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FRENCH PRESS Also known as a Press or Plunger Pot, this method gives you an excellent pot of coffee that you can brew at the table. There are so many presses to choose from and many – including those from Bodum and Alessi — look like more like works of art than a functional machine. And here’s a little known fact: the French Press is also ideal for brewing loose tea.

TIP Po u r r o u g h l y h a l f o f the hot water over the g r o u n d s (t h i s i s c a l l e d t h e “ b l o o m ” s t e p) . A thick layer of cof fee grinds will form at the top. Af ter 30 seconds, give the cof fee a gentle stir to mix the grounds evenly with the water and then pour in the r e m a i n i n g h o t w a t e r. L e t cof fee steep with the lid on for 4 –5 minutes before slowly pressing t h e p l u n g e r. Tr a n s f e r cof fee immediately to a mug or thermal carafe.

B ECOM I N G BA RI S TA Elevate your at-home coffee experience by giving these tools a try


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2 1 Primula Precision Pour - Stainless Steel Pour Over Kettle, $30, 2 Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker 8 cup/ 34oz in Copper, $50, 3 Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty Brewer Stand Set 4 Cups, $190, 4 Melitta Signature Series 1-Cup Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker - Porcelain, Matte Black, $20, 5 Hario Slow Drip Coffee Water Dripper Clear 780ml, $290

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