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oday’s modern bathrooms are more than just places for mundane ever yday rituals. They have become personal escape and sanctuaries for rest and rejuvenation. If you compare a bath space of today with one from a few decades ago you would not only notice aesthetic differences, but also a huge attitude shift. The modern-day bath space is a ‘room’ in itself; a place that brings beauty and wellbeing to everyday life, a place to decorate and a room to live in. No wonder the industry has a dedicated trade fair in the form of ISH which is known for bringing the latest in bathroom designs. Today’s modern bathrooms are more than just places for mundane everyday rituals. They have become personal escape and sanctuaries for rest and rejuvenation. If you compare a bath space of today with one from a few decades

The Best For Your Bathroom At the ISH fair in Frankfurt some of the

smartest, stylish and most innovative products for your bathroom were unveiled. Here’s a look at a few of our favourites. This year the ISH fair emerged more successful than ever. The event highlighted the way water is used and set new accents with regard to cross-generation bathrooms along with associated trends towards holistic room concepts. The bath space engulfs various elements - that include water closets, showers, bath mixers, shower trays and drains, wash basins, wellness products and complete bath suites. Here’s an insight into some of the most exciting products that you can look forward to including in your bathroom soon. Bath Suites Entire solutions and complete design concepts can transform your bathroom into an everyday sanctuary. Complete bath suites incorporate holistic bathroom concepts and integrated designs to deliver a unified stylistic offering. The Exelen project by Antoniolupi is one such bathroom furnishing system with compositions that can adapt to satisfy every spatial requirement. It covers various furnishing typologies present in the bathroom that include

Kartell uses plastic, one of the youngest materials in human history, to create high quality furniture and designer objects. While Laufen has always created its designer bathroom concepts using traditional vitreous china and fine fireclay, this collection saw a unique synergy between these two materials and companies.

Kartell by Laufen

washbasins, bathtubs and showers, horizontal and vertical cupboards, mirrors and glass that blend together, overlap and flank each other, while speaking a shared language of their architectural origins. The ‘Kartell by Laufen’ bathroom collection also saw a lot of interest as it highlighted the combination of two materials that could hardly be more different. The Italian company

Bathing Rituals Alluring bath mixers, relaxing showers and cubicles, an array of panels, trays and even drains can help create a perfect bathroom escape. Beautiful fixtures make bathing an experience to cherish as they today come with several intuitive functions and in an array of beautiful designs to suit your preference. The Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 is one such mixer which comes with a surface-mounted thermostat and an attractive and generously dimensioned shelf. The aesthetic Me Time Spa shower from Keuco takes the form of a waterfall allowing the primal power of water to act on you helping you relax your continued on page 2

The Exelen Project by Antoniolupi

ago you would not only notice aesthetic differences, but also a huge attitude shift. The modern-day bath space is a ‘room’ in itself; a place that brings beauty and wellbeing to everyday life, a place to decorate and a room to live in. No wonder then that the industry has a dedicated trade fair in the form of ISH which showcases the latest trends and products in bathroom.

A Shower Tablet by Hansgrohe

Me Time Spa by Keuco



mind, body and soul. The water treatments inspired by Sebastian Kneipp are perfect for allowing the soothing and relaxing effects of water to work their magic. With its Spa Hose one can experience the alternative health-promoting therapy in the privacy of your own bathroom.

setting sensitises and sharpens the senses with warm fog and light rain; ‘Release’ cleanses and liberates as a summer cloudburst would; whereas ‘Rejoice’ protects, envelops and stabilises, with water droplets glistening in the colours of the rainbow.




MAY 2013

COVER The Best For STORY Your Bathroom 1 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 6 Toto’s Gyro hand shower Sensory Sky by Dornbracht

Ceiling and hand showers are designed to please and refresh. These showers render a therapeutic effect apart from its usual function of bathing. Dornbracht makes showering a unique experience that touches all the senses. With Sensory Sky different types of rain, fog, light and fragrances complement one another to create complex choreographies. Its ‘Readjust’

The Toto hand held shower offers different sprays at the click of a button. It offers a Cascade flow and Gyrostream sprays. The Cascade flow produces a broad stream of water reminiscent of a small waterfall whereas, the Gyrostream is a massage function. The jets evenly pulsate the water as it leaves the shower head to massage and invigorate the body. continued on page 4

Sapleston’s Eco-Friendly Stone Veneer 10 Inclusive Art 12 iSaloni: Interiors Of Tomorrow 14 India @ Salone Satellite 16 VitrA Gets Busy In India 18 Exhibitions and Fairs 20 Moooi Design Awards 2013 22 Flos At Euroluce 24 Owner, Publisher & Printer Mr. Anish R. Bajaj for Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. Printed at Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033. Published at B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Mumbai 400 033 Tel (022) 23736133/1 Editor Mr. Anish R. Bajaj THE INSIDE TRACK Volume 7. Issue 05. May 2013. English - Monthly. This issue contains 24 pages including both covers. Creative Director Natalie Pedder Assistant Editor Shweta Salvi, Sub-Editor Vikas Bhadra, Ulka Vartak Layout Design Asif Shayannawar, Snigdha Hodarkar Marketing: Rakesh Kini (Digital), Ganesh Gurav, Vivek Jadhav Mumbai B 62, Cotton Exchange Bldg, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033 Tel: (022) 32656823, 23736133, 32958501 Fax: (022) 23743069 Delhi Ms Sumita Prakash, Flat F 304, Rajasthan C.G.H.S. Ltd,Plot No. 36, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi Tel: 9899179540 Email: s_biswas1203@ Chennai Mr S. Venkataraaman, Flat No. 2, 3rd Flr, E Block, Hansa Garden, 30 Madampakkam Main Rd, Rajakilpakkam, Chennai 600 073 Tel: (044) 22281128 Mob: 9444021128 Email: Kolkata Mr Subrata Mazumder, 2, Nabapalli (Bidhanpalli). Kolkata 700084 Tel: (033) 2410 4296 Mob: 9831131395 Email: Europe Pavilion Francaise 1282, Rue du Noyer, bt 161030 Bruxelles, Belgium.

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Cover Story continued from page 2 With Rainjoy by Artize the pleasure of taking a shower is multiplied. Rainjoy offers a variety of bathing experiences with its new overhead shower system. These include a waterfall shower which feels natural and timeless; a mist mode where tiny droplets gently cover you with freshness and a vertical pillar of water that uses gravity to deliver invigorating pressure on any part of the body you choose.

The Terran shower tray by Roca

unit with deep drawers. With this innovative system from VitrA it is now easy to store everything in the bathroom that takes up space and needs to be hidden from sight. The Terran shower trays by Roca are made of Stonex, a strong and durable material. These trays are offered in a variety of sizes and

Aco drains it in style

Waterfall by Rainjoy

The Mist effect in a Rainjoy

Enjoy a column of water

Helping you stay cocooned in your hydro sanctuar y are innovative shower trays and drains. A smart solution called Roomy was unveiled by Vitra at ISH. Roomy is a compact shower unit that can incorporate a large storage

their textured finish makes them slip-resistant and give it a beautiful tactile quality. Another stylish offering was the C-line shower drain by Aco. These drains prove to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing drainage solution for the bathroom. The C-line series offers a choice of three elegantly designed stainless steel gratings that match the shower channels. Wellness Most people today aim at creating a personal spa in their home as a haven for rest and rejuvenation. All this leads to a sense of complete wellness. Adding to this effort is Kaldewei’s vision of music in the bathroom. The new Sound Wave acoustic bath enhances the experience of relaxation by adding a bath audio system. The system acts as a sound box to create exceptional sounds with or without water.

Great storage in a Roomy by Vitra

The Starck 2 tub by Duravit with its built-in neckrest

The Duravit Starck 2 bathtub features an outstanding detail to add to your wellness pleasure - an integrated neckrest. Inspired by archaic models, this element is typical of Philippe Starck. The neckrest forms a harmonious part of the overall design and resembles a board inset into the bathtub, enabling the user to lie back in comfort. Adding technology to your home spa, Dornbracht’s Smart Tools is an intelligent system that networks bathroom components with one another while conveniently individualising applications. The retractable faucet on the new foot bath unit of Dornbracht is particularly well-suited for delivering water to the calves. Besides the new fixture can be controlled either mechanically or by using Smart Tools, the new digital console that Dornbracht has developed.

A new foot bath by Dornbracht

Smart Water by Dornbracht

Sound Wave by Kaldewei


Toto’s SG faucet

The Organic basin mixer by Axor

Washing Up Stylish faucets and sanitaryware can add some excitement to your daily brushing and washing routines. Innovation in the wash basin space has resulted in products that are intuitive and at the same time ergonomic. The Axor Starck Organic wash basin mixer allows you to use water and energy economically. The mixer consists of 90 individual outlets, each producing countless gentle drops of water. It has a normal flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute that can be increased to 5 liters per minute if a stronger spray is required. Antoniolupi’s Silenzio stands apart as it appears to come out of the wall, giving it a life and shape. The Silenzio washbasin is realized in Corian and after it has been positioned (with puttying and plastering), it can be painted just like the rest of the wall so that it disappears into the same.

The SG washbasin by Toto has an inviting, smart and lightweight design and is available in two sizes. The ultra-smooth CeFiONtect glaze makes this ceramic surface brilliant and durable. It prevents mould, limescale and waste from accumulating. Unlike conventional ceramic coatings, CeFiONtect can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. The SG washbasin combined with the sub-cabinet and faucet creates a harmonious ensemble. Designed by Sieger Design, the pivoting outlet on the Dornbracht washstand enables a convenient mouth rinse. Water temperature and volume can be precisioncontrolled with a single flick of the wrist.

SG Washlet by Toto is a true innovation. It offers two new selfcleaning technologies - Actilight and ewater+. The Actilight technology allows UV light in the seat lid to be activated for a specific amount of time once the lid is closed. Once the light hits the zirconium coating, photocatalysis accelerates the decomposition process of all of the organic substances on the surface. After the toilet has been used, the Washlet sprays the toilet bowl once again with electrolyzed water. This antibacterial ewater+ actively prevents the build-up of limescale and waste, keeping the toilet bowl far cleaner over time. Roca stays true to its values of innovation, design, functionality and sustainability with its new WC - In-Tank. This is the first toilet in the world with a dual switch and cistern both integrated. This design incorporates the brand’s latest technology in water conservation and comfort, combining practicality, design and respect for the environment.

Toto’s high-tech Washlet

bathroom environments, Sesamo by Antoniolupi represents a space where no visual disturbance is granted, and the eye can focus on architecture, bath or sinks. The niches are made of stainless steel and can be coated with the same wall material without any limits to the type of finish, maximum hygiene and functionality.

An adjustable WC element by Viega In-Tank by Roca

The Dornbracht Washstand

Silenzio disappears into the wall


Water Closets These new and innovative products make this space more than just a place for mundane everyday rituals. The water closets by Toto and Roca have deployed cuttingedge technology giving rise to higher standards of cleanliness and water conservation. The rimless

The SG Washbasin and under counter unit by Toto

Flushing Systems Smart solutions built to last are expressed clearly with the height adjustable WC element by Viega which has the triedand-tested Viega flush mounted cistern technology that can be combined with all conventional WC ceramics. Accessories and Storage Beautiful trimmings and practical stowing arrangements will turn this otherwise run-of-the-mill space into your favourite ‘room’ in the house. With a new approach to “designed”

iLook Move adds to your charms

Feeling beautiful means feeling good, it is no wonder that a cosmetic mirror is right at the top of the popularity scale of daily beauty care accessories. As a practical utensil for your daily beauty routine, Keuco’s cosmetic mirror iLook Move is particularly impressive. The mirror can be turned up or to the side and tilted for the ideal angle due to the flexibility of its adjustable arm. The mirror also has a LED light source that gives off a sensual aura of elegance - whether illuminated or not. The glare-free lighting technology comes in two versions - with one or two light colours.

Sesamo by Antoniolupi



Armstrong’s Rejuvenations: A Vinyl Sheet Flooring Line

It Products Bravat Launches The Glacier Series The bathroom solutions brand Bravat recently launched its Glacier series of faucets. The geometric shaped glacier series includes the path-breaking touch technology. The triangle lozenge lines are inspired by the pure beauty of the ice age. The waterfall mode of these faucets allows the water to gently pass through your fingers. The precisely cut lines, colours and proportional matching prove to be fashionable as well as advanced. The integration of touch technology and exquisite manufacturing skills in the Glacier series allows one to experience hot, cold or warm water with just a simple touch of the finger. The marks on the faucet act as the touch points, similar to

the technology used in jacuzzis and washing machines. This technology also helps conserve water by activating the faucet only when needed. The major advantage of the Bravat series lies in its design, innovation, manufacturing capacity and performance. It is available solely in the chrome finish which reflects the inspiration derived from nature. The recently launched Glacier series faucets are made up of Virgin brass, thus ensuring a completely rust free product you can enjoy for a long time to come. Contact web:

Cera’s Single Lever Faucet Bags A ‘Product Of The Year’ Award

Superior styling, sterling performance, enduring quality and the trendsetting innovation of Cera faucets makes them one of the most preferred choices of discerning consumers across the country. Cera’s single lever faucet has recently bagged a ‘Product of the Year Award’ for 2013. Adhering to highest quality measures at each step from the raw material selection to finished product preparation, Cera’s faucet manufacturing

facility has been equipped with advanced technologies to ensure high performance and excellent quality. The innovative designs of the Cera faucet collection are enhanced with the latest techniques for an impeccable mirror-like finish. The company has also won this title in the year 2012 for its sanitary ware surfaces imbibed with nanotechnology and prior to that in the year 2011 for its Snow White range of sanitary ware. Since its inception in 1980, Cera has constantly been at the forefront of innovation. Cera’s several innovations in the past have set a benchmark for the industry like its watersaving twin-flush coupled WCs, 4-litre flush WCs, and onepiece WCs. Besides sanitary ware and faucets, Cera is also well-known for its wellness range, which includes high-end wellness products comprising of whirlpools, shower panels and steam cubicles. Contact web:

Armstrong India launches Rejuvenations, a new vinyl sheet flooring line which offers a versatile range of designs. These vinyl sheets bring high visual impact and a lasting performance to a wide range of interiors falling in the ambit of healthcare to retail. The exciting patterns of Rejuvenations bring elegance and finesse to floors. The three Rejuvenations collections include Ambigu, a trendy style, which includes tweed, pearlized and end-cut wood grain visuals. The StoneRun collection features the look of travertine and concrete and

the Timber collection comes with realistic wooden looks which ranges from traditional oak, maple and walnut to the more exotic woods like Merbau and bamboo. Rejuvenations also feature a durable, abrasion-resistant wear layer and a UV-cured polyurethane coating, which eliminates the need for polishes and spray buffing. The collection meets the customer’s demand for sophisticated design, ease of maintenance, a reasonable cost and high durability. Contact web:

Grescasa Introduces A New Stone Collection

The French region of Savoia, located at the border with ltaly and disputed by the two countries through time, is famous for good wines and the beauty of natural stone. This became the inspiration for the firm of Pietra de Savoia, which reproduces the quartz and slate stone in myriad colours such as the bianco and argento with all the richness

of details that digital printing technology allows. Available at Grescasa, the mosaic in the 24” x 24” format perfectly reproduces the long line cuts, typical of natural stone. It is suited for use in leisure areas, small facades and details of inner environments. It can be used for both, wall and floor surfaces. Contact


It Products Bleu Concepts Unveils Its New Flexible Wardrobes Bleu Concepts, a premier design boutique for modular kitchens, wardrobes and storage solutions, recently introduced an exclusive range of flexible wardrobes. These contemporary designs integrate unique mechanisms and a distinctive system that help users in customising their closets. A flexible wardrobe effectively addresses the changing needs of an individual. Keeping this in mind,

BoConcept Launches The Cenova Sofa

BoConcept, the premium urban interior brand from Denmark is all set to add to the style quotient of the living space with the launch of the new Cenova Sofa. The Cenova sofa is a complete package of design and rejuvenation. The sofa is offered with a choice of three different back cushions along with soft as well large seat cushions. The overall thick and comfortable padding gives one, the optimal comfort regardless of the body’s position on the sofa. Sink into the Cenova sofa while enjoying that personalised design of sixteen different seating units. The Cenova sofa is available in more than 90 different fabrics and leather. The price of these sofas starts from Rs. 249,750/-. Contact web:


superior quality materials and fittings have been used to ensure that it stands the test of time and also varied combinations can be derived easily. Available in different coloured paint, including black and a range of veneers, these newly designed wardrobes are a testament to Bleu’s technical expertise and high-precision technology. These wardrobes also come with inbuilt lighting. Its flexible internal storage space makes it suitable for multipurpose usage. Contact web:



Kich Makes A Mark

It Products Fisher & Paykel Introduces A 60 cm Integrated Fridge Fisher & Paykel’s integrated fridge is designed to blend seamlessly behind cabinetry, freeing up kitchen space. It is made for people wishing to maintain the look and symmetry of their kitchen, giving them an option to place their fridge within their existing cabinetry. The max cool function protects the vital nutrients of food, its freshness and texture. The taste is retained by boosting the cooling power, dropping the temperature to 2°C for 12 hours. It overcomes the problem of a raised temperature when the fridge door remains open for a long time. Its variable temperature drawer is designed

to allow optimal storage of fresh meat, deli and dairy products at lower than standard fridge temperatures. Additionally, the holiday mode function allows the fridge to run efficiently when the fridge is not being used for a long time. As for the illumination the new premium LED lighting gives off a crisp, clean glow, enlightening the whole compartment. This energy saving feature uses 80% less power than the halogen bulbs. The fridge eases the task of cleanliness as it is fitted with shelves specially designed to retain spillage. These shelves can be repositioned at different heights to accommodate different sized food storage containers. Also the fridge includes a built-in frost-free function. Contact web:

Electrolux Hoods For Compact Kitchens

Electrolux Hoods are a definite space-saver and therefore perfect for compact kitchens. These hoods are designed in a way that makes it easy to install, clean as well as maintain. The Electrolux range of hoods complements any kitchen and clearly reflects the current trends. It creates a perfect environment for entertainment and stylish everyday living. The hoods also effectively take care of odours and smoke as they are packed with a

powerful suction with an active carbon filter. This ensures that the odour, smoke or steam is sucked into the hood and clean air is circulated all around the kitchen. In addition to this, it is also equipped with multi-layered filters that can be easily removed and washed in order to keep the hood in an optimal working condition for a longer period. The price of this hood is Rs.11,000/-. Contact web:

The International Cricket Stadium is the bastion of cricketing events in Ranchi. The fact that it attracts thousands of spectators justifies the need for a handrail and baluster systems of the highest grade. Kich was commissioned to install its AISI 304 Stainless Steel Handrail and Baluster Systems of Arch (A Project Range of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd.) to meet this exacting standard. A variety of its Top Mounted Square Baluster Systems with Horizontal Members have been installed in the staircase, atrium, seating riser and bleacher areas with a total length of handrail touching almost 10,367 running feet. These installed areas are

places which are prone to the maximum exposure and heavy use. This huge effort on the part Kich marks the completion of a landmark for Ranchi. Matching world standards, the Kich system is designed to offer robust strength and high resistance against atmospheric changes. The newly installed handrails and baluster system promises to sustain the graceful charm of the International Cricket Stadium for a long time to come. This installation is a vindication of the trustworthy qualities of Arch, and adds another feather in the cap of Kich. Contact web:

V-Guard’s Induction Cooktop

The sleek and stylish Induction Cooktop by V-Guard guarantees a great cooking experience. Customers have a wide choice which ranges from economy, medium and premium models. With eco-friendly being the buzz word, induction cooktops fit right in and are more energy efficient. Cooking with the V-Guard Induction Cooktop is a lot safer as it reduces the possibility of burns. The induction cook-top localizes

the heat only to the vessel, making it much more child-friendly. Moreover, this induction cooktop is also a time saver as it prevents long drawn out cooking. V-Guard Induction Cooktop has emerged as the burner of a new generation as it enables one to prepare their favourite dishes in just a jiffy. The V-Guard Induction Cooktop is priced at Rs 2770/- onwards. Contact web:


High Tech Dustbins From Ozone@Homz

It Products Arttd’inox Introduces Its New Ferra-Gami Collection Arttd’inox, one of India’s premier stainless steel home segment product manufacturer and retailer brand introduces a range of premium tabletop accessories under their new collection named Ferra-Gami. The collection draws its inspiration from the age old craft of Origami. The designers have made use of folded sheets of stainless steel and have ably blended in local Indian motifs. The final motifs are recreated in a functional range of table-top accessories, like the Ferra-Gami flower vase, a multi-dimensional

fruit tray, a cubical pen stand and a serving tray. The Ferra-Gami collection results in functional and decorative table top accessories that have a global yet local appeal, perfect for everyday use. The collection as a whole is an endeavour of design and innovation making things that are not just beautiful, but also that which beautifully fits into our lifestyle! The price range of these products varies from Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 3000/-. Contact web:

Rare Glass Symphonies By The Furniture Republic

Adorning the house with home décor accessories is a way of creating artistic impressions and glamourising spaces. The Furniture Republic has upped this very glam quotient by launching an exclusive collection of world famous Murano glass figurines from Italy. The collection truly reflects the Venetian landscape. The rare pieces have been carefully selected and are executed rigorously by hand according to the best tradition of the great masters of Murano. Pegasus on Base is detailed with 24 carat gold wings along


with a gold plated stand on a sand blasted crystal base. The detailing of the Pair of Ducks includes fading colours, inserted into the crystal base with a hinge and the woman is adorned with calcedonio glass and vitreous paste with multicoloured veins which imitate natural chalcedony. These exquisite creations are sure to lend elegance to any decor. These 100% hand crafted elegant masterpieces are priced between Rs. 40,000/- and Rs. 500,000/-. Contact web:

Ozone, a leading brand in the architectural hardware industry, announces the launch of its flagship brand for home essentials, Ozone@Homz. The stainless steel bins with advanced technology are sensorbased bins offering hygienic and ultra-convenient solutions for the living space. These bins from Ozone@ homz are made with high grade stainless steel ensuring a rustfree and long life. The elegantly brushed stainless steel designer bins look great in any space and complement modern interiors. These touchless bins use the latest sensor based technology to open and close the lid automatically, leaving one’s hands free to drop trash from a distance. They are also available in foot control and manual options. The bins posses wide applications - such as homes, restaurants, food joints, super markets, hypermarkets, hotels, resorts,

offices, etc. The range also includes open bins and swing bins in different shapes and sizes, offering a solution for every need, every requirement and every budget. Contact web:



Co. Profile


ou probably shelled out a bomb for you home ‘makeover’ and the last thing you want to see is peeling surfaces. Well, chances of this are unlikely if you decide on using Sapleston’s stone veneer for adorning your spaces. This durable stone veneer is an ingenious product created from naturally available slate stone. Slate has always been a preferred choice when it comes to floorings or walls, unfortunately it is not as easy to

Sapleston’s Eco-Friendly Stone Veneer The Sapleston stone veneer guarantees the charms of natural stone with an ease of application and cost benefits to boot. special tools; the usual ones suffice for the task. So how was the foundation of this unique business set up? It all started in the year 2007 when, the CEO, Mr. Manish Poddar attended a Global Stone Technology Forum in Jaipur. The guest speaker at the forum Architect Hafeez Contractor emphasised on the development of real stone veneer and how it could give a new horizon to both interiors and exteriors. This is when Mr. Poddar took up this challenge and started working on ways to develop the product. After a lot of R&D and test applications, the natural stone veneer Sapleston was launched.

stone veneer in reputed shows, we discuss and explain the product applications. Being a new product there is the beginner’s hitch but post application, designers are enthralled by the possibilities this stone can create. Presently Sapleston Stone Veneer is available in most cities in India through direct marketing.” Though this nifty product is a fairly new player, it already has a list of reputed clients and projects in the bag. One of the most significant projects has been that of Ms. Sussanne Roshan and her ‘Charcoal Project’. Apart from this, projects of Mr. Gautam Macker and Ms. Sonali Bhawati have also proved

Over the years, 15 different varieties in terms of size and colour have been developed by the company. But certain variations such as Sprinkle Crust, Exotic Art, Copper Haze, Emerald Green or the Earthy Beige continue to be the customer’s favourite choice. Considering the competitiveness of markets, it is necessary that a product is well-marketed. Talking about the company’s strategy, Mr. Poddar says, “As the product is unique and valuable, we execute the marketing directly. We reach out to architects and interior designers personally. Also by exhibiting the

to be very interesting. Overseas the stone veneer is exported to nations like Austria, Portugal, Spain, USA, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, etc. Along with strong marketing strategies, valuable tie ups or joint ventures with other companies have also helped expand the business. “Our company is always open to a joint venture for a stronger global presence and better accessibility to our customers globally and domestically,” adds the CEO. Contact tel: 011 26242845 email: website:

Sapleston stone veneer, an ingenious product created from natural slate is a smart choice when it comes to cladding various surfaces

install and transport. The Sapleston stone veneer overcomes these shortcoming of natural slate and emerges as a feasible option owing to its thin profile which lies anywhere between 1.5mm to 2.0mm. Furthermore, this stone veneer results in reduced carbon footprint and it also reduces transportation hassles to a great extent. The thickness of this unique stone veneer ranges from 1.5 to 2.0mm, accordingly the weight of the stone veneer prevails at just 1.65 kgs per sq. mt. making it lightweight and therefore easy to install and transport.

The versatility of this veneer is evident from the fact that it is also suitable for high rise buildings, in addition to interiors and exteriors. After intelligently extracting the slate stone, a special technology is used to split 1mm thin layers. Then, with the backing of a fiber, the final product Sapleston stone veneer is derived. Since the stone veneer is flexible, it can be bent, contoured or wrapped on intricately detailed surfaces. The stone also lasts longer and offers better protection from fire as compared to wood paneling. As for its installation, it is comparatively easier, also it does not require any

The versatility of this veneer is evident from the fact that it is also suitable for high rise buildings, in addition to interiors and exteriors



Spot Light


lass is a very challenging and versatile medium as it is delicate, brittle and unforgiving. One wrong move and the pieces are rendered useless. Challenging these properties of glass, Sonia Sareen’s Glass Studio reflects the beautifully crafted glass art giving way to myriad works of art. Starting out as an interior decorator, Sonia experimented with all kinds of forms and media. In the days when studio pottery was virtually unknown, Sonia delved into the mysteries of clay and trained in Kolkata. Glass was a secondary passion at the time, and it was only when her sister in the US convinced her to pursue a course at the New York School of Visual Arts that her journey as a glass artist began. The medium captured her imagination as much as it did her soul and became her mainstay in creativity. Upon returning to India, she started her own glass

Inclusive Art Sonia Sareen, one of India’s leading

glass designers shares her passion for glass art. BY ULKA VARTAK

In much of Sonia Sareen’s artwork, one can see a reflection of different media that work cohesively to create harmony

studio and hasn’t looked back since. A constant seeker, Sonia has learnt the art of Picassiette in New York, which is the mosaic art of putting together pieces of broken ceramics into design. Sonia ventured into cold ceramic and dye casting subsequently and recently she learnt the art of slumping and fusion in Singapore. In much of her artwork, one can see a reflection of different media that work cohesively to create harmony. Form, colour, medium all find representation in her work. She is perhaps best known for her exquisite work in stained glass. Besides the artistry, it is the precision

which exemplifies the quality of Sonia’s work, and defines her high standards. Expressing her passion about working with glass, Sonia says, “For me, it’s like, through the use of glass, I am expanding space! Even while you create spaces within spaces or demarcate boundaries or separate the interior from the exterior, glass, whether clear, coloured or indeed mirror, has the effect of opening up confined areas. A Venetian or stained glass mirror placed strategically on your wall expands the depth of your room while a beautiful stained glass window makes even the outside

Sonia’s Glass Studio reflects beautifully crafted glass art giving way to myriad works of art

look picturesque.” Glass has also given Sonia repeated opportunities to discover many other crafts that she had no prior experience in. It brought her in collaboration with skilled craftsmen in woodworking, metal and dye casting. The knowledge she gained from working with all these various craftsmen has, over a period of time, enabled her to create a fusion of various techniques and deliver better products. Talking about her work, Sonia says, “My work as an interior decorator, creating with clay and ceramic, mastering the art of mosaic around the same time, all of these helped.


Sonia Sareen - Stained Glass Designer, Artist, Sculptor

An amalgam of skills and talents can only enrich your art. I am not just a glass artist. When I conceive an art project in my mind, it is not just one medium I think in. This orientation helped distinguish my art from that of others. This is what I am known for today.” Her work can be seen in the homes of some of the most well-known names in India like Mr. K.P. Singh, DLF (where she created a fabulous dome), Mr. Sunil Mittal, Airtel (a tough brief with a seventeen foot façade but the end result was much appreciated) and many more. She has also worked with many hotel chains in India, with the prominent projects

being Soaltee Oberoi, Radisson Jass, ISTA Pune, Taj Ganges, Shangri-La, Usha Kiran, Park Plaza, Wild Orchids and Jaypee Manor. More recently, she completed an ambitious project at the Manekshaw Centre, with a dome (twenty feet in diameter) created in glass. Her sculpted water bodies created for ISTA Pune introduced another medium to her brimming portfolio. She has also held several art exhibitions in ceramic and glass in Kolkata and a recent one of sculptural works in Delhi. Speaking about the time required to complete a project, Sonia says, “The time frame is different for each art project. A simple, panel lamp in Tiffany style may take two days


to create, and a mould lamp with hundreds of pieces may take as many as 20 days. Similarly, a small relief panel may take a few days while a dome with relief work may take over a month.” Sonia’s Glass Studio continues to buzz with a lot of energy. Stained glass partitions, cold ceramic domes, slumping glass platters for a wall installation, canvas paintings and sculptures are currently on her creative platter. Contact tel: +91-9811011958 email: web:



Event Review


he iSaloni was back, breathing new life into the Milan Fairgrounds, Rho from the 9th to the 14th of April, 2013. The 52nd edition of iSaloni showcased the latest in furnishing, lighting and office furniture, along with a vast panoply of top quality products.

iSaloni: Interiors Of Tomorrow The 2013 Salone del Mobile is a window to

the world of design - a showcase of creativity, quality and change.

iSaloni saw design lovers from the world over make a bee-line for Milan to take in the sights and sounds at this landmark fair. Photo: Alessandro Russotti

The exhibiting companies made huge efforts and significant investments in order to present themselves in the best possible light, attracting the attention of international players. Several historical brands were back to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and SaloneUfficio, a testimony to the fair’s role as an industry-wide benchmark for originality, change and visibility. SaloneUfficio’s 106 exhibitors showcased the latest in office furnishings, as well as furnishing ideas for banks, insurance companies, post offices, public and community spaces. The wide range of solutions also covered wall and ceiling noise insulation, floors and coverings, lighting systems and accessories, audio/video and communication technologies. With its 450 exhibitors, Euroluce 2013 is one of the most highly-regarded exhibitions for the lighting world drawing

in over 300,000 visitors. The pairing of lighting and office space was further underpinned by the increasing focus on the quality of working environments, in terms of appropriate furnishing, the arrangement of space and proper lighting. It is this concept of quality in the workplace that was behind Jean Nouvel’s seminal installation “Project: Office for Living” at SaloneUfficio, which showcased five unique and singular work scenarios illustrating several different settings that give full rein to the main strands of his

Euroluce explored issues such as energy, eco-sustainability and energy-saving and provided a platform to network with the lighting sector’s foremost companies. Photo: Annalisa Cimmino


Jean Nouvel’s seminal installation “Project: office for living” showcased five unique and singular work scenarios illustrating his vision of the workspace. Photo: Saverio Lambardi Vallauri

vision of the workspace - mobility, conviviality, pleasure, fun, with

offices opening onto both the inside and the outside of the

The Salone Satellite was a single stop event where young designers displayed their excellence in craftsmanship and innovation. Photo: Carola Merello

SaloneUfficio underscored the close relationship between lighting and the workspace. Photo: Annalisa Cimmino

building. The display rejected cloned spaces, enclosed spaces


and the serial repetitiveness that so often characterizes offices and their totalitarian nature. Apart from SaloneUfficio and Euroluce, the Salone Satellite, a single stop event where young designers displayed their excellence in craftsmanship and innovation, brought together 700 young exhibitors who exhibited their creative work pieces. Like previous editions this year too, there was a competition for the three best prototypes conceived and showcased with particular r e l e v a n c e t o t h i s e d i t i o n’s biennial exhibitions. The Salone Del Mobile yet again proved itself to be the most effective promotional tool for creative excellence, a natural coming together of business and design, and an unparalleled platform for tremendous expertise. The fair saw a huge influx of visitors from all over the world, especially from Asia, Russia and the Far East. A considerable number of delegations of Chinese constructors and American architects were also seen. Contact web:



Spot Light


ractical, aesthetic and user-centric design forms are what inspire my thought process. Product and process improvement, new materials and manufacturing techniques guide the approach to designing a product for me,” says Rohit Kumar, the budding designer who got the much sought after opportunity to showcase his products at the recently concluded Salone Satellite at the iSaloni fair in Milan. Rohit is a design graduate (Accessory Design) from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), New Delhi. He has worked in a wide range of design disciplines from industrial product design, retail design and installations to working with craftsmen dealing with different materials and skill sets. His independent design studio, ‘The New Black Design Studio’ which opened in 2011

Rohit Kumar, the budding designer at Salone Satellite, iSaloni

India @ Salone Satellite Young Indian designer Rohit Kumar

showcased his product design endeavours at the prestigious Salone Satellite event at the iSaloni fair in Milan. focuses on the ability to combine functionality with aesthetics. His products are a combination of different materials and are not restricted to any particular width of material. The choice of material depends on the properties of the product that he has in mind which could be anything ranging from wood, metal, glass, silicon, plastic - to softer elements like leather or fabric. Rohit believes that the furniture he designs should not be fixed and always be multi-purpose. For Salone Satellite, Rohit showcased a new range of contemporary furniture which is a combination of different materials put together to create something unique, yet simple; but complex in the way it is designed. His collection unifies functionality with fun elements in terms of formation, usage and vibrancy of colours. The product offerings were a combination of craftsmanship and technology designed to encourage positive feelings. His product, Hive-Jacked is a lounge chair which teases the user’s

The Rickshaw stool features a colourful cushion inspired by rickshaw upholstery and stitched by the very same craftsmen who ‘dress up’ rickshaws

The positive and negative space created by the Hive-Jacked lounge chair’s hexagonal form changes appearance as one looks at it from different angles

perception of stability. Though it initially fails to convince, it is in fact an incredibly strong structure. It can be shrink packed for ease and at the same time when assembled has volume to give a much relaxed feel. The top part of the chair is made of reinforced felt strips stitched together to form a hexagonal pattern. This chair top can be compressed for transportation and to reduce the space it occupies. The base is made of steel which can be recycled and the structure is a knock down one suitable for compact packaging. The positive and negative space created by its hexagonal form gives a very interesting appearance to the chair which changes as one looks at it from different angles. Flatpacking and the use of recyclable materials make this chair an ecofriendly product. Working becomes fun when all you need is available just at an arms distance and still presented so beautifully! Chatoyant, the working desk also designed by Rohit, aims to

address the basic human nature of chaos. Made from beech wood, glass and leather, the desk holds within itself many compartments for the storage of various work accessories; the strong colour character of the desk adds zing to any room. Another of his creations on display was The Rickshaw, a stool born of a love for cycles, taxis and rickshaws that operate on the busy streets of India. Made from beech wood and PU cushions, the stools feature a colourful cushion that is directly inspired by rickshaw upholstery and stitched by the very same craftspeople that manufacture and ‘dress up’ rickshaws. The idea was to get a flavour of street life into the home, connecting oneself to the excitement that lies outside on the streets of India. Sharing his recent experience at Salone Satellite, Rohit says, “Salone Satellite is one of the biggest platforms for young designers to showcase their work at an international arena. Getting a chance to showcase alongside the


Chatoyant, the working desk holds within itself many compartments for the storage of various work accessories; the strong colour character of the desk adds zing to any room

biggest brands in the industry has obviously given me a lot of exposure in terms of international trends

in furniture design, production, marketing, etc. Interaction with the design fraternity from all over

the world helps in widening the scope of one’s thought process and outlook.


For the Salone Satellite, I wanted to come up with products which are contemporary, multi-purpose, flexible and vibrant in colours inspired by the beauty of randomness which we get to experience in our daily lives. The response at the fair has also been very encouraging with direct interactions and feedback from the industry stalwarts. What was even more encouraging was that the products I showcased appealed to all age groups which gives me added confidence on the commerciality of my products.� Currently working on extending the line which was presented at the Salone Satellite, Rohit is looking forward to collaborations in the near future with suitable manufacturers who are ready to experiment. Contact tel: +91 9818493675 web:





f the number of years is a benchmark for quality, then VitrA is one company worth mentioning. This Turkish company, specialising in ceramic sanitaryware, has many successful years behind it. Incepted in the year 1942, a team of just eight men worked tirelessly in order to supply Turkey with earthenware products that were difficult to import due to the Second World War. From here began a journey that has spanned over decades giving rise to a company with a proud heritage and an experience of dealing in bathrooms and tiles and transforming living spaces into stellar environments. The VitrA saga has just about started unfolding in India. With just two years of operation under its belt, The Inside Track catches up with Mr. Dhirendra Joshi, General Manager of VitrA to know more about what’s in store for the Indian market.

VitrA Gets Busy In India VitrA, the Turkish company that specialises in ceramic sanitaryware is ready to unleash some of its most stylish bathroom collections in the Indian market.

When did VitrA launch in India? What is the current structure of the organisation here? VitrA was launched in India at the beginning of 2011 with our exclusive distributor Kajaria Ceramics which is a well-known and leading tile manufacturer in India. Kajaria Ceramics is defined as the exclusive

Vitra’s has a proud heritage and an experience of dealing in bathrooms and tiles and transforming living spaces into stellar environments

importer and sole distributor for advertising, marketing, distributing and selling VitrA products in India. W h a t a re t h e c a t e g o ri e s o f product that VitrA has introduced in India?

Dhirendra Joshi, General Manager, Vitra

So far, we have introduced ceramic sanitary ware and complementary products, concealed cisterns, brassware and bathroom furniture products. However, VitrA is a well-known “Complete Bathroom Solution” partner for consumers in Turkey and all over the world. At

The Options Lux bathroom furniture draws its inspiration from nature

VitrA we also manufacture highend ceramic and porcelain tiles and acrylic wellness products. In India, we are still examining the potential and trends and we will consider all these opportunities in the future. Which Indian cities is VitrA currently present in? VitrA items are being sold all across India through 50 dealers, covering all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and many others. Our target is to increase this number to

Ross Lovegrove has produced 3 ingenious design series for Vitra - Istanbul, Mod and Freedom

80 dealers by the end of 2013 and we plan to extend our presence in all the other cities in time as we believe the India market will keep developing. Over the years, which products have emerged as best seller for VitrA? At VitrA we have many designer collections as well as project segment products which enable us to offer a wide range of products and more than enough alternatives for every budget. Although, India is a price conscious market for some of our designer collections such as Istanbul

Istanbul by designer Ross Lovegrove


The Milan based designer, Matteo Thun

and Freedom by Ross Lovegrove, sales figures have been impressive since the beginning. How does the future of VitrA in India look like in terms of local production? It ’s b e e n 2 y e a r s o f b e i n g operational in the country and as we go along and achieve our desired volumes, we shall commence our thought process on setting up manufacturing. Which are some of VitrA’s key design associations? We a re w o rk i n g w i t h m a n y important designers; Ross Lovegrove is one of the most important ones, as he is one of the most fascinating designers of the 21st century and recipient of countless awards. This British designer creates sculptural and organic shapes

With Matteo Thun’s Water Jewels its possible to create unique bath spaces due to an exhilarating range of tones and a wealth of colours and textures

using sophisticated technology and materials. His design concept “organic essentialism” is inspired by elements from the natural world which are then reshaped into futuristic forms. The VitrA and Lovegrove collaboration has produced 3 ingenious design series; Istanbul, Mod and Freedom. Sharing VitrA’s passion for substantial innovation and design excellence, Ross Lovegrove represents the brand as its spokesperson in various platforms. In 2013, Istanbul Addition Washbasin, again designed by Ross Lovegrove, got the Design Plus powered by ISH award. Furthermore, Milan-based Ma t t e o T h u n + Pa r t n e r s i s a studio of architecture, design and communication that refuses to be categorized in stylistic terms. This is the reason why the studio can approach such a wide variety and scale of work, ranging from hotels to coffee cups, with endless

The Freedom Series created by Ross Lovegrove

originality and vitality. Thun has designed Water Jewels for VitrA, a collection with an imaginative use of different materials. In 2013, VitrA started to work with Christophe Pillet, who is a multidisciplinary designer involved in many fields from product and furniture design, interior decoration and architecture to scenography and artistic direction. His close engagement with the fashion world is reflected in his choice of materials and forms. To quote Pillet, as a designer he seeks to


The ergonomic Bella Wall-Hung WC pan by Vitra

express “simplicity, timeless design and a touch of distant elegance”. Christophe Pillet also designed VitrA stand in ISH 2013. In addition to this, the German Design studio NOA specializes in designing new products, technologies and communication strategies. NOA’s fruitful collaboration with VitrA has created the highly popular T4, Shift, Retro, S50 and S20 collections. Contact web:



Fair News

International Contemporary Furniture Fair Date 18 - 21 May 2013 Venue New York, USA Contact web: A wide and exclusive range of furniture and home decoration accessories are showcased at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair which is one of the most important international design shows. The attendees will be able to browse furniture according to the price and demand of the application area and budget. Attendees will also get an opportunity to reach out to leading companies who have been dealing in this business for years, and all of this under one roof.

The Office Exhibition Date 20 - 23 May 2013 Venue Dubai, UAE Contact web: The Office Exhibition will showcase a wide range of designs fit for the office. The event is expecting exhibitor’s participation from over 25 countries. Some of the biggest global brands and companies concerned with architecture and design will also be highlighted who will showcase technological innovations and eco-sustainable products and services which are required for locations like pre-schools, schools, libraries, cultural centres, offices, etc. Meeting with clients, symposiums and promotions of various brands will be some of the features of this event.

Index International Design Exhibition Date 20 - 23 May 2013 Venue Dubai, UAE Contact web: Index International Design Exhibition is known to cover various aspects of design applications, including furniture items, textiles, kitchen and bath dĂŠcor rather comprehensively. Flooring equipment, tiles and heating chimneys are also exhibited at the show, which draws in a large number of visitors during each of its editions from several different countries. A vast majority of the attendees at the fair arrive with the motive of expanding their business networks. A number of product demonstrations and other interactive sessions are scheduled during the show. The scope for the visiting participants to get familiar with the latest design ideas and concepts is ample at this trade fair event, which is attended by a large number of professional experts.

Cityscape Qatar Date 27 - 29 May 2013 Venue Doha, Qatar Contact web: Cityscape Qatar is slated to become one of the leading platforms in bringing together investors, real estate developers, architects, designers and senior executives from all over the world. The exhibitors participating at the fair will have an opportunity to showcase their innovative projects and services to prospective global real estate investors, financers and developers. Cityscape Qatar aims at creating the perfect ambience for the promotion of the real estate business. It also provides an opportunity for visitors to build a healthy professional and business network. The event is backed by top industry experts who share a common aim to foster the growth of business opportunities related to real estate.



Fairs & Exhibitions Date 24 - 26 May 2013, Roof India Venue Mumbai Contact web: Roof India brings together more than 150 exhibitors from the roofing and allied products industries of India and abroad. The show is the one of the largest events of its kind in Asia and is endorsed by some of the well known national and international associations. It will host a number of seminars and conferences, with the help of which it aims to spread necessary information amongst its exhibitors and attendees. This show will demonstrate products and services like the structural steel, steel framing machinery, roll forming roof machinery, spaceframes, tensile fabric architecture, green roofs technology, roof waterproofing and other new equipments and technologies that

are developed in the sector. Date 24 - 26 May 2013, BACE Expo Venue Kochi Contact web: The city of Kochi is experiencing major commercial and industrial activities and is showing rapid growth in the building and construction sector. An international air terminal, a major harbour and availability of natural resources have made this city a major commercial hub of Kerala. BACE expo will attract key market players and industrial leaders from construction and building industries to display their latest products. Roofing, cladding, facades, paints, coats, sanitary ware and construction machineries are some of the products that will be on display.

Ceramics China Date 29 May - 01 June 2013 Venue Guangzhou, China Contact web: Ceramics China is one of the best shows in Asia concerned with the ceramic industry. It will showcase materials, machinery and tools pertaining to this industry. The various manufacturers and exhibitors will present a different range of products and services. The event will open up vast trade opportunities and will lead to cooperation between Chinese and Italian companies, producing fruitful results. It will also give a wonderful opportunity for strengthening long-lasting relationships between the various exhibiting companies. Ceramics China will ensure internationalisation of the business and will help the industry to flourish.

LumiBat Date 28 - 30 May 2013 Venue Lyon, France Contact web: Get enlightened at LumiBat 2013 by being part of the various workshops and conferences. Whether it is the office space or the home space, efficient lighting is very crucial. This year LumiBat will enlighten the industry about the latest market trends and innovations. A valuable place of exchange and information, the event will bring together products and expertise of professionals dedicated to innovative, economical and sustainable lighting. 5,000 professional visitors and over 100 exhibitors are expected to be a part of this prestigious fair.

Interior Lifestyle Japan Date 05 - 07 June 2013 Venue Tokyo Contact web: Interior Lifestyle Japan is one of the finest ‘design oriented’ trade shows of the industry. It is organised by Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH. The show will prove to be one of the largest platforms for retailers, wholesalers, trading houses, importers and manufacturers of Japan. Get ready to welcome some of the major brands with their latest innovations at one of the most happening events of Japan.



Event Review


design label with a beautiful meaning was founded in the year 2001 by designer Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. The name of this label is Moooi, which means ‘beautiful’ in Dutch (the third ‘o’ stands for some extra beauty and novelty). Apart from designs by Marcel Wanders, the portfolio of Moooi also contains a plethora of work

Moooi Design Awards 2013 With the aim of recognising the best in

furnishing and lighting, the Frame Moooi awards zone in on the next generation of innovative solutions for the interior.

The Winner: The Impulsive Furnishing Unit involves a CNC machine that produces easy to assemble furniture

from other recognised designers such as Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot and Maarten Baas, etc. Marcel Wanders maintains an influence in all the inclusions of the brand, this includes being personally responsible for the overall process of design selection. The Frame Moooi Award was created in the year 2011, with the aim of awarding brilliant designers and raising the bar for furniture and interior design to an all-new level. The awards seek to promote the next generation of innovative furnishings - pieces that not only

enrich the interior for which they were designed, but also transcend it. This year, the Frame Moooi Award 2013 received a whopping of 861 submissions from a total of 71 countries. The finalists were selected by juror Jana Scholze, curator of contemporary furniture at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The selection process was anonymous, i.e. Scholze was in the dark about the names or nationalities of the designs that were reviewed by her. Among the 861 submissions

Table by Studio mk27. Tiles that usually adorn the floor crawl onto the table of this Sao Paolo office

received, the awards finally found its top 10 finalists. Some of them included BBC North Atrium Pods by ID:SR / Sheppard Robson; Lightweeds by Simon Heijdens; Social 01 by i29 interior architects; Socialization Spaces by Menendez Gamonal Arquitectos; Spaceship Hear t Madrid by Collective Paper Aesthetics; Blue Table by Studio mk27; Tumble Seed by Carmela Bogman and Zementa by Pakamoko amongst others. However, the winning product to bag the coveted prize of 25,000 and all the glitz and adulation that goes along with the award, turned out to be the Impulsive Furnishing Unit. This ingenious innovation was created by designers Itay Ohaly, Thomas Vailly and

BBC North Atrium Pods by ID:SR/ Sheppard Robson. Unused spaces are converted into useful workplace hubs

Zementa - Lamp made of concrete by Pakamoko



Social 01 - Colourful and not so colourful. A range of chairs in the social workplace in Delft, Netherlands

Christian Fiebig. The trio received their grand prize from the juror, Jana Scholze, and the founder Marcel Wanders.

CNC machine is directly mounted onto a stack of plywood boards. The machine, having been adjusted to the thickness of the Spaceship Heart - The cardboard blocks stick together in spite of not using any tools or glue

most advanced project; it shows where design is heading. The project works convincingly in the particular situation for which it was conceived, but it can also be applied to multiple settings and conditions. It is not the end product that matters but the approach the

Tumble Seed - Stool by Carmela Bogman. These stools have changed the way we sit. They require the sitter’s balance and concentration

The winning creation is a portable production unit for the on-site fabrication of furniture. The Impulsive Furnishing Unit was made for C-Fabriek, a temporary exhibition that the three designers organised at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven 2012. A

wood in question, chops each component individually into the desired shape. Sharing her experience of the Mooi Awards, juror Jana Scholze said, “After an inspection of all entries, it seemed clear who the winner had to be. This is the

Socialization Spaces - Cheese was the inspiration behind the table created to brainstorm and socialize

designers took in interpreting and responding to a demand. Offering a process that can result in various products changes not only conventional design production but also our understanding of design in general.” Contact web:




Spot Light


los is one of the world leaders in decorative lighting. Their distinguishing feature being their high quality approach to

Goldman, designed by Ron Gilad

innovative design and production. Flos is today an international

Flos At Euroluce Flos, the iconic Italian lighting company showcased its latest charms at Euroluce 2013, Milan. BY ULKA VARTAK

Shade by Paul Cocksedge utilizes both floor and ceiling, but it appears connected to neither

organisation that offers a complete range of residential, commercial

The Stringlight ceiling lamp is a black electric wire that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space

and even custom-made lighting products that can be seamlessly integrated in living spaces. With a constant commitment to research and technological innovation, but always aiming to reach a poetic quality of light, the company has demonstrated how a historic brand can look to the future without losing sight of its tradition. Flos has always been about creating lighting which stirs emotions and stimulates the senses. The company continues to work with a world renowned team of international designers who all share this unique vision of inspiration, beauty, function, form, love and renewal. The list of designers who

Running Magnet by Flos is an architecture of light that shines directly from walls or the ceiling

Rodolfo Dordoni’s table lamp Volt cools the heat generated by the LED light source by transporting distilled water along a central tube

showcased their work for Flos at the recently concluded Euroluce 2013, at the Salone Del Mobile was definitely a coveted one. It included the works of Antonio Citterio, Ron Gilad, Philippe Starck, Rossi and Bianchi, Paul Cocksedge, Michael Anastassiades, Rodolfo Dordoni and a few others. Designer lamps like Volt, Running Magnet, Stringlight, Shade, Ipnos, Goldman and a few others created a fine display of playful and interactive lighting devices that were showcased in their beautifully choreographed stall exhibit. Contact Mr. Amanpreet Singh mob: +91 9999306667 web:

The Ipnos lamp by Rossi & Bianchi. In the dark, only pure lines of light emerge, leaving the space inside the lamp empty

The Inside Track May 2013  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...

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