INCLEAN January-February 2021

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Conquest introduces Edge orbital scrubbers to short-term hire fleet

ISSA PULIRE 2021 rescheduled The board of directors of the ISSA PULIRE Network have decided to reschedule the 25th edition of the trade show, originally set to take place in Verona, Italy, from May 18-20, 2021 to September 7-9, 2021. The effects of the pandemic continue to jeopardise productive activities and services, particularly affecting all spheres where contact with the public and social contact among industry professionals are the key elements around which success and consensus are built. The ISSA PULIRE organisational office decided to announce this resolution, taken well in advance so that everyone, whether they be exhibitors or attendees, can plan and reorganise their calendars to take this update into account. “We have taken a reasoned, responsible, and above all definitive decision in the interests of industry professionals, exhibitors and visitors, driven by the desire to ensure optimal safety conditions for all and to lay the foundations for a passionate and effective trade show as always,” said Toni D’Andrea, CEO of ISSA PULIRE Network. “By September next year, we hope that the critical phase of the pandemic will be behind us, thanks in part to the availability of a vaccine, and that normal conditions will have been restored.” ISSA PULIRE Network said its organisational staff are already working to reorganise all its activities, paving the way for a highly anticipated and trade show fair next year.

Conquest Equipment has recently celebrated 12 months success of its short-term floor cleaning equipment hire offer. On the back of that success, Conquest has recently expanded its hire fleet of quality floor cleaning equipment to address a wider range of its customers’ biggest floor cleaning challenges. Dean Molander, Conquest Hire Controller said: “We hear that during and post the holiday season creates a bit of a floor cleaning headache for commercial and industrial facilities, due to built-up grime and dirt from the increased flurry of activity. This is particularly true for tiled shopping centres and retail facilities that experience heavy foot traffic. So temporary scaling of cleaning resources to adapt during this time is important to our customers.” In response to this challenge, Conquest has introduced a range of Edge Series heavy duty scrubbers to their short-term hire fleet. Conquest Edge orbital floor scrubbers are ideal for heavy duty cleaning demands, such as that created by heavy foot traffic in commercial retail spaces. Using a rectangular, high-speed oscillating head, they allow operators to clean right up to the edges, and into corners. The combination of powerful down-pressure and oscillating scrubbing motion unique to Conquest Edge scrubbers can reduce the cost of labour by up to 70 per cent, when compared to less-effective manual cleaning processes. Conquest’s comprehensive short-term hire offer includes fast delivery to site, or pick-up from Conquest’s facilities located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with trailer hire optional. 9