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Melissa Parker attended Vinexpo in Hong Kong on behalf of National Liquor News where Australia was the Country of Honour.

Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 was a big deal for the Australian wine industry. Wine Australia invested a significant $1.9 million from the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package into the biggest Australian wine representation at an overseas trade event to date.

Australia was the Country of Honour and Vinexpo was celebrating its 20th anniversary. The wines were flowing, the crowds were big and the Australian wine industry legend attendance was in high ratio. China is a huge export opportunity for Australia and we grabbed the opportunity to make a huge statement with the sheer enormity of our more than 800sqm Wine Australia stand.

Ross Brown from Brown Brothers.

Visitor first impressions to the Wine Australia Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 stand was Australia’s new campaign – Australian Wine – Made our Way – literally up in neon white lights. The campaign talks about ‘taking risks, making mistakes and educated guesses’, ‘prodding the rules and pushing the boundaries’. All in order to be the most ‘diverse and thrilling’ wine scene in the world.

The new marketing campaign successfully gets to the heart of the Australian wine story. Yes we do have a unique offering and way of selling ourselves. Our ‘way’ is thrown into stark relief at world wine trade fairs such as this one where the countries of the world are vying for the share of throat of the burgeoning foreign market – in this case – China.

Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to launch the new branding that talks about what makes Australian wine unique. We are confident. We respect tradition but we are willing to innovate and do things differently. We are not shackled by too many rules. We have a willingness to experiment. It sends a strong message and has been well received,” said Andreas Clark, CEO, Wine Australia.

Picture this… the Wine Australia stand full to capacity this year with a record breaking 150 wineries and 51 regions represented all tasting six wines each because they were the rules – many would have happily showcased more. They were pouring wines for anyone who showed an interest. The atmosphere was inclusive, lively and welcoming. The wines were celebrated, savoured, discussed. The aisles were full of the bustling global wine trade getting a taste of Australia’s wide and diverse vinous offering.

The Wine Australia stand.

Up a few levels to a global competitor somewhere in Europe and we are presented with a very different scene. Where are the wines? Do you have an appointment? Yes we are doing things our way and it is paying off.

“We are hitting the market on mass. It has a real head turning effect. Country of Honour has put us up as the place to be and the foot traffic over the last few days has proven that. It’s a one stop shop for people to meet the exporters and taste the wines,” said Clark.

Wine Australia’s Aroma Wall.

Export figures released in March revealed Australian wine export into China, Hong Kong and Macau is topping over a billion dollars. It was with great foresight and hard work from the team at Wine Australia that the stars aligned to make the most of this significant and timely trade event.

“Our big and bold statement here at Vinexpo in Hong Kong sends a strong statement. People compare the presence from two years ago to where we are now and it shows we are here on mass and it has had a head turning effect,” says Clark.

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