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he Kajaria brand has become synonymous with innovation and customer satisfaction. Having evolved into a household name for tiling solutions, a few years ago it launched its in-house brand in sanitary ware - Kerovit. The Kerovit’s product portfolio is designed to cater to the aspirations of the discerning buyer by providing them with stylish, classic, innovative yet economical bath solutions. In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, Mr. Rishi Kajaria, Joint Managing Director Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. talked about ‘the brand’ Kerovit and how it is gaining momentum..

Kerovit: Indian Identity, Global Vision Kerovit believes in its Indian brand ethos and

scaling with a multi-national attitude creating products that are value for money.

Centauri (Toilet) - Alba (Basin)

The Kerovit brand is relatively new in the market, what has been its growth trajectory? Mr. Rishi Kajaria, Joint Managing Director, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

From the early days of setting up the distribution of Kerovit a few years ago, today Kerovit products are available pan India with a sizeable team servicing the needs of our partner dealers. To help distribution we have opened our own dedicated Kerovit Display Centre where the entire range of our products are on display. There are 19 of these state-of-the-art showrooms where dealers can bring in their customers and experience the entire range of Kerovit. In which geographies is Kerovit currently available?

Hydrus Plus (Faucet) - Topaz

Kerovit has its distribution in all state capitals as well as metro cities. We also have a presence in other emerging centres like Vijaywada, Siliguri, Indore, Bhopal. We expect to grow our distribution even further to smaller centres in 2019. continued on page 2






APRIL 2019

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LIXIL Bags 21 Red Dot Awards 8

continued from page 1 We look forward to sharing our success jointly with our dealer network. We provide them a geography to operate and grow their sales fortunes. We have on going supplies to the largest builders in the country for their marquee projects which is a further validation of the Kerovit success story. How is the market responding to Kerovit Products?

We are a new player in this category and we have already captured a significant share which makes us serious competition. Today we produce both sanitary ware and bath fittings. Three years ago we commissioned our bath fitting plant at Bhiwadi where we produce products which as are at par with the best bath fittings made by MNCs anywhere in the world. This makes the Kerovit brand serious competition! continued on page 3

Resin Art 10 Crafting With Love 12 “2019: A Monumental Year” 14 The Store Between The Lines 16 Decor Soaked In Craftsmenship 18 Evowood Wins Red Dot Award 19 VitrA’s Latest Designer Collaborations 20 Asian Paints Launches Organic Paints 22 Ivanka Lumiere’s Ape Collection 23 Outdoor Furniture For Every Season 24

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continued from page 2 What has been your product strategy? We produce products based on market needs and demands. We do not believe in creating outlandish designs that are temporary and gimicky, instead our design team delivers classic and timeless products and solutions. We produce global benchmarked products at Indian prices. We have done large scale technical upgradations with both sanitaryware and faucet. Some of these include two stroke cartridges, water conservation efforts, extra large showers, jointless tall boy faucet, etc.. We have complete bathroom solutions across our range. Our customers do not need to mix and match products as we offer a complete and unified solution in our range. What are some of the challenges in the marketplace? How do you see the brand consolidating? Challenges in terms of the fittings segment is much higher. When it comes to faucet and showers customers are more discerning. It is our effort to prove ourselves with these customers and provide the best product solutions. What have been some of the new products launched by Kerovit? Today there are automated seats and smart wash solutions which are gaining increasing popularity.


This product is state-of-the-art and comes with a seat warmer, multiple washing modes and very easy maintenance, service back up and warranty. We have a keen eye on the future needs of the market and our inhouse design team is constantly looking at emerging trends. We take our research efforts very seriously and are constantly looking for areas of

How are you engaging customers and the trade? We recently have launched a campaign with actress Anushka Sharma which did a lot for brand awareness for Kerovit. We also have a deep focus on digital marketing. We build on our very strong relationship with dealers with various point of sale displays and merchandise as well as organise architect meets, plumber meets and visits to our manufacturing plants. Kajaria, our parent brand, has an enormous dealer network and we are looking at onboarding and further cementing our relations with this deep network. We have a long way to go to fully optimise these long standing relationships.

However, in the future we have plans to create product segmentation, especially in the bath fittings space to be even more targeted to the needs of our discerning customers. Contact email: web:

What positioning do you have in mind for Kerovit? Kerovit is an Indian brand with a multinational attitude with products that are value for money. This is a winning combination for many reasons. Kerovit is today a mass brand. We appeal to the large majority of customers.


Some brands have priced these products out of the reach of the market, however we at Kerovit have introduced a WC with a Smart Wash at Rs. 40,000 and we have created this indigenously.

product improvement and fulfilling customer needs. Kerovit does not believe in adopting outdated technologies, but future proof and proven technologies.




Spot Light


eflecting on future trends, Grohe, the bath major rolled out a record number new products at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt and surprised its customers and consumers with solutions that actively shape the future of water. Grohe introduced a record number of innovations and more than 500 single new products that address the five mega

Grohe’s Mega Trend Forecast Grohe, the leading global brand for

complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings shared an impressive account of mega trends at the recently concluded ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


trends ‘new living spaces’, ‘consumers become creators’, ‘simplicity seekers - the search for simplicity’, ‘taking control’, and ‘intelligent life management’. It is the biggest innovation push of Grohe so far - tailored to the needs of consumers as well as professional partners such as architects, installers, insurers and smart home experts.

Grohe believes consumers have risen from passive consumption to taking control over the creation of new living spaces and have become creators themselves in seeking simplicity and intelligent product solutions

Bau Cosmopolitan E

The Emergence Of New Living Spaces Grohe believes consumers have risen from passive consumption to taking control over the creation of new living spaces and have become creators themselves in seeking simplicity and intelligent product solutions. Product innovation and design depend on an

empathetic understanding of these trends as consumers are inclined to choose integrated solutions over single products. 3d Metal-Printing Will Lead The Way A unique formula of granules has been exclusively developed by Grohe for their


When designing their own living space, consumers pay much more attention to detail in the bathroom and the kitchen than ever before

3D metal-printers located at its Hemer manufacturing site in Germany. For consumers, it’s the future of their own creativity and ultimate personalization. Grohe believes that 3D metal-printing will revolutionize the water experience in the home. It’s the ultimate blend of customization and industrial production. Ch a n g i n g Req u i re m e nt s As Consumers Become Creators The boundaries between the individual living areas are becoming more blurred. The kitchen is often part of the living room, the bathroom opens up to the bedroom and both are becoming important living spaces instead of purely functional ones. When designing their own living space, consumers pay much more attention to detail in the bathroom and the kitchen than ever before. Consequently, bathroom and kitchen products have become household furnishings that allow consumers to express their individual style and preferences. As the first European leading sanitary brand to launch 3D metal-

printed faucets, Grohe breaks with the old principle of form following function and combines cutting-edge technology with spectacular design. “Consumer expectations are changing to a great extent”, said Michael Rauterkus, CEO Grohe AG, as he delivered his keynote speech in front of 350 international journalists and invited guests. “Grohe is shaping the future of water, in terms of design and innovation, both analogue and digital, giving our customers and our consumers the building blocks they need to harness the power and the beauty of water - as a tailored experience wherever they enjoy water.” Customers Seek Simplicity - Creation Without Complexity The search for simplicity in terms of easy and intuitive solutions is met with a new minimalism to people’s homes. Grohe has positioned itself as a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions, supporting consumers in becoming creators without having to deal with complexity. Its products combine quality with a stunning range of colors and materials: from faucets, showers and ceramics, to kitchen faucets, sinks, accessories and flush plates. “Nobody else offers, across the whole product range, the quality and durability in so many colors that bathrooms and kitchens require”, emphasized Michael Rauterkus, CEO Grohe AG. A New Connected Ecosystem

Grohe is shaping the future of water, in terms of design and innovation, both analogue and digital

Grohe is pioneering digitization in the sanitary industry and extends its competence well beyond sanitary hardware solutions. At the ISH 2019 keynote, Grohe announced a new generation of Grohe Sense water sensors and the launch of Grohe Sense Guard Pro, which is optimized for use in multifamily homes and high-rise residential buildings. Installed on both the cold and hot water pipes, it offers water

security and provides accurate water consumption data directly onto mobile devices via the Grohe Sense App. This also means that there is full visibility of water and energy consumption, allowing consumers to take control. The Grohe Sense system has created a disruptive new business model for Grohe as well as for installers and new business partners such as insurance and property management companies. “We are creating an intelligent platform, the biggest ecosystem for water security and water management, which will allow our industry partners worldwide, such as insurance companies, to implement new business models”, said Michael Rauterkus. Contact web: Kitchen Blue Professional

Rainshower Connect




Spot Light


hilst we celebrate rapid modernisation, new constructional feats, and technological advancement we often ignore the adverse impact these have on the planet. We crave for improved standard of living and in general, improved quality of life, however, deteriorating quality of air remains unaccounted.

MOA Founders Credit Philipp Langenheim

The construction sector delivers the infrastructure and buildings to the society by consumption of large amount of non-renewable energy. Consequently, this consumption leads to substantial emission of CO2. Records suggest, nearly 40% of carbon emissions are caused by construction industries. In fact, in India, the construction sector alone emits about 22% of the total annual emission of CO2 resulting from the Indian economy.

Made Of Air Berlin-based company Made of Air GmbH,

has come up with a radical carbon-negative building material to fight escalating climate change. BY SHWETA SALVI

Made of Air is a thermoplastic material which can be moulded in various forms and shapes

Buildings and infrastructure basically are inert in nature and they don’t interact with climate change, and if we fail to challenge this statusquo, we may have to face complete annihilation. Estimating the ever growing demands of the exploding population we should plan ahead for sustainable urbanisation. Why not use urban growth to actively reverse climate change and make our environment carbon negative?

Anitapyrolysis Post Dube, ‘Silence Biochar (Blood becomes Wedding)’ the base (front) material and Ah for(aMade sigh)of (back) Air

Alternative building materials could be that catalyst that would bring in a much needed change. Biochar is a material that’s produced from plant waste or what we call as biomass. It is made by heating biomass to a temperature of 400 – 800°C under the absence of oxygen. This process is called pyrolysis. While biochar has excellent insulating properties, it also improves the air quality.

And characterised to be highly porous in nature, it captures and then locks atmospheric carbon dioxide in buildings and potentially reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 25%. The researchers have claimed ‘every tonne of biochar used in a building’s envelope leads to prevention of equivalent of more or less one tonne of CO2 from reentering the atmosphere.’

Made of Air can be used in urban landscaping in the form of paver blocks or tiles


MOA’s hexagonal facade panels that generate carbon negative emissions

Research on Biochar as a potential building material and its applications has been on for several years now, and the possibilities of using Biochar in plaster or using it as an admixture in concrete, have been successfully examined. Recognising the latent qualities of Biochar, Allison Dring, an architect and co-founder of Berlin-based think-tank Elegant Embellishments, along with production expert Daniel Schwaag has developed a carbon negative material made of 90 percent atmospheric carbon called Made of Air. Made of Air constitutes of biochar and a biodegradable binder. Since the material is thermoplastic, it can be easily moulded into any shape and various forms – including façade panels, paver blocks, and structural elements.

The innovator, Allison Dring further explains the material’s scope and intent, “We have identified five industries where MOA can be best applied - building facades, furniture, interiors, transport, and urban infrastructure.” The production process of Made of Air doesn’t include any use of fossil fuels. Moreover, at the end of its lifespan, it doesn’t cause any toxic effects. Made of Air can be shredded and then sequestered in the soil as a soil conditioner. Even the heat released during pyrolysis can be stored and converted into electrical energy. Allison strongly asserts, “If we have to build, shouldn’t our new and regenerated buildings be active in reversing climate change and increasing biodiversity? Using or consuming products which have sequestered

The amount of biochar covering a building facade results into prevention of equal or more amount of CO2 emission in the environment

carbon reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.” Easy adaptability and applicability makes Made of Air a very versatile material.


It can be used in urban landscaping as well - where the maintenance of public parks amount to tons of organic waste such as dry leaves, and trimmings - the resultant biomass can be productively converted into pavers, public benches, bikes stands, etc., creating an efficient production cycle. Recently, Made of Air GmbH was awarded €10,000 Govtech Prize for Germany. Allison and Daniel’s company Elegant Embellishments has also innovated customised facades that actively neutralise urban pollutants such as Nitrous Oxide which already have been applied on large buildings around the world. Materials like Made of Air pave way towards an ideal situation of creating carbon positive environment and reducing the overall CO2 footprint of buildings. Since our ambitions for development are here to stay, and there is no alternative to construction, let’s instead choose to store carbon in a meaningful and useful manner in the buildings of our cities. Contact email: web:

At the end of its lifespan it does not cause any toxic effects



Spot Light


he Red Dot Award, together with the IF Design Award and Good Design Award, is today among the most prestigious p ro d u c t d e s i g n a w a rd s . T h e products of LIXIL Group - which owns GROHE, American Standard, INAX, TOSTEM and Interio - has picked up 21 Red Dot awards for 2019, having recently taken home 17 iF Design Awards, 11 of which were awarded to GROHE. Among its winning creations were an IoT-connected postal box that lets you remotely speak to the postal carrier, making package-delivery and pick-up easier and faster in the age of online shopping. Ceramic wall tiles that help control room humidity and odors, now customizable with your own images. 3D-printed metal faucets that blend cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, reshaping how we interact with water. Meaningful design is about more than just looks - it is about making life better and LIXIL’s brand portfolio h a s b e e n re c o g n i s e d f o r i t s marvellous efforts.

LIXIL Bags 21 Red Dot Awards

LIXIL, maker of pioneering water and housing products, announced that 21 of its product designs from across its brand portfolio have been recognized with a Red Dot Design Award 2019.

GROHE Atrio Private Collection

GROHE also received Red Dot wins for its Black Line, Essence, Minta, Zedra, Blue and Red, Plus 3, Atrio, Euphoria and Rainshower collections. Another bath and sanitary brand owned by the LIXIL Group is American Standard. This leading brand keeping comfort and safety in mind won a Red Dot award for its shower and bath mixer that keeps water temperature comfortably constant, even when water pressure fluctuates, preventing both scalding and cold water-shock. Featuring easy to use push and turn controls to preset water volume and temperature, the EasySET mixer also offers a surface and side-hook to keep bath essentials within easy reach.

GROHE Atrio Icon 3D

GROHE, a LIXIL brand, is shaping the future of water through new manufacturing technologies, including a unique formula of granules for its 3D metal printers. Its Icon 3D faucets reinterpret the brand’s existing Allure Brilliant and Atrio lines, demonstrating how 3D printing can influence a new generation of design. By reducing the design of the faucet to its essentials, GROHE is not only saving resources but evolving a new interactive experience with water.

GROHE Rainshower 310

LIXIL the mega water and housing products firm has products that are designed to solve every day, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, e ve r y w h e re . Dr a w i n g o n i t s Japanese heritage, it creates worldleading technology and innovates to make high quality products that transform homes. The firm creates these products through industry leading brands, i n c l u d i n g I N A X , G RO H E , American Standard, and TOSTEM. Over 70,000 colleagues operating in more than 150 countries to make products that touch the lives of more than a billion people every day. Contact web:

GROHE Blue and Red in One Duo



Spot Light


hile the compound, which can be cultivated naturally or created synthetically, resin has traditionally been used in polishes and varnish. Many presentday artists and designers are now finding new and inventive ways to incorporate the malleable material into their practice. Lustrous like glass but compositionally similar to plastic, resin effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities. Here, we will explore an eclectic selection of resin art, created by the self-taught artist Vidya Mukund based in Mumbai, whose moniker happens to be ArtistByPassion. When asked about her journey till now, Vidya shares, “I was a student of science and graduated with a Masters in Anthropology. I also acquired an MBA degree in marketing and international finance followed by a doctorate (PhD) in Anthropology. I could have pursued the fields I qualified in but something pulled me into the world of art.” Vidya believes that, when God created human beings, he also decided that human beings be creators themselves; creators of mankind, of a better world, of art.

“While art is all about having a sense of aesthetics, it is more importantly about a sense of expression and the ability to make someone feel something. Painting for me is coming back home to myself; an act so simple yet so satisfying,” says Vidya. Vidya’s aim is to create pulsating, luminous, and open surfaces using resin that reflect her insight into nature and life. She says, “A lot can be said about painting. Painting is basically silent poetry, one that conveys without the use of words. Painting is also all about self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he or she is.

Resin Art

Known for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic, resin is fast gaining attention from contemporary artists. BY MALA BAJAJ

Painting is a lot of things and for me it is a channel for the love that I have within me. My art is something that I am always going to nurture and be fond of at the same time. The sheer joy of seeing the colors come alive from memory is what keeps me going.” Chris Kraus, an American writer and filmmaker once said, “Every letter is a love letter.” Vidya would like to rephrase that, she believes that, “every painting is an expression of true love.” There are several ways in which one can meditate. Vidya finds it therapeutic to swirl paint colors around; for her, that is meditation!

It was only, a year ago that Vidya stumbled across the world of resin art on YouTube and became so entranced with the idea that she plunged headlong into it. “Having lived next to an ocean and watched drone images of oceans and the surrounding nature, I was very inspired to attempt an abstract version inspired by the waves and the sandy beach. The creative process with resin art is enticing - the moment you start pouring your resin over your canvas surface or your wooden board it is that sense of ‘flow’ that the painting follows. The “flow” becomes a subconscious mental zone where heightened creativity becomes possible,” says Vidya. Making a painting with clear resin is quite a learning experience. Different types of paints and pigments react differently to the resin mixture. Resin is a two-part compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish. One can add paints to the resin, or paint something and then pour resin over it to create the finish. “It is because of the intuitive process of creating resin art that it becomes this living thing that’s of the moment. The idea is to capture a memory of nature and turn it into something tangible. I would best describe my technique as experimental. It gives me more room to make mistakes and to learn. I think mistakes are an integral part to achieve any end result,” elucidates Vidya. It’s those unforeseen moments that have artists smiling and cringing too at times. But that’s the joy of it, the ability to paint an intangible memory into a tangible keepsake. The depth of resin art is hard to grasp in words or even in a photograph. What Vidya strives for, is to evoke an emotion in the viewer and hopefully a sentimental one. “My paintings are purely my attempts at putting down my feelings using paint, resin and canvas,” signs off Vidya. Contact email:





ith a bevy of product designers entering the Indian market, it’s become extremely crucial to uphold not just factors like function and aesthetics in design, but also the profession should now focus on instrumentality as designers in becoming agents of social and economic growth.

Crafting With Love

TOWITHFROM combines artisanal heritage with modern aesthetics to design products that match the urban consumers’ sensibilities. Te l l u s a b o u t y o u r b r a n d TOWITHFROM- the intention and ideology behind its conception.

Harpreet Padam

While keeping their eyes on the larger picture, Lavanya Asthana and Harpreet Padam, founders at Unlike Design Co., a New Delhi based design studio, have set off on a path of resurrecting the dying crafts of India and putting them on a global platform. Their brand TOWITHFROM collaborates with the Indian crafts community to design and curate high-quality products and accessories that celebrate our rich craft heritage. Re c e n t l y, T h e In s i d e Tra c k interviewed this designer duo to discuss the scope and the body of work at TOWITHFROM.

In 2012, we were researching on the fringe crafts of Banaras - the everyday crafts that didn’t really get any attention from the ministries or the NGOs. One of these was the work of the local rickshaw decorators - the people who make a cycle rickshaw aesthetically and ergonomically roadworthy after the owner has purchased a raw cycle rickshaw. They would upholster seats in bright contrasting patterns and decorate the protective tin cladding on the back of the rickshaw with debossed insignia. We produced a small range of accessories with this community and decided to retail it through our own online store. This is how TOWITHFROM came into being. Later, we decided to apply the same methodology of working in crafts with other clusters. The desired outcome was interesting objects and accessories that would make meaningful gifts. The name itself came from the three words mentioned on most gifts - TO, WITH and FROM. The ‘with’ is probably the best way to explain our ideology.

Skull Sign made by the Rickshaw Decorators of Banaras

What’s a design constant when you conceptualise any product? A TOWITHFROM product must find its way into a contemporary setting, even while working with traditional craft forms. It must induce a desire to possess, to use and to gift. It must be of the best quality in its making. Under the brand you present three lines - Originals, Made of India and Picks. Tell us something about the lines. ‘ Made of Indi a’ i s ou r core range where we collaborate with craftspeople of different regions of India. Some of these are centuries old crafts. We devote a lot of time on this line, working on location where the crafts are practiced. The work relationship that forms is strong and mutually beneficial. ‘Originals’ are products that are made by people who are not conventional craftspeople in the textbook sense, yet make exceptional quality products. These are usually small suppliers and workshops within the Delhi region, where we are based. Picks is the range where we select already made goods selected

Home Bidriware Coaster Set

Lavanya Asthana

directly from the source. This line is linked to our travels across India. We don’t currently stock these online and have larger plans for this line. It deserves its very own attention. What crafts and techniques are you currently exploring? Any particular craft you look forward to working on? We are currently working with a group of papier-mâché artisans in Srinagar, Kashmir. It has been the result of a larger project that we have now been a part of for two years called Commitment to Kashmir.



We are also exploring a range of products with wood carvers in coastal Andhra Pradesh. We would really like to work with textiles in the near future. It is not our strength at the moment, but we’d like to bridge this divide of textile and non-textile with a design methodology that goes beyond material. Your work reflects the local cultures and ethnicities (of different places), yet they are globally relevant and timeless. Are there any challenges faced when you merge global aesthetics with the traditional techniques? As far as the makers and the markets are concerned, it has been all smooth. Much appreciated by the people who buy and use the products and very enjoyable as a process for ourselves. Sometimes we get questioned on drifting too far from the traditional aspects of the crafts we work with. That’s a long debate though, and an interesting one at that. You have collaborated with craftsmen on several projects; how has the experience been working with the artisans? Very enlightening. We feel it subtly alters the way we work or see things even in the non-craft sector - in the way we define ‘work’ or in the way we talk to or deal with people. It brings about a certain respect, honesty, an upfront-ness of dealing with issues head on. Conversations become more meaningful. One begins to enjoy process and product. We feel this is the traditional part of craft that needs the most nurturing and safeguarding - the part about human values. Knowing about a craft’s modalities and knowing about it through the artisans must be a very different experience. How does that factor influence your designs?

OID Bidriware Box Set

NOOK Vase in Bidriware

Secrets Boxes made by the Wood Turners of Banaras

This is a very important question. So very often, we don’t approach artisans with proposals that are totally thought-through or with precise specifications. We’d say about half of the process takes place at the maker’s workshop. Sometimes the transformations are minute, sometimes they end up opening absolutely new directions. This other half is the artisan’s perspective - one that leaves room for surprise, for innovation and fruitful collaboration. Owing to lack of appreciation, the legacy of crafts and arts is gradually declining. As a result the artisans’ community of India is dramatically shrinking. You are doing a commendable job of supporting this legacy; however, what collective efforts should be made to make sure this treasure is not completely lost to us? We’re too small to make the difference this needs. But we believe we’re doing our part. We see the designer as one of the major agents of change if this decline has to be reversed.

And by change, we don’t mean product design only. A good craft designer sees the whole picture the social, the commercial, and the environmental. What are the future goals at Towithfrom? Any plans to expand the portfolio and go beyond accessories?

Greeting Stamps made by the Wood Turners of Banaras

And for that, we need more trained and sensitised designers working in craft. Sadly, despite volumes of design students graduating each year, few choose to work with craft. It is not that they wouldn’t want to, but our design education at present does not focus enough on ‘tradition’. The design student of today needs to be inspired and motivated to a level of seeing potential in themselves and their careers to make a change to craft.

Working with more communities is always a goal. Collaborations that merge industrial production with craft are also on our mind. We also see ourselves doing more of what we’re doing already. There is much to do and very little time. Furniture complements and textiles should be next, in addition to accessories. Contact email: web:

Cadet Pencil Case from TWF Originals

Secrets Box - Round - made by the Wood Turners of Banaras


Spot Light


A Monumental Year” to focus attention on the exciting and groundbreaking unveilings throughout New York City this year. BY NATALIE PEDDER-BAJAJ

The Shed with its exposed steel frame shell clad in a lightweight Teflon-based polymer

Photo Credit: Oxford

ignificant openings like Hudson Yards and prominent attractions such as the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) expansion; the debut of The Shed and Vessel, two architectural wonders; Empire Outlets on Staten Island, the city’s first and only shopping outlet destination; the new Statue of Liberty Museum and the ongoing revival of Lower Manhattan, along with multiple hotel additions are but some of the new experiences to look forward to in NYC this spring. MCR and MORSE Development have rekindled the glamour of Eero Saarinen’s landmark 1962 TWA (Trans World Airlines) Flight Center at JFK Airport by restoring and reimagining it as an exclusive hotel. With 512 ultra quiet rooms overlooking JFK’s runways, guests can check out the 10,000 square foot rooftop observation deck as well as the museum devoted to the jet age! But its pièce de résistance is the 1958 Lockheed Constellation “Connie” airplane that will morph into a cocktail lounge, parked right on the tarmac outside the TWA Hotel! Also on the agenda is Hudson Yards, the biggest private real estate development in the history of the United States which will be home to The Shed, a mind bogglingly fantastical cultural venue. The Sh e d’s Bl o o m b e r g Bu i l d i n g , designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Lead Architect, and Rockwell Group, Collaborating

“2019: A Monumental Year” NYC & Company has initiated “2019: Photo Credit: Lawrence Weiner


Hudson Yards viewed from the Hudson River

Architect, is an ingenious 200,000 square foot structure that can physically transforms itself. The McCourt, The Shed’s most iconic space, is formed by moving its outer shell over the adjoining plaza to create a 17,000 square foot light, sound and temperature controlled hall for large-scale performances, installations and events. The adjustable shell which takes five minutes to deploy fully, moves on a double-wheel track influenced by gantry cranes found in shipping ports and railway systems. The exposed steel frame of the shell is clad in translucent pillows of a durable and lightweight Teflonbased polymer that lets in light besides withstanding hurricane force winds. Also opening this spring is the heart of Hudson Yards, a colossal spiral staircase called the Vessel.

Photo Credit: MCR and Morse Development


TWA Hotel over looking the runways at JFK

Composed of 154 maze-like interlocking flights of stairs and 80 landings, this one mile vertical climb was inspired by the design of an Indian step well. Also on the cards this May is the opening of the brand new $70 million Statue of Liberty Museum™ which applies three main elements to its design - accessibility, education and sustainability. The museum with panoramic views of the statue, will be enclosed in a state-of-the-art LEED Gold certified building replete with a ‘green’ roof and bird-safe glass exteriors. It’s environmentally re s p o n s i b l e d e s i g n a n d b e s t practices for sustainability, boasts material re-use of the existing administration building. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is set above 500-year flood levels and is built to withstand hurricane force winds. No city in the world is quite like New York with its buzz and energy and even if you’ve been there a million time, there is always something fun, new and exciting for everyone. Contact web: Photo Credit: Forbes Massie Heatherwick Studio

view different perspectives of the city and one another from various heights, angles and vantage points. Photo Credit: Forbes Massie Heatherwick Studio

This interactive structure was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio as a highlight from where people can

The Vessel, view from the public square and gardens


Interior view of the Vessel and it’s connecting stairways



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ased in Thrissur, Kerala, the well known women’s clothes brand, Magis, had long been enjoying a robust patronage and after 13 years of its existence the need arose for a flagship store whose interior design would echo with the inherent ethos of the brand. LIJO.RENY.architects, a multiple award winning design studio, also based in Thrissur, was summoned and entrusted with the job of designing the flagship outlet, which eventually went on to be called ‘The store between the lines’. The minimal interior design was largely influenced by the urban environment of its location. The large windows not only afford great illumination but also allow the passersby to enjoy the beauty of the window display and the products housed within. The design studio chose to eschew any major changes in the façade of the store. However, a painted metal trellis has been placed in the front of the store, with the plan that when the planted creepers flourish and cover it fully, a fresh and inviting atmosphere will be fostered.

The Store Between The Lines Studio LIJO.RENY.architects recently completed work on the flagship store of a popular women’s wear brand called ‘Magis’. BY MALA BAJAJ

The large windows not only afford great illumination but also allow the passersby to enjoy the beauty of the window display and the products housed within

These serve multiple functions: work as spaces for stacking products, accommodate props during seasonal decorations, act as seating for customers and even work as tables where discussions may take place. This clever feature allows for dynamism and the swift changes in the display of the store help bring in fresh looks from time to time, keeping the interest of the frequent customer whetted. Defining the interior design further are stainless steel box sections which hold the clothes.

These rise and fall from the platform and the floor in a random but controlled continuous loop around the store. Adding to the minimalist and modular style of the store are LED strip lights, made to look as if they are suspended in midair, which reflect the layout of the S.S box section in plan and complete the loop. An entire rear wall has storage cabinets fronted by sliding mirror shutters that double the space visually. These cabinets are used to stack excess products and can be accessed whenever required by the customers. Allowing the products to take centre stage the overall colour scheme of the store is composed of neutral shades. A simple yet efficient system allows for the window displays to be refreshed with ease periodically. What has been achieved is a space where customers can experience the concept, the cut and quality of Magis’ garments, and experiment with self styling in an environment that resonates with the taste of the millennial consumer. The striking yet sympathetic design of The store between the lines helps the Magis customers to lose themselves in a rewarding experience. Contact web:

In the middle of the store is a large white display unit, in glossy automotive paint finish, which contrasts with the rest of the interiors

The store is planned with a versatile arrangement of spaces that respond to new realities, allowing customers a very open and tangible experience of the clothes that are on offer. One of the new approaches adopted in the design of this 92 sq m store is the presence of a large white display unit, in glossy automotive paint finish, contrasting with the rest of the interiors. This works as a display zone for exquisite higher end products.

Not only does this intervention work as a flexible element but it also serves the dual purposes of shielding a central column and encouraging the customers to loop around it and experience the other spaces of the store. The peripheral area of the space plays host to several cement finished platforms in varying heights, which are continuous with the flooring also finished in cement.

The peripheral area of the space plays host to several cement finished platforms in varying heights, which are continuous with the flooring also finished in cement



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et up in 2015, Fabuliv has established itself in the online space for beautifully handcrafted products that are made in India with a zero carbon footprint! Founded by Ishita Singh and Sumit Rastogi, both petroleum engineers, the company’s social and environmental beliefs are what makes up its backbone, besides its fabulous artefacts off course. Fabuliv’s core is the people who work for them, which is why the brand leaves no stone unturned in

Decor Soaked In Craftsmenship

Fabuliv is an online home decor brand that takes immense pride in its handcrafted products which not only support the environment, but also champion the skilled artisans that make them. BY NATALIE PEDDER-BAJAJ

Paris turquoise distress wooden bucket

facilitating economic opportunities and options that help their artists prosper. Today, where making replicas is the norm, the brand is meticulous when it comes to innovative designs and experiments. Fabuliv has 1500 plus products carefully designed and curated in house, giving the over ninety artisans around the country who fabricate their merchandise creative liberty and individuality.

Stella 2 tier organiser

Solid Wood Double Door Bathroom Cabinet Laisey 3 tier bath organiser

At Fabuliv they only use quality materials sourced from different parts of the country and the world that are not only novel and long lasting, but also come with the guarantee of being environmentally friendly, keeping their users and the environment free from toxicity. With a range of products from coffee tables and lamps using traditional techniques, to country style baskets and on trend home

Alex wooden floor shelf

decor, Fabuliv has not only made a mark for itself in the domestic market, but has also managed to seamlessly amalgamate with the styles and demands of global standards. Fabuliv is an axiom for a cultivated and sophisticated lifestyle, where creativity and social awareness blend oh-so smoothly with luxury and fine taste. Contact web:


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voWood, a wood engineering company has won the globally renowned Red Dot award in the Product Design 2019 category. EvoWood won this coveted award for EvoLlae, 3.5mm thick solid wood sheets, which was adjudged the winner for its outstanding design by the prestigious jury of Red Dot.

Evowood Wins Red Dot Award

EvoWood, an Indian wood engineering company was awarded the presitgious Red Dot for its pioneering solid wood sheet product innovation. medium to elevate and enhance our surroundings. EvoLlae is going to help the industry in execution of this endeavour in the most efficient and environment friendly manner,” says its Founder and CEO, Atul Marwah. EvoWood comes with a rich legacy of more than a century in the lumber and manufacturing vertical. The brand is the first to introduce unique 3.5mm thick solid wood sheets in the market. Contact web:

Finger Jointed Burma Teak

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EvoLlae Sheets of EvoWood wins the Red Dot

EvoLlae is a sheet that blends aesthetics and versatility and come in various designs and different species of wood. The EvoLlae sheet is a solution for all types of interiors and spaces and can be used in applications for wall panelling, ceilings, floorings, cabinetry, doors, door frames, steps, table tops and more. In order to appraise the wide scope of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award


is broken down into the three distinct disciplines: the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. With more than 18,000 submissions, the Red Dot Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. “The Red Dot award comes as a validation of our inherent belief in wood as a prime and versatile


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3D Crest Burma Teak

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dding to its established portfolio of collections, VitrA presented a new range of product created in partnership with international designers. The brand launched a completely new collection with Claudio Bellini and the popular ranges by Sebastian Conran and Terri Pecora were further extended. Equal Collection By Claudio Bellini For Vitra

The new Equal collection by Claudio Bellini makes use of geometric shapes and monochrome hues. Using clean, minimal borders and industrial, metallic accents, Bellini’s designs emulate the structures found in modernist architecture. Framing many pieces in the range, the sleek metal rails bring an elegant quality and create connections between the furniture using linear shapes. The collection features a mirror with integrated LED lighting, a selection of storage and washbasin units, and a wall-hung WC. The contemporary nature of the delicate, angular design makes it ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. Terri Pecora’s Award-winning Plural Collection A striking new collection from VitrA Bathrooms, designed in collaboration with Milan-based American designer, Terri Pecora. Inspired by the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals, the award-winning Plural collection

presents the bathroom as an informal living space, making it the new heart of the home. “We wanted to create a new methodology that responds to the recent evolution of the bathroom ritual. We focused on the time spent in the bathroom and our interaction within the space rather than the products. This led to reinterpreting the bathroom as

VitrA’s Latest Designer Collaborations Leading bathroom brand VitrA unveiled its latest designer collaborations at the prominent bathroom design trade show ISH in Frankfurt, Germany.

The latest additions to the Plural collection designed by Terri Pecora for VitrA, with new Origin brassware

a social hub.” believes Erdem Akan, Design Director, VitrA For this line of Plural, Pecora reimagined the washroom as a living space, using smooth, rounded edges and heavier woods to emulate furniture usually found in other rooms of the home. The expanded range features a new free-standing bathroom furniture including urinals, WCs and bidets.

New accessories from the Eternity collection, featured with the Equal range by Claudio Bellini



VitrA also presented a small counter, washbasins and different vanity unit options and accessories including a rotating mirror and wall- mounted shelf with or without a suspended towel rail. Following the same muted colour palette to the original collection, Plural’s latest products continue VitrA’s exploration into its ‘Living Bathroom’ concept. The Expanding Eternity Range By Sebastian Conran The Eternity range, first launched by Sebastian Conran in 2017, is now available in a new copper finish, in addition to the existing gold and chrome options. Designed by Sebastian Conran, this extensive accessory range boasts elegance, creativity and innovation. VitrA is part of the Eczacıbaşı Group, one of Turkey’s most prominent industrial groups. Founded in 1942, VitrA is Turkey’s leading bathroom manufacturer. In recent years VitrA has expanded into international markets and over 50% of VitrA’s total output is sold outside of Turkey.

The Equal collection designed by Claudio Bellini for VitrA, featured with new Eternity accessories

The innovative style of the Conran range addresses the needs of both elegant homes and commercial settings requiring more than a touch of luxury. This popular collection plays with the contrast between light metallic finishes and solid shades of black and white for the smaller accessories, with dark teak for the shelves and wall fixtures. The range features a number of products including a free-standing shelving unit, multiple wall-mounted shelves and towel rails, bathrobe holders, a toilet brush, a toilet-roll holder and a bin. A toothbrush holder and soap dispenser make up the smaller accessories in the collection. The line incorporates intelligent design features, such as a discreet hook option for bathrobes and a removable strainer within the toothbrush holder.

The Minimal Origin Collection VitrA also launched the Origin collection of accessories and brassware, available in Chrome, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel and Copper. Its minimal aesthetic complements the style of VitrA’s more contemporary ranges presented at the fair. Alongside Origin, there was also the new V-Care Smart WC that is designed by renowned artist and designer Arik Levy. Updated versions of the Nuo and Geo washbasins were also presented, which will be available from February 2019 in a new selection of sizes. These were also a string of new products from other collections that have been refreshed, including the Sento and Memoria lines.

VitrA produces a full range of bathroom products including over 5 million pieces of sanitaryware along with complementary bathroom furniture, baths, brassware and bathroom accessories, which are distributed to over 75 countries on five continents. Contact web: helpline number: 1800 123 1134



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arth safe and formulated w i t h ove r 9 5 % n a t u r a l ingredients, Nilaya Naturals is robust from deep within, creates breathable layers and has a clean, fresh smell. Its carefully chosen palette is tonally perfect and created with a unique blend of pigments sourced from around the world. Unlike other paint products, Nilaya Naturals delivers a vintageinspired finish that is flawlessly matte. The beauty of Nilaya Naturals comes from the unique way in which natural ingredients like soya bean extract, casein, calcium carbonate, castor seeds and neem oil have been skillfully blended to create an organic and robust paint. This scrupulous attention to detail means it is able to deliver a superior natural product with a 10 year performance warranty. Its organic composition and a special painting system (base coat + top coat) make the layers of Nilaya Naturals porous and breathable so air flows through freely. Humidity and temperature are naturally regulated and as a result, microbial growth is greatly reduced. What results is a healthy and comfortable living space. A perfect soft, matte finish inspired by flower petals grows deeper with time just as natural materials do when they acquire a patina. The vintage finish adds a natural, textural beauty to the walls evoking a beautiful emotional response.

Dual Miles & Lichen

Asian Paints Launches Organic Paints The Asian Paints culture of innovation and best practices results in the launch of a pure, wholly organic paint.

Dual Blue 1 & 2

Ni l a y a Na t u r a l s d o e s n o t release environmentally unfriendly volatile organic chemicals into the atmosphere. It has a clean, fresh smell unlike typical paint products. This means that your painting experience is pleasant and your spaces remain healthy and fresh long after painting is over. A l l t h e n a t u r a l l y s o u rc e d ingredients return to the earth

unaltered at the end of the paint’s life, keeping the environment unharmed. Additionally, the great care taken in manufacturing and packaging ensures that with Nilaya Naturals you choose a paint that is healthy for you and the planet. Nilaya Naturals offers a colour experience that is as unique as the paint. The palette features


35 handpicked shades, each a custom blend. These are provided in individual sachets which can be mixed with the paint to create custom colours - with tonally perfect results every single time. By varying the quantity you can develop very specific colours. For now, each one comes in three variations - adding up to a palette choice of 105 colours. So, for the first time the customer has complete control over the precise tonality of colours. Each shade in the Nilaya Naturals palette is crafted by a master colour maker by artfully blending each unique pigment. The blend is then stabilized through a patented process to ensure that it is easy to mix into the paint and create a consistent colour every single time. The uniqueness of each colour comes from the way it is created. And the mood each colour evokes is captured in a poetic name. The end result is an exceptional paint with colours that are deeply soothing, does not hur t the environment or our health, is breathable, non-odorous and only becomes more vivid as the years wear on. Contact web:


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stablished in 2014, Ivanka Lumiere is a Delhi based lighting décor brand started by Ms. Sakshi and Mr. Saurabh Mittal. With the idea of decorating through discovering, they conceptualized the idea of setting up remarkable and striking lighting options to decorate interiors.


Ivanka Lumiere’s Ape Collection

This new collection provides a creative lighting solution that is fun and adds a spark to your decor.

The lamps aims to add a unique twist to a lighting arrangement, with designs that are fun and fit contemporary and modern spaces

The brand offers exquisite lights that are aesthetic and elegantly designed to provide a new perspective to explore contemporary interiors. The firm recently launched their statement lamp collection- Quirk Ape. This collection is an artistic creation that using primates as its protagonist and is inspired by their behavior in their natural habitats. The collection come in four variants i.e. Pendant light, Wall Light,

Table Light and Floor Light. The lamps aims to add a unique twist to a lighting arrangement, with designs that are fun and fit contemporary and modern spaces. The lighting fixtures are available in White & Black colours and ton display at Ivanka Lumiere, Centrum Plaza Mall, M G Road, New Delhi. “We understand that lights play a pivotal role in augmenting the elegance quotient of the entire space.

Our entire collection including our latest launch is focused on providing lighting solution created with fusion of art and luxury. The unique collection of monkey lamps serves not just as lamps but also augments the ambience and brings life to the décor,“ opines Ms. Sakshi Mittal, Director, Ivanka Lumiere. Contact email: web:




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ropounding the company’s latest venture, founder and CEO Mr. Randip Dhingra elaborates, “Extending our outdoor range of dining furniture, we have now added a selection of outdoor loungers by the world renowned brand 4SO Outdoors.” Their line-up includes popular designs like the Mistral, Galaxy, Kingston and Byron.

Outdoor Furniture For Every Season World Bazaar, a name synonymous with imported outdoor furniture introduces a lounge collection by 4SO Outdoors in India. BY NATALIE PEDDER-BAJAJ

The Kingston is extremely comfortable as its seats taper off slightly for optimal ergonomics

The Kingston is not only durable and sturdy but immensely comfortable as well. Extremely adaptable, its seats taper off slightly for optimal ergonomics, while it’s interconnecting modular sections can accommodate large groups of people.

Its aluminium frame and stainless steel legs are covered with a Pure Hularo weave and the coffee table

has a glass protector with safety glass as well. The grey Olefin cushions it come with have a unique detail

that allows the back cushions to be displayed in two ways. This cubist yet still classic set will add style to any garden, corridor or pergola. The Byron on the other hand, allows you to tailor combinations to create a corner seat, a lounge chair, a garden bench; all with the option of adding teak armrests to your seating. The Byron frames are made from aluminium and have a weather-resistant, mattwhite coating and come with firm cushions made from Olefin fabric, which are durable and low-maintenance. With a five year guarantee, the Byron provides everything to be original and design your own patio! The materials used in this collection include rope, wicker, treated wood, teak and aluminium, with the addition of all weather cushions. Prices start from Rs. 175,000 plus taxes. Contact web:

Byron Modular frames are made from aluminium and have a weather-resistant, matt-white coating

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