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Red Rose Tattoo Parlour In America, when we say, “tattoos” many of us envision a very specific art style. That style usually includes a number of nautical designs including anchors, compasses, stars, and ships. The classic American tattoo style, also known as traditional or old school is one of the oldest and most enduring tattoo styles in America today. Simple bold and solid lines with few contrasting colors easily distinguish the American style. It’s synonymous with simple sophistication and often carries clear and direct messages. Some believe that the American traditional tattoo is dying out, but they continue to serve as an inspiration for custom tattoo work. The artwork itself conveys a sense of heritage art; a historical tradition passed down from teacher to student. The 19th century era gave rise to the American tattoo forefathers. At that time criminals and sailors, or circus and sideshow freaks were

the only ones sporting ink. Later, the American tattoo tradition stuck close to the armed forces, particularly the Navy. Traditional artists developed a series of stereotyped symbols that soldiers and sailors sported through both World Wars. The designs represented courage, patriotism, defiance of death, and a longing for family and loved ones left. The American traditional style tattoo has remained very popular in the tattoo world. It has become a time-honored tradition and is still celebrated and referenced in countless studios across the country. The electric tattoo machine may have revolutionized tattooing at the end of the 19th century. However, it wasn’t just electric current that propelled and continues to drive the traditional style forward; a couple of other factors contribute to the wide circulation of American traditional style tattoos, and they are Keith Elliot and Ben Whitman

Lancaster, PA

of Red Rose Tattoo Parlour in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Their parlour is a visual wonderland. It’s like standing in the middle of an odd work of art and its two major components are Whitman and Elliot. “Flash” sheets of pre-drawn designs line the walls so clients can choose a design easily. Whether you want an anchor to represent security or a nautical star to express your desires of getting through life safely, or perhaps a dagger that not only symbolizes death, but also life-as well as the tool by which you live, these two precise artists have perfected the traditional tattooing style, making them two of the best old school American style artists around. Red Rose Blog Spot link: / Red-Rose-Tattoo-Parlour

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Keith has lived all over the East and West coast. He travels as much as he can these days, mainly to Ohio to visit Thrill Vulture Tattoo Studio-the shop he originally apprenticed at. As for conventions well, Keith would rather stay out of the convention circuit.

Keith Elliot In 1988, a 17-year-old Keith Elliot lied about his age to get his first tattoo. The rest of his teenage years he spent in that same tattoo shop. His dreams of becoming an artist came at a very young age as he drew skulls with his crayons. Before he broke into tattooing his life was heading down a dark path. Nowadays, with tattoos on his hands, arms and neck, he looks like he just walked off the set of “Sons of Anarchy.” This guy is a passionate, honest-toGod no shit USA-loving man. He has a very old school style and his bold colors make for an amazing piece of art. With his amazing traditional style work he is definitely a staple in the tattoo community.

Tattoo photos courtesy of Keith Elliott

He enjoys all styles of tattooing, whether it’s color or black and grey. He finds inspiration from the music he’s listening to, or a joke he heard. “Inspiration is everywhere,” he says. His constant source of inspiration, and business partner, Ben Whitman, who he has worked along side of for many years has done a lot of his personal tattoo work.

When Keith isn’t tattooing you can find him painting, mostly tattoo related images. You don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment. He operates on a walk-in only basis. The price of your tattoo is discussed at the time of walk-in. Keith does amazing traditional style work. If you find yourself in Lancaster, Pa be sure to check him out.

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