant investment for us and it turned out well. The stand had a good footprint and a really nice location at the front this year. It works well.” 26. Darcy Mills from Boss Solar says this is the third time the family-owned Victorian manufacturer has come to SPLASH!, the second time with the Rhino product. “We’ve had lots of good reception, seen a lot of existing customers and some potential new ones. It’s good to be out and about for people to see we’re supporting the industry.” 27. Bryan Goh from Waterco says the show was great. “Yesterday from the very beginning at nine o’clock for virtually the whole day we were flat out. So we were very happy with the visitations – a lot of people from interstate like WA and Victoria, and internationally from Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia, from all over the place. It was a good chance to reconnect. My gut feel is numbers must be up. The whole appearance of the exhibition looks amazing. Everyone’s upping the ante, taking a bit more pride in their presentation. The industry’s heading in the right direction.” Two items of particular interest were the new Electrochlor mineral chlorinators which work with salt or magnesium. “One of the big innovations for us is that both of these chlorinators now use the same cell, which makes it easier for us in terms of inventory.” Another was the newly designed handover gear (pictured), which is distinctive, modern and has a

professional feel and sturdiness, including the innovative microfibre pool mop, perfect for smooth surface pools and even pool covers and glass fencing. 28. Granville Harris of AstralPool/ Fluidra was demonstrating the benefits of their new OC-1 filtration media. “It creates a lot of low pressure areas in the whole bed, and the dirt is attracted to those low pressure areas. So the dirt just settles, it isn’t actually being trapped. That means backwashes are very fast because it’s only sitting there, and it just blows off straight away. So backwash times are much faster. So you lose less heat in the pool too. And it lasts for the life of the filter, never needs to be replaced, and it’s recyclable at the end. And it’s light – an 11 kilo bag is equivalent to 75 kilos of sand. It will settle down to 1 micron material, so 11 percent of 1 micron material gets settled. So the water quality we’ve been getting with this media is incredible.” 29. Em Ritchie from Conductor Hub (right, with Austen Ritchie) came to SPLASH! to release their brand new equipotential bonding product that helps speed up the building process. “We released to the market in February, and it’s the only product that complies with the Australian Standard for equipotential boding in a swimming pool and spa area. It’s an easy solution that’s an accessible test connection point, and you can attach any other things within the 2.5m touch zone to the hub and ensure the safety of the end user. You still need an electrician but the pool builder can install the initial part of the product and the electrician can come and do the wiring later. A lot of pool builders saw us in SPLASH! magazine and came along to have a look and a touch, and are already ordering them to install in their constructions, and we’ve had a lot of distributors who’ve picked us up and even some in New Zealand. So we’ve had a great show and there’ll be many more to come.”





30. Daena Bougoure-Latchfod of Maytronics says their new mineral system was very popular. “We’ve been really busy – yesterday was amazing, we didn’t stop all day, we were flat chat. We had a lot of dealers come along who’d just come back from the dealer conference. They were very excited about Mineral Swim. It’s 30

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SPLASH August - September 2018  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....

SPLASH August - September 2018  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....