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s Great Year

All The Bling

CASE OF THE EX The Verdict

TANYA Top Of Her Tahidi Class


LADY GAG e d poster insy

CONTENTS What’s your most memorable CHAT Awards Moment?

What’s Sizzling This Month

Star Dust Sarah Hassan

Funkie-licious TV (FTV) Sniper

pg 34

Beauty and The Sun pg 36



Juliani’s perfomance and Oj’s emotional moment.

Omosh & Oj , Alfred Mutua trying to dance to QQ ‘s Skip to my Lou.

Chronicles 254 Ever wonder

Pink Diary Street Style

pg 10

Fake It Till You Make It pg 42

CHAT Special

Action Reaction pg 12


Avril & Marya’s motorbike stunt was awesome!

JIMMIE Oj’s emotional breakdown.

The iMC’s Coolest May Moments


STL & K naan doing well internationally Yipee!

It’s back to skool after such an exciting holiday break with my personal highlight being the CHAT Awards.

One more term down on the road to clearing high skool

Selfish politicians thwarting the campaign for a new constitution

Check out all the exclusive shots of evrything that went down from the red

Main Feature

So not co ol

Wazi jo!


carpet, explosive perfomances and not Cover Story M.O.G - The Best Of

Worlds On the cover o forget the wrap-up on this year’s Both big winners.

is the CHAT Awards/Tahidi High actress Sarah, flip over to the

Very Sad

cover story to get inspired by the girl behind Tanya.

Countdown to the FIFA Can’t wait!

As your gear up for yet another funkilicious season: talent/ cultural days, rudge , music festivals remember to hit the books especially 404’s because time is flying fast. Enjoy!

l coo es Tr


Making The Cover

The Insyder Offices:

On The Cover: Sarah Hassan (Tanya - Tahidi High)

Joseph Kangethe Road, Tel: 3861649/3861623, 0718 000 002, P. O. Box 51634 - 0200, email:

a l l o H a Yu

If you want to feature in the magazine, give us the scoop on your school: The hottest funkie, coolest peeps and all the low down. On your mark get set spill...

Hurumia Huruma We Care Club

Hi i-Qru, I’m the chairlady of the ‘We Care Club’ in our school. It’s different from most clubs because it’s more we help the needy in our skool and the community around us in any way that we can, financially or through moral support. Since the club is fairly new, we have so far visited ‘Dreams Children’s home’ in Ng’ong and the Kenyatta Hospice. We hope to visit more places and help out as we are fully aware that so many people are in need of help in any form even if it’s just a shoulder to lean on. We want to make our communities better and we are kindly asking you to assist us spread the word on our club so that other teeniez can start similar initiatives in their skools. Phoebe Mwadime (Parky Arya) Hi Phoebe, Congratulations on such a positive initiative we hope other teeniez can learn from you. We’ll be sure to help in any way we can. iMC

Niko Juu! Niaje Insyder, Young P here and lately I’ve been seeing art work from teeniez feature in your mag. Pia mimi niko juu! I’ve sent you Kadhaa pics and I hope you’ll feature at least one of them. Really looking forward to seeing my work in The Insyder. Young P (Nax)

Young P’s drawing of Lil Wayne

Hi Young, Good stuff. Keep’em comin! iMC

slang’r Waba corne Origin: The outskirts of Mathare North

Meaning: Water and in some cases a shower or bath depending on how it is used in a sentence.

Vipi Insyder, First let me start by saying that your mag is out of this world! I’ve been a huge fan of the Insyder since prima and I just can’t get enough of it. However, I feel like Huruma Gee aint under your spotlight as we rarely feature in your mag. Please Hurumia Huruma and give us an Insyder boost, you’ll be surprised at the mad luv you’ll receive. Magda ‘Resh’ Kabuchwa (204) Huruma Gee Hi, We’ve got nothing but mad love for Huruma. Just holla at us when you’ve got any funkie going down in your school and we’ll be there. iMC


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Term!

Insyder, Thanks sana kumulika Changez in the last few issues of your mag. We hope you’ll continue showing us mob luv this term as it’s the longest with the most funkiez. Wishing all chics who showed up to our funkiez a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious term (Imagine that’s a word in the dictionary!) Richie (404) Changez Hi Richie, You are more than welcome. iMC

Holla @ Us! Got a point to make, opinion to share or simply wonna rant and rave? You’ve come to the right spot; Yua Holla is the platform that gives all readers of The Insyder the opportunity to share and express their thoughts on just about any topic under the sun. Hit us up on: SMS: 0718 000 002 Online:

As used in a sentence

1. Nataka nihepe dorm kupiga waba kabla mode aanze kuzusha. 2. Naskia kiu maze, si unisave na waba kiasi?!

a l l o H a Yu March Issue nailed It! Hi Insyder! Kudos to the good job you are doing. Congrats on the March issue coz it just nailed it! The cover models were looking hot and the main story was really juicy. Wah! I didn’t know high skool was full of drama like that. Not to brag but I know Kevo Mukuche (the light dude on the cover). I’ve met him in a couple of funkiez. He’s now a hot topic in Naivasha Gee. Thanks for giving us eye candy to last us a term. Koi Shazzy (304) Naivasha Gee Hi Koi, Keep it locked right here coz there is more coming your way. iMC


The wrong way, no one ever does this, We’re the best of friends but at one time longed to kiss, We have done things in opposite array, But for us maybe God intended it this way. I ended it all with following words from a friend, From a pretend friend, who wanted my world to end. You were my world, each breathe I took, everything I dreamed, A friendship shouldn’t come from this, but amazingly through the dark it beamed. Maybe my mistake was some sign, That you were meant to just be a great friend of mine. I am feeling happy that we are still so close, Even though we don’t shared what I wanted most. For now I understand what I have gained from all this, A special friend, someone who for not one moment do I want to miss.

We Exist Niaje Insyder, IGCSE skools once in a while. Maze you guys have to feature naz. So please pia holla at us. We have some sick rugby tour Annonymous, ST.C

Ernest Ochieng Obura (304) KONDELE AFRICAN PRIDE


to your funkies and we’ll be sure Send us pics and invite us to return the favor iMC

Emerging from the dark into the light, Cheers and joy to welcome thee, Screams and cries released from the throat Eyes wonder around the new being. Blooming like a flower in the sun, Sipping all the water like the soil, Accepting Challenges like a warrior, The little one becomes a perfect clay mould of pride.

Always Welcome

Aje i-Qru, ed We had a blast when you host . term last l skoo our at Slam Jam has that t even est dop It was the very happened in our skool for a are you that w kno Just . long time in. aga e com to d ome always welc in aga you see to wait We can’t a soon as you took our skool to a! san nx Tha l. leve whole new

Leadership rests on the shoulders, Creativity and innovation within the mind, Strategy and character a potent combination, Becomes of the little one but now one who is great. Born of African Pride, To arise above all the adversity for the love of the continent, The youth of Africa will make its tomorrow. An appearance of inborn intelligence crowned with a heart of gold.

Brayo O. (304) Hospital Hill

Hi Brayo, We also had a blast at your school and we are always willing to come back if you invite us iMC

Poets Platform

Hospital Hill want us back

Laura Etori (304) ST.ANNE’S LIOKI.











1. Beba beba’s Jobu (Bernard Safari).


CHAT host Sarah Hassan having a one on one with Wahu & Nameless

3. CHATFanatics ready to roar

4. Churchill 5.

Ken-T, M.O.G was on high demand

6. Mejja leaving

his mark on the fans


Nameless & Wahu sizzlin on the red carpet

8. With

5 nominations to his name Eko Dydda was the man on the spotlight .Moustapha
















1. Al-Shabaab showing us why they deserved the CHAT Award 2. Avril & Marya perfoming chokoza. 3. Hey baby baby kuna kitu nataka kusema 4. Juliani’s rock star perfomance 5. Jahmu’s Black Blingers dance routine was off the hook 6. Size 8 & Raudy 7. Redsan never fails to thrill the fans 8.


Okonkwo representin Calif 9. Q-Ta-c before he went ocha 10. Juliani joined on stage by Sadic & Alemba for pages za bible 11. Eko Dydda had the crowd’s full attention 12. The King of Bling had something to say 13. Collo & Ulopa delivering the Sio Lazima Road Safety Campaign message 14. Avril’s sizzlin’ performance







12 13











1. High School Hottest Honey Jackie & CHATFanatic winner Miss PB Trina got a once in a lifetime opportunity to give out a CHAT Award. perfomance blew away the crowd. was also in the house & Moustapha

2. Juliani’s

3. Bongo artist J.I of Kidato Kimoja fame

4. Teeniez’ repping at CHAT 5. Habida & boo. 6. Marya

7. Nameless & Wahu sizzlin on the red carpet 8. Teeniez Role

Model Churchill was the centre of attention...

9. ...and it led to this. 10. Sarah

had a few moves that she wanted to teach Alfred Mutua

11. Tahidi High’s Oj

tearful acceptance speech for Teeniez Male Actor Award bambikad vigwan

12. This chic had

13. 18. Size 8 crowns Teeniez Most Entertaining Perfomer

14. Corrine & Tero presenting the Teeniez Group Collabo Award 15. Juliani was on fire!! 16. Tears of joy from Oj















1. Teeniez East African Act - AY(Tanzania) 2. Teeniez’Artist/Group - Verbal. 3. St. Mary’s School Rugby coach Mr. Sang 4. Teeniez’Male Artist - Redsan 5. Wilson Ngare representing AQ 6. Teeniez Gospel Song - Pages za Bible-Sadic & Alemba feat. Juliani 7. Kenya High takes home the Teeniez’ Female Team of the year award 8. Teeniez’Dancer or Dance Group - Al Shabaab 9. Teeniez Gospel Group - MOG 10. Teeniez’ DJ - DJ Kalonje 11. Teeniez’Group or Collaboration - Sauti Sol 12. Teeniez’Most Hype Show - Rush Hour 13. Teeniez’TV Comedy or Reality Show Churchill Live & Teeniez Role Model - Churchill



he massive breath of fresh air in the nominees’ list of this year’s CHAT Awards was long overdue and the change in the industry’s dynamics was pretty evident. As though with a vengeance the teeniez choice translated into big wins for new blood. Eko Dydda whose nomination was pegged on his first song Nikona na Reason managed to walk away with 2 CHAT Awards; Teeniez Brand New Artist & Teeniez Hottest Track. Sadic & Alemba took home the Teeniez’ Gospel Song Award for Pages za Bible, The philosopher himself Juliani was deservedly crowned Teeniez’ Gospel Artist. The crowning of new royalty Dj Kalonje on the wheels of steel was not only a much needed shake-up but a rather clear indication that hard work pays off and a reflection that the matatu industry plays a vital role in the growth of the music & entertainment industry. Top Vocal Group Sauti Sol who’s brand of music was until recently not the ‘it thing’ continued the circulation of wins for new blood by sweeping the Teeniez Group/Collabo Award in what was mainly a tightly contested two horse race between them and P-Unit. Funny man Churchill definitely had everyone listening and watching last year as he walked away Teeniez’TV Comedy or Reality Show Award for Churchill Live and the great honour of being the chosen one in the Teeniez’ Role Model category. Despite going home empty-handed Ogopa duo Avril and Marya left their mark from their performances and we’re pretty positive these are two ladies to watch come next year’s awards. Tradition still held firm though in the Teeniez Male Artist category as veteran Redsan was a hard opponent for less seasoned acts such as Juliani & Mejja to topple. STL deservedly held her own to walk away with the Teeniez’ Female Artist Award. Tahidi High proved unbeaten as the show swept all awards that it had been nominated for and The Teeniez Male Actor & Teeniez Female Actress went to Tahidi’s Oj & Tanya. Where The Ladies At? Despite the injection of new blood into this year’s awards, the minimal presence of talented female artists didn’t go unnoticed as male artists seemed to be dominating the game and swept more nominations and wins in categories that bore no gender divides.

THE INSYDER/SKIZA CHAT AWARDS WINNERS Many are called but few are chosen SCHOOL CATEGORY Teeniez’ Most Entertaining Performer Wilson Ngare -Aquinas High Teeniez’Most Exciting School Play/ Dance/Verse

Omweri (Dance)-Aquinas High

Teeniez’ Male Team of The Yyear

St Marys School-Rugby

Teeniez’ Female Team of TheYear

Kenya High School-Swimming



Teeniez’Athlete of The Year

David Ambunya (St Marys)

Teeniez’Dancer or Dance Group

Al Shabaab

GENERAL CATEGORY Teeniez’Male Artist


Teeniez’Female Artist


Teeniez’Group or Collaboration

Sauti Soul

Teeniez’ Brand New Artist

Ekko Dydda

Teeniez’ DJ

DJ Kalonje

Teeniez’Gospel Artist


Teeniez Gospel Group


Teeniez Gospel Song

Pages za Bible-Sadic & Alemba feat. Juliani

Teeniez’ Hottest Track

Niko na Reason-Ekko Dyyda and Holy Dave

Teeniez Buzzin’Ringtone with Skiza

Niko Poa -Mejja

Teeniez Sizzlin Music Video

Sunshine-Nameless and Habida

Teeniez Most Downloaded Skiza Tune Marlaw Teeniez East African Act


Teeniez’Most Hype Show

Rush Hour

Teeniez’Blazin’FM Station

Kiss FM

Teeniez TV Actress

Tanya (Sarah Hassan)

Teeniz’TV Actor

OJ (Dennis Mugo)

Teeniez’TV Comedy or Reality Show

Churchill Live (NTV)

Teeniez’TV Drama

Tahidi High (Citizen)

Teeniez VJ Presenter

VJ Kaytrixx and Tero (Str8-Up KTN)

Teeniez’Role Model

Daniel Ndambuki

Teeniez Facebook Fan Page

Tahidi High

Your local Inteenet Log on for all the vybe, the teen reality, the school truths that no one else will ever tell you! Pg 6.........Action Reaction Pg 8.........T-9 Playa Prezident Pg 10........Undacover Brotha

EVER WONDER 21. What did they call

locked up?

woman’s outfit?

‘Zilizopendwa’ back

13. Wasn’t there a time

3. After Tahidi’s

then? ‘Zinazopendwa’?

Jomino was big compe

win will we see the

20. Videophone then

for Calif and Ogopa?

CHAT Award in Miss

telephone. What

12. Has Penya Africa

Morgan’s or Mr.

will Gaga and Bey

penyad and taken up

Tembo’s office?

come up with next?

this slot?

11. What exactly CAN’T

2. Didn’t Prezzo prove

Phonebooth? Simu ya jamii?

Makmende do?

bling with his wicked

19. Whose horrific

10. And is he really the

motorcade at Chaguo?

idea was it to have

one who shaved that

1. Wasn’t CHAT just

‘Eve D’Souza’ speak

guy in the Ogopa DJs

the highlight of last

‘Vernacular’ on Hits



Not Homework?

9. Does any Kenyan

18. In the song

really use Swahili as

‘Inakubambia Wapi? ‘By

their choice language

Cartel, Kenrazy, Kizo

on Facebook?

B, Rabbit and Innocent

8. Can anyone

shouldn’t the answer

confidently say that

be the bootylicious

they can repeat what


Dancu sings in Tobina?

17. If Jay-z was to

7. Does he even know

watch ‘Pamela’ by SK

it means?

Blue and Ringtone,

6. Has Al-Shabaab’s

wouldn’t he lose it

defeat of Black Blingers

because of all the

at the CHAT Awards

autotune in the song?

given rise to a Parky vs

16. W@t happened to

Jahmu beef?


5. Who do you think

15. And where is

would win if A.B and


Heckler got into a cat-

14. Why do the admins


of AQ and Ditchez

4. Was Marya trying

have their Skool whips

to swag jack wonder



that he’s still got



2 0 1 0






Your local Inteenet


2 0 1 0


Your local Inteenet


National Upsets And Rogue Victories Basketball Nairobi super stars Laiser Hill were handed a walloping at the hands of Maseno in a tightly contested game The two teams were neck to neck until Sudi Ulanga���s star studded team couldn’t keep up, and Maseno pulled away with a 98 – 62 win. Defending girls champions Shimba Hills came undone when they faced Western’s Tigoi. Shimba Hills were constantly on the defense and it costed them the tournament as Tigoi took home the trophy in 78 – 58 win.

HOCKEY Lenana School and Mang’u had a perfect run leading to their meet in the finals to deliver an exhilarating game. Alulu from Changez led a formidable defense but suffered a penalty that Mang’u capitalized on for a 1 – 0 score but minutes later Changez delivered an equalizing goal to settle the score at 1 – 1. A lapse in the defence saw Mang’u slosh in two more quick goals for a 3 – 1 win to claim the 2010 Hockey Champs title.

RUGBY wn l defended their cro Kakamega high schoo ; cks blo g m stumblin with a vengeance, fro sh n and Bush’s Red Bu roo Ma an Me Changez’ ly. tive pec res 0 – 5 and 0 who went down 17 – and y alit muster up the qu Saints also couldn’t prise is. Katch faced a sur sem the went down in and aru ng Ka of m the for entry in the finals in 0. – 21 m the ed llop wa luded girls rugby, This year’s games inc kumu included; Statoe, Mu participating skools e Gee ter Bu , od Blo us cio Gee, Nembu Gee, Pre bi champs Nembu and St. Trizah’s. Nairo semis ge fright in the cup seemed to acquire sta . tics tac g nin run t e’s fas and fell to Butere Ge Gee mu ku Mu et me to ad Butere Gee went ahe g ’s strength and tacklin in the finals. Mukumu e. ter Bu much for capabilities proved too t taking home the firs by y tor his de ma Mukumu y. s Girls Rugby Troph ever KSSSA National


2 0 1 0


Your local Inteenet


2 0 1 0


Your local Inteenet


Case Of The Ex Niaje Playa Prezo, I recently got caught up in a situation around the whole “don’t date your friend’s ex” rule. I think the chic is fair game as long as they broke up. He cheated on her and is now dating someone else but when I was honest enough to tell him about my feelings for the chic he got so pissed off we got into a fight and he called her some really bad names infront of other people. Am I justified to think he’s being selfish? Melvo

Either lose the gal or your friend

This is what I call the Bermuda Triangle situation, either way you lose. The truth is 90% of jamaaz don’t want to hear that their ex is dating another dude; friend, enemy or stranger. The Bermuda Triangle is a very messy situation to be caught up in because you either lose the gal or your friend. Here are a few things that you should consider before making any decisions.

The Break-Up

You really don’t know all the circumstances leading to their breakup. Who told you he cheated your pal or the chic? What if she accused him of cheating and he really

didn’t? And you really don’t know whether your pal still carries a torch for this chic.

The Hook-Up

Chics can be really venomous creatures, so ask yourself, are you confident about why she’s really going out with you? Or is it just to get back at her ex, your pal?

The Verdict

You really should have found all this stuff out before blurting out your disloyalties to your pal, because the way I see it if the chic turns out to be a feminus obnoxium, your pal need never have known because

at the end of the day bro every playa knows that friends are easier lost than found. Dudes really are like dogs, we don’t want any other dogs pissing all over our property, a guy could even say to you, “Sure, go out with my ex, I don’t care,” and at the moment he might really mean it. But when he thinks about it later and finds out you really did go out with her, he might flip out –like your pal did -- even though it’s completely over between him and his ex. That’s the way most dudes are wired and that’s how they react.

Having babe problems and need advice? Send your questions to the Playa Prezident himself, Mr. T9 on or simply call 0718 000 002


2 0 1 0


Your local Inteenet



Facebook was alight with some new beef. It all started when Kiss TV’s James Khiama dissed Str8 Up’s Kaytrixx on Hot Source claiming that he was feeling too hot about Str8 Up’s CHAT Award win. Like a kid throwing a tantrum he went to say that it was a useless award (wannabe!). Well Kaytrixx wasn’t taking it lying

down told James to go win the ‘useless’ award before hitting out on him because they are clearly not on the same level. While at this he offered James some free advice to concentrate on his job, to actually win an award so he could take care of his seven baby mamas!

? NO MORE KLEPTO ? now Kelpto is no

, then two and In the beginning there was one out that the duo had not belched ing ider cons g risin surp more. Not will be taking boys The us. stat inal orig r thei hits to elevate them to e out tops? the solo career route. Who’ll com

SWAG-JACKING Lady Gaga’s eccentric fashion style has made her a papparazi darling and some other stars are not too happy about her


Shaffie pulled a Diddy on us (no not with the countless clothing changes) but with his name change, So what exactly does Wasabi mean? Wasabi is a fussy little plant, and has to be nurtured and brought carefully along like a delicate child. It is used as a spice and has an extremely strong flavour

CELEBRITY NUPTIALS Celebrity matrimonies seem to be going off the scales, Jua Cali got engaged a while back and should be tying the knot sometime soon, then came Nonini and Lady Bee and the Ogopa’s it couple Moustapha & Marya.

jacking the shine away from them. Top on the list is Kelis who’s made it pretty clear that Gaga’s wacky fashion sense was inspired by her and ever since Kelis has been making a point to out gaga the fashion gaga by wearing outrageous



After what seems like millenniums KTN

Princess Riri also came under fire from

has finally decided to cruise in the highway

M.I.A’s camp over her Chart topping

of local productions r with the debut of

rude boy video. With M.I.A claiming

two new productions Changing Times &

that Rihanna copied her ‘Boyz’ Video. If

Mheshimiwa and from the reviews, they

Rihanna is copying anyone all she did is

are definitely worth booking a space on the

take it and make it better!

couch for.


2 0 1 0


Your local Inteenet


Bring Out The Bling!

Bop! Bop! with The Insyder blowsticks The Insyder & Skiza CHAT Awards Tee Frenzy

17th April, Bomas of Kenya quite an anticipated day this was. As I sat and shivered in the cold morning behind the shrubs waiting for the CHAT Awards to get under way, I kept thinking of the things I do for dirt. The usual suspects started trickling in at from10am, slow at first, giving me the impression that I would have an easy time trailing them that was until they suddenly flocked in like wildebeests during migration . It was hilarious the way teeniez’ literally handaad the i-Qru demanding for Insyder Tees and kept scrambling for the Insyder Tees over the FREE phones. As always at funkiez there has to be a klepto in the shadows, some chic’s phone was thugged, what did the girl do? She proceeded to do demand that the MC shuts up so that she could bellow out “Whoever took my phone (some random Samsung thingy) please bring it back…” The obs made quite an appearance they were so many you’d think they were birthing themselves at some corner, in all their ob’ish glory, clamoring atop speakers and fighting all over the place for a piece of Q-Ta-C. The red carpet was all glitz and glamour, Ogopa’s Avril and Marya checked in on some cools wheels with AY in tow, Habida looked all cute with a now pretty evident baby bump, Mr and Mrs Nameless, Eko the Dydda, Mejja, M.O.G and Jobu from Beba Beba. The CHATFanatics however took their fanaticism to a whole other level by yanking celebs to sign autographs, some even going as far as using The Insyder blow sticks to bop the celebs on the head! Not surprising was how the future citizens (like the senior citizens) couldn’t abide by simple by laws as I spotted loads of “law breakers” arguing with the bouncers at the entrance claiming they wanted to pick someone from outside the doors and some wanting to come in despite the fact that they were all informed that by 1pm the doors will be shut! The hosts, Shaffie and Sarah Hassan (Tanya - Tahidi High) were absolutely awesome and most of the dudes right infront of the stage kept trying to peep up Tanya’s dress (naughty naughty). The show was on fire that the peepz who had bought V.I.P tickets invaded the dance all day area. Energy god Juliani was only short of wait for it...legendary! Avril and Marya who pulled a super bike stunt during their perfomance of “Chokoza”. The king of bling was in the house and debuted a comeback song and didn’t skip a beat at hitting back at Jaguar for dissing him. OJ (Dennis Mugo) went and did something you only got to see on MTV, he was sooooooooo overwhelmed he broke down on stage as he accepted his award for TV Actor. Remember him? The Kanye WestAs it got dark, I noted a lot of cosyness at various corners of Matrix blacksmith. the auditorium… and a lot more outside the venue as people got their rides home.


2 0 1 0


Avril & Marya Chokoza entrance

Oj’ s emotional reaction

Your local Inteenet

Riddim nation



We’ve all been grooving to ‘The Better Than Dey’ dancehall track with all our hearts since the video was released, but behind this track is a very touching stories it. The track by Beenie Man and song bird Natasja (pronounced Natasha) was actually recorded in 2006. A year later on the verge of her international breakthrough, Danish Reggae singer Natasja was killed in a tragic car accident. The song you know and love is actually a celebration of Natasja’s life. Since the video was never done or released, Beenie man got together a squad of female artists who loved Natasja’s work i.e. Spice, Lady G, Macka Diamond and Ms. Mukupa and got them to sing in part of Natasja in the video. This explains why the track says Natasja and Beenie man but you see different female artists. Also explains why they all seem to have the same voice.

ONE MORE NIGHT WITH GARY?! As much as reggae fans in Kenya may be enjoying Busy Signal’s adaptation of Phil Collins hit track “One More Night”, Jamaican fans were up in arms as the song created a huge scandal. The song was played about five times and asked listeners to give their opinions on what they heard. And just like everybody else they heard “Gary give me just one more night!” The sound engineer has come under extreme fire as he is being blamed for not having corrected the error when he had the chance. Beenie Man has also been under fire for his song ‘Who Am I’ with the questionable line “How can I make love to a fellow, in a rush.”


2 0 1 0


Alaine Laughton Alaine is no longer one of those unknown names of the music industry. She is the reason most people even listen to reggae in the first place. Alaine Laughton was born 21 September 1978, New Jersey and is better known by her first name. She is both a singer and a song writer. She was born in New Jersey, but moved to Jamaica at the age of three. She is most famous for her most recent album “Sacrifice” which she released in 2009 and it is rumored that most of the tracks in the album are dedicated to her lover and producer Don Corleone and has hit tracks like “Spin”, “Love of a life time”, and “Without You” which has featured in the “Changes Medley”. Her possibly unseen achievements are like In 1998, Alaine appeared in movie Clara’s Heart alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Through the late 1990s and early 2000s, Alaine lived in the United States and did songwriting and singing back up for Rocafella artists such as Cam’ron and Freeway.

Your local Inteenet


Drama Under The Sun

Yala raving Kn ights thought they were too hot for Ng’iya

pt Ditchez slicing attem

Patch smooth operat or

Last holz was just the bomb (for moi I don’t know about y’all). I hit the lakeside city for the Drama Natioz with a bang, all psyched up and looking fly ready to rep my school to the fullest .The drama and dances on stage were tight but the sideshows and drama off stage was equally entertaining.

Skools from all over the country were on the scene and the darting game was at its peak. There was a dude from Patch who took the crown as the vybing king; I spotted him like a milli times with different chics and he seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting from the Insyder Picharazzi. I’ve got to hand it to him though; I don’t know how he managed to get his vybe on with some colle chiquittas. Bush Bee had to be the most plotless group in Kisumu. They were in full breeze mode at the fests and half the time they cocooned themselves inside the Choxx bus (ati apparently they were sharing a whip for the fests) those dudes were either snoozing away or checking out chics from the bus window (SMH).


beef Katch and Ditchez

Ditchez on the other hand were very busy and hyper active walking around with their make believe ‘dreadlocks’ and harassing innocent dudes trying to get their dart on. Their ‘fun’ didn’t last too long though. Katch had a nasty surprise for them. Three goons from Ditchez thought it would be funny to try and slice a Karima babe from a Katch dude. They approached the couple and one of them started vybing the chic while the other two handad the poor Katch guy. The startled chic walked away leaving the dudes high and dry and the Katch dude looked like he had lost the greatest thing in his life. Lucky for the Katch dude, his cronies were watching the whole thing and stepped in to set the record straight with the Ditcherians. Y’all should have seen the face of the Ditcherians when the Katch dudes came for them it was just priceless, long story short Ditchez now have yet another skool to beef with. The Ditcherians then had the audacity to try and talk to me after that scuffle, like I’d associate myself with barbarians. Changez and Patch were getting on well at the fests. It must have been the

2 0 1 0


sun or something in the air that made the two refrain from calling each other names. They didn’t seem to have a problem ‘sharing’ Ma’hill and Choxx but Mang’u did. Ati apparently Mang’u have something with Ma’hill and they didn’t like the idea of the Changerianz and Patcherianz getting too comfy with their babes. Moving on, Ng’iya and Saints Yala couldn’t decide whether they were an item or not. Some K-bee dudes were around so Ng’iya were fighting temptations and some of the Yala dudes seemed to be lengaring Ng’iya coz of the national honiez around. They even had their ‘super swag’ on (black bandanas and tees). Ati they called themselves the ‘raving knights’. That stunt was supposedly going to bring the chics to the yard (sigh). From the on stage action Katch took home so many trophies, 23 to be exact. I gotta hand it to them; they had this dude who was fierce at his role as a chic (kinda freaky). I wrapped up Kisumu with a bang and we were back to Nai for CHAT baby! Y’all know I got the right connects so I had to be there to work the red carpet.

h t i w s p U Big ! n i W & . S . M . S All you have to do is text your cool big-up, using one of the Cadbury S.M.S messages below, to 0718 000 002

If your big-up gets chosen as the Big-up of the Month, you’ll win a

Cadbury SMS gift hamper for you and your special someone. So get texting.... E.g.




I Miss You Chocolate

Sam 204 to Grace 104

Always on My mind

GITHIGA BOYZ Sir-Me (304) to Gryce Wamaitha Luv u. Sir-mu Ngugi (304) to Mum Janet Wanjiru Manze, thanx 2 sana 4 carin me 4 nine months safely. I luv u mama.

CHANGEZ Haleem (204) to Vanessa Chemeni (204) Can’t live without you! Miss u so much

DITCHEZ Idris to Salwa Still waiting dnt let me down Paul Ndung’u to Marion (Statoe) I still got a place for you in ma heart Kirinya to Staicey Luv u most Ammata to Zippy (Statoe) Nakuhata Vibaya Rusian to Mela (Statoe) I’m waiting Idris to Essie (Riara) Missing u

KITUI SKOOL Freddie M.K (304) to Tabby (404) Bitin Gee Gal, ur luv is swit. Miss u lyk crazy. Chop smart.

Shaquille (204) to Darline (304) Happy Birthday Alice Nish (404) Kartvil to Bryo Mwangi (404) Thika Hae Instead of counting ua birthdays annually ill always be counting miracles blessing daily just 4 u Shiru (204) to Cele (204) Quabbz Have an extra fantabulicious b day n a year full of fun n yeh chop hard Mic Mutuku to ex-changerians Thanks everyone who made my day special Crispus Owiti to Jamel Mumina Happy birthday mzee Mulama Collins to Franklin Bett Bro, zeeka vizuri

MAC BEE Timo (304) to Lyx-c (304) Mac Gee I treasure what we share gal coz its so rare LUV U.

MFA Eric J. Emdi (304) to Janet N. (304) Anestar One doesn’t fall in love but slowly crumbles & rolls in

AQ Anto (304) to Marium (304) Mac Gee Luv is better when u don’t sleep coz reality is better than dreaming

KAAGA BEE Paul (304) to Markit (304) Kaaga Gee Mob luv n chop hard. My love 4 u is forever

UKWALA BEE Randy (304) to Wendy akinyi (404) Ahero Gee I miss vitamin ‘u’. Mob luv baby.

MUX BEE Vinny (404) to Lenser Mbuya (304) Mudavadi Gee Oh yes, ur a queen


Charlyne to Mbatia Happy bathday swti hehe Humphrey Kilonzo to Comfort Wambui Its been so long since I saw you but I would never forget your special day Malo to Kelly Happy birthday sunshine Lawrence to Christine Happy bday Estel to Nelson I wish you the most awesomeEST day on your bday and I hope I make your year as special as I feel you are. Kunta Kinte to Courtney Muchina Im sorry I was not there at the reunion but have a swell birthday. Shikoh Mbatia to Caroline Waigwa Happy birthday dear, it seems I wont ever catch up Martin Ondieki to Bochere Kambona Happy birthday dear. Caroline Nyambura to Stephanie Mungai Happy birthday school dote J John Matasa to Yvonne Mburu I hope all your wishes come true, rock on, happy birthday.

Maich (304) to Sheila (404) Gitwe Galz Ur kisses r hotter than fire. Miss ya lips mob luv. Kimani .M. (304) to Nessy (204) Bush Luv u 4eva n chop hard.

THIKA HIGH Frank Ottoyo (404) to Carol Wanjiru (304) Tumu Tumu galz What would it take to show u that u r the missing part of mi hear

KOTTET Nina Lynn Thanx 4 da support mob luv Audrey shix (404) to Jamal (404) The greatest ship I have sailed on is our friendship…luv u. Talisha (404) to Vicky (404) We never go to do it…mob luv. Norah babez (404) to Kim sonko (304) Superhuman! Mwah! Luv u. Roxxy (404) to Benso(404) As long as the sun shines, we have every reason to be more than friends. Luv u boy.

Ciku (404) to Henry Still got the ring. Baby luv u. Ida Shix (404) to Thiga Ras (404) Chop smart baby. Miss u baby. Nimo (404) to Vaughn (404) Wanipa fintiva baby mob luv Suzie (404) to Dan(404) I sent u an angel with gifts of my luv. Kendi (404) to Kimani (404) Apology accepted. Miss u much luv u 4ever Bresh (404) to Ryan (404) Mob luv baby Mswop Aisha (404) to Josh (304) Day after day I keep u loving more. Diva Hustler (404) to Caleb Pabloz (404) Swity mob luv Annie Farrah (404) to Oti Spice (404) Am already yours baby so luv me 2 da fullest

MUKAA SKOOL Victor Muoki to Zippy Mukai (Lema Galz) Tuko pamoja gal, which u quick recovery. Pole sweet gal.

HOMA BAY BEE Anto Muga(404) to Lizbee Am setting the record straight. Please forgive me. The sun is always brighter after the storm. Luv u gal. Sila (404) to Annette (204) Eld Jst wntd 2 say how sorry I am 4 causing u all that stress. Jeremy (304) to Hellen (404) Ahero Gee I really miss u…we need 2 talk n resolve Issues coz am truly sorry

GITHIGA BOYZ Marion (304) to Pesh (304) Gathirimu Gee Manze, pole sana kwa kucontribute kwa mail yako ya dis.

BOMA Boma 404s to Shem (404) Changez Aki pole, it wasn’t meant 2b d@t way. Bado tunakupenda

MAMA NGINA GEE Brenda Mourah to Masera Maurice Didn’t mean to hurt u.

KANG’ARU Mworia Fantoz (304) to Edith (404) Mwiki Miss u lyk crazy gal holla! Lets just 4get what happened and move on Njiru Xavier (404) to Graicey Muthoni Baby, ur my everything. Forgive n forget.

RUCHU Emika (204) to Vicky (204) Thika Hi, I dnt have much 2 say bout last holz am so sorry Miss u lyk crazy. Pau (404) to Eric Muthama I knw I hurt u baby and am sorry so I hope u can 4give me.

ST. CATHERINE May Wendo Auma (404) to ‘sonko’ (404) Saints Yala Our luv meant a lot so don’t let it go. I’m sorry 4 all I did. Eve (404) to Amos Chep (304) Baby 4give me.

WANKAN Rimbui (404) to Phylis Mugo(404) Kiburia Luv u gal thanx 4 blessing ma lyf. Chege Nesta(404) to Xtine Nyagichuhi (304) I owe u A LOT! Ur my best friend thanx kwa kila kitu kris (304) to Phoebe Nyakio Thank u 4 everything especially…u knw what Eli Zaiq (404) to Essy (404) I dnt knw how ill ever pay u back…Thanx 4 everything

Bree Leon (204) to Edu Bro Thanx coz ur always there Bancy G (304) to The Insyder mag Thanx 4 entertaining teeniez 4 10 years



Vinny (404) to Eileen, Samantha, Winny, Deeh ‘n’ Babeta (404) Lix Gee Ua ma greatest pals. Cheers. Vinny to Georgina, Tigoi Gee Ur so supreme.

KHALSA Quinter (304) to Maimona (404) Thanx 4 always being there 4 me. Ur a gr8 pal Sienna (304) to Dan Niaje thanks 2 sana 4 all ur help Ur a good friend Jayne-liz (404) to Baru I’ll always b gr8ful

QUABBZ Nelly (404) to Oscar and Alex Mac Bee (404) Y’all peeps have gone dup! wea r U?? I miss you! Mwix (404) to Kevo (404) Patch I jus miss ua presence! Barbara (404) to Saha (404) AQ Wassup, miss ya bigtym!! Ida (204) to Anto (404) Ditchez Aki nimekuhata vizii, stay fly. Zena (204) to Miguel (404) Jahmu Long tym no talk! Break da silence. Miss ya bigtym. Cynthia Mwash (304) to Sammy Ongash (304) Texas Stop killing me with the silence you’ll make me go mad. I miss you! Nelly (404) to Edu, Karis, Sanchez, Gman and Broz (404) Uppah I love you all. Y’all don’t know how much you mean to me!! Miss you! Winnie Mumbi (304) to Sheila Wambui (104) Mary Immaculate Hope high school is what you expected

MAKUENI BOYZ Stan-Johnny walker (204) to Carlynn babez (204) M. Thanx gal…I needed that Mwas ‘Mavado’ (404) to Caro Cheptoo Gal, I owe u big tym thanx 4 ur help

Marion (304) to Watikah (304) Thanx 4 being da coolest desky lyk cadbury.

EASICH Harry (304) to The Insyder Ur mag is a subject in easich. Thanx 4 entertaining us

BUSARA Daisy O. (404) to Marcos (404 Thanx 4 being a true friend Malkia Achieng (404) to Makaveli Bobby (404) Thanx 4 everything Dione Symeker(204) to Winnie Thanx 4 all ur help siz

and you are enjoying it. Luv you and miss you and pliz chop hard.

NEMBU Hildavan (304) to Alfred Makwabe (204) Uppah Miss ya big! Hildavan (304) to Issack Hussein (404) Ridgeways. Miss ya and luv you so much Sophie Mitto (304) to Marcus Githua (304) It’s been too long. Sophie Mitto (304) to Frank Chonde Sema Frank, long time no see miss ya big tym. Primerose (304) to Nelly – Millan (404) Kathiani Always treasured. Miss you big. Chris Lebron(404)Caren Maina (404) Tacho Miss da moments we spend 2gether. Deno (204) to Lynn Wambui (204) Huruma Gee Miss you a lot cutie Wambugu (204) to Farida Wacera (204) Karoti galz Gal, I’m missin u a lot. Kiss via the mail, mwaaah! Haleem (204) Changez to Darvin Ocholla (204) Quabbz Missing you big

Nessy (404) to Don (404) Ur my everything. Thanx a lot

K-SOUTH Elaine Ifrika(304) to Karsi (404) Thanx 4 always being there 4 me. Ur a gr8 pal Phatma (304) to Dan Niaje thanks 2 sana 4 all ur help Ur a good friend Lizha (404) to Gaur I’ll always b gr8ful Rudegyal Wa Benso (204) to Beatrice Siz Thanx coz ur always there Quincy (304) to The Insyder mag Thanx 4 entertaining teeniez 4 10 years

UNGEM Timmo K(404) to Xtine (204) Thanx 4 being by my side thru thick n thin Biko (404) to Ciku (404) Manze thanx 4 u knw what Kama (204) to Lucyanne Princess (304) Owe u big tym…asante 4 all the help Thuo Cay-vo (404) to Carol N. Thanx 4 being there

NPC BURU Garvey Cartel (204) to Anita

Harry Potter (304) Easich to Cory (304) Parky Arya If friendship was a gamble then ours is a safe bet friends forever. Babbz (404) to Nyash (404) Patch Nakupenda sana bro

NEMBU GEE Winnie Mumbi (304) to Daphnie Wanjiku (404) Shiners Gee You are one in a zillion and da best siz in tha world. Chop hard and know that I miss you and that our mail box still exists. Luv ya. Ms. Nembu 09’ – 10’ (304) to all Uppahillians (404) Mob mapenzi y’all. Sophie Mitto (304) to Ken Orwa (304) Wassup! We gonna fly high Sophie Mitto (304) to Edwin Ochieng’ (304) Hi Edu, have a fab tym Sophie Mitto (304) to Mwangi Kaminju (304) I’ve got lingua for you. Cate Lila (304) to Eric Tura (304) Hi why da silence. Have a fab time. Aphline (304) to Boston (304) Maranda High. To me u are a diamond that is rare to find Primerose (304) to all Lukenya G chiqs (404) Nawamiss vishenzi. Keep it wired n chop crazy. Success.

(204) Thanx 4 being by my side thru thick n thin Tosh Mutisya (404) to Karisma (404) Manze thanx 4 u knw what Kama (204) to Alyc Wanja Tinde (304) Owe u big tym…asante 4 all the help Thuo Ras (304) to Irene Makau Thanx 4 being there STEPH JOY ACADEMY Shantrel (404) to Rooney J. (404) Thanx 4 being a true friend Thanx 4 everything Princess Letoya (204) to Winnie Thanx 4 all ur help cuzo Tessy Lynn (404) to Don (404) Ur my everything. Thanx a lot

KAGWE GEE Phylis (304) to Mum I luv u mum thanx 4 always being there 4 me Janet Njoki (404) to Mum & Dad I appreciate everything u do 4 me

KABARAK Edu (304) to Laura (404) Thanx gal! Vince(304) to Tess (404) Thanx 4 caring Say hi 2 Ur cute bro.

Primerose (304) to all Vyulya chiqs (304) Sijawasahau. Miss y’all big. 3B mob luv. Primerose (304) to Diana Akinyi (404) Hospital Hill I hope zile dance skills zetu bado ziko. Msi-retire kama mimi missing you Primerose (304) to Nelly B (404) Parky Njaro zako za mtaani utawacha, kumbuka wasse wako and don’t loose ur swagger. Mob luv. Winnie Mumbi (304) to Ridhwani (404) Khamisi Bee Coast. Nakuhata tu sana and just long to see ya luv ya and keep it real lakini don’t luv to much na usahau kuchop. Success. Diane (304) to Martin (304) Lukenya Bee We ride together, we die together, best friends for life. Ivy 204 Quabbz to Sheila (104) Buru, we`ve been friends 4 a long time,thanx for being there always. Kirinya(304) Ditchez to Miriam(304)Nembu, chop hard.

The Insyder/ Cadbury S




4 5 6


8 9

10 CADBURY S.M.S SWAGGA 4 lucky CHATFanatics got the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the CHAT Awards V.I.P Style courtesy of Cadbury S.M.S. The V.I.P treatment included: A free shopping spree for cool threads at Mr Price, arriving at the CHAT Awards in full swagga via a cool whip, the chance to hang out and walk the red carpet with a celeb of their choice; Eko Dydda. 1-7. Fun shopping at Mr Price for the lucky winners Chris, Maureen & Dabusi with The Insyder rep Lisa. 8-9. The boys strike a pose with their cool Mercedes Benz ride to the CHAT Awards 10. Arriving at the CHAT Awards in style with Eko Dydda

/Skiza CHAT Awards SMS Teen Swagga 3 1










V.I.P CADBURY LOUNGE Lucky teeniez won tickets to the CHATAwards and this included V.I.P treatment at the V.I.P Cadbury lounge. They were pampered, entertained and got the chance to hang out with their favourite celebz. Check out the sizzlin pics 1. Habida chilling at the Cadbury lounge. 2. Lucky teeniez got a chance to have a one on one with Mejja 3. Glad to have been winners with Cadbury 4. Hanging out with pals 5. Striking a pose for the papparazi 6-11. Teeniez enjoy kodak moments with Habida, Mejja & the Mother-in-Law cast. 12 The Insyder March cover hunk Kevoh was also in on the action.


Too hot for T.V.


2 0 1 0


Too hot for T.V.


The 8th Insyder & Skiza CHAT Awards 1. Juliani, M.O.G & Eko Dydda on stage to support Sadic & Alemba’s win. 2. Just for laughs, a Wahu & Shaffie collabo 3. Kalekye, Churchill & Marlaw

1. Best Friends Forever Oj & Omosh







Fill in the blanks for each song and name the artist/s.

Local Song ‘Life ni fupi na mi _____________ ‘Na weka shida_______________ ‘Na rusha____________ juu Artist:_________________

Clue: He made us ‘Banjuka’

Local Song ‘Si nywele yao ni ______________ ‘Si shida ya macho ni__________ ‘Wana njaa usidanganywe na__________ Artist:_________________ International song ‘Ya so bad to _____can’t leave you____ ‘It’s like yo inside my____a perfect____ Artist:_________________

Clue: He’s got ‘Mtaa Mentality’

Clue: Jamaica’s ‘wicked’ sisters

The number of Grammys Beyonce won this year

= =

Subtract the sum of A & B from C


The number of CHAT nominations Eko Dydda had this year


Add the problems to find out

Answers: 1.) Sijifungi, Chini, Mikono. Artist: DNA 2.) Weave, Weed, toothpick. Artist: Juliani 3.) Di, Bone, dreams, fantasy. Artists: Brick & Lace

2 0 1 0

> >

The number of chics currently in Young Money

Answes: Thirteen



Solve the problems by doing the math to find out how many tattoos Rihanna has...



Too hot for T.V.


Take a look at what stars have been up to Pg 23................Tumechill Pg 26-30..........CHAT Awards Wrap-Up Pg 32-35...........Cover Story


I Be The Ultimate Makmende They will all be the ‘home’ nation and not what you are thinking. From all that babble you should be intelligent enough to guess who I think will shine right? A.B

Hi Bitch, Don’t you think that this whole Makmende vibe is a little overrated? I mean it’s not like it’s all that and the video is definitely nothing to write home about. Don’t you agree? Marto, Patch Marto, If you had added that you were also a complete dufuss who doesn’t feel the need to give credit where it is due then I would have agreed with you. Its people like you who keep the entertainment industry bogged down. You obviously don’t understand the video otherwise you’d appreciate the fact that it has put the country on the map as Makmende is the Kenya’s first internet viral phenomenon. But I do agree with you on one thing though, that guy ain’t all that, the Answer Bitch is the REAL MAKMENDE! A.B ‘Ssup Bitch, If you really are as awesome as you tend to say you are, how come The Insyder has never thought of giving you a CHAT (Chaguo La Teeniez) Award? Mercy, Nembu Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, You really don’t get it do you?! You just went and smacked yourself across the face, here’s the thing, I’m so awesome that Chaguo la Teeniez is MY way of giving back to society. The peeps who get win a CHAT award are those who come a close to the aura of awesomeness that my shadow emanates. So Mercy, the reason I don’t feature in those voting nominations is because they are all looking up to me. Until they include the “Teeniez’ Epitome of Pure Awesomeness”


Hi A.B Who are you really? Emily, via email Emily, I’m the bitch you love to hate and the person who will smack the taste out of your slime infested mouth the next time you fill my inbox with utter nonsensical crap like this! A.B

category don’t hold your breath. A.B Dear Answer Bitch, As we approach the World Cup finals I am quite curious as to whom you think will shine the most as an African player? Bena, Katchez Bena, When exactly did it get to you that I am some sort of sports analyst? Since you asked very nicely here’s my two cents. Right now, no African player is looking quite as on form as Drogba though that imbecile has the tendency to not perform when he is back on home soil,( home in this sense being Africa). That big idiot, of course, captains the Ivory Coast and is just about the most famous sportsman on the continent plus he is spear heading the “African Six Pack” movement which means that South Africa, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Algeria will support each other during the tournament.

2 0 1 0


Answer Bitch, You are really one character I love. Took me a while before I actually decided to write to you though because I hadn’t gotten the courage to face your rogue answering procedure but now I’m ready. Don’t you agree that the new Lady Gaga and Beyonce video “Telephone” is just great? Anto, Laiser Hill Blah blah blah, that’s what you are doing Anto. What are you, hitting on me? Let me guess you don’t have a girl friend do you? I’ll be kind enough to school you as to why, by the time you finish drawing that map on the ground she’s normally already on the third count of the hairs on your head. And NO I don’t like that video, it tires my eyes. I think its “modern imitation” of the whole Thriller concept. That whole “movie in a music video” thing. And what’s more, I really don’t see where the hell “Telephone” comes in. A.B

Too hot for T.V.


My Chill Factor is... DISCIPLINE

SPORTS Name: Rahma Rage Age: 17 yrs (404) School: Gitwe

Name: Steve Mbevi Age: 18 (404) School: Uppah

Rahma is a fun and bubbly chic. The kind everyone would like as a pal. She’s in her skool’s hockey team and occasionally plays b-ball. She is into a lot of other sports and likes watching the English premier league too.

Very few teeniez can boast to have half the skill and determination that Steve brings to the pitch. With a bone breaking step and a killer hand off to back it up, he believes in building himself into one of Kenya’s best rugby players.

“I never miss out on any sports funkiez because I like staying fit. I’d like to become a professional athlete someday and I don’t want to make poor choices like engaging in teenage sex because it’s not worth it. I love hanging out with my pals as they look up to me and I want to set a good example. NIMECHILL!”

Rahma’s cheering squad

me English Rahma loves so action Premier Leauge

“To play rugby you need to have to have a passion for it or you’ll easily give up. For you to be a great player you have to have discipline. This quality is what drives me even in my everyday life. To avoid peer pressure to have pre – marital sex you have to have discipline or you’ll fall into temptations. AIDS is real. NIMECHILL!”

Are you a teen who is chilling and proud of it? Make a statement by telling us what your chill factor is and also help other teens to make the right decision. Holla at us at email address: (ATTN: Tumechill ) or write to us via The Insyder P.O. Box 51634 - 00200 Nairobi 29 2 0 1 0 May

t with his

Steve hanging ou pals

Steve hopes to play for the national rugby tam

mob lyzd the insyder mobilyzd: cool n’ fun stuff about mobile phonez

Geek Stuff for You SMS Snoop This application was specially designed and programmed to catch those who abuse Cellphone technology by cheating via SMS. All you need is a momentary lapse of concentration, where your partner can then install the application without you knowing any better, and each SMS sent out by you will also be forwarded to their Cellphone. All data can be saved or retrieved at any time for future proof. We do wonder how long this game can keep up though – especially if one checks the credit balance to see the SMS costs double.

Gangster CD Stereo Sneakers Geek just went Gangster, or is it the other way around; Gangsters went Geek. You have here a straight up airforce sneaker with a music system that comes with it.

Toilet Mug Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet? This silly toilet-shaped mug will hold your favorite hot beverage for those cold skool mornings and will make your pals do a double take. .

Spy Pen A little 007, a little revenge for the nerds. Just clip this into your shirt pocket and you can capture secret conversations, unsuspecting classmates, and gossiping family members. It records video, photos, and also records sound. Perfect for any You-Tuber or blackmailer.

Textspeak Dictionary This will be updated on a monthly basis. Text Speak Dictionary For this month, we gonna feature words with the letter ‘L& M’ L& M


Laughing Out Loud


Laughing My Ass Off


Language, Sex, Violence


Male or Female


Missing In Action MSG


Mind Your Own Business


LY4E Love You Forever



My True Luv Always

Managing Director

Mother F***er

LPOS Lazy Piece Of Sh**



Most Valuable Player

Look The Teacher Is Coming

M8 or M8s Mate -or- Mates

Laughing Outrageously Out Loud

Laughing My F***ing Ass Off




My True Love Always

Message MYL Mind Your Language Next Month… N’s


The Insyder is spreading some serious love to all teeniez massive. We’ve dedicated a whole page to feature cool pics from all our fans. Show your papparazo side by sending us cool photos of yourself/your pals. Grab a cam and start clicking!

on a The Insyder picharazzi was most the u i-Qr the as e spre to pho out and sizzlin sport funkies in out ck Che iez. of Nai: NSSSA Prov on e wer who iez teen of the pics lz and skoo r thei ing repp e scen the were having maaard fun while they it! at

TOP OF HER CLASS “ I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given.”

CHAT AWARDS TEENIEZ TV ACTRESS SARAH HASSAN TANYA- TAHIDI HIGH Meeting Sarah Hassan for the first time, the first thing you notice is her down to earth nature and how far this falls from the pre-concieved image of a 21year old who’s got a lot more going for her than most people dream of. An award winning actress in an award winning show and the sky is the limit for this shooting star.

iMC: Describe yourself in one word? Sarah: Unique! There’s only and will only be one Sarah Hassan. I’m a little shy but when I go in front of the

iMC: You were paired up with Shaffie, as one of the hosts at the CHAT Awards was it intimidating? Sarah: It was very humbling; I want to thank everyone at The Insyder for believing in me. It was such a great experience and I saw it as an opportunity to learn from a seasoned host like Shaffie.

camera I feel so alive, it’s fun! iMC:

iMC: Your real names are Sarah Hassan are you Muslim or



on winning the

Sarah: My dad is a Somali and

CHAT Award for

my mom is a Kamba but I must

Teeniez TV Actress? Sarah: I totally didn’t expect to win and I’m so psyched about it, I want to thank everyone who voted for me and for

have picked up more of my dad’s genes because everyone assumes since I look like a Somali I’m a muslim, I don’t correct them most of the time but I’m actually a Christian like my mom.

Tahidi High. I’ll always treasure this award not just because it’s my first!

iMC: How did you get to play Tanya in Tahidi High? Sarah: I’ve loved acting since I was in high skool. When a friend of mine told me about an audition for TV show, I was game. It was where I met Johnny & Miss Morgan, they recommended me to the Tahidi High producer and I had an audition booked, it was not a done deal I had to prove that I was good. And now it’s been two years and I love every moment of it! iMC: Describe your high school experience? Sarah: I was in Mac Gee (Machakos Girls

“ I’d love to meet Will Smith, he’s an accomplished actor and a great role model too because he’s always managed to keep his private life private.”

High School), I cleared in 2006. It was fun and hard at the same time. I was an entertainment prefect; I loved drama and good at Math. My most memorable memory would have to be being crowned Miss Mac Bee. It was so unexpected because I participated for fun. iMC: Did you always want to be an actress? Sarah: Being an only child, I love watching TV so I guess yes; it’s always been a dream of mine. iMC: How did your parents take it? Sarah: I’m an only child so they’ve always been very supportive of me even in high school but just as long as I was serious about my studies and maintained good grades. Aside from acting I’m also a student, I’m studying Actuarial Science at J.K.U.A.T.

“ My role model is my mom, she inspires me because she’s very hard working.”

iMC: Are you anything like your on-screen character Tanya? Sarah: Yes, I’m a very grounded person but my character Tanya takes being miss goodytwo-shoes to a whole other level she’s too soft and naive. I’ve learnt to develop a tough hide and don’t let things external to my life affect me too much because the truth is people can be malicious. Knowing who you are and loving yourself just the way you are is what matters. iMC: Describe a kawa day on the set of Tahidi High? Sarah: Fun and work. What you watch in 25 minutes actually takes like two days to shoot. The cast is really great to work with, the behind the scenes clips of ‘The making of Tahidi High’ are just pure comedy. My producer Wamuyu is very understanding which helps me to balance school and work. iMC: Have you done any other acting aside from Tahidi High? Sarah: Yes, I’ve been on a Sudanese production it wasn’t a lead role but it was a great experience. I’ve also done Family Betrayal a local production that runs on Classic TV. I play a lastborn who gets pregnant and boyfriend who plays her with her mom, drama! (Laughs) iMC: I’m sure you get a lot of stares and whispers, how do you handle the attention? Sarah: Yes, most people who’ve seen me on the show call me Tanya only family & friends call me by name Sarah. I used to be nervous when people would stare but you get used to it after a while. It’s great that I can inspire and touch so many people’s lives. iMC: Do you get lot of advances from jamaaz? Sarah: Yes, it comes with the territory, that’s why it’s important to know your principles. I get calls and texts, there’s this dude who gave me a rose once! The publicity also has its flip side because some chics once stole my phone, I really don’t know how it happened.

iMC: Are you dating anyone? Sarah: (Smiles) Yes, I am but I want to keep it private. He’s a really easy going guy, he’s not in the same industry but he understands that the attention I sometimes receive is part of my job. At the end of the day it all comes down to trust. iMC: What are some of the challenges that you face? Sarah: Most people assume that because I’m on TV I’m a snob or because I’m an actress I’m a blonde so they get really surprised to learn that I’m studying Actuarial Science, some don’t believe it. iMC: What’s in the pipeline for Sarah Hassan? Sarah: Lots of big things God willing! I hope to venture into broadcasting host my own entertainment show very soon. iMC: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become an actor/actress? Sarah: Go for it but at the end of the day you still need to have an education, so work hard in school. Believe in yourself and respect yourself.

“ I love watching TV, I’m addicted! My most annoying habit has to be that I tune off when I’m watching TV, ”

teentainment at its best.

Teentaiment at its best

Check out whats been happening on the school scene Pg 36-37.......Back 2 Skool Shopping Guide Pg 38............The Insyder Miss Choxx Funkie


National Colours

Color coded ph oto sessions at natioz

o The chic in black missed the mem

one of the games being competed.The sniper had to wonder the strength of the Pangoerian tongues were to allow the consumption of twelve pin pops in a span of like an hour! On the other hand, this could be the perfect explanation as to why they were hopping all over the place… sugar rush!

Scene: Upper Hill, KSSSA Nationals Sports Never before had the Sniper seen so many colours in one place and the HEAT! The Coasterian lot must have have carried it to Nai, it was so hot that the sniper had to dump some of his legendary spy kit in the shade. Combinations of yellow, red, green, purple were all over the place, some combinations were pure comedy (kambaiosis) because it’s pretty obvious that some colours just don’t complement each other. The Coasterians took the cup on this, followed closely in second place by (to my horror) the Uppah head boy who had on a multi colored tie and looked like he was auditioning for the role of a clown or a medieval jester in a movie. If this bloke leads by example the Uppah fraternity is doomed, in the fashion department.

There seemed to be plenty of chemistry between the St. Gee

Walking into Uppah it was really unmissable that most schools were trying really hard to be in swagga mode. A few chic skools were definitely trying to swag jack Ngara’s soxxy swag and claim it as their own. Pangoe however had various tricks up their sleeves to remain ahead of the game; first it was lollipops to be exact, pin pops. One wouldn’t have been mistaken to think that sucking on lollipops was


2 0 1 0

Colour coded ey e candy

the games... They were clearly not there for


Teentaiment at its best



Jina ya Gova: Shantrel Caroline Mueni Msanii: Diva Shazzy Reppin’ : Nile road Track: Huku kwetu Niko space kama impact, Hauwezi kunishika, Laini akilini nabandika kaa

Warm up

Nissa Sky High

camp and the Changerian camp. The sniper noticed that St.Gee chics and Changerians had a very healthy intimate relationship. So tight were these two camps that the lovely hockey midfielder Ms. Tumme Guyo (304) St. Gee, whose birthday happened to be around that time (10th April to be precise), was spoiled for choice in terms of gifts, cake and pizza from the Changerian camp. Affection from the two camps didn’t end there as the Mean Maroon sevens team decided to give the Georgerians a little lesson in Rugby line outs, much to the delight of Nissa (304) who got to be lifted by two hunks clean of the ground. I’m sure that the back lifter wouldn’t complain much as he had the perfect weights to work with hehehe… Some skools warm up sessions methods left the sniper wondering if the methods were designed to warm up or to threaten them into winning, the Butere Girls Rudge team for example had a very perculiar

way of warming up that involved kneeling down and lifting up their hands like class 3 pupils while their coach towered over them chanting a lot of lunje than the Sniper could not decipher!! The Ditcherians absence during the first few days did not go unnoticed as was the daily attendance of teeniez repping their skools. Ditcherians finally showed up on the last day and it was pretty obvious they hadn’t come for the games but the music and the babes. The Coasterian lot however needed to only speak in their Swahili accent to bag a babe the sniper predicts an influx of Nairoberry in Coastoh next holz.

stika, Unaeza tembea lakini si East Lando, Huku ni kwa wasmarter, Watu special kaa Mavado, Life-cost ni high kaa ngata, Kwa kweli kwa chat hatutahata

Red Korna Jina ya Gova: Wesley Nick Osoro Msanii: Nick Maine Reppin’: Maranda Track: Style yangu

On the last day some idiot attempted to snag some “poor kid’s” phone. The guy got the rudest shock ever as he got busted and received an avalanche whooping from what appeared to be a very fit crowd, ouch! Lucky for him APs came to his rescue and wedgied him into the cop car at the far corner.

Na rhyme na consonants Alliteration na assonance Flow yangu dangerous Ina resurect kaa Lazarus Style yangu ni hardcore Sitaki kuwa famous Kwa hii game ya maplayaz Na guide my conscious Na think tu innocuous Tym imecome ya kuwa prosperous Serious si notorious Tym yangu precious Lines zenyu piteous Nimerise prodigious Na mawazo gorgeous Haters wanaget furious Wote ni poisonous Lakini ni obvious

Butere Girls; panoe or warm up?

Nawashinda na chorus Thuggery: Kataa hiyo!


2 0 1 0


BACK TO SCHOOL √ insyde scoop

insyde scoop

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Product: Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Info: Protection from germs Size: 125ml Price: 130/-

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Product: ob Tampons Info: Absorbs the flow right where it happens, in your body! Size: Regular Price: 207/-

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Product: Sifa Toilet Paper Info: Good care for your bum Size: 10 rolls Price: 207/-

Product: Toss Washing Powder Info: Gentle freshness for your clothes Size: 1kg Price: 162/-

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op ins scoop yde sco insyde

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Product: Golden Shine Shoe Polish Info: Quality polish for your shoes Size: 1kg Price: 162/-

Product: Dettol Soap Info: Be 100% sure, bath with Dettol Size: 100gms Price: 48/-

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AL! SCENT-SATIngON s store to leave

Get your fave scents at leadi price too. you smelling fresh and at a bargain

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Product: Lentheric Hoity Toity Body Spray (for chics) Info: Smell fresh all day with these sprays Size: 90ml Price: 269/-

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Product: Cadbury SMS Chocolate Info: Nothing says it like a Cadbury SMS share it with your pals Size: Average sized choku Price: 25/- 43/-

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What every gal needs

Pink Diary: Find out what the Galz are up to Pg 42-43.....Street Style Pg 44..........Fun Quiz Pg 48..........Girl Power


Time To Get Serious,Taurus

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

A misunderstanding will

You don’t have to do

lead you to reflect back on

everything yourself, learn

You’ve not been taking

past situations. Don’t be

to trust your relationship

things seriously lately. It’s

hasty; take your time to

and know that your loved

time to sober up otherwise

learn from your mistakes.

one is there to support

you might miss out on a great opportunity.

GEMINI (May 21 -June 20)

CANCER (June 21 -July 22) will help you and others

SCORPIO (October 23 -November 21)

as well. Try not to take

You’ll be on edge and

on too much as you risk

touchy but your loved

overloading yourself.

ones will understand

Believe in yourself as this

LEO (July 23 -August 22)

you but think before you speak. Your

committing to a close

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 -December 21)

relationship. Listen to your

Friendship “tests” are

heart in order to make the

likely, in that you will be

best decision.

weeding out superficial

You may experience some confusion about

VIRGO (August 23 -September 22)

You’ll be lively and able

You’ll give a helping hand

to use any spare moment

wherever you can.

to have fun or relax


others could well take advantage of you. Try to earn more respect.

PISCES (February 19 -March 20) You’ll learn a great deal about building your resources, getting your finances straightened out, and what makes you, and the people around you, tick.

ARIES (March

Moustapha: Born May 12th

21 -April 19) You’ll need to be less competitive otherwise you risk being left out by your friends. It’s not always about winning.

your life.

realize there’s work to do.

LIBRA (September 23 -October 22)

much and this means

solid and stable friends in

to help society, you’ll

desire, drive and power

You give in to others too

ones and valuing the more

CAPRICON (December 22 -January 19)

Because you have the

Avril: Born April 30th


AQUARIUS (January 20 -February 18)

don’t drop your guard as surprises can come along at any time!

2 0 1 0


Redsan: Born May 1st

What every gal needs

GAL talk

My Mom Told Me My Dad was Dead Niaje Big Siz, All my life, I’ve always known that my dad passed away before I was born and that’s why my mum raised me as a single parent. Recently, I found out by eavesdropping on a conversation between my mum and her pal that my dad is still alive and wants to get in touch with me. I was really shocked and confronted my mum’s pal later on. Apparently, my mum has always kept my dad a secret from me as they fell out in bad terms. He’s been trying for years to see me but my mum won’t let him. My mum doesn’t know that I found out about him and I want to confront her as

you did especially since you were not ready for the news. You don’t know what happened between your parents and your mother. I am sure your mum has her own reasons for not telling you about your dad, so do not judge her when you have not heard her side of the story. Communicating your feelings to her is the best way to deal but your approach will determine the outcome of your conversation. Be open minded as this might have an impact on the relationship you have with your mother and even your dad. If it turns out to be an argument between the two of you, it is okay to let go and revisit he topic again once you have cooled down. Big Siz

grades too. Is there any product you can recommend for me? Beth (304) Turdor Dear Beth, It seems like you are going through a very challenging time, but its quite normal at your age. Acne occurs most commonly during adolescence, affecting most of teenagers and often continues into adulthood. In adolescence, acne is usually caused by an increase in hormones, acquired during puberty which diminishes over time and tends to disappear or decrease after one reaches early twenties. Low self esteem will make you have poor opinion about yourself and this affects every aspect of your life especially your ability

“I am sure your mum has her own reasons for not telling you about your dad, so do not judge her” this issue has turned my life upside down. How do I approach her? Nekesa (304) Mary Leakey Hey Small Siz, I can imagine what you going through, having learnt about your father the way

Dear Big Siz, I started developing acne when I was 15 and now I am 17 years old. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies but nothing seems to work for me. It has greatly affected my self-esteem and it’s starting to get to my


to socialize and communicate with other people and your performance in school. Here are tips on how to deal with low self esteem: 1. First, you need to see and understand that there are lots of good reasons to feel positive about yourself.

2 0 1 0


2. Be grateful for what you have-opportunity to study and building your future. 3. Learn to love and appreciate what you have – true beauty is from inside not out ward looks. 4. Remember your achievements no matter how small they may look. 5. Be true to yourself by appreciating your strengths and working on the weaknesses Build your confidence because without confidence you will not be able to face the hard challenges or decisions that await you 6. Additionally, lack of confidence will impact you in many areas of your life including relationships, career and success. My suggestion is for you to see a dermatologist to prescribe medication that you can use to improve your skin. Big Siz

an accountant but my mum wants me to become a nurse. I can’t understand why they won’t just let me be. I missed out on a college intake for tourism because they said it was a bad idea. I don’t want to give in to their demands but I am tempted to as I am getting bored of staying at home. What should I do? Aggie (Eldoret) Dear Aggie, Sometimes what we want comes into conflict with what parents want for us. Our parents choose what they think is good for us but hey don’t realize what kind of impact they are making in our lives.

Have you sat down with your parents and listened to their reasons for the choices they are making? They might have real concerns if you Hi big Siz, listened to them. I will I just cleared from encourage you to sit high school and I’m down with your family still trying to figure and discuss these out what to do with three career choices. my life. I’ve always been interested in the Let them understand the importance of Tourism industry and allowing you to do I’m confident enough what you desires and I’ll fit in well in the not what they want hotel hospitality or tour guide sectors. The you to do and see if problem is my parents you can come to an agreement. If things don’t support me. Apparently, my career get worse involve someone you trust and choices are not ‘good they respect to talk to enough’ for them. My them. dad wants me to take after him and become Big Siz

What every gal needs





The CHAT Awards red carpet sizzled with celebz dressed to impress. Check out the leading ladies whose outfits wowed!

She definitely came to sizzle in this hot and edgy ensemble.

Simple yet sizzlin in a little black dressTero definitely knows whats up.

Marya knows her assets and isn’t afraid to flaunt them. The colour is an added plus.

Do you want to be an Insyder Street Style Model? All you have to do is email a recent snapshot of yourself to or join our 42 page The Insyder Magazine and post a photo2 of0yourself 1 0 on the wallpage with the title ‘iModel’ and include Your name, Age and School.



What every gal needs

it! Check out Big beautiful & lovin swag. pet car red e’s Kaleky

really working it! Oh Mama! Avril was

Wahu was on top of her game from head to toe.

Kendi was daring enough to strut out in this jump suit number.


2 0 1 0


fun quiz ®

Gives You The Freedom

Go on, discover yourself! Which high school movie or TV show do you relate to most? Find out by taking our quiz...


When your last class is over, you go to

Take a nap or hang out at the canteen

Do your laundry or see the T.A for extra tuition

It’s the first day of midi, you wear

The cutest mini dress/jeans and gladiator hills

My fave Jeans and Insyder Tee

You are always on the panoe list

Almost all the time



Gossip Girl

t You like hanging ou s with your clique of pal nt wa you at doing wh ol when you want. Sko big a h suc t no is rk wo ’d deal to you and you rather have popularity. as You are not exactly get mean but you don’t st mo h wit ily eas ng alo peeps in your skool because you live by ne in skool knows you ryo Eve es. rul your own kie. You’re really fun a ss and you never mi h. wit be outgoing and fun to

A typical day in school means

Your morning routine includes

Nothing much, wake up and get ready for class.

Revision and thorough preperation for the day

Take a few notes, revise then relax

What kind of songs do you talk about mostly in skool

Hip Hop or Genge

You always count days to midi or closi

RNB or Kapuka

Not really




One Tree Hill

You are pretty laid back and don’t have that much drama in skool. Your routine rarely changes, you like letting down your hair and having fun to the fullest when you get the chance. You are hands on in balancing skool work and co-curricular activities and you always act mature. You rarely get into beef with anyone because everyone finds it easy to get along with you.


You dread seeing your report form

You have your own big clique in school

No I hate cliques

Doing what you want when you want


All the time

Tahidi High

Life in skool for you is a daily adventure. You like hanging out with your pals and you always do stuff in a group. You live life for the moment and sometimes this gets you into trouble. You are quite popular but it doesn’t get to your head. You are easy to get along with as you are not the high-handed type and socialize with everyone. You however have to learn to make time for your studies.

o.b. tampons expand to take the shape of your body for a comfortable fit ®

Have you used tampons? Do you have any questions on using o.b.® tampons write to us all your questions and comments by sending an email to or

What every gal needs


Should I Go For It?

Vipi Biggie, I’ve been with my chic since we were 13 we both turned 18 last holz and decided that it’s time to ‘seal’ our relationship by being intimate. It’s something we’ve talked about and we trust each other. I really love her and I am confident it will establish us as a real couple. I don’t want my chic to get pregnant so my pal advised me to use the withdrawal method. Is it effective enough? Freddie Muthoka (404) Wallapa Freddie, Kudos for abstaining until a time when you think you are ready for sex. Seems like you’ve been in a relationship that has worked well for you and you want to take it a notch higher. It’s great that you’ve been able to involve and engage your girlfriend in the discussion about sex. Sex comes with responsibility and one of these is unplanned pregnancy.. You say that you would want to use the withdrawal method to protect your girlfriend from getting pregnant. How practical is this to you? You say that you are a virgin, and so I would think that this is the first time to have sex, and so you might have challenges during withdrawing. During sex, before semen comes out, there are some fluids called pre-cum which precedes semen. This fluids contains some traces of sperms

and possible for it to fertilize the egg. How are you going to control this? The only 100% method to avoid this is abstinence. Having unprotected sex is one of the ways you could get infected with sexually transmitted infections including HIV. However, if you really feel that you want to have sex, then condoms would be able to protect you from HIV and also unwanted pregnancies. Biggie Hi Biggie, My problem is kinda embarrassing but here it goes…I can’t control my wanking (masturbation) addiction. I’ve been doing it since I was in

it. Masturbation makes a person reach orgasm just like penetrative sex, and so some people would prefer it to penetrative sex due to its availability and the fact that there’s no risk involved in “wanking”. There are so many factors that lead to people masturbating: 1. Pornography When a person is involved in watching pornographic materials, could be books, form the phone, or even DVDs, this leads to sexual arousal and the need to have sex. 2. Peer group influence- Some peers would share their sexual experiences which

time to do something constructive. If that is propagated by friends who share about their sexual experiences, then you might want to reflect on who you are and what you want in life. Sexual feelings are controlled from the brain and you can be able to control your sexual feelings. This is why people are different from animals because they can think, and choose what is right for them. Biggie Hi Biggie, I really hate my dad. I just can’t get along with him on anything. He always criticizes me and he never compliments my achievements. I’m in boarding school and he travels a lot.

“Sex comes with responsibility and one of these is unplanned pregnancy” prima. I was busted by my cube mates and they made such a big deal out of it I almost had to switch cubes with someone else. My bro also found about it recently and since then, things haven’t been the same. I know they probably see me as a freak and it’s affecting my life. I don’t know how to stop. It’s making me feel dirty and guilty. Anonymous Hi, Stopping masturbation would require a person to know the genesis of


lead to those with no sexual partners to have sexual feeling leading to masturbation. 3. Sexual partnersSexual partners can introduce each other to the act leading to getting used to it. If you are used to watching pornographic materials either with friends or alone, remember what it does is to increase your sexual urge. To stop it you might want to stop watching pornographic materials and use that

2 0 1 0


That’s the only thing that keeps me sane. I’ve tried explaining this to my mum but she doesn’t seem to understand. She says it’s just a phase. I know he pays my fees and provides for me but I also need him as a parent I can relate to. How can I get him to listen to me? Mato Thiga Hi Mato, I empathize with you when you say that you need your dad as a parent which is normal for anyone

because we all need to belong somewhere. Your parents love you and no parent would give birth to a child and condemn it. There is a lot of misunderstanding between youths and their parent during adolescence. This happens when young people want to show their parents that they are grown up and therefore can be self reliant. The parents on the other hand may not understand the changes in their child’s growth and that causes conflicts. Evaluate yourself and get to know how you are contributing to the problem. Attitude is a virtue that determines what you achieve in life. So, how is your attitude towards your dad? Could this be the contributing factor? These are some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself. Talk relatives and family friend who are able to talk to your dad, or write a letter to your dad telling him how you feel. Explore all options available on how to reach to your dad, and ensure that you are a solution to the issue other than a problem. For more counseling Join us on Facebook and we can chat in confidence, join the group onetoone youthhotline or call our toll free number0800 720 121 from a Safaricom line.

What every gal needs

400,000 REASONS TO ADVERTISE HERE Courses offered: * Hair Dressing Beauty Therapy * Nail Technology * Instructor’s course among others...


PROFESSIONAL STUDIES “Learn Wit Professionals”

KCSE/GCSE Graduates.. This is an OPPORTUNITY for you to LAUNCH your CAREER by enroling for the following courses

VERA INTERNATIONAL FASHION INSTITUTE FOR: Fashion Design, Pattern making, Accessories, Fabric Decoration, Interior Design, Flower Arrangement, Event Decoration, Beadwork among others.......

• Hotel and Catering Management • Air Hostess and Cabin Crew • Airline Flight Operations • Tours and Travel • Foreign Languages-German, • French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian & Lingala • Accounting KATC, CPA I, II,III • Accounting and Finance • Business Studies • Purchasing and Supplies • Sales and Marketing • Secretarial Studies • Human Resource Management

Hotel and Catering Management

• • • •

ICDL/Computer Packages Computer Engineering Hair Design and Beauty Fashion Design and Interior Decoration • Early Childhood Education (ECD) • Training of Trainers (TOT) • Journalism/Public Relations • Community Development/Social Work • Project Management • Disaster Management • Human Rights Studies • Motor Vehicle Mechanics • T V/Radio/Mobile Repair Course

Information Technology / ICDL

Cabin Crew Course



• State of the Art Teaching aids • One student per computer plus free Internet and Email • Free Career Guidance • Students’ Industrial Visits and Retreats • 10% Discount if one enrolls for more than one course • Modern Language Laboratory • Extra Curricula Activities • Affordable Hostel Facilities

Tours & Travel

CALL OR VISIT US AT: BURURU CAMPUS Epren Centre, oop Police Station P.O. Box 875 - 00515, Nairobi Tel: 780473 / 787646 / 785603 Cell: 0721 - 225428 / 020 - 2074915 Email:

CITY CAMPUS Hamiliton House, Kaunda/Wabera St. P.O. Box 49279 - 00100, Nairobi Tel: 316629 / 343595 Cell: 0725 - 372822 / 020 - 2319563 Email:


Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy

Fact: According to research, 68% of KCSE candidates have already made up their minds on which career to pursue by the time they sit for their final exams. Will you be in their minds before their KCSE

Now in Eldoret & Nakuru Branches


For More Information Contact Us On:

Advertise in The

Vera Beauty College Nairobi Emperor Plaza, 2nd Flr,

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Kenyatta Ave, Opp GPO P.O. Box 12416 00100 Nrb

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Tel: {254-20} 2216520/2216296 Cell: 0725 923550, 0738 639784

Tel: 020 219063 Cell: 0770 325926, 0734 223678, 0726 Fax: 020 318276 Email:


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What every gal needs


Why does my best friend ALWAYS GET THE GUY? I have this best friend who is pretty, skinny and confident. I’m not exactly what you call skinny but I’m not fat either. I’m pretty (at least that’s what I’m told) fun loving. I’m more likely to watch things blowing up than make over shows so I guess I’m kind of a tomboy. I’m a little crazy at times but don’t care what people think about me. Do I sound THAT bad that guys always go for my best friend?

SYLVIA MONAYO Most dudes fall for first impressions, your best friend or the next friend might seem like the better choice at first glance but it all comes down to confidence! It doesn’t matter if you are a tomboy, skinny, fat, crazy or whatever... girl it starts with you believing you are beautiful and trust me confidence alters how people percieve you! Try it you’ll be surprised by the results.


No you don’t, you probably just need to be more confident in yourself. Just because they are attracted to your friend doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You just haven’t met te right guy yet. Take your time and instead indulge in studies, fun activities and more outings with your girls. Do not be afraid to interact with guys. That’s the only way how you will know that someone is the perfect match.



Guys like girlie girls and being a little crazy is a pretty relative statement, there is crazy “fun” and there’s crazy “psycho” and the latter is a huge turn off to guys. Don’t be afraid to spruce yourself once in a while, it’s important that guys get to see the girlie side of you no matter how tom-boyish you are. That’s the only way it’ll register in their heads that you actually ARE a girl and that they can hit on you.

Your friend might seem to be all that but you should also have a high opinion say your pretty because you think so not because people say so. You are fun loving, as you say a little crazy, well you sound very interesting. Being a tom boy is not bad just don’t make the boys feel like they are dating a fellow dude. Don’t be too girlie either as boys don’t like too much mushiness and a chic who’s always a damsel in distress.

GIRL POWER TIP OF THE MONTH Chics and dudes have very different likes and dislikes. What you like might be what he hates so don’t try to change him into you, remember, you don’t want to be dating yourself

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