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Wellness in a Wired World

In a surprise tech twist, forward-living expert Carley Knobloch demonstrates how certain apps and accessories can actually help us unplug. Between overflowing inboxes, neverending news feeds and self-generating to-do lists, the standard pace of daily life seems to officially rank somewhere between “breakneck” and “whiplash.” The issue: Too many demands originate outside ourselves. When we’re done returning all those volleys, we may enjoy empty inboxes — but did we do anything meaningful? Did we attend to the people and things truly dear to us? Did we care for ourselves? As a tech expert whose typical day entails numerous hours nose-deep in laptops and smartphones, I rely on strict boundaries and sharp tools to prevent being swept away by alerts, notifications and trending topics. For me, it’s not about denouncing technology. It’s about curating high- and low-tech solutions that help me stay calm and focused. Here, a few of my greatest hits.


Most of us think about air quality when we’re outdoors, but did you know that indoor air quality is often much worse? Air purifiers, like the Blueair 411, pictured above, capture the majority of airborne pollutants, including VOC’s, which can cause nausea, fatigue and airborne viruses. Top-of-the-line purifiers will zap smelly pet odors and lingering cooking fumes, too.


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