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nyone who was shocked by the $95 ticket price (plus service charges) that came with the announcement of Kevin Hart’s show at Gonzaga’s McCarthey Athletic Center hasn’t been paying attention. Just as the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Pryor and Louis C.K. have been hailed at various points as the “biggest comedian in the world,” one could certainly make the case for Hart holding that spot in 2015. As a stand-up, the 36-year-old’s work has evolved from that of a failed Chris Tucker wannabe into an arena-packing whirlwind who mines his personal insecurities for big laughs that transcend demographics of age, race and sex. Once established as a stand-up draw, Hart quickly expanded his work as an actor, writer and producer, starring in movies like Ride Along (sequel coming in 2016), the remake of About Last Night, and the mockumentary series Real Husbands of Hollywood, playing a fictionalized version of himself. He’s hosted the BET Awards, MTV’s Video Music Awards, Saturday Night Live (twice), and took the lead in roasting Justin Bieber on Comedy Central earlier this year (truly God’s work). He’s also a regular MVP of MTV’s Rock and Jock basketball game, so the confines of the Kennel should make him feel right at home for what is sure to be the most profane, and funny, night in the history of the venue. — DAN NAILEN

TV | Poor Forrest MacNeil. The oblivious, square fellow just wants to REVIEW life, in all of its pain and glory. But, like a pushover improv partner, Forrest (played by Andrew Daly) just can’t say no. He has a tendency to review anything he’s asked to, from starting a cult, to getting divorced, to — most horrifyingly — eating 15 pancakes in one sitting. It’s cost him his marriage, his health, and whatever strands of self-respect he had remaining. This isn’t cringe comedy. It’s downright black comedy. And it’s hilarious, in a depressing, terrifying, occasionally redemptive way (10 pm Thursdays, Comedy Central).

Kevin Hart “What Now Tour” • Wed., Sept. 9 at 7 pm • $95.92 • McCarthey Athletic Center • 801 N. Cincinnati •

GAME | For a time there, video games got too easy. You had your checkpoints, your regenerating health, your infinite lives. But now, hard games are all the rage. DARKEST DUNGEON takes a turn-based role-playing game and gives it the gorgeously bleak treatment it deserves. Your characters can come down with the “Yips,” hurting their accuracy, or tear their rotator cuff, reducing their damage. Most commonly of all, the dark corridors will send the stress of your characters skyrocketing, testing their mettle. Some will survive stronger; others will leave with new afflictions or die amid the ruins of heart attacks. But if they perish, fear not: A new band of doomed adventurers arrives in town every week.

PODCAST | I know next to nothing about sports, but know that, as a man, classic archetypal gender norms demand that I learn. And so far, on my journey to know sports, Slate’s HANG UP AND LISTEN podcast, which dives into all the sports news of the day, has been a great asset. Now, to fake my way through a sports conversation, all I need to do is simply repeat a few points the witty hosts made, and say “But’s that’s just my opinion. What do you think?” I already tried it on my father, a former track coach, and he was momentarily confused: Why was his son trying to talk to him about track? Because I know sports now, Dad.

Kevin Hart makes a stop in Spokane on short notice.

FILM SPOKANE PRODUCTION COMPANY WINS BIG Hamilton Studio, helmed by photographer Don Hamilton, is known locally for its work on local and regional advertising campaigns, among other projects. Its profile was raised a notch this summer when a short film the company produced in Los Angeles called Ultraviolent won the Best in Show award for the Best in Shorts festival, a super-competitive online short film festival, the winners of which have gone on to win short film awards at the Oscars. The film stars and is directed by Michael Easton, a longtime soap opera star and also a successful graphic novelist.

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