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Need to  improve   (0%)   Clarity  –  Does  your   • It’s  not  always   submission  provide  a   clear  what  is   clear  point,  argument   meant  or  how   or  answer  in   what  is  written   response  to  the   responds  to  the   question(s)  being   question(s)     asked?   Category  

Content –  Does  your   response  address  the   question(s)  being   asked?  

Comprehension and   application  –  Does   your  response   demonstrate  an   understanding  of  the   material  or  ideas   being  considered  in   the  course  and  how   they  are  applied?  

Reference –  Are  your   ideas  supported  and   substantiated  by   evidence  you  have   provided?     Note:  It’s  not   important  to  me   what  referencing   style,  e.g.  APA,  you   use  as  long  as  these   criteria  are  met  

        • The  content  is   not  always   relevant  to  the   response,  or  the   relevance  is  not   made  clear   • The  content  is   not  always   factual  or   appropriate             • It  seems  as  if   you  did  not  fully   understand  the   material   • Or,  it  appears  as   if  you  have   misinterpreted   the  material           • Your  ideas  are   not  sufficiently   well  attributed   • It’s  not  clear   whether  ideas   presented  are   your  ideas  or   other  people’s   • More  evidence   is  required            

Un-­‐exam:   Demonstrated  competency     (being  in  this  category  is  worth  75%)   • It’s  very  clear  what  your  answer  is,  or   what  point  or  argument  you’re  making   in  response  to  the  question(s)     • Your  submission  is  understandable,  well   organized  and  easily  accessible  to  the   reader  /  viewer    

Demonstrated Expertise   (this  one  is  worth  95%)   • In  addition,  the   response  is   particularly  well   communicated  and   “brought  to  life”  for   the  reader  /  viewer,   e.g.  through  style  of   writing,  useful   graphics,  insightful   examples,  etc…    

• Your answer  responds  to  the  right   question(s)  and  has  sufficient  depth   • It’s  clear  how  or  why  you  came  to  the   answer  you  did     • The  response  is  relevant  and   appropriate  to  the  question(s)  being   asked  and  to  the  point,  argument  or   answer  you’re  providing   • You  use  language  that  is  appropriate  to   the  content  and  field  of  study  

• In addition,  when   answering  the   question(s),  you  have   been  insightful  or   imaginative  in  the  way   you  draw  from  or   build  upon  the  course   content      

• You demonstrate  a  complete   understanding  of  the  question(s)  being   asked   • You’ve  shown  how  the  course  material   relates  to  the  question  and  you  use  it  to   support  your  response   • It’s  clear  that  you  understand  how  the   material  or  ideas  are  applied   • You  use  specific  examples    

• In addition,  your   submission   demonstrates  an   exceptional  grasp  of   the  material   • You  may  even  have   contributed  new  or   previously  unknown   ideas  to  the  field  

• It’s clear,  e.g.  from  sources  you  provide,   whose  ideas  you  have  used  to  support   your  point,  argument  or  answer  and   why  you’ve  used  them   • Your  sources  are  relevant  and   trustworthy   • Enough  information  is  provided  that  the   reader  can  find  the  sources    

• In addition,  you  may   have  drawn  from   relevant  ideas  or   content  not  treated  in   the  course  in  support   of  your  answer  or   analysis  

Overall comments  and  grade:    

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