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Discover Some of the flirty pieces to be found at the online boutique.

FALL FASHION TRENDS FOR WOMEN Satin skirts: These transition well from summer to fall. Instead of pairing a summer skirt with a cami, try sporting it with a chunky sweater. Animal prints: They’re here to stay. Cheetah, zebra, leopard print; the whole zoo, really. Leather: And not just a leather jacket, but a leather jacket with leather pants. Darker florals: Maybe leave behind the whites and pinks, and opt for moodier red and black florals. Abstract graphics: Add an extra element to your classic fall sweater by choosing one with more dimension. Cargo pants: They’re cute and efficient. So. Many. Pockets. Saffron: One of the “it” colors of the season. If you’re a big fan of the golden honey yellow that’s dominated summer, here’s your fall rendition. Cowl neck slips: This neckline is not only classy, it’s mildly provocative. So it’s perfect.


ously stocked, but that maybe needed improvement. Whether it’s changing color, adding pockets, adjustable straps or reversibility, these designs aim to offer better pieces for customers. Best-selling pieces from other vendors can also be tweaked and added to this collection. “With our NanaMacs Originals, we try to do something different,” Shute says. “Part of that boutique experience is having something that nobody else does.” To make sure these originals and any other items in their inventory fit right, NanaMacs hosts Facebook Live feeds Monday through Friday at 4 pm, and on Sundays at 10 am. “We’ve got a lot of new product rotating through the system very rapidly. So that makes us different than your Forever 21s, H&Ms — your big box stores,” Shute says. “They bring in a lot of product, but there’s only one or two you’ll find by the time you get to the store.” During each live feed, NanaMacs launches 20 new products, each worn by two of its six full-time models to show how the pieces look on different body types. “It’s created such a great shopping experience that our customer return rate is close to 70 percent,” Shute notes. While the retailer has found serious online success, local customers who’ve visited NanaMacs in Coeur d’Alene in years past also have been asking the Shutes to open up a storefront again. To that end, the couple allocated space in the new warehouse they’re building for a potential new storefront in Coeur d’Alene, just in case they decide to revisit a brick-and-mortar spot, of course this time paired with their successful online presence. n

YOUR style A lifestyle boutique for all occasions. Complimentary personal styling. 3131 N. Division St. Spokane, WA Mon- Fri 10 - 5:30pm Sat 10 - 4pm | 509.324.8612


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