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hat do Wendell Rodricks, Paresh Maity and Ustaad Shujat Khan have in common with a luxury bath fitting brand like Artize? Well, the similarity lies in the exquisite craftsmanship, knowledge and passion for details. The Artize brand is synonymous with craftsmanship in water, just like

Artize Stands For Craftsmanship

The bath fittings and ceramics by Artize are synonymous with its ingrained character of bespoke craftsmanship. and Director of the Jaquar Group. Artize is not simply about craftsmanship, it also has a keen eye on offering the latest features and technological innovations that are

these three masters draw parallels with craftsmanship in their chosen fields of fashion, art and music. Artize is the premium bath brand launched by the house of Jaquar. “Crafted to precision as a result of the superior combination of human

talent and machine, Artize is for those who aspire for luxury in their bathing spaces. It is also to fulfil the need of people to craft and express their fantasies through unique shapes and designs for a world class experience,” shares Mr. Rajesh Mehra, the Promoter

relevant in today’s times. The products embody stringent flow-rates enabling the Artize collection continued on page 2







COVER Artize Stands For STORY Craftsmanship 1 OLED - The New Art Of Light 4 Fireguard Helps You Stay Prepared 5 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 6 to adhere to strict international green building codes. Features like water saving smart sensors prevent the unnecessary wastage of water. It allows the flow of water only when your hands activate the fixture. Yet another feature which combines technology and sustainability are ‘Pressmatic’ taps. These faucets function only when the knob is pressed and when released the water ceases to flow. A key design inspiration for the Artize collection is waterfalls. Be it the sleek, straight lines, the smooth curves or the sharp cut silhouettes, the designs of the bath fittings and ceramics display this sensuous nature of cascading water. Artize endorses the concept of craftsmanship quite seriously. Recently, the luxury bath brand held a magical evening at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, in celebration of craftsmanship. Master craftsmen showcased their excellence through art, sculpture, music and fashion.

The evening witnessed a fashion show based on the theme of ‘Water’ by ace fashion designer Wendell Rodricks. Sculptures and paintings were exclusively created by Paresh Maity apart from a soul stirring performance on the Sitar by Ustaad Shujaat Khan. The Artize coffee table book was also unveiled at this event. Artize creations spell luxury and class. A representative of exquisite craftsmanship comparable with the best in the world, Artize is sure to adore prestigious projects in India and abroad. So if you want a piece of perfectly sculpted luxury for your bathing space which is in harmony with the sensuality of nature, Artize makes for a perfect choice! Contact Jaquar & Company Pvt. Ltd. 306,Udyog Vihar Phase II Gurgaon, Haryana - 122016 India tel: 91 124 4746800 web:

Artize celebrated craftsmanship through a magical evening which saw India’s leading master craftsmen performing live amongst a gathering of India’s foremost architects, interior designers and socialites

The Animal Farm 10 Teletask Your Home 12 The Thor Of Pools 14 Robots For Your Chores 15 Grohe’s CSR Winner 16 The “G Mark” 17 The ACO Drainage Solution 18 Exhibitions and Fairs 20 A Design Order 22 Raseel Gujral’s ‘Illustrati’ 24 Owner, Publisher & Printer Mr. Anish R. Bajaj for Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. Printed at Marvel Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033. Published at B 62, 1st Floor, Cotton Exchange Building, Cotton Green Road, Mumbai 400 033 Tel (022) 23736133/1 Editor Mr. Anish R. Bajaj THE INSIDE TRACK Volume 7. Issue 01. January 2013. English - Monthly. This issue contains 24 pages including both covers. Creative Director Natalie Pedder Assistant Editor Shweta Salvi, Sub-Editor Vikas Bhadra, Ulka Vartak Layout Design Asif Shayannawar, Snigdha Hodarkar Marketing: Mumbai B 62, Cotton Exchange Bldg, Cotton Green, Mumbai 400 033 Tel: (022) 32656823, 23736133, 32958501 Fax: (022) 23743069 Email:response@marvelinfomedia. com Delhi Ms Sumita Prakash, Flat F 304, Rajasthan C.G.H.S. Ltd,Plot No. 36, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi Tel: 9899179540 Email: s_biswas1203@ Chennai Mr S. Venkataraaman, Flat No. 2, 3rd Flr, E Block, Hansa Garden, 30 Madampakkam Main Rd, Rajakilpakkam, Chennai 600 073 Tel: (044) 22281128 Mob: 9444021128 Email: svenkat@ Kolkata Mr Subrata Mazumder, 2, Nabapalli (Bidhanpalli). Kolkata 700084 Tel: (033) 2410 4296 Mob: 9831131395 Email: Europe Pavilion Francaise 1282, Rue du Noyer, bt 161030 Bruxelles, Belgium. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Recycling old magazines and newspapers is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. To increase the supply of recoverable wood fibre and to reduce the demand on the world’s landfills, THE INSIDE TRACK urges its readers to actively participate in recycling efforts.

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Spot Light


uminescent carpets and ceilings. Windows that provide bright daylight even when it’s dark outside. When designers and scientists start talking about organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), their imagination knows no boundaries.

OLED - The New Art Of Light OLEDs are all set to be the next big thing in the lighting industry.

Philips LivingShapes interactive mirror

Indeed, the future holds infinite ways of using OLEDs. OLEDs are considered to be the surface light sources of the future. They emit a soft and diffused light offering a new type of design freedom that is also energy-efficient. Due to their extreme flatness (below 1.8 millimeters), OLEDs can be integrated in furniture, walls, ceilings or floors in ways that are impossible with other light sources and allow light sources to be designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Philips was one of the first companies to make OLED lighting technology commercially available to architects and designers on a large scale through its Lumiblade OLED panels of different shapes, colours and structure, marketed under the name Philips Lumiblade. The Philips LivingShapes interactive wall is one of the world’s largest OLED lighting installation which consists of 72 OLED panels incorporating a total of 1,152 Lumiblade OLEDs. Each panel has a click-fit system, so customers can easily combine as many panels as they want, generating an interactive OLED installation within a few minutes.

With products such as the LivingShapes interactive wall, the new light source has already found its way into places such as bars, restaurants, lounges and shops. By means of a hidden sensor, more than 1,000 OLEDs react to what is happening in front of the wall and translate this into luminous OLED

spots. The first time people see this kind of wall, they are mesmerised by the fascinating warmth of this natural light. Philips has taken interactive OLED lighting even further with the launch of the LivingShapes i n t e r a c t i v e m i r r o r. A n o t h e r current area of research is on

the development of completely transparent OLEDs, which will open many new doors in application possibilities. Transparent OLED panels will be able to function as ordinary windows during the day, and light up after dark, either mimicking natural light, or providing attractive interior lighting. During the day, they could also function as privacy shields in homes or offices. OLEDs are thus set to completely transform the way in which we perceive light, allowing new and exciting applications to see light of day, which were, until today, only a figment of our imagination. Contact: tel: +49 241/539 2356 email: web:

The Philips LivingShapes interactive wall is one of the world’s largest OLED lighting installations




fter introducing successful products like Aquaguard and Euroclean, Eureka Forbes now brings in Fireguard - a unique, patented, portable and handy fire extinguisher that works on putting out domestic fires. Fireguard helps control domestic fires caused by solid combustibles, flammable liquids, leaking gases, electrical faults and cooking oils and fats. It uses space-age patented technology to help one to react instantly in case of a fire emergency. This handy fire extinguisher is light enough to be handled with ease by all, with almost instant strike activation. It is also biodegradable, a factor making it truly environment friendly. In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, Mr. Marzin R. Shroff, CEO, Direct Sales & Sr.


Fireguard Helps You Stay Prepared Eureka Forbes unveils Fireguard, its new

fire extinguisher that embodies state-ofthe-art technology and aims to redefine the domestic fire extinguisher market. BY ULKA V. is also extremely easy to use, unlike traditional fire extinguishers.

Fireguard will add a new dimension to domestic fire fighting.

Can you highlight the design aspect of Fireguard?

How eco-friendly is Fireguard?

Fireguard is light weight (200gms-

Fireguard is non pressurised, non gaseous and has a solid stable capsule

discharge time of 50 seconds is for larger spaces - offices, shops etc. Remember, it becomes extremely difficult to control a fire if it goes beyond its early stages. With the successful launch of Fireguard, what’s next for Eureka Forbes? We are committed to provide world class products to our customers. You will soon see a lot of initiatives in the space of health, hygiene and safety. Contact: tel: 022 30449700 web:

(L-R) Mr. Marzin R Shroff,CEO-Direct Sales & Sr VP-Marketing, Mr. Suresh Goklaney Executive Vice Chairman, Mr. Shashank Sinha General Manager & Head Marketing - Direct Sales announcing the Fireguard launch by Eureka Forbes

Vice President, Marketing of Eureka Forbes shared some insights on what makes Fireguard unique. How is Fireguard better than other existing fire extinguishers and what makes it more effective? Fireguard controls all types of domestic fires; it comes with a warranty of 21 years (no refilling and maintenance is required), is non toxic and leaves no residue at all. It is a globally patented formula which is certified in India and the world over by major fire protection bodies. It

300 gms) and an extremely handy product. It is 10.2 inches long with a diameter of just 1.3 inches. It comes with a striker fixed at the bottom of the capsule and a cap fitted at the top of the capsule - these two help keep it air tight to avoid any damage whatsoever.

inside. It leaves no residue on the surface after being used. The ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), ATL (Atmospheric Life Time) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) of Fireguard is zero.

With such a sleek design, how is the functionality aspect integrated?

Fireguard is meant for protection against domestic fires, does Eureka Forbes have any other product suited for larger fires?

The sleek design of Fireguard is an advantage of the product. It is super effective in controlling the spread of fire. I am sure the format breaker

Fireguard comes in two variants. The Model 5B with a discharge time of 25 seconds is for household purposes and the Model 8B with a



Square Foot’s Coconut Shell Wall Cladding

It Products Get The Arabian Nights Style With Giorgio Giorgio, a brand represented by Asia & Pacific Corporation SRL has introduced a collection of porcelain vanity basins with a range of mixers for the niche luxury market. The three series of mixers include the Chantelle, Cloe and Coralie which have Swarovski and crystal glass for the handle and brass with gold or platinum finish for the spout. The Chantelle series is with floral inspirations for the crystal glass corolla in gold and platinum finish. The Cloe series is an oval line in gold and platinum with suggestion of faberge in the spiral whirl, crystal glass with effects from polished and opaque finishes

whereas the Coralie series is a grooved stem, ring top with crystal and faceted top, in gold and platinum finish. Also available is a sophisticated collection of washbasins and bowls (12 ranges) in hand decorated porcelain, embellished with decoration in fine materials or covered with leaves of pure gold or pure platinum. The vanity basins are available in a choice of gold, platinum or hand decorated. The prices for the washbasins start from Rs. 1,00,000/- onwards whereas the prices for the mixers with swaroski crystal and gold finish start from Rs. 11,75,000/-. Contact

Somany Presents Its Wooden Flooring Tile Collection

Adorn your floor with not just any tile but with this unique wooden flooring tile range by Somany. This collection is the latest addition to their portfolio where digital technology has been brilliantly used for the imitation and replication of natural finishes. These tiles posses the aesthetics of wood and the properties of ceramics transforming the overall look of the house. Additionally, endless application possibilities allow the beauty and grace of wood to be enjoyed in spaces such as the kitchen, entryway, bathroom and other spaces where traditional

wood flooring would never otherwise be found. The novelty of the product lies in its ability of providing the benefits of a tile combined with the colours and tones offered by the warm look of wooden floors. These tiles can be found in various sizes like 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm and wooden strips of sizes 190x1200mm,150x800mm, 145x605 mm and is preiced at Rs 50/- to 150/- per sq ft and 95/to 250/- per sq ft respectively. Available at Somany showrooms. Contact web:

Square Foot brings you wooden wall cladding made of coconut shell chips which makes it lightweight, durable and beautifully decorative while bringing nature closer to your home. Having a wooden wall has its perks as it improves the sound of home theatre along with concealing flaws and unsightly features such as cables and wires. It is specifically a boon in India where peeling of wallpaper due to wall dampness is common making the walls look tacky. Its low maintenance cost and resistance to termites and fire makes it an attractive option. Adding to its uniqueness is its recyclable nature, attractive colour and grain and its less energy requirement to produce as compared to other construction materials leading to reduced

carbon footprints. In addition to this, it also comes in wide choices of softwoods, hardwoods and modified woods suiting all budget range. Contact web:

RAK Ceramics Presents 3D Elevation Tiles Venezia Capstone

RAK ceramics launches Venezia Capstone, a new range of lifelike 3D elevation ceramic tiles inspired by the mastery of mother nature. This new collection is inspired by a natural and rustic look. Currently this is available in sizes 200x400 mm and 300x500 mm. These tiles can be primarily used for outdoor cladding, wall cladding, elevation, public places and other areas. Signifying the lifestyle of the user, these superior quality titles will enable making exterior areas as beautiful and elegant as the interiors. The durability and strength of the tile is reflected

along with a strong appearance that is more serviceable. The high points in Venezia Capstone are complimented by the richness these tiles would add to the user’s ambience. Once installed, these tiles are virtually maintenance free. With its combination of the most realistic digitally printed 3D elevation and beauty of mother nature’s creations, RAK Venezia Capstone is truly one of the most stylish tiles available today for all types of exterior wall installations. It is available for Rs. 82/sq. ft. and onwards. Contact


It Products Hulsta Launches Its New Bedroom Range Hulsta presents a new range of bedrooms called ‘Box Spring - My Suite Design’, with its striking collection of head boards. The beds are offered in two versions, different sizes and

various finishes. Individual fabric can be chosen from its wide range of fabric collection. That’s not all, it can also be accessorized with beautiful lamps or LED. Apart from this, a designer stool is also available which can be placed beside the bed, along with its glass top the matching designer stool can to turn into an extravagant night console. Complete your bedroom by adorning it with a contemporary ‘Solist’ wardrobe. Its central sliding door has an elaborate wood appliqué on the front combined with white lacquer finish making it a unique buy. Contact email: web:

Ligne Roset Launches Hybride

Ligne Roset has launched its luxurious and attractive sofa Hybride - which is a low backed lined settee. Hybride does not have that adjustable cushion which is responsible for creating unsightly thickness at the rear. Instead Hybride retains all its elegance in its slim cushioning which in no way detracts from the proportions of its overall proportions; whether it remains in its low or high position. Its structure comprises three separate elements which are uniquely linked together

with utmost finesse giving rise to a proportion which is truly remarkable. Hybride surely brings a note of tasteful elegance and comfort to any interior. Hybride is structured from criss-cross panels, particleboard and multiply panels. Then it is overlaid with polyester quilting along with a brilliant chromes base. Its metal frame suspension with elastic webbing offers a sense of immense relaxation to its user. The price for this sofa starts from Rs. 4 lakh. Contact tel: 080 32320008


Vi Spring Lanches Six-Coil Pocket Springs Mattresses Vi’ Spring brings you a comfortable mattress whose six pocket strings ensures equal weight distribution and flexible support across the bed. Its premium fibers regulate temperatures naturally, repel allergence, allow the free-flowing of air through the mattresses which perfectly adapt to your body keeping you comfortably warm or cool. Vi Spring’s many variations caters to every body type, depending on the preference of every individual. The right mattress choice that suits your body will ensure perfect support for your spine, joints and muscles enabling you to experience sound sleep. Vi Spring’s service does not limit to beds but extends to its other aspects as well such as bed design, zip and link castors to traditional bun feets to head boards and drawers.

At the heart of Vi Spring is its extensive range that offers comfort and design with a large collection of styles and fabrics to suit your taste. Contact tel: 022 24912250 web:



Miele Presents Salamander Grill

It Products Café Coffee Day In Your Kitchen Coffee Day, founder of India’s largest café chain, Café Coffee Day (CCD) introduces ‘Coffee Day WakeCup’. A single serve one touch coffee brewer which brings the amazing coffee brewing experience to your home. This coffee brewing system takes care of convienience, quality and ease of use. Coffee Day WakeCup uses the MaxEx technology developed and patented by TuTTOespresso, of Italy. The coffee is perfectly grounded and laser scanned and is filled into capsules which are single portion packs. These capsules come in two variants, the Estate blend and the Pure Arabica blend. It’s not just coffee but also milk thats available. A hot and cold milk frother comes as an accessory to the single serve coffee machines. These milk frothers can make foamy, silky frothed milk which when topped on a shot of espresso can make

a foamy cup of cappuccino or a macchiato. You can even make a cold coffee by adding cold frothy milk with a shot of espresso in less than 30 seconds. With its given convenience and style, the Coffee Day WakeCup is perfect for every location, from kitchen counters to hotel rooms and office staff lounges. The machines, frother and capsules are priced attractively at: Orion Fully automatic Coffee Brewer - Rs.5499, Vega Semi Automatic Coffee Brewer Rs.4499, Milk Frother - Rs.1999 and Wakecup Estate blend Coffee Capsules - Pack of 2 with 10 capsules each is Rs. 198, Wakecup Pure Arabica Coffee Capsules - Pack of 2 with 10 capsules each is Rs. 298, Wakecup Pure Arabica (1 pack) + Estate blend (1 pack) - Rs.248. Contact web:

Godrej’s Knock N Lock

The lock manufacturing giant Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems has introduced in the market a unique lock called ‘Knock N’ Lock’ with a never before seen feature of invisibility which does not involve a keyhole or a card slot making it impossible for the naked eye to pick. This cutting edge locking unit is based on the concept of patented Knock Code technology working as a concealed lock without any visible accesses point. Key imitation is impossible as recording the code is an act in futility.

The knock code technology approaches the entire system in an unconventional manner. A ‘Knock Key’ is used to unlock the door by simply touching the key to it. Other than this making this entire system stand apart is its vandal resistance and one key solution. It is also well protected from corrosion and is not vulnerable to stolen keys. Most importantly it maintains complete audit trail of the last 1,000 lock events. Contact web:

Miele, a leader in the production of premium home appliances has launched a unique grill called the ‘Salamander Grill’. Whether you want to cook ‘au gratin’ dishes, bake some toppings or simply warm your food, The Salamander Grill is the apt one for all this and much more. The canopy of this unit is a source of radiant heat which can also be used to caramelise sweet dishes. What sets the Salamander Grill apart from its counterpart is its unique design. Usually such grills are known to be large, bulky units

which consume considerable worktop space. A cantilever canopy houses the motor driven heating element which disappears into the cupboard below when not in use. All that can be seen in the standby mode is a stainless steel cover neatly flush with the worktop along with the controls. It remains conveniently concealed in the kitchen cabinet below and reveals only when switched on. These Salamander grills are priced at Rs. 31,99,990/-. Contact web:

GlacialLight’s Water Resistant LED Flood Lighting GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has added the GL-FL60, a 60W AC-input LED Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips to its energy efficient LED flood light series. The GL-FL60 provides pleasing illumination suitable for indoor and outdoor retail, commercial, as well industrial external lighting applications. It is also suitable as architectural lighting for buildings and monuments. With the proper positioning, beautiful details can be brought alive during night. The GL-FL60 Flood Light is capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures (-20°C ~ +40°C) and in almost all weather conditions. These are sold in two different versions with varying beam angles of 20° and 60°. The 20° beam angle illuminates with a direct beam and the 60° beam angle provides gentler lighting across a larger area.

It is also available in two colour temperatures. The GL-FL60-WW provides warm illumination at 3000K (warm white) while the GL-FL60-CW has a bright daylight - like 5700K (cool white) beam. With the environment in mind, GlacialLight designed the GLFL60 Flood Light to contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, and to create no harmful radiation emissions such as UV or IR, which makes it highly eco - friendly. Contact



LSI Brings A New Lighting Collection

It Products Dekundt Decora Mirrors From Blackberry Blackberry Overseas, a leading brand in high-end and decorative mirrors uncovered its brand new collection of mirrors from Dekundt Decora of Belgium. This bespoke collection of luxury and sophistication is made using the best European glass adding a stunning look to your dream home. While maintaing innovation in design, the quality of this exciting collection has not been compromised in any way. Their high-tech manufacturing prevents the mirror from its usual corrosion issues. Crystal clear reflection is

guaranteed when a wafer thin layer of glass is applied on the impeccable surfaces. The hard work and craftsmanship of the people behind Dekundt is evident from the way the size and cuts of the mirrors are treated. The application of patinas and the finest framing of gold and silver make it a unique master piece or wall art. Contact

House Of Marley Steps Into India

House of Marley is now in India with its earth friendly, soulfully designed audio products that embodies Bob Marley’s vision in India. India will witness the launch of three Marley branded collections namely ‘Jammin’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Destiny’. Sustainable materials go into the making of these products without compromising on the superior quality of sound and design. The Marley Jammin collection packs cheerful vibe through a colourful and vibrant

style combined with solid performance designed for youth. On the other hand, Marley Freedom delivers a high-end audio experience through modern and soulful design sensibilities whereas Marley Destiny combines pro-level audio components with beautiful, natural, and premium materials for music lovers seeking an amplified listening experience. The price for these products ranges from Rs. 1,999 to Rs. 25,999. Contact

LSI uncovers its new lighting collection for the year 2013. It is a promising range which will add brightness to your New Year celebrations. This brand new collection includes a chandelier, adjustable hanging products, ceiling flush lights and table lamps.

It also includes decorative lighting fixtures that can be put on the walls of bedroom, bathroom or any other space. These products are available from Rs. 50,000 onwards. Contact tel: 011 33620 700 web:

Luxury Colour Full Quilt By Frette

Frette the historic Italian linen house with a global reputation has launched the Spring/Summer collection 2012-13. Inspiration for this new collection has been drawn from the world of cinema - with an imaginative new collection inspired by the landscapes, colours and fashions of 20thcentury movie greats. This is an apt theme for a linen house whose iconic designs have been appeared in numerous films and whose customers include actors and actresses from across the globe. The collection includes

quilt, cushion and throws in silk, cashmere and wool complementing couture, and Edmond Frette Jacquards in prints. Completing this season’s Couture Luxury range are a colourful set of 1960s inspired designs, the highlight of the set is Colour Full, which places glistening contemporary jewel motifs in silver Lurex thread against a swirling, multicoloured pattern on silk, reminiscent of 1960s Mary Quant. This collection is priced at Rs. 4,93,000. Contact web:



Spot Light


t all started with the slow but sure accumulation of glass bottles in Nishi Chauhan’s household; beer bottles, mason jars, wine bottles, pickle, sauce bottles and just about every other bottle, ad nauseum. Soon it became difficult to ignore them and the bottles in the ever growing pile took on a life of their own. Shapes started to emerge - animals, things, people she had known, and possibly even a cloud or two! Nishi Chauhan, an Architecture and Industrial Design student from New Delhi enjoys a more tangible approach to design and craftsmanship. Inspired by her mother’s creative leanings, Nishi Chauhan developed a love for crafting things. She found a love for form, sculpture, texture and lighting, and used it to create a unique experience. In the middle of giving form to shapes, sketches and models, a casual visit to Channapatna, the craft district located just outside Bangalore, made Nishi’s heart skip a beat. Here was a sizeable community of craftsmen churning out playful animal toys by the hundreds! Soon after that, she was collaborating with these very craftsmen in a back and forth of ideas, sketches, mock-ups and study models. ‘Animal Farm’, her most recent

The Animal Farm The Animal Farm collection is Nishi Chauhan’s continuing series of explorations centered on the twin themes of craft revival and the repurposing of used objects.

The upcycled bottle lamps visualises six animal forms featuring the wood and lac turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka

Humf, the hippopotamus

Ellie, the elephant

work, is a result of the various facets of her design personality. This collection is a part of a continuing series of explorations centered on the twin themes of craft revival and the repurposing of used objects. The first set of upcycled bottle lamps visualises six animal forms featuring the wood and lac turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka, India.


Work in progress at the Animal Farm

Peeves, the penguin, Porky, the pig, Gerry, the giraffe, Flo, the fish, Humf, the hippopotamus and Ellie, the elephant are few of the animals created in the Animal Farm currently. Objects that would otherwise have met uninteresting ends in the recycling chain were born again as playful, usable products. The real challenge Nishi believes was to achieve a fusing of attitude and approach between the designer and

craftsman, with give and takes on both sides. From the collision of these two worlds came the Animal Farm. It is as much craft as it is art. It is as much a finished product as it is a work in progress. Talking about her creation, Nishi Chauhan says, “Going from pre-production prototypes to full scale production is a journey unto itself. From stable raw material sourcing to safely shipping a consistent, quality product, there’s a ton of work to do before it becomes a sustainable venture. In future, I intend to continue w o rk i n g w i t h t h e r i c h c r a f t traditions of India. The craftsman


spends years, generations if you count accumulated knowledge, learning his/her craft and that kind of intimacy with the material and process is impossible for me to replicate over a few months. In that sense, it’s very important to achieve a true collaboration between the designer and the craftsman.” Nishi plans on producing ‘Animal Farm’ and taking it to the market. In addition, she is also working on a product that helps differently abled people. Contact: tel: +91 9620339690 email: web:

Porky, the pig



Spot Light


arsen & Toubro Limited is one of India’s leading engineering companies, offering comprehensive solutions for electrical and automation for both commercial and residential applications. In addition to high quality products from its own factories, L&T seeks out the best in home automation technology and offers these products to the Indian market. The Domotics

Teletask Your Home Larsen & Toubro introduces Teletask, a

world class home automation system which allows you to control and network almost every electrical gadget in your home. BY ULKA V.

Domotics is the latest trend in home automation which is not just lighting control but is the integration of comfort, safety, communication and energy management of the house

System from Teletask is well-known globally and fits right in with the world class products offered by L&T. Since 1984, Teletask has been one of the leading manufacturers of high quality domotics (home automation) systems. Today, Teletask stands for future oriented designs and high quality domotics solutions which are distributed in more than 35 countries worldwide. Home Automation includes integration of all the different electrical systems in the house. This integration connects individual working electrical systems and circuits into a network which enables the generation of new functionalities. The different functions controlled by the home automation system are intelligently linked to each other. For example, opening a window will automatically shut down the heating or air-conditioning. When leaving the house, a simple push on just one button can shut down all the lights and sockets, lower the central heating, control the shutters, stop the CD playing and arm the

security system. The home automation system is even more impressive when you opt for the highly user-friendly touch screens from which you can easily control many functions. The Smart Phone remote control has each of the controls, like the push buttons and touch screens, logically built and every function is easily accessible and clearly displayed. Moreover, it is possible to have the front plates exclusively adapted

to personal tastes. Stainless steel, solid glass, and solid aluminium are the commonly used materials. All the interfaces are connected to a highspeed bus (AUTOBUS). Houses can even be organised in groups to be monitored over the internet from remote site(s). These integrated relationships and intelligent connection offer more than the sum of its individual parts. So home automation is not just lighting control, but the integration of an extensive package of electrical functions such as lighting, curtains, shutters, sun shades, appliances, humidifiers, heating and cooling, audio, video door phone, etc. It can also allow interaction with your mobile phone, PC and the Internet. A special added value of the Teletask Domotics System is the modular architecture. In this way customers are able to start with the minimal control and integration of lighting and heating/cooling

at a budget friendly level. When the functional, economical and aesthetic needs change or grow, one can always extend the Teletask Home Automation system with new functional interfaces, design panels, multi media touch screens, etc. Contact: tel: 022 67051895 email: web:




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arapools and Spa offers the Thor filtration system as a new concept for the maintenance of swimming pools in India. The combination of an innovative and time tested technology has resulted in a product that is better looking, easier to maintain and has more features than most conventional filtration systems. The Thor filtration system has been created using cutting edge technology keeping user convenience well in mind. These filtration systems are easy to install, use and maintain with no need for elaborate underground piping or pump rooms. Different shapes and sizes of pools can be effectively filtered by placing the skimmers at strategic locations in the pool. The Thor filtration system boasts of 2x2 HP pumps as standard configuration. This makes it one of the most powerful private pool filtration systems available. The powerful pumps, combined with the free flowing filtration medium, guarantees quick and effective circulation of water through the filtration system. This inherent power means cleaner water in shorter filtration durations. The value additions of the Thor system include a ‘treadmill

The Thor Of Pools The Thor filtration system for pools is

better looking, easier to maintain and has more features than most conventional filtration systems. BY ULKA VARTAK

The Thor filtration systems for swimming pools are easy to install, use and maintain with no need for elaborate underground piping or pump rooms

swimming’ feature. With 4HP power, the system creates a wave which effectively enables one to swim against the water current. This treadmill swimming feature allows one to swim at a leisurely pace in a continuous motion with no turning required, making the pool an endless water body. The system is also equipped with an ozonator which acts as a secondary filtration medium and also gives a soft air bubble feel to the water. The Thor system is equipped with an intelligent control panel that enables you to set automatic filtration cycles. All features of the system can be easily adjusted

with the control panel, which also monitors the water flow to the pumps. It has a built-in LED light to illuminate the pool and is also eco sensitive. This system completely eliminates the need to backwash chlorinated water during maintenance. Just a simple rinsing of the filter media is all that is required. Yogesh Jaikishan Panchal, Proprietor, Parapools & Spa mentions, “The main objective of our pool and filtration concept is to eliminate the short and long term maintenance issues related with swimming pools. The Thor filtration system is an easy fix concept. Pools of any size and shape can be serviced by adding additional skimmers along the pool without altering the inside concrete base of the pool. This makes maintenance extremely easy and no long term headaches relating to leaking underground pipes etc.” This innovative Thor system comes with an 18 month warranty and makes the swimming pool filtration a simple, effective and efficient process. Contact: tel: 022 2415 8124 email: web:


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i l a g r o w Hu m a n t e c h is a company focused on providing state-ofthe-art intelligent robots that can offer round the clock assistance and reduce our dependence on domestic help.


Robots For Your Chores Milagrow Humantech introduces domestic robots to make modern life much easier.

Mr Rajeev Karwal, Founder & CEO, Milagrow

To introduce the concept of ‘Robotics’ to the Indian consumers, Milagrow launched their innovative range called ‘Domestic Robots’. These perform a variety of functions making life easier, safer and more economical. There are currently 3 robotic lines available, namely, the Floor Cleaning robots, Window Cleaning robots and the WheeMe Body Massaging robots. The Milagrow RedHawk Vacuum Cleaner is one such robot that performs multiple tasks and ensures that the home is spotlessly clean; it can deal with both dry and wet surfaces. It is a bag-less model that has a 1 litre dust bin to also store the dirt it collects. The average power consumption for this robot is about 45 to 60 W. The suction power ranges from 10 to 15 W depending on the intensity of cleaning required. This battery operated RedHawk uses 6 different modes to clean effectively with a minimal of noise. The RedHawk will start cleaning the house at a pre-scheduled time, once it’s done cleaning or is low

Milagrow Humantech focuses on providing state-of-the-art intelligent robots that can offer round the clock assistance and help replace domestic help

(less than 15%) on battery power, it will return to the docking station by itself, to recharge. It follows the infrared signal emitted by the docking station and docks itself to the charger. Milagrow has also introduced a one click window cleaning robot, Windoro. It cleans from 5mm to 15mm and another model deals with thicknesses from 16mm to 28mm of glass. Additionally, it is fall proof due to the presence of neodymium permanent magnets. It can clean up to a period of 2 hours when fully charged. It raises an auto alarm when cleaning is finished and returns automatically to its original place.

WheeMe, the body massaging robot

Available in 3 colours, Windoro can also be controlled by remote and cleans upto a square metres of glass in ten minutes. Milagrow’s WheeMe Body Massaging robot is a palm-size body massaging robot that gently massages and caresses as it moves slowly across the body. Embodying unique sensor technology, WheeMe autonomously steers itself over the body without falling off or losing its grip. As it moves, WheeMe’s patented fingerettes, soft massage vibration and silicon wheels gently stroke and caress providing a delightful sense of bodily pleasure. Mr Rajeev Karwal, Founder &

Windoro, the window cleaning robot

CEO Milagrow says, “The market response has been very good for these products. India is a land with tremendous opportunity for robotics. We are going to ride a robotics wave now. Presently, worldwide similar robots are very much household items and now life in Mumbai or Delhi is no different from what it is in New York or Paris.” Milagrow’s upcoming products will include an Air Purifying Robot, a Lawn Mowing Robot and a Swimming Pool cleaning robot. Contact: tel: 0124 4309570 email: web:

OxyMax, the air purifying robot



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he Grohe Jal Academy, a CSR project in India initiated by Grohe AG, one of the world’s leading sanitary fittings brand was honoured with the ‘Innovation competition for professional education projects in developing countries’ prize launched by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The concept of ‘helping people to help themselves’, has been put into action by the Grohe Jal Academy in India. Their CSR project extended support to the Don Bosco Centre for Learning in Mumbai for the purpose of educating underprivileged youth and training them to become qualified sanitary fittings installers. The training workshop at the Don Bosco Learning Centre coached young people from economically challenged backgrounds, many of whom have lived on the streets, to become professional plumbers. This gave them an opportunity to start their career as skilled tradesmen and to earn their own livelihood. The jury singled out projects which supported professional education in developing countries in an especially innovative and successful manner and particularly highlighted the creative model of the successful development cooperation between the corporate sector and society, as in the case of the Grohe Jal Academy of Grohe and

Grohe’s CSR Winner Grohe Jal Academy wins the innovation competition of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Grohe Jal Academy along with Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Mumbai, coach young people from economically challenged backgrounds to become professional plumbers and earn their own livelihood

September, as many as 418 apprentices had attended the training workshop, 36 of whom are still enrolled in ongoing courses. Another 40 youths are attending the preparatory course for the plumbing training, with another 100 apprentices about to start their training before the end of the year. This adds up to a total number of roughly 550 successful graduates and current participants. “We are very happy that the Grohe Jal Academy project has met with such an excellent response,” says Michael Mager, Head of Human Resources at Grohe AG. “The special advantage of the project is that it not

Don Bosco Learning Centre. Grohe has equipped the training workshop, installed a sample bathroom and fitted the classrooms in Mumbai with new faucets. Regular visits by the company provide additional support. On this achievement, Renu Misra, Vice President, Grohe India commented, “We are very pleased with the achievements of the Grohe Jal Academy, India. Being a fast growing market for the plumbing industry, it is increasingly in need of professionally

trained and knowledgeable plumbers. The young people are really interested in the plumbing training courses and their ambitions reflect well in the excellent exam results. Thanks to our direct cooperation with local companies, nearly all apprentices have found a job after the completion of their training. Some have even started higher-level training.” Established at the end of 2009, the Grohe Jal Academy has already achieved great success. By the end of

only benefits the young apprentices but the growing pool of qualified installers will open up further growth opportunities for Grohe in India as well.” The successful cooperation with Grohe in the field of plumbing training has had another positive effect; Mahanagar Gas, a partner of British Gas in India, now cooperates with the Don Bosco Learning Centre. The company supports the latter in the fields of gas installations in private homes as well as in special welding jobs and fitting of gas pipelines. Contact: tel: +91 124 493 3000 web:


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he Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organised by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). The event held from November 23rd to the 25th in Tokyo included around 700 participating companies. A variety of companies and designers from all over the globe participate in this activity to enhance the quality of life through design. “G Mark”, the symbol of the award has been recognised widely as a mark representing quality design. The Good Design Award winning items can promote their credibility by displaying this prestigious label. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion first released the shortlisted 15 entries in the running for the Japanese Prime Minister’s prestigious Good Design Grand Award winner. The Grand Award winner was selected from amongst these shortlisted candidates. The 15 candidates were selected from the “Good Design Best 100” items which met the stringent criteria set

down by the Jury from amongst the 1,108 entries received for the Good Design Award 2012. The entries span a diverse range of products right from Architecture, PC Applications, Project Design and even Service Design. The criteria for selection were innovations that successfully bridged the gap between human sensitivities and the product or effectively structured a new system in society. The outcome of an impressive jury selection process of the Good Design Award 2012, witnessed the selection of the Good Design Grand Award Winner (Prime Ministers Award) to be the Television Programme, ‘Design Ah!’ - an


The “G Mark” The Japan Institute of Design Promotion

concludes yet another successful year of its Good Design Award. educational program for children, where the awarded company was Japan Broadcasting Corporation a n d t h e Pr o d u c e r Na o h i k o. The selection was identified as an exquisite and popular design, considered representative of the “Design of the Year 2012”. The various other awards included 14 Gold Awards, 4 Sustainable Design Awards, 8 Small and Medium Enterprises Awards, 2 Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards and 4 Special Aw a rd s f r o m t h e C h a i r m a n of JDP. An Indian delegation visited Japan to participate in the training program on Operation of a Design Award for India (ENDA, a prelude to the ‘Good Design Exhibition 2012’) hosted in Yokohama, Japan. This delegation was an extension of the cooperation between the India Design Council and the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organised by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

Prof. Pradyumna Vyas (Member Secretary of India Design Council and Director of National Institute of Design) was invited as a special

guest judge for the Special Award screening panel of the Good Design Award. The India Design Council entered into a MoU with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) in April 2010 for collaboration in the areas of education and development of design skills in both countries. The collaboration between the India Design Council and JDP entails assisting the India Design Council in evolving a design evaluation and recommendation system for the India Design Mark. The India Design Mark is intended to promote the awareness of good design among companies, particularly in the small and medium enterprise sector, as well as to function as a mark of quality design in India. Contact: web:

The Good Design Award winning items can promote their credibility by attaching the “G Mark” representing a quality design



Co. Profile


he ACO Group is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacture and supply of corrosion-resistant polymer concrete and stainless steel drainage systems for external and internal applications. ACO worldwide is present with independent companies in over 40 countries around the world. With more than 40 years of valuable experience in the removal and containment of wastewater, ACO is now entering

The ACO Drainage Solution The ACO Group manufactures products

which provide reliable drainage along with water treatment solutions. BY ULKA VARTAK

The numerous system solutions ACO develops and manufactures go beyond channel drainage and embrace applications in civil engineering, construction, building services and environmental protection

the field of wastewater management with systems for the treatment and re-use of grey water. Traditionally, point or castin-place drainage was used to provide surface water removal for

all types of applications. They often appear to be the cheapest methods around as the material costs can be low. However, during installation when labour and site preparation costs are taken into calculation, significant savings can be made by using precast channel drainage systems. Polymer concrete, reinforced concrete, polymers, stainless steel and cast iron are the materials ACO uses to create intelligent, efficient and sustainable products and solutions. The numerous system solutions ACO develops and manufactures today go well beyond channel drainage and embrace applications in civil engineering, construction, building services and environmental protection. Directly or indirectly, they all serve to catch, control, treat and sustainably use water in the private, public and industrial sectors. ACO Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. based in India is a 100%

subsidiary of ACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG,Germany. Incorporated in the year 2006, it rises to the challenge in instances where water creates an increasing risk. Extremely high volumes of

rain after long periods of drought can only be tamed by special drainage, backflow and drain systems; all designed to cope with very heavy rainfall. The high performance solutions ACO has developed, include channels with enhanced drainage capacity and flow, flood proof separators and pumps, reliable backflow systems, and pressure water tight cellar and window well systems. ACO experts also provide advice on planning and product choice for draining roads,


The strength of ACO lies in providing end to end engineering solutions, advising on appropriate products and solutions, pre and post installation supervisory servicesand offering customized solutions

industrial sites, ports, airports, tunnels, and bridges - for high speed as well as heavy duty. ACO combines drainage elements to create sustainable solutions for private homes and office buildings, as well as for industrial kitchens, hotels and commercial property. These products collect the water from flat roofs, paved areas and bathrooms, and clean it as required depending on the level of water contamination. Every ACO product follows the ACO system chain to control the water safely as it passes along the chain to ensure it can be

ecologically and economically reused in a viable way. The ACO system chain consists of four steps: collect, clean, hold and release. This includes collecting and treating the water, containing it within the drainage system for controlling and transferring the collected, treated and controlled water into the downstream systems and processes for further treatment, re-use or release. In the coming year, ACO plans to set up a manufacturing unit to make the products more affordable and easier to procure in India. Some of the landmark installations

done by ACO Group in India are the Delhi International Airport, Formula 1 Race Track, premium hotels like Taj Vivanta, Empee Hilton, The Oberoi Hotel, ITC


Park Sheraton and many other residences, industries, malls, sports stadiums, infrastructures and IT parks. Contact: ACO Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Unit No. 19/2, 1st Floor, “Fathima Towers”, No.19, Rhenius Street, Langford Town, Bangalore – 560025 tel: 080 22485487 email: web:



Fair News

Passagen BAU Munich Date 14 - 19 January 2013 Venue Munich, Germany Contact web: Bau presents architecture, materials and systems for industrial, commercial and residential construction as well as interior design. It brings together all the industry’s market leaders in a unique exhibition and is thus one of the most important events of the European building industry. Renovation and modernisation of buildings is one of the most important tasks of the building industry. The upcoming edition of Bau will feature themes which include energy-efficient buildings, intelligent building covers, renovations and modernisation, architectural surfaces, barrier- free building and building security. The exhibiting companies will be offering their individual solutions, and comprehensive information will be supplied in a range of forums, special exhibitions and congresses at the trade fair.

IMM Cologne Date 14 - 20 January 2013 Venue Cologne, Germany Contact web: Imm cologne, the major worldwide event for the interior design sector along with the international kitchen show LivingKitchen is back again. From 14th to 20th January 2013, more than 1,100 companies from around 50 countries will be presenting over 100,000 pieces of furniture and even more related items at the imm cologne. About one third of the exhibits will be new launches. As the leading international fair, imm cologne showcases the enormous breadth and depth of products available for the furnishing sector and, thanks to concurrent LivingKitchen, everything to do with kitchens as well. Imm cologne presents trends which dominate the interior design market and answers questions of the new emphasis on the holistic home and the development of the market. The diverse mix of visitors makes the trade fair highly interesting for exhibitors.

Date 14 - 20 January 2013 Venue Köln, Germany Contact web: Passagen 2013 is one of Germany’s biggest design events; more vibrant, more complex, more exciting, younger and bigger than ever before, once again Passagen makes Cologne the temporary design Mecca. As a forum for current trends and tendencies in design, architecture and living and in urban lifestyle, Passagen has grown to over 200 shows by national and international designers and manufacturers, along a dense design-route through urban Cologne. Among these shows is the exhibition by the “A&W Designer of the Year” (chosen by the magazine Architektur & Wohnen). Designers Fair is yet another attraction in Passagen it is the place to discover young international designers. This successful trade show will be held in 2013 for the fifth time within the framework of Passagen.

Maison & Objet Date 18 - 22 January 2013 Venue Paris, France Contact web: More than just a trade show, Maison & Objet is a magnet for a variety of professionals. The trade show will be targeting professionals from the field of home fashion and design amongst many other allied areas. Maison & Objet witnesses visitors from across the globe, and it serves as a unique opportunity for buyers and suppliers to establish foundations for new business ventures. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and successful European events for sectors related to interior design, including home furnishings, home textiles, lighting, tableware and high-end accessories for the home. Each year Maison & Objet acknowledges work and people from the recent past, especially those who have made an impact on the French design scene.



Fairs & Exhibitions

Date 25 - 17 January 2013, Inside Outside Megashow Venue Birla Auditorium, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Contact web:

Inside Outside Megashow-Jaipur is one of the leading building and construction industry trade shows in India. A large number of focused and richly experienced business personnel related to this industry participate in the event and all the prevailing trends and business information are closely examined here. Organized over a period of three days, the show boasts professional visitors, including specially invited guests. Attendees can find a varied collection of veneers, furniture items, bed linen and plenty of other related products at this show, which is hosted at the Birla Auditorium. Participants can also avail of exclusive opportunities to take part in practical workshops, conference sessions and interactive meetings. Attending firms can interact with viable trading partners here too. Foreign visitors will also be present

Salone Del Mobile Di Parma

in large numbers at the show. Date 31Jan - 3 Feb 2013, Furniture & Furnishings Fair 2013 Venue Bombay Exhibition Cente Contact web: The Furniture and Furnishings Fair 2013 is the foremost trade fair that is devoted to the furniture and furnishings industry in India. The event will exhibit products essential for designing home exteriors and interiors. The FFF 2013 will give an excellent opportunity to top companies to showcase a variety of products such as furniture, bed linen, floorings, furnishings, tiles, modular kitchens, premium bathroom fittings, lighting and accessories. The Furniture & Furnishings Fair 2013 will serve as a significant market place for suppliers and manufacturers from the furniture and furnishings industry.

niche event and it has managed to develop into one of the well known trade fairs in Europe, with international collections. The superior level of recognition enjoyed by the Intirio brand can be attributed to its enduring concept. The consistent quality of the offering at Intirio, coupled with the show’s outstanding concept, is a guarantee of success for the entire sector. In addition, the international aspect of Intirio attracts a great deal of interest from across the whole of the Benelux market, supplemented by the bordering areas of France and Germany. Intirio covers the entire spectrum of household linen and interior decorating. Shutters and sunscreens are also given additional attention, having carved out a place in their own right in the window decoration sector. All of these attractions mean that exhibitors at Intirio can really look forward to the forthcoming show with great confidence.

Date 28 Jan - 5 Feb 2013 Venue Fiere di Parma Fairgrounds, Italy Contact web: The furniture exhibition, Salone Del Mobile Di Parma offers dozens of designers showcasing and exhibiting ideas for furniture and accessories for home embellishment. The exhibition will help visitors to obtain a broader overview of the latest trends in furniture and design guided by some of the most famous and important national brands; from classic to modern and hi-tech materials to natural ones. The exhibitor profile includes furniture fittings, interior design solutions, tailor-made solutions and special furnishings for public premises, ergonomic office furnishings and crafts.

Cevisama Date 5 - 8 February 2013 Venue Valencia, Spain Contact web:

Intirio Date 3 - 6 February, 2013 Venue Flanders Expo Ghent, Gent, Belgium Contact web: In 15 years, Intirio has grown into a major event for anyone dealing with interiors on a professional level. Intirio started out as a small scale

Cevisama is one of the most important fairs on the international scene which deals with ceramics, natural stone and bathroom equipment. It aims to show the latest trends in the market to visitors from around the world. This year the fair has focused its efforts on international promotion in countries traditionally customers of the products displayed as well as the emerging markets which include India, Arab Nations, Russia, Maghreb, Nigeria and Israel. Cevisama also has an online communication platform to allow exhibitors to connect with buyers from the fair all year long. Cevisama Social also offers students the opportunity to promote their ceramic, bathroom and natural stone related projects via this new platform.



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f you have a legal lineage, chances are quite high that you will take a shot at becoming a legal eagle in India. In a country which is often obsessed in

A Design Order Functional, comfortable and stylish, Anjali

Mody’s furniture line is an instant hit with the design conscious. BY VIKAS BHADRA Anjali Modi

The Zenith chair and dining table

maintaining the status quo of the family profession there are few who breakaway from the rut and carve a niche for them - Anjali Mody is one such individual. Gr a n d d a u g h t e r o f f o r m e r Attorney General Soli Sorabjee and daughter of top corporate lawyer Zia Mody, Anjali Mody is a furniture designer. “Furniture fanatic”, is how she chooses to describe herself. Anjali graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design in ‘09 with a BFA in Industrial Design. As a young designer Anjali was mentored by Pinakin Patel, an

studio apart is client participation; the informal set up of the workshop at Evergreen Industrial Estate ensures that the client gets to see how his customised piece of furniture is being designed. Josmo’s first collection titled Double Decker hit the metropolis on 1st November 2012 at the

interior designer with a passion for craft and Dashrath Patel, a senior progressive group artist and the first director of NID in Ahmedabad. Since her graduation days Anjali was inspired and inclined towards designing customized pieces of furniture and this went on to become a full blown affair when she set up her own studio ‘Josmo’ in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Two years old and Josmo has already handled a wide range of projects which have been a testimony to the design taste and creative passion that the studio espouses. What probably sets the

Starvitri Chairs and Nik Tables

The Scaffold Bookshelf is made of Teak veneer with Melamine matte polish and has a Duco metal frame



The Bari Bookshelf is made of Walnut veneer and colour transparent acrylic

Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai, and received an enormous response, so much so, weeks later the debut collection went for on display yet again, this time at the Peninsula Corporate Park. The collection included sofas, lounge chairs, side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, desks and dining sets. Unlike Anjali Mody’s previous work, which was solely client oriented, Double Decker attempted to capture

Apart from Josmo, Anjali who is inspired by designers like Yves Behar, George Nakashima and Charles and Ray Eames is simultaneously engaged in founding and running Skarma; a creative agency where she is one of the four partners. Anjali Mody believes her designs are about engaging and enthralling, with innovative ideas and chic pieces of work. Here’s looking at plenty more where that came from! Contact:

The Jali Bookshelf stands tall with lasercut white acrylic in a walnut wooden frame

the inexplicable joy of Mumbai’s interconnected eccentricities. The furniture was experimental, young, colourful, yet functional and comfortable - reflecting the studio’s true aesthetic. Josmo also specializes in working with found objects and old pieces of furniture. Adding a dash of contemporariness is something the studio has done for numerous customers. Recycling and working with reclaimed wood is also something which is integral to their design agenda. “To turn waste into a beautiful piece of furniture has always been a priority, if you happen to check our workshop not a single piece of wood is wasted,” says Anjali.

The Diwana Sofa is made of Mahogany wood and upholstered fabric




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aseel is an interior architect who is known to design iconic, high end spaces and exemplifies the excellence and originality of the contemporary Indian. Forever evolving, her touch guarantees a space with values of uniqueness and an incomparable elegance. A fusion of Indian and Western styles, the Illustratti collection is Raseel’s progression to a spontaneous and vibrant format, featuring graphic art that can be customised by dimension - from a 1 square foot canvas and beyond, to eclectic prints on furniture. Illustratti is packed with youthful energy, complimented with free movement of varying forms, prints and vibrant colours that amalgamate into one’s personality. The various segments within the collection lend a mood of tongue-in-cheek. On the depth of inspiration for the collection, Raseel says, “With the environment that I grew up in, and

Raseel Gujral’s ‘Illustrati’ Casa Paradox the house of cult living has

recently gotten underway with ‘Illustrati’ a play of graphic art illusion. Called ‘Art by the meter’ it is crafted by its creative head Raseel Gujral. ‘Illustrati’ - a play of graphic art illusion. Called ‘Art by the meter’ it is crafted by Casa Paradox’s creative head, Raseel Gujral

Nathji on its face is cheekily called “Oh My God”. An eclectic long bar cabinet with gothic Mumbai overlaid in a kitsch ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ style is called just that, symbolising the drama of everyday life! Created exclusively for Casa Paradox, the house of luxury, Illustratti graphic art on canvas is priced at an attractive Rs. 15,000 and upwards and Rs. 50,000 and upwards, for the furniture range. Contact: web: my father’s (Satish Gujral) influence, I have always been attracted to art and graphics and I have used these in interiors, soft furnishing etc. It is only but a natural progression when I bring it to canvas. I am passionate about the ability of bringing smiles to people’s faces as they go about their daily lives”. The Illustratti collection of furniture brings together art, space and form. An artistic piece of furniture gives one the opportunity to have art beyond the mere wall. The Illustratti mandir with Sri

The Inside Track January 2013  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...

The Inside Track January 2013  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...