INCLEAN March-April 2019

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Using sweepers or scrubbers to clean commercial floors When it comes to taking floor cleaning to the next level, nothing beats using industrial grade equipment. What’s equally important is knowing which machine to choose to get the best result possible. Kennards Hire’s category manager concrete care - Cameron Murrin shares the importance of training staff on best practice floor and concrete care procedures, so customers receive industry leading advice and are recommended equipment that will get the job done to the highest standard.

Sweeper or scrubber? Depending on the job at hand, knowing which equipment is the best is the key to getting the desired result. Industrial sweepers and scrubbers can make light work of some difficult cleaning jobs, but it’s worth doing some research or getting the right advice first on which one is most appropriate for your cleaning task. A simple way of looking at this is, if in domestic cleaning terms, you’d use a broom to clean a surface, you need a sweeper. If you’d use a mop or scrubbing brush, you need a scrubber. Often, of course, you’ll need to use both, especially if there is loose dirt and rubbish on the surface. Then, you’ll need to sweep before you scrub, or the loose dirt will just be spread along the ground - usually making more of a mess than cleaning the area. It can also scratch the surface, especially polished concrete or tiled floors. Another common problem is that the excess dirt 32 INCLEAN March/April 2019

can clog the squeegees and brushes, or even block the recovery system. Using the right machine is paramount to a sparklingclean floor.

How clean is clean? To start with, it’s important to know what you are dealing with and what you are trying to achieve. Are you removing litter from a car park after an event or debris from a construction site? Are you cleaning your oil-spattered garage floor before putting your house on the market? Are you trying to remove a build-up of dirt from a bathroom floor? Are you spring cleaning a café or restaurant with grease-splattered floors? Or are you after a shiny scuff-free surface, perhaps in a shopping centre, show room or aged care facility? Here’s a general guide to which tool is right for particular types of cleaning: