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4G ACTION! THE ZTE FIT SMART 4G With this awesome phone, you can make the most of the superfast Optus 4G Plus Network wherever it expands.




THE NITTY GRITTY. The Optus 4G Plus network is available in selected areas with a compatible device and plan. Check coverage at and our prepaid plans at General: Mobile phone is network locked. For unlocking fees see

MAY 2015

HEAD OFFICE Level 1 75 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000 POSTAL ADDRESS PO BOX 1383 Queen Victoria Building 1230 CUSTOMER SERVICE For general enquiries and technical support P. 1300 301 408 ADVERTISING P. 02 8297 2888 E. Written, Produced and Printed by The Intermedia Group MANAGING DIRECTOR Simon Grover PUBLISHER James Wells EDITOR Gifford Lee ART DIRECTOR Ryan Vizcarra HEAD OF CIRCULATION Chris Blacklock PRODUCTION MANAGER Jacqui Cooper

Welcome H

appy belated New Year everyone. The last time you saw the magazine we were all heading into the Christmas period and no doubt it was a very busy time for you all. We trust you had a successful festive period and have hit the ground running in 2015. It’s encouraging news for the retail industry to see the RBA cut interest rates in February this year. However, it will be important to see further cuts to ensure consumer confidence stays up so the retail sector can reap the benefit of this positive sentiment for the remainder of the year. The Treasurer Joe Hockey has set us a challenge by saying “the shackles are off the Australian economy” and encouraged small businesses to “go out there, have a go, employ more Australians, because the costs of doing business are down”. So here’s to a successful year in 2015. In this, the latest issue of the magazine, we delve into a number of topics so you can maximise its potential. Get connected with the latest software trends on page 14. We investigate the shift in the way software products are made available to consumers, from a physical, boxed product to electronic means. This trend delivers great benefits to retailers and consumers alike and will no doubt continue to be popular this year.

“We feature the growing popularity of the Opal card... and speak to a retailer who offers the top-up service.” To learn how customers move about a store and how you can capture their attention while they do so, see our merchandising best practice feature on page 20. It’s brimming with practical and useful tips about how to understand, and capitalise upon, a shopper’s behaviour. On page 18 we feature the growing popularity of the Opal card amongst public transport users in NSW. We also speak to a retailer who now offers the Opal card topup service. It was amazing that we even found the time to chat with Nick Theos from the Lucky Charm shop in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building. His store now processes, on average, an Opal top-up every 30 seconds. And in a new feature of the magazine, we speak directly with one of our retailers to give readers an insight into what their business philosophy is and what epay products really work for them. This issue we introduce Rami Jbara – the operations manager at City Convenience who oversees 20-plus stores in Sydney’s CBD. There’s lots more great content inside for you to explore. We hope you enjoy. Kind regards, Matt Blayney Country Manager

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FEATURES 8 TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES World of Tanks is a gaming phenomenon set to get even bigger 12 BIT BUY BIT BitPOS is making bitcoin simple and safe for retailers 14 UNBOXING THE FUTURE The shift to selling software electronically 16 C&I EXPO epay at the C&I Expo, Sydney 18 FAST, EASY & IN DEMAND The roll-out of the Opal card across the NSW transport network means big opportunities for retailers


20 SIGN RIGHT Merchandising best practice tips so you can capture the customer’s attention

REGULARS 5 WHAT’S HOT The big ticket items right now with consumers 10 THE TECH SPACE The latest gadgets and devices on the market 24 INTRODUCING Retailer profile – Rami Jbara City Convenience Store


EPAY M AY 2 015


30 TERMINAL NEWS The latest epay news for retailers 32 GAME REVIEWS The latest Xbox and PlayStation titles




These are the three big ticket items with consumers right now.

1. OPAL CARD TOP-UP Opal is the card that enables access to the new electronic ticket system across NSW’s public transport system to make travel easier, faster and cheaper. This is set to only get bigger. See our Opal feature on page 18.





Ukash is the safe and easy way to spend cash online. Ukash is treated exactly like cash but is spent online. Perfect for those people who don’t have a credit or debit card or don’t want to use those cards to pay online.

3. PREPAID MOBILE TOP-UPS From parents wanting to control how much their children spend, to travellers wanting to get cheap mobile access while in the country, these are extremely popular with people who want the freedom of no lock-in contracts on their mobile phone.

EPAY M AY 2 015



CASH FOR THE INTERNET WORKS AROUND THE WORLD The popular prepaid solution paysafecard is secure and easy to use.


aysafecard is a prepaid online payment method which allows customers to pay online quickly – and it’s just as simple and safe as it is with cash. Issued by the company Wertkarten GmbH since 2000, paysafecard was the first product of its kind where users purchase goods online without any link to a bank account. paysafecard is popular throughout Europe as well as in South and North America and is available in 39 countries worldwide. At the end of 2013, the product was also launched in Australia. Australia is a world-leader in terms of digital development. Over 90 percent of the population use the Internet and the e-commerce market is steadily growing. With the launch of paysafecard, Australian companies and consumers have access to a secure prepaid payment method for the Internet which requires neither a bank account nor a credit card. paysafecard works in a similar way to mobile prepaid cards. Customers can purchase their vouchers in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 AUD from retail outlets worldwide. To make a payment, the user simply selects paysafecard as the payment

option at one of paysafecard´s official partner websites. Then they enter the unique 16 digit PIN that comes with each paysafecard voucher. A wide range of online merchants use paysafecard to increase their revenue by reaching out to new target groups. paysafecard vouchers can be generated quickly at all epay terminals. Now fully customised for mobile devices, paysafecard has seen remarkable growth over recent years. The paysafecard App for Android and iOS is one of the first that use Augmented Reality. Finding the nearest outlet is therefore easier than ever before. The app also allows its users to rate sales outlets right away, thereby letting other users know where purchasing a paysafecard is easy and convenient. The app also supports several languages and features a QR scan function as well as a news and promotions section. paysafecard has received numerous awards over the years, including the Paybefore Award in the categories of “Best Digital Currency”, “Best Virtual or Digital Program” and “Top Digital Dollars”. In 2014, The New Economy recognised paysafecard as one of the 40 most innovative companies of 2013. n

paysafecard is fully customised for mobile devices


EPAY M AY 2 015

Online Prepaid pays off.

Online cash for everyone. paysafecard allows customers to pay quickly, simply and safely as if they were paying in cash. paysafecard is the perfect solution for customers who value their data security, wish to limit their spending or simply don’t have a credit card.

Win new regular customers and generate incremental revenues – as an official sales outlet of Europe´s leading prepaid solution for paying online.

Selling paysafecard is so easy:


A customer asks to buy paysafecard in a certain amount (10, 25, 50 or 100 AUD)


You print out paysafecard via the familiar menu option for prepaid products, such as for telephony and other payment methods.


You hand over the voucher printout once the customer has paid.

Additional benefits for you: Raise your profile. Your sales outlet is actively promoted by paysafecard via a range of communication channels.

Increase your customer frequency and crossselling potential. With new regular customers.

Profit from the commission. Not only generate new revenues, you also profit from the commission on each paysafecard sold.

Our paysafecard sales team is happy to answer any questions: |


TOP 5 IN-GAME PURCHASES 1. $7.19 = 1250 pieces of gold 2. $16.80 = 3000 pieces of gold 3. $41.01 = Japanese Tier VIII tank 4. $71.79 = Soviet Tier II tank 5. $127.62 = 1 year access to Premium

TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES The massively popular World of Tanks multi-player shows no signs of abating as it celebrates its third anniversary in the Asia-Pacific region.


here’s a good chance that customers buying online credit in your store through the likes of MOLPoints will be spending some of their hard earned money on the global phenomenon that is World of Tanks. Even before it made the leap to Xbox 360 from PC last year, World of Tanks was one of the hottest games on the market. Fans were captivated by the fact it was free to download and that they could outdo their rivals by purchasing in-game add-ons to give them that vital edge. And now that World of Tanks developer Wargaming has announced the game will be made available on Xbox One at some stage this year, you can expect its popularity to continue to grow. There were over 5 million downloads worldwide on Xbox 360 in the past year alone! n


EPAY M AY 2 015

MOL Points Use MOLPoints to purchase World of Tanks in-game add-ons. Available in amounts of: $10/$20/$50/$100

XBOX LIVE GOLD MEMBERSHIP World of Tanks is available now on Xbox 360 as a free download for Xbox Live Gold Members. Membership cards available: $10.95 for one month $29.95 for three months $79.95 for 12 months

XBOX GIFT CARDS Use Xbox gift cards to purchase World of Tanks in-game add-ons. Available in amounts of: $15/$25/$50/$100

Your personal and business foreign exchange specialists

As a sister company of epay we are proud to be able to offer preferential currency services to all of their partners and suppliers. We are one of Australia’s largest non-bank currency providers and a part of the Euronet group, a global leader in money transfer services. Whether you’re a large business entity, small to medium sized enterprise or a private client, the underlying commitment is the same to all. We offer better rates and great customer service! As one of the world’s largest deliverable foreign exchange providers, you can rest assured your funds are safe and secure.

Benefits HiFX offers you: Highly competitive live exchange rates A 24/7 secure online platform and access to a dedicated dealing team Zero or low transfer fees First ranking security over your funds in HiFX’s client trust accounts Access to both domestic and offshore foreign currency accounts for deposits Payment processes and solutions to make your transactions more efficient (money and time) It doesn’t cost anything to open and have an account with us

Referral code:


For a free trade audit or any questions please call Stuart Talman on:

+61 (0) 2 8270 4500 or 1800 006 592 currency services eXpertly done

alternatively, email

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise expressly indicated, to the extent that any information contained in this flyer may be construed as advice, HIFX Ltd has not considered your objectives, financial situation and needs and you should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. You should obtain and read our Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement, available at, before making any decision regarding HIFX Ltd's products or of its associated companies. Unless expressly indicated to the contrary, the contents of this flyer and any accompanying material are not intended to be a solicitation of funds, or a recommendation to trade a financial product. To the extent permissible at law, HIFX Ltd expressly disclaims all, or any liability and responsibility to any person in respect to anything (and the consequences of anything) done or omitted to be done by any person in relation to the whole or part of the material contained in this flyer. HIFX Ltd ABN 54 106 779 953 / AFSL No 240914 | HIFX Australia Pty Ltd ABN 78 105 106 045 / AFSL No 240917 is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You can view a copy of both our Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement at or .


THE TECH SPACE Here's a range of the exciting new tech items on the market consumers can buy with epay products such as iTunes Gift Cards.

Philips Fidelio Headphones Hear nothing but first-class sound. Perfect for travellers, these balanced and richly detailed noise cancelling headphones are an international passport to listening pleasure. Compact foldability and longwearing comfort make them the best sound companion on long-haul or daily commutes.

Marshall Monitor Headphones Resonating with the power of live performance, Marshall’s Monitor headphones produce deep bass with extended highs and natural, wellbalanced mids. They come embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps.

iTunes GIFT CARDS Purchase songs and movies with the iTunes range of gift cards to listen to on these amazing headphones. Available in amounts of: $20/$30/$50/$100


EPAY M AY 2 015


Harman/Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System “The Aura is visually and digitally unlike any other audio system on the market,” said head of marketing Sohan Karunaratne. “The Aura brings together high art design with state-of-the-wireless-art sound in a single unit system.”

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge After a series of delays, Samsung has finally released its long-awaited Note Edge smartphone, featuring a screen with a sloping edge for displaying notifications and other information. This could be a bold new step in how we use smart phones.

VPAY VISA ONLINE CREDIT Load up a VPAY Visa card and start purchasing apps or music to enjoy on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note Edge or a Harman/ Kardon Aura system. Available in amounts of: $50/$75/$100/$150/$200/$250/$300 + $5.50 activation fee

UE Megaboom With IPX7-certified waterproof and stain-resistant acoustic skin, the Bluetooth UE Megaboom is the perfect solution for those that like their tunes loud, tough and wireless. Blasts massive sound 360 degrees and delivers deep, well-rounded bass.

Sphero 2.0 This ‘appcessory’ can be used with smartphones to play tabletop and multiplayer games, learn programming and explore augmented reality. Sphero also glows in millions of colours, is pet proof, waterproof and quite possibly the future of gaming.

Available at JB Hi-Fi! Get the Megaboom or Sphero 2.0 with the JB Hi-Fi Gift Card or thousands of other gifts in store and online. Available in amounts of: $50/$100

EPAY M AY 2 015




The potential for bitcoin is massive and now that retailers can accept the digital currency there is a real opportunity to be ahead of the game.


hen EFTPOS first became available to retailers there was an immediate reluctance to take it on. There was a general feeling of: ‘this is not real money’ and ‘no one will use it’. That same assumption is now being made about bitcoin. But there are real indicators suggesting the online currency will revolutionise the way people buy and sell. While exact numbers are hard to quantify, due to the online nature of the currency, in Australia alone there are approximately 400,000 people holding up to $350 million in bitcoin. This suggests that bitcoin is very much alive in this country and there is demand in the market. Helping retailers understand and maximise that potential is BitPOS – Australia’s longest serving merchant services platform in the bitcoin world. BitPOS currently has Webjet – the global travel booking website – as one of its customers.


EPAY M AY 2 015

“BitPOS takes the volatility out of bitcoin. We make it easy and safe and merchants don’t need to know a lot about bitcoin,” Jason Williams – BitPOS co-founder Co-founder Jason Williams said the company goal was simple – to make bitcoin safe and easy for merchants. “BitPOS takes the volatility out of bitcoin,” he said. “There is no currency risk, we make it easy and safe and merchants don’t need to know a lot about bitcoin. “For our bricks and mortar merchants, they don't need any software, just their web browser on their smartphone,” Williams said. “They log into our app, enter the sale amount, press ‘pay’ and a QR code appears. Once the payment has been made successfully, the QR code turns into a green tick. The entire process only takes a few seconds.”

From a cost perspective, BitPOS charges a total of 1% for each transaction. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Any bitcoin transaction via BitPOS can save merchants between 1-4% on their traditional processing costs, depending on their contract. “Any merchant that signs up with us must go through an identity check in the same way they do when opening a bank account,” Williams said. “The process is not onerous and, with all the correct documentation, a merchant can be accepting bitcoin in their store in literally 5 minutes.” n




BUY 6 ACTIVATION PRODUCTS PER QTR* TO INCREASE YOUR MARGIN. Accredited: (03) 9703 8500 (Vic only) JB Metro: 1800 172 440 (NSW only) The Distributors: (08) 9351 9800 Perth (WA only)

Travelex: 1300 881 525 C-Direct: 1300 785 506

iGear: 0423 491 096 Prepaid Partners: 1300 773 777

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: *Offer does not apply to all customers, please contact your distributor for full terms and conditions. Excludes $2 Sim Starter Kits. 3 Months Bonus Presto Subscription: Data charges apply. All you need is internet, data, a credit card and a compatible device. Offer ends 11:59pm (AEST) 25 May 2015. Presto from Telstra subscription needs to be redeemed by 11:59pm (AEST) 30 June 2015. Ongoing monthly subscription fees of $14.99 per month apply unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the 3 month bonus period. Presto terms and conditions apply. See: To redeem the bonus Presto subscription offer you will be sent a code via SMS within 48 hours of activation of your SIM on Pre-Paid Freedom. Input the code at to redeem the offer. Limit 1 Presto subscription code per customer during the offer period. Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom: Some usage is excluded, such as calls/ text to satellite numbers and premium numbers, operator assisted calls, content charges, MessageBank® retrieval, diversions, and all use overseas. Your recharge credit expires after 28 days, unless you recharge again before expiry. Freedom Credit and data does not roll over. ™ and ® are trade marks and registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556


UNBOXING THE FUTURE Get connected with the simple and flexible way to deliver software products to consumers.


ike most things in life, more convenient ways of doing things are discovered in time and we wonder how we ever managed in the past. In the case of software products, this couldn't be more true for retailers and consumers alike. The shift in the way software products are made available, from a physical, boxed product to electronic means, has revolutionised their trade. Retailers are now able to stock far more products while devoting less shelf space to them. While the consumer is now able to buy products in more places than


EPAY M AY 2 015

“Most mobile devices rely on software being installed via download. This is set to increase in the future and we’re of the view that we need to include tomorrow’s style of trade into today’s strategies,” Kaspersky Lab ANZ General Manager Andrew Mamonitis


THE BENEFITS TO YOU • No inventory costs • No forecasting required • Offer a wider range of products • Attract new or more customers • Less logistical effort • Less shelf space required • Theft reduction • Eco-friendly

THE BENEFITS TO THE CONSUMER • Product is ready for use immediately • Easy process at point of sale • No delays in stock availability

before and have them readily available. This shift has come about as people and their computing needs become more mobile. Software vendors and other retailers can address these shifts in customer behaviour by adjusting their business models to utilise electronic software delivery. It can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and grow revenue. epay distributes point of sale activated (POSA) products for software giants Trend Micro, Kaspersky, MYOB, Adobe and Microsoft. Previously, these products took up extensive shelf space, required man hours to stock and re-stock and were susceptible to theft. Now, retailers can dedicate far less space while increasing the amount of products they offer. Retailers no longer need to worry about theft as the cards are only activated once purchased at the register. epay Country Manager Matt Blayney said these products are the most flexible and cost effective way to deliver software to consumers. “Retailers only pay for what they sell, meaning they can get a broader range of products out to a wider range of customers at any time of the day,” Blayney said. “Effectively, retailers can stock the entire range of a company’s products.” Blayney added that the response from consumers had been “nothing but positive”. “It’s a really convenient way for consumers to access these products. They can be using them almost instantaneously.” n

OUR PRODUCTS ADOBE Adobe offers a range of products that are highly sought after by creative types including designers, architects, photographers, digital artists and more. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign in particular are the go-to products of choice for designers and photographers worldwide.

MYOB MYOB solutions are built for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors – from start-ups to well established operations. Trusted by 1.2 million businesses, MYOB is Australia’s largest provider of business management solutions.

MICROSOFT OFFICE Over a billion people worldwide use the Microsoft Office suite of products and many people still rate it as the best product of its kind on the market. Take advantage of Microsoft’s respected name and market their Office products like their Home and Student package.

TREND MICRO Trend Micro develops innovative security solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. The company is recognised as one of the market leaders in server security, cloud security, and small business content security.

KASPERSKY Over 300 million people worldwide are protected by Kaspersky Lab products and technologies. Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide. Today it is firmly positioned as one of the world’s top four leading anti-virus vendors.

EPAY M AY 2 015


epay FOCUS

C&I 2015 CONVENTION & EXPO epay were one of 2000 retailers, suppliers and visitors who flocked to the C&I 2015 Convention & Expo held in March at Sydney Showgrounds, Olympic Park.


pay Australia was one of the 140 companies exhibiting over the two day-event which also included two mornings of convention sessions with speakers including the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) CEO Jeff Rogut, 7-Eleven CEO Warren Wilmot, IRI-Aztec retail director Justin Finney, Bergent Research director John Bereny and the founder of innovative convenience store concept Jack & Co Wade Death. Among the major challenges facing the sector was the need for innovation. Also the threats from major


EPAY M AY 2 015

supermarkets and fast food chains competing and experimenting with smaller format stores. A Small Stores Breakfast on the second day included a panel session featuring Metcash Convenience CEO – Peter Struck, Small Business Council of Australia CEO – Peter Strong, Coca-Cola Amatil Customer Insights Manager – Bronwyn Thompson and Pulse Plus Managing Director – David Parnham and chaired by Domenic Greco – the Executive Director of the Convenience & Mixed Business Association of Victoria and the National Association of Independent Retailers. n

epay FOCUS

EPAY M AY 2 015




Two and a half million cards issued and rising, 1800 retailers and growing – the signs definitely suggest the public, as well as retailers, have taken to the Opal card in a big way. epay is the only retail distributor of Opal .


hat distinctive ‘ding’, as the machine reads the tap on or off of yet another traveller’s Opal card, is becoming a sound as synonymous with Sydney as the squawk of a cockatoo or the honk of horns at rush hour. It’s now the transport ticket of choice for the majority of Sydneysiders, even surpassing paper tickets – which will eventually be phased out in favour of the Opal card. It’s also just been rolled out across the Sydney Light Rail service, meaning travellers can use their Opal card across the entire public transport network from Bathurst to Bondi and Dungog to Bomaderry. Former NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian was, not surprisingly, glowing at the uptake of Opal by people in NSW and by travellers to the state. “It’s great to see so many customers embracing Opal and enjoying the benefits


EPAY M AY 2 015


THE OPAL CARD IS AVAILABLE ON: All trains, ferries, buses and light rail in Sydney, Newcastle; and the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands.

TOP BENEFITS OF OPAL: • Cheaper fares • Daily travel caps ($15 Monday to Saturday and $2.50 on Sunday) • Weekly travel rewards (free travel after eight paid journeys for the rest of the week, Monday to Sunday) • Weekly travel caps (never pay more than $60) • No ticket queues • Only pay for the travel you use


“Eventually more than 250,000 tertiary students will be able to apply for the Concession Opal card and get a 50 per cent discount,” Former NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian. of cheaper and convenient travel. To be at two million Opal cards at this stage of the rollout is phenomenal,” Ms Berejiklian said. “From Penrith, Panania, Newcastle and Kiama – no-matter where I go people tell me how much they love Opal.” The rollout of the Opal card has also been extended to full time tertiary students, meaning tens of thousands of new customers can now apply for cheaper and more convenient travel. Seven tertiary institutions have now gone live with the Concession Opal card, with eligible students from the University of Sydney, University of NSW, University

of Notre Dame, Australian Catholic University, The University of Wollongong, Macquarie University and Navitas English already able to apply for their Opal card. “Eventually more than 250,000 tertiary students will be able to apply for the Concession Opal card and get a 50 per cent discount on the already cheaper Adult Opal fares for trains, buses, light rail and Sydney Ferries,” Ms Berejiklian said. n Opal sites are prioritised based on location, but if you are interested in becoming a possible future site, you can call customer service on 1300 301 408 or email

Nick Theos’ Lucky Charm store is enviably placed when it comes to Opal card retailers. He is situated mere metres from one of the busiest public transport hubs in Sydney – Town Hall Station. “On average we do an Opal recharge every 30 seconds,” Nick said. “In rush hour, it could be up to three or four a minute, and we can do 500-600 a day.” Those numbers seem phenomenal, and with a return of 2.5 percent for every transaction, the benefits start to add up. “It does bring more people to the store and that is an opportunity for us to sell them other things and receive impulse purchase.” The Lucky Charm store, in the lower ground level of the Queen Victoria Building, was one of the first retailers to be granted the right to sell Opal after being included in an initial trial period over a year ago.

EPAY M AY 2 015



SIGN RIGHT Shoppers are on the move and you have less than half a second to catch their eye with a display. Grab their attention with these great merchandising tips. By Norrelle Goldring.


EPAY M AY 2 015


The old adage goes: ‘eye level is buy level’


s people move around your store they are often displaying behaviours completely typical to the majority of shoppers. The key for you is to understand those behaviours and then capture their attention with merchandising techniques that work. WHAT TO CONSIDER Effective merchandise displays take into account a number of elements.

Placement: it’s one of the truisms of shopper behaviour that a bad offer in a good place will trump a great offer in a bad place, every time. Simply because the display needs to be somewhere visible and in an area with reasonable traffic. So make sure you place your epay product stand where it will receive the highest amount of foot traffic. Great places are near where people enter your store or in close proximity to other popular items. Design: hanging signs promoting a product may get missed unless they hang quite low. This is because shoppers tend to only look upwards when entering a store to find out which aisle, for example, the product is in. When approaching displays, shoppers’ eyes typically have a slight downward glance angle. Once they are at their category, the old adage ‘eye level is buy level’ applies. Therefore, put the most popular items – like mobile sim cards or online credit cards – at eye level on display stands. Communication: if you have an offer, then it needs to be clearly communicated, ideally in a relevant way. Shoppers are on the move and you have less than half a second to catch their eye with a display, in which time they can only read a few words. So where you can, advertise your epay products in windows, at the counter and elsewhere in your store.

THE OBJECTIVE When determining the need for a display, you need to think through what its objective is. Prompt and remind: so people think to purchase this item later in the shopping trip. epay displays typically work best on a shopper’s way into the store, or on gondola end type displays. Uptrade: for when you are trying to get a shopper to buy either a more expensive or premium version of something they planned to buy. These types of displays work best in the aisle near the category, so there is a comparison against the mainstream or planned items. Also, make sure your staff are aware of the epay products on sale so they can make customers aware of what else is on offer. Switch: for when you want them to buy a different product (often in the same category) than what might have been planned but makes you better margin. These displays can be in the aisle but also on the ‘way to’ the category as a form of prompt and remind. Incremental sale: for when you want shoppers to buy additional items, particularly not in their planned category. This all about strategic off-location display placement, often in the pathway between destination categories and the counter. This is because once shoppers have completed their main mission – that is, got their planned item in their hands – they’re more open to other things. In convenience stores, this might be the pathway between the drinks fridge and the counter. These displays, ideally, should be multi-sided. n

Norrelle Goldring is Head of Shopper Insight & Retail Strategy at global research and retail data house GfK. She specializes in improving shopping experiences by understanding how and why people buy things.

Top Tips Take heed of these merchandising tips when it comes to the epay range of products.



Order your new look POS today Does your point of sale need a revamp? Follow the instructions below to order your new range of POS material


pay products are highly valuable to you and your customers. They draw visitors to your store, allowing you to become a onestop destination for purchasing a variety of products, from mobile recharge to prepaid gift cards (including music, movies, game cards and prepaid Visa cards), as well as internet/broadband, tolling products and a wide variety of international calling cards. All of these and more are available to your customers through epay – but it can be hard to communicate this message. The popular brands on the epay network are true revenuedriving products that increase your customers’ basket spend, encouraging your customers to visit your store time and time again. It is therefore important to highlight the fact that you sell these popular brands. By showing off their recognisable logos, these products will often sell themselves. However, with such a diverse range of products and brands, you may find it difficult to prepare your own point-of-sale materials to alert your customers to the extensive selection on offer.

All your prepaid needs

Available here Don’t worry – epay is here to help with a bright and eye-catching new range of material to suit every retail environment. The attractive new range of point-of-sale items includes in-store wobblers, stickers and counter stands, along with a variety of outward-facing materials such as window decals, flags and petrol-pump toppers.

epay’s vibrant point-of-sale tools will let your customers know that you range epay products as well as show off our fantastic brands, driving foot traffic into your store and encouraging impulse purchasing. And best of all, each point-of-sale item is free when you order from epay.

MAXIMISE YOUR SALES IN 3 STEPS 02 03 01 Maximising sales with epay is a three-step process:

Ensure you have epay’s vibrant point-of-sale material up in store.

Display epay gift cards in a highly visible area. We recommend a display by the counter. Displays are also successful at the entry point of your store.

Ensure that your epay stock is continually replenished and offer an epay recharge, along with other sales, to increase your basket spend.

Highlight the fact that you sell these recognisable brands by showing off their logos

POINT OF SALE Customers visit you for convenience products including mobile top-up, toll passes and various gift cards, which are available through epay. Many of these products are not physical stock on your shelves, but virtual stock, dispensed through your epay terminal or integrated POS System. Let your customers know that you range these products and more by displaying point of sale in your windows, at your register and around your store.

epay has developed a range of attractive POS items for you to order, free of charge. Our point of sale features recognisable supplier logos to appeal to your customers.

There are a wide variety of POS materials available to help increase your sales in-store.

epay Australia has recently created brand new POS material to brighten up your sites. epay POS is effective and eye-catching; try placing some decals in your window, a wobbler by the counter and a flag outside your store for your customers.

HOW TO ORDER POS Point of Sale (POS) material is a great way to drive foot traffic into your store and lets your customers know you are retailing prepaid products. POS material comes in a range of types and sizes and is free when you order from epay. To order displays and POS at any time, you can contact customer service on 1300 301 408 or log on to select retailer - retailer support - order POS material

Store Name:

All your prepaid needs

RID/TID: Store Address: Contact Person: Contact Number/Email: Please place an X in the corresponding box below to identify which item you would like. A3 Poster (Portrait)

Available here

A4 Window Decal

A5 Counter Stand

A5 Wobbler


Return this form to epay by Fax: 02 8117 9869 Attn: Marketing Email:

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EPAY M AY 2 015


SPOT LIGHT... Rami Jbara – Operations Manager City Convenience Stores, Sydney


e met up with Rami recently to visit a couple of the bustling Sydney stores he oversees and to get some insights into one of the most common names in Sydney retail – City Convenience. With over 20 stores in Sydney’s CBD and rising, plus two more set for the new development at Barangaroo, Rami is a busy man. What are the keys to being a successful retailer? First and foremost, you need great customer service. You need to understand the products you sell and be able to discuss that with your customers. You also want a point of difference, so you want new and innovative products to drive sales. What has been the most significant change in retailing since you became involved in the industry? Retail business has increasingly become more competitive. This has driven the need to provide customers with top-notch service teamed with innovative products to meet the ever-changing and demanding market. Most recently, the epay range of products and the Opal top-up service provide added convenience to our customers. Why is 24 hour retailing important to your business? The business we are in is providing convenience, so 24 hour accessibility is essential. Our customers need access to our products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What epay products are the most successful and what are the benefits to your stores? Mobile phone top-ups and internet recharge. These products really help drive foot traffic into our stores and increase our overall sales. People who purchase these products quite often make incidental purchases at the same time. What are the benefits of being an Opal card retailer? It definitely drives sales and offers us another convenience product that consumers need. People who come in to topup their Opal card will often make impulse purchases at the same time.

EPAY M AY 2 015



NEW PRODUCT ROLLOUT Telecommunications Product Type

Product Name




Aggregato Bolt $10 Recharge




Amaysim $29.90




Dodo Prepaid Mobile Wireless Broadband $30



Product Type

Product Name




Xbox Live Battlefield: Hardline 12M+1 POSA AUS





Xbox Live FIFA 15 12M+1 POSA AUS




Xbox Live FIFA 15 Ultimate Team $25 POSA AUS




Xbox Live Starter Pack Gold 3 Months POSA AUS




Xbox 360 Far Cry 4 Season Pass ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One EA Access 12 M Subscription ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity S.Pass ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Far Cry 4 Season Pass ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One GTAV Great White SharkCash CardESD CTC AUS




Xbox One GTA V Whale Shark Cash Card ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One GTA V Megalodon Shark Cash CardESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Ori and the Blind Forest ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Dying Light Season Pass ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Evolve ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Evolve Hunting Season Pass ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One FIFA 15: 12,000 FIFA Points ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One FIFA 15: 4,600 FIFA Points ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One FIFA 15: 2,200 FIFA Points ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Borderlands The Handsome Collect ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Battlefield Hardline Premium ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Battlefield Hardline ESD CTC AUS




Xbox One Battlefield Hardline Deluxe ESD CTC AUS



Product Name




Steam powered by MOL $20




Steam powered by MOL $50



MOL Product Type


Steam powered by MOL $100




Wargaming powered by MOL $10




Wargaming powered by MOL $20




Wargaming powered by MOL $50




Wargaming powered by MOL $100



Product Type

Product Name




Sony Playstation Singstar AUS POSA





EPAY M AY 2 015

No fee’s. No contract. Real-time comms. All your prepaid needs. WebPOS is our online application that can be accessed from your computer/laptop/tablet and can be used to sell the epay product range.

What do I need to start using WebPOS?

What are the benefits of WebPOS?

Getting started is easy. You will need a computer (PC or laptop), internet/broadband and a printer.

It’s easier to use! You can see all the brands on the screen which makes it a much faster process.

We will setup your account up and provide training over the phone. If you would like to sell our range of swipe cards, you will also need a swipe card reader.

New product rollouts are much faster on WebPOS and product information will be available in conjunction.

Find out more: Phone Customer Service 1300 301 408 Visit

You can run real time reports and a various range of other reports are available for your convenience.

Our Product Range

and more...

Terminal news epay is constantly improving its technology and providing advice to its many customers. Read on and stay ahead of the curve

IP TERMINALS 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

Have we got your email address?

Does your store regularly sell over $1,500 in gross sales per week? Does your site have internet connectivity? Is the internet router located at the front counter near your epay machine? Is there an available port on the back of your router? 'RHV\RXUÀUHZDOODOORZRXWERXQG connectivity?

If you answered YES to the above questions you may be able to upgrade your epay system. The new epay terminals don’t require an analogue phone line and operate using your store’s internet connection. If you’re interested in upgrading to an IP terminal today please contact us on for more information.

Ensure you receive all of epay’s communications including your invoices, promotions, surveys and our latest products. To ensure we have your correct email address please log onto and follow the links: Retailer > Retailer Support > Electronic Invoicing to join epay in reducing our carbon footprint.

NEED CLEAR REPORTING? JUST ASK EPAY To ensure that your sales are matching your reports, make sure that you regularly run reports through your epay terminal. Reports that are available through the terminal include: Shift Totals If your store runs across multiple shifts you can produce reports for each shift by selecting this option. Ensure your shift is closed off by selecting End Shift. Day Totals If you need a running report of sales

since the last report was closed off, the day totals report will run this option. It can also be printed throughout the day without closing it off. Operator Totals To keep track of your individual operator totals, this report will produce everything, broken down by the operator that made the sales. If you want to incorporate KPIs or staff incentives, this is the perfect way to keep track of your operators. It is strongly recommended that only a supervisor or manager ever requests these reports.


Have you ever wanted to check your sales totals online? Looking for more information about a sale? Want to look at historical data? Then we have the tool for you! epay’s Extranet online tool allows you to log on and view sales data for current or past weeks. Sales reports also provide better visibility into sales including sale time and transactional details. Request your Extranet account today by following these simple steps:

01. 02.

Call epay Customer Service on 1300 301 408 and request an Extranet Account. Email with your full name, contact details, epay account number (which can be found on your epay invoice) and a preferred password. Log on to, select the Retailer Tab and then Extranet Reporting and then you can simply follow the prompts. It’s as easy as that.

FRAUD ALERT! As a retail owner you should always keep your eye out for any suspicious activity – and train all staff to do the same. Recently released Visa statistics showed 40,000 small- and mediumsized businesses in Australia and New Zealand were considered the highest risk for victims of fraud. Such businesses were large enough to process about 20,000 eCommerce transactions each year, but too small to adequately protect their systems – which meant that criminals could spy on customers’ credit card details. So stay safe by staying smart!

The National Australia Bank (NAB), for example, in their advice to merchants titled Credit Card Fraud Protection OLVWVÀYHKLJKULVNWUDQVDFWLRQVWREH wary of as they may indicate that the customer is attempting fraud. These are: ‡ &DUGQRWSUHVHQW ‡ &DUGQXPEHULVPDQXDOO\NH\HGLQ ‡ 1RDXWKRULVDWLRQREWDLQHG ‡ &DUGLVQRWVZLSHGWKURXJK()7326 terminal. ‡ )DOOEDFNWUDQVDFWLRQV D transaction processed when the WHUPLQDOLVRIà LQH  Credit cards need to be kept in a secure place, ATMs should be checked for any unusual attachments, personal details including PIN numbers should EHSURWHFWHGÀQDQFLDOVWDWHPHQWV should be checked continuously, and chip and pin security should be Fraud prevention questions have been added to Terminals when processing a transaction

implemented on credit cards when possible. Being wary of possible fraud is the best defence against your business becoming a victim. To combat fraudulent behaviour always ensure that you and all the staff in your store follow these steps: ‡ 1HYHUSURYLGH\RXUÀYHGLJLW sales code to anyone or let them operate your terminal alone. ‡ HSD\RUSURGXFWVXSSOLHUVZLOO never conduct a live transaction in your store (or ask you to do so in person or over the phone). If you do get asked report it immediately to epay customer service on 1300 301 408. ‡ (QVXUHWKDWWKHFXVWRPHUKDV paid in full before processing the payment. ‡ 'RQRWJLYHYRXFKHUVWRWKH FXVWRPHUXQWLO\RXDUHVDWLVÀHG that the full valid payment has been received. ‡ 1(9(5JLYHRXWYRXFKHUQXPEHUV over the phone, even if they claim to be from epay. ‡ ,I\RXVXVSHFWIUDXGSOHDVHFDOOWKH epay customer service team on 1300 301 408 and report it to the police immediately. We recommend for cash collection products (including Visa and ukash) 1. 2. 3.


Correct answers: <(6 <(6 12

that you only accept cash as payment. This will limit the potential for credit card fraud. If you fall prey to fraud, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and epay Customer Service. For more information on fraud, visit Here youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll Ă&#x20AC;QGHYHU\WKLQJ\RXQHHGWRNQRZ regarding the most common fraudulent behaviour and scams, as well as details regarding the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce, made up of 22 government regulatory agencies and departments with responsibility for consumer protection. Please pay close attention to these questions, if you answer any of these questions incorrectly you are likely to be experiencing a fraud related transaction.


CALL OF DUTY – ADVANCED WARFARE $19.95 on Xbox One As its title suggests, this is the most future-forward entry in the series to date. In fact, the action is so tech-centric that it treads well into a science-fiction scenario – albeit one that becomes more plausible every day. Powerful 'exoskeletons' augment and improve every aspect of a soldier’s abilities; enhanced player movement and verticality come in the form of boost jumps.



The Top Gear guys are famous for bringing fans the weird, wild and amazing from the world of cars and now Forza players can get in on the act. Choose from the likes of the exotic Jaguar XJ220, a beastly offroad Lamborghini, or try out, for free, the beautifully retro Ford Lotus.


EPAY M AY 2 015

The hugely popular sandbox game goes intergalactic by teaming up with Star Wars. Minecrafters can now play as their favourite inhabitants of the starship Ghost, such as Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and Chopper. The Star Wars Rebels Skins pack follows the Star Wars Classic Skin Pack for Minecraft released in November last year.

Xbox users can connect and play with friends around the world, access game add-ons, full game downloads, exclusive discounts. Plus get early access to some of the best new content. MEMBERSHIP CARDS AVAILABLE: $10.95 for 1 month $29.95 for 3 months $79.95 for 12 months


DYING LIGHT – SEASON PASS $25 on PlayStation 4 Dying Light is a first-person, action survival game set in a vast open world. With the Season Pass add-on, gamers can linger in Harran – a city devastated by a mysterious epidemic – for longer. Skills can be put to the ultimate test in the exclusive Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions while additional weapons and skins are available. Also, The Bozak Horde – an entirely new competitive game mode – is available with the Season Pass.



The next generation of multiplayer shooters just got even more adrenaline pumping with the Carnivore Monster Skin Pack that includes the Carnivore skins for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith. Fans of this game will need downloadable paid content to help destroy a menagerie of enemies in this classic cat versus mouse shoot ‘em up.

Cash is king on the streets of Grand Theft Auto. Gamers can solve their money problems and help unlock doors across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of cash packs including the Tiger Shark Cash Card. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into the character’s bank account.

PLAYSTATION NETWORK CARD PlayStation users can purchase content including games, game add-ons, tracks from the SingStore (PS3 only), subscription to Music Unlimited and movies to own or rent via the PlayStation Store. AVAILABLE IN AMOUNTS OF: $30/$50

EPAY M AY 2 015




Retail blogs are a great way for you to get quick, easy access to a world of knowledge from experts in their fields. Check these great examples out.

34 Being savvy in the ways to market directly to your customers, no matter where they are at any given time, is a massive advantage for retailers. This easy-to-use and attractive site helps you learn all there is to know about email marketing so you can send newsletters, special offers and invitations to keep customers coming back again and again. Stay abreast of the latest trends in retail and technology with this hip hub. Discover how to engage with today’s younger generation as well as receive good honest marketing tips and know-how from the experts. There’s plenty to chew over here, including great insights about the digital world of commerce and point of sale. Jackie is all about loyalty. Her most recent book – Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics – outlines how the pop star has built a legion of loyal fans and the lessons that businesses can use to build their own loyal customers. So her blog is worth checking out if you want people to be loyal to you! John Jantsch has been called the “world’s most practical small business expert” for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies and his blog does that in spades. It was even chosen by Forbes magazine as their favourite for marketing and small business. Sign up to his free weekly newsletter too.

EPAY M AY 2 015

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*Lebara $29.90, $39.90 and $49.90 plans include national standard unlimited talk, text & MMS (including 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers). National and Unlimited plans include 2GB data and Mega Plan includes 4GB (charged in 1MB increments). credit is valid for 30 days from recharge on all three plans. See for rates and other terms and conditions. Lebara reserves the right to amend or withdraw any plan inclusions, promotional offers and/or pricing by giving at least 7 daysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; notice on our website

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