INCLEAN January-February 2021

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INDUSTRY LEADERS FORUM What is one issue the industry should urgently address in 2021? The industry needs a clear benchmark for what is acceptable cleaning, and how it is delivered ethically. Once this benchmark is clear, it will better inform property managers and building owners before engaging a contractor and mitigating potential illegal engagement.

What additional advice or guidance do you have for the cleaning community now and after the pandemic? Even as the immediate risk of contracting COVID-19 in Australia appears to have diminished, it is still vitally important that we maintain good cleaning and disinfection principals. The TGA website is an excellent guide to the products currently endorsed by the TGA for use in ‘killing’ COVID-19 virus on hard surfaces. Significant fines have been levied for companies making false claims in their marketing — be careful what you promise. Before making claims about what you can do, consider the following: • Are your staff adequately trained in all aspects of the job? Do they understand the

risks? Do they know how to appropriately use the PPE? Can you verify the staff have had appropriate training? Have you supplied the correct PPE, and do you have processes in place to ensure it is being used correctly at all times? Are you using the correct techniques, i.e. cleaning before disinfecting? Are you using the appropriate products? Are standard WHS protocols being met, i.e. labelled spray bottles, appropriate dilution techniques? Are you providing the correct level of clean to address the client’s requirements? Do you understand the client’s requirements? High touch point cleaning, a precautionary clean, and a confirmed COVID-19 clean are quite different, and whilst the cleaning provider may have a good understanding of the differences, the client phoning in the request may not. Make sure you are giving them what they really need. Always make yourself aware of the fine print of the products you are basing your cleaning around. Some products may claim residual efficacy; make sure you understand what it means (and what it doesn’t mean). ■

We believe that going forward, all stakeholders will expect their contractors to be prepared for the next pandemic and, more importantly, able to demonstrate the ability to contribute to a building and its tenants’ wellbeing. 29