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appellini, the iconic Italian furniture brand, made inroads into India a few years ago with Casa Décor, a joint venture company between the Tata’s and the Poltrona Frau group (of which Cappellini is a part). Si n c e t h e n t h e l ov e a n d understanding of Cappellini products in India has only been on an upswing. Cappellini furniture has found its way into many Indian projects and the appreciation of these iconic pieces of furniture is only growing amongst the Indian design community. Cappellini does not allude to a ‘house style’, instead it creates products working with different designers from around the world with different ideas and mind-sets. Leading the charge at Cappellini is the company’s art director and creative talent scout, Mr. Giulio Cappellini. The Inside Track got a chance to interview Mr. Cappellini at the new ‘Cappellini Home’ in Cologne, where we talked about design, new products and Cappellini’s India connection. Read more to know what their dapper design director has in store…

Cappellini Comes Home

The products of Cappellini are never boring. They each possess a unique quality and style that makes them an individual favourite. Furniture brands like Cappellini are extremely well known in Europe, however, awareness is yet to build in countries like India. How is Cappellini gearing up for this? It is absolutely true that we have to work a lot for promoting the company in such markets. For sure in Italy or in Europe we are well known, but the market now is changing, it’s moving, and we have to move with it, and that means India, The Middle East and Far East. Last year I travelled a lot; we opened a showroom in Manila, I was in Korea, and so really it is very important to promote the brand and the quality of the products we sell. I think markets like India are now ready for our kind

of design, the most important thing is that we have to promote it in a proper way. That’s very important. Cappellini is synonymous with design. How do you engage with new designers and young talent? Frankly speaking, there is not one way we chart specifically to discover new talent. I am very curious and fortunately I travel quite a lot. Many times I go as a visiting professor in different schools or universities. I am also on the committee of different design practices, so there is a big possibility for me to meet young interesting people. When I look at something that might have been sketched, or sometimes even when I speak with a designer, I think he can be good for Cappellini. I don’t tell the designer they need to use wood or aluminium or other materials. I think the most important thing is to have absolute respect and to provide freedom to the designer. On the other hand it is important to try and make a product that we can keep in the Cappellini catalogue. I would want the product to fit with Cappellini. Another important issue for me is that today we are working globally. We must look to the future but not kill our history. For me it is important to understand the momentum working with different designers. Cappellini says it does not believe in a ‘house style’. Could you elaborate on this?

Mr. Giulio Cappellini with the new Meltdown lamp designed by Johan Lindstén unveiled in Cologne, Germany in January 2103

When we present our products we try to do it in a certain ambience to share ideas on how people can use Cappellini products. However, a lot of Cappellini’s customers are young

people. And frankly speaking our customers like to mix our products based on a special home ambience they want to create for themselves. You can take Cappellini products and you can combine them with products that you already have, probably designed by different designers and produced by different companies and different periods in different parts of the world. Cappellini is now in India and different cultures have a liking to different styles. What has worked for Cappellini in India? I think for India the best style is to use some of our iconic pieces and mix them with other products that are locally produced. I would say that in Cappellini we have some very strong pieces in terms of image and others which are more simple products. But as I see it in countries like India and The Middle East and Far East people prefer the iconic strong pieces, and then they combine it with their own. Cappellini works with a number of designers, which has been some of the most successful products or collections of 2012? I don’t measure success of a product six months from the presentation, sometimes it takes more time. The strategy of Cappellini is not to work on best sellers but is more to work on long sellers. I think that a good design has to be good today and should be good ten years ahead. This means it is a really good product. For example, we are just celebrating 25 years of cooperation between Jasper Morrison and Cappellini, and some of the continued on page 2


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013


INSIDE TRACK The new Cappellini showroom in Cologne is designed to reproduce the idea of rooms in a real home, highlighting the possibility of using Cappellini products in a variety of contexts

products that are 20 years old sell more now than at the beginning. Which have been the most successful products for Cappellini? One is a chair that was created for the Tate Modern gallery in London to furnish the cafeteria and offices. We decided to put it in our catalogue and it has been a bestseller for many years. And now, again the Lotus Collection is really very incredible. Another product that is doing very well is the Tulip Chair by Marcel Wanders. It is an expensive piece and when we launched it we thought it would sell for use in fusion interiors or in residential spaces, however, today it is incredible the quantities of the Tulip chair that

we sell for lounges and hotels. Have you been to India to explore an opportunity with Indian designers? We have worked with Satyendra Pakhale and Doshi Levien in the past. I like to be in India, and when I visit shops there I always like the way the displays are created. It is very elegant, and though they are showing only a couple of core items, it is done in a sophisticated way. I would really like to find an Indian designer that can create an international product, but again relate to Indian culture. Contact tel: 022 6615 3334 email: web:



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THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013



f t e n a w a rd e d a s ‘t h e most admired’ and ‘most innovative’ company, Herman Miller is perhaps one of the most design conscious companies in the the world. Mo r e t h a n 1 0 0 y e a r s o f innovative business practices and a commitment to social responsibility has established Herman Miller as a well recognised global company. The name Herman Miller is synonymous with furniture. With a new line-up of designers like Don Chadwick, Bill Stumpf and Yves Béhar, the company has not left no stone unturned to encourage authentic design, q u a l i t y, r e l a t i o n s h i p s a n d social responsibility. With the start of 2013, the plans for the year have already been chalked out by the furniture giant. In an exclusive interview with The Inside Track, Mr. Kartik Shethia, Sales Director - SAARC Region, Herman Miller, shares his insights about the company and their plans for India in the coming year. Can you give us a quick synopsis of the Herman Miller stor y in India? Herman Miller came to India in 1999, though the first ever

Herman Miller Welcomes 2013 This iconic furniture company is building on its well established network in India and is looking at a very positive 2013. BY ULKA VARTAK

Kartik Shethia, Sales Director SAARC Region, Herman Miller

install was in 1997 in Mumbai. Initially it was a direct model that we followed until 2004 when we started recruiting dealers. By 2005 we had 5 dealers in the 5 key cities across India, which then increased to 8 by 2009. Today, we have 21 dealers across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal in 14

Herman Miller is one of the most design conscious companies which make ‘sitting’ a positive health experience

growth, which too is growing at about 20-30% annually. What plans does Herman Miller have for India in 2013? In the coming year, which are the cities in which you plan to increase your presence?

locations. This exponential growth was in response to the tremendous growth the office furniture market has seen in India in recent times. Can you share details about the performance of Herman Miller in terms of growth and sales over the past few years?

Sayl is everything a Herman Miller chair should be at a very attainable price

After a brief dip in 2008 due to the global recession, we have been growing at a pace of 30% every year. Adding the POSH line of furniture has further added to this

The growth that we have seen in the last 2-3 years in terms of presence across India means that we now need to consolidate. 2013 will be a year of consolidation where we will invest our time largely in developing our partners to grow in strength. Besides, now that we have a very strong presence in almost all the key cities, we intend to test waters in tier 2 cities in the coming years. Which are the new products in the pipeline scheduled for the Indian market? 2013 is going to be an extremely exciting year for Herman Miller

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013


with respect to new product launches and particularly for India. There are some very specific product introductions, which will help us reach out to a wider audience. We are looking at a new chair, couple of lines of new workstations, some soft seating solutions and finally some ver y innovative collaboration tools. Which are some of the recent collaborations Herman Miller has made with international designers? Any plans on looking at a designers from India? Some of the recent designer engagements have been with the likes of Yves Béhar who designed our Sayl chair, which has been received with aplomb and India now has become the location with second highest base of Sayl chair across all the geographies Herman Miller is present in. Apart from that - Germany based Studio 7.5 is working on a highly classified project.They have in the past given us the Mirra chair and the Setu chair, both of which have met with great success. Apart from that we are also working with designers Tim Wallace and Sam Hecht. Herman Miller is always open to good designers and location is hardly a consideration, so if we come across some interesting product designers in India, I am sure we won’t be averse to using them as well. In fact, in a recently held ‘Then X Ten’ poster competition held in Asia by us, we got many India

Embody is designed specifically for people who work for long hours on the computer

entries and two of the posters made it to the top ten, which were appreciated by one and all. How does Herman Miller take on its competition, both from Indian manufacturers and your global counterparts that are now in India? More the merrier is my response always. On a serious note, I would say that being such an old company we have cut a certain niche for ourselves in the market and enjoy a great amount of respect from the designer community and also with our customers.

The Mirra design is fashion-forward which optimizes the relationship between materials and technology

The Aeron Chair has found a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection

The fact that uniqueness of design has been our USP all along sets us apart from all our competitors, domestic or international alike. And in any case a healthy competition is always good as it lifts up the

standards of the market and allows the consumer to have a wider choice. Contact: tel: 080 30921333 web:


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

It Products Somany Launches The Dirt Free Green Tiles Somany Ceramics has recently launched the dirt free green tile provided with an Active technology (Active Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic). These active clean air and antibacterial ceramic tiles have stable materials which preserve their original hardness and resistance with time.

Active tiles are self cleaning as they are able to degrade the nitrogen oxide, thus allowing an improvement of air quality which we breathe in a relatively short time. These tiles are also capable of reacting with the most common air pollutant molecules providing antibacterial properties to the material. Using these tiles will ensure homeowners of good indoor air quality. The tiles repel allergens and do not absorb odours like smoke and paint fumes or release harmful gases. The Somany dirt free green tiles come in 150x900mm, 225x900mm and 600x600mm sizes and are available at all Somany global showrooms across the country. Contact tel: 0120 4627900

DLH Introduces Engineered Wooden Floors

Dalhoff Larsen & Horneman (DLH), one of the leading timber brands, presents the latest range of engineered floors that add elegance to a living space with its beautiful fine finishing and colours, matching your pocket and taste. The latest range of engineered flooring from DLH is a specially designed flooring solution. It is most versatile for domestic application and stands consistently towards daily foot traffic. The smooth and comforting sensation of

wood will take one by surprise as the range dances effortlessly between the conventional and modern patterns capturing the varied moods of nature. The range comes in various species of wood like wenge, oak, walnut, and maple. DLH engineered flooring ranges from Rs. 340/- per sq. ft. to Rs. 700/- per sq. ft. depending upon the category and species chosen for the space. Contact tel: 011 46094237 web:

Action Tesa Launches Door Skins

Action Tesa has recently launched in the market, an exquisite range of HDF based door skins to add zing to your décor. Action TESA is one of India’s first companies to indigenously manufacture high density fibre (HDF) based door skins. The door skins by Action Tesa constitute select design options, created from precisely crafted moulds from Germany and provide a perfect finish, highlighting the effects of textures and shapes. These door skins have been launched in a metallic range in a

Melamine finish for flush doors and are truly stylish. Available in wonderful horizontal and vertical grain designs, the metallic door skins come in myriad colours like teak, venge, sapelli, smoke zebrano, chocolate zebrano, etc. in 3mm and 4mm thicknesses. These door skins are made from MUF resins which make them water resistant and are one of the best in quality and looks. This elegant product from Action Tesa is priced at Rs. 600/per door skin. Contact

Prayag Launches Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Prayag Polymers, one of the leading Indian manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen accessories, ushers in a brand new range of Thermostatic shower mixers. Elegantly clad on the bathroom walls, the lineup from Prayag comes with a unique save water feature. The combination of technology and design offers you optimum showering experience. The new thermostatic mixers exhibit a contemporary and stylish appearance. This new shower can be used for a family bathroom as it features thermostatic temperature stability which provides added safety while the shower is being

used. It can be customized to suit the specific needs of the user as it features separate temperature and flow controls. The new range claims to generate up to three times more water flow than standard mixer showers. Prayag’s thermostatic mixers provide you with a range of models that enable you to choose the one that precisely matches your needs. Designed to provide a unique bathing experience to the user, the price for the new thermostatic shower mixer starts from Rs. 3299/-. Contact web:

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

It Products Rolf-Benz Onda - A Versatile Sofa The new organically shaped Rolf Benz Onda concept sofa range creates a very special place where you can find time for yourself and do what makes you feel good. Rolf Benz Onda is a modular sofa range whose organic

Furniture Republic Launches The Domitalia Chair

Furniture Republic has launched a new range of Domitalia chairs for both indoors and outdoors. The uniqueness lies in its feature which lightens it up at night adding to the beauty of the dĂŠcor also making it perfect for the party season. The USP of Domitalia chairs is that these chairs are unbreakable, weatherproof, and easy to clean. They are made of fibre and available in various colours. These funky plastic chairs offer durability, are lightweight which makes it easy to move them around and are priced at Rs. 16,780. Contact tel: 011 26532950

shape and sensually opulent yet modern appearance is an instant inspiration. One can determine the soft, overall shape of the sofa through a choice of individual models ensuring the perfect fit for the shape of the room. There are options available for customization, classic or lounge comfort as well as over 300 upholstery options in fabric or leather. Contact tel: 011 46102000 email: web:



THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Kamdhenu Introduces The Kamometallica Special Effect Paint

It Products Eureka Forbes Launches Aquaguard Flo Eureka Forbes has launched a new series of premium water purifiers, Aquaguard Flo, under the brand Aquaguard World Series. It is a perfect blend of style and functionality for beautiful homes. The aesthetically designed Aquaguard Flo is made of aluminum with a brushed finish giving it a metallic luster. A stylish addition to any modern kitchen, its technologically advanced firewall purifies your drinking water and makes it 99.9999% bacteria free. Its blue light protects your water from any risk of contamination at the dispensing stage, assuring you of drinking water that meets EPA standards. It purifies the water as it fills your cups.

Another unique feature of this Aquaguard is the BioCote, which is a unique silver additive infused into plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing areas of Flo and acts as a natural antimicrobial inhibiting growth of micro-organisms. In addition to this, it also has a system which detects any leak in the machine and automatically shuts it down. The Aquaguard Flo is priced at Rs. 17,990. Contact web:

Hacker Presents Climber Wall Units

The German brand Hacker, has exclusively developed Climber wall units that not only find its place in the kitchen but can also be consciously placed in the dining and living areas thanks to its elegant and completely new design. With just a slight touch on the bottom of the cabinet, the front glass slides open electrically in a slow and elegant manner and

closes again in the same way. The special feature of this cabinet is its 13 cm wide glass louvers, available in nine glass designs. Depending on the height of the body, the cabinet is equipped with either one or two glass shelves, which can be fitted with optional LED lighting. Contact web:

Kamdhenu Paints Limited, a division of Kamdhenu Ispat Limited, has introduced the high quality, Kamometallica - Special Effect Paint. The water based paint Kamometallica is capable of creating a variety of special effects on the interior walls. These special effects include weaving, dapple, crinkle, canvas and others. This specially formulated paint is very easy to apply and allows the tools to move smoothly without much effort, retaining the pattern left by the tool that created it. This paint has a soft sheen that lends elegance and style to the surface. Kamometallica Special Effect paint can be easily applied on smooth plasters, asbestos sheets, concrete, prepared wood, etc. This ecofriendly paint product contains no added lead, mercury, cadmium

and chromium compounds. Kamometallica also offers a breathe-easy option to the people as all their paint products are made from standard materials using latest technology and is available for customers at market competitive price. Contact web:

Cucine Lube India Opens A One-Of-A-Kind Modular Kitchen Studio

Cucine Lube India, an Italian modular kitchen company has announced the opening of one of Asia’s largest modular kitchen studio in New Delhi. The studio offers access to more than 22 live kitchens and houses a complete array of Lube’s creations with more than 1000 options in terms of design, materials, colours and layouts. Cucine Lube studio offers a complete range of materials, styles, designs, accessories and combinations making every kitchen unique. Lube has more than 130 models, 200 colour options and 250 handle designs. The showroom has an orientation centre where

customers are provided with live demonstration of the products in all aspects, be it the finishes, materials, hardware, colours or internals. Keeping in mind the Indian style of cooking, Cucine Lube has also recently launched the water proof kitchen cabinet. Cucine Lube India is known for its modular kitchen designs that reflect modernity and versatility. The company offers a wide range of kitchen models that come in varying colours and finishes. Cucine Lube studios are present in Noida, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Delhi. Contact web:

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

It Products The See No Evil Range By Arttd’inox The famous philosophy of ‘see no evil’, ‘speak no evil’, ‘hear no evil’ is the inspiration behind Arttd’inox’s latest collection. The three wise monkeys are joined by a fourth monkey that preaches ‘hug the evil’. The collection includes a breakfast range and four mugs. The breakfast range is a light hearted attempt to highlight

the story of three mystic apes along with the fourth ape that symbolizes the principle of ‘do no evil’. The story forms the background with graphics and takes the foreground in this perky breakfast set. The collection comprises of a cereal bowl, plate for toasts and a coffee mug along with a cutlery set comprising of a stainless steel tea spoon, cereal spoon, fork & knife to complete the breakfast table setting. The mugs are in bone china with decals and a stainless steel frame in the shape of hands which completes the graphics. The breakfast set and mugs are priced at Rs. 2800 and Rs. 2450 respectively. Contact web:

Hush Unveils Its Royal Memory Waterfall Range Of Mattresses

Hush India, one of the pioneers in premium luxury sleep and comfort products unveils the Royal Memory Waterfall range of mattresses. This mattress has a unique combination of visco-elastic (memory) foam and pocketed springs. The memory foam takes the shape of your body and lends a sink-in feel while the pocketed springs provides good support to your back. Available in a 11 inches thickness, it comes

without border-wire for seamless comfort. The finest virgin grade materials used from springs to comfort layers ensures total relaxation and a restful sleep. Hush India gives prime importance to a mattress where one retires for six to eight hours every night. The mattress is orthopedic in nature and scientifically designed to maintain the ‘S’ shape of one’s spinal cord thereby adding to the comfort. Contact web:


New Citronella Range Of Bed Linen By Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing offers the all new Citronella range of bed linen which is embedded with the special mosquito repellent finish to fight the irritants of the nights assuring a peaceful sleeping experience. These 100% cotton bed sheets reduce the number of mosquito landings, hence protecting you and your family from diseases like malaria, yellow fever, etc. The fabric for the Citronella range of bed sheets is micro

encapsulated with an optimum amount of mosquito repellent finish during processing. This treated fabric is dermatologically tested and safe for use even for children. The finish is long lasting as its protective property is durable even after 15 to 20 washes. This range is priced at Rs. 1299/- for a double bed sheet set and Rs. 949 for a single sheet set. Contact tel: 022 6662 0000 web:


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Spot Light


oing beyond the accepted design norms, designer Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal gives birth to her creation Tigerlily, a collection of one of a kind furniture pieces and bespoke spaces. Named after the Red Indian Princess Tigerlily, from Peter Pan, ‘Tigerlily by Aparna’ is designed to be the focal point of a room and to draw attention towards itself. In a given room, these pieces add colour and brightness, and in a more sober environment, these elements would add the much needed ‘pop’ and luxury to the space. Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal, a designer from Mumbai, realised a long cherished dream by starting with her own design label, ‘Tigerlily by Aparna’ in late 2011. With no formal training in design but a deep, lifelong passion for it, she aims to take her unique brand of +‘luxury kitsch’ to a broad international market.

A Luxury Kitsch Collection Designer Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal plays

with form and colour and thinks out of the box for her Tigerlily collection. BY ULKA VARTAK

The Flights of Fancy collection uses luxury materials and mosaic tiles painstakingly hand fitted with upholstery in silk

Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

Aparna salvages eccentric antique pieces, and repurposes them into unique new avatars. Her inspirations are the Indian temple art, Victorian Steampunk design, faerie folklore

and miniatures amongst other things. Most of the pieces created are a combination of these elements. The ‘Flights of Fancy’ collection uses luxury materials combined with

The Nizam collection includes exquisitely hand painted carved, gilded chairs with photo frames

the finest craftsmanship. The wood used is the best quality teak, hand painted and lacquered. The mosaics used are custom designed glass tiles painstakingly hand fitted. The upholstery is all silk and brocade. Whimsical, colourful and luxurious, the designer’s imagination takes flight on jeweled parrot’s wings into Alice’s world of talking doorknobs and giant flowers to bring these delightful pieces alive. The Nizam Collection is all about opulence and larger than life grandeur. Exquisitely hand carved, gilded chairs double as photo frames. The pieces are hand painted, lacquered and then upholstered in luxurious silks and velvets. This collection harks back to the days of yore, when larger than life throne like seating and furniture occupied the Nizam’s ‘Havelis’ and walls were decorated with portraits framed by heavily carved, gilded picture frames. Talking about her work, Aparna says, “I’ve always been fascinated by design in any form. In the past decade I’ve designed several spaces

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

like classrooms and playrooms for children. In 2006, I went to work as a Creative Producer for the Indian Office of a Canadian Animation company. It was there, while designing and breathing life into the layouts of these beautiful, fantasy animated towns that I realised how much I loved the spatial aspect of design, and decided to pursue it full- time. And Tigerlily was born.� With a love for all things whimsical, eccentric and colourful. Renaissance Art inspires Aparna as much as her 9-year-old niece’s colourful scribbles do. Most of all she believes in making things magical, in taking spaces away from the ordinary and imbuing them with a bit of fantasy. Aparna has started rolling out her products through niche marketing. She displayed her collection through several carefully chosen, well-known and established expos and exhibitions in 2013 like the prestigious IIID Showcase in Mumbai which was held from the 8th to the 10th of February, and the India Design ID 2013 in Delhi that will be held from the 15th to the 17th February. This will be followed by an official

launch in Mumbai. Apart from this, she also looks forward to creating awareness about Tigerlily Spaces - the interiors branch of her design company that specialises in creating beautiful, dramatic home and

commercial spaces. Focusing on furniture, soft furnishings and spaces, Aparna looks forward to add a variety of lifestyle products and furniture to the Tigerlily portfolio. She has also


conceptualised the next collection of chairs which will go into production in the 2nd quarter of 2013. Contact: tel: +91 9823295999 web:


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Spot Light


NSUflex, by Supreme Industries, is a CFC-free, black flexible elastomeric closed cell Nitrile Rubber thermal insulation that provides a highly efficient method of insulation and effectively controls condensation against both heat loss and heat gain. The material is particularly suitable for insulating pipe works for condensation control. It can be used on chilled water pipe lines, refrigerated pipe-works, hot & cold water services and on sheets or rolls in air-conditioning ductworks. INSUflex has a very high diffusion resistance factor to water vapour transmission ≥7000, a low thermal conductivity and an excellent fire safe performance. It is suitable for a temperature ranging from - 55oC to + 105oC. The product does not depend on any additional outer thick skin or covering but is in-built with the insulation and extends through the full thickness.

Insulate With INSUflex Supreme Industries provides effective

thermal insulation with INSUflex, a CFCfree, flexible elastomeric solution.

Atul Khanna, General Manager Insulation Division (Thermal and Acoustic), Supreme Industries Ltd.

of a difference in pressure between the pipe (low pressure) and the surrounding air temperature (high pressure). A high water vapour value corresponds to greater material resistance to water vapour penetration. INSUflex is available in combinations of various wall thicknesses and diameters to suit G.I., copper and PVC pipes. The product is applied to the surface using an adhesive compound. A protective layer of glass cloth, in two layers The INSUflex range is resistant to corrosion, fungal and mildew growth and is therefore very suitable for clean room applications. Insulation material with a low ‘K’ value equates to a high energy saving potential and thermal performance. Thermal conductivity is the main data used to technically calculate insulation thickness required to prevent condensation. The main goal of a good insulation material should be that of preventing water vapour from spreading through insulation material as water is an optimal heat conductor. INSUflex, having a high water vapour resistance can prevent the flow of water vapour that tends to pass through the insulating material created in air-conditioning systems as a result

with an adhesive compound is then applied before providing a weather barrier for outdoor application. The advantage of INSUflex is that it provides good flexibility at low temperature. It is clean, dust free and the installation is fast and easy. It has a low toxicity index and becomes a minimal toxic fire hazard. Its unique closed cell structures provide an ideal vapour barrier resistance. Contact: email: web:

The INSUflex thermal insulation is effective for insulating pipe works for condensation control against both heat loss and heat gain

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013



ightKrafts, a high-end stateof-the-art experience lighting studio was recently launched in Rajarhat, Kolkata. Sprawling over an impressive 8500 sq. ft., the new lighting destination studio offers a complete range of lighting solutions


Lighting Your Imagination LightKrafts launches its first lighting studio

in Kolkata in collaboration with Flos of Italy.

Piero Gandini, Chairman, Flos

Flos develops lighting concepts that can be seemlessly integrated in an office, hotel or a store

Ron Gilad, Artist and Designer

and designer furniture. The products showcased in the studio belong to internationally acclaimed lighting and furniture brands; these promise the latest in trends and styles whilst providing a varied range of products at the same time. The concept behind LightKrafts is the fusion of two words: Light and Kraft. These two are essential in the crafting of light to suit any type of taste and interior space. The studio will cater to segments such as the corporate, hospitality, healthcare, outdoor and residential sectors amongst many others. The various designs highlighted in the studio are meant for architects, designers and individuals who are cognizant of global trends and can recognise the language of modern design. The store conceptualised by Shiv and Arun Bahety was inaugurated by Piero Gandini, Chairman of

Flos and Ron Gilad, artist and designer of Flos creations such as Wallpiercing, Lightspring, La Linea and Miniteca. LightKrafts boasts of a partnership with Flos - the Italy based lighting giant who has changed the concept of illumination by providing innovative lighting solutions for residential, hospitality and retail sectors. Established in 1962 in Merano, Flos has a broad catalogue of iconic lighting products by celebrated designers like Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Marcel Wanders, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Gilad and many more, who design exclusively for Flos and whose creations are talked about the world over.

Flos has an ongoing commitment towards research and innovation in the lighting technology, combined with an extraordinary ability to identify new creative talents. With the recent launch of their Soft Architecture collection, a groundbreaking project recognised by leading international awards, the company has further demonstrated how a historic brand can look to the future without losing sight of its tradition. Announcing the launch, Mr. Shiv Bahety, Director, LightKrafts said, “We are very happy to launch such a lighting studio in collaboration with Flos in Kolkata. It is our endeavour to enhance customer experience at our store with a superior range, service, and an overall international shopping

TecaMini Victorian designed by Ron Gilad

ambience, that LightKrafts has to offer.” “We are very satisfied to showcase our products and to bring visibility to Flos for the first time in Eastern India in the impressive LightKrafts studio.We strongly believe in the high potentials of the Indian market, not only in the contract and hospitality channels, but also in the high-end residential opportunities. Our worldwide policy is to work with reliable partners in order to convey our heritage, brand values and excellent service to the market in the most incisive way,” said Piero Gandini, Chairman of Flos. The future for LightKrafts appears bright with expansion plans in the east mainly Guwahati and Bhubaneswar followed by Delhi and Mumbai. With elegant interiors and a collection of varied lights, the Lightkrafts studio is fashionable and individualistic, providing not just value for money but also a collection of the finest quality of merchandise available from all over the world. Contact: tel: 033 22341353 web:

The Wallpiercing lighting solution by Ron Gilad for Flos


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Co. Profile


allArt offers eco friendly 3D contemporary and modern wall panels. The product conceptualised by a leading Dutch design house, WallArt Europe B.V. has been available in Europe, parts of Asia and the United States for

WallArt Enlivens Your Spaces WallArt offers eco-friendly 3D wall panels to

add pizzazz to your mundane walls. BY ULKA VARTAK

Made from sugarcane residue, bagasse, the eco friendly 3D wall panels bring life and freshness to the walls

some time now. Recently it has been introduced in India through WallArt India, a company promoted by the Jaipur based lifestyle building products distribution company, Stylepark. WallArt’s eco friendly 3D wall panels are made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane known as bagasse. Bagasse is one of the world’s most rapidly renewable sources, as sugarcane can be harvested up to 3 times a year. The fibres of crushed sugarcane stalks form the raw material that acts

as the base of the wall panels. These sustainable wall panels are thus 100% bio-degradable and 100% recyclable and compostable at the end of their life cycle. WallArt’s 3D wall panels are a DoIt-Yourself (DIY) category product for interior walls and ceilings. They offer a modern European concept for interiors at affordable prices. The panels are 500mm x 500mm in size and designed to form a distinct pattern when put together. They can be glued

to the wall with the panel butted together. The joints between the panels are then filled and sanded back. After installation they can be painted in any colour to suit the interior of the home or office. The wall panels can be easily installed over any surface having a paintable texture. WallArt’s panels are suitable for commercial, institutional or residential application. Additionally, they can be utilised in several areas in a home such as on bedroom walls, living rooms, staircases, display walls or for even highlighting some key spaces. The wall panels are fully water resistant and are available in 20 stylish patterns. However, they can even be custom made for bulk projects. Stylepark offers their products throughout India through select dealers and provides a comprehensive after sales service through their expert

service team. WallArt’s décor panels give an extra dimension to walls adding a definite excitement to the space they are used in. Contact: tel: 0141 6507123 email: web:

Vipul Bhargava, Director, WallArt 3D Panels India

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Co. Profile


ich is one of the most reputed names in the Indian architectural hardware category, manufacturing corrosion resistant high grade AISI 316 stainless steel products. With more than 20 years of experience, Kich has set new benchmarks of quality and innovation in the industry, endorsing its ethos of commitment and excellence. Kich’s range of products includes door hardware accessories, furniture fittings, bathroom accessories, handrail

Kich Says It With Class A winner of the India Design Mark, Indian Power Brand, Star Brand and many such prestigious awards, Kich is leading the way in the Indian architectural hardware segment.

Kich’s Designer Range of products include the diamond embedded mortice handles, high quality natural wood combinations and exquisitely crafted sleek mortice handles

and baluster systems - all of which conform to excellent quality standards. In order to deliver these products to every nook and corner of the country, Kich has developed an extensive network of dealers and distributors supported by a highly skilled marketing team. Kich also exports its products to many countries worldwide. Having worked with some of the most respected names of corporate India such as SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Taj Group, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Reliance, Tata, L&T, Wipro, Infosys, Coca Cola, Jet Airways and many more, Kich has surfaced as one of the most influential Indian brands in the architectural hardware products category. In a move to empower architects and interior designers with unique and premium choices, Kich has recently introduced a ‘Designer Range’ product series. The range includes

Mortice Handles and Locks


diamond embedded mortice handles as well as high quality natural wood combinations. Kich has always been quick to spot market trends and has

Bathroom Accessories

presented the architectural fraternity with exceptional products that add value to their design schemes and project interiors.

Handrail and Baluster Systems

Each product in the Designer Range has its individual character. If the diamond embedded Mortice Handles speak of lavish luxury, the high quality wood combination Mortice Handles exude a touch of natural beauty. On the other hand the contemporary Mortice Handles add an air of elegance and sophistication to your premises with their form and appearance. The management at Kich is focused on product development and innvovation, and leading the charge by continuously launching new products in sync with the needs of its customers - in coming times it will be interesting to see what else Kich can pull out of its magic hat. Contact: Mr. Anil K Vanjani mob: +91 9376013638 email: web:

Pull Handles

Awards And Recognitions Kich has enriched its portfolio of achievements by bagging many firsts, and to its credit are the following milestones: In recognition of its superlative quality products, Kich received a National Award for Best Quality from the hon’ble former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Selection for I-Mark (India Design Mark) certification of Handrail and Baluster Systems Selection as Indian Power Brand 2011-1013 by Indian Council for Market Research Membership of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) promoting the Green Building Movement in India Selection as Star Brand 2010-2011 by Indian Council for Market Research Successful testing of products for Mechanical and Product Life Cycle Standards by world’s largest Bodycote testing group Successful testing of products for Fire Safety Standards by Warrington Fire - the leading independent fire testing group of the world Honor of being the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Indian company having corrosion resistant high grade AISI 316 stainless steel architectural products Successful testing of Handrail and Baluster Systems as per ASTM E 935-0D, ASTM E 985-00 and ASTM E 2353-06 standards by Al Futtaim Exova Testing (AFE) - a Façade Testing & Advisory Services Division of Exova Group at Dubai.


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Spot Light


anchi Designs is a family business catering to the home fashion industry, with a flair for bespoke design in furniture, furnishings, art and artifacts and accessories. Established in 1999, Kanchi embodies the creative mind-set of the directors with over 40 years of experience in the textile, furnishings and furniture industry. The philosophy of Kanchi is based on a traditional ideology combined with creative inspiration. Their products reflect the essence of timeless techniques infused with contemporary elegance, maintaining impeccable standards of quality and longevity. From vintage velvets & pure linens to carefully crafted handworked Zardozi, they have produced masterpieces through a range of fabrics made with the highest perfection in finish and presentation. The design and manufacturing team of Kanchi Designs, consists of over two hundred people who are constantly researching for innovative concepts, materials and inspirations from all over the world. Their specialised surface finishing team enables them to complete the job with detailed finesse, which is at par with the best international standards. Kanchi has evolved into a total solutions provider for interior dĂŠcor over the past decade, that has also enabled an affiliation with home fashion retailers and designers in Europe, South East Asia, Africa & the Middle East. Kanchi launches a new collection

Kanchi’s Bespoke Designs Kanchi Designs unveils its latest Spring-Summer collection at Maison & Objet, 2013. BY ULKA VARTAK

The Spring-Summer collection of furnishings, furniture and home accessories on display at the Les Editeurs section at Maison & Objet in Paris

at the beginning of every year. One is specifically for the Indian market and one is for the international market, which is launched at Maison & Objet in Paris in January every year.

Each collection has an inspiration, a conceptual idea and within each design in the collection there is an idea behind the specific design. This year Kanchi, the only

designer and producer exhibitor in the Les Editeurs section from India at Maison et Objet, Paris, launched the 2013-14 SpringSummer collection of furnishings, furniture and home accessories

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Kanchi Mehta, Creative Director, Kanchi Designs

Their customisation services range from styling and sizing as per space availability. They offer varied choices in the finishing ranging from the choice of material to its texture, colour, polish, etc. Some of the reputed clients of Kanchi Designs include the Sultan of Brunei, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Mukesh Ambani, Yash Birla, Shahrukh Khan, Taj Mahal Palace & Towers, Mumbai

which also includes their latest collection K-19. Their main exhibit was of a royal exclusive bedroom quilt set called Ebru, a silk set with 12 cushions of varying sizes, a runner, an elaborate headboard and a velvet bench. The quilts, cushions and runners were embellished with Zardozi work. They also introduced a range of furnishings in colours like salmon, dust, aqua, pearl and stone in their natural woven fabrics line, comprising of linens, velvets, silks and cottons. Also on offer was an interesting element of using rivets in their furnishings this year.


and The Pier, New York City, USA amongst many others. Speaking about her latest collection, Kanchi Mehta, Creative Director, Kanchi Designs says, “This collection has been inspired by the design aesthetic which transitioned through three significant and influential periods within the history of India, namely, The Mughal period, French-India and the British Raaj, circa 1615-1948 AD, when spices and cotton were not the only exchange during the Colonial Era in India. It was the magnificence and charm of the Indian designs that attracted and mesmerised the French and the English. The designs of this period were a mixture of Mughal Monarchy, English stately sophistication and Royal French grandeur. Although it has some touches of contemporary elements like rivets, the collection reflects unreserved glamour, opulence and luxe.” Contact: tel: 022 24101626 email: web:

The designs at Kanchi are inspired by the marriage of modern and ancient design history of India. Apart from furnishings, which are the primary product of Kanchi, the company has designed and created a comprehensive range of exclusive cushions, quilts and runners. There is also a range of designer tassels, tie-backs, curtain rods and fringes which are created as coordinates to the design of the furnishings. These are custom made for bespoke homes and the large-scale projects they collaborate with to create an ambience, which works beautifully with the entire décor.

Kanchi Designs’ collection has been inspired by the design aesthetics which transitioned through three influential periods within the history of India, namely, The Mughal Period, French-India and the British Raaj


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Event Review


f you are looking for a destination where sophistication meets innovation then your search ends in Germany. Just like every year this year has also been pretty eventful for Germany with regard to design. IMM Cologne, one of the most important furnishing fairs in the global furnishing market opened

IMM Cologne’s Best Of The Best IMM Cologne unveils the best of the best to global markets with its renowned Interior Innovation Award.

The Corniches Shelving fulfils the need for small storage spaces and allows one to quickly catch hold of items of daily use

its gates from the 14th to the 20th of January, 2013. The trade fair presented new international furniture trends and surprises with numerous marketable innovations. The fair also provided an effective platform for young designers, and consumers to get an opportunity to become aware about new collections in a comprehensive manner.

Among the various spotlights at IMM Cologne, the recently concluded Interior Innovation Award 2013 witnessed innovative products in abundance. One cannot help but expect this, as the very idea behind the Interior Innovation Award is to accentuate interior design products that possess intelligent design, highlighting the design industry’s

ability to innovate. Since its bestowment in the year 2002, these awards have emerged as an effective tool for positioning and product differentiation. It has provided a stage for participants and winners to portray themselves and set their products apart from those of their rivals. This contest is not only open to IMM Cologne exhibitors but to all companies manufacturing products falling under numerous categories such as furniture, bathrooms,

The Dyson Digital Slim is a light weight and cordless vaccum cleaner

IMM presents the Interior Innovation Award, which accentuates products that possess intelligent design, highlighting the design industry’s ability to innovate

office and work places, building interiors, walls, floors, ceilings and kitchens amongst other household essentials. Additionally, the glory doesn’t stop after being crowned as the winning entry in the respective category. The spectacular ones rise to become the Best of Best among all the winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2013. One such Best of Best winner was the Desk box by Arco. An initial look would suggest an ordinary piece of furniture. But examine it further and you realise that it is a small but pragmatically designed table or a cabinet which hangs from the wall making it apt for a space where there is minimal scope for placement of furniture. It is a workplace where you not only work on your laptop but are even able to retract it into a closed box. Speaking of work, who wouldn’t

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

want to simply rest after that hard day’s work. Now, this product which gives your relaxation experience a touch of luxury as well is the Grand Repos lounge chair designed by Antonio Citterio. Whether you are reading or just sitting; the angle of the seat and the backrest of the Grand Repos lounge chair changes flexibly. With its generous padding and continuously adjustable sitting positions, these chairs fulfill almost all demands with respect to comfortable, relaxing seating. Another product that made it to the Best of Best is the table lamp ‘My New Flame’ by Ingo Maurer. Perceive it from a distance and it is a candle, come closer and it is a lamp. A double edged rectangular display made of 128 tiny LEDs per side render the image of a burning flame. The stunning combination of technology and poetic expression makes sure that this flame never extinguishes.


The Grand Repos lounge chair designed by Antonio Citterio is designed for comfortable and relaxed seating

The Desk box by Arco is a pragmatically designed wall hanging cabinet

There was also the Corniches Shelving which managed to pave its way into the Best of Best. This is a type of shelving which fulfils the need for small storage spaces and allows one to quickly catch hold of items of daily use. These corniches can also make up a large installation and come in three sizes and a variety of colours. Another storage facility was a cabinet which was unlike any other seen before. Known as Inmotion, it is a three dimensional setup. This dimension is a true marvel as it includes side panels just as many as the front panels. It claims to keep you wondering whether it is open or close. In reality it is neither a closed cabinet nor an open shelf. Inmotion is a system of freestanding

Inmotion is a three dimensional system of freestanding cabinets

cabinets that do not have to lean on each other. One of the winning entries featured the Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner. Dyson has managed to do away with most of the shortcomings of usual cleaning devices. Along with being technologically advanced it is also a little different with respect to design. It is lightweight and cordless with a long reaching wand which cleans floors and ceilings and anything else in between. The Interior Innovation Awards was thus one of the most invigorating events at IMM Cologne which clearly defined the future of innovative product design. Contact: web:

My New Flame by Ingo Maurer appears to be a candle from a distance


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Fair News

Woodmac China Date 05 - 08 March 2013 Venue Shanghai China Contact web:

Zow Date 18 - 22 February 2013 Venue Bad Salzuflen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany Contact web: ZOW in Bad Salzuflen takes place exactly where a lot of furniture is made - in East-Westphalia. This is the hub of Germany’s furniture and kitchen industry. This region alone has an annual turnover of six billion euros. 40 percent of all furniture components and 70 percent of all kitchens produced in Germany originate here. One out of every three kitchens in Europe is manufactured in East-Westphalia. ZOW’s special platform for future trends are discussed under the label “ZOW Plus”; it serves as a catalyst for innovation in furniture construction and interior work, lightweight engineering and universal design, multimedia and furniture fabrics.

Woodmac China is a trade platform targeted at meeting all the requirements of the woodworking industry. The only dedicated trade exhibition that is exclusively focused on the woodworking business. The event, besides bringing together some of the leading names in the global woodworking industry, will showcase the technological breakthroughs of the sector including equipment, machinery, accessories and consumables related to the woodworking industry. WoodMac 2013 will also include BMP or Business Matching Programme. Under this programme, visitors registering on the web site will be able to contact the event organiser i.e China International Exhibitions(CIE) and ask for recommendations on which companies at the show offer the specific technology they seek. CIE will then proceed to arrange appointments for the buyer with relevant exhibitors during the show.

Meble Polska Furniture Fair Ecobuild 2013 Date 05 - 07 March 2013 Venue London UK Contact web: Incepted in the year 2004, Ecobuild started as a small green building conference. Since then it has received a following amongst pioneering architects and designers and has managed to attract a community of suppliers of innovative sustainable construction products. The event is one of the world’s biggest trade show in the sustainable design sector with a focus on construction and the built environment. Product launches, demonstrations and latest developments will be showcased at the event.

Date 05 - 08 March 2013 Venue Poznan Poland Contact web: At the Meble Polska furniture fair visitors can explore the latest designs and modern accessories in furniture. Worldwide participation from exhibitors and visitors is expected. The Meble Polska event will showcase the latest designs of furniture and allied products. It will cater to residential and office furniture, apart from taking a look at materials, machinery and tools utilised for making furniture, woodworking and more. Meble Polska attracts visitors from across the world. The main visitors to the show include furniture lovers, home decorators, interior designers and so on. In addition visitors from the hotel industry, real estate and construction industry are also expected to visit the fair to explore new trends and styles of furniture and furnishings.

THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Date 15 - 17 February 2013, India Design ID Venue New Delhi Contact web:


Fairs & Exhibitions

Workshops, demonstrations and seminars are some of the highlights of the India Design ID that will be held between 1517 February in New Delhi, India. At the same time, this expo will also bring forward the developmental changes which are taking place in this sector as well as make the design industry conscious of all types of interior and exterior design possibilities. Visitors to India Design ID will include design enthusiasts and creative professionals. Numerous exhibitors of India Design ID will exhibit their latest products and services including modern architecture, industrial design technology, automobile design, urban development of cities, airports and buildings, trend for colour, restoration and heritage design, art galleries, home design and decoration and contemporary craft. Date 01 - 03 March 2013, Times Property Expo Venue Mumbai Contact web: The real estate industry might be suffering a slow-growth but there is no dearth of excellent opportunities for real estate companies and developers looking to exhibit exceptional properties at the

IFFS Date 09 - 12 March 2013 Venue Singapore Contact web: The International Furniture Fair Singapore will be a display of over 120,000 furniture pieces and accessories. It caters to the residential and office furniture segment, apart from focussing on antique, classic and garden furniture, built furniture and custom furniture. The event will bring an opportunity for customers to know what’s new and available in the furniture market specific to their requirements and budget. Visitors can discover modern accessories and latest designs in the furniture fair. The large selection of furniture products showcased at the show will be from various countries including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Times Property Expo 2013. It is the pivotal trade event for building important business contacts and securing several real estate deals for the future. The 2013 edition in Mumbai will bring together service providers and builders of commercial and residential properties with genuine buyers such as NRI’s and international clients looking for properties especially in UK, UAE, Australia and India. The properties on exhibit will comprise of premium residential projects and commercial projects, exquisite villas and townships state-of-the-art business centres and multiplexes sites of clubs, banks, food courts, entertainment centers, financial institutions amongst others. Date 08 - 10 March 2013, Inside Outside Megashow Venue Surat, Gujarat Contact web: The Inside Outside Megashow is gauged as one of the biggest events of India for interior design, furniture and furnishings, besides being a pivotal affair for building and construction. Equipped with more than 20 years of rich experience, the Inside Outside Megashow is an extensive platform for exhibiting lighting, carpets, decorative accessories etc. The trade visitors and professionals include importers and exporters of decoration, home and office design, furniture, lighting, fabrics, handicraft products, gifts and souvenirs and kitchen and bathroom accessories.

MIPIM-World Property Market Date 12 - 15 March 2013 Venue Palais des Festivals et des Congres de Cannes, France Contact web: MIPIM is a leading international real estate forum and a global market place. The 4 day fair organized by Reed Exhibitions UK will include conference programmes and over 140 exhibitors. Slated to be attended by more than 1,500 visitors, MIPIM brings together industry decision makers from around the world, allowing them to establish lasting relationships, present new projects and lay the foundations for fruitful collaborations. The event favoured by institutional investors and local authorities alike offers an unmatched opportunity to gain a full overview of innovative developments in the fast-growing real estate markets.


THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Event Review


urope is not just any continent, in fact it is the continent of art. It is that part of the world that the glitzy city of fashion, Paris is located. And this is where all the action happens, twice a year at the Maison & Objet design fair. Over the years Maison & Objet has emerged as a trendsetter. Year after year remarkable trends have been set in the areas of home furnishing, fashion and decoration. Maison & Objet is an important industry design event which took place at Paris-Nord Villepint exhibition centre once again this year from the 18th to the 22nd of January. It primarily attracts art galleries, interior designers and decorators, retail

Maison & Objet Maison & Objet reflected diversity and

interdisciplinarity bringing together key players from every corner of the home sector in Paris. leading craftspeople and designers. Scenes d’ interieuer exhibited luxury as the key players in fashion and haute couture presented their home collections. Each of them turned out their best - offering trendsetting design solutions. One such participant and the winner of the Scenes d’ interiuer Designer of the Year title was Joseph Dirand. Joseph graduated as an

Rennes. She recently completed the Museum for Contemporary Art in Rome (2010), the restaurant in Opera Garnier in Paris (2011), and the FRAC (Contemporary Art Museum) in Rennes, Brittany, (2012). Apart from this, internationally acclaimed designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby also received the honour of designers of the year 2013. Their diverse portfolio encompasses

Maison & Objet was the meeting place for international interior design professionals bringing the home-fashion concept to life Photo Credit: Jacques Gavard

and mail order companies, department stores and the likes who all make a beeline for Paris during this time. Among the various attractions at Maison & Objet, Scenes d’ interieuer was one of the connecting hubs for the high-end design professionals. In the month of January, these professionals and visitors graced more than 12,700 sq.m. to witness the latest collections from 225 exhibitors of which a majority were from outside France. It included prestigious fashion houses and manufacturers, along with

architect in the year 1999 and set up his own architecture agency. He considers the identity of the spaces he works on and the quality of light. He applies the same criterion on a variety of projects like hotels, restaurants, exhibition design, shops and residences, thereby opening him up to a range of eclectic, international experiences. Another designer who was crowned with the title of Interior Designer of the Year was Odile Decq. In 1990, she received her first major commission - the Banque Populaire del’Ouest in

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Now! design àvivre 2013 Designers of the Year Photo Credit: Linda Browlee

furniture, lighting and product design as well as architectural-scale projects, with collections for Cappellini, Vitra, Venini, Swarovski, Flos and Established & Sons. Additionally they execute edition furniture and one-off works for both private and public commissions. Both Honorary Doctors of Arts, the pair have lectured internationally and their work is held in permanent collections around the world including the V&A Museum, London. But there was no dearth of young designers at the Maison & Objet

Odile Decq, Maison & Objet 2013 Designer of the Year Photo Credit: Markus Deutschmann

2013. The ambit of the Talents à la Carte event covered several of them. David Pergier being one. David has worked on numerous projects which range from lighting and furniture to wall coverings. He favours ceramic while consistently exploring patterns and assembly. Talents a la Carte also saw designers like Christophe Hamaide Pierson and Auriele Rimbert among others.

The business section of the event had in store a label for quality and perfection that was launched for the first time at Maison et Objet. The Special Archi Designer Label was allocated to around 450 exhibitors. This special label is identifiable by an icon, which is easy to spot and can be used in all the trade show’s communications media (catalogue, pocket map, interactive online guide in the exhibitors’ directory, etc.). The showing in January was of a singular art, expressed in the plural and with a multitude of influences and inspirations for which Maison & Objet was the living mirror. It reflected diversity and interdisciplinarity, bringing together key players from every corner of the home sector. Contact: web:

Joseph Dirand, Scènes d’Intérieur 2013 Designer of the Year Photo Credit: Adrien Dirand



THE INSIDE TRACK February 2013

Spot Light


rohe, one of Europe’s largest brands in sanitary fittings, had a remarkably successful year in design by winning an impressive number of prestigious international design awards. With a total of 20 awards for its innovative range of products, Grohe proved that it is at the forefront of revolutionary design, consistent with quality, technology and sustainability. The company has achieved global acclaim for its inspired bath faucets and showers, kitchen mixers, thermostats and installation systems. Grohe has won five Good Design Awards for its collection Grohe Blue Mono, Grohe Concetto, Grohe Parkfield, Grohe Power & Soul and Grohe Eurocube. Besides this, Grohe has also bagged the Red Dot Product Award 2012 for its Minta Kitchen System, Power & Soul Collection, Concetto Bath Collection, Quadra Bath Collection and Allure Brilliant Bath Collection and the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2012 for

2012: A Winning Year For Grohe Grohe bags a total of 20 prestigious design awards in the year gone by.

Paul Flowers, Senior VP Design, Grohe AG With a total of 20 awards for its innovative product range, Grohe is at the forefront of revolutionary design, quality, technology and sustainability

Renu Misra, Vice President & Managing Director, Grohe India

its Allure Brilliant Bath Collection, Power & Soul Collection, Tempesta Collection, Eurodisc Collection and the Sena Freehander. Along with these, Grohe also picked up the Designer Kitchen + Bathroom Award 2012 for its Power & Soul Collection (GoldAward) and Homes & Gardens, Designer Award 2012 for its Rainshower Icon Collection. Paul Flowers, Senior VP Design at Grohe AG expressed, “We believe that design is an important distinguishing feature, which contributes to a superior water experience, whether it is a refreshing drink of water, a luxurious massaging shower or simply water for washing our hands and faces. People who appreciate our product design will also appreciate the value of water, which is something that means a lot to me and my team.” Commenting on the win of these global accolades, Renu

Misra, Vice President & Managing Director, Grohe India said, “We are delighted to see that our efforts are being recognised and rewarded. It’s an excellent way to usher in 2013 and hope that with this inspiration we continue to produce innovative work.” Grohe AG holds roughly eight percent of the world market. As a global brand for sanitary products and systems, Grohe is known for setting standards in quality, technology and design with its innovative product portfolio. Contact: email: web:

The Power & Soul Collection

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