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With so many humans, and so many hidden talents, I see everything as a creative outlet. I am proud to say that the people surrounding us within this world, are the people who contribute to COLLECTIVE. For artists of all kinds, all with forms of their own creation, COLLECTIVE, is inspiration from the inspired. __ Editor Izze Rumpp

photo by Erika Astrid

contributors George Gundlach Erika Astrid Matt Ogle Lucas Bourgeau Christian Harris Lauren Kawano Kelsey Green Britt Davis Ryan Allan Cheatham Austin Martin Matthew Wordell Natalie Foster

cover photo by Ryan A. Cheatham logo created by Austin Martin


eorge undlach Salt Lake City, Utah pen & ink, spray paint

“I do art to keep this sentiment in perspective.�

Upon The Cellar Door, pen&ink

Faced Needle, pen&ink

Bloom, pen&ink

EA rika

strid Boise, Idaho photography

Model: Mackenzie Thiry Hair: Jessica Bassick Makeup: Shaylinn Barlow

MO att


Bellingham, Washington painter & illustrator

photo by Rhys Logan


ff Season Farmer was my First painting done with oils. Bellingham is a flourishing landscape for agriculture and vegetation. We have an abundance of local organic grown produce and great plant nursery. Bellingham can also be very gray and very gloomy. This was painted during the gray and gloomy times.


painted “Slims” about a year ago now as part of a series of boxers that you would not see at a Gym, but rather in a basement or bedroom honing their self taught skills. They are the type of people that find their love of the sport by stumbling across a pair of their grandpa’s old gloves in an attic, and make punching bags out of pillows tied together with a shoelace. The intrinsic value of learning the art of a punch goes above and beyond the value of the prize.


egs, came from a character I was drawing in my notes one day at school. The Eskimo like hood was a recurring feature in a lot of my sketches just because of my frustration with hair styles and techniques. I felt whatever I tried doing the hair always looked the same, so I covered it up. Some of the original doodles also had arms but as I continued experimenting with the character I found that arms were not necessary to complete the anatomy. The painting appears to be bending in at the bottom, and thats because it is. I wrapped the canvas around a very poorly home made frame that is held together with nails and super glue.


ucas ourgeau Boise Idaho speedflying, BASE jumping, canopy sports


got into skydiving a couple years ago when I did my first tandem jump, which was actually a Groupon deal! Since then I have been hooked and I’ve moved on to other

canopy sports, like speedflying, and also a little bit of BASE jumping. Speedflying has been my main focus and my favorite canopy sport so far. This is only the beginning of an epic adventure that has already changed my life. I know it will continue to shape the rest of my life for as long as I’m around!


hristian arris








Boise, Idaho a

model: Bailey Renee Broxson






auren awano Boise, Idaho style blogger

photos by Pete Wilson

KL G elsey eah


Boise, Idaho

graphic design, illustration


his project is simply a copper intaglio, which is

a technique of etching into a wax material to expose the copper to the acid in which it is sunken into to, thus creating the etched image. The image, titled “thinned, skin”, is that of a surrealist-esque rabbit, wearing a rabbit pelt. This creation touches on the idea that no matter how many different skins that a person, animal, being or thing may try to wear, they are always going to be wearing their own skin. My main goal for this piece was to prove to my professor that I could create something that couldn’t be deemed “cute”.

BD ritt


Hailey, Idaho stylist, makeup

“When you look like you, but something is different...�

Stylist: Britt Davis Photos by: Caroline Woodham & HIlary Mayberry Models: Morgan, Brook & Brittany, Delaney, Chloe

RA C yan



“Never Give Up.”

Boise, Idaho photography


ustin artin Bellingham, Washington graphic design, photography

“Really, I’m just trying to stop time; if only for the most infinitesimal moment.”


atthew ordell Boise, Idaho photography “ I like salsa. I like jumping off of things. I like sleeping under the stars.�

A photo series of the beginning of something beautiful: Psycho Adorable

“This morning we were awoken by the beating drums of thunder. As our eyes adjusted, rain began to fall. We packed our things within the minute, then sprinted to shelter. The sun has not yet risen.�


atalie oster Boise, Idaho

gardening, photography


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Natalie Foster

Summer 2013 Edition Part I  

The COLLECTIVE Summer 2013 Edition has been split into two! Here is the first part!