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rktura’s principal aim is to create meaningful design for every space. The company’s portfolio includes signature furniture pieces, house-ware and architectural masterpieces. Aktura’s designs are exclusive. Compiled by architects, the company focuses on the integration of design and explores new manufacturing technologies. Most of the company’s products are crafted out of recycled content and have recyclable scrap material in them. Add to that the power source they use to make their products solar and wind power. Arktura’s range of design activities include TIG + MIG Welding, Axis Machining, Axis Laser Cutting, Axis Water Jet Cutting, Mold Making, Cast Precious Metals, Lathing and Custom Aluminum Extrusions. In the words of Viral P. Shah, a partner at C. Bhogilal, Mumbai who represent

Ricami side table which can also be used as a stool

Arktura products in the country, “it’s all cutting edge technology - which is almost impossible to get in the country. We pose as the architect’s architects”, he says about Arktura’s architectural portfolio. Arktura’s superior technology comes into play when “there is an architect who’s got a design on which he doesn’t want to spend the time or doesn’t have the expertise in getting it to reality.” For Arktura, the journey has been an interesting one. The material,

Arktura Presents Engineered Aesthetic Design While the rest of the design fraternity is exploring within the conventional box, a group of designers came together and created Arktura - a blueprint of sustainable green design and patterns that are way beyond what we call contemporary. BY DEBOLINA SENGUPTA equipment and processes used by Arktura are all high-tech and top-of-the-line; for example, the metals used for manufacturing their products are the same ones used to build airplanes and paints are the ones trademarked by high end international car brands. Established in 2003 in the Unites States, Arktura entered the Indian market earlier this year. But manufacturing can’t happen in the country yet. According to Shah, the biggest challenge is to get the equipment to India. “In the private sector, in India, one can’t have a machine which is capable of making a fighter plane’s component because of security issues,” says Shah. “In India, even if you are a billionaire, no one will sell you the machinery as it’s not legal to own

Arktura Hive Bench/Coffee Table

it,” he adds. Till date, the design firm has churned out numerous creations, many of which are considered as the benchmark for sustainable and modern design. Laser perforated images, customised tables, machine designed patterns, they all resonate the “that’s different” feeling and each design explores uncharted territories. And who says good design and Flow Bench

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Nebula side table





COVER Arktura Presents Engineered STORY Aesthetic Design 1 Cersaie 2011 - Ceramics And More 4 sustainability can’t go hand in hand? As the company explains, “Our approach to sustainability begins with a commitment to make quality products that last for a lifetime. This philosophy continues into the process of manufacture.” Arktura products produce zero landfill waste and at the end of their life cycle are fully recyclable. Even finishes used in Arktura products are zero VOC finishes, which ensure that there are no toxic residues released into the environment. In today’s world, it’s not about eye-catching design anymore. With more and more people aware of the environment and looking at contributing to its sustainability, Arktura scores high. A lot of architects and designers consider

the company as a benchmark to good design. Though the trend is yet to realistically catch on amongst Indian designers and architects, Shah and his team in Mumbai are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that Arktura’s works are recollected in the developing Indian design space. Is a design revolution around the corner in India? Shah believes so and also believes that Arktura’s design philosophies will play a major role during the transformation from glass clad buildings to something novel and innovative. Contact: 310 Perin Nariman Street, Fort Mumbai 400 001 tel: (022) 40858585 web:

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Engineered Arktura pattern on a table

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Vortex coffee table

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Event Review


ersaie is the world’s premier exhibition for ceramic tiles, sanitary installations, bathroom furnishings, raw material and manufacturing equipment, as well as tools and showroom displays for the ceramic industry. Last year it had exhibitors from 33 countries with more than 1,000 exhibition stalls on display. Cersaie is the definitive answer to the ceramic industry’s future needs and

Cersaie 2011 Ceramics And More Held at the Bologna Fiere exhibition centre in Italy from the 20th- 24th of September 2011, Cersaie is one of the world’s leading events for the Ceramic Industry. to build public infrastructures in western Africa that is crucial for the future development of the region’s population, especially schools and hospitals. Others like Germán Del Sol will also make a presentation. This Chilean architect has devoted special attention to the preservation of local cultures and traditions, as demonstrated by the Explora project designed to promote sustainable tourism and an appreciation of the

called “New Architectures” that focuses on sustainable development. This conference will bring together international personalities from the field of socially-engaged architecture. Sustainable development (which includes environmental, social and cultural development)will receive due importance with the participation of five key presenters from the field of

Architect Bijoy Jain will also be at Cersaie and will speak at an event titled “New Architectures” that focuses on sustainable development.

potential. It’s not just viewing the latest products and innovations that one can look forward to at the Bologna Fiere exhibition centre this September, but Cersaie is also about a host of other parallel events and activities that will leave you fascinated. One such feature is an event

architecture. The conference will see presentations being made by the likes of Diébédo Francis Kéré, a native of Burkina Faso who has won the Aga Khan award for architecture for a school built in his hometown of Gando. Architect Emilio Caravatti, who founded Africabougou, a nonprofit organisation with a mission

many highly diverse cultural aspects of South America. India will be represented with the participation of Bijoy Jain, who has set up his own practice where artisans, carpenters and stonemasons are not just workmen but also have the role of consultants, and where local resources and materials are seen as a vehicle for sustainable architecture and a means of preserving traditions in a successful blend of western and indigenous culture. Renowned for projects such as the Palmyra House near Mumbai, Bijoy Jain won the Global Award for


Event Review Sustainable Architecture in 2009 and held a personal exhibition entitled WorkPlace at last year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture. Also at Cersaie will be a conference where Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architecture for


Humanity, will speak. His non-profit organisation seeks architectural and design solutions for humanitarian calamities and offers design services to communities in need. His organisation has grown rapidly and now includes 40,000 professionals and 72 chapters in 14 countries. His projects have included rebuilding after the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 South Asia tsunami. He will

share his thoughts on architectural solutions to provide shelter in the wake of disasters such as earthquakes, floods and migrations and solutions for post-disaster reconstruction. Two projects of star architect Renzo Piano will also be showcased at Cersaie. Designed by his firm RPBW (Renzo Piano Building Workshop) is the recently opened New York Times building. This skyscraper is light and vibrant, imposing, yet at the same time transparent and almost immaterial, capable of adapting to the seasons and changing with the wind. The second building is the

Morgan Library, an upside-down skyscraper dug out from a depth of 15 metres from extremely hard rock on which Manhattan is built. The result is an underground monument to art and culture, a total space of 2,500 square metres hollowed out from the underbelly of New York. Cersaie 2011 promises to be a must-visit for more reasons than one. With the entire world of ceramics on show and design greats making a bee-line for this extravaganza it sure does look like its one event that you cannot afford to pass-up. Contact: web:



Kajaria’s Digitised Wall Tiles

It Products Allure Brilliant Grohe has introduced a new faucet collection called Allure Brilliant. The new line of premium bath fittings is from Grohe’s spa collection and represents the latest trend and technology available in the market. Grohe’s innovative compilation adds a unique identity and an exclusive aura to any bathroom. Perfect to convert a conventional boring bathroom into a private spa, these fittings come with exact edges and cuts which enable diverse surfaces to reflect light in unique variations. The perfect design unites with the perfect technological invention. The special faucet is a cut-out of a square “Aqua Window” which provides for a unique view of the water flow. It makes the already slim design look even lighter and elegant. The rectangular mousseur is another example of great design. Its

shape matches the design of the faucet and provides an aesthetic, wide water flow. It’s not only about good looks when it comes to Grohe collections. Grohe EcoJoy ensures economical water consumption and with the SilkMove technology and StarLight treatment, the chrome surfaces will shine brilliantly for decades. The new Grohe collection is perfect for modern architecture and interior design. Contact tel: (124) 4933000 email: web:

Kajaria Ceramics Limited has introduced a new digital print technology for their wall tiles which adds an aesthetic dimension to the creations. The digital prints make the tiles look very similar to its natural stone counterparts. These tiles can be used in homes and offices. The digital print, which uses Random technology, creates natural variation on the tiles. The random printing technology produces the tiles in random mode to recreate the variations found in naturally occurring stones which ensures that no two tiles look the same in design

or colour distribution. This new collection by Kajaria is available in 30x60 cm size tiles and come in a variety of colours and finishes such as marble, satin, and matt. Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, they are well suited for almost any wall. These digitally printed natural texture tiles are crafted with a high level of precision, sharpness and richness of colours. Giving stylish and luxurious looks to walls comes most naturally to Kajaria. Contact tel: 1800112992 email: web:

Nitco’s Anti-Skid Tiles

Somany’s Kitchen Solutions

Monsoon means slippery floors, which not only makes it hazardous to walk on, but also reduces the life of the floors. Nitco has come up with a solution to ensure that this monsoon your floors with not make you skid. The qualitative range of striking and particularly easy to maintain anti-skid tiles by Nitco are crafted using state-ofthe-art, high precision technology, specially created to make the tiles better and world-class. These tiles are a boon for open constructions where floors get affected by the changing weather and often become a hazard with the heavy monsoon downpour. Nitco’s anti-skid tiles

are durable and can cope with different weather conditions. Options include ceramic and terra cotta tiles, which are the most in demand for the way they look and their durability. The Cotta or Dholpur series of Nitco’s anti-skid tiles have an uneven stone finish while the Country series have thick grooves which offer antiskid properties. These tiles are resistant to abrasion and stain. While the Cotta series costs `50 per sq. ft, the Dholpur series cost `54 per sq. ft and the Country series cost `57 per sq. ft. Contact tel: (022) 24919922 email: web:

Ceramic tiles are the best option for kitchen surfaces, which need to face a lot of heavy wear and tear in terms of appliances, oil, grease, water and much more. With ceramic tiles as wall and floor cladding, kitchens get a non-porous, easy to clean, hard wearing and easy-to-replace material that is visually appealing yet affordable. These tiles can be used on kitchen walls, floors and countertops alike. Somany’s ceramic tiles are known for anti bacterial properties and can kill germs easily making kitchens bacteria-free and odour-free. On the walls, ceramic tiles prevent grime and grease vapours to form an unwanted film. Glazed tiles with smooth surfaces facilitate an ease of cleaning of the cooking space. With the varied colour

options, you can choose between lighter colours and darker ones. While pastel shades help make kitchens look bigger and brighter, the darker shades add warmth to a large kitchen. You can choose the ones with attractive borders as well. Natural finishes like marble and wood help in the coordination of design features. Contact tel: 18001030004 email: delhi@somanyceramics. com web:

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It Products Cocoon’s Fine Rugs A rug gallery based out of Mumbai, Cocoon boasts of a range of exotic collections. Named Colours of Life, Dune and Reflection, these rugs fully showcase the high level of skills of craftsmen. Cocoon’s rugs are hand knotted and feature simple decorative motifs. With the return of muted tones in contemporary fashion, these décor enhancing rugs have become favourites for many. Cocoon rugs adorn the residences of perceptive home owners and art appreciators across India. The Classique Collection of rugs recreates the traditional look right from the Persian city of Bijar. Traditional colours like navy, black, red and ivory adorn the carpets with conventional geometric patterns and boxeddesigns in the finest New Zealand wool which adds to the richness. Similarly, the Nouveau rug collection represents the new urban organic style. Contemporary designs add to the

calming “Zen” sensibility. These carpets are made with handspun, high-twist Ghazni wool with handspun silk used for highlights across the rugs. The interesting marriage of various colours and textures adds to the appeal. Cocoon believes in updating their collection regularly ensuring that rug enthusiasts always find something novel and interesting in the gallery. Contact tel: (022) 24928647 email: web:

If you are looking for the ideal gift for your child or grandchild but afraid that it won’t last too long, the perfect gift is here. Children’s Factory, USA manufactured Cube Chair is one of those rare products in today’s market which will not only last long but can also be used in more ways than one. The innovatively designed Cube Chair allows it to be used for kindergarten children, primary school children and adults as well by just turning it around. Making it durable is the UV Inhibitor, which doesn’t let the

bright products fade in the harsh rays of the sun. Cube Chair is unbreakable with a 3 year warranty period, so you can rest in peace, even if it’s in your child is planning on breaking it. By just flipping it over, adults can use it even as a table. Popular furniture choices for playschools, kindergartens, crèches and resorts, these are available in attractive colours - red, blue, yellow and green Contact tel: (080) 26684821 email: web:

One-Stop-Shop For Office Comfort

Raising The Bar

Create a social hub within your home with the Great Eastern Home Bar; this can completely change the feel of your home, especially your living space, where you enjoy time with your friends and family. With a personal bar in your dwelling, there is no need to

Multifunctional Cube Chair

spill alcohol on your couches or wonder where to keep your cocktail glasses. Play the host and unwind with your closest friends during the weekend. The Great Eastern Home Bar looks appealing, inviting and refreshing. While adding to the elegance of your living space, it gives you a practical solution to store your spirits and unwind whenever you want to. The Great Eastern Home Bar casually mixes work with pleasure. Apart from looking amazing, the functionality of the simple yet chic furniture unit is jaw dropping to say the least. Durable, elegant, classic and exotic, it’s a perfect mix of traditional British furniture and contemporary chic, something the Great Eastern Home is known best for. Contact tel: (022) 22910764 email: info@greateasternstore. com web:

Offices have gone from boring work spaces to interesting environments built to make employees as productive as they can. At Tangent, a specialised furniture mall, you will find all kinds of office furniture. From sleek designer desks to ergonomic seating solutions, office furniture at Tangent is affordable and durable. They are available in a variety of different materials like MDF (Medium density fibre-board), Glass, Mild Steel, Veener, and hard-woods like Teak, Ebony and Wenge. Though Tangent is a

specialised furniture mall, the parent company (Euro Group) has footings in the Real Estate market, Vitrified Tiles, Wall Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Agglomerated Marbles, Aluminum Composite Panels, Plywood, Prelam, Mica, Veneer, Wooden Floorings and more. Tangent has four showrooms in Mumbai, two in Bangalore and one each in city of Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, New Delhi and Chandigarh. Contact email: web:



Hush The Cacophony

It Products Barista - Now At Home The Lavazza Blue LB 850 is the newest offering from the world’s most loved coffee company. Choose from Lavazza’s range of coffee blends and enjoy a refreshingly pure espresso coffee at home. Priced at `13500, these new LB 850 machines are easily available at all Barista outlets. The patented capsule technology makes it perfect for both hotel rooms and offices. These capsules contain ground coffee powder, packed in an inert atmosphere and sealed to lock the freshness and aroma of the coffee. These coffee makers not only brew the perfect Italian espressos, lattes and cappuccinos but can also make

you the perfect cold coffee by chilling the espresso and blending it with scoops of ice cream, milk or whipped cream. Apart from the functionality, the cool blue colour of the product adds to the charm of any space. Keep your employees awake and productive or flaunt the perfect coffee machine at home - there’s always a reason to invest in it Contact tel: (011) 46060800 email: web:

Ecophon Master Solo has not only been designed to absorb sound frequencies above 250 Hz but it can also provide high levels of absorption for lower frequencies as well. The product can be used in a lot of interesting ways. Education institutes can use the Ecophon Master Solo in their classrooms and libraries, while office owners can use them in open space conference rooms. The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of the product is above 0.9, which makes it a perfect choice for rooms where maximum absorption throughout the frequency range is desirable.

Home owners, who have their properties near main roads, can reduce traffic noise at night while allowing the breeze pass through their homes. Ecophon Master Solo is made of over 70% recycled content of glass wool, which makes it light weight and is also very easy to install. The product is green and 100% recyclable. With design options available, one can actually add to the décor of the room at the same time. Contact tel: (022) 40212121 email: gyprocindia@ web:

Hot Magma Water Feel Safer With Qube Camera

Venus introduces a new range of water heater models called Magma which is essentially a porcelain enamel glass lined tank. Available in both vertical and horizontal models, the heaters are very rugged, which makes them even more durable. Porcelain Enamelling is the latest in European technology, which is a water proof and durable coating fired at 830˚850˚ to create a mechanical bond with the metal substrate protecting it from rust and corrosion. You don’t need to

worry about hard water with these water heaters as they last for a long time under any circumstance. Porcelain Enamel tanks are internationally well known and are approved by BIS, IEC, DIN and UL standards. It’s an investment par excellence, something that future generations can continue to use in homes. Contact tel: (044) 43401515 email: customercare@ web:

Redefining the concept of security systems in the domestic space, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited has introduced the Qube Camera, which has been designed on the globally acclaimed IP surveillance platform. With remote monitoring features, it is perfect for homes and office spaces. The system can be used on mobile phones and computers, eliminating the need for conventional installing processes. The Qube Camera is perfect for properties with multiple access points. Remote video monitoring helps restore the sense of safety without too much

restriction. With video recording and storing facilities, it can gather evidence as well in case of trespassing and thefts. The Qube camera is equipped with a ¼ inch, 1.3 Megapixel, high definition CMOS sensor and supports dual streaming formats. It directly records on the hard disk and also offers live security monitoring. With night vision (6 Infrared LEDs), you can keep an eye on things up to 5 meters away. Qube camera also has video motion detection and comes with an international certification and 2 year warranty. Contact tel: 1800224567 web:


It Products Customisable Digital Wall Cover Mr. Perswall is a Swedish customisable digital wall covering brand which can transform a boring office or home wall into a completely chic and stylish space. With “Art on Walls”, changing the visual appeal of a

space is now easy. You can place a digital picture or any other high resolution image of your choice onto your wall covering. Apart from that, there is an array of over 400 standard references of colours, patterns and styles across black and white, abstract themes, vibrant colours and even photo sceneries to choose from. Also available are patterns from classic minimalist to intricate craft to the illustrious Orient, handmade Sandstone wall covering and shadow printed wall coverings. Contact tel: (022) 23787500 email: web:

Weatherproof Pool Side Loungers

Imagine lying beside a pool in your plush pool side sun-lounger. Perfect for any season, the lounge chair provides beauty and comfort beyond imagination. You can now lounge on the deck, patio, pool and beach lying on these Sun Loungers by Loom Crafts. The weatherproof lounger is strong, stylish and durable and is available in various different colours. The Loom Crafts Sun Lounger is made of superior quality woven resin and comes with a spacious storage basket in which you can carry your holiday paraphernalia like beachwear, towels and

De-Stress Leather Recliner Offering a unique solution to unwind after a stressful day at work, World Bazaar has come up with the Stress Free Leather Recliner. The luxurious leather recliner is perfect for any home. It adds royalty to all types of décor and is irresistible for people looking to relax. Choose between leather recliners and reclining chairs, both of which are cosy and pleasant. The recliners are stain resistant, easy cleanable and downright affordable and light weighted. All the chairs are adjustable to myriad sitting postures. With a swivel base with a strong frame, they are

strong while the soft leather padding and sloped arms provide the perfect support. The seats are rotatable 360 degrees, and the glide function makes the angle between back cushions and recliner seat as flat as 133 degrees. The leather recliner adjusts completely to your needs. You may use the footrest and push back to completely sink into it. Priced between `55,000 and `70,000, the Stress Free Leather Recliner is a perfect addition for any home. Contact tel: (011) 26503742 email: worldbazaar@rediffmail. com


pillows. It comes with both a seat and a footrest which can be used as a small side table to hold your refreshments. These luxurious Sun Loungers are available in double and single seating options with a windproof or waterproof canopy which protects the upper part of your body. The other option includes a lounger with a reclining back and wheels. The double lounger with a reclining back comes with a self opening umbrella. Contact tel: (120) 4561647 email: web:

French Gastronomy The Le Creuset Way

Enjoy French cuisine? Now you can cook it the right way using Le Creuset’s enamelled cast iron cooking utensils perfect for crafting French culinary delights. A perfect blend of quality, tradition and innovation, each utensil is completely recyclable and can adapt to all kinds of heating. The design promotes healthy cooking and helps preserve nutrients in the process. Over the years, Le

Creuset has ventured into other materials as well - ceramics, wrought aluminium, multi-coated stainless steel and more. Le Creuset’s cast iron utensils come with a lifetime warranty and are the perfect example of modern design keeping true to its traditional roots. Contact tel: (022) 64558320 email: web:



Event Review


opper and its alloys (Brass / Bronze) have been around in the design space for decades now. Even before the Mesopotamian days, bronze and copper have been used to build utensils and handicrafts. With time, the chemical properties of copper have enabled it to be a major part of construction in the form of wiring. Copper is naturally antibacterial making it a

Copper’s Back And How When a versatile metal like copper goes out of fashion, it’s up to the design fraternity to bring it back. And it was achieved at the IIID Copper Awards.BY DEBOLINA SENGUPTA

Innovative use of copper: a curtain

prosperity and happiness. The 12 feet wide and 31 feet long “tree” covered the wall and the ceiling of a five star hotel in the city. Apart from her, Samira Rathod (Mumbai) and Walter D’Souza’s (Ahmedabad) work received honourable mentions for Shipwreck (a table) and Ribbon (a sculpture). The two together make a breathtaking spectacle of modernday design. The event was organised as an attempt to promote the metal. Sanjeev Ranjan, CEO of International Copper Promotion Council India (ICPCI) spoke extensively about the metal and its properties. “Copper’s timeless beauty and practicality, is well suited for all home decoration styles and design themes,” he said. “Wellknown amongst architects, copper is increasingly captivating designers who are rediscovering the properties of this precious material and using it in a wide range of applications: from lighting to building facades and not to mention furniture and accessories. Copper and brass are used widely in both, utility and decorative items. This striking rustic metal is not only Copper in architecture (Spiral Cafe)

Saloni Shah won the first ever IIID Copper Award

good choice for products that are shared extensively like stationary and utensils. Being a multifaceted metal, copper is and can be used in more ways than one - in sculptures, interior decorations, external walls of buildings and even in crafting regular day paraphernalia. The first ever IIID Copper Awards organised by the Institute of

Indian Interior Designers [IIID] and International Copper Promotion Council (India) [ICPCI] at the ITC Parel ballroom, showcased the use of the metal in architecture, interior design, product design and industrial design during the year 2010-11. The award was won by Saloni Shah from Surat for her concept and theme ‘Tree of Life’ symbolising



Event Review eye-catching; but also has significant applications.” Copper and its properties were beautifully explored in the sculptures and designs showcased at the event. Also a part of the IIID Copper Awards was a photo exhibit that showcased the international use of the metal as displayed by the works of eminent designers F. Javier Bernalte and Jose Luis Leon, Schacht Aslani Architects (Seattle, WA), Booziotis and Company Architects (Dallas, TX), Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Philadelphia, PA and many more. Products included an array of designs from chairs and tables to coins, walls and even murals amongst more than 60 images on display. The use of copper, bronze and brass in design and architecture was showcased beautifully in the assortment of products that entered the competition. From the use of copper on building exteriors

Saloni Shah’s Tree of Life an installation at a five star in Surat

Samira Rathod’s Shipwreck (table) and Walter D’Souza’s Ribbon (sculpture)

to using its properties to build interesting interior décor and furniture objects, the hue of copper was everywhere. The products were judged by an independent jury nominated by IIID, which included Arzan Khambatta, (Architect and Sculptor), B.K. Chakravarthy (Product Designer and Faculty – IDC, IITB), Pradyumna Vyas, (Industrial Designer and Director – NID and member of India Design Council), Ravi Hazra, (Architect and Ex HOD, IDC IITB) and Shrikant Nivsarkar (PP-IIID, PP-IFI and member of India Design Council). Contact: International Copper Promotion Council (India) 602, Omega, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400076 tel: (022) 66937989 email: web:



Green Speak


remarkable innovation, Biosfera I presented by Nigel Stansfield, Senior Vice President, Product and Innovation, for InterfaceFLOR, is the first carpet tile collection in the industry to include 100% recycled yarn. A combination of pre and post consumer raw material, this ecofriendly carpet tile carries an indistinct footprint without compromising on performance and quality. Biosfera I is all of recycled material. A conglomerate of ingredients, Biosfera I is 30% post recycled raw materials while the remainder is all biobased components that mainly constitute worn yarn and backing material from InterfaceFLOR’s reclaimed products. A worldwide

Walk This Way InterfaceFLOR, global modular flooring design leader, releases their latest range of highly sustainable, reduced footprint product yet in Biosfera I. BY SULAIKA D’SOUZA

Nigel Stansfield, Sr. VP, Product and Innovation, InterfaceFLOR

Biosfera I, a 100% recycled yarn carpet tile by InterfaceFLOR

available in co-ordinating, neutral colours which complement furniture and fixings and have an ‘architectural look’ suitable for most commercial environments. A fine example of sustainability as a leader in modular flooring in addition to being a recognised environmental pioneer, InterfaceFLOR is continually pushing boundaries to find the most sustainable means to manufacture products. The Biosfera I range of carpets include three products: Bouclé, Velour and Micro. Derived from popular tufted designs, these reengineered carpet selections have been designed to incorporate a minimal amount of yarn while retaining high quality and performance. The Micro selection of tile is the lowest yarn weight carpet tile manufactured today. Engineered by a pioneering technology called microtufting, the tile offers durability of a hard floor combined with sound acoustics and the soft feel of carpet. Integrated by an innovative adhesive-less

installation system called TacTiles that further maintains indoor air quality by eliminating strong and pungent odours. Biosfera I is

viable option to most manufacturers, Biosfera I by InterfaceFLOR is but a start in the direction toward a world where man creates with the benefit of planet in mind. “By encouraging our suppliers to push the boundaries of innovation and help us to develop materials, processes and products that cause lower environmental impacts. Biosfera I is one of the results of this collaboration and has unprecedented environmental qualities throughout its entire lifecycle - from the sourcing of materials, through to production, installation and disposal. This new collection is not only a breakthrough for InterfaceFLOR, but a first for our industry”, shares Nigel Stansfield, Senior VP, Product and Innovation, InterfaceFLOR. Contact: InterfaceFLOR India Pvt Ltd 1st Floor, Unit no. F/8 Prabhadevi Industrial Estate 408, Veer Savarkar Road 400 025 Mumbai tel: (022) 43213100 email: web:


Co. Profile


hen we talk about global design and international quality materials, most of the times we refer to material and design that are similar to the best in the world. But when we talk about Zynna, they actually get you the best, from where they are available. Fabrics from Eijffinger and Reynaldo in the Netherlands


Globe Trotter’s Delight Compiling the best available across the world, Zynna offers an eclectic range of furnishing and draping options. BY DEBOLINA SENGUPTA hassle free deliveries of styled curtains and upholstered sofas allowed me to finish my projects in time, enabling satisfied and happy clients.” Zynna’s global range of products also include British, German, Dutch, American, French, Spanish and Belgian fabrics; Dutch leather upholstery and American upholstery fabrics, Italian lights and frescos; and Spanish and Belgian blinds. Contact: 245, Udyog Vihar, Phase - 4 Sector 37, Gurgaon - 122001 India tel: (0124) 4106635 email : web: Zynna offers textured wallpaper options as well

Furnishing options include classy wallpapers

to French fabrics from Cascadeco, Zynna actually offers a global array of products on a single platter. The availability of so many hi-end luxury products under one roof only go to show the company’s commitment to design and quality. Zynna symbolises the rising trend of interior décor companies that satiate the taste of the well heeled Indian who no longer relies on locally grown options of cotton and silk. For someone who knows the various options available in the world, Zynna proves to be a boon. American wallpapers from Thibaut and German wallpapers from Kolizzart can now adorn the walls of Indian homes without requiring extensive travelling. Zynna, for the last 40 years has been adorning the walls and furniture of globally aware home owners across

continents. In India, they have satisfied architects and designers alike. “I have worked with Zynna on various occasions for different clients; they never fail to amaze me with their ability to cater to diverse tastes and budgets through their design and fabrication. Additionally they are always willing to go that extra mile in servicing their clients,” says Saurabh Singhania, architect. “As an interior designer it is very important for me to be associated with a team which can co-relate with my ideas and designs and transform them into visual realities,” resonating similar thoughts Interior Designer, Diveya Gupta says. “Zynna with their great variety of fabrics and styling material, dedicated team of curtain designers and fabric advisors, helped me in choosing the right fabrics. Above all their timely and



Fair News Autumn Gift + Home Fair Date 21-24 August 2011 Venue Simmonscourt, Dublin, Ireland Contact The 2011 instalment of the Autumn Gift + Home Fair comes with the theme of “Discovery”. While exhibitors can discover the newest trends in the market, consumers will find a host of products to choose from. Apart from home products and smart interior decoration solutions, the fair will also act as a guide to buy Christmas gifts and decorations. Shop owners can expect to find a lot of space saving, cost saving and time saving innovative renovation solutions for their property. The show will feature new and traditional art forms perfect for home decoration and gifting. The Autumn Gift + Home Fair will attract industry leaders from across the country, making it the meeting point where consumers can browse through competitive products while companies can build relationships and find out more about what’s happening in the trade.

Gave And Interiør Date 25-28 August 2011 Venue Norway Trade Fairs Contact Gave and Interiør translates into Gift and Interior, a show that creates a marketplace for Norwegian buyers to browse through decorative and utility products for the home, handicrafts, souvenirs, paper, flowerrelated articles, textiles, domestic fabrics and accessories. Though a closed trade fair, it prides at statistics that confirm that each exhibitor, on an average gained 20 new customers at the exhibition alone. This exhibition offers companies a chance to build new contacts and showcase novel ideas suited to the industry. Apart from the usual products available at the exhibition, there will be a separate exhibit for clothing, jewellery, accessories, souvenirs and crafts within the exhibition itself; interior products and home textiles will be the main items on display. Seminars planned by the fair organisers will talk about various aspects of the trade and issues connected to the interior decoration industry. The fair is free for visitors. Gave and Interiør is visited by thousands of foreign visitors especially from Sweden and Denmark. .

Auckland Home Show Date 31 August-04 September 2011 Venue ASB Showgrounds, New Zealand Contact One of the largest interior decoration and architecture shows down south, the Auckland Home Show will bring together the latest and the trendiest décor ideas into the ASB Showgrounds. With ideas ranging from kitchen solutions to green builds, it is set to be one of the

biggest offerings from the industry with more than 550 exhibitors. Apart from the various companies that will showcase their latest releases and trendiest designs, the Auckland Homeshow also organises the Green Urban Living Seminar which promotes the adoption of greener home solutions and interior decoration ideas. Apart from products for adults, there are activities for kids as well and it is not only limited to the playground. Children can win prizes too for example by growing the largest pumpkin; a contest organised by Auckland Landscape Supplies. For anything in landscaping, decorating, renovating and more, Auckland Homeshow will compile the best for its consumers while providing exhibitors a unique opportunity to showcase their work in a competitive environment where it is easy to attract new customers.

BIFE-TIMB Date 31 August-04 September 2011 Venue Romexpo Exhibitions Centre, Romania Contact BIFE is a unique international fair of furniture and wood products which will feature the latest in wood furniture, fittings, interior decoration ideas and also machinery and equipments for the logging and wood processing industry. It aims to be a meeting point for business owners dealing in the industry while attracting consumers to the newest in wood crafting. The main product groups of BIFE include furniture, office furniture like chairs, armchairs, and sofas, mattresses, decoration of interiors/ exteriors, furniture for public spaces, wooden building accessories and more. The fair will also speak about the need for ecological and environmental protection in forest farms and other affected areas in an effort to spread the message to consumers, the government and others in the wool and furniture making industry. This includes waste reduction techniques in the form of exhibition of equipments which generate energy from wood scrap and waste.

Hometextile and Homedecor China Date 03-06 September 2011 Venue China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Contact



Fairs & Exhibitions Date 18-21 August 2011 Culture Collection Venue World Trade Center, Mumbai Contact The culture collection, organised in the financial capital of India is an amalgamation of the all the best trends in the art, interior decoration and architecture industry. Interested visitors can expect to view the finest collection of abstracts, ancient carved windows, antique wooden furniture, consoles, antiques, oriental art, classy bed linen, bronze art, outdoor garden furniture, silver furniture, classic Indian furniture, crystal ware, dried vegetable art, earthenware, embroidered quilts and more. The fair will attract small and big importers and exporters amongst other retail consumers. On exhibit will be the best in art from India. Though conventional Indian décor and art is well known through the world, there are a lot of artists adopting a modern take on them. Culture Collection is one those fairs which showcases that. Date 01-03 September 2011 International Hardware show Venue Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre (HITEX) Contact HITEX presents the most extensive collection of hardware and machinery tools. On exhibit will be home necessities like cooking utensils to machinery like water pump, generators and drainage equipments. Also on display will be electrical cables, electric wires, outlets, insulating materials, switches, gardening tools, light fixtures, paint, varnishes and more. Very few fairs are organised in this sector, making it a one-ofa-kind trade show for the industries involved. From the big players

Hometextile and Homedecor will be the one-stop-guide for home owners to interior decoration. Products will not be limited to the new cutting edge designs, but also classic furniture, textile and décor ideas. It is a great platform for trade owners as well, for whom Home textile and Homedecor will provide a source of customers looking for innovative and better products. Spread over 40,000 sq.mts., 300 exhibitors focusing on different kinds of products such as artificial flowers, carpets and rugs, pictures, pottery and crafts and more will showcase their works. The fair is sure to make home-owners gasp at the variety available thus providing them various options available for their home interiors. Along with the Homedecor and Hometextile China 2011, there will be another fair taking place - Asia’s furniture sourcing centre China International Furniture Fair in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This gives both fairs the unique opportunity of sharing consumers.

Kaz Build Date 06-09 September 2011 Venue Atakent International Exhibition Centre, Kazakhstan Contact KazBuild is an international exhibition for construction and interiors, windows, doors and facades, ceramics and stone. Kazbuild will bring together around 400 companies from 26 countries. KazBuild 2011 will play host to “Goods, Brands, Technologies”, the international competition of innovations in the construction industry. The contest will showcase new products in the finishing and building materials sector not only by domestic companies but also international players in the Kazakhstan market. The 2nd GreenTerra International Landscape and Redevelopment Festival will also take place at KazBuild with a competition of exotic plants, master classes and seminars, and free advice for visitors from experts on growing houseplants. The event is organised by Iteca, together with partners from UK, Germany, Italy, China, UAE and Turkey. Countries participating will also include national stands from Germany, Iran, Finland, France, Bulgaria and South Korea.

in the market to importers and exporters - all will be present to showcase and witness the newest in the market. For people looking at a one-place-stop for everything home and hardware related, this is the place to be. The organisers of this fair, the Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Limited organise fairs in this industry annually. Date 08-10 September 2011 Home Expo Venue CMS Centenary Hall, Tirunelveli, India Contact (044) 32979946 An exclusive event specifically for the building and construction industry, Home Expo will play host to exhibitors from builders, banks and housing financiers, flat promoters, real estates, adhesives, building hardware to bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The exhibition will also feature construction materials (cement and steel), construction chemicals, doors and windows, electrical fittings, furniture, flooring and tiles, generators, grills and gates, invertors and ups (uninterruptible power supply). Along with interior and exterior merchandise, visitors will also be able to visit stalls manned by lifts and elevator companies, browse through modular kitchens, paints and coatings, pipes and fittings, plywood and boards, power tools, pumps and plumbing materials, roofing and facades, roofing sheets, safety equipments, security systems, safety lockers and more. New-age solutions like solar products, scaffolding, upvc doors and water treatment will also be featured. Visitors will include property buyers, architects, civil engineers, building contractors, builders and developers, interior designers, end users and lay people.

Hometextile and Homedecor China



Money Talk Somany Ceramics’ Profit Up 21.04%

Somany Ceramics limited has announced it Q1 un-audited financial results for the fiscal 2011-12. The company has also reported a sales turnover of `182.10 crores for the quarter ended June 2011, which was `140.57 crores in the corresponding quarter last year leading to a growth of 29.54%. The EBIDTA compared to last year showed an increase of 18.05% while PAT recorded an increase of 21.04%. Abhishek Somany, Joint Managing Director, Somany Ceramics Ltd commented on the financial performance of his company. “Our current financial results indicate a very optimistic future. The last few quarters have seen huge increase in input cost including power and fuel,” he said. “Our focus on the newly launched Digital tiles and

VC-50 should bring us better results in the coming quarter. Our top-line growth is much higher than industry average and will continue to be so. We aim to grow by 25-30% in the current fiscal 2011-12,” he added.

Jammu & Kashmir Cement To Double Production Capacity State owned cement manufacturing company, Jammu and Kashmir Cement has announced that it is going to double its production capacity to 1,200 tonnes per day in an effort to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of cement. Though the state has a lot of high quality limestone deposits, according to Industrial Minister SS Slathia, who is also the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Cements Limited, the state imports from other states as well. “The production capacity of the cement plant at Khrew, in Pulwama district of South Kashmir, is being increased from 600 tonne per day to 1,200 tonnes to bridge the huge gap between demand and supply of cement in the state,” he confirmed. “This

STOCK PRICES Bombay Stock Exchange Rates Ceramics Asian Granito Bell Ceramics Cera Sanitaryware Decolight Ceramics Euro Ceramics HSIL (Hindustan Sanitaryware) Kajaria Ceramics Murudeshwar Ceramics Nitco Tiles Orient Ceramics Regency Ceramics Restile Ceramics Somany Ceramics Paints Asian Paints Berger Kansai Nerolac Glass Asahi India Glass Saint-Gobain Sezal Architectural Glass Wood Products Archidply Indus Sarda Plywood Cement ACC Ambuja Cement Birla Corp Grasim JK Cements Prism Cement UltraTech Cement

10th August 11 52 Week High

52 Week Low

41.60 12.50 205.25 5.99 20.70 205.80 105.05 17.30 60.00 53.00 4.90 6.40 50.00

79.45 32.30 245.75 11.94 59.40 245.80 116.90 32.20 98.80 107.75 11.30 14.87 71.37

38.65 7.30 122.15 5.55 19.30 91.20 60.10 15.00 45.10 43.15 4.85 6.40 33.30

3159.15 99.05 869.10

3365.95 123.00 1055.00

2283.50 73.00 720.00

75.00 41.30 3.06

123.70 48.00 12.30

67.30 20.50 2.75

11.50 33.85

40.50 50.00

11.23 27.55

1007.30 128.60 320.00 2109.00 105.00 45.10 1019.00

1142.50 166.50 448.00 2625.00 199.90 65.90 1174.90

801.60 107.55 259.65 1740.00 101.00 43.00 820.00

trend needs to be reversed and the local cement plants need encouragement to fill the gap.” Slathia has also revealed that ammu and Kashmir Cement has been authorised to set up a 300 tonne per day clinker grindingcum-packing unit, estimated to cost about `27 crore at the Industrial Growth Centre (IGC) at Samba, in Jammu.

JSW Steel Reduces Production Capacity By 20% As a result of the impending shortage of iron ore, JSW Steel units at Karnataka’s Vijayanagar district and Tamil Nadu’s Salem will operate at 80% of their designated capacity of 11 million tonnes per annum. Without enough iron ore stock left, JSW Steel had to shut down two of its four blast furnaces of 2.3 million

turnover. Philips India General Manager Consumer Lifestyle (Domestic Appliances) Murali Sivaraman said, “India now becomes a part of the important global string. The acquisition has helped us in having an innovation hub which will connect globally to bring a lot more Indian relevant solutions and also leverage India as an integral part of the global R&D in building platforms.” Philips wants to contribute more in local markets via locally relevant products. “What we do is acquire certain technology, try to leverage the technology across the world. Technology will be a standardised platform, which will complement one another,” Sivaraman said. “We are organising ourselves to be locally relevant and shape the market by engaging the consumer with so many things to buy and take home.”

Tata Plans On Croma E-Shop tonnes production capacity too. But the company is keeping its hopes high from the Supreme Court of India as iron ore mining bans are being partially lifted. “We feel that some more relief may come when the Supreme Court hears the illegal mining matter next time, as the court is also aware of about the problems of the industry. Therefore, we are not changing the production guidance (of 9 MTPA) for the year as of now,” JSW Joint Managing Director M V S Seshagiri Rao told PTI. The reducing production capacity will lead to reduced supply as well. With the current production level, according to Rao, the company will only be able to meet 60% of the demand of steel and allied industries in the state.

Philips Aims For Higher Domestic Appliances Market Share

Taking aim at the domestic appliances segment in India, Philips, earlier this year, took over Chennai-based kitchen appliances company Preethi in an attempt to be a part of the local market. Over the years, it plans to have domestic appliances contribute a significant chunk to its global

Croma - the consumer durables and electronics chain run by the Tata Group (Infiniti Retail) is venturing into the online space for e-shopping. Apart from its online store, Croma is also planning on opening 10 new outlets across the country by the end of the fiscal year. “Online sales are catching up in a big way in India. We will soon launch a new portal with some unique features to cater to consumers making purchases online,” Infiniti Retail Managing Director and CEO Ajit Joshi said. He also added that the online purchase system will not only cater to people who have access to online payment systems, but will also have cash-ondelivery option to make it more accessible. Adding to the new online plans, Joshi added, “We plan to open another 10 stores in this fiscal to take the total store count to 75.” He also said that Croma will have an after sales facility too. “So far, we have been dependent on our partners for service, but going ahead we have plans to set up our own service centres in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and begin by servicing Croma branded products,” he said.




K is the flagship brand of Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems India Limited, and has been one of the world’s foremost brand for electrical and data connectivity products and solutions since 1919. Mr. Frank P. Nonnenmann, the new Vice President and General Manager of the Honeywell ED&S business unit, has chartered an aggressive plan for his India operations. He believes the future of MK in India to be ‘super bright’ and is keen to build on the excellent relationships he has with his team and channel partners who


MK’s Future Is ‘Super Bright’ Frank P. Nonnenmann has recently taken charge as the Vice President and General Manager of the Honeywell ED&S business unit, home of the “MK” brand. We catch up with him to know more about the future of this iconic electrical brand in India.

have done so well for the company these past two decades. A slew of new product launches appears to be on the anvil and he wants MK ‘firing on all cylinders’… How do you perceive the current Indian market? Personally, I get my kicks out of India! In my last role with the company I spent one week of the month in developing markets. I enjoy the buzz, pace and dynamism of India. I just visited the local Mumbai electrical market ( Lohar Chawl) and have to say that it was the highlight of my 7-weeks in my new role. It was so vibrant and full of energy. I thought it was just great! I really believe in India as a fantastic business opportunity for the Honeywell group. All the big macro economics – population, urbanisation and the developing middle class are phenomenal growth drivers for companies like us and the products we have to offer. India is a super booming! Where do you see the growth opportunities for MK coming from? We clearly see the growth potential coming from the tier 2, 3, 4 cities of India. We are on a rapid expansion plan of our retail, sales and channel footprint in these markets. We are already present in the top 100 cities and have our own sales team in 42 cities. We would like to use this footprint to grow our business in an exponential manner. We also have realised that the demand in the residential segment will increase multi-fold in the next 5 years due

Mr. Frank P. Nonnenmann, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell ED&S with Mr. Sadanand Teje Managing Director Honeywell ED&S India Limited.

to massive urbanisation. This will be our biggest opportunity and we will bring products suitable to Indian needs in this segment. We are looking at adding more to our product portfolio and to offer a one window solution to developers. We have also commissioned our own green field capacity 3-years ago and our looking at scaling up production. Is there a range of new products you are looking at introducing? A product that demonstrates energy efficiency and has a green culture is where we will provide new solutions. We will also go big time into home automation as far as lighting control and management in residential, commercial, hospitals, airports, projects are concerned. These products already exist with us today and there exist a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage these

innovations that can save up to 1015% in energy costs. Do you see the Indian manufacturing plant used for new technology driven products or used to grow volumes? Our vision is that the moment we achieve some critical mass we will immediately localise the product and start manufacturing. It if makes sense for us to make the product here we will. MK was a pioneer of modular switches introduced twenty years ago. How do you view the competition in the current market and what are the challenges going forward? MK is perceived to be a quality leader and in some segments our products have premium pricing in the market. I would like to see MK blending in some additional characteristics. I think we already have a strong legacy in modular switches, cable

management systems and products of that nature. What you will see is MK adding an electronic aspect to our products and building our systems component driven by home automation needs. We currently have some very exciting products in our development centres. Is there a timeline in place for the new product launch? Well that’s easy, I like to see things happen tomorrow but more realistically I see the roll out happening the next year as well as the year after. You will see MK firing on all cylinders. Are lamps and luminaries a focus area? We started off with lighting, luminaries and street lighting and will continue to grow that part of the business. However, Honeywell will take a bold approach in the way we think about LEDs. We will put the right organisational structure in place and roll out our LED solutions for the benefit of our consumers. Contact: Mr. Karthikeyan email:



Spot Light


tealing the show at the freshly built Featherlite Living store in Marathahalli, Bangalore was a range of uber stylish sofas. The store also flaunted a wide range of internationally designed and modern living room furniture. The sofas have been designed and crafted for both office and home use and are available in a variety of colours and texture. From smart neutral colours to younger vivid colours, you can have your pick amongst 40 different styles. Materials available include earthy fabrics and luxurious leather to comforting wood and shiny steel. The sofas by Featherlite are

Featherlite Takes You Home From Office Best known for their office furniture collections, Featherlite has now ventured into the living room space. The exclusive store opening in Bangalore showcased the company’s new move. BY DEBOLINA SENGUPTA With a briar wood frame and high quality fabric covering, Newlyn stands out

Zion comes with expandable seats and adjustable headrest

exclusive beyond doubt. While some spell luxury, others define fun. For instance, Oldbury, Oldham and Osset can beautifully accessorise classy living room spaces, while

Newbury, Ledbury and Newlyn are fun, young and new-age and can brighten up almost any 21st century modern living space. The large collection of feature driven

sofas come with reclining head rests, pull out couches and sensor touch recliners. These high end luxury sofas are not only for homes but they are also perfect for hotels and office lounges, these sofas provide comfort par excellence in any environment. The new Featherlite Living showroom also shows off a range of outdoor/office furniture and premium accessories to match any home’s décor. While speaking about Featherlite’s foray into the living space, Manohar Gopal, Director, of Featherlite, said, “Our new venture is aimed at giving our customers a truly global experience in terms of home improvement, renovations, customer service and global-quality products at a value price.” When compared to internationally acclaimed furniture brands, Featherlite products are equal in terms of quality and design but more cost effective and durable. The popularity of the Featherlite brand name can be demonstrated via


Spot Light

their impressive statistics. Since their inception in 1965, the company has installed over 3,00,000 work stations and close to 1.4 million chairs


The Xione range comes in pastel shades to add a dash of class into your living room

occupy office spaces measuring more than 20 million sq. ft. As for their future plan, Featherlite has plans of opening another six Featherlite

Loftus is a single seater chair which comes with an Ottman leg rest

Living stores in Chennai, Cochin, Patna, Kolkata and an additional store in Bangalore by the end of 2011 and another dozen of them by 2012. Each store will be aiming at bringing interÂŹnational quality at a value price to the consumer. After building their reputation in the office furniture market, Featherlite now has its eyes set on the home market as well. Be it office space or living space, Featherlite will now provide comfort in both worlds. Contact: No. 90/6, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Opp Park Plaza, Bangalore tel: (080) 25234443 web:



Spot Light


or an interior designer who aims at the best and wants to create spaces that are exclusive, finding the right pieces for the big picture becomes extremely important. MOVA1 is truly a designer’s paradise in more ways than one. MOVA1 studio, which was conceptualised around the modernist idea of a 1930’s English industrial gallery, is not only full of inspirations but has on offer a plethora of exclusive

furniture pieces that spell luxury. The studio keeps changing its décor metamorphosing the same space into different perspectives. The High End collection by MOVA1 is a seamless amalgamation of the modern and classic. The collection speaks highly about the design aesthetics MOVA1 as a design studio believes in. The collection is not only about mundane pieces of furniture, but architectural delights that can add a sense of belonging and style to any space. MOVA1 prides in owning a collection which meets the requirements and style quotient of one and all, while being eco-friendly

Designers’ Paradise MOVA1 features an incredible collection of interior décor pieces – easily a grand assortment for interior designers and decorators of the country. BY DEBOLINA SENGUPTA

at the same time. Take for instance the MOVA1 Beige Collection, which is a line of hand-made structural design pieces. The high quality wood used to craft the collection is ‘Forrest Stewardship Council’ certified, and the varnishes and binders are water based, eliminating the emanation of toxic fumes into the air. The collection has a unique earthy elegance to it with its clearly displayed and highlighted wood-grains and the intentionally visible joints. MOVA1 offers all sorts of living solutions – from seating to storing, the uber stylish design studio has it

MOVA1 high design

MOVA1’s range of interior decor furniture

all. Its almirah collection provides a wide range of storing solutions for designer homes – in terms of kitchen storage, wardrobes and even bookshelves for your private library. With a segment of the company completely dedicated to interior design and architecture, MOVA1 has come a full circle. While MOVA1 contrakt “undertakes select projects from concept to handover and all inbetween purchase and coordination”, it also provides a team of architects

and designers who help you conceptualise, design and decorate your very own living space. MOVA1’s range of innovative products and services has made it one of India’s most appreciated design studios – and not without reason. Contact: 42 Ashoka Crescent Golf Course Road, DLF Phase1 Gurgaon: 122002 tel: 0124 4477 534 / 535 email:


Green Build


ver the last 50 years urban architecture has powered the popularity of highrise structures. With the advent of high-rise buildings, use of gypsum has been vastly employed given its versatile nature. Approaching the subject from a life safety point of view, internal walls form the most important component to high-rise structures. And as buildings aim to climb higher with every ambitious project, planning calls for lighter, more elastic and durable internal wall systems. Today’s high-rise architect has abandoned traditional materials for improved substitutes that allow much more flexibility in system design. Thickness of wall plays a major role in the availability of usable floor space. Gypsum internal walls are a practical option being the thinnest systems available, thus maximising usable floor space. Gypsum wall partitions are thinner than traditionally built high rated STC wall partitions; they thus provide a considerable increase in usable floor space. Being the lightest weight systems available, gypsum drywall internal systems improve overall structure dead load. Gypsum boards are available in standard sizes; these panels are easy to assemble and install due to pre-formed tubular spaces which eliminates unnecessary cutting, joining and patching. The surface is easy to finish with a thin coat of skim plaster instead of the common sand and cement plaster used on traditional block wall. Aptly named ‘drywall’, gypsum boards cut wet trade work down to a minimum, leading to less construction waste, eliminating site mess and thereby waste disposal and dumping costs. Quick to install, gypsum panels eliminate the need for scaffolding within the shaft, thus creating a safer work environment. Architect Sanjay Puri of Sanjay Puri Architects lets us in on his experiences with gypsum; “Gypsum internal walls are extremely easy to install and being lightweight reduce the structural load required thereby making the structure more efficient. Easy to finish since the surface is already smooth and requires less painting time. We have used them in two of our projects in Dubai and both projects were finished in less than three months although the projects were large. We also used gypsum for all the internal walls in a few Infosys buildings we designed where it was one of the factors that contributed


Build High And Safe With Gypsum In keeping with the precedent of bringing to eco-conscious builders informative means to adapt and evolve presiding norms in Indian architecture today, The Inside Track presents architects and designers with practical bonuses to using gypsum in high-rise construction. BY SULAIKA D’SOUZA their top fire, sound and structural performance. One of the most effective materials available in the market today, gypsum can be erected in most weather conditions. A highly attractive combination of performance and installation benefits, gypsum is the preferred choice for most applications.

towards finishing an entire building of 150,000 sq ft in 8 months inclusive of interiors from the foundation stage.” When dealing with high-rise structures, dynamics of elasticity is priority. Elasticity accommodates building sway, floor and drift movement, and seismic events, in addition to cyclical nature of loading from elevators. These instances call for elastic, ductile, and flexible materials such as gypsum to be used, instead of stiff walls. A critical element when dealing with successful high-rise construction is vertical shaft wall systems. Shaft wall systems house elevators, mechanical utilities, stairwells, enable safe resident egress while maintaining proper ventilation, heating, cooling, and water distribution along with several additional necessary utilities important to any building plan. Gypsum shaft wall systems are abuse resistant and able to withstand everyday damage, thereby reducing life cycle costs. Gypsum drywall systems can be enhanced and improved by the use of special abuse resistant panels, veneer and plaster finishes, as well as durable surface coats. Gypsum boards provide a very smooth finish in most cases eliminating the need for plaster coat to finish the wall surface. Gypsum walls are completed early in construction, not to mention

Contact: Deepak Nagpal Lafarge Boral Gypsum India Pvt. Ltd., Plot 33B, Sector 32, Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana, India. tel: (124) 478 8888 email: web:




Event Review


ollowing in the footsteps of Milan, London, Tokyo and its other contemporaries, Paris is all set to host its very own ‘Design Week’ from the 12th to the 18th of September 2011. An expression of fine living, the design week aims to showcase innovation across furniture, architecture, fashion, food, arts and culture. It will be the perfect week for design enthusiasts and lovers of good times. Paris Design Week has also organised the Exquisite Design Award which will reveal the winners of the competition to be held at the Cité de la Mode during the design week. Jury members include the crème de la crème of the design industry. The event will span the entire city of Paris, with several reputed showrooms, art galleries, institutions and restaurants having already signed up to play host to the design week and the 100,000 design enthusiasts expected to attend. And the week

Paris Design Week From the 12th to the 18th of September 2011, the city of Paris will welcome design lovers to explore its neighbourhoods where innovation and creativity will be on display. will not only celebrate French design, but global design and ideas as well — the Paris Design Week will be the merging ground for all things design. Its programme comprises of about hundred events, including the Maison & Objet international trade exhibition, as well as top-ranking design exhibitions, launches, round tables and debates, installations, studio visits, exceptional locations

and plenty of celebrations. Open to the general public, the event has got the backing of eminent designers and creators who will showcase their work as well as leading names in furniture like Cinna and Ligne Roset from France and Cassina, Poltrona Frau and Cappellini from Italy who will be a part of this extravaganza. “This week of design celebration is a popular event focusing on both the general public and professionals. It will have a strong cross-cutting effect, bringing together design players in

the broad sense of the word, from furniture creation to graphic design, including interior, architecture, decorative arts and even gastronomy.” says Mr. Etienne Cochet, Managing Director of SAFI, the originators of the Paris Design Week. The Paris Design Week promises to be discovery of originality and inspiration and a perfect reason to revisit Paris - the birthplace of haute couture, but also of fine craftsmanship and design. Contact:

The Inside Track August 2011  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...

The Inside Track August 2011  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...