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he says. “My wife doesn’t like the cold water so she might just sit on the beach and have her feet in there, and we’ve got kids as well so it’s good for them.” As an elite athlete, he is a fan of swimming pools and spas and using water for recovery after a tough contest. “Water recovery is a huge part of our preparation into the following week, ice spas, spas and just getting active in waist-deep water is something that can take the weight off your legs, but also get a range of movement. So I find waterbased recovery is the most effective I’ve come across – whether it be iced baths, contrast of hot and cold, or just walking in the water.” He’s been associated with Pool Pro for a number of years. “It’s been a great association and I’m looking forward to getting some Pool Pro products in my pool – only the best!” 13. There was a healthy delegation of 13 members from the Malaysian Swimming Pool Association (MSPA).


14. Ivan Wong, MSPA president (left), led the delegation from Kuala Lumpur to SPLASH! “At the moment the Malaysian pool industry is prosperous,” he says. “And with the new government, I think there is even more to come. MSPA has about 50 members but sadly I have to mention that we lost our founding president, Mr Chew Soo Ngee, two years ago. He was the man behind the formation of the association and we are trying to continue with his legacy of promoting the swimming pool association in Malaysia and other parts of the world.” Wong says MSPA has been working closely with SPASA over the years in terms of training and workshops. “We are proposing to start something again later this year in swimming pool design and an update on regulations.” 15. It was a great event for catching up with friends in the industry.


16. Rodney Smith (right, from Adelaide) and Luke Daly (left, from Brisbane) have joined SPASA Australia as membership executives. Smith says he finds it very exciting to get a new membership base going and build a culture within the swimming pool association. “I’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face, kind of like a sales role to increase the membership, do marketing, and be in contact with the clients on a regular basis. Keep the communication lines open – instead of just a newsletter – following it up face to face.” Daly: “We’re going to be focussed on driving the memberships for SPASA. I’m boots on the ground, driving the messages for SPASA. My goal – after helping increase membership – is to help develop a career path for young people coming into the industry. I was new to the industry when I was 17 – I was fresh out of school, packing salt, saving to go to uni to do a business degree. And I thought there were all these ceilings in the industry, and now I’ve been in the industry for 11 years, and the ceiling keeps getting higher and higher. So it actually is an industry you can make a career and a life out of.” Additional membership executives will be appointed in the near future


17. Nearly 3000 people attended the expo, in an Australian record for swimming pool and spa trade shows. 18. Rob Emmett, marketing co-ordinator for Hayward Pool Products Australia, is fresh to the industry – coming with plenty of experience in digital marketing, some of it specifically with small businesses which is useful considering the makeup of the pool retail sector. “This is a great crossover, because so many of the pool shops are small businesses. With so many channels it’s hard to get too close to the end user customers, but shows like this are great because we can get close to the people who do see those customers and get feedback from them - learn what they’re doing and what works. So much of it now is digital. Not so much e-commerce, which can cannibalise the channels, but marketing. My big focus, particularly for our One Hayward dealers but also for anyone who sells our products, is to develop a really good pool of resources to help them to market their businesses.” In terms of products, he says visitors were very interested in the new AquaVac 600 hydronic pool cleaner. “It’s similar to a bag-less vacuum cleaner with no filter inside it. It uses the hydronic technology to centrifugally spin the debris. We worked hard to develop that technology and apply it to the pool industry, and there’s been a lot of patent work going on as well. It looks fantastic and has other features like light shows, and it’s really easy to pull in and out of the pool. This is the first time everyone has got to see it.”



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SPLASH August - September 2018  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....

SPLASH August - September 2018  

SPLASH! is the leading trade publication for the Australasian “wet industry”, incorporating the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries....