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The Insyder Weekly /Saturday Jan 01 2011




ATEENtion! Check out what’s popping this week. The hottest track, dopest flick on the big screen, coolest accessories to rock and the top gizmo on our covet list


bling are animal prints and glasses; colour, o a most Forget plain Sun r sunglasses int pai e fin a n tur to that suits r pai e abl ord the extra sizzle an aff jewellery. Pick ty. ali wanted piece of son per r face, style and the shape of you

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volume 01_number 1_Jan_2011

THE 4TH ANNUAL INSYDER SUPER 20 EDITION We debated and rated the who’s who in our local entertainment scene based on the people, places and parties that shone brightest in 2010. Feast your eyes on The Insyder’s 2010 Super 20 - the hottest playaz in the music & entertainment scene…



MOVIE Top on our watch list is TRON: LEGACY. A tech-savvy 27-year-old son looks into his father Kevin’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin's loyal confidant Quorra, father and son embark on a life-and-death journey of escape across a visually-stunning cyber universe that is far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.


TECH Be Appy and make the most use of the SMS-CHAT applications available on Gmail and Yahoo Mail. To get started, type a phone number into the search box in Gmail’s chat window on the left, then select “Send SMS” the recipient should receive the SMS within few seconds.You can also select the contact you want to SMS first and then add their phone number (it works the same way on Yahoo).

15 9


12 1 5 7

8 20. Size 8



taken over Citizen TV’s Sunday morning Gospel beat. It proudly airs the only Live Sunday service on TV which is then followed by a live video mix by K-Crew.

They sold the alternative sound and made it mainstream paving the way for upcoming bands such as, Just a Band, Muthoni, Elani, Ma3 and Aziza.

is still unmatched and makes their show a favourite with teeniez massive.

16. Vintage Attire (Mtush)

12. Julie Gichuru

Wesley Yegon is the new isht on the decks, with the looks, swag and skillz to match he plays at the hottest spots and is one DJ you will love to experience.

The quickest way for most teeniez to rock the hippest threads this year was definitely hitting one of the open air markets with popular sports including Ngara (Engarasha) and Gikomba.

Bombshell Julie has revolutionized Sunday Night Prime Time with her unmatchable sense of style, relaxed and easygoing reporting, what’s there not to love?

Kikundi Serikali were definitely flying high in 2010 with the release of their album and earning themselves a CHAT Awards and MAMA Awards nomination all in one year.

18. The Jump Off

15. Safaricom Face Off Live

Soon as you listen into the Jump-Off on Homeboyz Radio you’ll learn that hype! hype! is Coreen’s middle name. Tune in to jam to the latest hits and mixes both local and international. If it’s hot it’s playing on the Jump Off!

Undoubtedly 2010’s biggest party, with an all- star performance line up. An unscratched 50 baab Safaricom airtime was the ticket in and peeps got to keep and scratch it once they were in. Awesome!

Chic is fierce! With only two hit singles under her belt the industry has taken notice of Calif’s hottest dame. If she stays on track she will definitely be one of the most sort after female acts this year.

19. DJ Wesley

Chunk it up! Statement necklaces, over-sized rings, headbands are the it- thing. Gold is notably the metal of choice in the world of fashion but if you’re more into colour pile up the bangles in all the key colours and you’re bang on trend!




Jiachilie a feel good anthem from Kenzo Matata Featuring MC Fullstop is the right tune to set you in the party mood to usher in the New Year!




17. Mavuno Church Mavuno Church has definitely been reaping profits this year with its ever growing congregation. Mavuno has also literally

14. Pulse Magazine Pulse takes the crown for hooking us up with some of 2010’s juiciest gossip and scandals.

13. Sauti Sol

11. Juliani Lyrical Super Striker Juliani is one of the few artists who always perform with a Live Band; his sizzling live performances have earned him a legion of fans and response among his peers.

10. Musyoka Beat Maestro extraordinaire, months later and no hit is yet to topple Kare’s impact on the music scene. He also enjoyed success with Just A Band’s Hahe.

9. Shaffie & Kalekye This duo’s on-air chemistry

8. P-Unit

7. Daddy Owen Papa Fololo, now a MAMA Award Winner definitely earned a spot as one of 2010’s most successful acts.

6. McDonald Mariga An excellent footballer, Mariga is the only Kenyan playing in the Champion League and enjoys the privilege of calling the chosen one (Jose Mourinho), coach. This right here is young mula babay!

5. Makmende Our very own superhero, Makmende got worldwide recognition for his prowess; he’ll probably smack us for not making him number


4. KISS 100 FM KISS is still reigning supreme; fact is it’s only a hit when it’s on KISS 100.

3. Citizen TV This year marked Citizen’s undoubted reign on TV viewership with an impressive line-up of local proggiez, they set the bar for others to follow.

2. Facebook If you’re not on Facebook then you are not with it. Thanks to FB communication as we know it has been revolutionized plus it still remains the cheapest way to connect and share photos with friends and family.

1. Churchill Super entertainer Churchill made the hugest wave this year with his super successful Churchill Live, Radio stint with Maina Kageni on Classic 105 and numerous endorsements deals. Now that a New Year has kicked off, let the race for 2011’s Super 20 begin…

Note: The Super 20 list is entirely confined to the impact made on teeniez. Though we The Insyder have played and continue to exert extensive influence in the music & entertainment industry for the sake of impartiality we have decided to omit ourselves from the Super 20 list.


The Insyder Weekly /Saturday Jan 01 2011

L think she is? I R V who does A

Shhhhhhh ...c an yo u ke ep a se cret ?


The Insyder Weekly /Saturday Jan 01 2011

Glassy Ghetto

ght up with her and asked ut Avril these past few weeks; we cau abo rd hea and said , seen n bee A lot has Avril, in her own words... ns, insights and resolutions. Here’s ctio refle l ona pers e som us give to her


so negative comments I would receive thousands more of encouragement, I will always be thankful to my fans for that. I chose to take a stance of silence by keeping quiet and not making any public comments because I am a grateful person who knows better than to complain when things don’t happen as I would like them too. I hope to be an example and teach young girls to respect themselves and learn to handle situations that threaten to break their self-esteem from my experience.

Dear All, Avril is an independent young woman struggling to be an entrepreuneur and musician. I am loving, passionate, caring individual who enjoys meaningful friendships and relationships. 2010 has been an eventful year for me a lot of things happened at the same time which generally improved my life for the better. I met strong women like Suzanne Owiyo and Achieng Abura who inspired me. I also had my lows and at first I didn’t know how to react, I received a lot of hate, my Facebook inbox was flooded with hate messages and for a while there

it felt like I was going to self destruct. So I switched off my phone, left Nairobi for a while to cope and for some space to reflect. That experience taught me to treasure my family and friends, I thought they were calling me to judge me but they proved to me that they will always be there for me no matter what. It also taught me that I can’t please everyone, what I went through mentally and emotionally made me tougher. It also taught me that not everyone is negative because for every hundred or

I believe that there a lot of selfesteem issues that they go through which parents or other grown-ups don’t notice and I want to work with other organizations to help them. I have been in the studio a lot and I have been working on some new music for me myself and I. A lot of people expect it to be about the negative experience I went through but I will try my best to write on the positive to inspire others with the positive things like how I have come out of it and still remain a happy person. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is to spend money more wisely and save more.



ea The three presenters mak e dash for some fresh juic

A glass house in the ghetto would surely be a sight to behold a perfect fit. Ghetto Radio presenters Diana, Mbusii and Vyolesa were the three good Samaritans who had volunteered to take one for the youth by living six days in the glass house without food all for a good cause; fighting HIV AIDS by getting young peeps tested. Soon as The Sniper checked into the glass house, it was not e Hao were on the scene

g the crowd


Papa Fololo thrillin

Rufftone’s Record

Pacho's rough patch I

Wazere to Kasisi, Nivon and all Kyrahb (304) Wishing u success in Ur studies Minaj to all M.F.A who were in Kach 4 Fests I can’t wait 2 see you again as we bend over to the riddimz Angela to Timo and group (404) Chavakali Look into the mirror n see Gods blunders Percyne (304) to Harrison (304) Ndagene Bee Love is sweet when it’s new, sweat when it’s true, sweetest when its u. Luv u! Njeri (304) Kama (304) Njiris Break the silence ait?

SKOOL: RONGAI BEE Sammy kagwa (204) to Polymester Feski (204) B.Gee You r the dopest

arrest in their glass house, night and day with no food but fruit drinks and water and it was pretty hilarious how they all to refresh themselves with. What was however ridiculous was star struck fans who checked onto the scene as early as six in the a.m and left at midnight. Tsk. Tsk. The trio were supported in their cause by names such as Kikundi Serikali, P-Unit, Madtraxx, Abbas, Jua Cali, Avril, Daddy Owen and all the way from Jamaica MC Ginjah.

Ruff tone’s Lam p Stan ds

the Black Sugar Jamican star Gingah of d crow the fame rocking

pstand V.I.Ps

Limo entrance for the Lam

‘Twas the season to be jolly and the Gospel fraternity was in their element. The Sniper decided to hit Omwana Wefwe (Rufftone’s) album launch and had braced himself for some serious praise and worship; disappointed The Sniper was not. On the scene were top gospel acts Emmy Kosgei, Esther Wahome, Dunco and M.O.G. to support Omwana Wefwe during his album launch. Young talent was also unmissable as teen gospel acts Verbal, Tapa Gyal, Silk and Mr. Seed

s with teen M.O.G's Ken-T and Bos Seed sensations Verbal and Mr.

Alabaster busting up the stage

also rocked the stage. The Sniper finally understood all the mutterings about the divide between Gospel music and secular music growing thinner and thinner when the man of the hour checked into the scene in a Limo, this led to further

Big - Ups Edith (304) Essie (304) Mugoiri Gee Take care 2get watt u lyk or you will b 4ced 2lyk watt u get. Mob love Mary (304)2 Mwas (304) Kangui boys Break the ice baby boy. Maureen to Joy (304) What happened to my mail????? Ann to SOS (304) St. Mururia Bee Life is gambling man play your cards right

The Sniper want to head out through the door. The three

ambushed the waiter every time he brought them something

f you thought Kenrazzy is a has-been, well you thought wrong! A recent scan at a funkie proved just how much love is out there for the Tichi man and his new B.F.F. Rapdamu. Sad news is 2010 didn’t end on such a good note for the Pacho camp as their studio was raided and all equipment stolen though they have since made efforts to replace them. The saddest part is the thieves made off with Kenrazzy’s yet to be released album and he will probably have to start putting it together again from scratch. Ouch!

2. Mimi hupenda kuchill mtiech na mabeste.


the stares from onlookers but the unbearable heat that made good Samaritans on the other hand were literally under house

f you’re loving Okwonkwo’s latest jam ‘Furahia’ well, keep you ears open as Mejja has been hitting the studio hard and promises his fans some new joints with surprises that will leave you delirious. Word on the streetz has it that he is not the only cat from Calif hitting the studio and we can also expect to hear some new tunes from Jimw@tt in 2011, including a hot collabo with Size 8.

1. On 31st nilienda Groove Party na nilifika mtiech the following year.

GLAS S HOUSE IN THE GHETTO? but a Ghetto Radio Glass House opposite Hilton Hotel was

Mejja's new groove I

Slang Corner Word: Mtiech Origin: From the streets of Eastlands Meaning: Mtaani/Home As used in a sentence

Ghetto superstars Rapcha and Dee are part of the revolution for a HIV -Free Generation

observation and it became pretty apparent that them Gospel boys were also rocking the latest hip threads from dreads to Supras and the use of secular dancehall riddims in some of Faustyne (204) to Florence (204) Bush Gee Nime ku miss viexcess Jose (204) to Caro (204) R. Eute If u were a barrier at McDonald id call u mc. Gorgeous Brian (204) to Shabra (204) Choxx Nakufeel mpenzi Wangu Mike (204) to Wasichana Wangu Wote At least now nime balance nawafeel vimajor Nikoh (204) to Njambi (104) Chogoria Gee Niaje ma? Mguweh (204) to Grace (304) St Clare Gee I only deal with the best in the

market and that happens to be you Jamoh (204) to Bilha (204) Namamga Gee Dyam girl you are always on my mind Missing you Muxx, mobb luv

VARIOUS SKOOLS KONNECT Duffel Ken (304) to Muriel (304) Kiriri Gee Still the baddest B...big-up hun! Felix (304) to Jackie (204) CHOXX Always stay cool and be cool in what you do G.Deno (304) to Emma (404) IL Bissih G I might not tell u this often coz

today, tomorrow n till.... my life Is true n ill always cherishing you Gidi (304) to Vicky (304) Kaaga Love is never an obligation, it’s the sweetest thing my life has ever wanted Jeremy (304) to Eva (204) Synchez Distance never separates hearts that are in love. Mob love Calvin 304 to Sophie 304 Kyeni Gee Hallah it’s good to hear from u bby Mo-rays (304) to Beta (204) St.Ursula ` True love waits... chop chord ma baibe Davincto VMB (304) to Bartecey

the tracks did not go unnoticed either. Tsk. Tsk.

B (304) Bush Gee No matter the distance between us, I still need u n long 4 u to hold me. Angela (204) to Leslies (304) Chavakali I simply want u 2 know how nice things are between us

New Skool was also unmissable as teen gospel acts Verbal, Tapa Gyal, Silk and Mr. Seed also rocked the stage. The dudes and duddettes made a good show of togetherness as they supported one of their own, the secular scene should definitely borrow a leaf from this especially where young talent is concerned. Gospel has got the kids mentioned

SKOOL: Patch

above but where are the Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber of

Peter Nyaxx (404) to Lorna (404) Statoe Nakuhata Vimeja! James Wambua (404) to Emma Nduku (304) best i ever had! Mark (404) to Ameliah (304) Ngara I luv u mmwaaah!

secular music? Tsk. Tsk. The Sniper wishes all teeniez massive a Happy New Year... True to her name teen Gospel Star Silk's voice is just as silky

Man of the hour Rufftone out Esther She's still got it...check rgy Wahome's on-stage ene

and as the funkie season kicks off in full swing, The Sniper is always watching…


The Insyder Weekly /Saturday Jan 01 2011

An s we r Bitch

11 New Year’s Resolutions For A Better You

i got the Power

Connect Check out some of the New Year’s Resolutions from teeniez...

1. Be You

Ian Mwangi ( 204 Bush ) My New Year’s resolution is to have a blast but responsibly filter my friends get along with everybody and overall kuchoma mbuku mbaya all this entrusted to tha creator) Seth Yule Mhunk (MFA) MFA Tushinde rugby 2011 Samuelittoh Snyps Dcaprio (Kathiani Hae a.k.a Shukah Squl) I wish mtavizit our skul mara most 4 funkiez Nearnsy Claragyal Rabzbaby (Buru) Drama dance tufike Natioz this year Ted Mosby Hospital Hill Tukuwe na the best opens Branice ( Lugz Gee) To make more friends and make my mum da proudest in da whole world Achifazul Makbadhuul Fatyma (Nyakach Gee) Mkuje shule yetu Ruthy Nana Wairimu (Kagwe Gee) To finish all assignments and quit the canteen Elveezy (204 AQ) Attending all the funkiez within Nai & make my name big in chic skools

2. Be happy 3. Get along with your parents 4. Improve at skool ‘Ssup Bitch, Has Kanye West gone over the edge? The Power Video is apparently full of antiChrist messages, plus now he’s gone and permanently replaced the whole bottom row of his teeth with diamonds. Seriously? Candy Dear Cavities, It’s because of fools like you that peeps like Yeezy will always be smiling all the way to the bank. Sucker! A mouth full of diamonds? Even an embryo knows better than to believe that can of lies; get a clue, he’s wearing temporary ice grillz. P.S. I did not misspell your name and you really are a

pain. AB Dear AB, Has it ever occurred to you that the reason you’re so bitter is because you’re single and lonely? In the spirit of the New Year I’m offering to be a Good Samaritan and help a sister out. What do you say? Mind any hook ups? Bryo Bra…who? The only person who needs a hook up is you; with a brain. NKT! AB

out so harshly to defend her when someone hacked into her Facebook account. Well now that she has explicit pics making rounds all over Facebook with some Semenya, I really can’t help but wonder if that Semenya is you by any chance? (Haha you’ve been busted this time). Dickson Dick, Ever heard of Breast Cancer awareness? Skool the weirdo you call a chic on breast health and stop looking for cheap thrills and reasons to holla at me. Mscheeww! AB

5. Work towards Your dreams 6. Let go of negative things (friends included) 7. Stand Up for yourself 8. Change your eating habits (eat healthy) 9. Be more social 10. Become a better person 11. Spend more time with your BFF and family

Join the teeniez network and fan us on Facebook Search: The Insyder Magazine

Hi Queen Bitch, A while back you said Avril is your pal and you came

Word Play All of the lights (all of the lights) (Lights, lights) All of the lights (all of the lights)


Turn up the lights in here baby extra bright, I want y’all to see this turn up the lights in here, baby you know what I need want you to see everything Want you to see all of the lights (all of the lights) Fast cars, shooting stars (all of the lights, all of the lights) Until it’s Vegas everywhere we are (all of the lights, all of the lights)

Joint: All Of The Lights Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Artist: Kanye West ft.

Rihanna, Fergie, Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, Elton John.

I’m heading home, I’m almost there I’m on my way, heading up the stairs to my surprise, a n-gga replacing me I had to take ‘em to that ghetto university


All of the lights cop lights, flash lights, spot lights strobe lights, street lights (all of the lights, all of the lights) fast life, drug life thug life, rock life every night (all of the lights)


If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life

Turn up the lights in here, baby extra bright, I want y’all to see this turn up the lights in here, baby you know what I need, want you to see everything want you to see all of the lights

[Kanye West]

[Kanye West]

Something wrong I hold my head MJ gone...our n-gga dead! I slapped my girl, she called the feds I did that time and spent that bread

Restraining order can’t see my daughter her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order public visitation

we met at Borders told her she take me back I’ll be more supportive I made mistakes I bump my head courts suck me dry I spent that bread she need a daddy baby please, can’t let her grow up in that ghetto university


All of the lights cop lights, flash lights, spot lights strobe lights, street lights (all of the lights, all of the lights) fast life, drug life thug life, rock life every night (all of the lights)


Turn up the lights in here, baby extra bright, I want y’all to see this turn up the lights in here, baby you know what I need, want you to see everything want you to see all of the lights

[Kid Cudi]

Getting mine, baby

gotta let these n-ggas know, yeah get it right, ay you should go and get your own Getting mine, baby gotta let these n-ggas know, yeah get it right, ay you should go and get your own


Unemployment line, credit card declined did I not mention I was about to lose my mind? (my mind, my mind, my mind) and also was about to do that line okay, okay, you know we going all the way this time (this time, this time, this time) we going all the way this time (time, time, time, time) we going all the way this time


we going all the way this time we going all the way this time Turn up the lights in New-York, baby

extra bright, I want y’all to see this turn up the lights in New-York, baby you know what I need, want you to see everything want you to see all of the lights

[Alicia Keys]

Whoaa-oh-whoa Whoaa-oh-whoa-oh

[Elton John]

I tried to tell you but all I could say is ohhhh

[Alicia Keys] Whoaa-oh-whoa Whoaa-oh-whoa-oh

[Elton John]

I tried to tell you but all I could say is ohhhh

[Alicia Keys] Whoaa-oh-whoa Whoaa-oh-whoa-oh

[Elton John]

I tried to tell you but all I could say is ohhhh

The Insyder Weekly Digital - January 01, 2011  

The very first edition of The Insyder Weekly as it appeared in The Star on Saturday January 1st, 2011

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