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oneywell Electrical Devices & Systems (ED&S) has called for a worldwide switch to LED lighting, to seriously embrace energy-efficient lighting. With lighting representing around 21 percent of a building’s total energy consumption; the worldwide switch to LED lighting could save energy consumption by 40 percent. LED lighting lasts 60,000 hours compared to a traditional fluorescent tube lasting 10-15,000 hours, adding to its efficiency. Honeywell has launched a global consulting service and online energy calculator to perform quick energy-saving calculation between fluorescent and LED tubes. It empowers users with answers to questions about the long-term return on investment by adopting energy efficient products. Through consultations, site surveys, devising bespoke lighting schemes, producing detailed energy and cost saving calculations and offering pilot installations, the company aims to arm facility and energy managers with a rigorous energy-saving and ROI assessment before they decide on their investment. In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, James Chorlton, Business Director & Mr. Sadanand Teje, Managing Director, Honeywell ED&S, India, shared with us some insights about this new initiative:

Honeywell’s Global Switch To LED Honeywell ED&S launches a lighting consultancy service to support the switch to LED lighting worldwide. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

James Chorlton, Business Director Honeywell ED&S

When can we expect the India roll out of the program? We are starting in India now by focusing on business to business

Sadanand Teje, MD Honeywell ED&S, India

energy saving solutions. We are talking to a number of potential clients to save energy with LED installations and lighting control systems. We are working primarily in retail and industrial verticals where LED installations are of great savings to customers. Towards end of this year, we will be moving into the commercial sector. Many of the world’s leading retailers being open 7 days a week, 365 days of the year and many of

them 24 hours, are looking for sustainable solutions to reduce the energy costs. In India, most of the stores are working on diesel generator sets, so their energy costs are significantly higher than those in developed countries. There is also a rise in the commercial office applications in India. With relation to sustainability, there are many corporates in India talking about continued on page 2






July 2012

COVER Honeywell’s Global STORY Switch To LED Honeywell (ED&S) has launched a global consulting service and online energy calculator for a worldwide switch to energy-efficient LED lighting

The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 6

High LED product costs result in longer Return On Investment periods. Is there a price rationalization possibility in view of increased global demand?

What kind of products does Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems (ED&S) have to complement this initiative? Our products are targeted around

Strengthening India’s Skyscrapers 3 The Bamboo Marvel 4

green initiative and we are seeing a noteworthy amount of acceptance and trend to adopt this technology.

The prices of the LEDs have dropped over the last couple of years at around 14% a year and it will continue to fall. If you go back 5 years from now, there were no strong return on investments and now as the prices are dropping, general applications are becoming more and more viable with LED lighting. As global demand rises, the prices will continue to drop making the return on investments increasingly attractive. There is no doubt that the LEDs are here to stay and are moving increasingly from niche applications now into main stream general lighting. Honeywell provides you the highest quality of LED technology and LED products in which our customers have very high degree of confidence.


A German Mela In Urban Bangalore 10 Crafting With Style 12 East Is The New West 14 Dornbracht Launches Delhi Flagship Store 15 The Shippable Homes 16 Gessi Gets Going In India 17 the industrial, commercial and retail verticals. We have high way LED lighting which is used for very high ceilings found in industrial and factory environments. We also have an exciting range of products designed for commercial spaces. Honeywell is one of the leading players in lighting control. We take away the concerns of people on how to control lights in occupancy detection or day lighting; we have controls which are fully compatible with our LED lighting offering. Is there a special cell/division that a consumer can contact within Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems? Our organization Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems (ED&S) has been started for this initiative where we have our group in most of the metro cities offering solutions to our customers. We are also working with our global team to help us provide global solutions to the customers. Contact: Honeywell International India Pvt. Ltd.1st floor, Unitech Trade Centre,Sector 43, Block C, Sushant Lok, Phase I Gurgaon 122001, Haryana tel: 91124 6715000 web:

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Spot Light


itnessing the growing growing trend for highrise towers in India, ACC Concrete has introduced their M-100 grade concrete - a specialised solution that offers high strength and performance. The company recently organised a live demonstration seminar where they showcased the process of pumping the self compacting and temperature controlled ‘M-100 grade of concrete’ over 300 m. Setting a precedent in India, the M-100 ready mixed concrete

Strengthening India’s Skyscrapers ACC Concrete Limited has now introduced

an innovative concrete mix called the M-100 grade that is especially designed for high-rise construction. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

Mr. Hans Fuchs, Managing Director, ACC Concrete Limited

was pumped to a height of over 300 metres, and hitting another milestone, the M-100 grade was manufactured without the use of natural sand; it uses only manufactured fine aggregates. Mr. Hans Fuchs, Managing Director, ACC Concrete Limited highlighted the key characteristics of the M-100 grade by saying, “Today, vertical growth is seen as the only solution that will meet the growing demand for space in metros in


India. In Mumbai alone 128 towers with heights of more than 300 feet are slated to come up in next 3-4 years. Concrete pumping to such heights requires a special mix of desired RMX grades in which ACC Concrete excels”. With this innovation, ACC has become a significant contributor to growing and modernizing the Indian construction industry. The introduction of this self compacting M-100 grade, ACC Concrete has

earned itself the distinction of being the only ready mix concrete company in India to offer such a specialised solution for sky scrapers. In the past the company has also contributed to the construction of several iconic structures in Indian like the J.J. Flyover, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Sripati Arcade, Mumbai, the Indore-Dewas bypass, Kolkata and the Delhi Metro Rail projects

and many mega housing projects, townships, commercial complexes, factories, bridges, flyovers, roads and railways. Contact: ACC Limited, Cement House 121, Maharshi Karve Road, Mumbai – 400020. tel: +91 22 33024524, email: web:



Spot Light


or most city dwellers in developing nations the near perfect idea of a dwelling is rooted in iron rods clad with cement and concrete. So if it is a cafĂŠ or a restaurant we are talking about, the idea is often similar in concept albeit with an added twist of design. However, time and again there have been some fearless works of a few architects who have broken

The Bamboo Marvel At the easternmost end of the Indochina

Peninsula in Southeast Asia is a communist nation which houses wNw cafĂŠ, a present day marvel of traditional architecture. BY VIKAS BHADRA

At wNw Cafe the beauty of bamboo has been rediscovered

the stereotype and come up with unique abodes and spaces which are not only entrenched in eco friendly components but have also allowed a minimal interference of brick and mortar to the design of the end product. Vo Trong Nghia an architectural firm based in Vietnam has gone a step ahead and proved that in spite of creating an efficient design employing steel and concrete, they

are not far removed from traditional architecture. It is well known that the Vietnamese are innately familiar with bamboo. It is used for a multitude of purposes; in construction, as a finishing material, in handicrafts, and so on. At the wNw Cafe located in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam the beauty of bamboo has been rediscovered. Designed by Vo Trong Nghia it also had the expert inputs

Photograph Courtesy Hiroyuki Oki


of Sakata Minoru Ohara Hisanori and Nguyen Hoa Hiep. The cafe with the help of local and traditional architectural features provides a welcoming space that serves as a soothing respite from the chaos of the surrounding city. The project uses the principles of aerodynamic design and in its blueprinting stage computer simulations of the spaces were adopted to learn the airflow and the cooling capacity of water. These studies have allowed the architects to build an eco friendly structure with a minimal dependency on artificial

air conditioning, lowering its energy costs considerably. The whole building has been constructed using 7,000 bamboo elements which were treated using traditional Vietnamese methods. The bamboo structure has no concrete columns, instead uses wire bracing supports. The V-shaped roof relates to the surrounding trees and creates an open space with breathtaking views. It was created by using some more thousands of bamboo elements forming a firm plane which is hung up to create a clear space with large

wNw café is a place where modernism and tradition shake hands offering a ready retreat away from thetiring regimes of the bustling city Photograph Courtesy Hiroyuki Oki


Photograph Courtesy Hiroyuki Oki

spans; the largest span measures 12 meters in length. The use of such a traditional material leads to the creation of an architectural space which is both traditional and yet accessible to a modern lifestyle. The cultivation of bamboo is a quick procedure and a large quantity, can be grown and harvested within just 5 years. Consequently, the cost of construction was much lower than conventional structures and thanks to traditional treating methods the building is sustainable yet functional with the total cost being a mere

65,000 € for an area of 1,403 sq m (An unbelievable 45 €/sq m). The café is surrounded by artificial lakes which are just knee high; however the black stone and the curved bottom of the lake give an illusion of depth. With such luminosity and a charming ambience created, it is no wonder then that numerous guests throng the wNw café daily; it is a place where modernism and tradition shake hands offering a ready retreat away from the tiring regimes of this bustling city. Contact:



Ego Floorings Adds Vinyl To Its Eclectic Range

It Products ‘The Luxury Collection’ Floors By Junckers

Junckers, the premium solid hardwood flooring brand from Denmark has launched its latest collection which has been specially designed to fill your living space with luxurious style. The floors from this collection can lift and enhance the ambience of the rooms

they are installed in making it exceptionally beautiful. The warm and exotic colours provide an unfussy element and at the same time are highly functional.It comes across as a sweet paradox when you contrast the warm, natural touch of Junckers and a decisively modern and urban look. This flooring is available in a thickness of 20.5 mm in various width measurements and is priced at Rs. 700 per sq. ft. onwards. Present in more than 30 countries, Junckers is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of solid hardwood floors and Denmark’s largest timber industry. Contact web:

Benelave Sanitaryware’s Futuristic Approach Stylish in looks and simple in operation is what Benelave bath ware denote. The Benelave sanitary ware range offers an array of aesthetic and elegant ceramic bath fittings which are unique, minimalist in form and blend well into any classic style. The product portfolio includes a carefully selected collection of basins, EWCs, urinals and IWCs in pristine white and ivory colours. The Gravis suite is a perfect symphony of angular lines inspired by the cuts of a diamond. The Clova range on the other hand introduces consistently straight lines

true to powerful purism. The understated elegance of the Pearl range completes the Benelave portfolio by adding the natural organic touch through its free flowing curves. The secret of Benelave’s quality and design lies in the continuous pursuit of innovation. Some of the state of the art product features include an antibacterial sparkling glaze, anti splash flushing, ecofriendly dual flushing and high endurance testing with EWCs tested upto 400Kgs. Contact web:

With vinyl flooring solutions proving to be more resilient and cost effective, Ego has launched its own vinyl range, tying up with leading brands from Belgium and Poland. Versatile, low maintenance and stain resistant, Ego’s vinyl floor coverings are available in homogenous and heterogeneous patterns. The former adds depth and intensity, the latter allows for expressive patterns

and designs to perk up floor spaces. Furthermore, some of the patterns closely follow the look and feel of natural flooring materials. They are also enriched with added strength, flexibility and resistance. The varying thickness of the material allows users to choose from thin to the most durable, depending on the end use. Available in a host of colours and patterns, the vinyl options are also a great choice for high moisture spaces such as laboratories, kitchens and bathrooms. For homes with infants, where accidental spills are common and sharp edges are not desired, these vinyl floorings ably address both these issues. The price of Ego’s Club range is Rs.110 per sq. ft. whereas their Canvas line comes at a price of Rs.185 per sq.ft. Contact tel: 022 23787500 web:

Wash Away Your Monsoon Blues Anti-skid tiles are highly recommended for spaces in the open because they are robust and able to cope with different weather conditions like wet monsoons and blazing summers. The fabulous range of anti-skid ceramic tiles by Nitco is comprises of the Cotto series, with its uneven stone finish and

the Country series, which has thick grooves. These tiles are resistant to grazes and scratches and hence lend a timeless appeal. Available in various sizes and colours to match your walls, they are highly functional besides being elegant. Contact tel: 91 22 66164555 web:


Kelebec Presents Its All Weather Furniture

It Products Celebrate Gond Art With Baaya Design! Baaya Design introduces its new contemporary range of art furniture in its collection titled “Gond Jazz”. Gond tribal paintings originated in Madhya Pradesh. These paintings are expressions of rituals or practices that are deeply linked with the day-to-day lives, religious sentiments and devotions of the tribal people. The themes of Gond paintings are often based on local festivals like Karwa Chauth, Deepawali, Ahoi Ashtami, Nag Panchmi, etc. Horses, tigers, birds, gods,


men and objects of daily life are all painted in bright and multicolored hues. Tribal Gond paintings are originally done by the tribal women of the village using simple homemade colours. Colourful and highly expressive, this art has its own unique identity and are pieces of rare beauty. This collection of furniture consists of an exclusive range made with simple contemporary forms and striking colours. The specialty of this range is that vibrant Gond paintings are created on every piece. The range includes cabinets, bureaus, benches, breakfast tables etc. that are sure to add a special touch to your interiors. Contact

Kelebec combines luxurious and chic outdoor furniture solutions, distinctive in design, yet practical for all-weather day to day use. The furniture is plush, sophisticated and fun, and is made in a variety of materials such as teak wood, synthetic rattan, ceramic and stone. Kelebec’s collection for the outdoors runs the whole gamut, from pool loungers, outdoor dining tables, benches and coffee tables to giant statues, water fountains and urns that are weather resistant and suitable in varied weather conditions.

The furniture is made in high quality synthetic or poly-rattan which can be just wiped down with a wet cloth if dusty. The wooden furniture is made using teak wood which is much less resistant to insect infestation and decay. Additionally the mattresses and cushions are also made of a thick, durable allweather material. Modern, trendy and most importantly suitable for all weather conditions, Kelebec’s outdoor solutions fit wonderfully into ones’ weekend home or even an apartment balcony. Contact



It Products Anti-Burglary Safes The new anti-burglary safes from Ozone are fully equipped to dislodge the efforts of crooks. Apart from the standard features available in Ozone electronic safes, these smart looking safes come with hi-tech security features such as being explosive safe, resistant to drilling and torch cutting devices and have other unique features that go a long way in preventing burglary attempts. The safe also has an alarm system which is triggered the moment there are incorrect code inputs or if the safe is moved or shaken. Available in a smart dual colour finish, these safes are available in 3 sizes i.e. 645 mm, 765 mm and 910 mm. The 910 mm safe comes with

2 compartments providing an option of keeping valuables and documents separately. These safes are ideal for office and home use and for the safekeeping of cash, jewelery, documents, electronic gadgets and other data. Contact tel: 09310012300 email: web:

Philips Launches The ‘AirFryer’ Philips recently unveiled its revolutionary AirFryer, a perfect addition to the Indian kitchen. The new Philips AirFryer significantly reduces the need for oil in cooking a vast array of Indian dishes by making it possible to cook using just air! It uses rapid air technology that brings into play fast-circulating hot air to create great-tasting fried food that contains up to 80% less fat and is 100% guilt-free. With the Philips AirFryer, you can get the best of both worlds; air-fried food that retains the taste but not the fat. The innovative appliance comes

with an integrated air filter to prevent unwanted cooking smells and vapours; an adjustable temperature control to preset temperatures and a food separator accessory equipped to fry multiple foods at once without the mixing of flavours is also what one can expect. Cleaning up after cooking is really easy thanks to its removable, dishwasher-safe parts and non-stick surfaces. Priced at Rs. 14,995, the Philips AirFryer is available at leading premium retail chains across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Indore. Contact web:

Häfele Presents Bertazzoni Cooking Appliances

Häfele India introduces Bertazzoni - the famous Italian company which manufactures cooking appliances keeping in mind the skills and needs of the modern cook. The Bertazzoni traditions of imagination and fine engineering comes alive with a range of new built in appliances which includes coffee machines, electric ovens, combi-microwaves, steam ovens,

induction hobs, 5 burner hobs and more. Bertazzoni range cookers come with gas cook tops that are one-piece in stainless steel, with precision engineered burners and easy controls giving a flexible and accurate cooking performance. A wide range of vibrant colours like pure white, red, black, beige, green, yellow, and burgundy red make these range cookers very attractive for interior designers to work with. Bertazzoni has also introduced its Professional series; a 122 cm super-wide electric range cooker. This cook top has six gas burners and a stainless-steel electric teppanyaki griddle. The main oven has balanced air-flow multifunction settings and an electric grill. The clean lines, good proportions and functional, ergonomic design of a Bertazzoni gives your kitchen a smart professional look. Contact web:

TTK Prestige And Schott AG Launch Prestige Premia TTK Prestige Ltd joined hands with German specialty glass producer and technology company Schott AG to launch a range of world class high quality cooking appliances in the brand name ‘Prestige Premia‘. With a touch of German engineering, Prestige Premia promises superior quality, durability, safety, easy maintenance, stylish designs and most importantly Schott Ceran’s patented eco-friendly manufacturing process with zero use of toxic heavy metals like arsenic and antimony. Prestige Premia offers an exquisite range of gas tables and induction cook tops with world renowned highly efficient Schott Ceran glass-ceramic cook-tops and gas stoves made from Schott tempered flat glass. The product range is positioned as a lifestyle product and will be targeted at today’s upwardly mobile customer. The product is also customisable for specific requirements of the modern Indian kitchens with intelligent

Indian menu options on the induction cook tops. Stainless steel bodies for higher durability and new voice interface for customer convenience. Prestige Premia cooking appliances are a result of a fine combination of Prestige’s innovation streak and the manufacturing expertise of Schott AG. Contact tel: 080 22217438 web:


The Concept Of Therapeutic Sleeping

It Products The Magic Dust

Artist Anju Kumar’s new collection is a blend of beautiful and exquisite pieces of urns and vases. The sparkling collection has handcrafted art pieces that can also be used as floor lamps and this makes it an exclusive blend of aesthetics and functionality. The colours range from rustic metallic coppers to earthy gold.

Revive That Rural Feel With Serenity Serenity-Blissful Living has introduced a range of cushions that captures the essence of a larger India, comforting and setting a composed and unruffled mood. These cushions will transport you back to a village, full of composure and peace. Serenity’s newly designed cushions covers embellished with rural prints like an old ancient scooter, vintage village windows or even rusted door locks are deeply rooted in the village style of living. Adding these cushions to your home will bring the feel of rural India and add a unique touch to your space. Serenity also houses cushion covers made from jute, which blend well with home décor based on a earthen color palette. For those who prefer beautiful


One can feel the master strokes in striking hues of fresh beige to electrifying burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber to vermilion. The life sized contemporary vases and urns are remarkably detailed. With abundance of creativity, be it urns or vases, creates a vivid viewing experience enhancing interior décor and at the same time accessorising it. The collection emphasises on urns with intricately carved jaali work that can be used as stand alone pieces or lights. The collection is truly inspiring taking you to a world filled with fantasy. Contact

Spring Air ushers in a Europedic Combination Mattress range made up of the most advanced materials promising great comfort and support to the human body. What distinguishes the Europedic range from the conventional range of mattresses is the presence of temperature sensitive and pressure relieving memory foam material, which is sandwiched between high density foam to give superior comfort encapsulated with therapeutic properties. These mattresses offer a reinvented therapeutic sleeping solution with the brand promise of “never flip” your mattress. The new line features products like Perfect Comfort, Ultimate Comfort and Majestic Comfort, that are amongst the finest in their class. Uniquely designed, the mattress adapts to the body temperature while redistributing weight and reducing spinal

pressure by conforming perfectly to the body shape. Spring Air provides people the benefits of freedom of movement, independent support and an ideal sleeping temperature, giving them a great night’s sleep and helping them wake up the next morning fully charged. The starting price for Perfect Comfort, Ultimate Comfort and Majestic is Rs.20,799, Rs.23,999 and Rs.36,799 respectively. Contact tel: 011 40793344 email: web:

Cool Down With Peekay’s Misting Kits

birds and neat floral prints, the store has a lot to offer including beautiful floral floor cushions. Go celebrate the cultural brilliance of rural crafts by adding these cushions to your home. Contact tel: 022 26405258 email: amritborkakoty18

Peekay Farm Equipments have introduced a portable evaporative misting kit to ‘air condition’ your patio or backyard. These low pressure misting kits contain all the components needed to install your own patio misting system which can reduce temperatures by 10-15 degrees. The low pressure misting kits are ideal for pet cooling, balconies, restaurants, kids’ playgrounds, fences, patios, sun-umbrellas, lounge chairs, garages, small garden cooling etc. Its specially designed nozzle creates thousands of tiny water droplets. The droplets are so

light that they actually suspend themselves in air without causing things to get wet. This process allows for a substantial reduction in the ambient temperature. The misting kits are portable, hence once installed can be easily moved to some other place. They consist of a pump which works with electricity, and supplies the correct water pressure to create a misting effect, 24 nozzles with connectors, a 30 meter long pipe, a cutter, filter and a manual timer. The price for these misting kits start from Rs. 12,999. Contact tel: 011 62811996 web:



Spot Light


rained as a goldsmith and sculptor in Southern Germany, Markus Heinsdorff is today an internationally acclaimed artist who has won several awards for his work that links design, art and architecture. Combined with technical innovation, his recent creation at the Indo-German Mela in Bangalore was characterized by his artistic exploration of space and nature. The ‘textile structures’ designed specifically for ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’, were contemporary in thought and doubled up as works of art. The 16 pavilions comprised of six structures of varying shapes and sizes, each

A German Mela In Urban Bangalore In the recently concluded Indo-German

Urban Mela held in Bangalore, Markus Heinsdorff combined traditional Indian tents with state of the art textile technology from Europe to create 16 pavilions that dotted the fair grounds. BY VIKAS BHADRA such as gold, silver and copper. Ruby red and titanium white are also used. Heinsdorff designed the pavilions to be modular and flexible in style enabling them to be individually assembled or combined to create larger structures. In keeping with the main theme of the year of Germany in India, “StadtRäume - CitySpaces”, this design feature allowed the pavilions to adapt to the local conditions. The individual components made of steel, wood and textile can not only be recycled and reused, but are also easy to repair or replace. Each individual structure was equipped with its own portable floor made of a steel and wooden framework that can be dismantled. The height of the floor could also be varied so that it could be installed on soft or hard surfaces. An option to use weight slabs or cable braces which protect the pavilions against storms was also incorporated. The largest pavilion comprised of self-supporting hexagonal forms, just like the honeycomb, which can be seamlessly joined with similar

serving a particular purpose - like hosting a conference, cultural event, corporate presentation or an exhibit. “When I arrived in India I was delightful to see that fabric was so crucial to the culture. The gemstone shapes for the pavilions are a reminder and celebration of the colour and vibrancy of Indian art and design. It has been an experiment from the very start and that is the driving force,” said Markus. The external design of the pavilion adopts the crystalline form of gemstones. The colours of the sheets covering the structures resemble shades of precious metals

Markus Heinsdorff designed the pavilions for the Indo-German Mela in the crystalline forms of gemstones which celebrate the colour and vibrancy of Indian art and design



The ‘textile structures’ designed specifically for the Indo-German Mela, were contemporary in thought and doubled up as works of art.

structures to create a larger unit. Speaking about the unique design Markus explained, “I had been fascinated with how Indians use tent structures for a lot of ceremonies in India. It is a legacy that has inspired my design.” The idea behind the Indo-German Mela was to share knowledge on architecture and space between the two countries. Germany has been very successful at city-planning and tackling urbanization, making this was an ideal opportunity to showcase and apply these solutions in the context of city planning in India. Contact: Germany and India 2011-2012 B-5/1, Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi 110029, India tel: 011 23471-100 email: web:



Spot Light


hen you pass along the Bhiwandi-Nashik bypass road just on the outskirts of Mumbai you discover that the area is dotted with numerous warehouses and sizeable enterprises which offer specialized solutions, one such company on the outskirts of the Bhiwandi Circle is Craftred. Craftred Designs Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of Rajiv Parekh.

Crafting With Style With an in-depth value engineering

process, Craftred has emerged as a promising firm where quality is delivered at the right price. BY VIKAS BHADRA The entrepreneur also heads Red Architects, a design practice that has engaged in the past with many reputed furniture manufacturing companies for products ranging from the intricately handcrafted to the mass produced modular variety. It was during these lengthy interactions with various manufacturers that Rajiv realized that companies are often compromising quality in the interest of generating profits. Firms are losing focus on delivering quality as clients are

constantly pushing for cheaper deals; and with the influx of cheaper products from other countries, it further adds to the discount expectations. In an effort to overcome this obstacle, Rajiv initially toyed with the idea of roping in a well known manufacturer to work in tandem to develop his designs so he could offer his clients a quality product at a fair price. However after many factory visits and parleys with the sales, marketing and manufacturing teams, he realized that most firms

Rajiv Parikh, CEO, Craftred Designs Pvt. Ltd. plants a sapling during the plantation drive at Bhiwandi

were unwilling to dedicate the necessary resources in R&D that were required. This is when the inherent desire to start Craftred Designs germinated he went on to establish the firm in October 2008. In its journey so far Craftred has served several well known hotels and academic institutions, the company in its fifth year of operation recently teamed up with Hariyali, a well known NGO for a drive on conservation of the environment, which is in-sync with its sustainable and green objectives; the event saw its employees along with representatives from Ambuja Cement and young students of Shete’s Institute Kalyan, plant 300 saplings, sowed 100 seeds & dug 9 trenches on a hilly patch near its factory which is maintained by the NGO. In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, Rajiv Parekh



CEO, Craftred Designs Pvt. Ltd. Share details on the design journey of his firm so far. After the inception of Craftred, how easy or difficult has it been to garner the attention of the pocket-friendly design conscious customer? Not so difficult, amazingly! I would have expected more resistance, but what happens is when we talk to the client’s or specifically to his architects or designers the blur changes to clarity. On one of our trips to China along with a client, he surveyed the goods manufactured in the giant nation, and it was a happy realization that it is much easier and convenient to get goods manufactured back home. Along with the Chinese goods the client had also opted for a low end Italian product, and the result was that a product manufactured in India was not only considerably cheaper than the Italian version, but it was hardly 10% costlier than the Chinese version. Initially, the client considered us as an ‘option’ since they had been

products and then these drawings are sent to the factory where a manufacturing drawing and mock up is created. We test the mockup for wear and tear, durability, resistance to water, and not just

about the durability of the product he can expect based on the type of raw material he chooses. He is thus pre-informed about the life expectancy of the product once delivered. I like to call this a value engineering process which allows the customer to decide if he should go for a product let’s say mass produced at Rs.10 a piece or Rs.100 a piece. So far all the products that we have delivered have been designed taking into consideration the specific requirement and taste of the client so I would like to say that we are adept at mass customization too. In a few words the USP of our company lies in value engineering, mass production and mass customization. Most furniture manufacturers have a showroom of their own, is Craftred taking any initiatives in this direction?

sourcing furniture from China for the past 4 years, however, when they checked out the quality, variety and the after sales service we had to offer they gave us the project, which involved designing the furniture for 150 rooms of a well known hotel in the capital. The genesis of a good product lies in its R & D. Can you elaborate on the current R & D facilities of your company? What kind of R & D do your product designers engage in before arriving at the final product? Currently we have tie ups with product designers, if they design a product for us, we ensure that they get a royalty. Because we also have a sister architecture and design firm, our firm is constantly designing

to use but also to abuse! Once the finished product is ready we have care and maintenance instructions that go along with it. There are certain products which will withstand abuse and there are some which will not. Hence, we try to be as transparent with the client so that they know the pro’s and cons of the design before they commit, and are able to make an informed choice. What is the USP of Craftred? When we sit with the client we don’t negotiate, we lay out the type of raw materials involved in manufacturing the product since it’s the costing of the raw materials at the end of the day which determines the cost of the finished material. We let the client know in advance

No we don’t plan to have a showroom anytime soon. We plan to supply our products to a retailer who has a chain of showrooms across the country. At this point we are happy to work with designers and offer

solutions to the end user. We recently saw Craftred teaming up with Hariyali for a drive on conservation of the environment. Are eco-friendly and sustainable products on Craftred’s list? We utilize software which essentially minimizes wastage, almost eliminating it in our support the environment we also work with recycled bamboo boards. Tr a d i t i o n a l l y a f u r n i t u re manufacturer only works with pre laminated particle board or MDF or plywood, but we are open to working with recycled bamboo boards, the only flipside is your table tops become thicker. What kinds of products are keeping Craftred busy currently? The beginning of the academic year has kept us busy building school furniture, but traditionally we deal with large offices & hotels, that’s our primary area of expertise. Contact: web:



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rap is a luxur y and lifestyle brand founded by Gunjan Gupta in 2006 that explores the potential of Indian product design. In April 2012, design connoisseur extraordinaire Rossana Orlandi started a collaboration with this design firm, adding significantly to their brand quotient and their availablity in other markets. The collaboration between Galleria Rossana Orlandi and Wrap is aimed to introduce Gunjan Gupta’s designs to the European market and conversely to allow the Indian subcontinent to view Rossana Orlandi’s work. Rossana is the grand dame of contemporary design and is w e l l - k n ow n f o r d i s c ov e r i n g some of the key talents of the design world. Wrap will be showing a special edition of works from global designers selected by Rossana at its gallery in Mehrauli while Gunjan’s own collection will be available at the Rossana Orlandi’s Gallery in Itlay. This collaboration is sure to be a big hit for both these entreprenuers

as well as design aficionados of both countries. In an exclusive inter vie w with The Inside Track, Gunjan Gupta shared insights on this momentous collaboration. Wrap claims it is based on socially and environmentally sustainable principles. Could you elaborate how your products embody these characteristics? India is the largest resource of living traditions in the world, craft being the second largest employment sector after agriculture. In view of the ongoing modernisation, well established traditions are becoming extinct the world over; India is no exception to this eventuality and this makes it central to

East Is The New West Rossana Orlandi, Italy’s grand dame of

contemporary design, enters into a strategic partnership with young Indian designer Gunjan Gupta. BY ulka manjrekar collection and it is on display at her lovely gallery. Are there any products which you will be designing specially for Rosanna Orlandi? Yes we are working on some interesting possibilities at this point.

to refer to. Do you have plans on further e x p a n d i n g Wr a p o u t l e t s and availability? Yes, we are working on gallery tie ups in more countries in Europe and America, besides the Wrap

Gunjan Gupta, the founder of Wrap

the global discussion on craft and sustainability. In working with traditions that are on the verge of obsolescence, Wrap is ensuring their continuity and inducing an artisanal aspiration within communities to excel by making Indian craft a contemporary icon of beauty and luxury. Your collaboration with Rossana was a spontaneous affair after your debut show opened at Ventura. What were the products that caught her fancy? Rosanna is well known for providing a platform to emerging designers all over the world and is in fact behind the most interesting and successful names in global design that we know today. She has taken the entire

How will this collaboration help Wrap? The collaboration will put Wrap on the global map as a leading voice in emerging design plus the tie-up will influence sales both through their own gallery in Milan and through us in India. Indian design will have an identity that people will be able

Gallery will be officially launched this winter. Contact: Wrap Art & Design Pvt. Ltd. Khasra No 522/4, Village Jaunapur, Near Jaunapur Bus-stand, Gadaipur Mandi Road, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110047, tel: +91 1126658199/26658144 web:


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ermany based luxury bath and kitchen design fitting manufacturer Dornbracht, unveiled its first flagship store in New Delhi at ‘Inside Homes’. The company also announced its plans to expand its presence in the premium faucet market by increasing its retail network in India to 20 from the present 12 stores within the next three years. The new showrooms will be in shop-in-shop formats and flagship stores will primarily target the

Dornbracht Launches Delhi Flagship Store

Dornbracht goes retail with its high-end bathroom solutions through its newly launched store. BY ulka manjrekar Germany based ‘Dornbracht’showcases its luxury bath fittings at its flagship store in New Delhi

in the major cities with ambient display of products, well trained sales and technical professionals at these retail partner showrooms. Select A-class towns are the next focus cities for Dornbracht. Their key customer groups are designers, architects and developers offering high end solutions. Their collections Deque, Supernova, Mem, Lulu, IMO and Gentle have

leading metros and tier 2 cities. Talking about the new store, Mr. Kubber, Director-Global Sales, Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co, said, “We are extremely pleased to launch our flagship store that would set a new benchmark in luxury fitting retailing in this part of the world. Since our foray here in 2011 we have seen a high degree of acceptance amongst local and international designers, architects, hoteliers and private customers.”


The store will showcase the entire gamut of the premium range including Deque, Horizontal Shower and SELV. The display is housed in a 110 square meter area with a live display of their stateof-the-art product ‘RainSkyE’, an electronically controlled rain module in which water, mist, light and scent combine in choreographies that are based on nature itself. Dornbracht India will focus on strengthening retail channel partners

received a good response with the Indian market. Donbracht has bagged a list of prestigious clients which include hotels like J W Marriott, Bangalore, Grand Hyatt, Goa, Taj Mahal & Palace, Mumbai, Four Seasons, Mumbai, J W Marriott, Delhi and developers like Uppal Developers, Delhi, Lodha Developers, Mumbai and Saluja Constructions, Delhi. Contact: ‘Inside Homes’, 843/1 First Floor, M.G. Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi. tel : 09711004120 web:



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onnect:Homes builds 90% complete modules at its factory, ready to ship to your site. This process also greatly reduces the amount of time spent on installation of finishes on-site; which means the hidden and often surprise costs associated with conventional construction gets deleted from the equation. Connect:Homes are one of the few prefab developers in the market not limited by the geographic location of

The Shippable Homes Connect:Homes manufactures modern,

green and affordable prefab homes in a factory in the U.S. The firm takes a great deal of pride in shipping these homes to you anywhere in the world. BY ulka manjrekar

All Connect:Homes are built to be easily transported. The modules are sized to work with intermodal transport networks

their factory. Modules are designed to be transported in shipping containers and can get to you via truck, rail or sea. Connect:Homes are available literally anywhere in the world. The process includes configuring the home, preparing a site survey and site engineering. The team goes through various options to customise your home. They review and select finishes, fixtures, appliances, sliding sun screens, trellises and even additional green upgrades. Connect:Homes strive for the right balance between being both economical and ecological in the materials and system choices they offer. While your ConnectHome is

being built in the factory, you can get the prep-work for your site done, effectively cutting the construction time in half. And building your home in a controlled factory environment means there are no rain delays and no schedule overruns. Once the home is delivered, it can be set in a couple of days and finished a few days later. Practical, efficient and adaptable designs that can be personalised and configured for your site wherever you are, or wherever you want to be. Contact: web:

Connect:Homes offers an exciting alternative for those looking to connect to better design and a better way to build


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essi S.p.a., the Italian manufacturer of showers and faucets, caters to the high-end luxury bathroom segment. Gessi’s forte lies in producing very high-quality, design and functionality centered faucets and furnishing items for bathrooms and kitchens. The firm has been designing and producing these exclusive products for more than 20years that

Gessi Gets Going In India Gessi, the Italian bath fitting manufacturer is now looking to increase its India footprint and recently inaugurated its first mono-brand store in Mumbai.

western suburbs of Mumbai with help of its in-house designers from Italy. The showroom is conceptualized with an international feel and exudes a sense of true Italian design and ambience - a perfect backdrop to showcase their products. Gessi’s collections can be tastefully inserted in avant-garde architectural spaces as well as in classical ones, adding personality and style to the environments they furnish. Gessi come from combining high-tech production partnered by talented and passionate specialists. Gessi has been successfully handling multiple high-end residential and hotel projects in India and has offices and display centers in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. The company recently strengthened its presence in India by establishing an office under the name ‘Gessi India’. Gessi, now looking to further add to its India footprint, recently inaugurated its first mono-brand store in Mumbai. With this new move, a large variety of Gessi’s products celebrating the spirit of water are available for viewing at a single venue. Gessi has conceptualized its first mono-brand store in the heart of the


has been specified in some of the most outstanding hotel projects not only in India but all over the world. It has also been furnishing exclusive public and private spaces, and outstanding spas and resorts in Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York - where the value of luxury customization is shared and appreciated. Contact: tel: +91 11 40501765 email:

Gessi’s mono-brand store in Mumbai exudes a sense of true Italian design and ambience




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To subscribe online log on to


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nterior design is not only about integrating expensive materials into your home, but it is also about giving a contemporary and unique look to your abode. Today one can get various innovative and spectacular concepts which would leave anyone awestruck! Keeping this in view, Action Tesa has launched a unique and contemporary range of embossed HDF decorative panels


Emboss Your Home With Action Tesa Action Tesa Introduces a New Range of

Embossed HDF Decorative Panels. BY Vikas Bhadra The raw embossed HDF can be polished with multi-tonal effects & the pre-lam embossed branded as coloured HDF is a prefinished panel. These can be used for wall/ceiling cladding, cladding for cupboard/ door shutters & for other forms of furniture embellishments. The coloured (prelam) HDF is retailed @ Rs 1600 (for a sheet of 8ft x 4ft) & the raw embossed HDF panels are retailed @ Rs 1000 (for a

and coloured embossed HDF panels, ideal for walls, ceilings and cladding. HDF essentially means High Density Fibre Board; The Action Tesa HDF board has higher density owing to which the porosity is less and the end product remains protected from moisture and water absorption, besides the product has a compact core which accounts for increased strength. Since the porosity is less when it comes to polishing the material (unlike a normal density variant) better results are achieved with lesser polish when used as a substrate. At a time when the market is flooded with MDF’s which are often passed on as HDF, Action Tesa is a bonafide HDF manufacturer as per the IS: 12406 standards of Fibre Panels set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Action Tesa has also launched coloured embossed HDF, a process by which impregnated wood dÊcor paper is laminated on the surface adding a new dimension to the finishing possibilities. The coloured embossed HDF is available in

select textures of bricks, stones, ripples, crepe, natural, bark, trax, bark, cuboid, web & florina, laminated in Highland Pine, Oak Cherry and Cambridge Oak. The coloured embossed HDF is an ideal

replacement of textured HPL (High Pressure Laminate) with richer colour with deeper and realistic textures. Apart from the pre-laminated version, raw variants are also available.

sheet of 8ft x 4ft) Contact: Balaji Action Buildwell, G-11, Udhyog Nagar, near Peeragarhi Chowk, New Delhi. tel: 011-41120000, 41120020



Fair News

It displays furniture, machinery, wood working technology, plywood, laminates, glues, lacquers, fittings, products and accessories etc. Every year, Woodmach Cebu attracts thousands of exhibitors and industry professionals from philippines and other countries of the world to attend this show.

Furnitex 2012 Date 19 - 22 July 2012 Venue Australia Contact web: Furnitex returns to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This edition offers all that is new in furniture, furnishings, lighting and flooring design from Australian and international exhibitors, all under one roof. This event gives furniture and furnishing buying groups, retailers, interior designers, lighting specialists & retailers, decorators and architects the opportunity to see and buy the latest products, learn the latest industry developments and network with their peers, both at the trade fair and in a full program of features and attractions. Events

Glasstech Asia 2012 Date 18- 20 July 2012 Venue Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Thailand Contact web: Glasstech Asia brings Asia Pacific glass market closer to the world. With new territories and cutting-edge global trends to experience, Glasstech Asia continues to be a formidable platform of new business exchange and technology source for both key and aspiring industry players in the region. The event which hosts trade visitors from 45 countries or more aims at addressing the new needs and demands of the market. A series of seminars and lectures aim to acquaint participating professionals with the nuances of glass manufacturing and processing techniques, while allowing them to assess the products on display at the same time.

Furnitex 2012

include the Vivid design competition, Design Futures, ARA Hot Half Hours Workshops, the International Industry Seminar Series and much more.

Hia Renovate & Build Expo Date 27- 29 July 2012 Venue Australia Contact web:

Woodmach Cebu Date 19 - 21 July 2012 Venue Cebu, Philippines Contact web: www. Woodmach Cebu is a premier international exhibition for wood woodworking, furniture-making machinery & technology, furnishings, accessories, products and services. The show is one of the best gathering places for professionals from the woodworking Industry.

Hia Renovate & Build Expo will showcase the best of design, building, products, services and building trade professionals. The exhibition being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia will feature stunning interiors and outdoor living areas designed and presented by some of top interior designers and HIA members. The Expo will also feature individually designed kitchens by renowned Australian award winning kitchen designers at the Kitchen Showcase. Ask an Expert provides free, no obligation advice on renovations and home building projects.



Fairs & Exhibitions Date 20 - 22 July 2012, India International Build Expo Chennai Venue Chennai Trade & Convention Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Contact web: India International Build Expo is one of the largest Indian trade events dedicated exclusively to the construction and building sector. The show is instrumental in helping qualified professionals from this sector to exchange topical industry information. Held at Chennai Trade Centre over three days, the expo boasts of more than 2000 trade visitors, hailing from multiple SAARC countries. Leading civil engineers, architects, home designers and IT experts take part in the event, while noted government officials are present here too. A large array of building materials, ceramic tiles, electrical gadgets, roofing solutions, hardware tools, construction machines and realty services are put on exhibit at the show. Participants also have ample opportunities to leverage their business ideas here.

developments and information are closely discussed upon here. A varied array of upholstery products, home and garden furniture items, handicrafts, linens, home textiles and lighting solutions are showcased during the event, which is held over three days at Bangalore. Traditional as well as modern home products and accessories are showcased during the show. Both classical as well as modern handicraft and furniture design themes are presented and trendy home decoration ideas are also highlighted here. Representatives from leading departmental stores and gift shops take part in this event. Date 04 - 06 August 2012 Office Expo - Delhi Venue Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India Contact web: Organized by Media Expositions & Events at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the Office Expo is a pioneer show in providing niche platform for office automation, office furniture, stationery, audio visual, security, I.T. & service solutions. It is a mega event which helps in providing enormous opportunities for exhibiting various products and emerging trends in making office environment more efficient and effective. Date 09 - 12 August 2012 Forhex Fair Venue Birla Auditorium, Jaipur, India Contact web:

Date 27 - 29 July 2012, IFH India Expo Venue Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium,Bengaluru, Karnataka Contact web: IFH India Expo is one of the chief furniture and handicrafts sector trade events in India. The show brings together eminent professional executives from this sector and the latest industry

FORHEX - Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters is a body dedicated to the handicraft and textile sector of Rajasthan. The organisation is known for its active promotion of the textile and handicraft items and the respective associated areas at state, national as well as the international level. It has played a key role in the success of the entire handicraft, textile, gift & accessories industry of Rajasthan. The Forhex Fair will not only showcase the widest possible range of crafts and textiles but will also double up as a practical retail area for products made by local artisans, the student bodies of various craft & design institutes and the exporters thereby providing them rich clientele of local, national as well as international buyers.

Decorex Date 08 - 12 Aug 2012 Venue Gallagher Convention Centre Midrand, South Africa Contact web: Decorex SA has grown extensively to become a well-known brand in South Africa´s interior design landscape. Today the brand is strategically positioned with shows in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, attracting over 100 000 visitors and trade buyers annually. Constantly reinventing itself, the brand encourages consumers, local decorators and interior designers to seek inspiration locally instead of overseas. This enables them to stay at the forefront of a trend-driven industry. In this year’s edition, Decorex SA has put together a mix of the freshest and finest exhibitors, workshops and demonstrations, feature areas, beautifully decorated home-living ideas, plus plenty of designer pop-up restaurants and bars. World’s leading colour expert, Leatrice Eiseman, is also slated to make an appearance and give a talk at Decorex SA.



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hen it comes to buying the ideal product it often involves a tradeoff between good products and the right price; however with Furniture Republic one can rest easy that owning a good piece of furniture need not be a complex affair after all. With its mantra, “Live Smart, Buy Right” Furniture Republic aims to give the consumers access to quality furniture without breaking the bank.

‘The Furniture Republic’ Goes Live In Noida! Furniture Republic pampers your design

sensibilities by giving you the best value for your money. BY Vikas Bhadra Furniture Republic has been involved with the global home fashion trade for more than 20 years and has worked with the best brands in more than 80 countries

‘The Furniture Republic’ recently opened its flagship super store in Noida. The store spread over a vast area of 25,000 sq feet of décor and display has been designed by the Delhi based design firm, Architect Vistap & Associates. The store is an assortment of design ideas ranging from the vernacular to the modern – all laced into a single theme. Spread across two floors, a diverse and inspiring mix of modern furniture from South East Asia and vernacular furniture from across India along with various traditional artisan products are brought into focus. The first floor houses contemporary furniture which appeals to most urban dwellers; sofa’s tables and



Spread across two floors, Furniture Republic offers a diverse and inspiring mix of modern furniture from South East Asia and vernacular furniture from across India

chairs are displayed in a setting that is as rich as the product itself whereas the second floor has a diverse range of authentic antiques, wholesome crafts and artifacts drawn from the world. Furniture Republic has been involved with the global home fashion trade for more than 20 years and has worked with the best brands in more than 80 countries. It is not just a source for furniture,

rugs, wall décor, accessories but a holistic solution to create beautiful homes. The store has a sizable area dedicated to heritage and invaluable life treasures, expressed through unmatched, wholesome crafts and artifacts drawn from around the world. Says Mr. Aditya Gupta, Co Founder, The Furniture Republic “We are modern at pace, with the times yet in our hearts, lives the glorious past, at our very

essence beats the rhythm of soulful riches and aesthetics from eras gone past.” The store also offers a “Home Transformation Package” a home owner just has to visit the store or call the Home Transformation Package helpline and meet the designers to share their budgets and expectations following which the design consultants will put together a fashionable and functional home

in a matter of days. Home owners are also encouraged to visit sample flats pre designed by experts to get a feel of well made interiors. So if you want to uplift your home spaces into an ultimate inviting experience Furniture Republic is the right choice! Contact:‘The Furniture Republic’ A-32, Sector 63, Noida. Home Transformation Package Helpline: 80-102-03263

Postal Registration No. MH/MR//EAST/129/2011-13 RNI NO. MAHENG/2007/19853. POSTED AT MUMBAI PATRIKA CHANNEL SORTING OFFICE, MUMBAI G.P.O. 400001 ON 15th & 16th OF EVERY MONTH



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atuzzi Group, one of the leading names in Italian furniture, has launched a new concept called “Your Design by Natuzzi”. After years of delivering innovative furnishing products to their customers, Natuzzi has introduced a new 3D configuration software that assists in transforming your home as you envisage it. The stylish and functional combinations of various furnishing solutions can be viewed in advance and in real time through this software. This 3D software will display any furnishing project that you may imagine. It also renders you a chance to move in the area once it is furnished and view the effect. An avatar is used to see and discover the spaces and positioning of the furniture. This avatar takes your place in the environment and can sit down on a sofa or walk in between

Your Design By Natuzzi Natuzzi has introduced a new 3D

configuration software that allows you to blend your own creativity with Natuzzi’s outstanding designs and furnishings. Your envisioned space can now be previewed in real time through this offering. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

the furniture and the wall. Once the organization and space details are complete, you can then choose the fittings and coverings for your furniture. Na t u z z i h a s c o n s i s t e n t l y introduced novel concepts into the living space to provide its clientele with the best possible shopping experience through its well-appointed stores. The introduction of “Your Design by Natuzzi” will certainly take the

shopping experience to the next level where customers can customize and design their living spaces to suit to their own unique tastes and preferences. This concept provides their customers with a unique platform that allows them to blend their own creativity with Natuzzi’s outstanding designs and furnishings. Contact: tel: 022 24999099 web:

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