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Volume 13 • No. 5 May 2013 •

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tutu maina, factory dj’s, anita rotich: kenya’smost talented teenieZ Insyde: demarco & tifa posters

making thecover


Tha Teeniez Voice!

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Insyde What’s sizzling this month



What’s the worst panoe that was given to you during your high school days?

Snyder How do I start this? Well, I had to polish the pavements and make sure they were white again. This I had to do with my own toothbrush. Sigh!



NEEDS A BIC GEOG Stala ctites & Stala gmit es

the deposition of calciu m carbonate. Stala ctites and stala gmite s are formed in caves byroof of the cave and hang down ward while Stlactites are the conical deposits that form at the and grow upwa rd as water drips cave stala gmite s are those that form on the botto m of the down from above.

St a la ctit e // pentacool: alliance high school’s power crew

s, Oh m y g ood nnesed pe pp a wh at h to M r M u sili?

Nina I was told to cut a tree with a razor blade. It took me forever, but i was just doing nothing.


St a la g mit e

//Tutu Maina: the SPEED daredevil!



// Party starters

// The Ever-bubbly Anita Rotich

4 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Charles This TA told me to go fill a bucket with darkness and bring it to the staff room... and i did!

Isn’t it comforting knowing that you can always rely on BIC fine point to write your notes in a way you will remember clearly?

Teen pix

! l i a m n e e t

Connect Anto Skuiz

The Insyder isDope Hi, I just wanted to tell you how dope this magazine is. -Daisy (Compuera Gee)

mob Love I love love love your magazine. I think it’s off the chain. You guys have everything; you know whats happening where, what’s in and what’s out. Everything I absolutely love. -Patience Kiema (Boma)

well done

Well done Insyder, keep up for your magazine is always more than nice, with good educative, inspiring and encouraging content that not only entertain teens, but also guide us to the right way. Congrats again and again Insyder. And for we will always not let you down on representing ourselves through contents such as red corner, slang corner, big ups, etc. One love. -Mac Bee (304)

MY inspiration This is to show how much you guys inspire me. Most of us keep the fire burning coz of your advices. For sure CHEERS TO YOU GUYS. You make unappreciated talents feel appreciated. -Anonymous

Gotta have acopy With the Insyder magazine, majority of the youths have been engaging in resourceful activities. It has also become mandatory for the students to have a copy of The Insyder every month. -Linda Wangari Kihara (Muruguru Girls’ High School)

You are awesome Insyder, First of all I would like to say that your magazine is awesome and totally fabulous. I really like the way you venture into educating teens, giving them a perspective guiding them and a chance to showcase their talents.*THUMBS UP* -Jackilne Kilonzo (St Catherine’s Girls’ High School)

I’m a fanatic I’m an extreme fanatic of The Insyder magazine and a regular reader of the same -Amoro Peter Quotlant (Kanga High School)

poetic Justice I’m a big fan of your mag from a small chuoz called nyagatugu in kangema district really like your articles especially those on celebs and teen poetry -Dennis Waweru

6 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |


Waah waah wah nyingi!!! Forgive mwah but…I have to say that you guys are terrorists! Bombing us with hot issues kila month, big up mobest for moving us from fans to slaves…hizo maadiction nazo? We’re looking forward to the day we’ll holla you na mtokelezee and see this side of the sahara. Mooooobest luv -Beahtooh (404) Mecca

nyi ni w2 wa nguvu w2 wa paawarr€cont rockn##

wHO KNEW KONSHNES STUDIES IN KATCH? “Hello insyder...I’m Jan Joanness from kakamega school..I’m now a 304... actually I really like the magazine n the features in it... I av always longed to one day appear in it..av seen my role models there n it has always been my wish to do the same...I hope u’ll look into my issue. love y’all.”

Warren de Chris The best teen magazine. Dont miss ur copy! Duncan Smith It is wow! Eryk Odongo da best teenz mag ever Razzle BangAce you guys are the best!!teen entertainment,rock on!! #teaminsyder Brizzy Richy K,,thiz hea iz brizzy!u guyz rock vigwanest!!!*@#big lv frm mih

Bic mistari rocks I thank you for making such a wonderful Bic Mistari section which I believe is for helping young people in the society. -Eric Odhiambo (Awasi Bee)

Sandra Nafula Yew guyz so rock..!!! a toast 4 the teenie ‘in thang’ a gud 1 a gud 1 Cølønél Méinêrtzhägêñ Omøsà thanx insyder for encouraging tha teenz in all ways Robertcolea Kiarie u guyz mkoo juu 2 xana. u r surely encouragin da teenz Vivy Anne Patel kip it up......kudos!

You are

appreciatied I appreciate what The Insyder does, and thank you for it. -Anne Wangui

Alex Seniour bigupz ... Vybz Kartel Adi-keyah bigups iqru keep dem comin Anto Skuiz hey i-qru’u guyz r AWESOME &u alwaiz rep,tha teeniez 4 sure..i really wanna big up u,kudox insyder krew anto wahe beez Ochanda Squared Wee it is rear good 4 the works ur doin big up 2 xana.

You’ve got theswag What it do Insyder? You guys got the swagg. You got the style n you got the bestest teens mag! Kudos for that. -Sharon Madonna

Dorine Ogutu e ture in th nt to fea scoop on a w u o y If s the e, give u magazin hool: c s r u yo st peeps ie k , coole . n fu t s e wn The hott e low do and all th get set, spill! , mark On your on: Hit us up


Brian Omuya


@the insyder


Letters P.O. Box 53164 - 00200 Nairobi

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 7

Winners Gallery

[ Heckler]


Sherald Omondi

Steven Mathenge - Chinga Hae Kevin Oduor (404) Kanga school

Orwash brian Orwaru Michael Mungai (204) Spatchez high

Lorraine Dee - Rockiez gee

Reckon you have the talent to feature in this column? Send us your artwork to win great prizes. Each month we will feature entries and pick the top 3 for the winners gallery. The winners will receive fantastic prizes, the awarding ceremonies will be held during the April, August and December Holidays No 1: Shopping Voucher, Funkie Tee & a Bic Sationery pack No. 2: Lunch Voucher , Funkie Tee & a Bic Stationery pack No.3: Travel Bag, Funkie Tee & a Bic Stationery pack For your entry to be selected as a winning entry the mistari must be via a BIC biro and MUST have the Bic Logo. All winning monthly entries will be entered into a draw to win a cool mountain bike or a term’s school fees. Please ensure you include a telephone number in your artwork. Send your entries to P.O Box 51634-00200 Nairobi

8 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Leonard Chirchir - K-hetch

William Moganda

Kelvin Mwololo (404) Mumbuni Beezo

Moses Mwanzia - Highway Samson Lerosion (304) PUXX

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 9


The top series of 2013 WWords: Nina Kosen

1. The Following A gripping series about an FBI agent and a serial killer who creates a network of similar-minded sadists through the internet, and the abundant charisma and enjoyment derived from his occupation.

Tutu Maina: A SPEED daredevil! 2. Revolution Imagine if one day all your electronics went dead. That means no TV, no internet, no broadcast of football matches and no playstation! Sounds like the life of a cave man, doesn’t it? Well, watch this series and find out how the world, through the eyes of a little, town deals with such a catastrophe.

4. The neighbors Always wanted to have ET as your neighbor? A funny series about a family that moves into a gated community full of aliens with names of human sports stars.

10 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

3. Arrow A millionaire playboy and his father get lost at sea on their yatch. He somehow manages to survive and finds himself on an inhabitable island.

5. Go on Think you’re stressed? You don’t have it as rough as this guy. Faced by a major loss, a charming sports news anchor turns to therapy and ends up having a totally new family.

The wind in your face while riding at over 100kph, and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Not to mention how cool it is to be seen riding a motorbike! Words: Nina Kosen


ell this is the life of 18year old Tutu Maina . He says that there is only one secret to success... God...If it wasn’t for Him, he wouldn’t have come this far. Also his family, especially his father, and friends for always giving him continuous support for the past 12 years. This humorous, artistic, loyal, generous and downto-earth sportsman would never be caught wearing the weird tight hot pants that some celebrities such as One Direction love to don. The craziest thing he was caught doing was dancing and singing in front of a mirror in his towel by his sisters and a few friends. They ‘disowned’ him after that. “I don’t blame them; it must have been embarrassing... for them,” Maina says. He would like to work with James ‘Bubba’ Stewart and

Ryan Villopoto because he thinks they ride brilliantly. Maina is currently single but his biggest celebrity crushes would have to be Scarlett Johansson and Kate Beckinsale. Tutu would like to go sky diving and bungee jumping, hoping not kill himself in the process though. His siliest memory was his last year of high school (last year) when he was trying to finish his Computer Studies project. Maina asked one of his best friends Vincent for help on some coding that he couldn’t quite understand. While his friend went into a myriad of solution-throwing, he Maina started fooling around on his computer...It was only ten minutes later that he turned around to ask him if he’d been saying something to him, and he found his friend giving him a death glare. His other friend, Kimani, then told him

that Vincent had called his name thrice in the middle of the vast explanation to see if he was listening, only for Maina to completely ignore him. It took a while to assure Vincent that it didn’t happen on purpose. Tutu would never leave the house without his phone, wallet, novel, flashdisk and a pack of gum. His his idea of having fun is hanging out with his friends or family while listening to great music, watching a movie or playing video games, “or just pretty much riding my motocross bike because nothing I do beats the thrill of it”. His advice to teens: “As much as it may seem a cliché, be true to who you are. There will only ever be one of you in this lifetime.”

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 11




ay Collections started as an online shop selling urban street wear back in August 2012. However, in order to satisfy the growing need for new products, the outlet morphed into starting its own branded apparel starting with two designs back in November 2012 to five designs in March 2013. Drawing inspiration from Giorgio Armani, Jay Collections believes in casual street wear from t-shirts to vests and pants and cutting through both male and female attire.This clothing line believes in smart casual wear.

Jay Collections was founded by James ‘Jay Jameson’ Kasemo while he was 20 years old. Stephen’Konvict Steve’ Kamau later came in as a support ‘think tank’ and product marketing manager. Price range: Kshs 999- 2999 Products are available in the following stores: Nairobi: Shop 69, 2nd Floor, 20th Century Building Mombasa: Jays Store, Moi Avenue, Opp. Post Bank

The bubbly Anita rotich

“Tough times never last but tough people do” and “Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” Words: Nina Kosen


hese mantras have formed and made 17-yearold M.V.P of the Brookhouse School girls’ hockey team. This bubbly and always smiling girl is an amazing athlete who I must say can also pass for a model. YES YES SHE IS SINGLE!! Anita Rotich is a loyal, strong-willed, spirited, honest and caring person. “I am always there for my friends and family when they need me. I focus on what I love or passionate about so do not easily give up when things start heading south,” she says. Her idea of having fun is being with her friends or family with lots of laughter, and being outdoors; either running or playing with her younger brother. But something active definitely, so hockey is nearly always in the picture. On April Fool’s Day, Anita and a friend pranked one of their mates. They got their head of year who taught them math to really scare her. So in class he pretended to be really angry with something he just read on the phone. People asked him what was wrong. He then turned to her friend and said she had done something very bad and so needed to get out to go see the headmaster. Coincidently, the headmaster was down by the math block so she thoughtthe thing was super serious and started to freak out. It was very funny. Luckily, she had a good sense of humour and laughed it off. Anita, who has eaten bacon with vanilla

12 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

yogurt before (crazy), says she would never wear any velvet clothing. She would never leave the house without her phone, iPod, lip balm and a novel. This teenager met the late Professor Wangari Mathaai when on holiday and Oprah Winfery when she attended a Model United Nations conference in the US. Her biggest celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling. Anita has a big heart and would love to volunteer at her church to go to somewhere like Turkana for their outreach programs and also, she would love to work with Michelle Obama. “She has so much energy,” Anita says. She started playing hockey in class 3. The biggest sporting event Anita has won is the hockey school provincials in 2010. She also won a scholarship to play in a hockey festival in Arizona. FINALLY, ANITA TELLS OTHER TEENS: If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you do not ask, the answer will always be ‘no’. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 13






Ratchet alert!





Ther’s always that girl who tries to outshine the rest but has an outright fail at doing so. Her coolness factor is a bit off and her attempts at being the ‘it girl’ are disaster. Sad to say but this girl would go to any length to get a tiny bit of attention.




Words: Nina Kosen




This has been a huge topic of discussion over the years. However, it has of late become an ‘in thing ‘. Reason? I don’t know why. Women bleaching their skin is one of the tackiest habits ever. Think about it: if you were meant to have lighter skin, wouldn’t you have it already?



Hair Everybody now wants to look like Rihanna or Beyoncé, but a lot of people can’t afford it. Instead of looking for a more affordable hair style, a lot of girls insist on wearing unsightly weaves. This is a turnoff! There are so many hairstyles out there you could that cost less. Another option would be to rock it natural.

ax HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS to propose innovative We are calling on

solutions to issues in their communities. Winning teams receive MENTORSHIP, up to US$1500, and the possibility of a FREE TRIP to Ghana for an innovation camp. Application deadline is MAY 22nd. Check out WWW.INNOVATEKENYA.ORG for more info.

Make-up Kindly note that makeup is meant to make you look prettier and highlight your bets features. A little eyeliner and lipstick never hurt anyone. However, use them in moderation! There is no shame in viewing YouTube tutorials and taking notes. Now I hope those ghost-looking faces with excessive foundation will become extinct.

14 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Clothes My main issue is not with style here but it’s with size. If you know that that top can’t fit you, don’t put it on. It’s kind of obvious it’s not your size and you’re either suffocating it or it’s doing just that to you. The same thing applies for shoes - if they aren’t your size, don’t wear them.



COLLABORATORS: +254.705.301.891 Follow us on: The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 15


Parky's Most popular!

Awesome sporty teens

Check out some of the pics of the at the games natioz in mang'u

Dola Millicent,Samantha,Maryanne,Angela Josiah, Anne,Tracy and Dianne (Lake region swimmers)

Mariam,Cynthia,Maria,Anita,Rose,Silvie,Kerj reppin’ (Nakuru Region swimmers)

2nd placed girls b-ball team, Buru Gee

A muddy Bush rudge team



hey make you anticipate every upcoming funkie of your high school life. Yes, the hot mamaz who are always composed but at the end of the funkie are weirdly doing crazy stuff to get the attention of every dude. I don’t buy those lies you tell your peroz as the reasons why you want to attend a school event! It’s not about ‘repping your school’ or ‘for the certificate’ as most of you claim, no! One of the main agenda is to go check out the hot mamaz and wait for that moment when ‘KudeKude’ will be played so as to to select which chille can dance like craaazy.

Lenny 2nd place boys b-ball teamMaseno

For the ladies, ever wondered about this certain hot girl in another school who always gives you compe in all funkies? Sometimes you wish that they hatar even one so that you get some time to shine. Girls will be girls anyway and there is nothing boys enjoy such as a funkie full of pretty ladies. Linnet Kawira (204) and Lenny Adis (204) both came into the limelight as the top girls who command attention wherever they go. They are the type of funkie -goers that are noticeable and get boys drooling over them; some even asking for autographs from them. The secret is just to be hot, dress fly and be a social

16 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

person then you might get the same attention as these two girls. Then you have to be in at least all school clubs so that you don’t miss any funkie. This is how they even got the diamond - coz gold is too cheap - chance of getting an invite to The Insyder’s photo shoot. That said, do you think you are hot, you keep it fresh, and have the looks that can make us go gaga? Why not send us your photos and you never know, you could be staring at an invitation letter soon, instead of that meal card. Words:Charles Kariuki

Rudge champs Kakamega Hae do the Haka dance

Girls b-ball champs Shimba Hills from Mombasa pose with their trophy

B-ball champs Upper Hill pose with their trophy The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 17

need help printing your school mag?

FEATURE Va va voom

The Voice NO 1 • 2013 •

Cool High School Magazine

We are beyond cool

DJ Kace:

e b o t ‘Dare rent’ diffe


are to be different’ is one of those statements we all have grown up hearing but few have the courage to actually be different or simply stand out from the rest. While most Kenyan DJs right now are riding the Trance and House Music train, Dutch-born Kevin Van Dijck is an exception. He is a Kenyan DJ who has a special spot for Hip Hop, Old School, Dancehall, Reggae and local music. In his own words “I love to play these because that’s where my passion is and I feel the energy in my music is what can really make people dance. It’s what I grew up with and what I like to remind people that they love.” He began his love for this music about five years ago and was mentored by his brother. He describes himself as positive, motivated, fun, energetic and reliable; qualities he believes make him a real people’s person. His sense of style is unique as he claims that he would never put on a pair of skinny jeans nor

drink, smoke or take drugs. In high school, he was once caught climbing a fence to a construction site with a bunch of friends to try starting a party there. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he confesses. However, now his idea of fun would just be a place where either the music is on point or his there with the people he calls his closest friends. Any opportunity to go out and meet large numbers of people and be surrounded by euphoria is a wonderful feeling for him. DJ Kace would like to get more into other creative fields such as photography because he feels that he has what it takes although has not had the time to pursue them yet. Kevin met Burning Spear a few years back and was starstruck! Since then, he’s gotten used to meeting international celebrities. “At the end of the day you need to remember they are just people like us.” His biggest celebrity crush would have to be Jessica Alba. Ever since he watched Honey, she’s been on that number one spot. (Ladies if you feel you

18 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

look like her…) DJ Kace would never leave home without his wallet and phone. Other than that, he always has to take his flash disk with his music, business mentality and positive outlook because according to him, “An opportunity can come up anywhere and a good first impression is always important;’ you should always be prepared and know that your representing your brand even when your off stage.” He doesn’t think he has reached the success level he would like just yet, but what got him this far is motivation and drive: “You need to have the mentality of a go-getter and create your own opportunities, because nothing’s going to get done if you just sit at home and wait for something to come up.” Teens listen up… If you’re really motivated to go out and become not just a DJ but any type of performer, remember to stay focused, work hard at your talent. What makes you and sets you apart is your strongest attribute. Work hard, party hard. Words: Nina Kosen

n g i s e d We y l e m e r Ext e m o s e aw

High School s e n i z a g a m

Magazines that will connect with the aspirations of your readers. Our team of highly talented, creative and experienced photographers, editors and designers understand the needs of your target audience and will provide you with high quality school magazines that exceed expectations by far. Get in touch with us and we promise to give you the most pocket friendly quote and a high quality magazine.

Call Joash on: 0711152858 Email: or The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 19




Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Iman are some of the legends who have graced numerous runways globally. Closer to home, faces such as those of Cecilia Mwangi and Shamim Nabil may seem more familiar. Words: Nina Kosen

Shamim Nabil.

Naomi Campbell.

S Tyra Banks.


adly, most girls (and guys) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram believe that having scantily dressed photos with a lot of skin, likes and comments make you a model. Advertising clothes and shoes on the very same social media does not make you a model either. June Wakairu, 18, is one of Nairobi’s fastest rising upcoming teen models. She is easygoing, reserved and kind. She says her mantra for success is “Believe in you”. She took her friend for a photo shoot and was told by the photographer she should try runway modeling as she has a lot of potential. Then she discovered she loved runway modeling. June has been featured in ‘Salon’ magazine. She says she would never be caught wearing crocs and would never leave the house without her phone, money, eyeliner because it’s the only makeup she puts on, and gum or sweets as she has a sweet tooth. The craziest thing she has ever done is riding her motorbike to the super-

market at 7pm to get ice cream. While in high school, during class preps she would start up a song and everyone would join in. “We would all imagine we were stars, dancing and singing,” she says. Her dream, despite working with many talented photographers, would be to collaborate with Imagined Photography. “Their work is simply amazing. I would really love to participate in Miss Kenya too,” she says. Her celeb crush is Ian Somerhalder from ‘Vampire Diaries’. Even then, she is currently in a relationship with Barkath Manji. June’s idea of having fun is mostly being with her friends as they always put a smile on her face; other than that, attending events such as Blankets and Wine. Her dream is to one day have an opportunity to skydive. June’s advice to all the teenies; “Enjoy your teen life but be wise while at it. Choices have consequences. Be yourself and say no to drugs.”


WORK HARD,PLAY HARD: MFA,ITEN AND MERU SCHOOLS SHINE Ballers rock it at Meru and Iten Provincial ball games, while MFA hosts Jornalism event.

Lenny and Amran (204s) of Parkie Gee were in high demand.

Meru’s tug of war swag. St.Patrick’s Iten fellas love ‘The Insyder’.

St.Mary’s Isiolo’s basketball team. We MFA peeps know how to swag up a funkie.

The MFA journalism club team - Bret, Coco, Kabbz, Slyxxer and Tito, all 404s. Parky honeyz Stayle, Brenda, Lavy, Mwanaisha, Habiba and Mary (304s) pull off the look.

RV Rugby 15s Champs, Nakuru Day perform some samba.

Muthambi Girls’ basketball team.

Beatrice Wanjiku (202), Shiner Gee’s goal shooter and tallest player.

Briton, Jim, Mike, Wackson and Thomas of MFA display their tattoos. Chairs up in the air coz it’s an Insyder event. Reppin’ Matungulu Gee get it on with the party rock dance.

Mr Shagmodoz was seen at the Uppah Fresh games.

Kubanjuka nayoo. Mary-Ann (204) of Ma’Hill shows how it’s done.

Kapsabet Hae b-ball team, the Rift Valley provincial champions.

Meru School fellas salute ‘The Insyder’.

MFA’s Bish with Fiona of Nairobi Queens. Parkie Gee’s Mwanaisha and Dru (204s).

Fully reppin’ Buru Gee’s netball team.

22 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

304s Vivian, Sandra, Shabella, Cindy and Shaniaqua wakilisha Parkie’s b-ball team.

MFA dudes couldn’t get enough of Jeannette (204) from Parkie Gee.

Pano-holics Vicky (204) and Kadenge (304) of MFA surrender.

Lucas (404) of MFA learns some deejaying skills from I-Qru’s DJ Evolve. The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 23

MFA Journalism Club members strike a pose with their princi.


Party starters This elite group of gentlemen is slowly taking over the music industry. The determination and undying passion the six guys have for what they do is admirable. Words: Nina Kosen

DJ Hennessy

He’s got crazy skills on the decks, and this Brookshine alumnus is quite a crowd pleaser. The 19-year-old is the CEO and resident DJ at Trancephilics Entertainment. He has in the past done some deejayng in Uganda.

Factory DJs

The brother duo of Paul ‘Boflol’ Mwangi and Trevor Dingiria forms factory DJs. Both are in school at Compuera College and Braeburn Garden Estate, respectively. They have graced the decks at various events and even opened the show for Hard Rock Sofa, a Russian house group, at the Exoreality Festival last year.

DJ Woyez

Stationery Ink.

This is a group of DJs in Form Four at Bush Bee. I most recently discovered their talents at this years’ Bush Open. They look like your ordinary teenagers: fun and loving funkie-holics, but once given an opportunity to grace the decks, no genre is spared! They may just be the next Swedish House Mafia if they all don’t become doctors!

This is by far the fastest-rising DJ there is around. Woyez, 20, has unmatchable skills and character when he is on the decks. His fun and bubbly persona is felt in his music. He is also a producer at Trance Drive Records.

DJ Chucky

DJ Leeam

He is a protégé of Afro House guru St Evo The Myth. The Pumu alumnus is of a different sound, venturing into the littleknown genre of Afro House and Deep Bass. Also at age 20, Willie Kimani is slowly becoming a force to reckon with. Like him, maybe your soul will be captivated by his music.

24 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Don’t let the angelic hair and face lie to you. Yes, ladies, you can breathe. Bryan Rajan has been termed ‘the king of dubstep’. This tattoo-adorned guru says he learnt his amazing skills from some of the most prominent house DJs in the industry. He has been featured at the sickest parties and worked with the likes of Burn energy drink.

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 25

Big ups! Leeze bee hae Hurningham limoz(404) to sharon cielo(404) awa Being closer to u has given me tha tru meaning of luv n being far away from u has shown me how it feels lyk to miss then only one….. mwaahest maddest luv Bethuel (404) to joy (404) mac gee Missin u is lyk a routine Hoongroom(404) to Maggie(404)kamahuha gee God knows wat am up to King masconde(404) to merlita (404)loretto convent Gents live up to ladies I live for u Haron (404)to Minaj livia(304) kipkoiga gee Waiting makes me luv u more,patience is the opener to our marriage Dick kemmez(404) to Caro (404) St.tacho With our luv we can go nowhere bur up to tha sky past tha moon to tha galaxy mob luv! Belgradho De Serbia(404) to Vyonna(404) Kottet Missin u vigwanest.lots of luv.keep studies on 4 lyf Joseph kamosh(404) to Emma (204) kottet Love u! Sirleem kemboi toro(404) to Seko caro(304) Missing u! Njoro school 204s to i-qru U da bombast n’ dopext!! Multicheezy dance crew to Nicole(204) MFA Wod up? Bereak tha silence alar!! Clint henricus(9583) to Mary elfi(204)Nagee Jux hataina u more,XOXO Biggz(204) to imani janette(304)St.clares How bout u getting my xoxo? Hehe! ;-) Vince otee(9373) to ann wangechi(104) nagee Hi ,is….u? cant imaginehow…ur! Alex moki(204) to zainab(204) st.charles Thanx 4 rem me… xoxo!

Keyvoh(304) to Tabz(204) Bongo gee Psst! Am in a furi furi ‘missin u’ condition Marquine wilz( 204) to sheilah(204) nax gee Friendship’z a ship that floats smoothly on the deep sea of love Zack(304) to steph (204) st. lindas Kalaboom!! Diva jux checkin on you . keep it tyt Keyvoh(304) to pope (204)mt.laverner Op we still risin bebz…. mob luv Clee(204) to Winnie ce sasha(204) choxx Wat happened? Nweiz miss u muchext B4N Zack(304)to shiro(404) Huggzville Without ur sight,time z’ useless energy is worthless and meaningless. kip in touch.. Alva andre(204) to ann maina (204) Christy nax Stop being a playa otherwise huwess mek!! Wilz the teenz to ruth foxy Kiwendoz most and flyn xoxo Kevoh(304) to shillar pete(304) shiners gee Aloha! Even if u r far away, our love is still loud and clear missin me’u CHANIA BOYS Kevin kibuku(404) to maya judy(304) Bishop gatimu Miss u big Kevin kibuku(404) to maureen wangechi (404) kahuhia gee Bado tunawangojea Samuel kinyanjui(404) to Winnie (404) ruchu gee Mbona kunyamaza ivo? Dannyraj(404) to Fai (404) CCM mob luv 4u, speak up break tha silence joel ngure(404) to winnie(304) gatura gee luv u 4 ever .chop smart chania bee to all haters… ..2nawapenda woo MAC BEE Mac Bee <404> to Mac Gee<wote> Mlitafuta ur 15 minutes

26 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

of fame na mkapata. Kama mlidhani mtapata Fame na jina yetu… poleni xanar!! OJHS Jalang’o chizi (404) to patricia (304) lock wood Always in ma mind Moha (404) to jojo n cindy(304) st.tito girls Wassup beauties,break the silence n still missin u Jemo(404) to fouzzy (304 ) Buru Bdo nakupendar Monajeh(404) to fauzy( 304) Buru Chop hard, mapenzi baadae Mandela (404) to joy kagwiria (404) statoe Mapenzi tele baibe! CHANGEz Tapis(204) to peris njeri(204) MFA lanet U tha bestest av ever had. Miss ya Pitah (204) to mitchelle Maggie(204) Missin u lyk crazy Farajah(304) to brendah (204)Buru gee Missn u very badly Kennedy too(204) to hope wanjiku (204)Buru Missing u lyk crazy Fines(204) to millie kaguhia(204) Boma Luv u big tym Charlz(204) to Bessie (204) bahati gee Luv yah now the and & 4ever miss yah big Calvoh(204) to deby (204) Buru Love you and missin u alt KERICHO HIGH Kip(304) to micky(304) lockwood gee Xup deskie! Chop vi hardest Eyan(404)c toQueenville (404) Kitengela international Niajez tha thing z comin...chop hard Bill(304) to Mercy Chirchir (304) Mchai gee Ajez kunyamaza....KIT Zuma (304) to Mercy (304) Cage2 Miss yuh big Kip(304) to Nyahururu elite 304’s Ssup guys! Miss yah

bigtym Nicko kogo(404) to Victoria chebet(404) cage2 Wassuo girl!! Da silence is too loud Nicko Talia(304) to Fay Talia ( 304) nax gee Mob luv for you. Really nimekuhata vigwanest Gilly Ned(304) to Monique(304) Smagzville Hi Niq. Ajez with mose 1 babe Allan Hastings(404) to Camerine(404) and Mercy Gwen(404) St. Clares Gee Aje! Aje! Mismentation ni ka zote...nway break da silence.. Japhe (304) to Lilly chepkorir (404) Kippeh Chop hardest!! Bill zuma (304) to Cindy(204) Choxx Hope uko smarter. Chop vihardest bigtym Ian(304) to Anita(404) kippeh Gee Break tha silence....miss yuh so much Nicholas kogo (404) to Abigael chepchirchir (404) Kippeh Gee Long tym no see n the silence is too loud Gilbert nod (304) to NIQ (304) Smaggzville Gotewa na zuma. Sayz u chop vihard....friends 4ever Mose to Niq(304) smaggzville Hi baibz, ur just the best. Cu next holz lv yah... chop hard Boris (304) to daizee(304) K.Gee Thinkn of u lyk never b4.luv u big! Allan kibet(404) to millie(404) south Tetu Gee Aloha! Miss yuh big... nway c u next holz.....LOL Kev (304) to Bev(204) kippeh Missin u a lot. Nway sowwy 4 wat happened. Still luv u. mwaah!! Gilbert ned(304) to Joan(304)Smagzville Ajez joan!! Allan kibet(304) to Daisy(304) choxx Wassup best pal.Miss u big nway chop hard C u next holz Dallah bill(304) to Eve (304) Mercy Gee

Hae Eve.friends 4 ever Rodgers (304) to Rubi Migui(304) pioneer Gee Wats up! Always on my mind shawty CHOXX BIG UPS Lyndah (304) to Dennoh (304) A.Q Hi hope u good & chopping hard in xul always remember that we are BFFs 4 lyf wapende wasipende!! Lynda(304) to Freddy(304) masii bee. Hope ur doing fine chop to tha fullest and know that I miss u xo xo much Ashley (304) to Edu. Anatha chance is all am asking for.luv u with all my heart.....missin u vi cwaizee Ashley(304) to Antonio de moz(404) rock bee We’ve been thru it all and neva hav I regretted.Know that I got your back always cheers to that Ashley(304) to Kris A.Q U didn’t give us a chance to know each other better...otherwise all the bestest!!! Lyndah( 304) to khoustay(304) Mackenzie bee Xema hope u r gewd n chopn’ smart.misn u vigwanest Ashley & Lynda(304) to Anto & Brayo (404) L.B.C Ur the bestest cuzo ever. love u mostest Lyndah & Ashley(304) to Gerald(304) Kagz bee Hope umeacha ku shy off jus maintain the swagg!!! Hafswa (304) to Dan (304) Makueni bee. It seems like ages... ongea bana missin u .remember to stay in touch Hafswa (304) to kennito(304) matish bee Hope ur still funny anywae gotea nicko Ts n dan Milly to omondi (404) makueni bee Hi,just breakin tha silence anyhw got to stay in touch my friend Santoz (404) to collo(304) Mac bee. Sema babe? The distance is

killing me but we stil cul and tyt Gee(404) to Hila(404) IQ boy boyz Knowing u was the best thing that happened to me.nissn u vigwan!! Gee(404) to Sharon mutilek(404) tawa gee. Ur silence freaks me owt..ongea bana anyhu missn u vigwanest Arya(404) to Irena & Benta(404) St.Marys Egoji. I ain’t dead...break tha silence ST CATHERINES (BURGZVILLE) Tutu to Tracieshiko, Pesh & Kate(304) Buru Gee Lots of luv n mith u big XoXo Lornah tarus to Olivia kobia(304) Blue hills academy Break tha silence man!! Babez to temba murage(204) Bush Chop hard!! Mama baby to to Yvonne, Tot,Mercy.. Nancy(304) We international Daphine to ian(204) Parky bee Mob luv KISE JNR BEE Johni (304) to Mary Elika (304) NAru Niaje msupa manze,,manze nimekumiss viwagwan,,pliz call.. Lewis (304) to all ladidasticious (304) Baraka gee Galz u rock ,,,mko yuuuuest!!! Luv u..... Taner (304) to Emma (204) Pangoe Hey babez! Hpe ur cookin da biks.take care and luv ya....... Chuhi (304) to Fraize (404) Leaver I may 4get how u walk or talk ,,bt ill neva forget how u make me feel.... Tony (304) to Shaniez (204) Mua gee I luv u sarafina......chop nway!! Kevin Such (304) to Cynthia (304) St. Alberts Ope uko fyn ,jst knw I lurv ya!!

Winskey (204) to Lindah (304) Baraka gee Chop hard coz ur tha best cuzo av ever hard,,lots of lurv! Opiyo (304) to Ngetchville (404) Iz vipi mabazenga? bado mnafikanga gully.... Ogutu to all number nane palz Iz vipi yo !! kuvuruga ni lazima kwote kwote ,,tuapatana hague,,au?? Peter Cech (304) to Lilian (204) L.K. gee Ur smile is tha brightest ,,ur heart is tha wisest but ur luv is tha greatest!! Baz-ill-est (304) to Maggie (304) st. clare gee Niaje msupa.. u touchéd me at all tha right places babe...mobb lurv! Joe (304) to Koi (304) Lyfspring Lurvin you aint hard,but why is it getting too hard to see you....mobb lurv! Lewie (404) to Essie (204) gatitu gee Blu be da sky above you , smooth be tha road be da road b4 u , kul be tha breeze around u , may tha happiness be with ya!.....I love you swithat! Johni (304) to Eliza (304) loreto gee Itakuwa aje! Hun siku mingi bana,, nivutie banar! Mapenzi kibao!!!!!!! Collo (304) to Essie (204) st. annes Lioki Chop hard knowing that I love you.... Njoro (304) to Christine (404) L.K. gee Manze nakuhata ile mbaya,break tha silence an chop hard...... Bazengas (304) to Insyda Guyz u rock ,,continue keeping it real...... Selenge (304) to Maureen (304) I miss u byad!! Lornarz Bee (Loreto Nakuru Bee) Edu Addi Teacha (404) to Peace (404) Royal gee

Ma luv, our flower for which luv is tha honey ...Blowin u kisses! Edu Addi Teacha (404) to Anot (404) Royal gee Ma dearest pal ,I buss ashot for di tru friend, yuh ova friends... Sege (404) to Akhilla (404) Lockwood gee Wat a time pace since tha glance..... Hassan (404) Tracey (404) St. Maryz Naks I can hear ur hurt crying out for me .... I luv yuh! Ben Khuzo (404) to Manob (404) St. Francis gee U’ll always be a jail bird in ma lonely heart...... Davie (404) to Paullet (204) Nagee My imagination is rapid ,it jumps from admiration to luv! Danito (404) to Britney (404) Arutani gee Da best confession is said from ma heart and thought from ma head.....i luv ya! Edu (404) to Silvah Siloh (404) Shunom gee Thank you fi making ma day....break da loud silence..... Edu Addi Teacha (404) to Maureen (404) Arutani gee Buo boom! Ssup pal mis

Bonnie (304) to Yvonne (204) Shunem Me lv u like crazy ‘N’ I misdu!! no…..0724017508 Peter (304) to Tatiana (304) Nagee I miss u lyk crazy 4 ua eyes are charming 2 me surely yo ma medicine and one of a kind Peter (304) to Aisha (304) Shunem If misin u was asin, I wld buy a first class ticket to hell Bonie (304) to Joy (204) nagi I miss u like shit! I miss your hug in short. I miss everything in you Bonie (304) Lin (204) Christy Mazumenimadahadinimegenyalakinimazishisijuinilini Franky (304) to Linkah (304) Welco Als 4 lyf au sio? But the relationship is getting closer n closer! Sammy M (304) to Annie Wambo (304) Nyakiombi G Remember the promise my fire is still burning. Frank (304) to Barbra (404) Choxx Hi cuz? Y mute like that manze I miss u so much…..hallarrrr….0718229635

NDINGI’Z VILLE Prince O (304) to Lynn (204) Cristy Academy Still tjimking about u, pretty. David Kiarie (404) Sly Kiono (404) Kibz Gee Arsenalic Day-V (304) to Terry Mumbi (204) Cristy Academy Wasupbiebysiz, I am missin u sooooooouch. At least mail me. Joe Sanchez (304) to Nicole (304) Shunem Pretty, Pretty………… missin u big. Lol Mak-c (304) to Maureen (304) Senor Chief koinange If our loving u is a crime, send Ocampo to come 4 me!!! Calvin (304) to Katia (304) Nagee Waah! Unajuatu…. schoolmarmishdem!!!!

CHANIA BOYS Alex myllesKwena (304) to Mercy Jewels W. (Breezes B hotel) Keep fanning the flames of ma passion, to ua hearts delght as I got a prom nyt 4 u on uabday…lol Alex Myles Kwena (304)toCateMumbi (404) J.C.C Complex Sup siz!! Got a prom date after ua papers… miss ya! Jamal Osman (304) to Halima Abdi (204) t.T The known survivor got caught in ya love trap. Damn!!Duh makes me a convict inya heart Lawrence (304) to Marylyn Wanjiru (204) Pangoe Mi affimissest u too byard…..nddat u aintgud 2 me.

DennoMunu(304) to Nyambae Joy (304) Quabbz Hey dia, hws u? wanted to tell u that u r a true friend to be cherished alot DennoMwas (304) to PeterPeionga (304) Gitwe Gee Sup long tym….no see, ope u ok. Wanted to break da damn silence n long to c u Dan Kung’u (304) to Doty (304) gatchez DeroGradezvile to Sharon Wangari (304) chano G The empire for our commandments is still strong and u fialwezb ma hrtgrabba U suck ma heart out though cant feel the pain czur love z wat kips me rolled up KITONDO XUL Nicolas Mutuer (404) to Emmy Ronoh (304) St. Gee Cupid’s arrow never misses, that’s why I send this heart felt big up with kisses. Nice time gal. Nicolas Mutuer (404) to Teddy Kalung’u (204) AQ U can still stand tall without standing on someone n u can be a victor without victims. Chop hard Nicolas Mutuer (404) to Daisy Ronoh (104) Ngara Virgin green, pristine snow, crystal blue and everything nice are the things, I wish for you. Nicolas Mutuer (404) to Ruth, Eva, Paula (404) St. Gee G for the gorgeous girls. Enyewemkojuutusana. Have a blessed term Dennis Muasa (404) to Nyla (404) St. Tito I will also love you no matter what Dennis Muasa (4040 to Jennifer (304) Muthale Ua the best cuz in the world Dennis Muasa (404) all YMCMB fans Nobody can do it better than the weezy team.

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street style Fashion is said not to be for the faint hearted. Only those with confidence can pull off any look, anytime. However, for you ‘subtle’ types, there are many looks and trends that you can comfortably rock and still appear great. For now, we highlight six trends that every Kenyan teen should by now be rocking! Words: Nina Kosen

Glitter Now I don’t mean those tacky jeans or weird branded t-shirts. Rock them in satchels, skirts and the bold tights.

Repping your hood.


Alvin the acrobat.

Most of you know them. These as the almost see-through blouses girls rock. Whether it’s a funky black or a mellow red, these blouses are hot! Be careful though, there is a reason you wear clothes!

Caribbean Grill.

I wanna scream n shout.

F-clan dance group.

High low dress This is an upcoming style amongst trend-setting teens. Whether rocked with a cute pair of boots or warm trench coat, it is so far a big statement in 2013.

Lace Girls, please note: not everyone can rock a lace. Whether in cool vests or part of a mini-dress, laces are not as revealing as chiffons. They look amazing, not in tacky colors though.

Tees Everyone this year is rocking a branded tee, the ones written ‘Mwanaume Ni effort’ and ‘Mwanamke Ni Standards’ being rather common. Bright, bold or neon colours seem to be popular. 28 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Everybody loves ‘The insyder’. WIlberforce (red) vs Lenana houses.

Keep Calm And

Hakuna Matata



The key to pulling off anything ‘ankara’ is not to overdo it. African prints are bold and very noticeable. If you have them on your feet, put on something else above. The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 29


Did anyone ever die from not forwarding those Why do toasters always have chain texts? Once you’re in settings that burn the toast? heaven, do you wear the clothes you were buried Can you hear yourself think? in for eternity? What does a sheep count when it wants What happens when you to go to sleep? When cheese is get scared to death twice? Does anyone photographed, what does it say? Why do they kill two birds with one stone? have blank pages at the end of some books? Why do doughnuts have holes? Do vampires get diseases transmitted to them when they suck If feathers tickle infected peoples’ blood? Why do they report people, do they tickle girls? Why can’t we tickle power shortages on TV? If honesty is the best policy, is ourselves? Why is a birthday dishonesty the second best? cake the only food you can blow and everyone still Why do children do things they wants a piece? Has anyone know will get them into trouble? How do you know you ever heard money talk? Why does bubble gum stick live in the real life? on your face and not in your mouth? If 4/5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean 1/5 people enjoy it?


s p v TheaM ll we do is win!

B-BALLBOYS Uppah (58) vs. Maseno (40)







14. 13. 11.


10. 9. 8.









Rudge Kakamega (18) vs. Saints Yala (3) MVP-Bill Isabwa

12 Say People!


5 30 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

B-ball Buru (32) vs. Shimba Girls(50) MVP-Evalyne Atieno

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PENTACOOL 32 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

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Bush is known for being one of the most disciplined national schools in Kenya. But y’all wonder how they manage to get straight As yet still be the coolest guys at funkies. We still have not found a chille how does not like a dude with great grades, looks and swag. These guys have it all going for them and that’s why every mami wants to date a guy from Bush. Words: Snyder Lukalia There is this power group of dudes that everyone in Bush aspires to be once they hit forth form. It calls itself Pentagon. We got to hang out with them to find out just how cool it is to be a member, what it takes to be one and the perks that come with it. Are you in Bush and aspire to be in the power five? This is a good read for you. If you are repping another school, here are tips to making your own power five:

How one is chosen This is a three-stage process, very crucial and a must pass. In other schools, one has to campaign to be voted as the headboy or head girl but in Bush, one is voted in according to their grade and popularity with the teachers as well as students.

Prefects’ vote We are all aware that each school has a good number of cops and having all of The President Brenden Moki

them like you is a hard task of course. But for you to become a Pentagon, then you have to be quite a favourite among them. How you gain popularity among the cops is by being a ‘people person’, be easy to work with and most importantly not be a snitch. Nobody likes it when they are the guy that does not look out for the rest of the team or is one who sets others to land in trouble with the institution. Once you become a cop, be that cool guy that anyone can go to, including the other cops.

Students’ vote This has everything to do with your people skills. Be that awesome guy among your peers and the whole school at large, and involve yourself in sports and entertainment. However, this does not mean that as long as the students are your friends, you can sit laid back with the rules. Bush guys will only

The Captain Brian Mwadena Governor General Joseph Okonda

vote for a kid who will keep the school environs sane. So this means you have to be very good at your job. Even then, one of the panoe kings is the president now.

Teachers’ vote Here’s where your grades check in. You must maintain a constant high score and be on the good side of each and every TA Being a TA’s pet comes with its perks, one of them being voted in as a power five guy. Well, of course you cannot befriend every teacher. But if you are smart enough, you wil make sure that at least those that teach you are familiar with you, and know you as their best student. How? Answer questions in class, hand in assignments on time, be that very good and assistive student to the TA, and maintain good grades in all subjects. This sounds very basic, but it’s not that easy to maintain such a clean record. The Guru Kwoba Junior

The Chief Austin Gachoka

Bush’s Deputy Headteacher Mr Mutali

THE COOLEST THING ABOUT BEING A PENTAGON Now here is where we state all the perks that make everyone want to become a member of Pentagon.

Power These guys basically run the school with less supervision from the teacher on duty. The authority that comes with being a Pentagon affiliate gives them the ability to punish any disobedient student or one who is breaking the rules under their watch. For example, someone can not leisurely walk around when moving from one place to another , they either run or jog slightly faster than usual. The kind of power these guys gain once they are in, is to make you run like Usain Bolt to wherever you were going less he catches up with you and you have that crazy punishment of washing the parade gound. Image Like they always say, image is everything. One is seen as a very responsible guy, with awesome grades of course and

34 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

very focused. Well, true, they all posses these qualities but do not need to get out of their way to show you. Being a Pentagon says it all. Respect A Pentagon man shows up in your classroom and you all keep quite to listen to what he wants to say. This is because he is not there to ‘catch storos’. They are respected for the role they play in school and therefore students have to listen and obey.

DOES BEING A PENTAGON GET YOU CHILLEZ? Definitely, mamis go crazy over them. After all, which chille does not want a dude who has that much respect , authority and power? Please raise your hand, we would like to know what your problem is. These guys get fanmail from chick schools and individual chics claiming that they know them or would like to get to know them. While some are screaming out STALKER, others are very interesting according to them. They say it is awe-

some that they get attention from girls without working hard to chomoa the perfect line or approaching them in a certain way. They however have three fav girl schools: Bush Bee: Sister school and neighbour. Choxx: Have you seen the lalez in that school? MFA Lanet: They are just on a level of their own. Apart from them being the power five, they are also friends, they hang out together and repect the bro code. No slicing anyone’s chille and with exception one can date one of their hot cousin or sister. Finally, let’s give respect to their patron, Mr Mutali. He has managed to train these guys and made them the perfect example of what a school cop should be. We shouldn’t forget his prowess in the Swahili language though. Having written a couple of guide books such as Mstahiki Meya and Damu Nyeusi, he takes pride in making Bush the top perfromer in Kiswahili, nationally.

The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 35

Strictly siz


I just wanna ! l coo e b Hi siz, I come from a really conservative and religious background. I am not allowed to have any unconventional piercings or tattoos but all my friends have them. This makes me feel left out and ‘uncool’, especially when we go swimming and everyone can see that I’m the only one in my friends who doesn’t have a tattoo or a flashy piercing. I once brought up the story at home but was quickly told off and told to forget it. How do I maintain my fading popularity at school but don’t get into trouble at home? This is really stressing me as I am losing friends fast! Tracey (304) Hi Tracey, A tattoo is a permanent (and painful)

body mark that should be well thought off properly before even consideration of having one. Also, there are a lot of diseases that can be passed on to someone from the use of piercing equipment. Unfortunately most teenagers who get permanent tattoos do it as part of a trend and regret later in life. I understand your feeling of being left out but true friends are not determined by the way you look or how cool you are. It’s also key to remember that friends come and go but your family is the very same forever. Peer pressure is responsible for very many bad decisions teeniez make and thus you should try to find a group of friends you feel you fit in better with.


This is for y’all fellow playaz out there who have tried yo best through the ages to establish a name either in school or at home. You might be in a popular dance crew, a successful young actor, a sharp lyricist or even the “Mr.-*insert the name of your school*”. We all know that doing

Remember you would rather have one true friend than many fake ones. Be confident in what you are and know. There are also many ways to stay in trend such as henna and fake tattoos. These range from one to six weeks and fade of after. True coolness is in your personality and the person you are all round. Keep your chin up and all the best Tracey.

such great things at your age brings theladies closer. It’s no secret that all the chillez around your place will want to be associated with you. Here’s how to deal with the situation without losing your cool or offending any of them.

1. The Prima Donna She is the first lady and you have to be willing to let all the others go just for her! This lady has to be classy, social and beautiful. She is the one you always put on your side whenever in public. You talk to her in a polite way and you can allow her to call shots every once in a while so that she feels like she is in control a little bit.

How to Categorize ‘em: Put all your groupies where they deserve and make this clear to them individually. You don’t want to get two tickets for a party plus all ten of them wanting to tag along.

4. The good girl She is the one you hang out with on Sundays and during those church events. She is polite and the kind that you can introduce to your family. Most of this type are family friends so you don’t have too many responsibilities with them as they will be always there.


Ed’s Head

i feel so hopeless! Dear Ed, Okay, so I’ll start off with saying that I’m 15 years old. Right now, I feel hopeless. My sister is moving out and she’s the main person I go to if I have problems. But since she’s going to be gone, I’ll be lonely. I’m afraid of being a loser in high school and that I won’t have fun at all because I’m a little too shy. I also feel sort of pressured because most of my friends are experienced in the dating and sex and I haven’t really done any of that. One of my past teachers once said to start thinking about the future and what I want to do but I have no idea. I guess I feel like I’m having to grow up too fast and that’s why I feel hopeless. I mean, I

know it’s going to happen someday, but I’m not quite ready yet. Any advice? Festus Dear Festus, So, don’t grow up! You choose your own path in life. You don’t have to have sex, you don’t have to date.  It doesn’t matter if your friends are doing it. You are not emotionally old enough to understand the repercussions of such actions. You will still be able to go to your sister and talk to her.  You will be able to pick up the phone and call her anytime you want to speak with her.  Though it will be

36 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

difficult when you are sad about it, try to be happy for her. I love hearing that both of you are so close.  Let your sister know that you are feeling sad about her move and that you feel that you won’t be able to talk to her anymore.  I bet that she will make sure that she spends time with you and calls you.  You need to make sure that you call her too. Make sure that you don’t start acting out just because you are sad that she has moved.  Do things that you would normally do, not the “don’t care” anymore attitude. Ed

2. The good kisser Men as much as we would hate to admit it, there are a chille who can do this better than your own mama. The only point to note here is that never get caught with her in public.

3. The bad girl She is ideal for all the roughnight raves you go to. She is always available top go out whenever you ask her maybe because she lives with the sister or some next of kin. She is not hesitant in doing some crazy, weird isht!....Think of Rihanna’s ‘We found love’

5.The other girl She is just there. Sometimes you go for a week without texting them and you are like “ooh let me check if she is still there”. You should never ever be with them all at the same time. Unless you want to see the other side of the good girl.

Send your questions s and need advice? lem ob pr be ba g Havin ident, Mr T9 to: to the Playa El Pres 4, Nairobi 00200, PO Box 5163 de sy ein th @ la ol yuah 5 or call 0714 888 55

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ay M bda


y mates MeganFox Fox (May - May16) 16th Megan

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially if you’re involved with Scorpio. A decision you made several months ago has an effect on you this month. A problem that arises will be a blessing in disguise. Expect delays. Leo causes you frustration this month.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

A Taurus from your past resurfaces. You’ll find the bull a little deeper than you remember. A mid-month break from your busy schedule brightens your mood. Don’t be afraid to give in to relaxation. It’s really not so bad! Scorpio plays a role. Decisive action is key this month.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) A great month! Something you worked hard for and wanted for some time is finally yours. Don’t be afraid to celebrate in a big way. More free time is on the way, so don’t be afraid to take advantage. An especially romantic weekend is in store. Taurus plays a role. Finances look good.

(September 24 - October 23) Before searching far for something you need, take a look right in front of you. It may not seem so obvious at first, but it will be crystal clear in time. A show of independence will work wonders in a romance – especially with Scorpio. An unusual source tells you of an investment opportunity. Good news comes in threes.

(October 24 - November 22) Time spent alone gives you the opportunity to think through problems. You’ll be able to come to terms with a situation that has been troubling you for some time. If you’re in a management position, you may find that it’s lonely at the top. Change is imminent in a romance.



(August 24 - September 23)

Speaking up is the only way to make others aware of your frustrations. Keeping it all bottled in won’t help one bit. A flirtation at work could be a recipe for disaster. Know what you’re getting into before flashing that smile. Leo is involved. A good time to get in touch with old friends.

Busta Rhymes (May 20)

Pisces Chris Brown (May 5)

Finances will become an issue –especially if you have moved or taken on additional expenses recently. Careful budgeting will get you through. A “to-do” list helps keep you organized at school. Social activities may have to take a back seat to educational obligations this month.

Janet Jackson (May 16) Lenny Kravitz (May 26)


(July 23 - August 23) Keep a tight hold on valuables or something you love could be lost. This is especially true if you’re traveling this month. Try to make the best of a bad situation. Negative thinking makes matters worse. Staying focused helps you keep pace with a busy workload.


(Jan 20 - Feb 18) A friend’s offer of help may not be totally selfless. There could be some motives you’re not totally aware of. If you’re looking for a new job, this could be a lucky time. Be sure to explore all options. Social invitations are more abundant now. Don’t be afraid to have some fun.

February 19 - March 20


Kimora Lee Simmons (May 4)

(November 23 - December 21) A career opportunity could come your way when you least expect it. Before discounting it at face value, take a deeper look. There may be more than meets the eye. If a major purchase is in the works, be sure to shop around. Don’t write out any check unless you’re getting a good deal.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) A “Catch 22” situation arises and causes you frustration early in the month. Creative thinking could turn things around, however. Don’t be afraid to try the unusual. A Libra friend shows you the positive side. Cynicism slows you down. Financial problems may arise later in the month.

David Beckham (May 2)

Naomi Campbell (May 22)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

Look back to the past to help fix a problem today. You’ll find that time has a way of repeating itself. Scorpio offers some words of wisdom. New romance should be avoided this month – especially if a Virgo is in the picture. An introspective mood leads you to answers.

Adele (May 5)

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) Absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially if you’re involved with Scorpio. A decision you made several months ago has an effect on you this month. A problem that arises will be a blessing in disguise. Expect delays. Leo causes you frustration this month.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (May 2)

38 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Enrique Iglesias (May 8)

Robert Pattinson (May 13)

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[Floetry Fury]


LET'S GO Sk8ting

NAME : Macharia Anne reppin’: Kambui Girls (404) Track: Serene Beauty The brightness of its magic I long for the message It’s cool breath near me Its muscles vibrate with tautness Am restless yearning for it. Its yearning without satisfaction Strange serene beauty pursuing me Its love beautiful like the moon Nobody can ever know I leave day by day by its thoughts Many seasons I try to run dry Yet it still persuades my heart For I long for its magic I have every tree and every flower Every sea and every ocean Every star and its twinkle With Insyder by my side I have the flight to the moon

[blue corner]

Not much of a sports person but you’ve got lots of energy? Love doing daring things but don’t want to die in the process? Well, skateboarding might just be the thing for you. This ‘barby’ sport is gaining roots all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Words: Nina Kosen


n Kenya, we have various organisations involved in promotion of the sport such as the Kenya Skateboarders Association and Youth State International, that do a lot

of charity work by promoting extreme sports in Kenya so as to prevent idleness amongst the youth. Also, X-One Skateshop, the first such in Kenya, was opened three years ago in Nairobi.

Interested? Curious? Well, it’s really easy! First up, develop interest for the sport! I managed to talk to a few skaters and this is what they had to say:

] [Poetry Lounge

NAME: Julliann Wambui AKA : Jullzieanne (production) REPPIN’: Ngara Gee (304) TRACK Sorry Everytime I remember Sunday I wish you’d forgive me some day I know I said some hurtful things Unexpected like stings Then when I start my Mondays I remember what you said Mistakes we both made Truthfully am the one to blame Asked you to spill Promised to be on your side Buh I went against you Your heart I was about to steal And you turned it into steel You found it hard to believe That I’d be so unreal And so you broke off the deal Am really sorry for making you look so weary And pouring all the guilt Am sorry I acted like I didn’t care And made you look like the monster Turned everything into a disaster Am sorry i forgot you have a heart And you ought to be hurt Am sorry I expected way too much Than you’d actually give and offer Am really sorry Jhus hope one day you’ll forgive And maybe my days would then be complete

Ludo Brusa (Braeburn) “A lot of people in my neighbourhood used to skate so it influenced me. The sport has made me strong and fit and is an awesome hobby. I like to skate in the streets of nairobi, although Runda is my favourite place because it is quite hilly.” 40 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Victor Mumali (St Austin’s Acedemy) 17 years old “The first time I saw someone do a kickflip (a skateboarding trick), I was totally hooked and once I managed to do it I was hooked on the feeling of accomplishment! Skateboarding has made me meet new friends and completely changed my view on a lot of things. Uhuru gardens has a beautiful skate set.”

Word Nyonyez Origin: Eastlands Meaning: Kiss/Mate As used in a sentence ‘’They were busted wakipigana nyonyez nyuma ya daro siku ya funkie.’’

Word: Ngamka Origin: Ridgez Bee Meaning: Dozement/ Kulala As used in a sentence “Princi alinigich ka nimengamka daroz prep ya morning.”

[RED corner]

UNTITLED I'm the girl with the flow,yeah you already know Aimin the hall of fame with an arrow & a bow Call me Yvette, profession ain a vet Imma be the best thing soon,with yo money you can bet People call me boss,no relation to ross I walk through a place all i hear is applause Yes i'm a rapper don't discriminate Cuz before you know it,it's my swag you gon' imitate My present is error free,my past is full of mistakes I don' give,only take you can call me Miss Takes


Yvette Akinyi (404) St. Gee

If time should prime its gun At this prime of our life and if winds of change should wind chains of pains around us, yet remain knowing in pain, patience and passion,that this my heart here, was once a hut of love like rays from the sun above. When storms of emotions formed conflicts in my insides Clouds of misery ploughed my heart and soul in the midst of mists of a pathetic regards to myself your image used to appear in my mind & brighten my life so I beseech you, know that I earnestly love you,to the depths of breathless self-expression and understanding so I imploreyou to employ more of your feelings towards me and if I hav to loose you or you me, I shall deplorably loose my mind. Kharl Imani (402) Kigumo Bendera Hae Xul

Nairobi, Nakuru & Eldoret.

Certificate and Diploma Courses offered: ʩ ʩ ʩ ʩ ʩ ʩ ʩ


Gabriel Dadou (St Austin’s Academy) - 17 years old “Skateboarding has made me learn to challenge myself a lot more in things that I do. I skateboard for leisure and my favorite spot is Uhuru Park.”

Slang Corner

ʩ ʩ Contact Us: Tel: 020 221 6 520 Cel: 0725 923 550 email: website: facebook: Vera Beauty and Fashion College

ʩ ʩ ʩ

Fashion Design Beauty Therapy Modeling and etiquette Hairdressing Beadwork & Accessories Instructor’s course Motivational Public speaking Events Planning & Management Events Decoration & flower arranging Interior Design Design and sketching Entrepreneurship & small business management

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In Julie's own beautiful Words!




Words: Charles Kariuki


e all know that talent pays, right? But it’s actually sad how most students think that music and dancing is as far as talent goes. If you are in this category or have this type of mindset, then you need to think broadly. Is it because those two are associated with glamour, fame, money and groupies? Well then, whoever thought that poetry could pay? And not just pay but also do that handsomely. Recently there was a fuss all over Kenya when news broke on who wrote the President elect’s acceptance speech. Turns out that it was 22 year-old Julie Wang’ombe who is a second-year student at USIU. My prying self couldn’t resist knowing how she got the job in the first place so I decided to ask her. Her’s is a humble story. She has been a poet and writer for several years. Writing poems and keeping them to herself until eventually she decided to perform them in front of a crowd. The audience was well receptive of her poems and she decided to go a step further with them. She used to perform tirelessly without pay whenever given the opportunity. It is when she performed in the Kenyans for Kenya campaign that somebody spotted her and recommended her for the top job.

She has been a poet and writer for several years. Writing poems and keeping them to herself.

42 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Most poets in high schools either feel demoralized or inferior as compared to other talents. This is because the main platform for them is the annual Music Festival. Of course once a year is just not enough. All hope is not lost as there has been some good news revolving around poets in Kenya. The establishment of ‘The Poetry Hub’ two years ago has gone a long way in ensuring that young talent is developed and appreciated. This projects aims at the unity of upcoming poets and advocates for the embrace of poetry as a culture. They organize several events such as the poetry night which has an ‘open mic’ session open for everyone. Now you have something worthwhile to do with your talent during the holidays.


ite stu Do you have the wr

e we are looking tim is th d an on is n io tit The essay compe rtaining pieces. te en d an n fu e, tiv ea cr for uber So do the write thing. ning not more than ai nt co y sa es l na io ct fi Send your to work with the I-QRU ce an ch a d an st d an ds 500 wor ver know, we ne u Yo . lz ho e th ng ri du for one week well! might just publish it as Mail to: Contest, The Insyder Write Stuff 200 or PO Box 51634, Nairobi 00 m And include your ail address full name, school, age, em & telephone number.




is in my DN


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Bus wars 2.1 Ongisa Boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

Chogoria Boys High.

Moi Secondary School.


Gatitu Secondary.

Marsabit Boys.

Kangemi High School.

Makueni Boys High.

44 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

Kerugoya Girls.

Dagoretti High school. The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 | | 45

mama stole 'MY MAN'

[Gurl talk]

[boy talk]

I'm having girl problems

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up siz,

Hey bro, I have been dating this chille since we finished primary school. Our relationship has been awesome and I think I am madly in love with her. My problem is after high school. Her parents plan to take her to the States to join her brothers and sisters. She however wants to continue with the relationship. I have never been in a long distance relationship and thus I do not know how to take this. The other problem is I do not know how long she will be in The States. What should I do bro? David (303) Dear David, Long distance relationships can be challenging and exciting at the same time, it depends on the kind of approach one takes. It is okay to have the feelings of uncertainty and especially now that you have never been into one. Long distance relationships works and it depends on both of you. It is important you have a conversation with your gal, share with her your fears and concerns and agree on a way forward. Discuss the issues of communication and the future of your relationship. Should both of you decide to continue with the relationship, remember communication is key and this can be enhanced by phone calls and use of social media so as to keep that bond going. Respect and honest are also key elements to a healthy relationship. Bro, be open minded!! Biggie

46 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

I am a little bit embarrassed to ask you this question but I am just going to. One day as I was going home from school, a man stopped his car next to me and asked if he could give me a lift home. Seeing as it was raining, I decided to get into the car; he did not look like a bad guy after all. He dropped me right in front of our gate and gave me his card, said that I can call him anytime. Little did I know, my mother was looking at us through the window. When I walked in she asked me who that was and also took the card. My problem now is that my mother is dating the man and it is making me very uncomfortable and jealous at time. I feel like he was my man and my mother simply snatched him from me even though he is twice my age. What should I do? I am starting to hate my mother coz of this. Wangare (404) Dear Wangare, Wangare, I acknowledge that this can be embarrassing to share, especially a scenario involving a significant other like your mum and a man who you met by chance and probably thought of a future relationship with him. It is okay to feel hurt, angry, and betrayed by your mum, like it was a loss and maybe a missed opportunity; however you need to address the issue for you to move on. Wangare, there are things in life that we have control over and some we do not, your mum and the guy she is dating is a decision you have no control over. Being with your mum it is a choice he made, it does not mean you are not good enough, everyone has someone and in good time you will meet yours divinely. It is important you try to view things differently. Men will come and go but your mum will remain your mum. From your sharing she may not have had any intentions of hurting. It may not have occurred to her that this man may have been interested in you or vise versa more especially due to the age difference. Small sis, a man twice your age is not good for you. He has advanced in his life and that is why he can afford a car, you may want to first focus on your studies, achieve your goals and dreams. When it will be the right time you will find the right guy for you. Big sis

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48 | The Insyder Magazine - May 2013 |

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PENTACOOL Bush is known for being the most disciplined national school in Kenya. With their amazing grades and successful alumnus, we sough...