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Demanding and delicate skin


STAND P143 8-9 Sep

The Alpine power to the heart of your skin

Experience first-hand our New Mavala Swiss Skin Solution launching exclusively at Beauty Expo Australia. Born from a controlled fusion between Swiss Nature and the science of cosmetology, this new skin care line for demanding and delicate skin meticulously combines the power of Alpine botanic treasures – Alpine Rose, Apricot, Willowherb – with advanced dermatological key ingredients – Hyaluronic Acids of three molecular weights, Vitamin C with progressive release, micro-encapsulated AHA. The naturally beneficial properties of the dermo-soothing Mallow flower and the pure waters from the Swiss mountains, perfectly balanced in trace elements, enrich each formula. Let yourself be surprised by the texture, scent and efficacy of our targeted skin care solution.

With MAVALA SWISS I SKIN SOLUTION, visibly improve your skin’s texture.

Call (03) 9645 1933

Signs of ageing , wrinkles ?

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED Without mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate

Dehydrated skin ?

Tired, dull skin?

Imperfections, shine ?

World’s First Digital and Bluetooth Micro-Needling Platform More Speed. More Power. More Precision. More Safety.

12 Reasons why you should join the Dermapen 4 Revolution

New Scar Treatment Setting

Revolutionary 16 Needle Cartridge Design

Visionary Marketing Support, Drives More Patients into Your Practice

Superior AOVN™ 4 Technology

Dual Power Operation

Built-in RFID Needle Cartridge

AOVN™ Retention Valves

Ergonomic Design

ACM™ - AntiContamination Management

Sleek Digital Display with One Touch Integrated Procedural Settings

Bluetooth Enabled Connectivity

7 Year Warranty

Want to join the Dermapen4 Revolution? LIMITED TIME OFFER to TRADE-IN AND TRADE-UP your current microneedling device for the brand new Dermapen4 and receive $1,000 (incl GST) trade in value* for your current micro-needling device. *Conditions apply Register your interest and secure your place to attend the upcoming Dermapen4 National Launch Information Nights and Advanced Masterclasses presented by: DermapenWorld International Educator Dr. Andrew Christie (20th August – 31st August, 2018). For further details and master class bookings or to book in a presentation of the Dermapen4 contact (02) 9712 8188 to make an appointment with a BDM.



+61 2 9712 8188


s at Join u xpo yE Beaut E133 Stand 9 Sep 8-

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12 Gen Z: Clients Of The Future

24 Salon Booking Apps Explained 42 Elevate Your Dressing Rooms


54 Beauty And The Bride



In this issue 14 Are You Ready For

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18 Eventing – What It Is And Why

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20 Why Customer Service Is More

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28 The Bodhi J Story 30 Hiring Staff Based On

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38 Seeking Deeper Change 40 Caring For Cancer Patients 51 World Wellness Day


60 Tired Eyes 64 Forever Young With Stem Cells 70 Natural Isn’t Always Best 78 The Belkyra Debate 84 5 Ways Millennials Will Age

42 On the cover To achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, it’s important to look beyond what we put on our skin to what we can do to support it from below the surface. The Beauty Boosters supplement range brings a carefully considered line-up of nutrients designed to maintain healthy skin, including Vitamin C, Riboflavin and Amino Acids to support connective tissue and collagen formation and Evening Primrose Oil which is traditionally used in herbal medicine to assist with the relief of dry, itchy skin conditions. There are 3 Beauty Boosters in the range; Glow Getter, Collagen-C and Complexion Perfection. BEAUTYBOOSTERS.COM.AU

Better Than Their Parents

88 Bronzed Beauty 96 10 Questions With

Kate Flammea | 7

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WELL DONE, everyone, we’ve (almost) made it through another Aussie winter. Maybe some of you actually enjoy the colder months more than our sweltering summer time, but I’m fairly certain we all agree on preferring early sunrises to waking up in what feels like the middle of the night. More importantly, spring time is an exciting time for your clinic, spa, or salon as it means busy times are ahead (don’t panic, but Christmas is only four months away). Besides the usual spike in body treatments thanks to people prepping for the beach season ahead, spring is also peak-time for brides-tobe wanting you to clear their complexions, get rid of any acne scarring, brighten their skin, as well as enhance facial features with filler, and potentially reverse the first few lines and wrinkles with muscle-relaxants. Brides represent a huge market for beauty businesses, so we’ve put together everything there is to know about what you can do to help brides on their journey from freshly engaged to the altar, starting with first consultations the year before and ending with last-minute facials and manicures a few days out from their big day (page 54), by which point you’ve hopefully won them over as a client for life. Not limited to brides (but definitely high on their priority lists) is the perfect fake tan. When the weather gets warmer and the dresses shorter, your clients who weren’t lucky enough to spend Aussie

winter in European summer will at least want to look like they did, so getting your tanning services right is a good idea for business right now (page 88). I also want to encourage you to get to know your clients better. Knowing the demographics of the people that walk through your door every day will make it so much easier to implement marketing strategies. A common mistake that many salon and clinic owners make is dismissing the currently youngest group of clients, Generation Z. We explain how Gen Z ticks and why it’s absolutely vital to change your approach of selling services and products depending on your target market (page 12). As always, SPA+CLINIC is full of inspiring people that are experts in their field, like world-renowned Plastic Surgeon and Harvard Researcher, Dr Vincent Giampapa, who tells us about the future of ageing (page 84). Once again, we’re happy to be an official sponsor of Beauty Expo Australia taking place in Sydney on September 8 and 9. Why not stop by our stand and say hi? I’d love to see you there.

Nadine Dilong Editor NDILONG@INTERMEDIA.COM.AU @SpaAndClinic | 9




A nutritive care facial that brings nourishing, suppleness & soothing, to dry skins. Immediately, the skin is soft and plumped. The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.

A facial with an immediate “new skin” effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines. After the massage, the rebalancing mask restores the skin’s pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.

A purifying, balancing treatment for combination or oily skin, using a heating scrub with a peel-off mask to perfectly purify the skin.




A unique treatment that instantly and visibly fixes the loss of firmness and elasticity, to restore the volume and to lift the face and neck contours. Once applied passive gymnastic gesture has been especially developed to deliver the active ingredients to visibly firm the skin and provide an immediate tightening effect.

A unique treatment to detoxify and clear skin for an even complexion of perfect radiance. The black formula treatment masque is applied during the facial using a magnet to remove, engendering electromagnetic micro-stimulation resulting in an incredibly detoxified skin, a genuine renewal of the complexion.

An immediate hydrating, soothing & plumping facial treatment for all dehydrated skins using a specialised collagen mask to infuse and draw moisture into the skin.



An anti-aging treatment experience that acts simultaneously on wrinkles, slackened skin, dull complexion and dark spots. This facial includes: a pearl scrub to refine and brighten the skin; the famous Dr. Payot 42-Movement Massage with a firming balm; and a mask with silver pigments that reduces the effects of ageing. A complete treatment with a truly exceptional anti-ageing experience.

An energising treatment combining Goji & Açaí superfruits duo that deliver powerful antioxidants. This treatment includes a peel-off mask, giving an immediate feeling of well-being and enhanced beauty. The skin is illuminated with a recovered softness and a radiant healthy look.

Call 1300 367 969 or 02 9874 1166 for more information.


Ask u why Payot terapis do m professinl teatent faci

Clients Of

The Future Generation Z is growing up fast; chances are they’re part of your clientele already, so make sure your business is up to speed when it comes to serving the next generation. Nadine Dilong explains.


s a business owner, it won’t come as a surprise to you if I tell you it’s important to know who your clients are. And by that I don’t just mean logging down their names and medical history, but I mean your client base as a whole, in other words, their demographics. Depending on your services and style of business, chances are the vast majority of your clients are Millennials (born between 1980-1994) or Gen X (born between 1965-1979). Your marketing strategies should ideally target those groups, but what about Generation Z? Generation Z-ers are born between 1995 and 2009, making the oldest among them 23 years of age. While this may sound very young – arguably too young to consider – dismissing this group from your target market could be a major mistake. According to Forbes, Gen Z will account for a whopping 40% of all consumers by 2020, so if you plan to stay in business beyond the current decade, better start thinking the way young folks do. In a nutshell, Gen Z is the digital generation; they are the first ones not to know what life without the internet and smartphones was like. In fact, 63% of 12 | SPA+CLINIC

Having grown up with the internet and smartphones, Gen Z-ers are digital experts.

them received their first mobile phone at the age of six, according to a study by Growth Tank that was presented at this year’s Naturally Good Expo. Gen Z-ers are connected over 10 hours a day and self-identify as digital addicts. They’re multicultural, educated (half of them will have a University degree), and have the shortest attention span ever counting only eight seconds. But what’s really important for spas, salons, and clinics, is to know that Generation Z is extremely savvy. They’ve grown up with Siri and Google answering literally all of their questions, self-educating and striving to make the world a better place. They’re open-minded and flexible, ready to move house up to an estimated 15 times in their lifetime while working 17 different jobs. They have the world at their fingertips, so in order to convert them into a customer, you need to stand out from the crowd. While Millenials tend to be brand-obsessed, Gen Z-ers are service obsessed. They expect five-star customer service that is personalised and genuine; it’s not so much about the brand itself, but the brand experience. They also tend to research a product or service online before buying, and are heavily influenced by social media.


What this means for beauty and wellness businesses is that they need to have a modern, fast loading, mobile friendly online presence. This doesn’t just translate into a pretty, well-functioning website, but an Instagram and Facebook account that’s updated daily is crucial. According to Forbes, 60% of Gen Z shoppers won’t use apps or websites that load slowly or are difficult to navigate, so go ahead and check your website’s loading time asap (after you finish reading this magazine, of course), and know that every second counts. In contrast to generations living in the pre-internet era, and who therefore had it much harder fact-checking, Gen Z isn’t as easily tricked by seemingly clever sales strategies. To translate this into a real life situation, if you’re trying to sell a serum to a 20 year-old, be prepared to explain the list of ingredients and how exactly it helps reduce their acne – just because the packaging says so, doesn’t mean Gen Z is willing to believe it. With their smartphones permanently attached to their hands, they will happily google ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid’ before taking out their credit card. Moreover, know your company values and don’t shy away from loudly proclaiming them on every channel you can (brochures, social media, website etc) as this is what attracts Generation Z and might extend their eight-second attention span. Besides your own business’ marketing strategies, it’s of course also important to look at the brands you stock and what they’re doing to stay relevant. Some skincare brands, such as Skinstitut, have already adapted their marketing strategies, seeing the value in their youngest customers. “Skinstitut sees value in reaching out to and connecting with Generation Z as this ever-growing group are our new customers. This segment of the market are avid social media users hence why our digital and social strategy is now incorporating both content and imagery that will speak to this audience in a genuine manner. Skinstitut speaks with honesty and transparency, which are important traits when reaching out to Gen Z, who are known to be highly savvy and value authenticity,“ explains the brand’s skin expert, Zoe Devine. Besides transparency about products and services, Gen Z appreciates brands that stand for something. They actually want to make the world a better place, and are much more likely to buy something if their money supports a good cause. For your business, this could mean sponsoring a fundraiser event, or something as simple as encouraging your clients to return empty skincare pots and bottles for recycling purposes. Gen Z appreciates the effort and generally prefers to spend

According to Forbes, 60% of Gen Z shoppers won’t use apps or websites that load slowly Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020.

their money with brands that try to keep their carbon footprint as minimal as possible (don’t give them plastic bags – they’ve brought reusable ones, duh!). In fact, 76% are concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet. So what about their disposable income? Does Gen Z even have money? The short answer is yes. According to a study by The Center For Generational Kinetics, 70% of Gen Z-ers are already earning their own money, which is about the same as Millenials, who are about 10 years older! Considering that most of Gen Z is still in their teenage years, this number is expected to rise quickly once everyone reaches legal working age. 35% of Gen Z are currently living with their parents without paying rent, leaving them with few to no expenses and making it easier for them to purchase ‘unncessary’ products or services. Gen Z works to live, not the other way around, but they are incredibly responsible when it comes to money thanks to having grown up during the GFC and having seen first-hand the financial instability their parents or friends’ parents went through. In a nutshell, this means that Gen Z is a force to be reckoned with, a customer that cannot be ignored. There are many different ways you can prepare and adapt your business to attract and win Gen Z over as a client. So if you think your salon/ spa/clinic is not quite Gen Z ready yet, make sure to implement the following: • Optimise your website for mobile • Update your Instagram and Facebook daily • Clearly state your company values • Focus on excellent, personalised customer service • Back up claims with facts • Think outside the box when it comes to marketing • Stand for something /support good causes | 13


Are You Ready For

? o p x E y t u a e B 14 | SPA+CLINIC


Australia’s biggest trade-only beauty event is just around the corner. Here’s what to expect.


t’s crazy to think another year has passed since the microblading, where he will demonstrate his special last Beauty Expo, but that is indeed the case and 6D brow techniques. so we find ourselves getting ready for yet another Other brands confirmed for Beauty Expo Australia stellar congregation of the beauty and aesthetics 2018 include Ultraceuticals, Mancine Cosmetics, industry. Expecting over 7,500 visitors, Beauty Expo Murad, Pelactiv, INGLOT Cosmetics, France Medical, will be held in Sydney at the ICC on September Lycon Cosmetics, MODELROCK Lashes, Crown 8 and 9, 2018, and will this year move to the topBrush, Caronlab Australia, Makeup Net, TechnoTan, floor exhibition halls of the venue. The halls provide and many more. Professional Beauty Solutions will unobstructed space to cater for an increased number return with a portfolio of industry-leading brands like of exhibitors. Dermalux LED, Image Skincare, Youngblood Mineral “Beauty Expo Australia is the ultimate national Cosmetics, Pure Fiji, Sunescape Tan, Bestow Beauty, Nicole ‘Pinky’ Thompson event for beauty professionals and we are thrilled to Body Sugaring Australia, Luk Beautifood and Cherry bring the industry together for two days of inspiring Blooms lashes. education and discovery. There is nothing like a live Brands that are homegrown will be easily found event to super-charge your passion for the industry thanks to Beauty Expo’s ‘Proudly Australian’ stand and make real connections that boost your business logo, while natural brands will feature the ‘Proudly for the year ahead”, said Cory Watson, Event Natural’ logo. Director for Beauty Expo Australia. The event has also curated a line-up of world-class Over 250 exhibitors are set to present their latest experts in beauty and business, who are set to teach products and services to industry professionals, giving visitors the latest skills they need to give their business business owners and beauticians a chance to see a competitive edge. what’s making waves in Australia and overseas. This year’s education program includes trending Iconic makeup brand MAC Cosmetics will exhibit topics like Henna brows with Jodie Burwood; 10 tips David ‘Brow’ Zhang for the first time in Sydney in 2018, bringing its for working with a doctor with Sydney facial plastic renowned makeup educators and innovations in surgeon, Dr Michael Zacharia; a holistic approach to cosmetics to the event including 2018 headline speaker Nicole anti-ageing with beauty therapist and dermo-nutrition expert, Janine ‘Pinky’ Thompson. Pinky is a Global MAC Pro Senior Ar tist, known Tait; novel anti-ageing ingredient and formulation technology with for her makeup ar tistry that graces the catwalks of global fashion Ultraceuticals founder, Dr Geoffrey Heber; and an advanced social weeks and the pages of glossy magazines. Makeup ar tists can catch media bootcamp with Heather Porter. her in an in-depth discussion at Beauty Expo Australia, where Beauty Expo Australia will also host the Face2Face Makeup she’ll delve into per tinent topics like curating a por tfolio, building Awards and Nailympia Australia competition, celebrating technical a makeup kit, working with different clients and how to ensure skill and creativity in makeup and nail artistry, respectively. Each year you get re-booked. the competitions help to raise the industry bar by recognising talented International educator David ‘Brow’ Zhang professionals and giving them a platform to showcase their technical also returns in 2018 to share his expertise and creative abilities. in brows, cosmetic tattooing and Free educational demonstrations on the event’s stages, exclusive microblading. David will hold show specials and the opportunity for networking and discovering two sessions over the course the latest innovations on the show floor are all included in a twoof the weekend on the day Beauty Expo Australia ticket. Tickets are now available via trending topic of | 15


What Happens At NSS... …ends up here! In case you missed the Non-Surgical Symposium in June, here’s a glimpse into what went down on the Gold Coast.


he 7th annual Non-Surgical Symposium was held on the 15th – 17th June, this year hosted on the sunny Gold Coast with spectacular beach views of Surfers Paradise. Through time, NSS Australia has become the premier nonsurgical event in Australasia, selling out of trade booths and registrations for the past few years, including this year’s event. Hundreds of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, nurse aestheticians, dermal therapists, practice

The scientific program featured international dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, oculoplastic surgeons sharing their collective knowledge on everything from toxins and filler techniques and do’s and don’ts, lasers and EBD, clinical dermatology, to the latest beauty trends and cosmeceuticals. Topics also delved into more niche categories like digital marketing, economic trends of various regions and analysing the differences in cultural expectations.

and the grand Gala Dinner event hosted at the spectacular Royal Pines Resort on the Saturday evening. Guests to the dinner were treated to free-flowing drinks, canapes, a 3-course meal, a contemporary dance performance and live band. A gold-cladded photo booth propped with lots of confetti, balloons, and a surprisingly fun to use bath tub turned out to be a hit, with attendees flocking there creating long lines through the entrance hall. Photos could be taken home

NSS Australia has become the premier non-surgical event in Australasia staff, brands and media flocked to the Gold Coast Convention Centre to catch up with all the latest trends, treatments, devices and developments in the non-surgical aesthetics industry. Seminars and education sessions were the main drawcard, held over the entire 3-day event and offering an extensive list of both renowned local experts and highly anticipated international guests. The theme this year was ‘The Great Debates’, with each session showcasing panel discussions, case by case analysis and sessions on hot topics. 16 | SPA+CLINIC

Emphasis was placed this year on toxin injection and filler dangers zones, as well as genital treatments such as laser rejuvenation, filler sculpting and combined treatments. The topicality of these sessions could be seen by the overwhelming interest of attendees, some of which were happy to stand in the back of the room or sit on the floor as every seat in the room was taken. NSS’s social events were as grand as ever this year, with the welcome reception on Friday evening hosted poolside at The Star,

immediately thanks to an onsite photo printer. Official photos from the event were once again taken by Woodrow Wilson and his Clinical Imaging team. As always, this year’s NSS provided the backdrop for three days of intense education from some of the best the industry has to offer, and days of invaluable networking opportunities for brands and business owners alike. Next year’s Symposium has already been confirmed, with save-thedates released as June 14-16 at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.


What It Is And Why You Need To Do It Putting on an event for clients and friends sounds daunting to many business owners, but there’s a reason many established brands are doing it regularly. We chatted to owner and founder of medispa Clear Complexions, SUZIE HOITINK, who has been hosting events at her clinics for over a decade. S+C: At what point in your career did you start hosting events for your patients and why? SH: I started Clear Complexions 14 years ago and believe it or not, back then there was no real cosmetic industry to speak of. Medical skin treatments like IPL and laser were just being introduced to consumers but generally speaking no one knew they could do anything more for their skin than a peel or microdermabrasion. So, eventing was how we raised awareness and grew our client base from the beginning. And it really worked. The intimacy and authenticity of those small events grew a loyal clientele through word of mouth, some of whom we still treat today.

S+C: What do you see as the main purpose of those events? SH: I truly believe the main purpose is to make a deep personal connection, by inviting our clientele and friends as guests to a special and intimate event. It is about 18 | SPA+CLINIC

Suzie Hoitink


had successful events and not so successful ones and we have learnt along the way. Planning and structure to the evening is where it can all go wrong, so have an agenda and stick to it. Stay on time; time is a precious commodity for everyone so respect your clients’ time. Think carefully about attendee numbers, and space, as they will enhance or detract from the atmosphere you create. But most importantly think about what you want to achieve from the evening. Is it bookings on the night, consultation bookings, product sales or simply education giving? Linking your event with a local charity is also a beautiful way to anchor you and your team to the community and is a win-win for everyone.

S+C: How do you make sure enough people show up to the event?

giving those new and existing clients the opportunity to engage with us and to learn more about Clear Complexions, learn about our values about instilling confidence through beautiful healthy skin, and to showcase the many different treatments available. It is a forum to learn, be educated, ask questions and see live demonstrations which break down any stigmas associated with our modalities. It also provides a great excuse to have a giggle and a gossip with great wine and beautiful food. A great way to spend a few hours of a person’s time.

SH: There are 5 main ways to ensure attendance at your event: • Invitations: Depending on the event and who you are targeting the invitations need to be consistent with the night and outline what is being displayed and ‘what is in it for them’. • Personal touchpoints: making calls to guests, talking about it in person when they are at the clinics. • Channels used: Emails, newsletters, direct mail, social media. It’s all about using your channels effectively and consistently so that the guests are taken on the journey before they attend. • Preview: Images and videos often give guests a visual understanding of what the event will look and feel like. Previews will also entice – and is a great way to promote the event via your social media channels. • Post event communication. It is important to improve on the experience and take feedback to make the next event even better.

S+C: What does a successful event look like, and what do you think are some of the mistakes other clinic owners might make when organising events? SH: A successful event is about the client, not the clinic. It is giving the people attending information and insights into the treatments that interest them. If a client is giving up two hours of their time, not to mention travelling to and from, I am going to make sure I overdeliver on their expectations. Demonstrating of the most intriguing treatments live is a must. We have

S+C: Any advice for salon owners who might be afraid of giving a speech? SH: Ha! Having to give a speech is most people’s number one fear, but remember, these people are your tribe. They have given up their time to hear what you have to say. They value you and the information you have to give them so regardless of how terrified you may feel internally, shoulders back, ‘superman pose’ and give them an experience they can’t get elsewhere – be the expert they are hoping you are. | 19


Why Customer

Service Is More Important


Jaquie Scammell

AI technology may soon be taking over the world, but there’s a reason clients are flocking to spas and salons: human interaction. Customer service expert JAQUIE SCAMMELL explains how to make it count.


hink of the last customer interaction you had. Was it online or face-to-face? Did you engage in small talk about the weather, your day and their family, or were you just focused on getting the sale? In retail, especially the beauty and wellness industry, the number and quality of daily customer 20 | SPA+CLINIC

interactions are on the decline. Rather than ask us questions face to face or over the phone, our customers type concerns or issues into our website, Facebook Messenger and other online conduits. In our haste to move on to the next appointment, we are sometimes so lost in our own heads, we forget we are there to serve someone else. Yet good-old fashioned friendliness, care and attention is just as – if not more so – important now. It’s how as business owners, you can get the edge over your competition and retain customers for life, not just one-click wonders. Here’s how.

Make their journey emotional Service is actually very simple. It’s about authentic and meaningful connection from employee to customer. As well as speed, efficiency and consistency, there is a less tangible measure that we talk about and critique when we are served as customers: the emotions that we experience with an employee in the moment of service. Consider the inherent power we have as a service provider in our relationship with the customer:

Hairstylist: Shane Henning, Photographer: Troyt Coburn


40+ FREE SHOWS 35+ EDUCATION SESSIONS 2 STAGES Countless expo specials


TICKETS ON SALE NOW Get your Expo tickets and education passes now at


• An employee will make a customer feel important or not. • An employee will make an interaction feel personal or not. • An employee will be 100% attentive to the customer or not. • An employee will give meaning to the customer’s purchase or not. • An employee will allow the customer to feel connected to your brand or not. • How a customer feels when they interact with your brand relies on how your employee makes them feel, while serving them at the front line. Yes, customers can feel a connection to your brand by watching a great video in the clinic or on your website, or experience your brand when they experience your products; however, it is how they are treated that lingers long after this.

Win hearts and minds So when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of your customers, it’s the behaviours of your frontline employees that influence your whole workplace’s performance and results. How customers feel when they interact with your employees determines how they feel about your company itself. This is what determines whether they will be a one-click wonder or a customer for life. Procedures and steps of service may be great for robots and androids, but it’s the ways in which your service staff act and the emotional connection they create with your customers that will determine your ultimate success. Rather than look at complex customer service strategies and ways to engage your staff, you must look to the most powerful and influential people in your business – you and your frontline employees.

Turn on the six service mindsets The best, simplest and easiest way of developing a successful service culture is to work on your service mindset. This is a continuum of behaviours that impact your employees’ performance, which in turn impacts your customer interactions and loyalty, creating a virtuous circle that enhances your whole business.

Service is actually very simple. It’s about authentic and meaningful connection from employee to customer. Humans have the unique capability, unlike any robot or automated solution, to provide an interpersonal interaction that creates the social bond that we all look for when seeking connection.

Get the special edge I don’t know about you, but the best customer experiences I have had in my life, the most positive and memorable interactions with any brand, have always been the unexpected moments that made me feel special as a customer; the moments that were delivered by a human, not a kiosk touch pad. How a customer feels about an interaction is the most significant driver of customer loyalty. It’s what keeps us coming back, time and time again. According to research done by Bain & Company (the inventor of the Net Promoter Score), increasing your customer retention rates (aka loyalty) by even just 5% will increase profits by 25% to 95%. Our economic value as humans in the retail revolution of AI and robotics has increased. Sure, technology can eliminate jobs, but it is also inspiring us to hold on ever tighter to human values and human ethics. David Autor, a leading American economist, consistently states in his talks and publications that it is our unique skills and human capabilities that cannot (yet) be replicated or substituted by AI robotics. Humans still have the edge when it comes to things like complex problem solving, reasoning, communication and interpersonal skills. 22 | SPA+CLINIC

The six mindsets you need are: 1. Empathy – Practice empathy to create a team of employees who feel understood. Cultivating trust in this way is essential if you have teams who are continually coaching, mentoring, teaching and caring for others. 2. Questions – Show sincere interest in your employees as humans to help them grow into their role. Ask the right questions, and you’ll start to encourage your staff to think for themselves and learn the effect of their decisions. 3. Energy – Shift the focus, the energy, onto supporting all employees to deliver great service. What you give attention to, grows. 4. Heart – Trust and appreciate your staff and they’ll have a greater willingness to serve, which automatically increases their discretionary effort. This creates a cumulative advantage for a business. 5. Purpose –Make staff feel valued and that will motivate them further. An engaged workforce interacts with your customers more positively and this creates customer loyalty. 6. Practice – Seek information, develop your people and help them grow in their working roles. Knowing that you are only as good as your last performance is key to continual growth and improvement and business longevity. What you need to see is that human capital is just that: a capital investment in your organisation and your brand. When we yield better actions from our employees we will yield better results in our business. That means we must learn to leverage our service staff, to invest in their development and performance so they want to come to work and give 100% attention to our customers’ needs. Then, and only then, do you start to build a service mindset (instead of an automatic one), that will set you up for customer loyalty for life. Jaquie Scammell is a customer service relations expert. Jaquie works with leaders of large teams who want to influence their staff to love serving customers. She is also the author of the new book, Creating a Customer Service Mindset (Major Street). To find out more about how Jaquie can help your organisation visit

A Fractionated Radiofrequency system, delivering non-surgical and painless treatments, with minimal downtime Thermal stimulation of the deep dermis leads to strong collagen remodelling Minimal downtime & discomfort No burning or bleeding No anesthesia required Immediately visible, long lasting results

DNARenewal: THE FOUNDER Dr. Ronald L. Moy, renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon, has dedicated his life’s work to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging. Today, DNARenewal marks the culmination of his passion to create a clinically proven regimen that Micro-roughness Acne scars Wrinkles Enlarged pores Skin laxity effectively helps repair photodamaged aging skin.



Beauty booking apps and websites are no longer a rarity with many salons and spas making use of the convenient online service. Is this the future of appointment bookings?


ow do your clients make appointments at your business? Do they have to call up reception, can they fill out an online booking form on your website, or do they e-mail you? As a salon or clinic, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your services and make a booking, so have you considered being listed in an online beauty booking directory? SPA+CLINIC talked to the people behind four leading beauty appointment services.

Natalia Pchelina, Founder of Beauro: Beauro was founded in 2015, and I came up with the idea for it based on my own experience. As a customer, I wanted an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform to browse all quality salons and spas in town and instantly book treatments without having to pick up the phone. I couldn’t see why, in a world where practically everyone owns a smartphone and virtually anything can be accessed online (think: Airbnb, UberEats, Expedia), there wasn’t a hassle-free solution to finding and booking hair and beauty services. I then realised all the benefits an aggregate platform like that could offer to salons and spas, and thus Beauro was born in late 2015. Beauro allows customers to book appointments 24/7, essentially working as a round-the-clock receptionist, so salons and spas don’t miss a single booking. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, which helps beauty businesses to pretty much eliminate thousands of dollars they lose in no-shows and last24 | SPA+CLINIC

minute cancelled appointments. When last-minute cancellations do happen, the salon still captures its revenue in full via Beauro. Additionally, we have built a technology that allows salons to advertise and fill last-minute available time slots via the app in one click - we will make sure it’s filled by sending a push notification to hundreds of customers in the area. When customers book through Beauro, we help salons to keep customers coming back by sending reminders when they are due for their next appointment. We are not big fans of mindless discounting and focus instead on attracting repeat clients. We are unique in that we only list salons and spas that provide outstanding quality of services, which means the salons are always going to be featured alongside fellow reputable businesses and our users are guaranteed a great experience. As a result, we welcome all businesses in the hair, beauty and wellness industry, who offer excellent services and are looking to reach new clients and keep them coming back. In terms of being listed, it is extremely easy for a business to jump on board. We take charge of all the initial set up hassle and walk you through how it works one-on-one. There are no fees involved with the onboarding process and we don’t charge any subscription fees. It is forever free to be a part of the app, the salon only pays a small commission fee when we actually generate a new customer for them. All businesses get a one-month free trial when they join. We also don’t ask salons to switch from their current booking management software provider – Beauro syncs and runs alongside it as a complimentary service.

Matt Dyer and Nathan Airey, Founders of Bookwell Australians are spending more on health, beauty and wellness services every year, and this industry has been relatively slow to adapt to new technology. There’s a genuine need from both businesses and consumers for simple, easy online booking management. Nathan and I saw a lot of opportunity in this market.

Booking apps

A huge part of it is that we saw in the online takeaway space that people don’t want to talk on the phone. If they have the option of using an app or a website, they will — because it’s just simpler. So really that’s the premise — we built the business on that assumption that consumers don’t want to talk on the phone. We provide businesses with free online calendar software to help manage their business. This includes SMS reminders, reports, product management and other useful features. Through marketing on our platform the businesses then get access to new customers who can book online. Anyone can be listed on Bookwell as long as they have a shop front and registered business. “My experience with Bookwell has been great,” says Ana Karina Troccoli from Ana Troccoli Aesthetics. “It’s given me some new clients, and it’s made it easier for clients to book in and choose services online. I’ve also found Bookwell has great customer service. Everything’s very quick and easy, with great communication between myself and the staff at Bookwell.” “The staff are very responsive when there have been any issues or upgrades with the software,” adds Shantelle Quarrell, Dermal Technician at Timeless & Ageless in Camberwell Victoria. We have big plans for the future. Our goal is to have 10k bookable venues on the platform and the best salon management software on the market.

Lauren Silvers, Co-Founder and CEO Glamazon Glamazon was founded in 2016 as a response to an emerging global trend towards peer-to-peer services, and to fill a gap in the market for at-home beauty services. With deep industry knowledge and connections, co-founders Lisa Maree and Lauren Silvers came together to build Australia’s largest real time marketplace for at home beauty services, making beauty appointments more accessible and convenient for busy women all over the country. Glamazon is proud to be helping qualified beauty professionals around Australia run their own freelancer mobile businesses, by generating leads and income for them, and allowing them to have more work flexibility. We believe we are creating a fleet of ‘micropreneurs’ in the beauty industry, empowering these skilled workers to become entrepreneurs. Glamazon has a strict and rigorous application and vetting process. All stylists must be qualified and certified beauty professionals, and once this has been validated we do background checks, look at work portfolios, call references and then screen them inperson in the form of an audition to not only assess their skills but their professionalism.

Glamazon has accepted 45% of all applications, which reflects the value we place on quality. Once a stylist has been approved on Glamazon, they are then categorised into a tier - ‘Glam X’ stylists are our Classic professionals, while ‘Glam Black’ stylists are our Luxe professionals with bridal, editorial and celebrity experience.

Nicole So, Co-Founder and CCO of Honee Matt Jones had the idea for Honee after chatting to his hairdresser, Chris, who had a high-end salon located in the basement of his office building when he was at Zomato. They chatted about his work and what tech innovation has done for the food industry, then Chris said, “When are you going to build a Zomato for my industry?” Honee was then founded in 2016 by Matt and his co-founders, Nick Chang, Alexander Groom, and me. After taking an in-depth look into the market, we discovered that the beauty and wellness industry received less than 0.2% of their bookings online, and many businesses were still using pen and paper for their appointment setting and client notes. The first step for Honee was to get every single business online. When we compared our content to that of Google and other platforms, nearly 60% didn’t have an online presence besides their free Honee Business Listing. We walked the streets of Melbourne and Sydney to data collect publicly available information such as their contact details, address and services available, and then we digitised it so that potential customers can search by service and suburb. We help customers find you online and then we send them your way (for free! We do not charge commission for your online bookings.). As Australia’s largest platform for beauty and wellness, we have 10,000+ venues online and we are only in two cities so far. Our recurring customer rate on Honee is increasing at an exponential rate and it is because the most engaged businesses get highlighted in our search algorithm – so they get the most benefits and exposure on our platform. The rates are even higher for the venues that are operating their business on our salon management software, HoneeComb. Keep your Honee Business Listing up to date, sign up to our free online bookings by going to au and one of our support team will contact you to set the rest up! All booking requests from customers will be sent to your mobile and email. The future of Honee is in the hands of our visionary clients – who have been instrumental in helping us mold the future of the industry. No matter what we are developing, the goal is always to help them grow their business from strength to strength, so the neverending plan is to build features for the beauty and wellness space. | 25


Changing the Face of Beauty and


Training Heading to TAFE for beauty therapy training is a whole new experience at Box Hill Institute due to revolutionary changes.

Make up for the Hair Expo GenNext Gala by the Box Hill Institute Make Up Team.


Hair and Makeup by Box Hill Institute Educators for the Kabuki photo shoot.

ew Head of Beauty and Aesthetics, Hayley Whittle-Campbell, says Box Hill Institute decided that specialisation in the beauty industry was the key to success, which is why Box Hill Institute has adopted a bespoke approach that prioritises a creative approach over traditional therapist training options. Students in the new spa and wellness specialisation will enjoy interactive industry product and training seminars covering beauty treatments, body massage, aromatherapy, spa body treatments, spa skin rejuvenation treatments, and integrated wellbeing services. Moving beyond traditional beauty treatments towards higher value services, students can choose the permanent hair removal and cosmeceuticals specialisation, training in laser hair removal and microdermabrasion as a pathway to chemical peels, dermal fillers, neurotoxins, and cosmetic threads. “A host of partners work with us in beauty and aesthetics including the Cosmetic Institute of Australia (CIOA), Dermalogica, Uspa, Sustainable Salons Australia, Kryolan, Girlie Cosmetics, and Eve Taylor Aromatherapies,” explains Whittle-Campbell. “The course is designed for students to master and thrive through inspired ideas and exceptional industry practices. They benefit from tapping into a hand-picked industry team who provide powerful mentorship, advice, and direction.” Box Hill Institute beauty educators and students gained invaluable industry experience recently when they contributed to the Kabuki project. “Our team was mentored by multi-award winning session make-up artist, Sarah Laidlaw, who worked on our Kabuki photoshoot,” says Whittle-Campbell. “The results are stunning with images being published worldwide.” 26 | SPA+CLINIC

“The second part of the Kabuki project saw the Box Hill Institute make-up team work on the opening presentation for the GenNext Gala stage show at Hair Expo. “Creating make-up looks to match the avantgarde hair and flame-inspired fashion by awardwinning fashion alumnus Tess Whitford was a great experience for the team,” she explains. “Showcasing their excellence on stage to a huge audience at the Melbourne Convention Centre was a highlight.” New facilities at Box Hill Institute’s Elgar (Box Hill) and Lilydale Lakeside campuses are contributing to the reinvention of the Beauty and Aesthetic faculty. The new Skin Clinic @BHI features an eighttreatment room training and commercial clinic designed to provide students with genuine clinical client experience from hands-on treatments to retail sales. The new Lilydale Lakeside campus boasts a day spa and beauty teaching rooms and includes accommodation for residential training and weekend retreats. “The accommodation at the Lilydale campus opens up new course delivery opportunities. The spa and wellness specialisation can be done online with intensive residential studies at the campus. “The new direction in beauty and aesthetics places Box Hill Institute well and truly at the forefront of 21st century training,” Whittle-Campbell says. “There will be more.” For enquiries, e-mail H.Whittle-Campbell@boxhill. or call (03) 9286 9471.

The Bodhi J Story From humble beginnings to household name, TANIA AND DANNY TAYLOR have shaped the spa scene in WA like no other brand. Now, with their fifth and most luxurious Bodhi J spa open in The Westin Perth, the sky is the limit for the two.


y partner Danny and I founded Bodhi J in 2007. It’s now Western Australia’s premiere award-winning natural and organic spa group. Each of our four Bodhi J Spas is a restorative sanctuary where you can leave the real world behind and go on a journey of complete and utter relaxation and renewal. We also have a Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio at the Qantas Perth International Transit Lounge. Long before others considered a holistic approach to beauty in WA, we established our first all-natural wellness destination in Wembley; Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa. Having developed a passion for holistic wellness in my own personal life journey, the philosophy of Bodhi J mirrors my own. This means that Bodhi J uses only 100% natural and organic products and holistic therapies that enhance the guest’s overall wellbeing. Drawing on our extraordinary passion for wellness coupled with a background in hospitality and retail, I believe our professionalism, dynamism and strong customer-focused approach has ensured the continued success of Bodhi J. Following the success of our Wembley Spa, we opened Bodhi J Wellness Retreat Pier Street in 2015. In 2017 we launched Bodhi J at Injidup Spa Retreat in the Margaret River region. More recently we opened a Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio at the Qantas Perth International 28 | SPA+CLINIC

Transit Lounge to support passengers travelling on the new Perth – London Dreamliner route, and in April 2018 we launched our most luxurious Bodhi J Spa yet at the brand new 5-star Westin Perth. We started as a luxurious day spa and now have moved more fully into the wellness space with an extension of our services to include infrared sauna, yoga, sound healing, mindfulness and meditation offerings, and grown from one spa to five Bodhi J wellness destinations. Our care and attention for each and every single client continues to be second to none. Feedback from each and every guest’s experience is always carefully recorded so that subsequent spa visits can be tailored to their personal preferences. Whilst in our care, our guests are our world. Our goal is to strive and surpass any previous spa experience – every single time! Opening our fifth spa inside the Westin Perth meant not having complete control of the spa design and layout, as we’ve had when we have designed and run our own spas for so long. But the spa space at the hotel is stand-out and has a beautiful energy of its own, flooded with daylight and complete with a ceiling to floor 15 metre wide water wall taking centre stage! It’s been a challenge we’ve embraced and we are very proud of the partnership with The Westin, and of the new Bodhi J Spa offering at the property.


Take your appointment book mobile Treat your guests to the ultimate experience enhanced by the latest mobile technologies

Each of our spas is beautiful and unique, and has its own particular features and personality, but if we had to pick one, our favourite would be Bodhi J at Pier Street. This is because we created this spa completely ourselves, from start to finish. We found the property, designed the layout and even worked alongside the tradesmen in the construction. We put our heart and soul into it! We’re focused on delivering the best holistic spa and wellness experiences in Western Australia and beyond, with a carefully curated collection of pure Australian eco-luxe products. More and more we’re being asked if we’ll take the Bodhi J concept over East, to which we respond ‘never say never!’ The demand for wellness services is on the rise on both sides of the country, and Bodhi J is unique in that we offer a more natural and holistic approach to spa coupled with incredible customer service. I honestly LOVE receiving treatments and could quite happily lay there all day and be nurtured (not that this ever happens... I wish!). I definitely try and have treatments regularly as some time out for me. In our recruitment process also, I make sure I have a treatment with every single new Bodhi J therapist to ensure they have the healing and nurturing touch required to deliver amazing experiences to our guests. My favourite treatments are the Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment, it’s a beautiful combination of massage and energy work to reset the body and mind, and the Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age Defying Facial, which is the most luxurious and indulgent facial experience ever. To someone wanting to open their first spa or salon, I would say, be prepared to put a lot of work into your business. You need to be incredibly passionate about what you do and what your business offers. Choose your people wisely. Ensure your team as well as the brands you align yourself with all share your core values. It’s also crucial that your team offer a consistent level of service to gain your customers’ trust in your offering and brand.











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Hiring Staff Based On Cultural Fit Finding staff that fits your brand, your team, and your values is hard. MICHELLE REEVE explains why you may want to rethink your interview questions.


any of us in business can tell people what we do. If we are really good at what we do, then we know exactly how we do it. That’s your USP, ‘Unique Selling Proposition’, those points of distinction and difference that make you shine in the market place. But, if you’re extraordinary, that’s when you can clearly articulate your vision. That is why you do what you do, the inspiration and passion that drives culture, philosophy and ultimately shapes your product. When you find customers who innately align with your values and beliefs, then the result is a loyal lifetime following. This is the theory 30 | SPA+CLINIC

eloquently modelled as the ‘Golden Circle’, by change agent and international thought leader, Simon Sinek. And there is strong physiological science for us as business leaders to pay attention and think about our salon, clinic or spa culture in this way. The part of the brain that controls language and logic, the part that understands information arranged as features and benefits takes place within our cerebral cortex. This is the most recently evolved part of our brain. It functions to process data. Helpful definitely, but here’s the thing. That’s not the part of the brain we use to make decisions. It is in the more primal lizard brain what we

intuit choices. What we will buy, who we will marry, where we want to work. And guess what? This part of the brain has no capacity for language. The limbic system is emotional. It relies on feelings. You can list all the really great reasons why someone is the ideal romantic prospect but unless you feel it… well, you know how it goes. Simon is clear that “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Business for us at the moment is good. Expansion plus a wave of long service leave means new hires. It’s exciting watching your team grow. It is also harrowing! Ensuring the right fit can be tricky. Organisational culture,


business performance, market perception and ultimately the bottom line are all impacted by each and every individual. Each person in our company is an ambassador of our brand. They showcase the values, ethics and philosophy to our guests, suppliers and account to each other. This then directly influences the success of our growth and profitability. We think about applying the conversation of why to attracting the right customer. But Simon’s concept really shines a light on the potential within the process of recruitment. Attracting the right team member really comes down to cultural fit and aligned values. To attract new customers we need to be communicating why we do what we do before what we do. We need to story-tell the passion, drivers and values that inspired the vision to create our business in the beginning in order to attract the customer that will loyally align with our brand. Yet when we hire new therapists and team members the discussion is often around skillset, experience and performance. What if we interviewed on values first? What if questions were framed to highlight cultural fit? When you think about applying this idea to the recruitment process it really begins to change the conversation. From advertising the position, to the interview, to how we then integrate induction, training and career paths. Capacity is easily demonstrated by a diploma in beauty coupled with a proven work history. And we know that to implement our unique selling

proposition there will be specialised training to reflect treatment delivery in line with our organisation’s ‘why’. So why don’t we use this time to see if the candidate is the right cultural fit? Someone who will exemplify our vision and be a loyal gatekeeper of our philosophy and values? Why aren’t we using this time to define the qualities that training programs can never genuinely cultivate? When you hire on task outcomes, employees work for money. “But when you hire on values, when they believe in what you believe, then they will work for the shared vision,” says Simon Sinek. Heart and soul become real currency when it comes to remuneration. The emerging market of millennials is driven by experience and story-telling. They want to align with organisations that reflect their own values and drivers. Assets and ownership have been trumped by experiences, lifestyle and contribution. They seek authenticity and transparency not just as consumers but within every element of their life. Juicy pay packets are not enough. Employment is not just a transaction. Millennials want to be hired on why. They want to make an impact. We all strive for purpose, to go to work and deliver genuine meaning. We gain significance in the work force by knowing how we serve our guests and organisation. Then why aren’t we asking the questions that embody this? What drew you to the industry in the first place? What is your passion? What do you love most about our industry? What

are your personal values? What attracted you to your clinic, spa or salon? Therapists then stop thinking about their appointment as a mere ‘facial booking’ and start thinking about partnerships and longer term skin plans with their guest. We start to capture the lifetime value of our customers. When we are clear around our organisation's why we can develop a congruent in-house language to reflect this. We stop relying on the subjective qualities of those we employ and recognise that we need to invest into how we greet, host and deliver treatments. How our language and scripting reflects these values. How we rebook, upgrade and retail to intensify treatment results. How we follow up and continue the guest experience long after the treatment has ended. Hiring on why enables us to identify those therapists from the outset who will not only share our passion but eagerly represent and implement our how. The workforce is definitely changing. As a company maturing into our second decade of operation, our team is both growing and ripening into a steady stream of well-deserved long service leave takers. More interviewing for us, but if we start the process being clear on our why, then the result is an invested team that is eager to respond with “Why Not!” Michelle Reeve is the founder and director of Australia’s Waterlily Skin Body Spa products and protocols and the new SpaCeuticals range. | 31


Insta-Trap Everybody loves Instagram, but if you’re not careful, you could find an infringement notice in your mailbox soon.


nstagram has become an incredibly important tool for a spa’s or clinic’s marketing. As our industry is obviously based on aesthetics and visual results, apps like Instagram allow a business owner or clinician to share their work with the world, and therefore, potential clients. The possibilities for your Instagram content are endless: Posting pictures of your rooms, showing how your treatments work, interviewing staff, and of course, posting before and after images of your patients – all of which will make you seem more approachable and take the guesswork out of someone interested in seeing you for a treatment. Posting original content is key to growing your followers, but sometimes it’s funny quotes or a picture of a celebrity that get the most likes. Reposting something you’ve seen on another person’s account is something every Instagram user has done before, but do you realise you’re infringing on copyright? Social media has turned copyright laws upside down and created a lot of blurred lines – at least that’s what it seems like – but the shocking truth is, you cannot post a picture you haven’t taken unless you have the copyright owner’s permission (and make that in writing). “But everybody’s doing it!” might be your comeback, and while this may be true, it doesn’t make it legal. 99% of people posting other people’s content will get away with it, mostly because it’s a) hard to find out if someone’s using your content without permission; and b) most of the time not worth it taking someone to court over one image. However, Instagram makes the rules pretty clear: “Under Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, you can only post content to Instagram if it doesn’t violate the intellectual property rights of another party. The best way to help make sure that the content you post to Instagram doesn’t violate copyright law is to only post content that you’ve created yourself,” is stated on Instagram’s website. 32 | SPA+CLINIC

“You might also be able to use someone else’s content on Instagram if you’ve gotten permission (for example, a license), or if your use is covered by fair use or some other exception to copyright. It’s generally a good idea to get permission before posting content, and to get that permission in writing.” The easiest way to avoid copyright infringement is therefore to stick to original content that you’ve created yourself. If you find something on another profile you are desperate to repost, ask them first. Note that popular apps, such as ‘Repost for Instagram’ make it easier to re-publish something taken from another account, but they don’t make it any less illegal. Moreover, giving credit to the original owner does not suffice as permission. Especially if your Instagram has cracked the 1,000 follower mark, or in some cases of bigger brands, the 10,000 mark, be extra mindful of your content as your wider reach will make you a bigger target for copyright lawyers. Just remember, when in doubt, don’t post it. Of course, this means that you should also be on the lookout for people using your content. In the often confusing world of likes and followers, some people may think they’re doing you a favour if they repost your images as long as they give you credit for it. However, even if they mean well, remember it’s completely up to you whether you allow them to use your content or not. If you find a stolen image, make sure you screenshot it and contact the user who posted it, either asking them to take it down, or to clearly tag you (whichever you prefer). Communicating with the person should always be the first step before involving lawyers. You can also report the incident to Instagram via a form on their website or within the app. What sounds like an over-the-top cautiousness to using the popular image sharing app, is the only way to stay out of a legal battle. Besides, original content is always best.


Why choose between great results and an uplifting, authentic and beautiful experience. With Medik8, you can have both. Discover more today.


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is everything’

Spring Spa Wear is your one stop shop for all things spa and beauty. Full range of spa bed linen, uniforms and more. View and shop for our entire collection online.

We will be at the

SYDNEY BEAUTY EXPO STAND 117 Please come by and visit us to feel, touch and try on our uniforms.

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Take ME

The doors to Brisbane’s new, cool kid on the block are open with W Hotel welcoming guests to its first Australian location since June this year. The iconic hotel includes the chain’s own AWAY Spa ready to pamper travellers and locals alike. NADINE DILONG shares her experience.


hen you check in to your hotel and throw your sightseeing plans overboard just to stay in your room, you know you’ve chosen the right accommodation. Brisbane’s newly opened W Hotel is so much more than just a place to sleep, offering everything a guest could want from top-notch restaurants to a funky rooftop pool and bar, a pillow menu, eclectic art at every corner, and of course, a five-star spa with so many points of difference, it’s hard to decide where to begin. Located on level five with breathtaking views of Brisbane’s Southbank thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, AWAY Spa can be divided into three areas: Renowned celebrity hair stylist Edwards And Co facilitates guests with hair services on one side, while the beautiful treatment rooms make up the other side, adjacent to the spa amenities open to all hotel guests. These include vitality pools, relaxation pods, rain showers, his-and-hers salt inhalation chambers and aromatherapy steam rooms – enough to fill an entire afternoon even if you haven’t booked a treatment. When I arrive at the spa’s reception, the beautiful waiting area with indirect lighting, vibrant tropical artwork, and a drink station offering VitaJuwel crystal infused water immediately makes me feel relaxed. I’m booked in for a body treatment using Skeyndor products, but before we start, I am offered a beverage from their spa menu, which includes curated drinks with added health benefits, such as a probiotic, lactose-free matcha latte or a gut health tea. After filling out the client card, I am taken to my treatment room, a large, light-filled space with a stateof-the-art heated treatment bed, a curved sofa and a foot bath waiting for me to step into. My wonderful therapist Helena explains the ‘Sapphire Rewire Wrap’ treatment to me and shows me the electric blue scrub she’s going to use all over my body, as well as a selection of different crystals she will incorporate into my massage. The crystals help reenergise my body to 36 | SPA+CLINIC

help with fatigue and stress, she explains, as I get more and more excited to enter into a state of pure bliss. Helena starts with my legs and works her way up to my shoulders, and after about 45 minutes of scrubbing and massaging oil deep into my skin, it’s time for a shower. The treatment room includes a full bathroom equipped with a rain shower perfect to rinse off the Sapphire scrub, but this isn’t where the treatment ends. Once I’m clean and back on the warm, soft treatment bed, Helena starts the gemstone massage. One after the other, the stones are placed on different spots on my body, such as my abdomen, my back, and my forehead. Helena then gently massages my body, stones in hand, which feels surprisingly good as the polished crystals are smooth and round, moulded perfectly to every curve of the body. After about an hour, my treatment is over, but the spa experience isn’t. This is what differentiates a good spa from a fantastic spa, as the time before and after a treatment is just as important as the treatment itself, framing the overall experience and making it a day to remember. Helena guides me to the post-treatment lounge area, where relaxation pods (white, ergonomically shaped beds) invite guests to keep on relaxing while sipping on a drink of your choice (a naughty tasting but apparently healthy chocolate tea in my case) and gazing out the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the iconic Wheel of Brisbane.


Helena suggests staying away from water for a few hours to let the luxurious Skeyndor products nourish my skin, so I wait until night time to go back to AWAY Spa to make use of the steam room, sauna, and pool. W Hotel has of course thought of everything guests may need; I find the changing room area stocked with small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, and body lotion as well as combs and vanity kits. The staff are incredibly thoughtful and professional throughout my entire stay, and I find myself not wanting to leave AWAY Spa wishing I had more time to enjoy all the amenities. It’s really not surprising the W Hotel group has gone from humble beginnings in New York in 1998 to near world domination in less than 20 years. With currently 78 hotels worldwide, the hotel chain has garnered somewhat of a cult-following with guests everywhere assured they get the iconic Whatever/Whenever service when staying at W. And as of now, they have one more fan looking forward to her next W Hotel and AWAY Spa experience. | 37

Seeking deeper change Melbourne based MISS FOX is so much more than just a spa. Owner VICTORIA FOX shares her story, and how beauty therapy services must start with self-care.


certainly didn’t enter the beauty industry to change the world. But a cosmetic treatment gone horribly wrong set me on a journey to deliver a ‘better kind of beauty therapy’. My background is academic, and my career background corporate. I had never thought of the beauty industry as a ‘real job’. In fact, I had never even had a facial before I opened my Day Spa. I always felt out of place at beauty and pampering venues, and on honest reflection I didn’t truly value (nor understand) what they did. As an executive for a multi-national company, I felt like I was “too busy” for selfcare and couldn’t see the return on investment. How things change. An unfortunate experience with a cosmetic doctor ended up permanently scarring me, physically and emotionally, and propelled me to learn more about this mysterious world of beauty and wellness. Recognising the highly vulnerable state people may be in when they seek beauty therapy, and driven by a desire to offer a safer, more caring service, in 2008 I started a non-invasive clinic for body and skin enhancement (called Shrinc). Whilst the clinical results we were achieving were phenomenal, the feeling I got from seeing people’s confidence improve was everything. We had women (and some men) finally begin to bring attention and affection towards body parts they had previously ignored, 38 | SPA+CLINIC

or completely hated. They were reconnecting with their body, they were regaining comfort in their appearance. But most of all, they were beginning to accept themselves just a little more. Something magical was happening and I could see progress on an outer level, and an inner level. Having struggled with my own body image issues, there was a deep element of care and compassion delivered in the ‘style’ of beauty therapy at Shrinc. I could relate to my clients’ struggles and I could deliver the words of encouragement I knew they needed to hear, because it’s what I had needed to hear before I booked into that silly cosmetic procedure all those years ago. The clinic naturally evolved into a holistic service encompassing nutrition, weight management, skincare and detoxification. But when people resonated with our style of service so much that they started asking for nails, waxing and more, we realised we might need to expand. Such was the success and the demand for this type of care, that it inspired an entire beauty and wellbeing wonderland, which manifested as MISS FOX. MISS FOX was born in 2010, based on a dream of a magical beauty destination where one could experience their highest nature, and decadent nurture. It had been inspired in part by my travels — the polished service from sophisticated boutique department


stores in New York, meeting the opulent “absolutely, whatever you want, ma’am” glamour of high-end Las Vegas. There is a scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy is getting ready to meet the Wizard, and is whisked around the ‘wash and brush’ salon to have her hair, makeup and nails prettied. “Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?,” she says, “uh-huh!,” they reply. That ‘you can have it all’ service was MISS FOX. It was still underpinned by the same values as my first clinic – that deep element of care inherent in the entire beauty experience, a five-star service environment and doing things differently to the industry norm. But this creation was on another level, a glittering department store of beauty, serving the who’s who of where’s where. After seven years in the industry, and 33 years into this life, I had an existential crisis of sorts – a breakdown meets breakthrough. What was once important no longer was, and that which I held to as my ‘identity’ began to crumble. It was all still there, but the awards, success and ‘things’ became meaningless, almost overnight. A very well packaged life on the outside revealed a deep emptiness inside. There was something missing. At my lowest point, the darkest night of my soul, I made a decision. That I would invest as much time and energy as I had into my business, into understanding, accepting and building a relationship with myself. Now, I seek to use MISS FOX as a platform for deeper change – for beauty therapy within and without. What started as a house of spectacular beauty and grooming services has since matured into a cool, caring and conscious collective for self-care. It’s been a very personal journey and incredibly challenging, but we (my business and myself) have never felt more authentic than we do now. At MISS FOX we seek to create beautiful experiences that help people reconnect with themselves – their body, mind and spirit. We believe time spent cultivating a better relationship with yourself is not only amply rewarding, but essential for your own wellbeing – as well as that of those around you (after all, you’re so much nicer when you like yourself). We believe that when people

take care of themselves, they feel good about themselves. When people feel good about themselves it has a ripple effect on the people around them. So, through taking care of yourself, you make a positive contribution to the world around you. We’ve slowly refined our service to offer more body-positive, more emotionally-conscious and more inspiring services and stories, whilst still maintaining our luxury feel and exceptional standards. We’ve mindfully reviewed the suppliers and brands we chose to work with, the team that serves you, and we’ve embedded social giving into everything we do. We facilitate an experience of self-care by going deeper into beauty therapy, with services such as wellbeing counselling, gut health and nutrition advisory, holistic skin therapies and even energetic healing modalities, which sit side by side with traditional grooming treatments such as nails, skin and body. Through our workshops and events we desire to cultivate inner beauty through topics such as Love and Relationships, Emotional Self-Care, Positive Self Talk, and The Mind/Gut Connection. I also run an online series called ‘The Art of Self’ that discusses the science of personal transformation, and the art of ‘inner magic’. MISS FOX continues to grow and expand our way of thinking and being, taking steps towards being the best we can be, as a brand, business, team and community. It is our intention to deliver a safe space for sacred self-care, and to raise the confidence, happiness and wellbeing of everyone that enters our realm. It’s empowering and enlightening beauty therapy, all beautifully packaged for the modern woman and man. Don’t worry, we haven’t taken away the Champagne Bar (and nor would we!). One of my favourite quotes is by Ghandi, who said you must “be the change you wish to see in the world”. We create our own reality, and the outer world is simply a mirror of our inner world. Ghandi says you must work on yourself for a better world. Which makes changing the world very simple. Not easy, simple: Just focus on yourself. Find out more AT

To join in the Art of Self series, send an email to | 39


Caring For

Cancer Patients Going through a cancer treatment often leaves patients feeling achy and unhappy in their bodies. A relaxing massage can make a world of difference, which is why spas and clinics shouldn’t be afraid to offer their services to those affected by cancer. Here’s what you need to know.


or years, there have been rumours that massages and other spa treatments can spread cancer cells in the body, making many spas hesitant to treat cancer patients. The truth, however, is that massages not only don’t pose a risk for cancer patients, but also help them feel good in what can be a challenging time. “Science has proven that massages do not spread cancer cells. Specific oncology massage, and other related spa treatments performed by appropriately trained professionals, has no more impact on circulation than exercise and normal physical movement,” explains Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko, Director of Wellac Lifestyle, a wellness centre for those that have been affected by cancer. “Lymphatic and general blood circulation occurs naturally as we move. Research has shown that cancer develops and spreads because of changes to a cell’s DNA and genetic mutations. Having said this, tumour or treatment sites should not be massaged to avoid discomfort or pressure on the affected area and underlying organs. Light, relaxing massage (oncology massage) by a trained therapist, can safely be given to people at all stages of cancer.” According to the Cancer Council Australia, studies have shown that massages can help reduce certain side effects that patients going through chemotherapy can experience, such as pain, fatigue, nausea, and even anxiety and depression. “Other benefits may include improvements in sleep, managing neuropathy, quality of life, mental clarity, and also meaningful social interaction, Dr Thornton-Benko adds. Another popular treatment for cancer patients is reflexology. “Reflexology is a treatment that is very gentle as only the feet, face, ears or hands need to be accessed to receive the therapy. The human body is divided into different 40 | SPA+CLINIC

zones. Reflexology works by stimulating nerve endings within these zones, promoting relaxation. There is some evidence that reflexology can help people relax and cope with stress and anxiety, promote pain relief, lift mood and give a feeling of wellbeing. It may also relieve some of the side effects related to certain cancer treatments.” And it’s not just the actual touch that clients enjoy, but naturally the entire experience is a welcome change from the often difficult and painful cancer treatment. “The therapies are often given with background calming music and using soothing non-irritant oil. In appropriate circumstances aromatherapy may also be used, although skill and care has to be taken with essential oils to avoid unwanted effects.” If your spa or clinic is interested in offering massages and reflexology for cancer patients, it is wise to invest in special training. “Specialised training is available for previously qualified remedial massage therapists and previously trained general reflexologists to give them the tools and knowledge to work safely and effectively with clients/patients who have a current or past history of cancer. This training allows them to take into account any contraindications that may be present and to design and implement a safe and effective treatment plan for the client.” “Factors such as positioning, pressure, length and frequency of treatment are all taken into account, as well as if there are areas to avoid if lymph nodes have been removed, or if any ports or stomas are present. Too deep pressure in the wrong area could possibly lead to lymphoedema, or increase severity of symptoms such as fatigue.” “Furthermore, massage and wellness/spa techniques may need to be adapted for patients/clients who are currently having cancer treatment, are weak, have bone fractures; arthritis; have heart problems; or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Therefore it is definitely recommended to go to a therapist and wellness/spa centre who have the extra skills, experience and oncology training.”

Join us at Beauty Expo Stand E133 Sep 8-9

Elevate Your Dressing Rooms These luxury dressing room alternatives will not only create a stunning environment for your visitors, but leave a lasting impression that will keep clients coming back again and again.


e all know that it’s often the tiniest details and small, finishing touches that can leave the biggest impression - everything from your signature fragrance to the little rituals you incorporate into your treatment, like the use of crystals or Tibetan Bells. One way you can create a truly memorable experience for clients is maxing out your dressing room. Spa change rooms can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience for clients, particularly for those with timid personalities and especially when it is a shared space. Even the most confident clients don’t often feel right at home when stripping off and walking around between rooms in nothing but a robe and a disposable G. Clients should be taken on a journey the moment they step through your doors - your dressing rooms are just as much a part of your spa as your treatment rooms, so by no means should they be an exception. So why not make them such a delightful experience that your clients completely forget to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable? We can guarantee they will be blown away by a plush dressing space, and it will definitely play a major role in how they promote your facilities to others. There are a number of ways in which you can wow clients in a dressing room, but we can definitely recommend two key points: 1. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, and 2. No detail is too small. 42 | SPA+CLINIC

Here are our top recommendations to take your change rooms to the next level:

Comfy Disposables Client comfort is key, so don’t scrimp on your disposables - they aren’t all made the same. Opt for the most comfortable disposable G-strings and bras available. This can make a huge difference, particularly if your client has only experienced the cheap-n-nasties before. Nine times out of ten, they will notice. Opting for black is also a wise choice, as clients will appreciate the added coverage this provides. Disposable hair ties are also a wonderful touch. They are a lowcost, low-fuss alternative to conventional hair ties, and we all know the hassle of searching around the spa to find that missing hair tie because your client forgot theirs - not to mention unnecessary timewaste! Clients may also appreciate the opportunity to prep their hair themselves before they head into treatment. Another tiny but super impactful touch is wet wipes or disposable hand towels for the way out. If your client is heading to work, a meeting or social engagement after treatment, they certainly won’t want oily hands or feet, and will absolutely love you for helping them get squeaky clean before getting on with their day.


Fab Robes

Satin Serenity


Dare to branch out and add a bit of flair with your slippers and robes. There’s no rule saying you have to go with the conventional waffle or terry toweling designs, and you’ll create a real talking point for visitors if you choose to mix it up with something a little more creative. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort either! There are plenty of options out there that are both fabulous to look at and a pleasure to wear. Satin Serenity offer heavenly body wraps that are ideal for spas wanting to provide maximum comfort, with silky satin on the outside in a variety of colour options, and cuddly mink-like fabric on the inside. These can also be customised to your spa, with names and logos embroidered on in your brand’s colours. If you’re after a more conventional robe style or something to provide that extra coverage, Neue Blvd have some gorgeous options too. The Amour 2.0 Robe is made from a soft and breathable 100% cotton viscose and includes monograming of your choice. Or how about the Amour 2.0 Boyfriend Shirt for something a little different?

Neue Blvd




Neue Blvd


Accessories Providing your clients somewhere safe to stash their jewellery is a must, and this can absolutely be a statement piece too. Providing a very special jewellery box or trinket dish will also make your clients feel as though you value them and their possessions, a sentiment which will be highly appreciated by those wearing valuable or sentimental pieces. Remember when we said no detail was too small? Every personalised item will add to the overall effect, and a statement keychain will sure make it difficult for clients to misplace their locker key. Neue Blvd and The Daily Edited both offer gorgeous options for stand-out, monogrammed keychains in various designs.

The same applies to slippers. Forgo the usual waffles or disposable thongs in favour of something a little more exciting! Our top slipper picks are Mara&Mine, for utter luxury and complete fuzzy comfort. Their gorgeous boutique is based in Sydney’s Paddington, but never fear - they ship worldwide. Your client’s feet will not only be in heaven but you will undoubtedly rack up some serious social media mentions from them with these pretty little things!

Statement Scents

Mews Collective


Now for the finishing touch - cap off the experience with a signature fragrance. Again, there are countless options that will offer both breathtaking fragrance and visual wow-factor, like Mews Collective, whose bold, eclectic range of candles and diffusers are like nothing you’ve seen before. Their products are hand-poured in Australia in customdesigned, uniquely-shaped ceramic vessels, using high quality perfumes, nontoxic wax and lead-free cotton wicks. | 43


We are individuals who think about the present, the world, our neighbors, our purpose and the future, to deliver daily concepts and elevated everyday products.


Your unique scrubbers and beauty tools for the ultimate bath, shower and self care experience.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Tested, Clinically, Allergy and Dermatologist (never on animals) – Cruelty free. Functional packaging to hang in your bathroom / shower. Label with indicator that fades when it’s time to replace your scrubber. Natural Cotton Base layer and Nylon Exfoliating loop for complete exfoliation. Environmentally friendly soy based foam. Designed in LA. Made in North America. (Patent pending technology)









De'Veneys Beauty & Spa Accessories Level 22, Westfeild Tower 2, 101 Grafton St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Stand D112 at the International Beauty Expo Sydney 2018 Orders Placed at the show will go into the draw to win a Flight Centre Voucher valued at $400











Keep Calm

drink tea


Every good spa will offer tea and coffee to their clients, but it may be time to spruce up your tea menu with one of these beauty-boosting blends.


hanks to the immense British influence Australia experiences to this day, tea is a big part of our lives. Whether you drink it in the morning to get you going, in the afternoon to take a break, or at night to help you relax, the options are endless, as well as the different types of tea and their health benefits. Chance are you’re already offering tea as a drink to your clients, but if all you’re currently stocking is Earl Grey and Green, take a look at these tea options that not only taste delicious, but also boost inner health and beauty.

Tea Tonic Blue Magic Tea Many companies are born of altruistic ideas but what is rare is one that can stick steadfast to these over 20 years of business growth. Tea Tonic is one of them. Right from its humble beginnings Tea Tonic has followed the philosophy of 'Food is Medicine'. The Blue Magic Tea enhances beauty with all-natural ingredients Butterfly Pea, Chamomile, and Rose. It’s caffeine free and naturally blue in colour. Add lemon for it to change to purple. Magic!

T2 Organic Beauty Queen T2 is well-known, and all about reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf, and sharing teas with anyone who’ll listen. Tea is an opportunity to connect, understand and share with the world the love for tea. If beauty lies within, then this tea’s drop dead gorgeous. The perfect addition to your daily ritual, this blend is rich with skin-loving ingredients like green tea, jasmine, nettle leaves, liquorice root and moringa. Sip and let this beautifying blend leave you feeling flawless.

Duquessa Complexion Tea Duquessa Clinic’s Katherine Millar-Shannon has released three herbal teas to complement her aesthetic services. Complexion Tea is a strong earthy grounding tea combining sweetness and spice. With key ingredients including ginger, dandelion, cinnamon and chicory, along with the nutrient powerhouse Nettle Leaf, this tea is all about cleansing the body. It targets the main detoxifying organs, such as the liver and kidneys, to create a glowing complexion from the inside out. All tea blends are organic and caffeine free.

Awe Ayurvedic Teas Awe Ayurvedic herbal teas are ideal to sip throughout the day, especially in the cooler months. The herbal tea blends are designed for each dosha, and can be considered seasonally as well. They contain organic ingredients and are caffeine free. Kapha and Vata are both excellent for winter and spring, with immunity sometimes lower due to the cold and wet conditions. Pitta is ideal for summer and can be enjoyed as an iced tea, perfect for Pitta types, who generally don’t deal well with excessive heat. 46 | SPA+CLINIC

Massaging Mums-To-Be More and more women realise the importance of self-care during pregnancy. CATHERINE MCINERNEY talks about the privilege of massaging mothers-to-be.


t is an honour to have the experience of nurturing and supporting women through pregnancy in this time of change and growth. Let’s consider we are massaging not one person but two (or more). Supporting a woman through pregnancy engages a lifetime of connection with your client that carries on from the birth of her baby. Pregnancy is a constant state of change; it is never static. We need to open our minds to this and continue to reflect on this. Our focus for care is for the mother, however, we must remember we are massaging not just the mother, but we are influencing the baby as well. Pregnancy massage requires a unique set of skills to specialise in perinatal care. A clear understanding of what safe practices are, and how we integrate these skills into our practices is vital. Expectant mums need to know that the many discomforts of pregnancy and pain during pregnancy can be relieved. Pregnancy Massage Australia® Training delivers unique specialised massage treatments that focus on nurturing both mother and baby during this exciting time. The training will help you gain a greater understanding of the complex changes occurring in pregnancy, as well as allow you to deliver specialist pregnancy massage, filling mums with confidence knowing they are in trusted hands. Knowing how to meet the varying needs of each pregnant client requires comprehensive knowledge of the changes in pregnancy through each trimester. Did you know you can ease the common discomforts such as lower back and hip pain, cramping in the legs and oedema along with rib discomfort, shoulder and neck pain? Pregnancy massages also help manage abdominal changes and encourage a mother-baby connection. Our treatment protocols are delivered with a focus on safety and best treatment outcomes to maximise the benefits for both mum and baby. Following the pregnancy journey, you will become familiar with how unique each trimester is and how treatment is developed. Catherine McInerney is the Director of Pregnancy Massage Australia® and is Australia’s leading expert educator in Perinatal Massage. Catherine’s training is supported by current research demonstrating the many varied techniques of massage that can be applied safely in pregnancy.

Discover the benefits of how Ayurvedic ingredients, natural bio-availability enhancers and modern peptides, including our own proprietary Pro-Youth Complex TM formula, combine in a holistic skin care range.


The Dark Side Of The Fragrance Industry

Scent is such an important aspect of any spa or salon. From the way your rooms smell thanks to diffusers or candles to the fragrance your patients inhale during a facial or body treatment, but have you ever considered that not all that smells nice is good for your wellbeing? MALA MCALPIN investigates.


longside countless women, celebrated Australian author Kate Grenville once associated perfume with beauty and elegance - up until the headaches began. Earlier this year, she released a new non-fiction novel called 'The Case Against Fragrance', which details her investigations into the fragrance industry, and the dark truths about the hidden chemicals and artificial substances contained within not just perfume and cosmetics, but room fragrances, cleaners and countless other common household and luxury lifestyle products, even some of our best professional skincare and bodycare ranges. The idea for the book was sparked back in 2015 while on book tour, during which Kate was experiencing ill-health, when she began asking herself “what’s in fragrance? Who tests it for safety? What does it do to people?” From there, she launched a full investigation for answers, and the book explores her findings based on careful research into the 48 | SPA+CLINIC

science of fragrance, and the gargantuan power the fragrance industry wields. A study entitled 'Health and societal effects from exposure to fragranced consumer products' was published by The University of Melbourne last year, for which they conducted a national survey regarding the use of fragranced consumer products. A huge 33% of respondents reported adverse effects including headaches, migraines and asthma attacks. What’s even more disturbing is that over 16% of these would be classified as debilitating under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act standards. On top of this, 7.7% of respondents had missed working days as a result of illness from fragranced product exposure in the workplace, 16.4% had health problems caused by air fresheners or deodorisers, 15.3% from entering a room after it was cleaned with fragranced cleaners, and 16.7% stated they would leave a business as quickly as possible if exposed to fragranced products.

This is not the first study of its kind to be conducted, with countless released globally over the last two decades alone. And yet despite the well-known, widespread problems caused by artificial fragrances, the vast majority of Australian consumer products contain fragrance, and the industry remains rife with mystery. Take any bottle in your bathroom cabinet for example, turn it over and consult the ingredients list. Most of them will list ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’, but what are these derived from? Note that you won’t ever find a list of ingredients on your favourite cologne or Eau De Toilette like you will on any other cosmetic product. Why is this? And who is regulating this industry? Unfortunately, those currently in charge of assessing the use and safety of fragrance ingredients are also the very same ones making the perfume. As explained in Kate’s book, perfume manufacturers around the world got together in 1973 to form the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)


From my experience I believe there are only eight essential oils that contain no known sensitising compounds. in order to address growing consumer questions about fragrances. They operate under a completely self-regulated industry. According to the IFRA’s website “The IFRA Standards form the basis for the[...] self-regulating system of the industry, based on risk assessments carried out by an independent panel of experts.” This panel also happens to be funded by the IFRA. If this information hasn’t made you jump to any conclusions just yet, Kate also makes mention in 'The Case Against Fragrance' that publicly-available information from the IFRA, including published studies, actually acknowledges the negative health effects of some chemicals used in fragrance, including allergic sensitisation, even confirming that some are carcinogens. In the case of diffusers and room fragrance, the IFRA chooses to exempt a number of chemicals that are otherwise banned from topical fragrance or perfume, since they are not applied directly to the skin. But airborne molecules from chemicals are still inhaled by those within proximity and from there, absorbed into the bloodstream and lungs. We already know that perfume and fragrances can be a serious and even deadly problem for those with pre-existing health conditions. Brazilian Neurologist Professor Raimundo Silva-Néto, who often works with migraine sufferers, shows 86% of his patients have osmophobia (fragrance hypersensitivity) during an episode, and almost a quarter

100% of the time. Dr Rob Loblay from the Allergy Unit at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital says perfumes can cause symptoms like sneezing in allergy sufferers, and asthma. Australia CEO Michele Goldman reminds us that asthma remains a potentially lifethreatening illness, with perfumes, hair sprays and air fragrances being common triggers. These facts on their own do not easily sway consumers, who are often quick to conclude this as a problem for those already suffering to contend with. But perhaps these reactions in sensitive cases are indicative of the harmful nature behind these mystery perfume ingredients. And what are these anyway? Well, depending on the product, these can include methylated spirits, hormone disruptors like benzyl salicylate & benzoate, artificial colouring, or substances like hydroxycitronellal; which Dermatologists use to test for skin allergies. Other common ones include pinene and limonene; which upon contact with air produce known carcinogen formaldehyde which is why many fragrances advise ensuring a tight lid. But what about after it’s on our skin and clearly exposed to oxygen? These health concerns further highlight the need for natural alternatives throughout our industry - one that is absolutely flooded in artificial perfume. Luckily, the market for natural and organic perfumes is just beginning to gain traction, and we’re set to see some major growth over the next year. Melissa Allen, Founder of natural fragrance range

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials, agrees. “As humans we are exposed to so many chemicals each and every day so it’s important to be very mindful about the types of products we use and what the ingredients are. Our skin and body actually absorbs what we put on it so it was really important to me to create a fragrance that was completely natural. A lot of research has gone into creating these fragrances to ensure that they not only smell great, but to maintain the formulation of being 100% natural. This not only means that it is kind to your skin, but to the environment as well.” Ross McDougald, experienced chemist and founder of Biologi, warns that there can be hidden dangers associated with natural perfumes too. “Most fragrances use a mixture of synthetic compounds and essential oils to achieve their desired odour profile, usually in a synthetic base, such as a glycol derivative,” says Ross. “Many natural essential oils contain the same sensitising compounds as the fragrances do and there is also limits on many essential oils due to their potential to cause skin sensitisation. You will also find a list of these oils on the IFRA website. From my experience I believe there are only eight essential oils that contain no known sensitising compounds.” If you’d still like to invest in some all-natural options, here are some of our favourite alternatives for skin and spa:

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™

One Seed Parfume



Black Chicken Skypipe Oil Diffuser


Essentials In A Box Bamboo/Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser


Trend Facial Alert: Rollers

Rose Quartz facial rollers are all the rage at the moment. But are they more than just a pretty tool? We talked to RARE by LIVKIN founder, ALICIA JANE, who explained why she loves to use them.


arnessing the energy-based power and wisdom of crystals and gemstones is something we’ve become acquainted with as our culture becomes more aware of holistic beauty and healing. While you might already be familiar with skincare products infused with crystal minerals, yogis using them to help cleanse their aura during practice or meditation and celebs carrying crystals in their handbags, you might not be privy to a new crystal healing ritual that has made its way around the world. Crystal facial rollers are a holistic massage beauty tool designed to energise, balance and rejuvenate the mind, body, and skin.

What is a crystal facial roller? The roller often features a polished, oval-shaped crystal on one end used to massage the cheeks, forehead and chin and a smaller, round stone for the nose and beneath the eyes. One of the early adopters of crystal rollers is unique Australian skincare brand, RARE by LIVKIN. RARE has created a high performing luxury range of masks that are energised with crystal minerals and infused with ancient botanical wisdom and a newly discovered, mineral-rich New Zealand Glacial Clay. The brand introduced a rare rose quartz facial roller into their skincare range to further enhance the benefits customers experienced through their beauty rituals. “The roller takes the energetic powers of crystals to a sublime new dimension,” Alicia said. “The lymphatic massage the roller is used for increases blood circulation, brings oxygen deep into the skin layers, stimulates collagen production, helps with sinus issues and clarifies and rejuvenates the skin.” RARE’s crystal roller features two rose quartz crystals, however others feature jade, tourmaline or amethyst stones. “The rose quartz is referred to as the ‘love stone’ for its vibrations of unconditional love, warmth and healing. It helps to ease tension, 50 | SPA+CLINIC

increase self-love and soothe anxiety, all of which can be damaging to your skin,” Alicia said. The vibrations of love emitted from the stone and massaging ritual work to unclog the heart chakra, improve elasticity, tighten pores, even out the skin and reduce puffiness and dark circles. “We hold a lot of tension in our faces through our emotions. It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, and each can create lines and wrinkles through that tension of muscles. The rose quartz is one of the most beautifying and healing stones as it releases the tension and encourages calmness and restoration by bringing you the essence of unconditional love, passion and peace,” Alicia said.

How do I use a crystal facial roller? Start by applying your favourite oil or serum to your face. Work from the centre of your face and roll the crystals gently along your skin; upward and outward. Start with the chin before moving onto the cheeks and forehead and finally to your collarbones and neck.

How do I clean my crystal roller after each use? To recharge the crystal’s vibrations ahead of your next ritual, wash your roller in salt water or leave it in a dry bowl of salt overnight. The salt absorbs any negative energies so they don’t filter into your skin during your next use. Make sure you pat your roller dry to protect the metal components.

Where should I store my crystal roller? For additional healing benefits and a deeper detoxification, place your rose quartz roller in the fridge or freezer. The temperature drop further aids in draining congested lymph nodes, circulating the blood and calming inflamed and delicate skin. For more information on crystal-infused skincare and rose quartz rollers, visit




WEEKEND Hundreds of businesses in over 50 countries will take wellness to the next level this September, encouraging people to improve their wellbeing through an enhanced lifestyle.


iscoveries in epigenetics show that although people may have a genetic predisposition to certain pathologies, their lifestyle has the biggest influence on how genes express themselves. In a way, our DNA is like a loaded gun, but it is really the way we sleep, eat, exercise, cope with stress and engage in social activities with friends and family that eventually pulls the trigger... or not! What nature gives us, grows or blooms in the way we nurture ourselves. When people smile and have fun, their body chemistry changes, with less adrenalin and cortisol (stress hormones) and flourishes with serotonin and oxytocin (pleasure hormones). With the active support of 35 spa and tourism associations, World Wellness Weekend will be celebrated in over 50 countries across all continents on September 22 and 23 to introduce millions of people to fun and creative activities that will be organised for free by hundreds of businesses (spas, hotels, yoga studios, dance schools etc.) Launched in 2017 in France and Belgium, this pro-bono event is fuelling the creativity of spawellness-tourism professionals across the globe so they

organise new and exciting experiences (activities, classes, treatments) to encourage people to shift their mindset and joyfully take better care of their body and mind in a preventative way to induce sustainable change in their lifestyle to live longer, healthier and happier. Obesity, chronic disease, and mental health are staggering issues with scary statistics from the World Health Organization. World Wellness Weekend (or WÂł as some people call it) takes wellness to the next level, with fun and gusto, to engage people to be more active regularly with their friends, family and wellness buddies. Businesses can register online if they would like to be included in the official listings, and can choose a service or activity to offer on World Wellness Weekend. This could be a free class, a workshop, an open house, or even a flashmob. The possibilities are endless. Internationally recognised businesses that will partake in WÂł include Bulgari, GOCO Retreats & Spas, Hapag & Lloyd Cruises, Kamalaya Sanctuary, Langham Hotels, Six Senses, and more. French skincare brand Biologique Recherche is the first official sponsor of World Wellness Weekend, supporting the recruitment of a part-time Community Manager. For more information and to see how you can take part in World Wellness Weekend, contact Jean-Guy de Gabriac on | 51

Glowing Skin From


Beauty Boosters is revolutionising the supplements market with their range specifically promoting healthy, glowing skin.


he supplements industry is booming - there’s no doubt about it. But in the often confusing sea of fish oils, calciums, and different vitamins that you can buy, it’s hard to find brands that work specifically for the beauty and aesthetics industry, as well as for a clientele that is savvy when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and the products they use. They expect premium results from a premium product, and don’t want to waste their time with supplements that don’t show results. This is where Beauty Boosters comes in. As Australia’s first dedicated range of beauty focused supplements that have been specially designed to support optimum skin health, Beauty Boosters looks beyond topically applied skincare and takes a holistic approach to beauty by maintaining skin health at the cellular level. Elegant, simple and sophisticated, Beauty Boosters will take pride of place in your clients’ everyday beauty rituals – leaving them with skin that radiates health from the inside out. There are three unique Beauty Boosters in the range, each one designed precisely to offer specific, skin boosting benefits. While each formulation works beautifully on its own, the Beauty Boosters trio has been created to work 52 | SPA+CLINIC

synergistically, with carefully balanced dosages delivering maximum results for all-round skin health and vitality from within. Collagen-C is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin C and a unique formulation of amino acids including Proline and Glycine. Collagen-C contains Vitamin C which supports the production of collagen and connective tissue formation and assists in reducing cellular damage from free radicals. Complexion Perfection contains a balanced blend of oils to deliver skin-loving Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. The body cannot produce Omega 3s which is why it is essential to include them in the diet. Complexion Perfection also contains Evening Primrose oil which is traditionally used to assist in relief of dry, itchy skin conditions. Glow Getter assists in the healing and repair of hair, skin and nails, with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals including Riboflavin, Zinc, Silicon, MSM and Biotin. Riboflavin is essential for connective tissue formation and repair processes. Glow Getter also contains a potent selection of antioxidants that are known to reduce the risk of cellular damage from free radicals and assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing.

cover story

What clients say about Beauty Boosters “I’ve noticed I have far less fallout when I wash my fine thin hair” – Debora “These supplements have been my saving grace.” – Katie “I used this product for just over a month and actually found that it worked.” – Tamara “This is the only brand that has actually made a visible difference in my hair, skin and nails.” – Lauren

The three products can be taken individually, but work together as a powerful combination to support optimal skin health. Since its launch, Beauty Boosters has garnered the support of numerous clients, including health and fitness bloggers, make-up artists and even clinic owners, with many reporting visible improvements in their skin after as little as one to two weeks of daily use. Spas and salons with a holistic approach to beauty love how well Beauty Boosters fits into their businesses. Owner of Skin Design Medispa, Laura Avery, incorporates Beauty Boosters into her clients’ skincare regime and loves the results she sees. Beauty Boosters have not only taken the beauty industry by storm, but have also made a lasting impression on the fashion world. The brand was thrilled and honoured to be a leading partner at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) 2018, helping models prep and prime their skin for the ultimate runway-ready complexion.

A backstage favourite with makeup artists and models alike, Beauty Boosters was excited to work alongside likeminded brands with a shared vision and synergy to support Australian businesses. The powerful trio of products helped prepare a healthy clear base for makeup artists at Napoleon Perdis, and promoted strong silky locks for award-winning hair experts Toni & Guy. Specifically designed with therapeutic ingredients, the Beauty Boosters supplement range meets stringent guidelines and premium quality standards to promote healthy skin. Beauty Boosters is available at a range of carefully selected health food stores, salons and medispas across Australia, as well as a number of New Zealand stockists that have recently been added to the portfolio. For more information, visit

“At Skin Design Medispa we believe healthy skin starts from the inside so our focus is on both inner and outer health to achieve superior aesthetic results for our clients. The Beauty Boosters range is jam packed full of skin loving nutrients that support and restore skin health internally during our clients in clinic skin journeys. Many of my clients have commented on how their complexion has noticeably improved and how much better they feel since using the Beauty Boosters range. We highly recommend incorporating this product into all skincare regimes to enhance the results you cannot achieve from using skincare alone.” – Laura Avery, Owner, Skin Design Medispa | 53

Beauty AND The

Bride Here comes wedding season! To celebrate the season of love, SPA+CLINIC has put together some of the best tips, tricks, trends and industry experts to get you prepped and ready for the (hopefully!) hectic few months ahead.



Brought to you by


e are now just weeks away from the beginning of September, which can mean one of many things: spring, Father’s Day, summer body mode, racing season, but most importantly - wedding season. While ‘beauty’ may be just one component of the bigger wedding picture, there are so many facets to contend to, especially for brides. There’s getting into shape, the perfect spray tan, glowing skin, a flawless manicure and pedicure, picture-perfect brows, fluttering lashes, kissable lips, the list is endless, particularly with the continued rise in popularity of nonsurgical and injectable treatments, making the list longer than we’ve ever

seen before. Brides put a huge amount of trust in their practitioners on any given day, but when it comes to the wedding day, this trust is even more paramount. Not only do brides want a nothing-less-than-perfect treatment, they want to feel special, to be looked after, and most importantly, be relaxed and comfortable. Brides are an incredibly unique sector of the market that not only gives you the opportunity to create loyal, long-term clients, but also expand your services in ways you hadn’t even thought of. Whether it’s customising your treatment plans, special events, new treatments or how to market to brides, SPA+CLINIC has you covered this wedding season. | 55

Customised Skincare Plans One of the most important things to a bride is having glowing skin on her wedding day, and getting serious about skincare will often be quite high on the list of priorities during the pre-wedding preparations. Even for very low-maintenance brides, getting a facial before the wedding is almost always on the agenda at some point. This is exactly why it’s so important for spas, clinics and skin specialists to have specific bridal services in place, and recommend a thorough, prewedding skincare plan for every bride that walks through the door. During such a long and stressful period, many brides are searching for step-by-step guidance when it comes to their beauty routine, and often begin their skin journey well in advance, particularly those with problem skin. This is why it’s a great idea to put together some guides from as far as 12 months out for your bridal clients to follow, acting as their very own personal skincare coach, with flawless skin the ultimate goal. Particularly with weddings in the media and influencer spotlight like those of Nicole Warne and Eleanor Pendleton, whose over-the-top pre-wedding routines were extensively publicised, brides are now beginning to view long-term, regular beauty appointments as ‘the norm’. Try putting together the framework for a prewedding schedule, but include a variety of options to customise according to clients’ needs. Don’t forget to share this information across your website and social media, with a specified bridal/wedding section that is easily accessible, making it easy for brides to find when searching specifically for bridal services online. 56 | SPA+CLINIC

A clinic that nails this process is Youth Lab, a renowned Perth aesthetics clinic founded by Dr Kate Jameson specialising in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, repair and enhancement. Their ‘Bride Guide’ extensively details their recommended bridal skincare plan, from six months out to one month before the big day. From six months, Youth Lab recommends beginning a series of BBL (broad band light) treatments that can be tailored to address redness, pigmentation, acne or antiageing, then alternating these with one of a selection of their Mesoestetic Medical Facials, which range from focuses on vitamin C or marine collagen to plant stem cells. Also a great idea to consider from six months out are anti-wrinkle injections and/ or fillers, as Youth Lab explains, some injectables only last three to four months, so if first-time users decide it’s not for them, they can simply opt out of receiving a second treatment, and for others, allows time for their second treatment one month out from the wedding day - the ideal timeframe.

Youth Lab


At three months out, Youth Lab recommends the commencement of those wanting chemical peels, offering a selection for different skin types, as well as lip fillers, allowing plenty of healing time and the chance to get the volume just right. From two months, it’s fortnightly Hydrafacials with BBL, AHAs and BHAs, one month out it's any wrinkle relaxer touch-ups (no more filler!) and a final non-active the week before. As Youth Lab so accurately describes, “If any last minute skin problems occur, such as a breakout from stress, we are in the perfect position to manage this as after six months of getting to know your skin will give us the best methods of combating any problems.” This kind of highly detailed, customised information tailored specifically for brides with in-depth analysis behind each recommendation and why it’s been given at that timeframe, will go a long way in converting prospective clients to dedicated brides that will stick with you throughout the entire journey. After all, every bride just wants to feel special and taken care of during the lengthy and stressful pre-wedding process. The Bridal Bar, a luxurious bridal haven based in Sydney that also offers wedding planning services, is another example of exceptional forward planning, and founder Amy Maree is a big believer in extensive, tailored plans down to the last detail. “We recommend our brides-to-be come on a regular basis for all of their pre-wedding services and they often become life-long clients and continue to come to TBB well after the wedding is over. We also have all our brides come in for a complimentary hair treatment plan and skin analysis. The treatments vary from person to person and their needs, but often include a fortnightly or monthly in-house treatment (for skin: facials, microdermabrasion or peels, or for hair: Olaplex or Kevin Murphy treatments are most popular) and a hair plan will generally include a colour and cut schedule working back from the wedding date and a home haircare kit along with the skincare daily routine.” An early start on bridal treatments is also key for Amy Maree. “We encourage brides to get started on both of these treatment plans six to 12 months prior to their wedding day and infrared sauna is best started three to six months prior. Our spray tan service requires a trial run and often brides do multiple trials in the lead up to the wedding and then the wedding tan is done two days prior. Often teeth whitening is requested by both bride and grooms and we suggest six months prior and then a touch up the week of the wedding. If a bride is honeymooning immediately after her wedding, we advise on a tan plan to keep the beautiful bronze glow throughout her holiday, and homecare products to keep the skin hydrated. A lash lift is also a very popular service which includes a lash tint - this is done a few days before the wedding and will have the clients lashes looking like she is wearing mascara when she has nothing on the eyes - great for those tropical holidays and lasts six to eight weeks.”

In fact, the planning stage, says Amy Maree, should begin with its own in-depth consultation process from the very start. “We offer a complimentary wedding planning consultation. It’s a one-hour session with a complimentary signature sparkling wine and beer for the boys, hosted by our event planner. In this session our planner goes through the bride and groom’s ‘dream wedding’, their style and budget. From here we then take them through our suppliers we have on hand and images of past work. A plan and quote is put together, followed by a walk-through of the premises and our guests are shown all our in-house services. Brides/grooms then pay a deposit for the services they wish to go ahead with and liaise directly with each supplier, using the Bridal Bar Consult room as their planning hub, for any necessary meetings with TBB photographers, florists, makeup artists etc. planning commences and our events manager is there every step of the way.”

Body Treatments Another major focus for many soon-to-be brides will be whipping their bodies into shape. For some, weight loss will be the main concern, for others, they may simply want to tone certain areas, brighten, tighten, or reduce the appearance of cellulite. Depending on individual needs, there is an extensive number of body treatments you can recommend to complement their at-home exercise or dieting routines: Body brushing - a great introductory treatment, or for topline exfoliation, brightening skin tone, improving texture, increasing circulation, detoxification and improving mild cellulite through lymphatic drainage. A great treatment to recommend as an add-on to all massage and body wraps. Body wraps - for brides wanting to detoxify, slim down around the stomach and/ or legs, or drain away water retention. Also a great treatment for mild cellulite. Body sculpting - for those wanting more long-lasting, visible fat reduction, body sculpting treatments including cryolipolysis; such as Cool Sculpting, or laser body contouring; like SculpSure, are fantastic options for brides that want to visibly reduce fat around tummies, legs, chins, or ‘tuck-shop arms’ - which can be a major concern when it comes to wedding photos or those in strapless dresses! Don’t forget to introduce your brides-to-be to sculpting treatments at least 12 weeks before the wedding to allow for results to show. | 57


Infrared Sauna - a highly regarded body treatment for both brides and day-to-day clients alike, infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular for their unique ‘dry heat’, circulatory boosting and muscle relaxing abilities - a trend backed by Amy Maree from The Bridal Bar. “We are finding one of the most popular services these days is the infrared s auna for both relaxation and weight loss (it’s a common occurrence that most brides and grooms want to drop a few kgs!) and our infrared sauna treatment will burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes whilst sitting back and relaxing. This service is recommend two to three times per week for a minimum of 10 weeks in the lead up to a big event.” Salons or clinics should also consider stocking retail products that will help optimise brides’ results from the comfort of their own bathroom. For brides wanting something to maintain their silhouettes at home, we recommend Guinot Sculpt Expert , a morning and evening treatment cream for all skin types. Instantly smooths and softens skin for a brighter, firmer appearance, and improves skin’s natural elasticity. It contains Hydroxyproline to reinforce and repair collagen and elastin, brown algae to maintain the firmness of the skin, and Polysaccharides to lift, soften, and smooth.

Hens Parties Beauty treatments and pamper days are a hugely popular choice for brides-to-be for their hens nights or bridal showers, so why not incorporate this into your treatment menu? This is incredibly easy to implement, even for the smallest of spas. Just one to two therapists can cater to small groups, and often ladies are simply looking for a chance to unwind together with a few short, back-to-back treatments like express manis, pedis or facials. Consider creating group specials to cater to this, and don’t forget to make bridal parties feel special on the day with some bubbles and nibbles. A leader in the field of bridal parties and hens parties is Brooklyn Beauty Bar in Brisbane, with group bookings being one of their most popular services. “Our nail & beauty parties include mani, pedi, facial & blowdry parties. They are extremely popular with hens nights and pre-wedding get-togethers,” says Founder Brooke Jesberg. “With nail parties, we can cater for up to 20 people. A maximum of eight people can be serviced at once, with the rest relaxing with a cocktail whilst they wait for their turn. With beauty and hair parties we can do a maximum of six at any one time.” Brooke tells us that BBB’s ‘everything under one roof ’ convenience is what makes the salon so popular with brides. “We are their one-stop shop, from toenails to hair we have everything covered.” 58 | SPA+CLINIC

Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Injectables & Facial Rejuvenation With injectables now so widely-accepted, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are almost as common-place amongst the pre-wedding routine as a manicure or a spray tan. This means that you may soon begin receiving an influx of first-timers, as ahead of the wedding is the perfect time for newbies to begin correcting any lines, loss of volume or other bothersome areas. Duquessa is the perfect example of a ‘less is more’ approach ideal for brides. Baby Boosters, a term coined by Founder Katherine Millar-Shannon, uses small amounts of filler to enhance the lips, plump the cupid’s bow or fill out expression lines. “Lines visually recede without removing natural expression. It’s totally undetectable,” says Katherine. “You simply walk out as a fresher, more youthful version of you.” Results are so subtle that it’s great for both men and women, and wrinkles will simply be smoothed, not frozen. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is another ideal option for those about to walk down the aisle and wanting to add some brightness, fullness or plumpness before they do. A treatment made famous by Kim Kardashian, for those unaware, involves a sample of your own blood being taken, which is then separated using a centrifuge, and the blood platelets are then re-injected back into select facial areas to improve skin plumpness, elasticity and brightness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Generally three treatments are recommended for best results, at four weeks apart, so if your clients are interested, ensure they begin at least three months ahead of the wedding.

On The Day You’ve spent months prepping your bride-to-be client, coaching her through her skin needs and body transformation journey, ensuring she is the most beautiful and confident that she can be on the happiest day of her life. Now the big day is finally here, and your client has entrusted you to be a part of it. Whether it’s hair, makeup, nails or a facial, you know you have to pull out all the stops to ensure absolute perfection. So aside from delivering a flawless service, what else can you do to provide your bride, and usually their guests and bridesmaids too, and unforgettable day? The Bridal Bar is likely one of the best examples of going absolutely all out on the day of the wedding. “We do in-house and also mobile services for bridal parties. When we host an in-house wedding service, we have the girls arrive half an hour before hair and makeup gets started and they will usually start with a champagne. The bride is given a catering menu in the weeks leading up to the wedding so she can arrange food from our caterers to be delivered that morning and coffees to order, the bride is advised to bring along her favourite playlist for her wedding day tunes and connect to our in-house speakers. The photographer arrives as we are getting the girls ready and often the bridal party will bring their dresses and hang them up in our consult

room ready to get changed, right before they leave The Bridal Bar. We love having the bridal parties here, as it’s so special watching them exchange gifts, sing along to their favourite songs and enjoy a few drinks and sometimes (happy) tears, as they get ready.”

Homecare As a therapist, you know that in-salon treatment is only half the battle, and aftercare is an absolute musthave for brides. Thankfully during this period, bridal clients will usually be a lot more receptive to taking home a skincare package than some of your regular clients might be, as they know that consistency and routine is key to maintaining their skin ahead of the big day. Melanie Grant, celebrity facialist and specialist in pre-wedding facial regimes, strongly emphasises the benefits of a bespoke in-clinic plan in tandem with a strict at-home routine to all of her facial clients. “My main concern is skin health; in clinic treatments that are designed to clarify, strengthen and revitalise the complexion in tandem with a nutrient-dense and antiinflammatory home regime yields incredible results in the lead up to a wedding,” says Melanie. “A home regime prescribed especially for you that is complemented by a specific treatment plan Melanie Grant in my experience far outweighs following trends and buying celebrity endorsed products that may be completely wrong for your skin type. When it comes to home regimes, always consider a simple but effective approach. It’s not always about recommending a thousand products, just the right ones.”

Marketing There are some simple tips when it comes to marketing to brides, which are further emphasised by what you’ve already read previously. Here are our top three tips for getting more brides through your doors: Simplify - It’s tough enough planning a wedding. Make your bridal information as simple, clean and clear-cut as possible. Ensure your website pages are easy to navigate, with very clear bridal or wedding sections, and contact information highlighted and readily accessible. “Focus on every step of the customer’s experience. From when they first hear about you and jump onto your website, all the way through to the final hair & makeup check before they walk down the aisle, the experience needs to be pain-free and enjoyable,” says Brooke from Brooklyn Beauty Bar. Customise - Of course, all of your services can be carried out on brides or grooms to be, but nobody wants cookie-cutter. They want to know that their treatments are tailored to their needs, and results are going to be perfect. When advertising wedding services, particularly if you’ve published your pre-wedding bridal plan on your website, ensure to mention frequently that plans, products and treatments will be customised, and give the list of options that you will be choosing from according to various needs. If you offer initial planning consultations, ensure to include that too, as this will instantly personalise the experience and further endear your spa or clinic to prospective clients. Let them know you care - “Our clients become like family and we treat them like more than a client, hence why many continue to come for their treatments well beyond their big day,” says Amy Maree from The Bridal Bar. “Brides are looking for a relaxing environment that makes them feel like they have 'escaped' the stresses of wedding planning. We often find our clients love coming in for their treatments and leaving it up to our professionals to make the decisions when it comes to their hair and skin needs. This gives them one less thing to think about during what can be quite a stressful time.” If you’re offering bridal services, be sure to include a mission statement on your website, or even social media, about what the pre-wedding process means to you, what your brides can expect from you, and what you bring to the table. It’s all about creating that special relationship, and a truly comfor table environment, for brides. | 59


Tired Eyes “You look tired” isn’t something we like to hear, and yet, most of us can’t avoid the comment due to dark under eye circles. What is a sign of a particularly sleepless night for some, can be a chronic problem for others. We take a look at the different treatment methods to improve tired eyes.


t one time or another, most people eyes. This is called the periorbital area. In suffer from dark circles under their most areas of the body, the skin is between eyes. Whether they are overly two and three mm thick. However, under the tired, ageing, or suffering from allergies, eyes the skin is normally 0.5 mm in thickness. Thinner skin means the blood vessels the cause can be many things. And while they are not dangerous to your health, the under the skin are more visible to the condition does have a psychological effect naked eye and produce a different colour on people’s confidence. to your skin. Here’s where what you see According to director and senior laser on the surface is a reflection of what’s practitioner at the Instant Laser Clinic directly below. in Melbourne, Mathew Jafarzadeh, there Your skin and the tissue directly Before and after a combination of laser, injectables are treatments one can have that will below the outside layer of skin, called the and eye serum courtesy of Instant Laser Clinic reduce the appearance of dark circles subcutaneous tissue, only allow blue or under your eyes. Some are easy and others are a bit violet wavelengths to pass through. This results in more challenging, however, the result will be that your your veins appearing blue, because only the blue light patients no longer look as tired and worn-out as they is reflected back. did when they first walked through your door. This reflected colour is different if you have darker or whiter (albino) skin. In the former case, the veins will Thin Skin and the Colour appear green or brown and in the latter, dark purple or of Your Blood dark red. The reasons for dark circles are varied, but they all start This is just one of the reasons dark circles appear with the difference in thickness of the skin around your below people’s eyes. You are more likely to see 60 | SPA+CLINIC

Experience true

Corneotherapy with a dermaviduals skin treatment... on us!*

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the blue-ish hint of blood vessels below their eyes, compared to thicker skinned areas of the body. As we age, skin also loses collagen and elasticity, making the skin thinner and circles more prominent.

How to Improve Dark Under Eye Circles Although they are usually relatively harmless, your patients may want to reduce the effect as much as possible. Before you suggest minimally invasive treatments, you may want to recommend the following: • Avoid rubbing your eyes • Manage your allergies • Switch the way you sleep and try sleeping on your back • Remove your makeup — gently • Reduce your alcohol consumption • Wear eye protection • Reduce or quit smoking • Reduce indoor air pollution • Use a soothing eye treatment • Start a healthy lifestyle and a controlled diet

Not All Dark Circles Are Created Equally Not all circles are due to the visibility of your blood vessels beneath thin skin, though. While this is a common reason, and a higher probability if you are genetically more prone to thin skin under the eyes, it isn’t the only reason. At the Instant Laser Clinic, after performing a comprehensive skin assessment, staff explain all different treatment options that can be chosen to those who are concerned about the dark eye circle such as: laser treatment, professional eye serums, or a course of four monthly PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections or dermal filler injections performed by their highly trained cosmetic surgeon.

Laser Another type of circle is caused from hyperpigmentation of the skin under the eyes and is more commonly brown in colour. This hyperpigmentation, or higher amount of pigmentation in the skin, is the result of more melanin being produced in the skin under the eyes. This particular condition is more noticeable in people whose skin is normally darker or has more pigmentation. The type of dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation can have either a primary or secondary cause. In a primary cause the increased pigmentation is found under both eyes and occurs spontaneously. In a secondary cause, the increased pigmentation is caused by a systemic or localised process. In both cases medical grade laser technologies such as Q-switch Nd Yag, Fractional RF, Co2 or Erbium laser technologies, and when used by a highly trained and experienced laser practitioner, can significantly 62 | SPA+CLINIC

Switch the way you sleep and try sleeping on your back

reduce or diminish those hyperpigmentation marks within one to four monthly sessions, depending on the type of laser and energy being used according to each individual skin conditions and needs.

Dermal Filler Dermal fillers work by adding volume to the lower eyelid tear trough area which starts to loose volume as we age. After using a local anaesthetic cream, the gel is gently injected into the hollow area, using a fine cannula. This compensates the lost soft tissue volume in the area, resulting in a more contoured and fuller look. The procedure takes around 15 to 30 minutes. Results are seen instantly and can offer a much younger and fresher appearance. The result of the treatment can last between 10 and 18 months.

Eye Serums For not so severe cases, we offer a special dark circle cream and skin tightening eye serum to be applied both morning and night to tighten the skin and lighten the dark pigmentation of the upper and lower eye lids.

PRP An advanced and unique treatment called PRP (platelet rich plasma) involves extracting the patient’s own blood, then using it to plump up their skin and reverse damage from UV and ageing. This treatment can lighten and rejuvenate the under eye area if repeated three times with a month interval in between sessions. This procedure is performed by a highly trained Cosmetic Surgeon. For more information, visit instantlaserclinic.

Collagen Induction Therapy

In some cases, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. “For dark circles that are caused by poor lymphatic flow, the Microneedling pen may help, but more importantly, the CIT will strengthen this fragile skin and increase its density making the dark circles less visible due to improving the skin’s texture and thickness,” says Dermaviduals distributor and founder and director of Heavenly Escape Advanced Skin Clinic, Simone Vescio. However, practitioners are advised to manage clients’ expectations when using CIT around the eyes. According to Dermal Science Educator Florence Barrett-Hill CIT will “improve the structural integrity of thin skin by improving the density of the supporting collagen fibril of the microcirculation around the eyes. If this improves the darker circles it would be a bonus, but I would never say to a client or therapist, this modality will clear the dark circles around the eyes. That’s asking for trouble by raising their expectations too high.”

Forever Young With Stem Cells? From skincare to supplements, stem cells are often dubbed the secret to eternal youth. We take a look at the ins and outs of stem cells in the medi-cosmetic industry.


he term ‘stem cell’ can safely be called one of the biggest buzzwords in the cosmetic industry for the past decade. From medical uses like helping burn victims, stem cell technology has made its way into the consumer space, skincare and supplements in particular. But what exactly are we talking about when we say ‘stem cells’ as an ingredient, and how can people benefit from stem cells? Let’s start with the basics. According to skincare specialist Paula Begoun, “stem cells are specialised cells, in animals and plants, that are capable of becoming any other type of cell in that type of organism and then reproducing more of those cells in a controlled manner.” As we grow older, our stem cells become ‘weak’ in that they cannot perform as well as they used to. This means our bodies, and our skin can’t repair itself properly anymore, leading to wrinkles, or more general, inflammation. The theory many skincare brands have taken on since the first breakthrough findings about stem cells in the 1990s, is that plant-derived stem cells in skincare can support our own stem cells. Enbacci founder Yong-Li Zhou explains “In skincare, we look to topically incorporate fruit and plant stem cells in products for their abilities to function as powerful antioxidants.” “We chose to incorporate grape stem cells in our skincare as they have very high concentrations of the antioxidant Anthocyanin. This particular antioxidant has been shown to effectively help protect the skin from environmental damages, which induces the ageing process.” “Whilst collagen is a structural protein of the skin, fruit and plant stem cells are antioxidants. Collagen content in our skin naturally decreases as we get older and is related to the increased dryness, dehydration and loss of elasticity we may experience. It could be considered that collagen takes on a structural role, whilst fruit and plant stem cells take on a protective role. Both are important in maintaining youthful looking skin.” By protecting our skin from external influences, such as UV and pollution, with the help of plant stem cells, our own stem cells are kept safe, which in turn helps our skin look younger for longer. 64 | SPA+CLINIC


It’s important to note that it’s impossible for plant stem cells to turn into human stem cells. The thought and science behind stem cell beauty products is not to replace our own stem cells with plant ones, but to benefit from the antioxidant, protective qualities and growth factors of plant stem cells in order to prolong the life-span and efficacy of ours. But it’s not just our skin that struggles to repair itself with age. According to Linda Cargill-Selfe from Advanced Stem Cell Nutrition, “research has shown that the decline of adult stem cells can lead to unrepaired damage in virtually any body part leading to tissue breakdown, ageing and loss of health. So without active vigorous adult stem cells, good health can be compromised, long-term.” To support stem cells within the body, supplements such as Advanced Stem Cell Nutritions’ StemEnhance Ultra can help. The supplement includes freshwater microalgae and marine macroalgae and triggers a release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the body, where the cells can support tissue repair. Scientist, Plastic Surgeon, and 2014 Nobel Prize in Stem Cell Research nominee Dr Vincent Giampapa, who has worked alongside the late Cambridge University physicist Stephen Hawkins, says the field of stem cell research is “one of the most important and exciting areas of medicine, in both anti-ageing and wellness in general.” His new supplement range Jeunesse AM & PM Essentials uses a specific combination of naturallyoccurring plant compounds to create a synergistic effect inside the 50 trillion cells that make up the body. “Unlike a typical vitamin supplement, AM & PM Essentials is a whole new category of products, which focus on restoring cell health and cell function and changes the genes inside our cells to influence the way we age.” In the studies conducted by Jeunesse and Dr Giampapa, patients reported a dramatic improvement in energy levels, ability to sleep more soundly, improved memory, mental function and clarity as well as management of weight and skin quality. “The result is something you can feel and see in just a very short time: visibly younger looking skin as well as more energy to face daily challenges,” he says. It’s clear to see that stem cell research is basically the search for the fountain of youth. If ageing is directly related to stem cells losing their ability to replenish the body, then it may be possible to stop ageing once we figure out why and how stem cells age. Time will tell if this discovery will do more harm than good. | 65

Different City, Different Patient If you work in more than one location, you’ve probably noticed that clienteles differ depending on the state you’re in. We talked to some of the top interstate-travellers in the cosmetic industry to find out what makes each city tick. EXPERTS:

GINA COOK, National Trainer for Ella Baché

KATHERINE MILLAR-SHANNON, Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Duquessa

Sydney: GC: In areas like Bondi in Sydney where wellness is a holistic lifestyle choice, clients are more inclined to ask for more information on ingredients such as botanical extracts. They also tend towards a natural look without make up and therefore are keen to understand what they need to assist their skin to have a natural glow and radiance. Having a healthy all over body appearance is important also in sunnier climates and tanning products play a big part in this. KM: Sydney has a younger clientele, very up to date with the latest trends, which focuses a lot on social media and looking good for selfies. My most popular treatments in Sydney are Duquessa Vitalite (Vitamin Infusions with Omnilux), Botox ,Thread Lifts then Dermal Fillers. SS: Sydney clients are more business minded and feel their schedules are busier so therefore quick treatment times are of importance. They’re after 66 | SPA+CLINIC

SANDRA SOSTRES, Clinician Manager for Cynosure

Sydney has a younger clientele, very up to date with the latest trends

DR DANIEL LANZER, Cosmetic Surgeon

a classy look, yet do not shy away from a cosmetically enhanced look. DL: We find Sydney clientele care about looking their best in bathers/bikinis and are very fitness focused, with many clients visiting to receive body-focused procedures such as liposuction or gynecomastia.

Brisbane/Gold Coast: GC: Women in QLD tend to go for hydration products and treatment solutions like the ‘Help Me Hydrate’ Facial which are lighter and more hydrating compared to Melbournites who request products and treatment solutions that are richer. KM: Gold Coast people love big lips and high cheeks, most of my work there is to balance the look with baby boosters to soften the overall appearance without looking too plastic. Thread Lifts combined with Botox are popular, too.


SS: The Gold Coast is an outdoor type of place, so the population is used to sun exposure unlike in cities like Melbourne. Residents in these areas are more inclined to be at the beach or outside for longer, so we find that popular procedures for clients are hair removal, body contouring and tattoo removal (Our recent study with McCrindle research showed that Queenslanders are more likely than Victorian and New South Wales residents to get larger tattoos). DL: Men are most present in our Brisbane and Sydney clinics, with popular treatments including needling and laser resurfacing.

Melbourne: GC: When the air is cold and dry it can create more sensitivity, dryness and therefore skin can look more aged, so Melbournites request products and

Melbourne clients prefer a more natural appearance

treatment solutions that are richer, and warmer options. KM: Melbourne clients prefer a more natural appearance and treatments to tighten and slim the face, popular ones are thread lifts and fillers. Melbourne’s conservative but classy, she’s the grand dame. SS: As Melbourne is colder, they are more likely to be able to hide imperfections. Good skincare and cosmetics are chosen over laser treatments. These clients aim for individualism! DL: Melbourne clientele like to look after their appearance, however aren’t as body-focused. Common treatments include erbium laser for sun damage, mini face-lifts and beauty treatments such as our signature DermaSweep which uses D’Lumiere Esthetique products containing Vitamin A and AHAs. They are much more interested in the way they look with clothes on, contrasting to Brisbane and Sydney.


3 Reasons Why You Need An Appointment Book In The Cloud Mobile technology has the unique power to streamline your business and improve your guest experience from arrival through to rebooking and beyond.


he new Cloud Appointment Book from Shortcuts doesn’t just make you look good, it helps you provide your guests with the undivided attention and professional pampering they deserve. Read on to discover how this flexible, cutting-edge software can enhance your business and transform the way you work.

Enhance your guest experience This powerful technology lets you set the bar high and provide a flawless experience from the moment your guests step through the door. You can check them in on a tablet or smartphone rather than making them wait at the front desk, and they will be delighted by just how effortless it all feels.

Provide a comprehensive consultation With the Cloud Appointment Book you can provide a comprehensive consultation from the privacy of a treatment room. You can easily view your guests’ visit notes on any mobile device instead of having to refer back to the main computer, and give them personalised advice based on their entire history.

Rebook with discretion Your guests appreciate discretion around the specifics of their treatments. When it comes to rebooking, they may not feel comfortable asking about additional services at the front desk within earshot of other guests. The

Cloud Appointment Book lets you have a confidential conversation and book their next appointment in complete privacy. To find out more about how the Shortcuts Cloud Appointment book can transform your guest experience visit | 67

Saving the Planet,

One Skincare Product At A Time

Globally successful skincare brand Eminence does more than just foster beautiful skin. We talked to Senior Product Education Specialist, NATALIE PERGAR, about the brand’s sustainability efforts. Tell us about your role at Eminence, what does it entail? As the Senior Product Education Specialist, I help train employees, spa partners, aestheticians and international distributors about our skincare products. Whether it’s web-based training, in-spa training, training sessions in exotic destinations, or large regional events with hundreds of aestheticians, I teach skincare techniques and indepth product knowledge to an array of audiences. I’ve been working with Eminence since 2001 as an aesthetician, and I came on board officially with the company in 2003.

How does Eminence differ from other natural skincare brands on the market? A pioneer of the organic skincare movement, Eminence Organic Skin Care, a family-owned company, combines more than 60 years of herbal craftsmanship with 68 | SPA+CLINIC

Hungarian-inspired healing to offer results-oriented treatments. Eminence has also been voted “Favourite Skin Care Line” and “Favourite for Product Education” for nine years in a row by spa professionals. The Eminence Kids Foundation provides organic meals to seriously ill children worldwide and our Forests for the Future program plants a tree for every retail product sold. As a Certified B Corporation®, Eminence is amongst the leaders of the global movement using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Sustainability is a big topic for the brand, what does Eminence do to minimise their carbon footprint? Eminence has dozens of green initiatives. All of our packing chips are biodegradable – try it! Drop a few packing peanuts into a glass of water and stir! Our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled material, printed on Forest Sustainability CouncilCertified paper with vegetable inks, and it’s recyclable.


library of helpful information. Also, our Youtube channel features hundreds of videos that explain best practices and unique product ‘mixologies’. With every launch, Eminence provides spa partners with training on the new products, as well as marketing collateral including newsletters, shelf talkers and spa treatment menu descriptions to help promote the new items to the spa team and their guests.

At our central office in Vancouver, Canada, we use energy efficient appliances and have beautiful, natural skylights. We also have a Public Transit Credit for our Vancouver-based teams, and up to 92% of our team-members walk, bike or opt for public transportation to commute to work. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, cans/ bottles, and even compost at our offices. We also provide reusable bags to tradeshow attendees, spa partners and our employees. These iconic tote bags are made of jute – one of nature’s most sustainable fibers. Lastly, our most popular green initiative is called Forests for the Future, which is our commitment to plant a tree for every retail product sold. We are so proud to announce that, this April, we became the first skincare company in the world to plant 10,000,000 trees!

If a salon/spa is interested in stocking Eminence, what kind of training/customer service can they expect? During the year, we host trainings regularly with all spa partners. Training includes new spa training, product launches, master classes and prescribing homecare sessions. All customised to suit. We also have on-demand education available. We regularly publish educational articles on our News & Blog section on our website, which has become a veritable

With the range being so large, do you offer a spa/salon help choosing the right products for their clientele? While we do have opening order minimums to ensure the success of the spa, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Spa treatments and retail selections are customised by location to suit the needs of the spa’s demographic, increase customer loyalty and drive retail sales.

What are the plans for the future of Eminence? Eminence launches new products several times a year to set the trends within the spa industry and remain at forefront of natural skincare innovation. Ultimately, we hope to leave the world a better place than we found it. Our goal is to make a lasting, positive impact on the world through responsible, conscious business. We aim to achieve that through developing healthy skincare, providing organic meals to children undergoing medical treatments and planting millions of trees. | 69



Isn’t Always Best Cosmetic Chemist and founder of Synergie Skin, TERRI VINSON (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd. ASCC), talks about harnessing the power of ‘Clean Science’ in cosmeceutical skincare.


s a cosmetic chemist, I advocate the addition of both natural and laboratory synthesised (synthetic) ingredients in all my formulations. There are many ‘natural’ product ranges on the market that can be gentle and nurturing but they may not create the same effectiveness and cosmeceutical ‘punch’ on the skin. For me, the basis of successful formulating is to combine the very best of laboratory created ingredients with naturally derived ingredients and harness the two in synergy. The ultimate aim is to create effective products that: • generate positive change • penetrate the skin for optimal delivery • are cosmetically elegant to use for the consumer As a formulator, it is often as important what I don’t include in the product as what I do include. I have my own list of what I refer to as ‘questionable ingredients’. These are chemical additives that I believe can be harmful to cells when allowed to accumulate over time. A compelling scientific study showed that women absorb over 3 kilograms of chemicals from cosmetics and toiletries annually. As a brief overview, I advise customers to avoid the following ingredients in their cosmetic products: 1. Paraben preservatives 2. Artificial colour (FD&C dyes) 3. Artificial fragrance 4. Phthalates 5. SLS and other foaming sulfates 6. PEG 7. Propylene glycol 8. Isopropyl alcohol I believe the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are often misrepresented and used too loosely in the beauty industry. Natural is not always best and it is important to understand the concept of ‘natural’ in our industry and realise that natural ingredients can be harmful, irritating and even toxic. Arsenic, for example, is 100% natural but less than 1/8th of a teaspoon can be fatal. The beautiful oleander shrub can be organically grown but may result in cardiac arrest if the leaves or flowers are ingested. A few terms defined: • The term ‘natural’ in skincare means that the ingredient has been sourced directly from nature with minimal processing without the use of chemicals. These ingredients may be solvents, essential oils, emollient oils and natural thickening gums. Only water, glycerin 70 | SPA+CLINIC

and ethanol are permitted to be used in the manufacturing and purification process of natural ingredients. • Natural ‘organic’ ingredients, is a term often used for marketing claims. These ingredients are generally botanical oils and essential oils. In the skincare arena, a product should be certified organic to have these claims validated. This ingredient must be completely natural and cultivated without the addition of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and without any chemical processing used to create the raw ingredient. The supplier must also be able to provide documentation to authenticate the organic claims right back to the farming source for the ingredient. It is also worth noting that even natural and certified organic ingredients are capable of creating an irritation response on the skin. Many laboratory synthesised active ingredients used in skincare products are a bio-identical copy to their natural form. Examples include peptides, retinol, dl-tocopherol (vitamin E) and panthenol (Vitamin B5). The nature-identical form will be 100% pure and free of contaminants or pesticides as it is manufactured under sterile laboratory conditions. Another example is the cosmeceutical ingredient Phycosaccharide, an active ingredient identical to a complex sugar produced by a marine microbe that promotes epidermal stem cell activation, barrier repair and reduces skin irritation. This ingredient is copied in the laboratory to avoid depleting the marine environment of its natural resources where this ingredient exists in nature. In this case, the synthetic ingredient is effective, nature identical, pure and environmentally sustainable. Decisions based on natural versus synthetic are personal. As a ‘clean science’ formulator, I look at two factors: 1. The overall safety profile of the ingredient. Both natural (arsenic) and synthetic (parabens, PEG, artificial colour) ingredients can be questionable and even toxic. Thoroughly read scientific evidence based on the individual ingredient. 2. The benefit and effectiveness of the ingredient. If a particular ingredient is a laboratory made synthetic (e.g. peptides to minimise the appearance of wrinkles) and does not present as a questionable or potentially toxic ingredient, then it is, in my opinion, a perfectly valid and highly recommended addition to a product. Natural is not always best. Clean Science formulating uses the very best of both science and nature in synergy. Harnessing the positive attributes from both will result in a product that produces the best results with the highest safety profile. Ultimately our aim as scientists should be to produce the most ethical and safest products with the highest ingredient efficacy to make a real difference to the skin of our clients.


Let There

Be Light After: Age 55

Before: 2007

After: 2014

Images courtesy Dr Patrick Bitter

Before: Age 43

Intense Pulsed Light treatments aren’t new, but they can treat so much more than just pigmentation and redness. World renowned dermatologist, Dr Patrick Bitter, shares his techniques he uses with Sciton’s BBL to keep patients ‘forever young’.


here are a few treatments in the aesthetics industry that have well and truly become ‘mainstream'. Photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light, more commonly known as IPL, is one of them. However, it is Sciton’s BBL, or BroadBand Light device that is taking the treatment to the next level. Dr Patrick Bitter Jr is a board-certified dermatologist, and the inventor of the world famous FotoFacial® procedure. He has trained over 6,000 doctors on how to perform IPL/BBL treatments and regularly treats himself to BBL, convinced it is the most effective way to keep skin looking young. While there are countless IPL options out there, Dr Bitter stresses the superiority of BBL. There are four main differences, he explains, that make BBL his preferred treatment. “BBL has eight separate interchangeable filters that are able to change the colour of the light. This has allowed safe treatment of all skin colours and has increased the versatility of treatments and has expanded the range of skin conditions that can be effectively treated.” “It also has the largest spot size available and a very fast repetition rate. This has allowed an evolution of the treatment technique, in particular multiple passes and multiple steps that have greatly improved the results and made the BBL treatments much safer than the typical techniques used with other IPL devices.” “Third, BBL has four separate spot adaptors of varying sizes that are easily attached to the larger spot. This innovation has facilitated further advances in treatment techniques that allow safe and easy treatment of eyelids, ears and lips and more effective elimination of brown spots and vessels, all areas that were either not possible or very difficult to treat with other IPL devices.” “Fourth, Sciton designed BBL with a unique SkinTyte mode […], the easiest method to safely and painlessly tighten skin anywhere on the body.” The most common and well-known use of BBL is to treat pigmentation and redness. The broadband light is extremely effective at lifting and reducing (and in some cases, removing completely) dark spots, and reducing redness caused by rosacea. Dr Bitter goes so far as to say BLL is “the closest treatment we have to cure rosacea.” 72 | SPA+CLINIC

While the effectiveness of treating these skin concerns is impressive enough, it’s the ability to keep skin looking fresh and young with regular BBL treatments that Dr Bitter finds particularly rewarding for him and his patients. It’s called ‘BBL Forever Young’ for a reason. “Facials and peels have a temporary smoothing effect limited to the outer layer of the skin whereas the visible and infrared light of BBL penetrates through the entire skin. As the different wavelengths of light travel through the skin, the light energy interacts with skin cells of all three skin levels and fat cells beneath the skin. This interaction of light with skin cells has now been proven to cause aged skin cells to gradually behave like younger skin cells,” explains Dr Bitter. Dr Bitter recommends two to three BBL treatments per year to keep skin looking young. “I can keep most patients’ skin looking young for 25 years if they have three to four BBL treatments every year,” he says. Thanks to the smaller spot adapters Sciton’s BBL comes with, practitioners are able to treat smaller areas, such as ears, which often get neglected when it comes to sun damage or redness. Dr Bitter is also one of the very few people to treat eyelids with BBL which tend to need a little lift as we age. By using a special technique in which he isolates the eyeball, but goes right up to the area below the eyebrow, patients experience a subtle lift of the skin making them look refreshed and less tired. Dr Bitter also treats the area around the lips to decrease fine lines that form with age, as well as larger areas on the body like arms and hands. Thanks to BBL’s fast repetition rate, it’s possible to treat an entire arm in just eight minutes. Lastly, BBL is one of those treatments that’s pretty much suitable for everyone, making it easily profitable for most businesses. “The only real contraindication is a patient who does not have realistic expectations of BBL,” says Dr Bitter. “It will not make a 70 year-old look like a 20 year-old.” However, when expectations are managed properly, the satisfaction rate is high. For more information on BBL, visit SCITON.COM.AU.




Minimal Downtime, Maximal Results If you’ve been thinking of introducing microneedling to your clinic, take a look at the next generation of the popular treatment, combining needling, RF and LED for superior results.


hat’s the number one skin concern your patients come to you with? Chances are there is no such thing, as most of us have more than one reason we’re unhappy about our skin. Whether it’s acne scars, fine lines, enlarged pores, or overall dullness, clinicians are often presented with a variety of skin concerns to treat. Microneedling has taken the industry by storm, and has become an extremely popular treatment thanks to its relatively low levels of discomfort and little to no downtime. But as quick and easy to perform as microneedling is, the results are mostly subtle. So what if you could supercharge your microneedling treatment, keep discomfort low, but get superior results? Samson Medical Technology’s Vivace is the new generation of microneedling, combining radio frequency (RF), LED, and needling into one treatment. 36 sterile micro-needles are used to create many microscopic channels which stimulate fibroblast activity and collagen production. Insulated micro-needle electrodes deliver bipolar energy directly into the dermis without epidermal damage with RF thermal energy creating fractional electrocoagulation in the dermis facilitating the natural wound healing process. Red and blue LED light targets acne bacteria and improves skin tone and texture. This three-in-one approach allows Vivace to treat a variety of skin concerns: • Enlarged Pores • Acne and acne scars • Wrinkles • Sagging skin • Skin Rejuvenation • Stretch marks • Surgical Scars Vivace can treat the entire depth of a target area, or only deep beneath the epidermis, ranging from 0.5mm–3.5mm depth, depending on the individual needs of the patient. With variable pulse durations ranging from 100ms to 800ms, clinicians have total control over the time period the needle is engaged 74 | SPA+CLINIC



giving them greater control over the results. After topical numbing cream is applied, patients generally feel little to no pain during the Vivace treatment. According to Samson Medical Technology’s Director Ernie Chan, most patients rate the discomfort as low as a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. “The minimal pain comes down to the way the micro needles are inserted into and extracted from the skin. The Vivace hand piece utilises very precise micro robotic step motors that are very consistent and smooth gliding, so that when it’s inserted into the skin vertically, it’s much less painful than most people’s idea of microneedling. Traditional rollers tend to rip the skin as the wheel turns and digs into the skin,” Chan explains. Based on real patient feedback, Vivace has scored a 94% positive/worth it rating on, which is a lot higher than other microneedling devices. This means that most patients are happy with the results they’ve achieved with Vivace, would come back to have more treatments, and would recommend it to friends and family. From a clinic’s perspective, Vivace represents a point of difference as it stands out from the omnipresent microneedling or laser treatments most cosmetic businesses offer. It’s also fairly easy to get a good return on investment with Vivace, as the purchasing price and consumable costs are relatively low. “Instead of paying $150k - $250k for lasers, the Vivace is around $35k with a consumable cost of $60 per patient. A typical treatment regime involves three to four treatments, once a month. This is a great opportunity to sell more products and build relationships with your clientele. Clinics typically charge between $500 to $650 for a full face treatment, and there are leasing options from around $1000 per month, which means if they only performed two treatments per month, they’ve already paid for the machine,” says Chan. The FDA-approved Vivace system is available through Samson Medical Technologies in Australia, who offer ongoing support and fast technical response time.

Beauty Therapy

Box Hill and Lilydale, Victoria An exciting Beauty Therapy career awaits you when you train at Box Hill Institute. Choose from flexible course specialisations in Spa & Wellness or Permanent Hair Removal & Cosmeceuticals. COURSES IN / (SHB50115) Diploma of Beauty Therapy (Spa Therapies & Wellness Stream) / (SHB50115) Diploma of Beauty Therapy (Permanent Hair Removal & Cosmeceuticals Stream)

1300 BOX HILL RTO 4687 CRICOS 02411J


TriBella is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment that simultaneously enhances tone, tightness, and texture.


Dr. Sean Arendse, Medical Director Flawless Rejuvenation Clinics


TRI-MODALITY – TOTAL FACIAL THERAPY Using three Venus Versa™ applicators with distinct modes of action,TriBella is the synergistic fusion of three unique technologies for unparalleled outcomes. Combining the power of three unique non-surgical procedures into one complete skin renewal treatment results in incredibly smoother, younger, healthier looking skin. The high-intensity, non-invasive solution gives highly visible results faster in fewer treatments.



The photorejuvenation applicators utilise intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to deliver direct bursts of energy onto targeted areas of skin. The intense pulsed light used is selectively absorbed by the target chromophores—namely, haemoglobin for vascular lesions, and melanin for pigmented lesions. SR515 Wavelength: 515-950 nm SR580 Wavelength: 580-950 nm Pulse duration: 10-20 ms Optical energy: 5-25 J/cm2 Spot size: 10 mm x 30 mm Pulse repetition rate: Up to 3 Hz


The DiamondPolar™ applicator is designed to enhance collagen and elastin production to reduce wrinkles and rhytides resulting in a tightened appearance of skin. It’s powered by (MP)2 technology—the combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). Multi-Polar RF produces fast and homogeneous heat in multiple tissue depths, resulting in superior clinical results and comfortable patient experiences. PEMF is known to promote collagen synthesis, fibroblast proliferation, and improved blood flow for quicker healing and to support tissue maintenance. RF Frequency: 1 MHz RF Output power: Up to 75 W Magnetic Pulse Frequency: 15 Hz Pulsed Magnetic Field Flux: Up to 15 Gauss


The Venus Viva NanoFractional RF™ applicator is specially designed for skin resurfacing, with state-of-the-art patented tip technology and the largest spot size in the industry. The precise amount of energy (up to 62 mJ) is delivered uniformly to each pin electrode. High energy density is distributed through a small footprint per pin (150 x 20 microns), leaving sufficient intact tissue in between for faster wound healing, uniform posttreatment tissue appearance, and lower downtimes than other devices. RF Frequency: 0.46 MHz RF Energy: Up to 62 mJ/pin | 160 pins



AFTER +61 416 022 096 | | @venusconceptaustralia






Ever since the submental fat dissolving treatment Belkyra made its way to Aussie shores a few years ago, there’s been a great division between practitioners who love it and those who don’t think much of it. We take a look at the arguments for and against the chin injections. PRO

Dr Adam Cho, BsC MBBS, Medical Director, Australian Skin Clinics Double chin fat can be very resistant to diet and exercise. Double chin fat dissolving injections involve a synthetic agent that is injected into the fat cells. It is a non-surgical method of targeting pre-platysmal fat or submental fat surrounding the chin area, by using TGA-approved fat dissolving cosmetic injection. Once it is injected, it breaks down fat cells and these fat cells then get absorbed by the body, and over a period of six to eight weeks, disappear. When patients come in, we apply a marking sticker or injection dots on the chin. This helps us determine where to inject and calculate the dosage. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes. Our biggest priority is ensuring the patient is comfortable and understands the process from walking in to walking out. To ensure clients are satisfied with their treatments, Australian Skin Clinics require a consultation with an in-house cosmetic nurse or doctor in addition to the consultation prior to treatment. Patient selection is critical for the best result. It is suitable for patients with isolated fat deposits but it’s not ideal for patients with excessive skin laxity over the neck area. A patient with a small amount of submental fat may only need 2ml, which is one vial, whereas a patient with large a amount of fat may require 6 to 8ml, up to three or four vials. The results will start to appear within six to eight weeks of treatment and might differ depending on the patient. I recommend repeating these injections between four and eight weeks apart, as a patient will respond from a series of two to four injection sessions. Again, it’s an exciting treatment but the result really depends on a patient’s anatomy and amount of fat, the more fat there is the better the improvement but potentially a longer recovery time. Personally, I have not used non-invasive or low level laser therapy so I cannot compare the results. However, I do know that the 635nm wavelength used in such treatments generates no heat, no inflammation and no destruction of fat cells. Also, patients are encouraged to drink ample water and take the recommended vitamins to maximise this elimination. Laser treatment also requires several sessions with patients often having to wait longer for results to appear. 78 | SPA+CLINIC

CON Dr Michael K Molton, MBBS FCPCA (Dip Cosm & Derm Laser), President Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia While submental fat dissolving injections, such as Belkyra, do achieve successful results, there are other factors that require consideration such as expense, potential side effects, number of treatments required and pain. Deoxycholate, the active substance in submental fat dissolving injections, works by interrupting fat cell membranes. Deoxycholate acts similarly to naturally produced enzyme-type substances that aid digestion, by breaking down the outer membrane of fat cells. While Deoxycholate is the key active ingredient in Belkyra, there are also additional inactive ingredients such as Sodium Hydroxide, Dibasic Sodium Phosphate, and Sodium Chloride. For several years, Deoxycholate has been successfully used as a ‘Lipodissolve’ providing a less costly alternative to the patented version. When Phosphatidyl Choline is added as a facilitator to Deoxycholate, this decreases the discomfort experienced while delivering good results. The injection of Belkyra and products containing Deoxycholate has been recorded as being moderately painful and causing some discomfort along with some downtime caused by swelling and bruising. Side effects are also another issue to consider. There have been reports of complications that can potentially arise from the use of Deoxycholate including a change in smile and difficulty swallowing. However, these complications are also known to be risks associated with other double-chin treatments such as liposculpture. Additionally, while visible results are certainly achieved they are not immediate. Multiple treatments (often six treatments) are required when using Deoxycholate to achieve the desired outcome. This can be both costly and time consuming for busy patients. As an alternative, treatments such as Cryolipolysis using Coolmini™ are a viable option, as they usually require 1-2 sessions to acquire a comparable outcome. It is also important to note that Belkyra and similar products are prescription-only medications and should only be administered, or directly supervised by, highly trained medical practitioners in the use and administration of this medicine.

WHAT TREATMENT HAS 94%* APPROVAL RATING? l TGA Listed device l Combines the power of Radio Frequency, Micro- needling & LED Phototherapy l 36 Gold Plated Insulated & Non-insulated Micro- needles l High patient comfort treatment l Near Zero Downtime treatment l Proven great results l Great Return On Investment (ROI) l *Rated 94% Worth It on l Competitive Finance Available Re d L E D Ac t i vates s ki n cell to inc rea s e co lla g en p ro d u c tion m o i st ure l eve ls in s k in a nd imp roves s k in to ne a nd tex ture . Blue LED Targ et s to ki l l p ro p io nib a c ter iu m a c ne o r the b a cte ria as s o c i ated w i th a c ne. Treats the s eb o rrheic d er m atitis.

For more information, or to request a demonstration on the VIVACE contact telephone: (02) 9056 5038 email:



Business A

nti-wrinkle injections and fillers are big business in Australia. According to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, we now have a bigger spend on cosmetic procedures per capita than the US with Aussies consuming $350 million worth of Botox treatments every year, dermal fillers follow closely. While the popularity of these procedures comes as no surprise, the number of clinics exercising unsafe practice, may be a shock. The influx of non-approved Schedule 4 drugs in Australia is a huge issue regarding patient safety and therefore is a major concern for the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia. Schedule 4 drugs for cosmetic use include botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injection preparations (and other dermal fillers) and the illegal importation of these drugs is happening now in Australia. The ABC recently reported on this, obtaining footage of raids of beauty clinics by the New South Wales Health Department, in which officials seized thousands of illegal drugs including non-approved dermal fillers, anaesthetics and more. “While we are seeing some movement towards a clamp-down on illegal practices taking place, the CPCA would also like Australian Customs to take more seriously the threat from imported medications and be more active in detecting illegallyimported cosmetic medicines,” said Dr Dingley. The Australian Health Department released a report earlier this year making nine recommendations to better regulate the booming cosmetic industry, including stricter rules around ‘extreme body modifications’ and procedures from plastic surgery, filler injections, Botox, or procedures such as body modification surgery like subdermal implants (silicone or metal shapes or horns under the skin) or ‘tongue splitting’. The review was prompted by the death of 35-year-old Jean Huang, who died in September 2017 as a result of a cosmetic procedure she received from Medi Beauty Clinic in Sydney’s Chippendale. Chinese tourist Jie Shao and graduate Yueqiong Fu were charged with manslaughter over Huang’s death, who went into cardiac arrest after she was given the wrong dose of anaesthetic while receiving breast fillers. Other concerns for the CPCA around patient safety and cosmetic injections are the competency of the person administering the treatment and the importance of a face-to-face consultation with a doctor before any patient undergoes a treatment. 80 | SPA+CLINIC

Black market injections and dodgy practitioners continue to be a problem in Australia. The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) is trying hard to crack down on cosmetic cowboys. “The HCCC is supposed to only respond to complaints about registered health practitioners whereas now it is obvious that many unregistered persons are acting like health practitioners. This is of grave concern and we would like to see such persons being investigated given the seriousness of what they are doing, and a quick response when information is received about those practices,” said Dr Dingley. The increasingly aggressive advertising and marketing of high-risk practices among non-medically trained operators within the cosmetic industry is also of particular concern. “Sadly, too many people are shopping for injectables on price and not on the competence of the injector which should be the primary consideration. It’s imperative that people are made aware how vital it is to visit a medical practice where there are trained people to help you in a safe medical environment," said Dr Douglas Grose, President of the CPCA. "We would also advise against seeing medical professionals that allow teleconsulting (Skype consultations). While this is legal, we would always recommend a face-to-face consultation and that the doctors are ready to deal with any unforeseen emergency situation that may potentially arise,” said Dr Dingley. Time will tell if consumers understand the risks involved in cheap injectable treatments. What doctors and nurse injectors can do is take every opportunity to educate their patients about counterfeit products, unqualified practitioners, and possible side effects.

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20 years of Gentle The Gentle Pro laser series has enjoyed success based on 20 years of innovation! With over 20,000 systems installed it’s no secret that it’s the leading laser brand chosen by clinicians around the world.

Permanent hair reduction Removal of pigmented and vascular lesions Wrinkle reduction #20yearsgentle

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Grow your practice with Gentle Pro, from Australia’s largest premium medical aesthetic device company. Whatever your business needs, from hair removal to vascular lesions to pigmented lesions and beyond, the Gentle Pro Series has a device that’s right for you. Talk to us about how a Gentle Pro Series device could benefit your clinic. Laser hair removal


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To celebrate 20 years we have an amazing offer on a Gentle Pro Series device.


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5 Ways

Millennials Will Age Better Than Their Parents The younger generation may not be able to afford their own home, but on the upside, they’ll age much better than their parents. DR GIAMPAPA, MD, Harvard Researcher and Regenerative Medicine Expert explains why. Despite the negative press, millennials are actually more focused and future-minded than previous generations. One American study found that millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) are better at tracking their spending and sticking to a budget than Baby Boomers.i This dedication and focus means that they’re more likely to stick to their personal goals.

do it all just by getting dressed. Called bio wearables – jewellery and trackers incorporated into clothes (and even implanted in the not-too-distant-future) – allow people to monitor their sleep patterns, activity levels, readiness for physical activity and even their blood sugar and hormone levels. ii This information helps the wearer know what to eat, when to eat, and when to workout for optimum results.

2. They use bio wearables

3. They have better access to anti-ageing products

New technology means that we’re able to keep track of what we eat, drink and how much we move each and every day. And we can

Lucky millennials are fortunate enough to live in a time when supplements don’t just mean vitamins and minerals, but can help

1. They’re more disciplined



them look and live younger. Today’s new supplements can actually decrease DNA damage and prevent free radicals – caused by poor diet and the environment – from ageing the skin. New supplements can now change your genes, by turning on and off within each one of the 100 million cells we each have in our body. Best of all, supplements are also now able to be prescribed according to your personal ageing needs. A new range, Jeunesse Global AMPM Essentials, are ideal for those looking to the future and wishing to hold back the hands of time. AM ESSENTIALS™ is designed to help you achieve optimal health and cell longevity. A combination of key vitamins and nutrients, these supplements help to increase daily energy levels, support healthy cell function, and help you improve and maintain overall body composition. At night, it’s recommend you support your slumber with PM ESSENTIALS. Designed to help you achieve optimal health and cell longevity, these supplements contain a combination of key vitamins and nutrients, to help maintain healthy sleep patterns and support nutrient absorption.

4. Technology is their friend Whereas stem cell research was something we read about in sci-fi books, the future is now here. Stem Cell technology involves the ability to collect and store stem cells, to be re-infused years later. This process, called bio-insurance, could lead to a healthier and longer

lifespan. Millennials will have the luxury of storing their stem cell reserves so they can repair and restore their body function more efficiently than their elders. Sound far-fetched? “Youth-infusions” are already happening in many countries around the world. It’s been found that a youthinfusion can increase life span by three months for every year you live.

5. They’re healthier overall It’s not just smashed avocado that millennials hanker for (and they’re great for the skin!). Research shows that the younger generation eat a more wholesome, plant-based diet than their parents. iii, iv, v And, they’re more aware of their health, drinking and smoking less too,vi which of course helps them keep looking younger for longer. i h ttps:// ii h ttp:// iii iv maddening-marvelous-millennials-report.pdf v vi

FemTouch for Women’s Health ™

A mutual collaboration with leading experts resulted in the development of FemTouch. A vaginal laser treatment driven by practitioners and women’s needs.




HOW WILL FEMTOUCH BENEFIT YOUR PATIENTS? CO2 laser treatments have been shown to promote restoration of the physiology of the vaginal canal to a premenopausal-like stage and to the reduction of the vulvo-vaginal ageing symptoms that accompany vaginal atrophy and incontinence.

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Getting Older? Not With Babor.

German skincare brand Babor is stepping up its antiageing game with the relaunch of their Skinovage range.


very beauty therapist, dermatologist, or more general, skin expert knows that good skin starts with good skincare. No matter how much money a client is willing to spend on regular facials, lasers, LEDs etc., if they’re not using the right cleanser and moisturiser every morning and night, there really is no point. A skincare brand that’s trusted worldwide for its quality ingredients, cutting-edge science, and visible results is Babor. Founded in Germany over 60 years ago, it’s developed a cult following, and thousands of happy clients. But instead of resting on their laurels, Babor is constantly improving and optimising their products. Their premium skincare range Skinovage has just relaunched, bigger and better than ever before. Since the last relaunch in 2012, Babor has decided it’s time to give the range a new look, and the latest scientifically proven ingredients based on epigenetics. Their new slogan “Getting older? Not with 86 | SPA+CLINIC

us.” stresses the anti-ageing properties of the skincare range.

New science Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. In simpler terms, this means Babor’s Skinovage range helps protect skin cells that are easily damaged through intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, sun exposure, and air pollution. Good lifestyle choices turn good genes on, whereas bad lifestyle choices turn them off, resulting in wrinkles, pigmentation, and inflammation. This is what happens when skin cells are damaged, but the right skincare can help prevent and repair the damage. Babor’s Skinovage products include the so-called ‘EpigenTech Power Peptide’, a protein found in royal jelly, which is the food that turns regular worker bees into Queen bees.

The peptide protein ‘Rayalactin’ consists of a five amino acid sequence and triggers a cascade of signalling substances via epidermal growth factors to stimulate various repair mechanisms, which positively influences skin cell renewal as it accelerates skin regeneration, improves cell quality and stabilises the skin’s barrier.

New packaging Just as much attention was paid to what’s in the products as it was to what the product packaging looks like. Babor understands that clients’ preferences change and therefore improves packaging regularly according to the latest findings in market research. The new Skinovage products include easier names and a luxe gold and white packaging. The range is based on five products for five skin types, making it easy for clinicians and therapists to recommend the right skincare for each client. The skin type categories targeted by Skinovage include Moisture for


dry skin, Calming for sensitive skin, Balancing for combination skin, Vitalizing for tired skin, and Purifying for blemished skin. Each skin type range includes a cleanser, serum, eye cream, light cream and rich cream, and masks specifically targeted to treat each skin condition. The scent of each product has been kept subtle, but fresh, with the range for sensitive skin being free from any fragrance or colorants. New additions to the Skinovage range include eye creams, a face oil that can be used under or over moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration, and cellulose masks for at-home use. Babor’s iconic ampoules, as well as the classic product range can be used in combination with Skinovage as well.

Supporting stockists Babor prides itself on delivering excellent customer support for stockists,

going above and beyond what is expected. Each year, Babor invites stockists to a business summit discussing new product launches, marketing opportunities, and giving stockists the chance to talk to the Managing Director and the Babor team directly. These meetings also present a great networking opportunity for salon owners and beauty therapists alike who can share their experience with the brand. Babor stockists also get to use the Babor customer online portal, which includes marketing material, online training, and product information. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing, Babor offers a wide variety of material to use in stockists' own businesses, ranging from posters, to brochures, and online marketing material, such as videos. When stockists order products, they also get a large amount of samples of each product to pass on to clients who may want to try before buying. Babor is and has been a family business now run in the third generation, always looking to expand and find new partners. For more information, visit

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Bronzed Beauty As we race towards warmer months, we take a look at the latest trends and developments in the wide world of tanning.


t’s likely that over the past few months as the temperature has taken a dive, your spa or clinic may have seen a reasonable increase in brightening facial treatments like microdermabrasion, Vitamin C infusions and chemical peels, while also experiencing somewhat of a decline in, well, the majority of other treatments. Unless you’re lucky enough to be based on the sunny tropics of northern Australia, most clients are hesitant to strip off their winter woolies and book in for their regular body treatments. But finally we have entered August and find ourselves on the home stretch to spring - arguably the busiest period of the year for spas, salons and clinics around the country, and you should soon be on track to receiving a steady influx of clients desperate to begin work on their summer bodies. If you offer spray tanning, now is certainly the time for it. Not only does the weather warm up, but there will be, for most, a steady stream of events for the remainder of the year, including 88 | SPA+CLINIC

both social events and public holidays. To aid in this busiest of times, SPA+CLINIC has put together some quick tips to ensure you’re well prepared and maximising your tanning appointments as much as possible.

and tan-extending lotions. Clients expect the very best when it comes to in-salon spray tans; you should have everything on hand to ensure the best quality finish and longevity even after they walk out the door.

Racing season

Room facilities

September marks the beginning of spring racing season - where a killer tan is a must for most attendees. For the majority of Aussie states, there will be a multitude of racing events across the next several months. Particularly if you’re a Melbourne-based salon or spa, you know just how hectic this period can be, driving a soaring demand for tanning. This period may be a good time to consider tanning packages, offering discounted rates for clients who purchase, say, 5 or 10 treatments up front. Don’t forget to stock up on your best homecare and tanning prep products too! These should include exfoliants, both physical mitts and body scrubs, as well as body moisturisers

Are you a one-stop shop when it comes to your tanning facilities? Some spas and salons offer spray rooms complete with showers or wet rooms that are fully equipped with everything a client could possibly need to prep for the perfect tan, from body wash and scrubs to disposables and linen. When setting up one of these all-inclusive rooms, don’t forget to provide detailed instructions for newbies, perhaps on a door or wall of the treatment room. If a client has made a last-minute booking, it’s highly likely they haven’t had time to read the pre-tanning instructions. Lay out the instructions of the products you have left for use, and make sure you explain the pre-tan no-no’s - just in case


clients happen to keep their own body lotion in their handbag and feel the sudden urge to apply after their shower. Facilitating these unplanned, unprepped tanning visits may not be completely ideal for the spa or the client, but it does mean that clients are able to book in a flash without having to head home first - a must-have in order to meet demands of everyone’s busy lifestyles, or in the event of a last-minute special occasion, invitation or Tinder date. Knowing that your spa can cater to these needs could be a big driver in generating new clients and establishing a niche point of difference.

personal favourite is no longer going to cut it. This is particularly true as the popularity of brands offering diversity amongst skin colour and tone, plus customisable shades, continue to rise. Not having a selection available might drive some clients away, so it may be best to have a range of options at the ready, including brown, green and violet based shades.

Organic Tans

We have witnessed the explosion of the natural, organic, ethical skincare and ‘clean beauty’ trend, now too are we bearing witness to it when it comes to spray tanning. A rising number of clients are looking for tans Tan dresses The Little Tanning Dress Did you know there are that are free from chemicals, preservatives, parabens, synthetics, and of ranges of clothing options that are specifically designed to be worn after spray tanning? course, cruelty-free, but that still provide The perfect addition to your homecare retail great looking, long-lasting results. The demand is beginning to climb, and according section, and a fantastic offering for clients that booked last minute, or first timers that to Laura Soszynski, founder of Willow Day Spa in Brisbane; a spa renowned for just weren’t prepared. One of our favourites is Little Tanning Dress, whose range is made being completely organic, more and more of a nylon/spandex weave that is similar to prospective clients are calling for organic swimwear material, that won’t absorb tanning spray tans. “I use Lucy Lane - an Australian, product. This also means product won’t organic, vegan tan," says Laura. It’s green based so no one walks out looking orange, transfer to car upholstery on your clients’ drive home, or onto their couch while they’re and it is a two hour tan. I’ve never had a at home waiting for development. complaint about colour. It fades beautifully, doesn’t go patchy at all. It’s long lasting, about Available in a range of styles, including dresses and jumpsuits in a variety of colours a week before I notice it has faded.” The client feedback has, and prints, Little Tanning Dress options retail from $39.95 according to Laura, been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve $59.95. Styles are floaty and received great feedback which elegant, to avoid smudging or creating lines in tans, and is why I’ve stocked it for over the fabric is also creasefive years now! I get told a lot free - perfect for travelling by clients that their husbands love it - love that it doesn’t or tossing into a handbag on have a strong smell, the way the way to an appointment. LITTLETANNINGDRESS.COM it fades and the way it looks... particularly not orange!" Colour Variety Laura says she has received a lot of new business purely Nowadays, a huge portion of from clients looking for organic consumers are self-taught beauty connoisseurs, and clients are spray tans. “And a lot of repeat so well-informed and educated clients as well as a lot of referrals on what’s available and what from others seeing the tan, complementing it, and asking they need (or think they need!) where it’s from!” that simply stocking your one



MASSAGE Pregnancy Massage Australia® provide a great range of courses that give your spa, salon or clinic the opportunity to develop the skills of your therapists so you can offer personalised therapeutic massage to your pregnant clients. Certificate of Pregnancy Massage is a popular Australia-wide course, covering appropriate massage techniques and styles of application suitable for each trimester. Upon completion of the training we will endorse your pregnancy services so your staff can safely treat your pregnant clients with confidence.

For more information or to enrol:

1300 773 462

Healthy Nails Are Beautiful Nails With endless manicure and nail art services out there, it’s easy to cover up unsightly nails. DR DANA STERN explains why every good manicure starts with nurturing healthy nails.


hen it comes to nails, it’s safe to say we all want the same thing: healthy looking, long-lasting manicures. After all, it seems our nails are front and center in everything we do. Frequent manicures, however, can involve exposure to harmful chemicals and can sometimes result in nail damage causing them to look and feel thin, broken and at times, even yellow. For example, gel and acrylic nail enthusiasts often soak their fingers in acetone, a strong solvent that is extremely drying to nails, to remove the long-lasting tips. The importance of nail health is often underestimated but similar to deep conditioning for your hair or exfoliating skin, it’s important to take care of our nails and provide them with the same nourishment. My interest in nails began during a two-year research fellowship at Mount Sinai and continued while I was chief resident of dermatology at Mount Sinai in New York where I published groundbreaking research on brittle nails. Ultimately, I opened my own practice that is entirely devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of the nail. 90 | SPA+CLINIC

My patients were frustrated with the nail product choices that were on the market where the emphasis was on cosmetic camouflage rather than treatment. The ingredients were often concerning as well, and products were ineffective. It was surprising to learn that carcinogens like Formaldehyde were still being used in so called ‘nail treatment’ formulations. I saw an opportunity and extreme need for nail products that contain ingredients that are based upon science and are free of harsh, damaging ingredients that pose a risk to nail and overall health. As a busy mom of three boys, I have always appreciated easy-to-use products that yield instant results, and decided to create one of my own. When thinking through product development, it was of the utmost importance to me that the Dr. Dana Nail Care System was formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients like coconut oil and grapefruit oil and free of harmful chemicals. I believe that beauty can inspire strength and confidence, but should never compromise health.





Our formulas are high-performing and provide instant results that have been clinically proven to improve the appearance of stronger and overall healthier nails. The Dr Dana Nail Care System is a three-step treatment that instantly exfoliates and hydrates the nails, causing them to appear healthy, strong and lustrous in less than ten minutes. Once a week, prep nails with a thin coat of glycolic acid-based exfoliant, prime them with the innovative, three-surface priming wand and finish with an application of the Deep Hydrating Formula to nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. It is the first and only nail treatment containing glycolic acid, which is essential to nail exfoliation as it removes surface damage and reveals a lustrous shine. The natural ingredients in the proprietary, bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex condition and rejuvenate the natural nails and cuticles, helping them appear healthier and stronger over time. While the Dr Dana Nail Care System works best on unpolished nails, it’s no secret that nail art and vibrant nail colours are in. The treatment system was designed with polish-wearers in mind as it helps prep nails for, and extend the life of, manicures. Salons can help keep clients’ nails healthy during manicures in many ways, such as using sterilised equipment, replacing tools regularly and using less chemicals on the nail. The following are a few precautions in the salon: • Cuticle oil must be dropped onto a client’s cuticles as opposed to brushed on. Cuticle oil brushes are not sanitary to use on multiple clients because oils can easily harbor organisms such as bacteria and fungus. • Emery boards should only be used on one client and then discarded. Porous emery boards can also harbor organisms such as bacteria and fungus. • Buffing block grits vary like sandpaper grades and many buffers are meant for acrylics and not natural nails. This is another one-time use item and should be used only on one client and then discarded. Porous buffing blocks can harbor organisms such as bacteria and fungus. When it comes to nail appearance, there is no reason to sacrifice your nail health. There are responsible ways to achieve healthy looking, longlasting manicures with high quality, physician formulated products. Dr Dana Stern is a board certified dermatologist in private practice in New York City who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the nail. She is committed to helping her patients with all of their skin and nail health needs. The Dr. Dana Nail Care System is available at

GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish by Jessica is an exclusive, premium formula designed to protect and care for the natural nail while delivering durable colour for everyday life. GELeration for flawless nails today and healthy nails tomorrow.



1300 470 648


Fab Fresh Finds

See what’s new in skin and body care with these fresh releases and soon-to-launch gems.

The PAYOT Crème Sublime Elixir is a rich, delicately-fragranced cream that intensely nourishes, firms and enhances the body. Its meltingly-soft creamin-oil texture with intoxicating myrrh and amyris notes immediately smooths the skin, and argan oil and creamy shea butter leaves applied areas infinitely softer and subtly perfumed. Ideal for all skin types. PAYOT.COM


Avène Cicalfate PostProcedure is a light, transparent emulsion formulated specifically for sensitive skin types and is designed to soothe irritations, redness and overheating after superficial dermatological procedures. Suitable for face and body, it combines a blend of repairing agents Sucralfate is proven to aid in repairing and maintaining healthy skin, while copper and zinc limits the risk of bacterial proliferation. AVENE.COM.AU

A pre-serum elixir designed to boost skin’s resistance to physical and chemical aggressors, Synergie Skin's Dermiotic addresses key underlying causes of acne, ageing, sun damage and sensitivity and assists in relieving symptoms of skin stress such as dullness, irritation and redness. The probiotic lysate together with the prebiotic skin nutrition, restores skin balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria, and helps to prevent triggers of skin inflammation. SYNERGIESKIN.COM

A gentle facial gel designed for the treatment of sensitive facial skin, Dermaviduals’ Oleogel R is specifically formulated for those prone to rosacea or perioral dermatitis. It contains essential gamma linolenic acid, azelaic acid, boswellic acids and betulinic acid, and as with all Dermaviduals products, is free from emulsifers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines. DERMAVIDUALS.COM.AU

Ideal for collagenpoor skin, deep-set wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation, Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask is an advanced home peel that combines a powerful mix of Combination Hydroxy Acids with a nourishing base of Squalene, Shea Butter and Fision Hydrate; a comprehensive moisturiser with wheat amino acids and multi weighted Hyaluronic Acid for intense and long-term hydration while stimulating fibroblast proliferation. ALPHA-H.COM


Kansa, pronounced Khan-Sah, is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper and tin (bronze) and is referred to as ‘the healing metal’ in Ayurveda. AWE Cosmeceuticals Kansa Wands are used with various massage movements to improve circulation and lymph flow, improve headaches, restore energy and promote restful sleep, and various sizes are available for use on face, neck and scalp, body and feet, and trigger points. AWECOSMECEUTICALS. COM.AU

Medik8’s best-selling blemish moisturiser now comes with a Glycolic Acid Activator, taking it to the next level. The Glycolic Acid Activator supercharges the benefits of the moisturiser, resurfacing the skin for optimum results, and working with the skin’s natural mechanisms to balance the complexion and boost hydration, leaving a mattifying effect that is lightweight and silky. It instantly dissolves into the skin as a perfect base for Balance Moisturiser to get to work. ADVANCEDCOSME CEUTICALS.COM.AU

Guinot’s Age Logic Eye Mask smoothes wrinkles and lines and 'lifts' the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles in the process. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) stores and delivers essential energy to the vital functions of the cells, Actinergie increases the oxygen consumption of the cells to boost their metabolism, and Dermochlorella (green seaweed extract) boosts microcirculation and helps drain the eyelid and under eye areas. AU.GUINOT.COM

Offering light or medium coverage, Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation is a lightweight, water-based vegan foundation for light/ medium to medium skin tones. Enriched with quinoa to assist healing inflammation and increasing elasticity, and blackcurrant for a boost of antioxidants and vitamins, these ingredients rejuvenate while helping to reduce redness, pigmentation and fine lines. It’s easily blendable with a fresh matte finish. Available in 3 shades. EREPEREZ.COM

A deeply nourishing daily moisturiser for intense repair and replenishment, the Waterlily Spaceuticals Lime Caviar Body Balm contains an exotic blend of shea and cocoa butters, virgin coconut oil, enriching omega serums, and pure essential oils of vanilla bean and lime. The hero ingredient, Native Australian lime caviar, is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to help protect and strengthen skin. Exceedingly rich and decadent but absorbs in an instant and leaves a fresh, delicate fragrance reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. WATERLILYSKINBODY SPA.COM.AU | 93


Containing a powerful concentration of 10% Vitamin C, Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Targeted Spot Brightener simultaneously soothes skin and brightens dark spots. Aloe Vera and Allantoin calm the skin, while Ferulic Acid works synergistically with Vitamins C & E to enhance their benefits. Angelys; an extract from Angelica Root, has a camouflaging effect, and Gwennis; derived from brown algae, reduces the size of discolouration by up to 75% after 12 weeks. Available from August 15th. SEPHORA.COM.AU


Created by Paul Fister and his wife, renowned beauty therapist, Sue Dann, The newly launched Aevitas BB Finish has the ideal balance to deliver the most even-toned skin finish with the added boost of skin nourishing ingredients that will protect, moisturise, brighten and firm. Packed with natural, mineral and organic ingredients, the colour-correcting and brightening formula is enriched with Omega 3 and six fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, E and D. AEVITASACTIVES.COM

This potent and powerful serum concentrate is an anti-aging cocktail of active, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and works to provide a nourished, youthful complexion. Dr Barbara Sturm’s Super Anti-Aging Serum works to reduce inflammation in the complexion – a primary cause of aging, while supporting cellular turnover and replacing the skin’s moisture levels with a complex on long and short chain hyaluronic acid. MECCA.COM.AU

The Babor Skinovage Vitalizing Serum with the Energy Plus Complex promotes skin regeneration and cell renewal, while the Blue Light Protect Complex protects against premature skin aging caused by exposure to blue light. Perfection Peptides P3 break down the protein bridges (desmosomes) between the corneocytes in the lowest layer of the stratum corneum and promote the desquamation process. With regular use, the serum refines the surface of the skin, leaving it looking regenerated and revitalised with added radiance. AU.BABOR.COM

A truly multi-functional formula that works to unclog pores and manage that tricky T-zone area that can lead to adult acne and breakouts, Priori LCA fx120 Gel Perfector also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin radiant and revitalised. Can be directly applied to damaged areas for individual spot and blemish control. PRIORISKINCARE.COM.AU




Genuine results driven skincare promotes skin vitality not only on the surface, but by maintaining skin health at a cellular level.

Containing ceramide from Japanese Rice Germ, Sassou

Japan Angel’s Dew creates a protective layer over skin that improves moisture retention and allows for effective penetration of its active ingredients. Infused with essential vitamins and minerals, it deeply hydrates skin while fortifying the skin’s barrier to protect from environmental stressors and promotes a dewy luminous complexion. Skin appears more youthful in as little as one week by balancing excess sebum production and enhancing skin translucency, leaving a luminous golden glow without an oily residue. SASSOU.COM.AU

A rich oil treatment for stubborn patches of dry skin on elbows, knees and ankles, Votary Body Treatment Oil combines

macadamia oil and natural salicylic acid to reveal fresh and glowing skin, magically restoring youthful smoothness and lustre. Specifically formulated to target dull, dehydrated and discoloured skin, this concoction is turbocharged with rosehip oil, vitamin E and salicylic acid (from the American wintergreen plant) for instant hydration. New to Australia, Votary will be available from August 14th. VOTARY.CO.UK

Cosmedix Define is an extraordinary exfoliating cream that utilises AGP Complex; a transretinol complex, which is effectively penetrated using fruit acids in a cream base. Mildly hydrating and suitable for all skin types, Cosmedix Define helps to regulate oil production, leading to a more balanced and healthy complexion. ADVANCEDSKIN TECHNOLOGY.COM.AU

BO O STI NG N ATUR A L BEAUT Y Use only as directed and always read the label.


10 questions with Kate Flammea KATE FLAMMEA is the proud founder and owner of Smart Skin Clinics, currently running four Melbourne locations. Being a busy working mum, Kate took on another business venture last year, creating the ultimate on-the-go makeup capsule, Pressplay Cosmetics, which aims to simplify life for women who love makeup, but need it to be easy and quick. The smartphone sized beauty case allows women to store all their favourite makeup and skincare products in a stylish, but organised manner – and it fits in even the smallest handbag. We caught up with the girl boss to see what makes her tick.

1. Describe a typical day in your life. I typically start my day by getting my three year-old son ready. I then go ahead and start to get myself ready. Once everyone is dressed and fed (this always feels like the Amazing Race), I quickly write down my to-do list for the day. After I have dropped off my son at school, I get started on the to-do list. It is always something different and may include business meetings, a visit to one of my skin clinics, or it could be catching up on an email backlog. Wherever the day may take me, I usually have the same systematic routine in place to make sure I am able to be as productive as possible and achieve a work-life balance.

2. How would you describe your business in one sentence? Empowering women to look and feel their best.

3. What do you love most about your job? An element that really makes me think, ‘wow I love my job’ is receiving feedback from happy customers about how we have helped to change their life in some shape, way or form. This is really what it is all about for me and why I started my businesses. I am grateful to have a platform where I am able to help other women and this makes the daily grind so worth it. I still have a lot I would like to achieve such as inspiring others and helping and connecting with others and the larger community.

4. Favourite skincare product and why? The La Roche-Posay Cleanser would have to be my favourite skincare product at the moment. It is one of those products that makes your skin feel so fresh and pure. It leaves no residue on the skin and gives me a lovely glow afterwards. I highly recommend this product.

5. Favourite makeup product and why? Alexander Eyeliner from Pressplay Cosmetics is everything that an eyeliner should be and more. It has a 24-hour wear, it’s waterproof and the best part…it’s 100% cruelty-free. I always keep one in my Pressplay Capsule and use it every day.

6. Skin treatment with the best results? If you’ve yet to hear about Skin Needling, then I suggest you listen (read) this 96 | SPA+CLINIC

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next part as it can change your life! Skin Needling is a treatment that stimulates the production of collagen to create smoother, healthier skin. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring. It’s a one-stop skin treatment that targets a variety of skin problems. We provide this treatment at all our Smart Skin Clinics and the results speak for themselves.

7. Describe your skincare routine. I like to keep my skincare routine simple and streamlined. Cleansing and moisturising are a daily step that I never miss. I also lean towards highly active exfoliators once a week. I am always experimenting with new serums and creams. I love to switch it up and not let my skin get too comfortable with a certain product.

8. Best business advice you’ve been given? I have learnt a great deal over the years in regards to business. Some advice that really stands out to me was “follow your intuition” and “take the risk”. I always have this in the back of my mind and I believe this mentality has led me to where I am today. I’ve made supporting women in business a major element of the social endeavours in both of my companies. It’s important to me to show this support and nurture the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

9. What would you say to your 18 year-old self? When I was 18 I was super carefree and rebellious and thought I already knew it all. I would say to my 18 year-old self to “keep making mistakes – that’s what you’re here for! No regrets.”

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10. Favourite song of all time? Anything by Prince. He was such an inspiration to me and his music was and still is on another level. Brisbane . Melbourne . Sydney . Gold Coast Freecall 1800 640 524



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INTRODUCING‌ THE NEEDED ADVANCEMENT IN HAIR REMOVAL The first aesthetic workstation to blend Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:Yag (1064) wavelengths. Our unique Synchronized Laser Emission™ (SLE) technology, harnesses the power of two lasers and empowers you to treat all skin types, all hair types all year round quickly and effectively. The two lasers perform in unison allowing full customization of every pulse, adjusting the amount of fluence of each wavelength for a perfectly tailored treatment. Emitting a large square shape spot size and with a high repetition rate, it ensures rapid uniform skin coverage without the need for retouching. A built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke free environment for the treatment.

Rapid coverage rate of the entire body

Blended wavelengths 755nm & 1064nm

Revolutionary square spot size with plume evacuator

Treatment versatility and skin solutions

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LUMENIS.COM/AESTHETIC Energy to Healthcare



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