SPICE Issue 92 Autumn 2021

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Industry advocates A shout out to those campaigning for industry support, from peak bodies and industry leaders to the likes of Bill Shorten!

Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell National Park, VIC

Regional events Make 2021 the year of regional events, to help support Aussie destinations and to bring in-person events back to life.

At-table ordering Phones out at the table used to be rude; today it’s the norm. At-table ordering systems, where customers scan a QR code that takes them to the menu, are becoming more popular at bars and restaurants, winning big ticks for convenience and hygiene.

Luxe mini bars While some hotel chains are foregoing mini bars, others such as Hotel X Brisbane (pictured) are upping the ante and providing luxe food and beverage options sure to entice even the most seasoned traveller.

Going up, going down Safety-pinned name badges While they can be a

Business cards

pain, name badges

Is it just us, or are the days of

are often necessary at

business cards long gone, especially

business events. What’s

in today’s hyper-hygienic state?

not necessary is using

Instead, connect with contacts on

safety pins to affix them to

LinkedIn post-event or jot down

delegates – it ruins clothes

their email in your phone.

and looks cheap.

Elbow bumps I think we can all agree, ‘elbow bump’ greetings were funny for about five minutes when the pandemic first started. While handshakes are still off limits, opt for a meaningful smile instead.

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