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With so many humans, and so many hidden talents, I see everything as a creative outlet. I am proud to say that the people surrounding us within this world, are the people who contribute to COLLECTIVE. For artists of all kinds, all with forms of their own creation, COLLECTIVE, is inspiration from the inspired. __ Editor Izze Rumpp

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Give Chase

Sallie Ford

Ellen Rumel Photographer Boise, Idaho

It is a wonderful thing when music brings people together, which is why it seems that Boise’s favorite season is Treefort. Every day there were events I was excited for, as well as hundreds of acts I had never heard of. I ran into festival director, Eric Gilbert, when the weekend was over, and just by the look on his face, I could tell Treefort 2014 was a success. These photos I share with you, share my story of Treefort 2014. To view my entire Treefort 2014 writeup, visit:

Perfect Pussy

Treefort Crowd


Chastity Belt


From Top Left Across: Zebroids Merch Toy Zoo Lisa Prank-Off Sallie Ford From Bottom Left Across: Teens Run The Jewels Special Explosion Lake Destiny

DIRT The Story: Dirt is Life

Holistic Growth Team’s long life serum is putting Boise on the map, making the Treasure Valley a bubble of prosperity. But when a mother driven by loss and instinct uncovers the morbid key to this corporation’s success, Boise’s first world problems will resemble third world devastation. These devisers from HomeGrown Theatre are making a play based on Holistic Growth Team’s story and product, coming to Boise May 2014.

Made possible in part by Bridgeworks—a project of id Theater—and Boise City Department of Arts & History.

Where and When:

DIRT is coming to The Water Cooler this Spring, opening May 16, 2014. DIRT Runs May 16, 17, 22-24 and 29-31. Additional Team Members: Erin Archambeault Kyle Daniel Barrow Erin Marie Chancer Israel Dexter Sarah Gillman Marcus Heleker Stephen Heleker Sarah Kelso Declan Kempe David Ketchum Luke Massengill Rachel Reisenauer Rikku Min Svea VanAtter Melissa Wilson Jeff Young

DIRT Devising Team

Heidi Kraay I am a writer and theater practitioner. Lately magical collaborations steal my heart. To me, DIRT is a Jackson Pollack splatter image collecting colors splashed by some of my favorite brilliant, imaginative artists. A wild yet thoughtful ride. “Make art in order to live better. Live better in order to make better art. Make better art in order to live.� HomeGrown Theatre is creative, volcanic dynamism.

DIRT Devising Team continued

Jennifer Stockwell Doner Actor, deviser, director.

“No day should be wasted, live each like it’s your last. Unless you really need a veg out day, then by all means.” To me, DIRT is a different way to tell a story, a new approach to theater. I’ve been working professionally as an actor for nearly 20 years with regional and local companies and this process is like nothing I’ve done before. I’m very excited to give Boise a nudge in a new direction of modern theater. It’s not just about sitting in your seats anymore, waiting for the monkey to dance. Especially if we want theater to survive. I am very lucky to be working with such a talented group of artists. HomeGrown Theatre is about producing and supporting new works and local artists. Those are my kind of people! Photo Credit: Diamond K photography

Chad Ethan Shohet Writer, artistic director, puppeteer: I stretch the weird, dive emotional pools, and explore impossible truths. My favorite work is the kind that excites me to share with my peers, a special kind of theatre that doesn’t exist anywhere else because it can’t without our team. DIRT is survival, reawakening, and cleansing. “Everything’s impossible.” HomeGrown Theatre feels like a secret mission of mine. Many young folks in Boise would love theatre if they had the accessibility to it, but that isn’t really available here. There are a ton of my post-undergraduate peers from BSU who get occasional professional work, but mostly use their degrees waiting tables. HomeGrown was born to suit both needs; to create work for our peers by us. It’s the most communal experience imaginable.

Sarah Gardner Sarah Gardner is a director and performer who loves a good story and a chance to be a part of the telling of it. To me, DIRT is opportunity for growth. “I believe in the power of stories.” I’m involved with HomeGrown Theatre to get my hands dirty. Photo Credit: Chaz Gentry

Jaime Nebeker I am a maker of theatre. I am the Managing Director of HomeGrown Theatre, a puppeteer, a choreographer and dancer. Primarily an actor. To me, DIRT is a tale about life and death. It explores how we tell our stories and how they affect the audience, the artists, the relationship between the two, and the story itself. “Fall down running,” shared with me by one of my acting professors, Tracy Sunderland. With this mantra I am propelled by that I fear rather than drawn back by it. Inevitably we will fall… Like me, HomeGrown believes all that is necessary to make theatre is passionate theatre makers and an audience willing to play. Photo From: Evolution of Eyelash

“Why can’t I try on different lives, like dresses, to see which one fits me and is most becoming?” -Sylvia Plath

I don’t feel like the same person everyday. I enjoy humor, sarcasm and genuine, human exchange. Cumbersome talking is taking away moments to just observe. If I get a sense at all that an exchange is forced, I withdraw, because I would rather get to the point and see how you really feel about absolutely anything. Even if it’s an opinion someone else doesn’t agree with, the point is just to have one. Act out. Have a personality that doesn’t look just like the other. Everyone is a narcissist these days. What I have seen, and where I’m from, has genuinely shaped me to feel like I posses the power of being present in the moment. Just enjoy being human, with an inexhaustible variety of life ahead, knowing I’m a microbe in a vast universe and I have a lot to learn. I think my paintings are all those things. It’s subjects of getting lost daydreaming when I was a little girl, traveling through war in Bosnia, it kept my sanity and wonder alive. Seeing something plain, like a brick wall with towering grass, and picturing it completely animated, humming to myself, while hearing the chaos consume. I choose to remember times of picking flowers in the forest and connecting to animals. When I was little, my brother and I would go trap rabbits in the hills, and take them home. We had this big collection we didn’t realize my dad was actually cooking to keep up with the us. My mother and I would go for walks and pick mushrooms for dinner, took care of a vineyard, and stomped grapes when life was genuinely good. I reflect on those things as an adult, I still clutch to that feeling of escape I get while painting, being in my own world. I mostly use canvas, currently acrylic, rarely oil. I like anything surreal and a little dark. I look up to many other artists, local and well known.

Manuela Muminovic Painter Boise, Idaho

Peter Lovera

Photographer Boise, Idaho

I believe in the power of pictures. I am passionate about our shared human experience and capturing the raw elements with each passing day. I am merely a messenger of life’s longing for artistic reverence. I am in passionate pursuit of creating something bigger than myself. I adore animals. Cats seem to follow me around. My creative focus here is to showcase diversity. I live between Maui, Hawaii and Boise, Idaho. I thrive in diversity. The world around me reveals herself like a crystal stone, multifaceted and brilliant throughout. “Let’s get loose With Compassion, Let’s drown in the delicious Ambience of Love.”

Vincenzo Barkasy Visual Development Artist San Francisco Bay Area.

Lisa Holley Illustrator Ketchum, Idaho

Painting botanical illustrations became a passion of mine after studying the works of 16th centur artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo in graduate school at Syracuse University. Drawing plants, flowers and insects, involves the viewer in another dimension of thought by composing the animals from what they eat or painting them in related environments. It is fascinating for me to observe the reactions people have to the progression and finished work. The Exhibits Curator of The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts said, after displaying my paintings, “I believe that if something can spark true conversation and discussion between child and adult on a equal level where both come away learning, remembering, and gaining ideas from that tool, then it, your artwork, is truly a gift”. This, in words, is what inspires me to continue challenging myself to create fun, educational and interesting paintings. The paintings submitted reflect my objective as an artist to present botanical subjects in a fashion which encourages the viewer to observe the subject with new insights and to explore the painting with new visual and mental awareness. Each finished painting has it’s own evolution and history to my mind’s eye when remembered or visualized.

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