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Critiquing An Early-Stage Opportunity is the opportunity impactful?



reviewer: team/venture under review:


target customer (C)

_ /10

Is it clear who is the customer? Is the market size sufficient and growing?

Are the scenarios clear for users, buyers, others?

value proposition (VP)

_ /10

Is the value proposition clear & compelling? (i.e. need, problem, opportunity)

Is the value prop. there over competitors, substitutes?

is the opportunity feasible? offering & tech (OT)

_ /10

Is the offering very clearly articulated? Is any core tech suitable/available?

Is the visual representation convincing?

people on the team (P)

_ /10

Do core team members have relevant skills and prior experience?

Do any additional contributors have incentive to join (vs. do on own)?

is the opportunity inspired? (this category applies to the pitch)

_ /10

Did the team members display passion? Do they inspire confidence?

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