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BANDIT TRAIN ELECTRONIC Brothers Chris and Mike Malsam have been playing together for more than a decade, but often with long gulfs of inactivity separating their shows. And then there was that brief detour where they performed under the name Please Draw in Me. All the while, they’ve been livening up the Spokane scene with irresistible, danceable chiptune-inspired electronica, which sounds like your Nintendo went to a rave. Sat, June 1, 10:30 pm, Berserk BETTER DAZE PUNK That’s right, skate punk never died, and North Idaho’s Better Daze sound like a band from a 1996 Warped Tour lineup was beamed right into the present day. Their album Welcome to…, released in February, is a half-hour that reminds you of a time when Green Day still had edge, with songs taking swipes at everything from Sean Hannity to celebrity self-absorption to hypocritical cultural standards. Sat, June 1, 7:15 pm, The Big Dipper BIG RAFFLE ROCK Big Raffle has only played one live gig prior to Volume, but the guys in the band have plenty of performing mileage. A supergroup/ side project formed from the dissolution of a short-lived band called Losing Streaks, the three members — Tim Lannigan, Josh Mor-

risey and Sam Bolt — are all in other active groups, and their disparate styles unite for a beer-drenched brand of garage-rock. Fri, May 31, 8:15 pm, Baby Bar BITTER OAK BLUEGRASS Bitter Oak is a band that takes you right back to the birth of American folk and country, a trio of cousins from the Pacific Northwest who were raised on bluegrass and folk music and strumming and singing together since they were old enough to pick up their instruments. Their stripped-down instrumentation — fiddle, acoustic guitar and stand-up bass — will please any bluegrass purist. Fri, May 31, 6 pm, The Bartlett BITWVLF ELECTRONIC The glitchy, industrial sound-world of Washington’s BITWVLF seems tailored for darkness. A drummer since the age of 12, the artist’s pulsing trap-like productions steal the limelight, conjuring chiaroscuro nocturnal movie-scapes fit for the dystopian RPGs of the future. Call them “darkwave” or “witch house,” the songs of BITWVLF ooze shadowy vibes and feelings of demonic disease, albeit ones best exorcised on the dance floor. Sat, June 1, 10:45 pm, Mootsy’s BLACK MARBLE ELECTRONIC The name is accurate: Existing somewhere between new wave and chillwave, producer-

songwriter Chris Stewart’s icy synths sure feel like they have an obsidian sheen to them. Check out Black Marble’s 2016 album It’s Immaterial, written and recorded as Stewart moved from New York to L.A., which is dreamy and shimmering and, yes, sometimes a little cool to the touch. It’s always beguiling. Fri, May 31, 10:30 pm, Washington Cracker Building BLAKE BRALEY SOUL Blake Braley has become something of a Spokane institution with his magnetic stage presence and his cracker-jack backing band, and he’s translated that into a weekly gig at Zola, where originals mesh with R&B classics you know by heart. He and his crew have been working on a debut album, but before that drops, see them in a live setting when they get an entire room moving, with an assist from Allen Stone. Fri, May 31, 7:15 pm, nYne THE BLÜ POP-ROCK The Blü consists of two PNW dudes who often don full-length fur coats and have a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis look going on (if Macklemore had long dreadlocks). While Micah Lübben and Zech Noel share a hardcore music background, in the Blü, the duo trades hardcore’s heavy screams for more optimistic, ebullient rock — softened by generous helpings of pop. Sat, June 1, 8:15 pm, Red Room Lounge

BLVCK CEILING ELECTRONIC The swirling, insistent soundscapes of BLVCK CEILING, the project of local producer and engineer Daniel Ocean, are evocative and descriptive without ever really saying a word. You won’t miss the lyrics, though: Each of his tracks is built atop dreamy synths or intriguing samples that practically have you writing stories in your head. Sat, June 1, 11:45 pm, Mootsy’s THE BODY METAL Probably the best noise metal band in existence, the Body may be the sweetest treat that we have been gifted this year on the Volume stages. The Portland band makes music that is terrifying and unavoidable, like

the ever-approaching monster from the horror movie It Follows. Everything they touch is poisoned by a demonic shroud, even at their tamest. Sat, June 1, 10:15 pm, The Pin [B R A C K E T S] ALT-ROCK Layered hooks and bombastic drums stand out with this Seattle band. They flirt with math rock as each loop of Chris Rasumussen and Josh Goodman’s riffs begins to cause an insatiable swell that only grows larger. The blasting tom and snare hits by drummer Aaron Ball only make you more hyper-aware of things coming untethered, but Michael Gill’s vocals keep everything aligned. Fri, May 31, 9 pm, The Pin



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