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Bath Spl.


ath-ware that can evoke a n e m o t i o n a l re s p o n s e has a decided competitive edge over other banal products. Such finesse is usually attained by marrying art with engineering. Right from the tap to the shower to the tubs, everything in modern bathrooms can be, and is, customised to create a very personal feel of luxury and comfort. Indian markets now offer customers taps with temperature-control mechanism, and showers that promise a water massage, and even towel radiators to keep towels warm. Leading brands like VitrA have in fact started including their independent fittings as parts inside broader visual themes for bathrooms. Company websites point towards hues, but also towards ‘moods’ that one would like to invoke inside a bathroom. To aid in the choice-making, live presentations at premium stores belonging to international companies have been mushrooming in India. VitrA, for example, has opened a store that sprawls across a few thousand square feet at Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel, Mumbai. “VitrA has been investing in India in order to build its office and dealers network. We aim to be among the top three global brands of our sector in India, with VitrA branded products currently

Luxury Meets Innovation In The Bathroom

Customised, high-tech, and whimsical consumers want their bathrooms to be these, and more. And bath-ware brands are taking notes. BY LATIKA PAYAK

Across the globe. Tiaara is aimed at providing the luxury segment a synthesis of true craftsmanship - a combination of expert detailing,form and technology

Leading brands like VitrA have in fact started including their independent fittings as parts inside broader visual themes for bathrooms

being exported to more than 75 countries,” says Serhan Yagiz. VitrA is great at providing bathroom hues that fulfil a consumer’s selected mood setting, as well as a particular home’s overall look. Slots like ‘ultra-modern’, ‘chic’, and even ‘eco-friendly’ help along the choices to be made. The brand’s ‘Enjoy’ series showcases more whimsy, like with a shower set-up that promises a relaxing hydro-massage. All this trending is good news for consumers looking to bring on a spa-like feel inside their bathrooms. The line between functionality and luxury has been blurred by bathroom fixtures and accessories

that look great, create themes, and fulfil many a whim. Bathroom brands these days are working overtime to translate and simplify the demand for luxury in even the tiniest spaces of our homes. The focus has shifted, and how, from building plain functional rooms to creating thematic zones. Designers rely on a multitude of props and combinations to bring luxurious visuals to life, and the latest tool in the box is bespoke, tech-savvy, and, sometimes, glittery interiors. Consider ‘Artize’, an off-shoot of the world-renowned brand, Jaquar. The range has been making continued on page 2


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016



CONTENTS Leading brands such as Sternhagen have shown that they aren’t afraid to experiment with the look or feel of sanitary ware. So we have been offered wash

continued from page 1 ripples in the arena of premium bath solutions. Bath fittings now come shaped in mystical forms that stand out from amongst other contemporary designs. If an exclusive bathroom is on your mind, exploring such high-tech, original design is what you should be doing. Rajesh Mehra, Promoter and Director, Jaquar Group, explained the positioning of their new faucet launch Tiaara in an interview by stating, “Through our luxury brand Artize, we craft products that are

unique, exquisite and can redefine the concept of luxury bath spaces across the globe. Tiaara is aimed at providing the luxury segment a synthesis of true craftsmanship - a combination of expert detailing, form and technology which an evolved customer is always looking for.” While luxury options usually veer towards whirlpools, shower enclosures and spas, fur ther innovation has upped the game in this space. A bathroom is no continued on page 3


COVER Luxury Meets Innovation In STORY The Bathroom 1 Let There Be Diffused Light 4 Colour Me Natural 6 Vitra’s Design Formula For Success 8 Flushed With Goodness 10 Supreme’s Floor Protection Solutions 12 Well-Being With Keuco 14 A Neighbourhood Office 16 Aquant Is Trending 18 Turn The Bathroom Into Your Mood Meter 20 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 22 A Modernist Landmark 26 The Versatile World Of Fritted Glass 28

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THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

continued from page 2 longer deemed a space where the only sound is of water gushing in the background. Designers are now experimenting with mood-creation here. The ideas are expansive, like providing a bathroom setup for a music enthusiast who is probably looking to make even his showers musical! The German company, Grohe has even come up with a water-proof Bluetooth Aquatunes Speaker, as well as a Grohtherm 800 thermostat. This apparatus allows consumers to set and safely play their favourite tunes while they shower. Such is the efficiency of this system that it was awarded a prestigious Red Dot Design Award this year. Appearance of such high-end products in the bath-ware market clearly points towards one robust trend - extravagant bathrooms have arrived. And there is something for everyone here! Natural features like the trough and crest of sand dunes, and the fluid form of the wind, are inspiring innovative bathroom fittings and fixtures. So what is

The German company, Grohe has even come up with a water-proof Bluetooth Aquatunes Speaker

setting the sanitary ware of today’s world apart? A close look would reveal that innovation is playing a crucial role. That, and striking designs. Leading brands such as Sternhagen have shown that they aren’t afraid to experiment with the look or feel of sanitary ware. So we have been offered wash basins sculpted elegantly along simple designs, as well as ones that resemble crystals. Sternhagen’s ‘Golden Cut’ and ‘Kristall’ series are fine examples in this regard.

Assorted options are being created for focused spaces, right from the vintage to the contemporary to the minimalist compact. Bathroom brands have also caught up on the trend of inviting nature into homes. And frankly, with flowing water in the background, the bathroom, if designed artfully, can indeed give you the impression of being in the midst of nature every single morning! To heighten this feel, brands understandably look at nature for inspiration - blowing winds, dunes


of sand, and sparkling star-lit skies are all inspirations, and are now being represented as motifs on sanitary ware. But designing it all using raw materials that can sustain the wear and tear of daily use is a challenge. Sternhagen especially has an innovative solution at hand. The firm uses Sani-Q, a hightech quartz with a silk finish, to translate its nature-inspired designs into reality. The brand’s website reveals an impressive range of products that would remind one of wavy dunes in a desert, or rugged cut rocks. Such fittings go well with the themed bathrooms that have been trending recently. Even as stand-alone pieces, these fittings are works of art that are bound to attract attention. When introduced as part of a larger visual theme though, these quartz-designed fixtures can lift the mood of the entire bathroom. Contact web:


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

Bath Spl.


lighting-and-mirror options to give modern bathrooms a spacious and stylish look. BY LATIKA PAYAK High-quality mirror surfaces have climbed up the bathroom walls to add to the vanity. What is more, these mirrors can be adjusted and moved according to the consumer’s position.

Photo Courtesy: Duravit

While the lights and mirrors go hand-in-hand to give a spacious perspective to the interiors, and combining them to form innovative design is a smart step, the two have been individually experimented upon too. Among products flooding the market right now you will find sleek stand-alone options of ambient bathroom lighting that give a diffused hue to the bathroom spaces.

Fo r s m o o t h m o v e m e n t s , manufacturers are even laying stress on the kind of hinges that go into making such movable mirrors in the bathroom. Mirrors also come with an optional heating feature that prevent them from misting over during hot showers. For the adventurous ones, Duravit has introduced ceiling mounted mirrors that drop down

Duravit offerings high-class mirror surfaces as stand-alones,or with contemporary lighting and storage options

into the bathroom interiors. Such mirrors especially come handy in the absence of appropriate walls to mount the mirrors on to. Experiment with wall or ceiling lights, or from an assortment of mirrors that contain cosmetic light and crystal kinds to match the look with your mood. For those wanting to introduce intelligent lighting into bathrooms, Duravit’s light and mirror series with light wings attached to mirrors are trending. These come in a variety of options, with light flanking the mirror from one, two, or all sides, depending on the amount of light needed.

Photo Courtesy: Keuco

Photo Courtesy: Duravit

Photo Courtesy: Duravit

he right amount of light can transform a space. But you cannot always bank on natural light to do the trick. Aside from innovative lamps themselves, designers today have been toying with the concept of incorporating sleek mirrors and smart-lighting, especially in bathrooms. Highlighting such interiors are mirrors with light wings on their sides. This revolutionary design joins the light source to the mirror with a seamless finish. Lighting here can be adjusted according to the amount of natural light present, mood, or the utility.

Let There Be Diffused Light Designers have steered towards intelligent

For those steering towards minimalism, sleek light bands on the top of the mirror can suffice. Lights glowing from behind the mirrors make for ambient lighting options that give an ethereal glow to the bathroom. Consumers also opt for this feature because here light does not fall directly on the users’ faces, thereby preventing glares. Duravit is making a robust m a rk i n t h i s a re n a w i t h i t s customisable options for mirrors and lighting by offering high-class mirror surfaces as stand-alones, or with contemporary lighting and storage options.

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016


Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch

athrooms are often the only place where people regularly have time to themselves,” Sarah Davison, a Sydney-based interior designer, stated in an interview. The recent uptick in customised bathroom layouts and accessorising seem a natural extension of this reality. Indeed, ‘natural’ is the way a lot of modern bathrooms want to go. In terms of motifs, material texture, and of course, colour scheme, many home-owners are gravitating towards shades and tints that remind them of the seasons, of the peaceful times spent outside in the wild and green. All things natural have been timeless antidotes to stress, so if there is one space in the household where we are truly with just ourselves, the most prudent thing to do is to invite natural inspirations into that space as well. It helps that this is an idea that sanitary-ware companies are experimenting with and realising at a thespian pace. A torch-bearer of this trend is the Germany-headquartered company, Villeroy & Boch, which made recent headlines for being part of the somewhat-controversial Marina Village Greystones properties project in Ireland that has been a decade in the making and has now finally been put up in the market. Villeroy & Boch is a ceramics giant, but has also created

Colour Me Natural Bathroom design trends are subtly but surely courting natural tones for tiles and fittings. BY LATIKA PAYAK

paradigm-shifting bath and wellness products. German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen has helped

develop 15 new themes for the company that reflect the colours and joys of all seasons of a year.

Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch

Bath Spl.

Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch


The themes include yellows, pinks and even blues that can make any bathroom look spacious and consummately luxurious, especially if put in the company of timber furniture. Villeroy & Boch had also been chosen by Kelliher Miller Architects in 2014 to create statement bathrooms for an A-rated home in Dublin, Ireland, that had been originally designed by Paul Arnold Architects. To achieve the combined goodness of natural-cum-luxurious bathroom interiors, Davison has a suggestion. “Opting for materials that bend towards natural themes and have layered textures can do the trick here.” Natural hues go well with smooth and angular fittings that ape their surroundings. The market is flooded with tubs and wash basins that are sleek, light, and capable of creating a levitating, suspended effect. Such fittings work well even in compact settings when paired with the right lighting scheme, another factor that has of late offered up a whole bevy of options for designers and home-owners.

Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch

To make a natural-toned bathroom work well, carefully consider the make, design and colours of the tiles and fittings. While companies usually offer multiple options, it is only wise to have an online sample tested before you go ripping out the old fittings of your bathroom. Revamp stress has reduced greatly with top brands providing online bathroom planners on their websites. Explore, mix and match tones and fittings to your heart’s content before deciding your final choice. Because these are exciting home design times indeed. Ru n n i n g i n t o n e w v i s u a l inspiration for your bathroom is no longer a task. In fact, that has become arguably one of the easiest parts of the process. The tougher step is to decide which palette suits your sensibilities the best, and if that palette is ‘natural’. Contact: web:

Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch

Photo courtesy: Villeroy & Boch

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016



THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016



an you explain your idea behind the design of VitrA’s innovation centre? What were you hoping to achieve with the layout? The idea was to create a timeless blank page, on which innovations and ideas could be displayed dynamically. Therefore, minimalist and flowing lines are used, not to distract the products.

Erdem Akan, Design Director, VitrA.

The zones are well-defined such as bathroom settings, new materials zones, process zones and innovation walls, yet they can be re-arranged for up-dates. The result is an adaptable design with a discreet visual volume How important to the future of the VitrA brand globally is the innovation centre? Innovation is the key for VitrA, to compete globally. The users of today are looking for better performance, better look and yet cheaper prices. The products of today are much more complex, multi-functional and contain more materials than just ceramics. To achieve this, production and marketing is not enough. “Design” - in other words visual innovation - and “innovation” - in other words research and development with engineering - are crucial for success. For a sustainable success, you must have a clear strategy and coordinate design and innovation activities accordingly. VitrA innovation centre is therefore main actor for the future.

Vitra’s Design Formula For Success Erdem Akan, Design Director at VitrA has designed the VitrA innovation centre. He shares knowledgeable insight into design, technology and integral aspects of the bathroom industry. we can talk about added values for the users. Innovation centre is for VitrA a dream realization factory. It is a bi-directional process, where in some cases, the idea is triggered by a new component found by the engineers, or some cases activated by the designer’s dream. What’s your impression of design in the bathroom industry as a whole? Forward thinking? Stagnated? Are they sexy enough? Compared to the kitchen industry, may be a good benchmark to bathrooms, by being another specialized task area at home -bathrooms have bigger potentials to develop. I think bathrooms are the last rooms to be evolved and this reality makes the industry exciting and forward thinking. What, if anything, do you think the bathroom industry is missing design-wise? Lighting is very critical element to create moods and atmospheres. The bathroom industry is missing this element, mostly focusing on ceramics, plumbers, water works, etc. When we look from the user

perspective, light is so humanistic, whether sunlight, a romantic dimmed light, or a functional spot light to see my face perfectly. And it turns a space into a room. How often do you have what you feel is a great idea for a design that then has to be altered to fit in with production costs, etc. How do you balance creativity with commercial needs? Every product is a result of a tension between engineering, design and marketing. In some projects, the result is closer to design; in some projects it is closer to marketing etc. This is determined by the nature of the project, in other words by its targets. If the target is defined for volume sale, as designers we shouldn’t insist on high production costs. Research & development is essential to meeting the demands of consumers. But, when times are tough is it really worth the investment? I believe yes. Because the competition is much stronger in tough times, we

need R&D more than ever. R&D should be a continuous process. Sure the resources should be allocated with long term planning. With the economy struggling and the market flat at best, how easy is it to come up with a kitchen or bathroom design that’s genuinely innovative? From the evidence of ISH and other trade shows, it looks like many companies are tending to fall back on tried and trusted designs that don’t really push the boundaries. As American Designer Raymond Loewy said in 1951, “A lot of people are open to new things, as long as they look like the old ones.” I think this is still true. People mostly like to look or “like” the innovations on social media, but when it comes to buy they are mostly conservative. The industry is a reflection of this consumer behaviour. Just following the customer needs, however is a big dilemma to be truly innovative. Do you think design innovation and research & development suffer in a recession? Or does it in fact make design more considered? Design is always important thanks to its schizophrenic nature. Design has two polar opposites: One is associated with “luxury”; the other is associated with “function”. I think, in recessions the latter meaning becomes more important.

How does the innovation centre help VitrA push the boundaries of design?

What’s your definition of ‘Good Design’? Do you believe you should be able to get ‘Good Design’ at every budget level?

The ability to dream, I think, is a very good asset for a brand. If the company has enough know-how, skills and resources to realize these dreams, than

‘Good Design’ is a design which answers the brief at best. Therefore i f t h e t a r g e t i s t o “d e s i g n” products at a specific price level,

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016


the goodness of design can be measured accordingly. We can judge a product’s design only by knowing what is requested, - i.e. the design brief. Mostly products at up segments are asked to be designed by star designers. However, I think design for eco segments is a bigger challenge. As a designer do you disagree that form should follow function in bathroom designs? I do agree; form follows function. But for me functions are not just mechanical; functions are spiritual, functions are emotional. I believe this approach may make bathrooms more poetic. Te c h n o l o g y i s h u g e i n t h e bathroom now - how easy is it for retailers to sell that complex technology to consumers? “Designed technologies” are easy to sell compared to “naked technologies”. Because designed technologies, are humanized, and users can easily understand without reading pages of users manuals.

What is the must-have technology at the moment? There has been a focus recently on sustainability and ‘eco-friendly’ design. Do you think it’s necessary? Are consumers really bothered? The retailers we spoke to, say that in their experience, most consumers are only really bothered about the performance of a product and the overall experience…Do you think the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industries are doing enough to promote ‘eco-friendly’ products? If not, what do you think needs to be done? Sp e a k i n g a b o u t b a t h r o o m s , sustainability becomes extra important. Not only at production stage of the products, but especially at user stages. Taking showers, flushing 6 lt, brushing your teeth, requires huge water consumption. As producers we cannot ask the users, to use responsibly. I believe it is the mission of the brands to introduce design which

is acceptable, satisfies customer experiences, yet respectful for the environment. And this is a challenge for design. Considering the over 50s market hold 80% of the nation’s wealth, do you think enough consideration is paid to designing products

specifically to appeal to that market? Designers are mostly young, and tough the discipline requires empathy to others, I feel we are designing mostly for ourselves. As VitrA, we pay more attention every day to elderly people and people with special needs. Not only due to its marketing potential, but also our brand vision requires designing for all. Of course there are products out there that fit the criteria for inclusive design, but do you think retailers and manufacturers are doing enough to promote them? Is there anything we, as an industry, can do to change that? Is it about changing consumer perception? Before blaming anyone, as designers there are a lot of steps we have to take. The inclusive designs should look like medical or discriminative. We are working to create performance

and comfort products with aesthetic appeals. What are the emerging trends in bathrooms? As a macro trend we can talk about two polar opposites: At one end it’s becoming more and more a spiritual


cocooning place. At the other end, it’s becoming a socialization place for families, lovers and friends. These approaches mixed with technological improvements and global interior trends define each year the look of our bathrooms. Contact web:

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THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

Bath Spl.


s the design and technology nexus continues to spread its net across all aspects of home planning and creation, bathrooms won’t be left behind. And once bathrooms are in the fray, why would the humble toilet flush be forgotten in the revolution?

Flushed With Goodness The design and technology nexus have

transformed the non-descript flush-plate bringing about a loo revolution. BY LATIKAPAYAK

Photo courtesy: Geberit

with the help of customised panelling, consumers can control the amount of water that gets used up in flushing, making this system highly water-efficient. Odour is another washroom possibility that demands innovative design intervention. The homeaccessories market has also witnessed the arrival of flushing systems that have inbuilt odour-removal features. The Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit is one such item - it helps arrest the smell right within the ceramic confines of the commode. Such a system can also be installed separately under the flush-plate. The sensor-sensitive flush-plates operate on electricity or rely on battery cells, and are assured to use up minimal energy. In the case of Viega’s Sensitive Flush Plate for example, While choosing one for the bathroom, consumers often mull over how easy these options are to clean and maintain (no one likes those unseemly water spots!), and if they will be durable. The safest bets are usually the well-known brands, and Swiss firm, Geberit, and the Germany-based company, Viega, come up tops in the most-trusted list in this category. To keep up with the times and the sophisticated home-owner demands, these companies have brought

Photo courtesy: Viega

Photo courtesy: Viega

This function of the washroom will of course remain discreet and aesthetically-placed, like it has been for decades now. The winding pipes will snake away from sight, and no spills or trails will be visible. But now, the flush-plate - the only visible part of the flushing apparatus in most modern bathrooms - is getting the spotlight of designer attention. In short, big changes are a-coming! Product catalogues now are replete with flush-plates of various colours, designs and surface finishes.

Robert Hardgrove, Viega’s Technical Manager (Strategic Projects), explains the advent of such flush-plates by stating that a contemporary flush-plate should offer aesthetics along with user-friendliness

out flush-plates with glass surfaces that are non-touch in character. Robert Hardgrove, Viega’s Technical Manager (Strategic Projects), explains the advent of such flush-plates by stating that a contemporary flushplate should offer aesthetics along with user-friendliness. It is no wonder these innovative fixtures are trending. Non-touch flush-plates are sleek and smartly rule out the possibility of unhygienic surfaces near the toilet. Moreover,

7,000 flushes are guaranteed on a 4 standard-round-cell battery run. Mind you, these flush-plates won’t be handicapped without power supply. They come with a mechanical back-up that can be used in case of power failure. These smart flush-plates will no doubt transform the bathroom experience. Expect not just fresh, fragrant, and germ-free environs, but also water-efficiency that was earlier difficult to achieve.


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

Co. Profile


hile doing the interiors of any project, flooring is completed prior to electrical or plumbing work. During these works, scratches can develop even resulting in breaking of tiles / flooring due to dragging of heavy equipment. As 25% of the interior cost involves modern floorings, it is necessary to protect the floors till the total interior work is completed. Traditionally, Plaster of Paris (PoP) was used for this particular application but

Mr. Ajay Mohta, General Manager Construction Accessories Division, Supreme Industries Ltd.

not only laying and removing of PoP is a time consuming and a tedious activity but, it also generates harmful dust. “DURAfloorprotector is an innovative technology that provides universal cushioned flooring

Supreme’s Floor Protection Solutions DURAfloorprotector is an innovative, cost

effective, new generation product introduced by Supreme Industries for protection of different type of floor surfaces. protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors. It is a closed-cell; polymer based microcellular foam composed of thousands of cells trapped in the foam, with the reinforcement of high performance polymer which helps to resist all types of pressure imparted,” says Ajay Mohta, General Manager Construction Accessories Division, Supreme Industries Ltd. The product offers hassle-free application process compared to PoP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths. It does not absorb paint, oil, grease or any cleaning agents. DURAfloorprotector is flexible; can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side - vacuum or sweep clean and reusable. It is environment friendly, inert and does not promote growth of bacteria and fungi. DURAfloorprotector keeps floors safe from damage and debris and its anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment. “It is a reusable, reversible surface

DURAfloorprotector provides cushioned universal floor protection during construction for hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet

DURAfloorprotector keeps floors safe from damage and debris and its anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment

protection for concrete, marble, granite and other counter surfaces. It also provides cushioned universal floor protection during construction for hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors as well as sinks and tubs and walkways and decks during building or remodeling, “ adds Mr. Ajay Mohta. The product is already very well accepted by leading architects, interior decorators, contractors, developers and builders as there has been an urgent need for an alternative to POP and DURAfloorprotector now offers just that. Supreme Industries already has a vast distribution network all over India for other DURA range of products related to civil industry. A lot of new distribution networks have been created with the launch of this product including people involved in trading / retailing of flooring tiles, plywood and other products related to interior decoration industry to make it easily available.

Some of the other products under the DURA range include: DURAmembrane: High performance waterproofing membrane DURAboardHD100: Compressible filler board for expansion joints DURArods: Closed cell, polymer based foam filler material with a circular profile DURAshield: Material for spandrel insulation in glass façade buildings DURAroofil: Light weight, resilient, soft, polymer based closed-cell foam closure profile used as gap filler in roofing systems DURAlitefiller: Special purpose, high density filler board D U R Av a p o u r b a r r i e r : H i g h performance water vapour barrier material D U R Ap r o t e c t o r : Me m b r a n e Protection Board Contact Mr. Ajay Mohta web: email: tel:+919831020808/9810495550


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

Co. Profile


t a time when we are all thinking about better design and planning for the look of bathroom, German firm Keuco is reinventing the luxury bath segment in India with its range of innovative and award winning bathroom concepts and products. Being one of the few brands to strongly emphasise the role of ‘design

Well-Being With Keuco The German brand Keuco looks to build

a narrative with its innovative concepts providing a very personalised experience in your bath space.

Rahul Kher, Country Manager Indian Sub-Continent, Keuco India

and planning’ in bathrooms, Keuco looks ahead to provide its consumers with contemporary bathrooms which are extremely well-thought over in terms of design, planning, quality, functional, ergonomics, use of material, ease of use, care, comfort, safety and the key deliverable of “well-being”. Delivering bath spaces which are not only differentiated but also highly individualised and personalised, Keuco offers its “Design+Planning” tools online on IXMO showers and Edition 400 furnishing concepts. With these, an architect, interior designer or even

Keuco’s bathroom concepts, lets users create a dream room the way they like it

an end-user can plan their own bathroom with all their favourite products based on their individual choice and preference within a matter of seconds. From taking care of the lightning elements in the bathroom to its interiors and the kind of equipment used, Keuco presents solutions and

Water experience delivered by Keuco brings about clear health and wellness benefits

concepts which have the power to change a customer’s behaviour and deliver a very individualised experience for them to cherish. “Studies have shown that stress levels, heart rates and blood pressure decrease when exposed to a conceptual natural lighting, intimate experience of water, furnishing

based on nature and design which is reflecting individuality,” says Rahul Kher, Country Manager-Indian SubContinent, Keuco India. Re-imagining different experiences Keuco’s range of products ensure complete wellbeing and health of an individual by introducing them to inimitable

Edition 400 light mirrors and mirror cabinets enbales you to adjust light based on your preference

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2016

light mirrors, mirror cabinets and cosmetic mirrors which transform the space and deliver one of its kind experience. Accessorizing your bathrooms like a piece of art, the brand presents you with furnishing concepts and furniture which can be customised as per your storage and functional needs. These products can be controlled, matched and adjusted as per an individual’s choice and need so as to bring about a positive effect on their well-being. Drawing inspiration from the age old, rooted concepts of hydrotherapy, water experience delivered by Keuco brings about clear health and wellness benefits. But the brand just doesn’t concentrate at an individual’s wellbeing only, as their ergonomics also ensure an individual’s comfort and safety, without compromising on their first class designs. Understanding bathroom safety to be a key concern, Keuco through its support railing systems, grab rails, back rests, curtains, curtains railing system and entire plan care products (which are easy to clean and maintain) delivers safety across the bath space, minus any chance of infections which are likely to affect ones well-being. Keuco understands the subject of ergonomics in bathroom so well that all its products are designed around three core aspects, design, functionality and ergonomics. This is the reason products across all categories are a bench mark in terms of delivering a highly ergonomic bath space, be it a private residence, hotel, residential project or a high end hospital. With Keuco’s bathroom concepts, users get to create a dream room the way they like it. The brand has one of the widest and deepest possibilities in bathroom furniture, light mirrors and mirror cabinets


Bathroom products by Keuco are designed around three core aspects design, functionality and ergonomics

which have premium intuitive lighting concepts. “Incorporating the role of technology in its products, Keuco with Edition 11, Edition 400, meTime_spa, IXMO, iLook_Move have redefined the role of technology in the bathroom, adds Mr. Kher. Be it LED technology coupled with flexi glass with light mirrors and mirror cabinets, chrome plating technology on faucets, fittings and accessories, closing and opening technology in bathroom furniture, Keuco has introduced both push open and soft closing in the furniture for bathrooms, lacquering technology on glass planes and furniture for the first time. Keuco also has one of the widest range of sizes, surfaces and finish options which are unparalleled for vanities or storage units unique. Keuco also introduces the concept

Keuco has redefined the role of technology by incorporating it in its range of bathroom products

of “total ownership of the product” as it’s a great investment to have a brand and product which will work for the next 15-20 years with great efficiency, rather than something which one has to change every 3-4

years or stay with a bad product in the bathroom. Contact web: email: tel: +91 20 66274000

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alk into this new Tokyo office of Airbnb, and you might just feel that you never left the bustling environs of Shinjuku, the neighbourhood around. With building-styled panels and wooden sit-outs hiding behind the greenery, it takes time for one to realise that you are actually ‘inside’ an office. This office idea is striking, apt for an organisation that was founded on a seminal thought itself. Airbnb was born in 2008 when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky of the Rhode Island School of Design decided to simplify the lives of travellers by offering them stays in the homes of local people; ‘homestays’ as they are popularly known today. The idea picked up quickly, very quickly, especially amongst people wanting to sample the authentic culture, food and lifestyle of the places they were about to visit. Today the company’s offices have mushroomed in major cities all over the world, boasting of bookings that match or surpass even those of wellknown hotel chains. In short, any Airbnb office is going to be a bloody busy place. With the numbers growing, Airbnb also has to keep fuelling the creativity of its employees.

A Neighbourhood Office A peaceful and well-laid-out neighbourhood

is said to have a calming effect on the people living in it. That clearly got Airbnb Tokyo thinking! BY LATIKA PAYAK All these places have broken out of the structured cubicle layouts and breathe free thanks to unconventional designs

Photo Courtesy: AirBnb


A stimulating workplace is a good start in that mission. In Tokyo, for eg., the Environment Department of the company worked closely with Suppose Design Office to create the neighbourhoodlike ambience, blurring the lines between work space and the rest of the world.

In this working area, you will pass a phone booth, lounges, cafés and even a garden area that do their usual thing, but also double up as meeting places and calm escapes for employees on solitary assignments. To achieve a result that would be comfortable, calming and highly productivity-friendly, Suppose Design

Photo Courtesy: AirBnb

Photo Courtesy: Periphery

Office had several dialogues with the employees on the kind of workspace they envisioned. It even got down to the nitty-gritties, like what the most comfortable table height would be. Working with the information on people’s needs and expectations, the design team led by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida, created adjustable desks, communal tables, project tables and candid nooks. “The main concept of this project was to recreate the feeling and vibe of a Tokyo neighbourhood,” the duo states.

This idea of transforming the office space to fuel creativity can be seen in the Singapore, London and São Paulo offices of Airbnb as well. All these places have broken out of the structured cubicle layouts and breathe free thanks to unconventional designs. By not sticking to the glossy and done-to-death office designing ideas, Airbnb may be leading the way in another sphere that of experiential, interactive office spaces.


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Co. Profile


t is rare to see a home-grown sanitary ware and fittings player break through the crowded ba th s e g m e n t d o m i n a t e d by international brands and stake their claim to marketshare. But this is exactly what Aquant has managed to achieve since its inception. Founded in 2006 by late Zahid Quettawalla, late Ashif Patel and Jitendra Jain, the company is currently being managed by Jitendra Jain, Kamlesh Jain, Tasneem Quettawalla (who joined in 2016) and Saajid Patel (who entered the business after his father Ashif Patel passed away in 2011). The firm’s focus is squarely on seeking out exclusive and innovative products. T h e c o m p a n y’s d i re c t o r s realise the need for exclusive, contemporary products in the world of bath design, and they travel extensively across the world to visit factories for the latest designs, quality materials and workmanship.

Aquant Is Trending With the cornerstones being innovative and attractive designs, remarkable quality and competitive pricing, Aquant aims to bring the promise of value to your bathroom. offer products at a much lower cost than its competitors. Aquant has no manufacturing base, so there are no production overheads. Instead it imports directly from China and Indonesia where the products are manufactured specifically for them. A q u a n t a l s o d o e s n’t h a v e distributors and they don’t go overboard with their marketing and advertising spends. Instead they service their dealers directly who in turn sell to a growing customer base. The firm is looking at investing heavily in its supply chain and

At their experience centres Aquant is able to highlight its latest bathroom concepts and solutions to improve bathroom architecture and environments

is able to highlight its latest bathroom concepts and solutions to improve bathroom architecture and environments with its cutting edge products. While Aquant has been associated with leading Chinese manufacturers, it is now looking at Turkish and Italian brands for the ultra-premium range of sanitary ware and bathroom

Today, the brand has over 300 dealers in India (mainly in the Western and Southern region) and imports products from 57 best-inclass manufacturers in China and Indonesia. Aquant has over 700 SKUs in its portfolio. With the directors keeping a tight watch on cost control, the firm is able to

logistics across India over the coming years. They also plan to expand their concept of state-ofthe-art experience centres (they recently opened an expansive facility at the Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai) to other cities where they have a dealer network. At their experience centres Aquant

fittings to increase its scope of offerings. With a growth rate of over 20 percent in the past five years, Aquant has it sight set on playing in the big league - and with its formula of quality, pricing, market reach and having the right mindset, its seems like success is within sight! Contact web:


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Photo courtesy: Keuco

The bathrooms of today have personality. They come equipped with ambient lighting and customisable features, and can comfortably step right into the main rooms of the home.

have found their special cranny in shower baskets that can be hooked onto the bathroom wall. For a more organised look, wall-shelves within the reach of a shower-head have also been trending. The spa revolution of recent years is a good likely reason behind

the metamorphosis of bathrooms inside homes. The spa experiences have in many ways nudged people’s expectations of comfort within their homes. Handle-bars ready with warm towels, temperature-controlled bath tubs, and even customisable showers are now making their way into the intimate zones of even simple homes. Before you step into this highoptions market though, have a clear idea about what your bath needs

Photo courtesy: Keuco


esigners have turned their attention towards bathroom tiles and fittings with renewed gusto. Evidence is in the glut of products in the market, and also in the fervour with which designers are custom-fitting their projects with globally-inspired motifs and materials. Aesthetically, almost every design-based company is striving to offer multiple options to the consumers, to match whatever visual aspirations they may harbour. Modern bathrooms though are not the mundane beings of yore. They aren’t the dingy, wet corners of the house anymore; in fact, designers now are breaking down all stern barriers and making them statement rooms that can happily invade the main décor. Glass panels between bathrooms and bedrooms are becoming common in design schemes, with an understanding that your bath area is of course a part of your very private room. When being treated as a proper room, the right kind of ambienceinfusion is key. Soothing lights and mirrors that serve as patchworks of almost-art are some tricks in this lane. Together, these accessories can create a great nook where to unwind at after a hard day’s work. Experiments also can be made with wall or ceiling lights, or from an assortment of mirrors that contain accessories to match your many moods. To make the bathroom experience an accessible but luxurious one, consider the smallest of details carefully. Markets are now chockfull of thermostats that can adjust the temperature of your shower water down to the exact decimal number you fancy. Toiletries too

Turn The Bathroom Into Your Mood Meter

Photo courtesy: Keuco

Bath Spl.

are, and will be. It is necessary that you draw a clear line between aesthetics and practicality. Shopping for bathroom accessories, once you have an idea about your needs, becomes easier, efficient, and definitely more fun! As innovative and lowmaintenance layouts, appliances and practices emerge, kitchen surfaces are undergoing a longoverdue metamorphosis. Are you in on the trend yet?

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he Duravit team has a new effective answer to the question of how to improve hygiene in toilets and urinals. As the demand for hygiene in Indian bathrooms grows, Duravit sets a new standard with this innovative ceramic glaze. D u r a v i t ’s r e s e a r c h a n d development team in Hornberg, Germany is responsible for

introducing innovations to the bathroom that might not always be visible at first glance but that are hugely beneficial for the customer. HygieneGlaze is one such innovation that is an antibacterial ceramic glaze that effectively kills bacteria and germs.



HygieneGlaze The Antibacterial Ceramic Glaze

The innovative antibacterial ceramic glaze solution from Duravit.

HygieneGlaze is not a surface coating; it is integrated into the ceramic glaze and then baked into the ceramic during firing, providing continuous protection with longlasting effectiveness. The graph shows the growth of bacteria and germs on standard

ceramics and on HygieneGlaze c e r a m i c s . On Hy g i e n e Gl a ze ceramics, the number of colony forming units has been reduced by 99.9 % within 24 hours. Tests by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn confirm

that HygieneGlaze kills an almost unprecedented 99.9 % of germs. HygieneGlaze is available for the toilets and urinals in the Darling New, ME by Starck and P3 Comforts collections. Contact Duravit India Private Limited tel: 07966112300 For Professionals:


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It Products Grohe Launches Rainshower® F-Series 40” Aquasymphony

Grohe, one of the world’s leading providers of sanitary products has recently launched the Rainshower® F-Series 40” Aquasymphony. This fascinating ensemble of water, light and music is made possible by

a shower of unprecedented proportions. More than one metre long and in excess of 75 centimetres wide, the headshower from the Grohe Spa® range delivers a whole new bathing experience. GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40” Aquasymphony is the latest addition to the GROHE F-Series range of components to transform residential bathrooms into luxurious private spas. It includes head, ceiling-mounted and side showers as well as elements for mood lighting and musical entertainment. Digital controls and interfaces allow personalising the shower experience in accordance with each user’s unique needs and wants for the ultimate wellbeing in the shower, day by day. Wrapped in an undulating curtain of water, bathed in softly coloured light and accompanied by relaxing sounds, you become part of a composition inspiring all your senses - the symphony of showering. Refresh yourself under a roaring waterfall? Relax in a soft summer rain? This water symphony is all about total freedom of choice. To suit the mood of the moment, the lighting can be personalised as well. Contact

Intelligent Furniture Security Locks From Ozone Drawers and cabinets are typically used for storing confidential data and documents, cash, laptop and other valuables, and usually secured with manual key locks which are easy to break by robbers. Now secure your drawer cabinets with Ozone Intelligent Furniture Locks. Ozone presents smart, robust and technology driven intelligent furniture locks to secure drawer cabinets to keep inside protected. These locks are made available in a series of options for style, design yet security and safety conscious customers. The range comprises locks with RFID card, numeric password, numeric keypad with knob lock and biometric finger print operating system. RFID card locks can be operated by multiple users using registered RFID cards; registering / deregistering multiple cards is very easy adding to the userfriendly features; these can be used on wooden panels of 1625mm thickness. Lock with numeric password pad can have 6-8 digit user code

which is easy to reset by users and can be applied on 16-35mm thick wooden panels. Biometric finger print lock is the most secure furniture lock as it is not possible to duplicate biometric inputs and suitable for 16-38mm wooden panels. Numeric keypad with knob lock is offered in three variants - vertical numeric keypad and horizontal numeric keypad with RFID option for drawer cabinets and horizontal numeric keypad for sliding door cabinets and wardrobes and these are made to use on 18mm thick wooden panels. Contact

Inspired By Brilliance Roca Presents Inspira Roca presents Inspira, an ultimate sleek and contemporary range of basins and wall hung WCs in three shapes - square, soft and round. Definitely the three most relevant shapes in bathroom design: round, soft and square have an ability to appeal to different styles and personality types. These shapes are an ideal fit for any kind of bathroom space. All the Inspira products are manufactured with Fineceramic

- a new, superior quality material used exclusively by Roca. The wash basins under the range incorporates sleek and fine defined walls, are 40% lighter and 30% harder than conventional basins. The products have built in a way that they are easy to clean and are scratch-free. The Inspira WCs comprise of latest technologically advanced features bringing revolution to the bathroom space. Rimless Wall hung version of Inspira WCs are easy to clean, hygienic and comes with dual flush system of 4.5/3 litres. Inspira also includes an exclusive range of seats and covers of the WCs that are manufactured with Supralit - an exclusive resin manufactured by Roca. The fine quality material makes the entire range more durable and noise-free. Mr.Pau Abelló Pellicer, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd. said, “The compact and well-defined shapes of Inspira makes it an apt choice for innovative bathrooms owing to its space-optimization quality.” Contact

Steelcase Introduces Lightweight Chair LessThanFive Steelcase, one of the global leaders in office furniture and innovative workplace solutions has redefined the artisanal vision of craft by launching its flagship product “LessThanFive” chair. The chair is a perfect blend of three crucial elements that is of prime focus to Steelcase - design, functionality and materiality which translates into visual appeal, flexibility and comfort that allows users to easily reconfigure their workplace. The LessThanFive chair designed by Steelcase and Michael Young, British professional designer encourages collaborative spaces and is adaptable for varied work environments. The chair’s light weight technology integrated with sleek design provides comfort and fosters social connection amidst employees. It is fabricated entirely from carbon fibre - one of the strongest and lightest materials available

The chair is tailored for an experience that supports a variety of users while weighting less than 2.3 kgs and can support 136 kgs. It can also stack up to four chairs which offers convenient storage. It is assembled and finished by hand from moulded and heated layers of carbon fibre. The chair is customizable and is available in six different standard finishes including matte blue, red fade, light fade, dark fade, copper gloss, and carbon weave. Contact

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It Products Wisma Atria Interiors’ Chest of Drawers Collection

Nowadays modern houses tend to have fewer display surfaces as compared to older ones. Hence a chest of drawers is the best idea that one can opt as it solves many storage problems by occupying less space. Known for

her aesthetically curated highend selection, Interior designer Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors has launched the elite and trendy chest of drawers collection that would perfectly suit the style and décor of your home by making it tremendously appealing. The collection comprises of different patterns, shapes, and colours that are designed with hardwood solids and walnut, gold , maple, and expresso finish. Each piece of the collection is designed smartly which make it eyecatching yet fashionable storage solution. According to Nomita Kohli, “With beautiful furniture and accessories, Wisma Atria Interiors offers the discerning customers a lifestyle that is essential yet characteristic, spontaneous yet refined and always attentive to details. Skills and modern technology combine with artistic creativity to construct such marvellously designed products to offer some astonishing pieces and the chest of drawers collection is the perfect example of it.” With amazing design and colour options, the collection is more than a contemporary classic; it also offers ample storage space. Contact

Franke Launches Tectonite Sinks Franke has been one of the oldest and most renowned brands in the manufacturing of sinks along with other kitchen appliances. The state-of-the-art centenary design is formed from patented materials. Tectonite sinks come with three tiered accessories. These sinks are created to fit perfectly in functionality and design with third generation materials. One of the world leaders in the production of sinks, Franke offers a unique range of products comprising models at the very pinnacle of functionality and design, complete with various accessories that epitomize practicality and efficiency. Tectonite sinks give you the perfect opportunity to bring some style into your kitchen due to the exclusive and elegant colours available. Tectonite as a material is extremely durable. It can resist temperatures of up to 300 °C and impacts of just about anything you could drop on it in the daily kitchen environment.

Due to the exclusive Tectonite texture, the sink can be easily cleaned and automatically repels liquids and dirt from the surface. Franke provides differentiated solutions such as built-in, under-top and topflush solutions to satisfy all sink integration requirements while enhancing visual appeal and practicality. Franke has always been committed to researching innovative material combining beauty, quality and performance. Contact


GM Modular Introduces Swarovski-Studded Cover Plates

GM Modular, a market leader in switches and other home electrical accessories has redefined switch manufacturing in India. GM has a wide range of switches and accessories ranging from smart switches to touch switches, from IR technology in home automation to Bluetooth enabled entertainment devices like i-Dock Player, Galaxy Player and more. GM has long time associations with world leaders like Swarovski and Disney for its creative and innovative concepts, being the only

Indian company to be associated with Swarovski and the only company in the world to tie-up with Disney. GM has recently introduced Swarovski crystal studded cover plates as an expression of pure passion towards a luxurious lifestyle. Crystals have a charm. When an object is complemented with them, it’s no more the same. The magical charm of the crystals transforms any given object to its best. And GM has added this spellbinding magical touch of the crystals to their switch cover plates. This exclusive range of cover plates comes in distinct designs to suit one’s tastes and style. Divinity cover plates have religious scriptures or symbols etched on cover plates and adorned with Swarovski crystals and corporate cover plates come with company logos or symbols complimented with Swarovski crystals. Contact

Hands Unveils Hand Knotted Carpets

Hands has introduced their latest collection of hand knotted carpets to add charm to homes this festive season. A range of fine hand knotted carpets, the Urbane collection is all about understated elegance, quiet celebration and subtle refinement. These contemporary masterpieces are characterised by modern patterns that repeat in unforgettable rhythms. The carpets named Adira (Red) and Blossom (Red and Black) are handmade in viscose from the Hands Urbane collection. Available in select colour combinations and a range of sizes, Adira also comes in Black and Gold in sizes: 5’6’’ x 8’, 6’ x 9’, 8’ x 10’, 9’ x 12’. Blossom is

available in Charcoal and Beige and comes in sizes: 5’6’’ x 8’, 6’ x 9’, 8’ x 10’. As Mr. Deepankar Choudhary, Director at Hands explains, “A good carpet can please the eye, but a truly great one touches the soul.” Their exclusive studio, located in Bhadohi, near Varanasi, strives to create original carpets that don’t just transform the ambience, but add new life to spaces. Known for their fine handmade carpets, and a craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation, Hands is a one-stop destination for premium carpets, both hand knotted and hand tufted. Contact


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It Products Kalingastone Adds A New Range To Its Esclusiva Series KalingaStone - Classic Marble Company’s flagship brand for engineered stones has introduced four new members into its Esclusiva marble family viz. Otteman Beige, Raffaele, Paladio Grey and Tivoli. The new range is an exclusive custommade collection for the modern residences and commercial areas and available in standard dimensions of 304 X 125 cm and thicknesses of 12 mm, 16mm and 18 mm.

The new series is a subtle union of traditional and modern designs and are available in classic shades of beige and grey. Slushy swirls are the characteristically distinct patterns in all of four varieties of the series. The Otteman Beige and the Raffale are typically installed as floors that dispense an air of elegance to the space while the Paladio Grey, as the wall with its dark accentuated swirls on the grey background works as a complimenting feature for the space. The Tivoli displays an uncanny resemblance to its Italian counterpart and is perhaps one of the few that are reminiscent with the stones used in Roman architecture. Its characteristics of being less porous, more flexible and harder than natural marble make the marble an obvious choice for different types of interior and exterior applications like flooring, walls, countertops, etc. in commercial as well as residential areas. Contact

Vitra Launches V-Care Smart WC Pan

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces its technologically advanced V-care smart WC pan. Designed by the famous design studio NOA, the innovative make of shower toilets combines the functionality of a toilet and cleaning properties of a bidet while offering an impressive WC design and increased comfort.

V- care can be used via a remote controller which is very easy to use and helps in controlling features like nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat. This innovative V-care range by VitrA is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and hygiene. The rimless design of the inner bowl and a hidden installation by VitrA makes it easier to clean the WC. Offering features like maximum drying and air purification, this range is the solution to all the personal cleaning and hygiene for every user. It offers all the features of a modern WC along with added advantages of a touch free toilet, elegant look and a technologically advanced bathroom. The V-care range offers two alternatives- basic and comfort. Contact

Kajaria Introduces Gres Tough Digital Floor Tiles Hafele Presents Latest Range At IKB 2016 At the IKB (India Kitchen & Bath) 2016, Hafele focused on two of the most important areas of the home - the kitchen and the bathroom - to present its latest collection including latest cooking appliances, kitchen storage concepts and innovative bathroom fittings and kitchen sinks. Häfele presented an exclusive range of ASKO Pro Series™ ovens that are designed to deliver nothing less than a perfect cooking result. Emphasizing simplicity and function, these ovens are usercentric and focused on features that make life less complex in the kitchen. Blum together with Häfele presented innovative fittings solutions based on the popular concept of handle-less furniture. To mark the occasion, a gigantic design wall made its debut at the exhibition. Häfele presented the best options in managing your kitchen waste with effortless convenience with the all new Brabantia

freestanding and built-in wastebins. Its clever design helps minimise kitchen clutter allowing the waste-bin to be placed right up against a wall or a kitchen cupboard without any loss of floor space. The new collection of overhead shower systems, bathroom faucets, fittings and accessories under Häfele Aqua Trendz range at IKB is characterized by clean lines and distinctive aesthetics. Contact

In a stride to offer its customers with a greater variety, Kajaria introduced Gres Tough, an assortment of 102 alluring concepts of tiles in 80x80cm size. Gres Tough is the ultimate destination for a customer’s unending quest for chic designer tiles. Crafted by the most imaginative design minds of Spain, the range is inspired from classic wood look to the real marble and granite. Gres Tough digital floor tiles define the individuality in your lifestyle. Gres Tough series is available in futuristic finishes, which complement every modern decor. One can choose from Polished, Wood, Matt & Sugar Hone finishes. Polished tiles come with advance nano technology.

An astounding combination of tough and beautiful, the durability of Gres Tough tiles comes with 12 mm thickness. The breaking strength of 2300 N makes them extremely firm and strong. Its brilliant design can be credited to the 8 colour digital machine which brings natural variations and designs to life. Also, the Gres Tough range is manufactured with superior technology that controls warpage and dimensions online and gives super flatness to the tiles. The entire series is manufactured with imported glaze and inks. The advanced digital machinery helps to process the high definition prints for unmatchable clarity. Contact

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It Products Wall Mirror Collection By Idus

Diwali is the time when you welcome your guests and you need to put extra efforts to make your home look beautiful and appealing. Wall mirror is the best centre of attraction in any room that captures the guests and visitors’ attention. It adds light and dimension to your home

by creating special effects and also makes your home look spacious. Keeping this in mind Idus, the super luxurious store has launched the latest wall mirror collection for this Diwali, which complements creative and modern spaces with its stunning and dynamic design. The elegant wall mirror collection is designed with framed mirrored glass, silver foil covered wood frame, mirror glass bands that open up space creating the perfect ambience. It also comprises a richly veined dark brown cracked coconut shells and hand inlaid over resins to create the organic look. The collection has exclusivity of wide range of shapes like rectangular, oval and octagon mirrors and more with durable yet stylish materials like wood, glass or metals that are perfectly suited for your home interiors. According to Sameer Hora, MD, IDUS, “In our designer range of wall mirror collection, each piece is designed with a stunning finish and countless cycles of testing so that it can be labelled as a contemporary classic that fits perfectly in a modern space to create contrasting settings while maintaining the durability.” Contact

Duravit and Phoenix Design Create Classy Products Duravit and Phoenix Design believe in comfort combined with practicality; together they have created iconic products for the P3 Comforts and PuraVida series. The P3 Comforts Series offers products with distinguishing design features of the P3 Comforts washbasin is it separates the wet and dry areas. Also by raising the tap platform it produces a practical flat shelf surface as well as a generous area for bathroom essentials.

The series has the asymmetrical vanity basin, which offers ample storage area on either the right or left side. The P3 Comforts bathtub also offers maximum comfort and with its slightly raised side area that serves as a shelf surface for bathroom essentials and accessories. With its rounded corners and characteristic curve, the PuraVida range creates a new lightness in the bathroom. The PuraVida washbasin is soft on the outside with a gently moulded interior to create a sense of spaciousness and elegance. On the inside it is very flat and bevels inward with a gentle wave. With their unique furniture design, the vanity units and tall cabinets of the PuraVida series are gently rounded in all three dimensions and feature a glossy finish. Curved handle grooves in place of physical handles enhance the weightless character of the range. Contact


Toto’s Innovative Washlet Brings The Best Japanese Technology Launched in 1980, TOTO’s innovative washlet revolutionised washrooms across Japan. Its comfortable, electronically adjusted seat is a delight to use and its thorough water-cleansing system makes for clean and hands-free use. Today, it is regarded as one of the world’s finest washlets and is a shining example of how technology can make your bathroom experience clean, fresh and hygienic. Some of its advanced features include - an adjustable spray of pulsating / oscillating warm water enables easy rear cleansing; gentle and cleansing bidet function makes it ideal for female use; the nozzle sanitises the entire anti-bacterial wand before and after use; the seat is contoured and warmed for maximum comfort; the dryer releases a gentle flow of warm air for handsfree drying; the deodoriser filters and purifies the air; a spray of

water covers the toilet bowl to prevent residue from being left behind and the toilet lid is fitted with motion sensors, which open and close it automatically. After use, the washlet dispenses eco-friendly, antibacterial water to prevent waste particles from accumulating and staining the toilet bowl and nozzle, thus killing 99.9% germs. Contact

H&R Johnson Unveils Johnson Porselano Tiles

To create a luxurious sanctuary within your home by adding the exclusivity and modernism of art in its purest form, H&R Johnson (India) announced the launch of the 2016 collection of the Johnson Porselano range of tiles. The New collection recreates variety of distinct artisan textures and is created using the finest quality of raw material. To suit the designing style of architects, the 2016 collection has been grouped in 4 sub-collections namely; mega porcelain slabs (MPS), germ-free porcelain slabs and splits (GPS), new introductions in glazed vitrified slabs (GVS), glazed vitrified tile (GVT). TREACLE finish in MPS is a fine crystalline partially reflective surface adding

beautiful effect to the high resolution, true to life stone and also a cement finish flooring slabs. Mirror polished Italian marble, soft finished wooden surface as well as high definition relief in stone and wood themes makes the GPS collection best in class. Above all H&R Johnson has introduced two new surface effects to this 2016 collection -Dazzle and Metolium. The GVS- 2016 edition has 14 new, pleasant and robust themes while marble, wood and other natural stone themes dominate the GVT portfolio in varied finishes like highly reflective, soft satin, etc. as well as few options in ‘SUGAR CRYSTAL’ finish. Contact


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Spot light


ome projects kick-start architect careers, some mark a change in the aesthetic direction of an architect, while others lead to the creation of a paradigm. Then there are those projects that herald the beginning of a legend, and the re-shaping of the visual legacy of an entire country. The Pampulha Architectural Ensemble is one such project.

A Modernist Landmark The Pampulha Architectural Ensemble’s

entry into the prestigious list this year fortifies its legacy as UNESCO a modernist architecture landmark. BY LATIKA PAYAK

Photo Courtesy : Marcilio Gazzinelli

The Pampulha Architectural Complex marked the career ascendency of a young architect named Oscar Niemeyer in the 1940s, and was the first step by Brazil towards an era of modernist architecture

Photo Courtesy : whc.unesco.urg

Among its many buildings, the São Francisco de Assis Church remains a landmark on its own, attracting scores of tourists every year to its lake-side doors

Photo Courtesy :

It marked the career ascendency of a young architect named Oscar Niemeyer in the 1940s, and was the first step by Brazil towards an era of modernist architecture. In many ways, Niemeyer exerted the most defining influence on the country’s built legacy, bringing on radical ideas like free-flowing spaces, the replacement of rigid straight lines with curves and domes, and the use of concrete. “I consciously ignored the highly praised right angle and the rational architecture of T-squares and triangles, in order to wholeheartedly enter the world of curves and new shapes made possible by the introduction of concrete into the building process,” he once declared. At the Pampulha, all these traits came together in timeless glory. This site in Belo Horizonte is a cluster of buildings standing around a manmade lake. This compound was envisaged as a centre of culture and leisure for the denizens of the upperclass, with a ballroom, a casino and a golf yacht club at its premises.

Pampulha’s landscape was designed by Roberto Burle Marx, another legendary architect who would become a frequent collaborator of Niemeyer’s. Together they could envision iconic urban revival, and at Pampulha, they helped create a suburban paradise from the scratch. Among its many buildings, the São Francisco de Assis Church remains a landmark on its own, attracting scores of tourists every year to its lake-side doors. Its broad arches and wave-like whole form adorned with blue-and-white Biblical murals remain awe-inspiring to this day. The project was the brainchild of Juscelino Kubitschek, the then mayor of Belo Horizonte, and the site was home to his weekend retreat as well. Later, as he rose to Brazil’s presidency, he would rope in Niemeyer again, this time to infuse modernism into the new capital city of Brasilia.

Today, both Pampulha and many spots of Brasilia are on the World Heritage List (WHS) compiled by UNESCO, honoured for the global influence they continue to exert onto the field of architecture. The Pampulha Architectural Ensemble entered the hallowed list in 2016, the year the WHS also honoured the work of the SwissFrench architect, Le Corbusier, an architect Niemeyer was deeply influenced by.



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an alternative to plain glass’ visual disadvantages. They have finally stumbled onto one good-looking, energy-saving replacement. BY LATIKA PAYAK

Utrecht University Library in the Netherlands

That is when they zeroed in on fritted glass, which got joined with a stainless steel façade and a green roof, making the bird death rate plummet 90 percent from what it used to be. Then there’s The Leatop Plaza designed by Murphy/Jahn in Guangzhou, China, that has erected a tall and lightly transparent tower resembling an ice crystal. With a centrally-controlled system, this building boasts of highenergy efficiency. In Toronto, there are Snøhetta and Zeidler Partnership Architects

that dressed the exteriors of the Ry e r s o n Un i v e r s i t y St u d e n t Learning Centre in glass that was digitally printed. The Ice Cubes, a Tokyo building by Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects also used fritted glass to give a frosty look to its outsides. Clearly, architects and builders from all over the world are growing rather fond of this innovative glass variety. It remains to be seen when India will become a part of this versatile, partly transparent world.

The Leatop Plaza designed by Murphy/Jahn in Guangzhou, China

The Ice Cubes, a Tokyo building by Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc.

Photo Courtesy:Leatop Plaza China

The renovation of this building was undertaken by New Yorkbased Fxfowle Architects, and the founding principal Bruce Fowle revealed that their team was particularly looking for a material that would let in light but also keep the interiors cool, contributing to energy efficiency.

Photo Courtesy:Library of Utrecht – University of Utrecht


ritted glass is gradually but surely making its presence felt on buildings around the world. Considering the many benefits of this construction material, this trend is hardly surprising. Fritted glass is essentially glass that allows in the light but keeps away the heat. Fritted glass, especially when infused with ceramic, gives a smooth look and can be patterned into interesting designs. Case in point, the Utrecht University Library in the Netherlands that features fritted glass pattern of abstract fossilised papyrus. This pattern allows in diffused light and saves the books from the direct glare of the sun. Another instance of fritted glass saving the day is at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in Manhattan, a notorious bird-killer of a building whose transparent glass façade used to confuse airborne birds, making them crash into the walls with morbid regularity.

The Versatile World Of Fritted Glass Designers for years struggled to find

Photo Courtesy:Leatop Plaza China

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