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Synolve Craft Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

z A Note from the Editor z

Namaste, today is a wonderful season presenting multiple opportunities of growth and prosperity for each of us. It is one that can only happen as we manifest our dreams together. For years, I have dreamt of you. Today, I am realizing that manifestation as each of you join me in this exciting endeavor. Many of you may wonder how we got our name and how this magazine came to be. Our name comes from John Gilmore, Spiritual Leader of Open Heart Spiritual Center in Memphis, TN. One day, I received an email the email address began with infinitefield@xyz. I wasn’t sure who it could be from. I mean, I know the Universe and Spirit can speak to you, but this was pretty interesting even for me. So, I immediately opened the email and it was from John. The name stuck with me and truly haunted me in my dreams and in my spirit. I knew that there was something special about this name. The name: The Infinite Field seemed to challenge me to go to a place where I had not gone...To go to a place that I did not know....To go to a place where my spirit lived and where I could be free. Each month, I will invite you to come to this place and to share this field of infinite possibilities with me as we co-create this space together. As John explains it, the infinite field is a place for anyone & for everyone. It is a place of complete consciousness and connectedness to the spirit of God. If you experience it once, it is a place that you will want to dwell for all of your days. The Infinite Field is not very far, it is in your spirit and you have been there before although sometimes our human form forgets the way. Thank you for joining in this journey of exploration into the Spirit & thank you for being a co-creator of abundance, gratitude, and love. May all of YOUR Best & Happiest Dreams Come True,



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Laughter in Heaven by Rev Alan Rowbotham

I believe there is laughter in heaven, a celebration in the universe, when any one of us comes into a conscious awareness of God’s presence. It is a celebration in which we also play an integral part. Indeed, we read in Psalm 126:2, “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with shouts of joy.” In personal development we are often involved in setting goals for ourselves. I hope you will include in your goal-setting the greatest goal of all, that of being one with a living consciousness of God’s presence. I think that’s the greatest goal we can ever set for ourselves on earth, to be fully conscious of God’s presence at every moment. My wish for you is that you may find a new sense of your own worth, a new sense of your importance to God and your importance in this world. Just recently I was talking to a friend, a minister, who was telling me about a phone call he'd received from a lawyer who lived in a city where he had formerly served as a minister. The lawyer wanted to

know if the minister knew the whereabouts of a man he was trying to find, a man who had formerly come to the church where the minister served. The minister said he had no idea where the man was and asked the lawyer why he wanted to find him. The lawyer said, “Well, I wanted to find him because he’s been left a sizable inheritance in his father’s estate. I need to find him to read the will to him, and if you can find him tell him that there’s good news.” The minister told the lawyer that he would see what he could do. He searched around, contacting people who had known the man, for weeks and weeks and finally tracked him down. He found him living a meager existence; he didn’t know anything about the inheritance that his father had left him. He told the minister that the relationship had been broken since before his father's death and he admitted that it was mostly his fault. “I just withdrew and pulled away from him and our relationship was severed. I did go

to the funeral but I didn’t stay; I slipped away and came back to my own place,” the man shared.

So, you see, he had cut himself off from all of that good. My minister friend said, “When that story unfolded, it reminded me how so often we live our lives as paupers. We don’t realize how much our Father cares for us, our heavenly Father, how great our inheritance is from him, and that we have that inheritance in our lives. So we cut ourselves off from God’s rich abundance.” God is always searching for us through that sense of lostness that we are experiencing. Even though God seems absent, God is never absent and is trying hard to reach us. I have felt lost many times during serious challenges and moments of crisis, as I'm sure you have. In January, 1992, I received a phone call from my daughter in England telling me that my youngest son, who was 26 years old at the time, had taken his own life.

A great animal cry rose up in my throat and thoughts flashed in my mind of what I had heard about people who commit suicide being lost forever. But then, immediately following those thoughts, there came a voice within me, "He is enfolded in God's love!", and I felt the deepest certainty of God's loving presence which continued to sustain me through the tragedy of that loss.

(Rev. Alan A. Rowbotham, a native of England, moved to the United States in 1967. An ordained Unity minister for over thirty-seven years, he is now retired from full-time church ministry. Rev. Alan publishes a blog and a free inspirational e-mail newsletter, to which he invites you to subscribe. Please feel free to share this article in its entirety with a friend.)

God has always been with us, at all times, even when we’ve felt our deepest sense of lostness, our deepest sense of separation. So, our greatest joy, our laughter in heaven, comes in discovering this in ourselves. We can never really wander away from the Father, and our lostness is healed when we accept the truth that we can never wander from God. We need to recognize this, to recognize his omnipresence, to feel it, to trust it, to rely upon it, to live our life in accordance with that realization. This is the greatest goal we can ever set for ourselves, to become fully conscious of the presence of God at every moment in our lives.

10 Ways to Empower Children Libero purus sodales mauris, eu vehicula lectus velit nec velit by Robin Marvel

Children see our world from an amazing perspective. They are able to hold onto their true inner being until it is programmed out of them. Children have the desire to bring love, peace and harmony to our planet. Children are closer to spirit than anyone allowing them the advantage of tapping into their strengths much easier than adults. If we start empowering children now their light will never fade or become blocked. Guiding a child towards empowerment gives them a gift that they will carry for life. With a vibrational shift taking place on our planet we as adults have the opportunity to encourage growth and empowerment within our children. Empowering a child allows them the opportunity to live a life of personal strength and gratitude. We are all creators molding our energy, no matter our age. Use the steps below to encourage empowerment in all children.

Robin Marvel is an author, Empowerment and life positivity coach and motivational speaker for children and adults as well as the senior editor for Marvelous Spirit Press. Using tools from her “Awakening Consciousness� book series she is expanding creativity and self awareness in beings everywhere. Robin is Leading Out Loud as the owner of Marvelous Empowerment. Providing a variety of workshops to encourage empowerment in all ages. More information on Marvelous Empowerment can be found at, a website designed to strengthen your being while encouraging Universal Awareness. Check for upcoming lectures and workshops


Respect their individuality: All beings are walking their own path of awareness including your children. Taking the time to allow them to be themselves will allow strength and courage to be who they are without limitations.


Encourage their Knowledge: Empowered children love to learn. Allow your child to explore the vast realm of knowledge out there. There are so many resources to encourage them. Use your library and the Internet.


Honor your truth: You are an example for your child. Your child will see and know if you are honoring you personal truth. Be true to you and be a positive example for all!


Practice Unconditional Love: Show your child there is so much love in the world to give and receive. Teach them to love themselves and others without limits. We are often taught love is scarce and should only be given away to certain people or things. The truth of the matter is that love is everywhere and there is SO much that we should all give it away to everyone and everything all the time.


Live in Gratitude: A person living in gratitude is a person living without limits. Living in gratitude dissipates all fear. Showing your gratitude for all in your existence will show your children there is so much to appreciate in their lives.


Use Positive Affirmations Daily: Your words hold much power. With your words you can change the world. By practicing positive affirmations you are able to reprogram any negative beliefs you may have into positive beliefs.


Know No Limits: The world is so vast with opportunity. Follow your dreams and accomplish your desires. Show your children no matter the situation there are no limits in anything they do.


Befriend Your Inner Child: It is so important to remember to play. Take the time to tap into your inner child and allow yourself to play! This will help your child to feel a connection to you as a person who enjoys the play of life.


Be Willing To Change: As you work to empower your child, be open to change. While working with your child you will learn new and exciting things about yourself. By being willing to change yourself your child will see that change is not a scary thing but the only constant in life.


Be Deserving: It is important the children see and understand that you accept your divinity and therefore know they are also divine. Don't ignore the great impact you are making on the world and encourage your empowered child to see the difference they are making as well.

W E AR E O NE "Not Christian or Jew, Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Zen. Not any religion or culture system. I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all‌I belong to the Beloved, have seen the two worlds as One and that One call to know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathingHuman Being." ~ Rumi

Having just returned from an eleven day journey

appreciation for a culture that has adapted

to China my mind is still processing what my eyes

amazingly fast to westernization while still

witnessed and heart experienced in a land and

maintaining its ancient roots.

culture that is so profoundly different than I could

Each new day I kept anxiously awaiting my "next"

have ever imagined. From the beginning, with a

experience of China, assuming it couldn't possibly

total of thirty-eight sojourners in our group, "The

be greater than the last. I mean, what could

Ancient Wisdom" tour took on a life of its own.

possibly be greater than the Great Wall itself, or

Upon arrival in Beijing we hit the ground running

more stunning and breathtaking than the

and never stopped. Our group seemed to move

Forbidden City? Then, one day during lunch, at a

with a singular sense of elegance, grace and flow

small local (non-tourist) restaurant in downtown

that very much reflected the energy of the culture

Beijing which Yin, our guide, referred to as "The

in which we were being immersed. Each historical

Shouting Restaurant", it happened. My peak

landmark and ancient structure we visited seemed

experience for the entire journey divinely

to top the one before in its immensity of scale,

exploded before my eyes. The name of the

detail and beauty. Every experience of

restaurant was appropriate enough; with everyone

contemporary China added a new depth of

conversing at the top of their lungs while different

WE AR E O N E courses of food were being served in rapid-fire

another. We had connected with something we both

order, the energy was absolutely magnetic. No, my

inherently had in common -- our humanity, as well

epiphany didn't happen while drinking the dead

as our oneness in something infinitely larger than

snake-in-the-bottle wine or eating a fiery spice-

life itself. At peak moments such as this the veil

soaked dumpling; it was in the eyes of a small

between the two is very thin. When we can look

child, perhaps two or three years of age, who stood

beyond size, age, gender, nationality, color, culture,

motionless outside the restaurant peering directly

religion or any of the other many labels we tend to

into my eyes through the window.

place upon others and ourselves, we realize we are

In that magical moment time stood still. I could see

all very much the same. We all are born; we all die.

her mind at work, thinking about me…as if she

We all laugh; we all cry. We all know joy; we all

recognized me and was trying to remember if and

know pain. We all share the same planet and we all

how she knew me. Then suddenly, as if she

share the same name: Human Being. And all it

realized I was a member of her own family, her

takes is a simple gaze into another's eyes while we


eyes lit up even

remember that who we are really looking at is

more, she

actually some aspect of ourselves, followed, of

giggled and

course, by the universal language of a smile to

cracked a big

bridge any perceived communication gap.

smile that bridged any

Only after having this peak moment was it that I

possibility of a

looked up, at first somewhat startled to see the

chasm between

child's mother standing there grinning from ear to

cultures, age

ear. She no doubt took great pleasure in witnessing

and language,

her daughter's delight in our encounter. Clearly this

dissolving all

child had a great role model for openness to others,


who, at first glance, may appear "different."About

between us. In

that time everyone sitting at my table got in on the

that pristine

action and began smiling and waving to this

moment she

beautiful child and her proud mom, who both

and I truly did

replied with more of the same.

know one

WE AR E O N E It was one of those profound moments that will be

and fears about our differences, we will be able to

indelibly etched into the walls of my mind and

see what we have in common. In short, we'll

heart forever.

remember to remember there is only One of us

So there I was, 7,000 miles away from home fully

here. Contained within the wisdom of this

expecting to experience my divine ah-ha moment

awareness lies the potential for a lasting peace in

while standing next to the Grand Canal in Suzhou,

our world. How could we possibly conspire to do

or doing Tai Chi with hundreds of others at the

harm to another when we see ourselves in them?

Temple of Heaven in Beijing, or being mesmerized

Do you need to go 7,000 miles to be reminded of

in the presence of the Terra Cotta Warriors or

this? Of course not. You need look no further than

while sitting in silent prayer at the Wild Goose

the next person you encounter today. The Sufi

Pagoda in Xian, or gazing at the stunning

mystic Rumi summarized it beautifully when he

nighttime skyline of skyscrapers along the Bund in

wrote, "In any gathering, in any chance meeting on

Shanghai. No. All that it took was one small child

the street, there is a shine, an elegance rising up."

who was willing to allow me to see myself and all

May this be the day you meet and greet yourself in

of humanity in her.

another. Just let it shine.

I returned home from an amazing trip abroad once again humbled and reminded that at the end of the


day life is really about relationships. Why so?


Because, if we are willing to look deeply enough into one another, getting past all of our judgments

P.S. If you found something stirring within as you read this, I would like to invite you to consider joining us for our Sacred Journey to Thailand in January. That which is stirring is your soul seeking to meet itself in others. What better way to do it than by experiencing Thailand with a group of like-minded souls? In order to maintain the intimacy of the group, it is limited to only 25 sojourners. For more information on our Sacred Journey to Thailand, click here:http:// Peace, Dennis

LAWS of LIFE for KIDS by Jennifer Hopper

Lilly’s Dream Each night, Lilly’s mother tucked her into bed with a hug and a kiss.

This night, Lilly looked troubled. “Mama, I am afraid I’ll have a bad dream,” she explained. “When you think about having a bad dream that idea gets bigger and bigger and then it comes true. You actually make it happen for yourself,” said her mother. “Really?” asked Lilly, “how?” “Your mind thinks about having a bad dream. Then you start to feel scared because of thinking about having a bad dream. Then your thoughts and feelings work together to make it happen,” explained Lilly’s mom. “I don’t like it when I have a bad dream,” said Lilly. “I understand that bad dreams can feel very scary and seem very real, even when they are not. Do you know that your mind does not understand the words, don’t, not and no? When you say ‘I do not want to have a bad dream, your mind actually hears, ‘I WANT to have a bad dream,” continued Lilly’s mother. Suddenly, Lilly felt excited to understand her mother. “So, I want to think about what I DO want instead?” she asked. “Exactly!” her mother said, smiling. “Then, I want to have a GOOD dream tonight!” squealed Lilly with delight. “What would you like to dream about?” asked her mother. “Dolphins! I want to swim with dolphins in my dream,” said Lilly, with big eyes and bright smile. “Great! Where are you swimming with the dolphins?” asked mother. “It is a beautiful island. I’ll name it Pangoony Island and only animals that I like will be there.” “Yes, you get to choose exactly what it looks, smells, and feels like there. You get to choose which animals are there and what happens on the island. It is YOUR dream and you get to make it anyway you want it!” her mother explained. “This is FUN!” said Lilly. “Yes, it is”, her mother laughed, “and it is the same when you are awake. What you think about will grow and come true, so make a choice to think about what you want instead of what you do not want! Now it’s time to sleep and dream about those dolphins!” “I love you, Mom,” said Lilly. Then she rolled over and went right to sleep, excited to begin her dolphin adventure!

Jennifer Hopper's mission is to promote love, peace, freedom, and understanding on the planet. Currently, she provides parents, teachers, and children tools and information that support them in understanding themselves and one another. She has one daughter who allows her the blessing of learning more about Love.

Gratitude From Frustration to Gratitude A few months ago, my husband and I were driving home from a friend’s house late one night. Within 10 miles of our home, my car began to act weird. The check engine light came on, smoke was coming from under the hood, and it became really hard to steer. I managed to pull off the highway at the upcoming exit and made it to a gas station just beyond the off ramp. I was frustrated and thinking: Oh geez! Why is this happening now? It’s 11:30 at night! Why can’t my car just work like it’s supposed to… After we called the auto service and waited for the tow truck, I thought: You know, it’s really a good thing that we made it the 80 miles that we did, that we didn’t get stuck all the way down in Miami, that we’re really close to home. I’m so grateful that we could get to this open and lighted gas station instead of the car dying on the side of I-95. It didn’t bother me that we waited an hour for the tow truck driver. And I continued lorem thinkingipsum about dolor how GRATEFUL met set I was for the situation I had because it could have been much worse. Just a year earlier, would probably not have moved to grateful so quickly, if at all. quam nuncI parum


For the first 40 years of my life, good things came my way and I accepted them without conscious thankfulness. After all, I deserved life's pleasantries. I actually felt that I deserved more of them. So, why didn’t I have more? With each good experience came a tinge of dissatisfaction as I would find myself saying, “yes this is nice, but…” And I was frustrated that my life wasn’t richer, in all aspects. Finally, my mentor, Paul Martinelli, instructed me to read the "Gratitude" chapter from the Science of Getting Rich twice a day for 30 days. That was the start of a change. It took a few more years of studying the masters, e.g. Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, to really get the importance of gratitude. I discovered the importance of feeling gratitude which goes beyond verbal expression of gratefulness. The process is ongoing, however, the payback is absolutely worth the invested time and effort. Start today and see for yourself. Lori Saitz is the Founder and Chief Executive Rabbit of Zen Rabbit Baking Company, which makes the world famous Gratitude Cookie™. The Gratitude Cookie™ is perfect for showing appreciation for valued relationships, whether business or personal. To sign up for F.R.E.E. “Gratuities-Tips on Bringing More Joy to Your Life” and learn more about The Gratitude Cookie™, visit .

ROAD TRIP REMEDIES: HOW TO ARRIVE FIT AND FABULOUS AT YOUR DESTINATION There are nearly one million restaurants in the United States today, according to the National Restaurant Association, including approximately 200,000 fast-food establishments. Embarking on a summer road trip without stopping at one of them can seem like a hopeless challenge. Focusing on your water and fiber intake make sure that those golden arches come no closer than the exit in the rearview mirror. Taking the time to plan before you leave can have a big impact on your health, your mood, and your satisfaction with your trip. Make a mental checklist as you pack your car and consider the following road trip remedies. With a little planning and healthy foods packed in a cooler beside you, your next trip is sure to be a healthy one. Travel safely!

Jan Bowers is a naturopathic practitioner who has certifications as a nutrition consultant, personal trainer, and iridologist. Jan maintains the educational website, which is updated daily with the best in holistic healthcare information.



Surf Test

Spend some time on the internet before departing and identify healthy, family-friendly restaurant choices for mealtime stops. Sites like or are a good place to start your search.

Stay hydrated

Be Aware: You may need more than just the recommended 64 ounces per day. Due to the sun beaming through windows, and the mental demands of driving, your need for water may increase so be sure to pack loads of extra water in your cooler or be prepared to make frequent stops for liquids to keep you and your traveling company hydrated. Children in the back seat may overheat more easily, so make sure that everyone has their own water bottle. Need a caffeine boost? “Many people choose sodas when traveling, but a cup of black coffee provides the same amount of caffeine without added sugar,” says personal trainer and nutrition consultant Jason Bowers. “Remember, though, that you should take in no more than 240 micrograms of caffeine per day, which is only 2-3 cups of coffee.”

Fill up with fiber Keep protein-filled, fibrous foods on hand to ward off hunger and keep energy levels constant. “Pre-mixed protein shakes are great on-the-go snacks, especially light versions” Bowers says. “Fruits like apples and oranges travel well and pack a healthy dose of fiber, not to mention a sweet pick-me-up. Unsalted almonds are very heart healthy and contain good fats. Beware of consuming too many as you drive – a ¼ cup serving of most nuts provides 30% of the daily recommended value of fat intake.”

Know your tastes

The Ayurvedic tradition identifies six separate tastes; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. We need all of them to remain balanced, and keeping all six on hand helps satisfy unexpected cravings. Sweet foods include ripened fruits, natural granolas and cereals, and teas sweetened with honey or blue agave. For a sour zing, reach for citrus fruits and yogurts. Pretzels or crackers flavored with sea salt ease cravings for salty snacks. Most greens fall in the “bitter” category. Pungent flavors include chili peppers, black pepper, and ginger. Beans and coniferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage are considered astringent.

Anticipate cravings

Be realistic about your cravings and pack healthy alternatives to meet them. For instance, I love chocolate and know that after hours of driving, I am likely to find myself standing in front of a gas station candy display. Instead, I pick up a small bag of Bear Naked Chocolate Granola from my local grocer before I hit the road. It is made of natural ingredients, packs a healthy dose of protein and fiber, and boasts a rich flavor that satisfies my need for chocolate in a few bites. Traveling with a group? Try taking the entire family to your local natural foods market to select a handful of dried fruit, carob-covered almonds, or trail mix for an assortment of natural, budgetfriendly treat options.

Yours in optimum health, Jan Bowers

GUIDED MEDITATION Meditation is often a very passive, relaxing experience. It enables us to release, even for a few minutes, our busy minds from its usual job of evaluating and reacting to the world around us. As we sink into a state of relaxation, we excuse our lower selves from the constant task of self-preservation and social interaction in whatever form that may take. For me, my lower self might be “referee-ing” a small skirmish between children over the last banana or whipping up a quick pot of spaghetti to feed the tummies that lost the banana battle, mine included. I like to give my lower self a break, often after my tummy is full. Guided meditation offers the benefit of being led into relaxation, paying attention only to the voice that is gently instructing you on how to reach that deeper state of consciousness. It is mostly effortless and is an easy way to move toward connecting with our higher selves and Spirit. Sometimes, it also can end up being an excellent way to catch a few minutes of sleep that most of us desperately need. Although I enjoy being a meditative sheep sometimes, being led by the muzzle toward those greener, more fertile pastures of the higher self, I have found that I can achieve much more than meditative bliss when I actively participate in the process of connecting with my higher self and Spirit. During guided meditations, I have met with and conferred with my guides and council, discussed my life purpose, received advice on projects, and been showered with divine hugs and kisses. All of it is incredible payment for being an active participant in the guided meditation process. Going into a guided meditation with a goal in mind makes all the difference in the world to the outcome. For example, when participating in a spirit guide meditation, formulate your burning questions ahead of time. Your angels and guides will be ready and willing to assist in answering your queries. With any guided meditation, stay engaged in the conversation or moment, and you will reap the rewards of your effort. You will also be delightfully surprised at how relaxed you will feel afterward, even though you have been more involved in the process. Journal about your experience while you are still somewhat in a meditative state. This enables you to retain the wisdom imparted to you during your meditation. The journal also serves as your personal, spiritual growth chart. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you will be able to connect with Spirit! My meditative journeys have taken me to higher planes and pastures. They have spurred me to take action on my life purpose and empowered me to actively participate in my spiritual growth. Instead of waiting for things to happen, I am energetically pursuing answers and facilitating accelerated change in my life. Guided meditation is a wonderful tool to begin movement toward more rapid and fulfilling spiritual growth. Active and thoughtful participation in meditation can make the difference between a good nap and a rewarding spiritual experience - always to be pursued on a full stomach, in my opinion.

Susan Marek is an intuitive counselor, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and medium. She believes in feeding your soul rich, flavorful experiences with a dash of daring and a prodigious pinch of passion. For more information, visit HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" © 2008 Susan Marek. All Rights Reserved.

YOUR CENTERING MOMENT Minute Meditation It takes only a minute to read and breathe.


This meditation may be used at any time to center and refresh your energy. I encourage you to first call on your angels and guides to be at hand and to provide a comfortable, loving presence during your meditation. You may also find it helpful to record these words in your own voice and play it back during meditation. I recommend you perform this meditation sitting comfortably on the floor or a chair.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, letting the breath flow easily and effortlessly into your lungs. Exhale slowly, allowing your breath to gently flow upward and out through your mouth. Relax deeper into yourself as you take another deep breath, again letting it effortlessly flow in through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualize the room you are in filled with a vibrant rainbow light. Red. . . orange . . . yellow. . . green. . . light blue . . . indigo blue. . . and violet light, all filling your space, lighting the room. The room is vibrant and alive. Allow yourself to settle deeply into your seat. Roots now extend from the bottom of your feet into the floor, down . . . down . . . down into the earth. You feel grounded and safe. The rainbow light surrounds you. As you take another deep breath, you inhale gorgeous rainbow light, accepting it and allowing into your body, letting it flow through your head . . . into your lungs . . . and then out into your arms . . . belly . . . down into your legs . . . and then through your feet into your roots. The roots absorb this light, taking it gratefully into the Earth. Take another deep breath, again allowing it to flow effortlessly throughout your body. The light energizes your body, and you feel centered and whole as the light continues to flow in and through your body into the earth. As you take your last deep breath of this rainbow energy, you are centered and invigorated. You release your roots and slowly open your eyes, feeling refreshed, fully present in your body and ready for your day.


There is obviously a “u” in the word beauty when we consider the spelling yet, many times while searching for the beauty within we may get lost. Often when we feel dissatisfied with ourselves, we may neglect our own personal development. We do this when we feel the need to be and look like someone other than ourselves. We get lost in the beauty of someone else rather than discovering our own uniqueness. Eliminating negativity from one's life, is the first ingredient needed to make your eyes brighter, your smile infectious, and your beauty radiant. Stress, fear, and worry breaks down the energies that we need to remain filled with vitality. When you are stressed out or depressed those negative energies can decrease your vitality. Many times we may ignore the development of our inner selves and focus on mastering our outer beauty. When we accept the totality of who we are inside and out, then the right hairstyle, nails, skin services, and body tone are added bonuses to our beauty. I spent many years as a cosmetologist and I never understood how so many women left with the same look as the woman before her. Many had the same style with variations in color or length. Yet, when I observed these women with different professions and personalities, I saw them as individuals with their own unique style. Let me give an example of a client I had for years. When she originally came to me she said, “I saw this customer that you styled and I want her look.” I told her that, as a cosmetologist, it is my job to help you define your own look that makes you, you. It was more important for me to personally encourage her own beauty. I did this by examining various attributes the color of my client’s eyes or their hair or the tone of the skin. She came back and said, "I love my new look, and my family and friends love it too.” I use this example because I

want to focus on one statement: "my new look." This was an experience that she could own and be proud of in her own skin. In the beauty industry, sometimes we focus on what is popular - the latest trends and fresh new looks - but developing the beauty within you first sets us on a path to love ourselves despite the bad hair days and the potential lack of compliments.

Developing the beauty within is finding ways to love and appreciate who you are right now. You can do this by reading inspirational books, networking with positive and encouraging people, and doing things that bring you personal joy. What does this have to do with beauty? Everything -absolutely everything-- because you are creating your foundation of happiness and contentment. When the paths of your daily life motivate, celebrate, and honor you, that is the essence of true beauty.

Vakeita Barrett is an award winning writer and public speaker, as well as an advocate for social and environmental justice. Vekita is a Master Stylist, Image Consultant and Coach.

Crafting Meredith

by John Madsen

Her photos show a lovely, vital-looking young woman. Her hair is a tawny brown, with gold highlights, and her skin tone fits perfectly [between] those two colors. She looks trim and athletic. Meredith has a sensuous mouth and an elegant nose. She's absolutely perfect in every way... As I continue to talk to her, her voice gives a bit away...a shimmering insight into Meredith. There is a subtle but constant tension, a little bit of forced exhalation, kind of like someone who is speaking while walking on a bum knee. Meredith lives with pain. Constant, bone-crushing pain. A while back, Meredith underwent a spinal fusion procedure to ease the pain. Rods were inserted in the spine over a span of three vertebrae. Brackets were put in place, screws inserted and tightened. It didn’t work. And the pain got worse; a lot worse; much, much worse. The surgeon now thinks that her spine above and below the fusion is rotating. Each day she lives with it....lives with the pain and uses its energy to craft and to create. She takes a lot of medications. She stays busy – really busy...and she pushes forward without fear so that she can love her children and her husband each and every moment of her life. She says, ”I don’t want my kids to grow up with disadvantages because their mom has a body problem,” she says. From the bondage of pain she forges courage and selflessness. Meredith embodies inspiration because she is and continues to be amazingly creative and unstoppable....despite the pain. She is highly energized, but it is the energy of someone who has to stay mentally active to focus the mind away from the pain. Meredith says in a recent blog, "Unrelenting that is one word I would describe my pain. And that is EVERYDAY but today it is not only unrelenting but almost unbearable. I have been in EVERYDAY chronic pain for over 7 yrs now, with the last 3-4 significantly worse. I usually stay positive, accept it for what it is, and proceed on. This attitude usually SERVES me very well. But today is not one of those days." Yes, today is a good day. When the pain gets tough and life presents challenges, Meredith throws herself into her work. The recession diminished the income her husband earned in construction so she marshaled her resources, kicked her productivity into high gear, and did some legwork. A month ago she opened a shop on Etsy, an online craft marketplace analogous to Ebay for handmade goods. She made 28 sales in 30 days; a remarkable achievement for a new shop. Today, Meredith is designing and crating jewelry for etsy ( She's adding some new healing stones to her line to help bring others comfort...the kind of comfort that she herself has prayed for over the years during sleepless restless night when the pain was unrelenting and unbearable. It was during these painful moments that Meredith became inspired to create jewelry using stones with healing properties to help ease the pain of her heart, mind, body, and soul and to be the pathway for education about the healing properties of stones for others. In her jewelry, Meredith uses stones like: Amethyst, Hematite, Mother of Pearl, Red Jasper, and many others. Meredith takes ownership of her life; demonstrating tenacity and resourcefulness. She has been craft-oriented since childhood, all self taught: knitting, needlepoint, crochet, stained glass and others. Meredith also works with beautiful stained glass, hemp, and silver. "I do the complete stained glass process myself. I cut, grind, wrap in copper foil, apply flux, solder, clean and finally polish EACH hand chosen pieces of glass. I use the copper foil method and always use LEAD FREE Solder," explains Meredith. As a jewelry designer myself, I know the amount of strength that it takes to cut, grind, wrap, coil, etc.

Listening to Meredith truly astounds me. She does not allow the pain to inhibit her creativity or her passion. When an idea for a new piece jumps into her mind, she tackles the project with the tenacity and grit of a veracious woman with one purpose in mind: living a life filled with the infinite spirit of creativity and love within. Meredith is not particularly introspective; her email correspondence is full of quirky and perky mannerisms and typos. Her answers to questions about life’s Big Issues are simple; “My kids - Their smile is like a wildfire spreading through my heart to my lips. And even in those moments

Disclaimer: The contents of this article should NOT be used in the place of medical advice or treatment. Please seek medical advice from your physician.

when I try explaining to my two 7 year old twins, who are excited for the start of school to whisper and not run in the house because the pain is almost unbearable, I know that I am blessed and loved." Strong women are the last and best hope of our species – Meredith is a strong woman. Meredith is a true inspiration who lives in the infinite field. To learn more about Meredith and to purchase her jewelry, visit her websites and http:// John Madsen is a celebrated craftsman artist who designs and creates the finest original glass enamel jewelry creations. He has written articles which have appeared in Art Jewelry Magazine as well as The Sanctuary Newsletter. John named his company for his precious grandson Dylan Blue. His website is

Healing Properties of Stones "According to crystal healers and New Age believers, crystal and gem healing is an art and practice, done on a metaphysical level, that is being rediscovered because of the power of the earth's energies that have been absorbed by these sacred objects that, in turn, inherit vital healing powers used to heal many types of ailments. They believe that crystals have physical, spiritual, spirit, crystal energy, tranquility, spiritual awareness, zodiac, powers that can be used for Eastern Medicine treatment of everything from pain, stress, depression, therapy and feeling in the Mind, Spirit and Body." (Source: Hematite: Mental attunement, memory, calming, balance, focusing energy and emotions, peace, inner happiness, transforming negativity. Mother of Pearl is known for mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, adaptability, & cooperation." According to Gem Stone Lore Lapis Lazuli is Good for HEALING, Peace, Money, & MUCH MORE! Lapis Lazuli is known for Wisdom, intuition, awareness, objectivity, clarity, creativity, expanded consciousness, dreams, purity, courage, serenity. Lapis is said to allow one to tap into their inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Helps contact our spirit guardians. Red Jasper (this is for most Jasper) is know for protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies. Amethyst: Contentment, spirituality, dreams, healing, peace, happiness, love, intuition. Amethyst is also know as the sobriety stone. Crushed amethyst was used by the Ancient Romans as a way to ward off intoxication. They word amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethystus" meaning not drunken, or intoxicated."


R e lat i o n s hi p s : The D ef i n i n g Mo m en t s

by D ar n is e C. M ar t i n, P h . D .


ow do you know when it is time to leave or change a relationship that no longer serves you? This is a question that I hear from time to time in working with clients. It usually comes up from people who are spiritually inclined and want to be there for others, yet they recognize that sometimes a relationship needs to change in some way. Whether it be a romantic relationship, family, friends, or professional, these clients sometimes even feel guilty for considering ending or changing the boundaries of that relationship. My response varies, but I often advise that if the Spirit is nudging you along that it is indeed something to pay attention to. Infinite Spirit has given us a great directional system or internal compass to help guide us in this human experience.

We have the gifts of intuition, the still small voice within or that internal tap on the shoulder to let us know which path to take, or even to steer clear of a particular person. But often we ignore or drown out our own intuition with distractions or in fear. No matter, Spirit continues to be with us and give us the information we need.

an expert Relationship and

So, what does it mean if Spirit says that it is time to end a romantic relationship or establish new boundaries with a family member yet these seem difficult or contrary to what you prefer to do? Is it “spiritual� to leave someone? Is it my own ego telling me to move on? Am I skipping out on a lesson I need to learn by leaving this relationship? How do I know?

Discernment begins with checking with the spirit within, tuning in to our spiritual connection. The tap or nudge we receive from Spirit is never wrong. If the message is to leave a spouse, long time love, a job, or to reduce the time spent with a negative friend, we can trust that Spirit is giving us this information for our well being. We can also trust that Spirit will provide for that loved one as well. You may recognize this inner knowing or tap in a number of ways: you may lose a job, someone may move away or stop talking to you for no apparent reason. You may also experience physical symptoms that let you know the relationship has reached an end, and that you need to move away from it. I refer to this latter experience as the school of hard knocks and I know it well.

Dr. Darnise Martin, Phd is Spirituality mentor, University professor, and author of Beyond Christianity: African Americans in a New Thought Church (NYU Press). Visit her online at: for more details.


experienced this in my own life some years ago when I was dating a man who I thought I “should” stay with. Here was a man who wanted to get married and have a family with me. Well, every inner fiber I had was telling me no, move on, this is not your husband. But, I refused to listen, over-thinking divine guidance. As a result, I developed severe “symptoms” that something was off in my life. Despite having nightmares of feeling trapped and having a persistent knot in my stomach, I stayed for a few months more. I LEARNED THAT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, AND NOT TO BE ! ! ! ! ! SACRIFICED FOR ANY REASON Finally, Spirit sent me advice from a friend of a friend who had been in a similar situation that I really heard, and I was able to leave that relationship. I can look back and recognize that the guidance started as a tap, but gradually became a sledgehammer as Spirit continued to work with me. The situation did not have to end so dramatically and painfully, but I was resistant to the inner voice when it was a gentle tap. I made a mountain out of a mole hill by not trusting Spirit in my relationship life. I learned a tremendous lesson from that experience but I know I could have learned it a lot easier if I had been more open and receptive in the beginning. I learned that my relationship with myself is critically important, and not to be sacrificed for any reason. Any human relationship we have is a reflection of our inner connection to Spirit manifesting in the world. The tap we receive from Spirit is always guiding us to our perfect relationship. Trust it.

Little Bodies, the Biggest Magnets by Elayna Fernandez The bestseller by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, increased the awareness of our power of turning thoughts into things unlocks endless possibilities in all areas of our lives. Imagine if you had this knowledge when you were a kid! A few days ago, my daughters and I were driving to the store and discussing what we would get

once there. My youngest, Elyssa, 5 years old, stated that she wanted “a piggy bank, but not just any piggy bank”. It had to be “pink, in the shape of a heart” and it would stand on its own. Elisha, my oldest daughter, 6 years old, giggled and so did I.  Elyssa has the most creative imagination! We parked the car and walked into the

Conscious Parenting

store. Elisha and I looked at each other in shock and Elyssa started doing a goofy dance and in her excited voice exclaimed: “my piggy bank, my piggy bank!”.  I could not believe it: the exact item she had described was manifested onto her! I realized that kids are the biggest magnets and they should be aware of their power to attract what they desire.

I explained to the girls that what had just happened was evidence that our “imagination” is so powerful that if we really want something, we must think about it and imagine it so much that we are able to bring it into our reality. I went on to tell them that if we actually talk and write about our dreams, the chances of them becoming real increase considerably. I had bought them a “dream journal”, where they write or draw pictures about what they want in life. I encourage them to also include what they are thankful for. Elisha loves to update it often with wonderful and specific entries, which she reserves the right to share with others. I also added that we had to take action by going into the store before we could see the “piggy bank”, and there was a price to be paid before she could take it home. Last, but not least, I clarified that getting this item manifested was just the beginning. Now she had to consistently put the “piggy bank” to good use.

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You too, can teach the kids in your life the basics of the law of attraction so they can create the life they want. Here are some tips that can help you:

A mom’s positive attitude highly influences her kids. The beauty of it is that your own life improves and you create the life you want, as well. It’s a win-win situation!

Take the time to ask your child about their day. Write down the positive things that occurred.  Find a positive side to what they didn’t think was so positive.

Create vision boards, dream journals and dream boxes to store your child’s dreams, goals and aspirations.   Be your child’s number one fan. Believe in them, praise their every attempt to be creative and encourage them to develop themselves and reach their true full potential.

The bottom-line is spend time with your kids, listen to their dreams and model their rich imagination into positive thinking. It’s so natural and easy for them. They just need your guidance, support and encouragement. I believe that intention and attention bring manifestation. Children are like sponges, and, by teaching them the power of their minds and to consciously focus in positive thinking, you can help them not only choose the best life, but also manifest it onto them.

Tell your child to close their eyes and imagine beautiful sights, scents and textures to stimulate their senses and teach them to meditate. Add breathing techniques gradually. Be what you teach and do what you preach.  The Positive Mommies community was inspired by this very principle. 

Elayna is a proud mom of 2 girls, author, speaker, and founder of the Positive Mommies Network (


Artwork by Vandorn Hinnant

Is there a formula to share, thoughts

Words flow to my awareness and

forth as I speak the word visioning,

that can be given for guided

consciousness as I ask and receive

such as allowing, intentions,

instructions for Visioning, or is

divine guidance of what this

manifestations, declarations,

“Visioning” an innate inner truth

“visioning” process is really about,

aspirations, reality creation,

that each of us already has received

what is the real meaning of

Spiritual Laws of Creations, faith,

as a gift of divine creation that can

visioning and does visioning really

truths, affirming, affirmations,

be invoked at will? Is this gift

bring forth into physical

declaring, receiving, birthing

given to each of us to create our

manifestations what I desire to

reality, co-creating with Inner

physical and emotional desires that

faithfully believe that it can really

Spirit, perceptions, thoughts,

become transformed into our

happen in my life. Why does it

feelings, emotions, actions, attitude,

exclusive “divine purpose” as

seem to be consistently rising in my

energy… Ok, Ok I am getting the

creative manifestors on this

every moment? Why and what is

flow of all that it could possibly

spiritual journey of remembering

the reason it does not happen as I

entail. I trust that as you read, your

who we really are?

envisioned it to happen? I’d like to

understanding and truth will flow

share some of the “words”,

and “let it” come forth with clarity

“thoughts”, and feelings that come

and ease.

Visioning, as the “truth” in this moment (as I know transformed. We are each already created as and remember it to be from within) is a gift from

divine manifestors, not to “become”, but to

Divine Creator, my Source of All That Is, that

“evolve” in this gift. We are created with all that

supports, transforms and edifies my life as I evolve we need to manifest and we, in this very moment on this journey of purpose in becoming who I

have all that is. We must simply trust, release the

really am. Visioning is a creative process of

truth and allow our visioning to evolve from

bringing forth my inner truths in connection with

within to manifest outwardly. To “let it” become

Inner Spirit to return to “love” and “oneness”,

through our ‘BE’ing, our lessons, our allowing.

where there exists no lack, no need, no healing, no

It may be important to share the awareness that struggle, only wholeness, I hold the space for you in the present, there is a distinct difference perfection and the reality knowing and trusting the “truth” that, between visioning and what you desire is already in process that I already have all that even in this moment, “It Is” being visualization. Visualization is a created. The “truth” and awareness is creative process of imagining that it is simply waiting for the right more than I desire and can conditions to manifest, so that you may that precedes visioning. even imagine, it is only see the physical existence of your Visualization is a tool that visioning.

there is and abundantly

waiting for the divinely

right conditions for physical manifestation. I have learned (remembered) and am currently

encompasses the power of our

imagination. Visualization uses mental, visual, hearing, emotional, physical sensory energies to

assimilating from a masterful teacher earth angel,

form a pictorial desire and intention to “create” the

Dr. Michael Beckwith, we are not here to “get” but

environment for manifestation. Visioning is the

to “let”. With that being said, may I clarify that

becoming, the evolving of your unconscious

“visioning” is not only a process of creatively

desires and visualizations into the physical

manifesting to simply “get” our physical and

conditions as expressive revelations and conscious

emotional desires, but also to “let” our gift of

existence that emerges from within.

creative manifestation to be released, allowed and

Leslie Love is founder and manifestor visionary of “The Comfort Spot” a sacred healing life vision that offers Personal Chef and Catering Services (healthy conscious and comfort food) and a prism for Spiritual Consciousness Ministry Services. She facilitates a weekly ‘Sacred Space Meditation’ at HealthTouch. She is a third year Ministerial Student of Spiritual Consciousness at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, founded by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant ( Leslie is an approved instructor for Dr. Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process. As a tribal member of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, she honors her rich and diverse ancestral background through her traditional and integrative teachings and practices. She may be contacted directly at HYPERLINK "" For a listing of her events visit the website:



Co-Creating With The Universe Valleri Crabtree presents a model for life transformation. "The Universe is positive, infinite energy. It flows within us, around us, and through us, changing every experience with unlimited potential," so states Valleri Crabtree in Universe Responding: A Spiritual Model For Life. This book guides the reader through engaging in the five elements of Think, Believe, Listen, Act, and Acknowledge in order to co-create with the Universe a more abundant life. Crabtree makes it clear that this model is not meant to replace or substitute an individual's established faith base or belief system, but instead to enhance it or to be a companion piece. The ideas expressed in the elements range from the need to carefully cultivate one's thoughts to listening without ceasing to thanking the Universe through service to others. These elements are supported by principles like the use of affirmations which the author colorfully describes as "healthy brainwashing". Each section of the book is not filled with preachy rhetoric, but instead with lively language and concepts that are palpable. Crabtree even offers up a number of her own personal experiences and those relayed to her by others to make the reader feel even more connected to its message. Universe Responding is, indeed, a spiritual model that begs to be read, and re-read, to make its elements a seamless part of one's daily life so that a positive transformation can begin.

Valleri Crabtree is President of Universe Responding Resources, Inc. and currently resides in Celebration, FL. For more on Valleri Crabtree and to explore the Universe Responding community, visit"

A Writer's Bookshelf We just had to ask the author of Universe Responding: "Valleri, what's on your bookshelf and what books led your spiritual journey?"

"I have well over a hundred books in my library that would be categorized as spiritual or religious. They span everything from A Course in Miracles to The Book of Mormon. I've always enjoyed reading and learning about world religions. I've been particularly interested in finding their shared values. My favorite spiritual books include those written by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (co-founders of the Unity Movement), Eric Butterworth, and Wayne Dyer. Perhaps the three books that have been the most significant to my spiritual journey would be the Bible, Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady, and In the Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth. My library also includes numerous books about history, business and management, real estate, and movies. I am also an avid reader and collector of all books written by and about Helen Keller and those people connected with her life, including Anne Sullivan and Laura Bridgman. I have a copy of every book written by Helen Keller, including many first editions."

Terri Lee-Johnson is the Assistant Editor, book reviewer, and handles social media for The Infinite Field Magazine. She also does book reviews and offers editing services at BrownGirl BookSpeak: The Frugal Tee

Unclutter your Potential with Feng Shui And feel lighter in mind, body and spirit.

The ancient art of feng shui assists in creating harmony and balance in your environment. By adjusting nature’s energy which flows through your home and office, you can promote greater well being, increase health, wealth, and open up the potential opportunities in your life! The first step to a more joyful existence begins with decluttering your space. Clearing clutter allows vital energy into your life. Clutter is stagnant energy.

Clear out your wardrobe. Buy only things that you love. When you look good, you feel good and your life will work better. Clear the clutter from corridors, behind doors and underneath of beds. Your life will proceed more smoothly when energy flows unobstructed through your space. Stay clear! Do all the jobs you have been putting off that way heavy in the back of your mind.

Clearing clutter releases energy that may keep you feeling tired. Clear your desk. Mountains of paperwork will have you feeling defeated prior to starting. A clear desk means a clear mind, better productivity, creative and job satisfaction. Surround yourself with things you love. Hanging onto things “just in case” will hold you back from getting things you want. Clearing the junk drawer helps you let go of things that no longer serve you. Clearing clutter prior to making Feng Shui adjustments ensures proper implementation. Otherwise, you may increase problems rather than decrease them. FIX IT! If something is broken it must be repaired or thrown out. Energy levels decrease when things that are not working properly surround you.

These chores do not have to be done all at once. If you tend to go into overwhelm, then just imagine how numb you’ve become to the chaos the clutter is creating for you!! It’s easy, and you are so worth the commitment. Choose one corner, one closet or one room to tackle during a set time, ie: give yourself one hour each day, or each week to complete one closet. Hint: If you haven’t worn it in over 2 yrs, share it with someone in need. Styles change and so does your size. If you ever get back to that size – you can treat yourself and buy something new to replace it!! Once your space is clear of clutter, you can begin the feng shui journey and learn what different corners in each room represent. Then, you can prioritize which life aspects you want to work on first! Or, call a professional consultant to assist you! Many Blessings! Om Benza Satto Hung – Good Luck! Jana

The energy source for Feng Shui Studios is Janice Schneider Girgenti. She invites you to explore your path. She holds certifications as a Feng Shui consultant and teacher from Shambhalla Feng Shui Institute, and as an interior decorator from Philadelphia University. She served as a board member for Shambhalla Institute and continues professional membership with the International Feng Shui Guild. Please visit Janice at

Be Selfish Musings of a Medical Mystic by Doreen Sweeting, MD We live in an age where information is plentiful and medical alternatives abound. Yet, even with the vast amounts of information that we amass during our lifetimes, we seem to be missing a vital message. This message is as necessary for our well being, as it is tantamount to our happiness. It is simple. If you want to thrive instead of merely survive, be selfish. (self⋅ish – adjective 1. characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself.) I know that the words, be and selfish, used together in a sentence, tend to fry human brains like hot summer sidewalks tend to fry eggs. So, I have inserted my preferred definition of selfish at the starting gate, with the hope that it will soften your acceptance of this new paradigm. My practice is based on the knowledge that a happy mind fosters a healthy body. I also believe that the opposite is true. The legitimate research supporting these assertions grows everyday. Then why aren't more of us thinking clearly when it comes to our health? So many of my patients suffer from illnesses that stem from a lack of self care. When asked, they all know what they must do, be and give to others. But a surprisingly small percentage know how to care for themselves or even know what makes them happy. Even more alarming is the fact that, just under the surface of this dedication to caring for others, is the misguided belief that a life of long suffering for the good of our parents, children, spouses, jobs, our planet and our faith, is in some way divine. I say, "No Way! " Whether you believe in God, evolution or quantum physics, how can you make sense of existing in a world in which you do not get to feel safe, comfortable or happy? But the real question is, not having allowed yourself the benefit of these experiences, how can you express or convey them to others? How, indeed? The best way to take care of everything and everybody in your world, is to take care of your self first. Figure out what makes your body feel good and your mind clear. Then make sure you get plenty of it morning, noon and night. Note: I am suggesting things like good healthy food, peaceful relationships and sweet music. Avoid the quick fixes that seem like a good idea at the time, but quickly leave you drained.

Still not convinced? Okay, consider this: You are a big pitcher full of fresh squeezed juice. All of your concerns ( the mortgage payment, the kids, etc.) are empty glasses which you have to fill. You do your job. You give your concerns your time and energy. You pour and pour and pour some more. What happens? You end up empty, drained, out of juice. Your body and your mind are stressed. And that stress makes you a setup for all types of illness and disease. Now, consider that you are a champagne glass sitting on top of a mountain of 20 champagne glasses, much like you would find at a wedding. You have positioned yourself at the top where you will receive first attention. The wait staff approaches with a freshly popped bottle of champagne. He/She pours and pours and pours some more. What happens? You are very quickly filled to the brim and overflowing, naturally filling the glasses around you. Not only are they filled, but they are also overflowing. What a wonderful lesson for everyone! There is plenty to go around and your happiness is the vital force that allows you to feed all others. Are you smiling yet? That smile is the ticket to the first leg of your journey. Your are on your way to mastering your own health. By changing your mind you can arrive at your destination regardless of the size of your bank account or your access to healthcare. And by example you can take others along for the ride. Just remember, if for any reason the cabin pressure changes and the oxygen masks deploy, be sure to secure your own mask before attempting to assist anyone else.

Dr. Doreen Sweeting is currently working on her new book Musings of a Medical Mystic. She is the founder of Psychosomatic Wellness Intuitive Life Coaching. Doreen is a medical doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine and Acupuncture. She has studied in the United States, Asia and India. She is also a medical intuitive and energy healer. Consultations are in person, by Skype and by telephone. Visit Doreen at www.GOD-AS-ART.COM

UNDERSTANDING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Dr. Peter C. Rogers Since the release of the DVD, The Secret, many people have been talking about a mysterious and creative force referred to as the Law of Attraction. It is the basic principle that we as energetic Beings are able to manifest our own realities based upon the power of our thoughts and the focus of our will. The way this works is based upon the Hermetic principle which says that all is Mind and since the Universe itself is the Divine Mind then we know that, through the properties of mental transmutation or the Mind, we are then able to change the conditions of the Universe along the lines of Matter, Force, and Mind. While this can be a wonderful realization for many, we have yet to remember that this law is very tricky in that we can also manifest conditions in our lives that we don’t want simply by focusing on what we don’t have. “Our thoughts can ultimately manifest into more of the same which is not having,” says S. Whittaker in The Montreal Gazette 2007, in "Three Steps to The Law.” According to Bob Doyle in The Secret, “the Law of Attraction is a law of nature. It is impersonal and it does not see good things or bad things. It is receiving your thoughts and reflecting back to you those thoughts as your life experience. The Law of Attraction simply gives you whatever it is you are thinking about.” Knowing that we are all a part of this one great Mind and co-creators with the Universe can bring a very liberating sense of being. It can also wield a great deal of responsibility by understanding that we create our lives as we go. Sometimes the realities that are reflecting back at us are not always what we want to accept as our own doing. Through our unconscious fears or conditioning and even un-healed traumas, we can actually manifest certain realities into our lives that are not consistent with higher states of being. As such, the Universe cannot answer a request if it is contradictory to our inner yearnings. In other words, simply desiring to be wealthy is not clear enough for the Universe to manifest from especially when our up-bringing and conditioning tells us that life should be a struggle. For example: growing up, I became accustomed to hearing things like, "Money doesn’t grow on trees" or "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" and I had to watch my mother live from paycheck-to-paycheck. As I grew older, I was conditioned by that attitude and lifestyle. So my perception of wealth and having enough was always shaped by these examples. In order to change this thought process and allow for the Law of Attraction to be effective in our lives, we must first be clear by addressing all of the contradictory belief systems we harbor. Otherwise, our creations will continue to be nothing more than unwanted mutations of lack and limitation contrived from our distorted thoughts and conditioning. Once we have cleared away the debris of this unwanted conditioning and are clear about what we want to manifest in our lives we can finally begin to experience abundance through having a better understanding of the unerring Law of Attraction. Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D Author/Speaker Ultimate Truth: Book I

10 Excuses for Withholding the Truth & Options by Liara Covert, PhD


very person knows what it is like to feel external forces push and pull the

mind in different directions. You may be consciously unaware of the implications in your life. Until you reach a state of inner peace, events prompt reaction and interpretation. Each thought awakens feelings and invites you to recognize why you think and feel as you do. You have arrived at a stage of self-reflection where you realize you are not always truthful with yourself. Revelation about doubt prompts an in-depth self-inquiry. Through the course of mood swings, you learn not only that you are energy, but also that energy you perceive and respond to affects you in different ways. When energy is permitted to flow naturally, divine flow triggers an incredible lightness of being. You feel joy. More often, though, you may resist divine flow, experience negativity, fear and despair. Every feeling is a gauge that invites you to learn to rekindle inner joy.

Suspendisse feugiat mior suppress sedhow lectus In many cases, you may hesitate to express you truly feel. You do not share all you sense and intuit. This happens when people are progressively taught to aoreet nec interdum muffle By Trenz Pruca

their inner truth. Each instance you deny something inside the authentic self, you hide from different realities, drain inner energy and postpone realizing dreams. Withholding truth is a kind of dishonesty. It nurtures feelings that do not serve you. Each situation calls for a new choice. Do you conceal how you feel or who you really are? If so, is your choice motivated by self-interest, a desire for power, for approval, for the interest of the person from whom information is hidden? Maybe you are unaware of the ‘why.’ Different levels of awareness imply different levels of truth and self-deception.

Do you conceal how you feel or who you really are?

Consider 10 excuses for withholding truth and how similar views help or hinder you: 1) You do not believe you are ready. Something within you may echo you do not have the courage, ability, skills or presumed experience required to go the next step. What you believe becomes your reality. You create and perpetuate false insecurity. People read your vibes. If you permit ego to brainwash your mind, you believe untruths. 2) You imagine people will criticize. The imagination can run away with you in directions that do not serve. You may assume people judge or would not understand when many actually resonate with your true thoughts and hide them too. Your self-doubt leads to misperceptions that prevent you from connecting with kindred spirits. 3) You assume things are not in your control. You may rationalize fate is totally out of your hands. This kind of victim mentality means you allow fear to prevent you from accepting responsibility or accountability for your life. Another way to view this is fear of success or failure, or fear of initiative. Fear only keeps you where you are. 4) You find solace in secretiveness. Something may appeal about keeping certain things to yourself. Consider motives for avoiding transparency. Are they grounded in fear or love? The expression of thoughts, feelings and perceptions may seem suitably withheld. Although silence can be viewed to reflect wisdom and meekness, you may underestimate rather than overestimate your own foresight. 5) You fear embarrassment. You may nurture feelings for someone, and fear the person will not reciprocate. You may value something you sense others will not value in the same way. Ask yourself honestly if your motive for each decision is love or fear. Do you perpetuate your own inadequacy? When you permit mind to convince you that expression is only justified if approval is guaranteed, then you miss out. Risk-taking is a meaningful process and teacher. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Suspendisse feugiat mi sed lectus aoreet nec interdum By Trenz Pruca

6) You argue that timing is everything. Perhaps you are an expert at postponing or putting off decisions. You may be assessing and re-assessing the capacity of another person to use the information for reasons you would support. This hides indecisiveness which itself hides fear. To contemplate means you resist listening to your gut. The right time is any moment when you relinquish the need to control. 7) You are too proud. You feel more secure in the thought that you are not contributing to the confusion of the world. Your opinion of yourself would not permit you to shatter the image you have created. Appearances can be deceiving. Consider the underlying motive for such a delusion. What do you gain from being a bystander? 8) Your views conflict with your entourage. Rather than sense non-conformity as the way to go, you may be willing to sacrifice what feels right for what appears to be right in the minds of people you respect. You choose to put their needs or expectations before your own, whatever the cost. 9) You prefer the hard way. The more honest you are, the easier it is to continue. The more lies you tell yourself or others, the harder it is to keep track, and the more necessary it is to keep lying out of fear of being found out. Deciding to be more honest with the self requires self-discipline. Some people make harder what is easy. 10) Someone told you to do it. You may confide your dream, your perspective or sense of the truth to someone who cautions you on moving forward. Learn to get-to-know motives of your conscience. This part of the mind is highlyinfluenced by external teachings about what is moral, just and good. You know yourself best. Always come back to the motive for your choices. Love is always the right call. Fear is grounded in ego, self-interest and illusion. As you grow more aware of how you think and feel, you realize you always have choices. To be free of the delusion of unhappiness and despair, simply be willing to take responsibility for yourself. Develop the capacity to reject ideas that are not your own, or that are not compatible with how you truly think and feel. You ultimately determine which feelings resonate or feel right. Compassion is a dependable guide.

Suspendisse feugiat mi sed lectus aoreet nec interdum By Trenz Pruca

For The Love of Humanity, Our Environment and The Love of Animals,


y sister-in-law-to-be, Laurel called me over the weekend

and said in an enthusiastic tone, “Laurie, my friend and I are spreading the word about eating vegan style one day a week to help the environment and we are calling it “One-Day”, this is something you may be interested in.” I replied, “Absolutely!” We can simply choose not to eat meat or any animal by-products (i.e. eggs and dairy products) for a single day. I’ve been a vegetarian for a year and a half, and in that time I have learned a great deal about food and wellness. I became a vegetarian out of love and respect for animals and, as I was evolving, my food choices were changing and eating animal meat was not something I chose to do anymore. Spiritually, I felt such a deep connection to the divine orchestration of life.

For the love of humanity, our environment, and for animals, I have dedicated every Friday to “One-Day”. Won't you join me?

While it's been a great fit for me, it might not be right for everyone. But we can each do our part one day a week! I encourage you to take up the challenge and join me! The idea of “One-Day” is to support our environment by reducing our carbon imprint. The #1 way to make the biggest impact is by adopting a vegan lifestyle and

purchasing food that is grown locally or at least in your own state. Local foods reduce the energy costs of getting the food from the farm to your mouth. Transporting foods across country raises the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables while using enormous amounts of fuel to get the products from one part of the country to another.

Paul McCartney says, “If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That’s the single most important thing you can do.” ”One-Day” is inviting you one day a week to adopt a local vegan food style, which means, consuming no meat, dairy (milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, mayo, cheese, and butter), fish or eggsanything that comes from an animal, chicken or fish. (Helpful vegan menu choices are below.)

urh www.smilesacrossyo

ONE DAY intention

“I love our planet earth! I’m choosing to help heal the earth. One day a week, I will reduce my carbon imprint by eating less animal meat. I’m focused on supplying my body with healing foods! My body is so grateful, the earth is grateful, the animals are grateful.”


eating meat one day a week. If s you know, Mother Earth

you feel compelled to try it, have

is our precious hostess

fun and be patient and loving with

allowing us to visit here, grow,

yourself while you explore new

create, and play. She deserves our

healthier vegan food choices-

appreciation, love, reverence and

your body will appreciate it. In

sense of presence. It takes a

the book, Green In Life by

commitment and desire to make

Victoria Boutenko, it offers many

conscious choices. You have the

delicious healthy vegetable and

ability to make the decision now

fruit smoothie options.

to participate in “One-Day” and

Laurie Martin

we will change the world together.

Author, Certified

This article may challenge your

Life Coach

belief system, you may not be


ready to give up the comfort of

s d o o F Vegan Breakfast Steel cut oatmeal, almond breeze with one fig, raisins, almonds and 1 apricot or two pieces of Ezekiel toast with an all fruit jelly. A glass of warm water and lemon. (I do have 1 cup of organic coffee beans with almond breeze.)

Morning Snack Green smoothie-1/2 cup blueberry’s , ½ banana, 1 piece of celery, 1 piece of kale, ½ cup of almond breeze, macca powder, coconut milk or water with protein powder from rice, pea or hemp, vita mineral green powder, raw cacao nibs, and ground flax seeds. Drink lots of water.

Lunch Hummus in a whole grain wrap with lettuce, basil, tomato with sweet potato baked fries with sea salt and cumin.

Snack A few brazil nuts, Goji berries, pumpkin seeds, or a few raw cashews or sliced apple with almond butter.

Day of Choice (Friday) Brown rice, roasted eggplant, zucchini, garlic, herbs, topped with a little marinara sauce. Mixed Green salad with carrots, tomato, cucumber, onion, walnuts, oil and vinegar. Raw Cacao Dessert: Blend ½ cup raw organic cacao, ½ avocado, a few dates, 1 tablespoon agave nectar. Put in the refrigerator for ½ hour. Dip sliced apple and strawberry into cacao.

What is Spiritus - The Spiritual Marketing Directory? My name is Shelagh Jones, and I want to tell you a little about how Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory, came to be created. Business Promotion First, being involved in internet marketing myself, I was a member of several social networking sites, where the prime intention was to relationship with other people. But behind this intention was another intention, the intention to attract people to my business. And sometimes this secondary intention got in the way of the first intention, and I began to think to myself - What if there was a business directory where people could openly and cleanly promote their business to like-minded people?

Law of Attraction – like is attracted to like A second place was from my work with small businesses, helping them to build their list of customers. A common cry was - I wish I could find more customers who are just like me. People who have the same values, who think like me about how to live a life, how to run a business, how to have business interactions work out to the best advantage of all involved. And often I would introduce suppliers to customers and see a business relationship flourish because of the shared values of the people involved.

Market from Spirit A third place was meeting people who were operating in industries which have a poor reputation for customer service but who were choosing to do things differently, to do what felt right and good to them, not what everyone else was doing. I thought - what if there was a place where people looking for a company in that industry could find out about the values of businesses, about what motivated them, before starting a business relationship with them? Out of these three ideas, Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory was born.


Q &


Artwork by Dora Taggett

an interview with John Gilmore John Gilmore is the Spiritual Director of Open Heart Spiritual Center in Memphis, TN. For more information about John, log onto The Infinite Field Revealed provides quick and easy tips, suggestions, and examples to help you live in the Infinite Field. Listen to John on Click on the links below. Part 1 Part 2



Perhaps you have wanted to introduce healthy recipes at a family gathering to help your family eat healthier and live longer. I certainly have, and did. Miraculously, it turned out OK... I come from a small, rural town in Virginia where family celebrations are centered around food, and lots of it. As my family plans next year’s reunion for the Washington, DC area, I am taken back in time to two years ago when we underwent the same process for the reunion that was held in Warsaw, Virginia. Those planning meetings also served as potluck meals. I had excitement about our first meeting, and trepidation about the potluck. Freshly having completed a Holistic Nutrition class, I recall spending some time considering how to prepare myself for the possibility of seeing my family eat hog chitterlings (“chitlins”), pig’s feet, fatty ground beef, lard-fried chicken, enough carbohydrates to starch a shirt, and vegetables cooked to a pulp, seasoned with fatback or pigtails. A small concern was what I would eat. I decided to follow Gabriel Cousins’ advice from his book, Conscious Eating. I made a dish that I could eat if no other food was appropriate. However, my largest concern was seeing the more harmful foods weighing down the table, and weighing down the lives of my people.

Each time I am present for a

feet, or gut. Also, chicken wings

hearing about this healthy stuff

family gathering, my heart

were the sole representatives of

after all. Perhaps yours will be to.

saddens to see gathered in the

the fried food army. Crackers,

After all, miracles are available

room my dear ones with obesity,

Texas toast and pasta salad with

for you, too.

heart disease, hypertension,

tuna were making their white flour

diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

presence known, along with the

And the children—there are so

pound cake, brownies, and sweet

many—I want so much more for

potato pies. But where was the

them. They burst with life and

requisite macaroni loaded with

energy, and I envision them

cheese? The baked spaghetti—

making healthier, more conscious

again, loaded with cheese? The

life choices, following a path of

homemade rolls? I set my colorful

self-love that embraces caring for

dish down in the midst of the

the mind, body, and spirit.

food, providing a lone vegetable

I prepared my dish with love, one

vigil amongst the foodstuff.

of many variations of what I call

The second miracle was

Tonya’s Simple Lentil Sauté.

that my dish was one of the most

Wrap your senses around onions

popular of the event, giving my

and garlic sautéed in olive oil,

Mama’s chicken salad a run for

accompanied by carrots, tri-

the money. There were several

colored bell peppers, spinach,

requests for recipes, a few second

edamame and lentils, seasoned

helpings, and a command to

with curry, basil, sea salt and

include it in our family reunion

pepper. I knew I would eat it, I

cookbook. I agreed to its

just hoped others would try it, as

inclusion, and suggested a healthy


section be added, as well. Somewhere in the midst of Everyone readily consented.

my concern a miracle happened.

That night I left my family

There was no sign of the pig,

with a light heart and an empty

except for some slices of ham.

dish. This was a significant first

Yes, it was processed, and ham,

step. I have since learned that my

after all, but no sign of the ears,

loved ones are quite open to

Tonya nurtures Mind Body & Spiritworks, the vehicle for her natural health ministry, providing massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, conscious catering/personal chef services, holistic wellness consulting, and training workshops. She currently is working on a book based on her Natural Sistah adventures, and is completing her first e-cookbook, Natural Sistah’s Recipes for Healthy-As-YouWanna-Be Living. Visit Tonya at and NaturalSistah.

To ny a ' s Sim p l e L e nt i l S a u té I n g r e d ie n t s 8 oz dry lentils, co oked per instructions on th e bag 1 16-oz bag froze n organic spinach, thawed

1 red or yellow be ll pepper, sliced in strips 3 TBS garlic, minced

1-2 Tbsp cold-pre ssed extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup fresh basil,

1 medium red onio

3 TBS curry powd

1-2 cups baby carro ts, coined

Sea salt and caye nne and ground black pepp er to taste

n, chopped



2 cups Baby Bella mushrooms, sliced

“This one-pot meal is quick and easy to make. It highlights the use of fiber-filled lentils. I intuitively add vegetables that call out to be eaten that day, so this makes for a fun mix-and-match meal based on what you have stocked in your refrigerator and cupboard. In season I use fresh spinach and herbs. Although lentils are a rich source of protein, meatlovers could add small amounts of chicken or turkey sausage.” DIRECTIONS In a large sauce pan, sauté onions, carrots, mushrooms, and peppers in olive oil until softened. Add garlic, herbs, and spices. Mix in the lentils and spinach until thoroughly blended. Continue to simmer for another 10 minutes. Add more seasonings to taste. Mix in the lentils and spinach until thoroughly blended. Continue to simmer for another 10 minutes. Add more seasonings to taste. Serve over brown rice or your favorite whole grain.

“Trying” to live your dream and surviving can sometimes make you wonder: What am I doing? Many people often find themselves at a crossroads with their dream and their beliefs about survival. They find themselves in a perplexing position of having to decide should I follow my dream or should I just work to survive. This is the place where we often have to remember that the universe in always giving. ASK YOURSELF: Do the streams of

water stop flowing? Does the wind stop blowing through the trees? Do the birds stop flying? These are all examples of a giving universe. And this same measure of giving is given to each of us. Just as the birds decide each morning that there will be plenty of worms for them to eat, each day we have to decide that we will be clothed, fed, and blessed.” We must decide if we are going to believe and have faith in a universe that will and always has provided for us. We have to do what is called “Walking it Out.”

Milton Craft is the Music Editor & VP of Business Solutions for TIFM. Milton covers musicians, bands, spoken word artists, and performers. In his professional life, Milton is a consummate musician and composer. His music has been described as “breathtaking” and “smooth as silk.” Milton is currently working on his cd which will be released 2009. His website address is

We each were given a vision and purpose in our journey. The only thing that stops your purpose is you. At the moment when you feel that you can’t see it, that is the moment when you must remember that the

universe...God...Spirit is your source. You have to stay in line with the universe and follow what it is telling you to do. Don’t allow things that you call obstacles to become delays that weigh you down. There comes a time in your life where you have to realize how to be the person that you are destined to be and that time is Now. It is just an illusion that you are separated from your dream. It is just an illusion that you are separated from God your source or whatever it is that you desire. You are whatever you say you are or what you want to be. The most powerful statement to the universe is “I Am”.

The only thing that stops

As long as you can’t give your gift away you will not be able to succeed. You have to put a seed into the ground in

your purpose is you.

order to receive a result. It doesn’t just happen. One day there is an apple tree there, but it doesn’t just appear, it comes from a seed. You have to put your thoughts and creative means into the creative medium. Until you do this, NO-Thing will happen. You have to understand your role in all of this, which is to be the creator, the planter, or which term you chose to use. It is all about what you choose to create. The process after creation is the cultivating, and nurturing of the seed. You have to have the mind-shift of becoming the creator. Gratitude. Always remember to be thankful for your seed and give gratitude for it. Your gift, your dream, your goal is just like a new born baby. As a father of two children, I know from experience that you have to pour your love and blessings into a baby until it gets to a certain point where it can blossom on its own. This is the same thing you have to do for your own creation and your own business. Then once you and your vision have achieved infinite success always remember this: Share Your Heaven with Others. My prayer to everyone is “Release, Let Go, Let God...Great things are happening for you today…as you Release… you Let Go…you Let God...the universe will bring great and wonderful things to you on this you release the gift of Gratitude in this moment…know that all you need and all that you ask is already done...and so it is..”

THE TAP Whenever I receive a book from an author, it is like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. I love books. But this book was different for me. It was personal. As soon as I opened the envelope, the cover grabbed my attention. As I looked at Frank’s book, I realized the artist had painted my life experience and put it on the cover. Suddenly, I was the person in the painting who was being tapped on the shoulder by God. Opening the pages of the book, Frank had inscribed my name saying simply: Feel The Tap. Earlier this year, I felt what Frank McKinney calls The Tap. I felt The Infinite Field Magazine calling out to me from somewhere deep within me. It was a new place, but at the same time so very familiar. I didn’t even know what “it” was, but I knew that this was a special moment for me…a life changing moment that if I listened and just sat still in “the knowing” that my life and my family’s life would never be the same.

An Interview with Frank McKinney by Synolve Craft

So I listened and I followed The Tap. The Tap has led me here to you. As I shared with Frank McKinney during the interview, I absolutely love the book because Frank, like no one else, streams all of my moments when The Infinite Field called to me through different people, conversations, moments of silence and meditation, together into one single miraculous event called The TAP. I personally enjoyed the book and it really means a lot to my story which has just begun. I am excited about sharing The Tap because as Frank shared “The Tap brings together two things that are important in people’s lives (that readers strive to bring together in their own lives): Your professional highest calling brought together with your spiritual highest calling.”

I must admit, I am in awe of Frank McKinney’s business savvy and wisdom which he so generously shared with me during our time together.

Who is Frank McKinney? Well, he’s a bestselling author, a real estate artist, daredevil, magician, and a maverick. By Frank’s own definition he says, “I paint a masterpiece on a sun drenched canvas called the Atlantic Ocean.” Frank is 100% correct. The multimillion dollar homes that Frank builds, develops, and sells make him no less than the Michelangelo of homes. At the grand opening ceremonies where Frank McKinney & Company unveil one of their magnificent homes to a star-studded, media filled, VP crowd, Frank has been known to make the event a memorable scene that no one can ever forget. During Frank’s twentieth anniversary in the real estate business, Frank paid tribute to Evel Knievel and launched himself over a multimillion dollar house and has never looked back.

It is obvious that Frank feels and follows The Tap in his own life. Today, Frank has climbed out of bed early to entertain my call. He is calling me from his infamous oceanfront tree-house office where he wrote this wonderful book. I am amazed at this moment to be talking to a multi-millionaire who has set aside an hour of his day to talk with me. My husband, John Gilmore, Leslie Love and Rev. Claire Middleton would say that I should not be surprised because the universe is simply bringing to me that which I am.

The universe is simply bringing to me that which I AM.

As I turned the pages of my book, I realized that I could barely see the pages due to the stickies, marks, and notes that I made. This book feels like a business book, workbook, manual, and spiritual guidebook all in one. The Tap speaks to The Infinite Field of Wealth, Prosperity and Success. I learned so much from the book, and I would like to share just a little of what I have learned. My Tap Learning Moments: The Tap Moment # 1 - “From everyone who has been given much, much more will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” The Tap’s core principles teach this simple truth that our core purpose is to love and to give. This is true whether we are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other practice that upholds service as a pathway to God and responsible stewardship as a vital spiritual discipline, we must understand that our true purpose is to give and to serve humanity. Frank In Depth: When God blesses us materially, he does so for a reason greater than merely our personal comfort. Those who have money must accept responsibility for that higher purpose. We can never escape the responsibility of God’s requirement that we use our wealth in a manner consistent with our faith. I wrote this book for anyone who is feeling that sense of longing for more and who has yet to fully embrace the idea that the rewards of success aren’t meant for them alone, regardless of whether those rewards are already in hand or coming soon. I wrote it with the promise that those rewards will come with astonishing speed and size to those who act on the greater responsibility that comes with greater resources. Each of us is fortunate to be blessed with the ability to succeed at some level, not for our sole benefit, but so we may apply the results of our success to assist others. This is a principle that Frank truly lives. Frank is not only known for the magnificent opulent homes that he builds, but he is also known throughout the world for his philanthropy. Frank and his wife Nilsa McKinney founded the Caring House Project Foundation to provide support for projects that are based on self-sufficiency and provide housing, food, water, medical support and opportunity for the desperately poor and homeless from around the world, particularly in the Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, Africa and right here at home in the USA. Through their generosity and the generosity of donors, Frank and Nilsa have made an enormous impact to improve the quality of life of children and families around the world. They have much and have given much in return.

The Tap Moment # 2 – Feel It. Follow It. Find your calling. What will you do when God, the Universe, the Spirit taps on YOUR shoulder? I have experienced this phenomenon in my own life and at first I didn’t know what to do. The single most important thing that I have done is to act when I felt The Tap. Even today, if your Spirit says to call someone or to go somewhere or to give, do it. Feel It. Follow it. Do it. Frank In Depth: STOP DREAMING and START DOING! This book isn’t about dreams and dreamers, but about real people pursuing a meaningful vision for their lives. Most dreams are something we have when we’re asleep anyway, and they rarely come true in real life. Instead, The Tap calls you to action, not reverie. Great aspirations WILL MANIFEST, BUT YOU’VE GOT TO START SMALL AND BUILD. By acting on your Tap Moments, an enlarged reality is attainable one small scene at a time. The Tap Moment # 3 thing that we can do is find a years ago, I began praying bathroom in a restaurant, comes over me and I begin hear God’s voice in my life. pray when I felt compelled, revealed to me greater and surrendered myself to those

Sensitize ourselves to The Tap. One moment to meditate or pray. Several in bathrooms. Whenever I go to a library, or store, something just to pray. This helped me to be able to The more I did the little things like the more Spirit spoke to me and greater things each time I moments.

Frank In Depth: Pray or or on hold, watching your a program opens, riding in waiting on food to warm up teeth. Adding moments

meditate when you are waiting in line computer go through its paces while an elevator, going to the bathroom, in the microwave or brushing your throughout our day and increasing

The Tap Moment # 4 – Be Grateful for the Pressure. When we think of gratitude, most of us think of being grateful for something good that happened to us or grateful for something that we wanted or actually prayed for. But Frank, says that not only should we be grateful for the good things, we should also be grateful for those moments when we feel pressure or when things don’t work out right. He says that we should be grateful for the moments when we feel like we are being pushed out of a nest like a baby bird who feels it is not quite ready to fly. It is in these moments that we grow. Frank In Depth: We do not grow one iota without strain or stress. So the test is clearly for your benefit. For example, I just finished a $29 million house on speculation (I build houses w/o a buyer in mind hoping I’ll find a buyer) So you better believe I’ve got a lot riding on every single showing. But I have learned to be grateful for the pressure that I feel when a buyer is doing a walk-thru or I am beginning the initial negotiations for a transaction with a wealthy business owner who has shown some interest in one of the masterpieces that I’ve just built. Remember the Prayer of Jabez? What size territory will you be able to handle?” What if you actually were grateful for the pressure? What would happen? What if you said: ‘Thank you, God, for putting that in front of me. I’m ready to handle it.’ What if we did this instead of saying, ‘Dear God, please! I can’t take any more.’ But instead said: ‘I really want to use everything that you’ve taught me, everything I’ve been through before, to handle this one, too, and not melt or crumble but confront this in an humble way to honor the gifts I’ve been given.’ This simple act of gratitude and release can propel you to the next level of your destiny in ways that you could not have imagined possible. Feel the Tap even in your times of agony and distress…that is true power and true strength.

The Tap Moment # 5 – Doing the Opposite. In my conversation with Frank, the things that struck me the most were how concerned he was about how his customers felt and how important it was for him to maintain his character and spiritual foundation by treating people fairly in his business dealings. Frank said to me, “When I build a $29 million house I want my customer to feel as though they are living in the art. I want them to feel that they’ve gotten so much value. So I’m always asking each customer: How did they feel during the transaction? And then: How do they feel living in the house? I am fortunate to sit across the table from some of the most powerful people in the world. And I am always killing them with kindness. I am always making sure that I sit on the other side of the desk first…that I sit in their chair first…that I imagine what they want first.” Most people are concerned with how they felt or how the other person made them feel. This is something that I have really worked on very hard with The Infinite Field Magazine. I want you, the readers and subscribers, to feel that they are loved, valued, and appreciated. I want the contributors to feel that they are doing an amazing work that will transform the lives of people around the world. I want the advertisers to feel that each time they purchase an ad in The Infinite Field Magazine that they are co-creating a space where people can be inspired and loved. Frank In Depth: I don’t believe in a business negotiation in win-win. I know that sounds crazy. I want the other side to feel as though they’ve won. What do I care if I feel like I’ve won? My ego that’s really what that’s all about. It’s the ego that wants that feeling that needs that feeling. I want the other side to feel as though THEY’VE won! “Cause I’m not gonna enter into a transaction if I don’t win. But I don’t want the other side to feel as though they’ve lost. So every deal that I’ve entered into over the last decade since I’ve started using the principles of The Tap, I’ve tried to make sure that The other party feels as though they’ve won and that’s a great thing.” This Tap Moment goes beyond “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” It says: Think about the other person. Think about their needs, their desires, their feelings. If you can give the other person what they need, then what you need and what you desire will happen. This is the epitome of customer service….the key to success. Can you make your customer feel like a winner? The answer is: “Yes, you can! But if we take the same mindset we’re cut throat, shrewd and ruthless or have the attitude: ‘Hey buddy, it was only business. Sorry, I had to treat you that way. But you know it’s just business,’ you might experience short term success. But the kind of success that I write about in The Tap is something more and that is what I want for you. I want you to have generational success – meaning passed from one generation to another…a legacy type of success.” People will look up to you for not only the financial success, but the character success, and you’ll receive the kind of success that is unlimited success that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The Tap Moment # 6 - Be Selfish. Frank In Depth: We all want to succeed. We all want the infinite amount of success in the world. But when we focus on prosperity and wealth: “Wealth and prosperity is an infinite mindset. God rewards responsible stewards. God rewards responsible stewards with an enlarged territory when he realizes that you are a responsible steward for the resources that you’ve been given TO DATE.” When we collectively pray, we often pray for the more. I call it The selfish prayer for the more…by the way there’s nothing wrong with that connotation…..we pray for more help, happiness, love, peace for ourselves or someone we love. One thing that we each must have to be successful in business is a healthy ego and that can mean at times to be self-serving in your pursuits. You must market yourself. Love yourself. You must have a strong sense of who you are and what it is that you are here to achieve, do, and give. You must have a healthy ego. I don’t mean by that to be an egomaniac, but I do mean to have a balanced healthy ego that can work for you. To lead a tapped life, you need to strive for balance. Have self-respect and humility, exercise selfinterest and social responsibility (stewardship), revel in your self esteem coupled with your compassion. With all of these in full bloom together, they offset each other, creating self-confidence and the will to do well for your self and those around you, to use your successes to benefit others, too. That’s the essence of The Tap: self concerns tied to social concerns. I shared with Frank that this has been one of my most difficult struggles to balance the ego. But my ego was struggling to be free. I had been taught that I should only be humble, simply be meek and lowly of heart. While this is great, it often conflicts with the self-esteem that one needs in business and was definitely off balance. Talking with Frank helped me to get my ego back in shape with a shot of selfesteem and renewed self confidence. Now, the God within me is smiling for I have truly embraced all that I AM. My time with Frank ended way too soon. This workshop/interview experience had me reading the book all over again and listening to the interview that I had taped over and over again. I have shared it with my husband and now I am sharing the interview with you. My sincerest hope is that you will read Frank’s book, and that YOU WILL FEEL THE TAP…. Infinitely Yours, Synolve

To learn more about Frank McKinney’s book, The Tap, or the masterpieces that he designs, please visit

Synolve Craft is the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of The Infinite Field Magazine.


A dynamic and entertaining speaker, Dr. Bluestein has worked with thousands of educators, counselors, healthcare professionals, parents, childcare workers and other community members worldwide. She has appeared internationally as a speaker and talk-show guest, including several appearances as a guest expert on CNN, National Public Radio and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

14 WAYS TO BE A MORE CONSCIOUS PARENT Identify your parenting goals. Think of what you want your relationship to be like and what you can do to make that happen. Look at both long-term and short-term objectives. Make a little sign for yourself that says, “My relationship with my child(ren) is important. What I do and say matters.” Leave this note somewhere you can see it as you start you day. It can help you remember to pay attention to how you interact. Pray for awareness (or ask your inner guidance for help) to stay conscious of how you act around and with your children. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to invest in the quality of this relationship?” Affirm that you are becoming a more conscious parent. Create a meaningful and relevant statement you can repeat at the beginning and end of the day, and as often as necessary in between: “I am parenting more consciously all the time” or “I think before I talk to my child.” Even if the statement isn’t true at the moment, say it as though it were! Throughout the day, take a few seconds for yourself to deliberately get grounded, focused, more present or more relaxed. A few deep breaths and a minute or two alone, if possible, can really help. Ask your children for feedback. Focus on the positive: “What am I doing that helps you?” or “What am I doing great?”

Listen to your children and really hear what they say. Take your children’s comments seriously. Don’t just watch your kids—really be with them as they explore their world. Read children’s books. Watch movies made for kids. Play with your kids’ games and toys. When you blow it, think of specific ways you can behave more constructively next time. (It may help if you write your intentions down.) Use your guilt to change your behavior, not as an excuse to beat yourself up, get discouraged or give up. Keep a journal. Make a few minutes for yourself and take the time to write. (Journals are great places to work through feelings, reactions and fears, and to keep track of events, as well as successes and growth.) Make time for yourself, for noticing what you need and for giving to yourself. (See page 215 for more information.) Note your successes. Before you go to bed, think of at least three things you did well or better that day. Write them down on a notepad, a calendar, datebook or in a “progress journal.” Don’t qualify your successes here—just focus on what you did right! It will always be easier to slip into patterns that come automatically, especially if you’ve had a long day or feel overwhelmed by life’s little distractions and problems. However, becoming more conscious of what you bring to your relationships tends to enhance the quality of your relationships, strengthens a belief in your ability to make changes in your life, and puts you in a position to make more constructive choices when opportunities arise. Excerpt from The Parent’s Little Book of Lists: Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Parenting, by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., © 1997, Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL.

Rhonda Jones is the assistant editor/ contributor acquisitions for The Infinite Field Magazine. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she earned a degree in Media Studies. She is currently a Ministerial Student at Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development, where she is continuing her Spiritual journey with her focus on Women’s Empowerment. Rhonda can be reached at

SOMETHING TO PONDER Recently I attended a workshop in which the facilitator,

His response was that I was asking the wrong

author, John Lee, gave his perspective on the Golden Rule

questions. The question then becomes, how well am I

in reference to relationships, specifically romantic

loving you or how would you like to be shown love? Now

relationships. He asked if this rule was really effective?

this really made me consider what I had been taught and

He left me questioning what I had been taught from a

thus doing to others. It became very clear to me that I had

small child to now. As a kid, I was taught that the Golden

been showing others how I desired for them to treat me by

Rule, to do unto others as you would have them do unto

treating them that way and at times it was not necessarily a

you, is the best way to treat others. I had believed it to be

good thing. Instead of asking them how they desire for

fail proof. It has always been my intention to treat the

me to treat them, I was only focused on me and how I

next person as I desire for someone else to treat me.

wanted to be treated. How many times had I done this?

Nothing wrong with that. After all, I know how I want to

Too many to count. I had learned from a child that, doing

be treated, so there is no better way for me to teach others

unto others the way I desired was the right thing to do. I

how to treat me than to show them. Right?

had not considered that the other person may have desired

Well, what I learned next was definitely something for me

to be treated differently. My way may not be their way.

to ponder. The facilitator asked, “What is the issue with

While my way may have been good, it was not necessarily

asking someone, do you love me?” Nothing, I thought.

what the other person wanted. So, today, I ask you:

This way I am sure that the other person loves me and I

-How do you know that the other person likes to be treated

need to know this piece of information. When he

the way you have been treating them?

responded that this is of no concern to me, I was baffled.

-Have you asked them how to treat them so that it shows

What? That makes no sense to me, I thought. How can

them that they are loved by you?

that be? I need to know if this man loves me before I continue to be in a relationship with him. I didn’t get it and neither did the people sitting around me. So my next

-Have you been doing/saying the things that they have stated that they desire?

question was: "Why is it not my business?" It’s not my

If not, have you been doing unto them what you would

business what the other person thinks or feels. It is my

have done unto you? Just something to Ponder.

business to know what I can say or do that lets the other person know that they are loved by me based on what they

Overflowing Abundance Can Be Yours 4 Financial Disciplines from Joe the Cab Driver By Valerie Love

We each and all deserve

Being a financial planner

wealth and abundance in

afforded me the opportunity to

every area of our lives, and it

look at hundreds of financial

becomes our reality when we

situations, up close and personal,

think aright.

including pay stubs, insurance policies and many of the most

My background as a financial advisor for 7 years with American Express (before selling my financial planning practice in 2005) and my current journey as one who teaches universal laws and principles to create rich living informs me that wealth begins within.

intimate details of a family's financial picture. In my conversations with clients and potential clients, most of which hinged around thought processes, I got to hear and see what made them tick financially. I got to see why they did what they did with their money, even when the pattern wasn't getting them to their financial goals and dreams.

My current calling and work as a Destiny Coach, author and inspirational speaker is really no different. It has afforded me the opportunity and honor to look at the lives of those I serve, and peer into their minds and hearts as well. What I have come to know is that outer causes have inner effects. There is overwhelming proof, the 'smoking gun' if you will, that consciousness creates. An example highlights this point. Let's consider two distinct, and actual, client scenarios taken straight from the annals of my

Client one—let's call him Joe—is a cab driver who brings in about $18,000 per year in income. He has no debt because he pays cash for everything. He lives in a small, easily affordable apartment that's perfect for him. His mom taught him to always save for a rainy day, which he's faithfully done. He's come into my office to find out how to invest the savings he has in his bank account, which has now grown to over 5 figures. He seems calm and relaxed about his financial situation; everything tends to go pretty much as he plans it, with few financial surprises.

Client two—let's call her Mary—is a doctor who makes over $300,000 per year. She has come to me because she's deep in debt, with several credit cards and a large mortgage. Each credit card has a balance of 5 figures (a typical credit card for a doctor in her position has a credit line of $25,000 or more). She is frequently late on her payments, overextended each month and is stressed over money. Her goal is to pay off debt, begin to save and create financial order and stability. Each client's thought processes, or inner effect, has caused a financial outcome. Which client will we examine and emulate for purposes of this discussion?

financial planning practice. The cab driver.

Why? Because he routinely and consistently practiced 4 key Financial Disciplines that we'll talk about here. I'll also present the underlying principles that enable us to practice the disciplines easier and with elegance.

It's as simple as that.

You see, creating financial wealth and abundance is about taking inner and outer steps, and doing them consistently over a period of years.

Recent college graduates are perfect examples. For instance, let's say Sally graduates college and, after years of subsisting on low income, is offered a position where she'll be making $80,000 per year. The lure for Sally is to immediately begin to spend money. Next thing you know, Sally has a nice new place, a car note, student loans, and tons of other expenses, with no discretionary income. Her new lifestyle is costing her $90,000 per year.

Let's get started with the financial disciplines we are now committing to, with the vision of building lasting financial success: Financial Discipline #1 – Always have money left over after you've taken care of all expenses. This principle cannot be overstated; it is the underpinning of wealth. Every client who made financial progress consistently spend less money than they bought in, which creates positive cash flow, also known as discretionary income in the financial world. Discretionary income is money that's left over after you've taken care of all your expenses. This is a key number, because wealth is built from discretionary income. It doesn't matter if your discretionary income is $100 per month or $1,000 or $10,000, you can and will get wealthy if you put your discretionary income to work. Now would be a good time to talk about income. Don't be fooled: it doesn't matter how much your income is. Wealth is not determined by level of income. Sure, you may reach your goals faster if you have higher income, but it's not a must. You can become wealthy on low income or on high income, and you can go to the poorhouse on low income or on high income. If you make $5,000,000 per year but spend $6,000,000, you have no discretionary income and you are headed to the poorhouse in a speeding red Ferrari. If you make $100,000 per year and spend $88,000, and save and invest your discretionary income of $12,000 per year (or $1,000 per month), you're headed toward wealth and abundance.

The trap of very high income—especially if Financial Discipline #1 has not been developed—is that it tempts folks to spend more money.

This is a recipe for financial disaster. The key is to save and invest your discretionary income each month to become wealthy. In addition, you always want to be on the lookout for ways to increase your discretionary income. My personal opinion on this one, from the gospel of Valerie, the book of Spending, chapter 1 verse 3 says "thou shalt not live stingily or cheaply, as if a pauper." So my tactic for increasing discretionary income is not to spend less with methods like clipping coupons, shopping at Wal-Mart and re-using paper towels. That's not my approach. My approach for increasing discretionary income is to make more money. You make more money by making yourself more valuable, and then presenting your value—clearly and articulately—in the marketplace such that people feel compelled to buy what you're offering. You love yourself more than any object and put yourself first. Your financial future is important. So remember to put yourself first. You can do it. It's never too late to become wealthy. Good fortune, Valerie Love

Valerie Love is an Abundant Living Enthusiast, Inspirational Speaker, Destiny Coach who teaches how to create abundance in the 7 key areas of life: Faith, Fulfillment, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finances & Fun. She is the best-selling author of 3 books, including God Speaks to Me—Stories of Triumph Over Tragedy From Women Who Listened to God and her most recent release: God Is In Love With You. You can connect with Valerie on Facebook and online at her blog:

Exercising Grace A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure-and unexpected adventure-of hosting a guest on my BlogTalkRadio show who is brilliant in her field, insightful, powerful, and quite provocative. I was looking forward to being with her again 15 years from when I had taken classes with her, curious as to how our years had shaped and grown us. I wondered if my growth over the the years and my tears of sadness and joy had granted me any of the wisdom and strength that I had so admired in her over 15 years ago when we first met. And had her years and tears granted any softening of her edges, edges that warned of mistaking her brilliance for an invitation to get closer to her. Little did I know that our radio show experience would have me living the blog post I wrote a few months ago titled “letting go of figuring it out!”, a blog in which I concluded that two people’s differences did not have to mean engaging in destructive conflict. Rather this was a moment where lessons in letting go and moving on without pursuing friendship or camaraderie would be most beneficial for all parties involved. My guest called into the show a few minutes early and inquired as to whether I wanted to do the hour in a question and answer format or could she simply talk about women’s wise use of herbs? My reply was simple; I was thrilled she was going to share her wisdom with others and she could talk for as much as she wanted in our hour together. I began the LIVE show with an introduction of my guest and my excitement at having her these many years later as a special guest on my show, and then asked her to speak about using herbs to maintain bone density. My guest immediately reprimanded me for saying “maintain”, stating that the accurate word would be “build”.

I was surprised at the rudeness that was impairing our conversation, not only in her correction but her tone as she addressed me. I thought to myself you are on LIVE radio, keep going, and so I simply asked my guest another question to which she again leveled a rude response at me.

My deliberate patience vanished when my guest went on to question me for throwing an herb into my compost pile. She was scolding me saying that it was wrong and insensitive to say “throw” it versus saying “placing” it on the compost pile. It seemed to me that my guest had chosen to spend our hour together in a cat and mouse dynamic...and I did not like being the mouse especially on my LIVE radio show! I could feel my excitement about hosting this woman, my “special guest” morphing into irritation, and then into my body getting it's armor up and ready for battle! Now don't get me wrong, I am an advocate of lively dialogue and lively debate (I have Knowing the avoidance of healthy conflict not only misses a creative opportunity, it often leads to an escalation of conflict and polarization between the parties. However, this cat and mouse game was not only irritating to me, it was not respectful to the listeners who had come to learn from our show and so I began to claim the righteousness of my anger. Ahhh, the beauty of remembering to soon as I realized my body was girding up for battle based on my right to do so, I smiled, took some deep breaths in and out, and asked myself: "What is really going on here?" (versus my current thought of "off with her head!"). My soft inner voice whispered back: learning. My body began to relax.

My mind shifted from surprise to defensive to curious. Not much to my surprise, my guest then changed gears and the show finally expanded into the direction which we had initially discussed and intended! After devoting almost half of the show to her rudeness, my guest finally began to come from a place of wisdom and sharing and away we went into the show that had been intended........grace exercised. Instead of engaging in either the active conflict of "who's right/who's wrong" or the passive war of thinking "she's a piece of work!", choosing instead to pause and breathe, graced me with wonderful learning and how I have grown. I was neither negating nor diminishing myself in the experience I was having, which I would have 15 years ago, especially given the dynamics of this guest playing her divine role of rudeness so well. By making room for grace through the choice to drop back into my body through breathing, self-awareness became present, transforming my irritation at another into an opportunity to choose grace. Grace for me is less about being passive and more an active choice to let go and trust in what is being delivered is for my best, in this case, the rudeness of my guest testing my commitment to grace. Before the show, I had placed myself as the novice and my guest the expert, afterwards, I could appreciate my grace and my guest's mastery. Through exercising grace, more of my guest's brilliance could be shared with the listeners and I received understanding of the important of grace in how I live......and now had a little less reluctance to live as the queen full of grace.... JaiKaur is a healer, teacher, and visionary with a gift for seeing where the divine is providing guidance in everyday life. She began her career as an architect, designing healthcare facilities in the Boston area followed by working for a non- profit organization while raising her 3 children. Her years of experience in taking what is, seeing it’s potential, and then designing that for daily use serves well as a skill in guiding women in the restoration of their spiritual lives. You can hear me talk more about this by going to my June 5th BlogTalkRadio show at

James Renford Powell Publisher

IAMPress – The Turn Key Approach to Publishing You do not have to hire an editor, proof reader or formatter to publish a book! You do not have to know where to get an ISBN or barcode, nor do you have to find a book cover designer. You don’t have to know where to print and bind or how to market your book. You only need to talk to Jim Powell at IAMPress – 901-487-9365. Online – go to WWW.IAM-COR.ORG – IAMPress – the Bookstore. Request the Author Package. _____________________

The Renford Books FREE – Investigate and see for yourself the most comprehensive book series available on the Universal Laws that are in affect in our lives. Down load the free E-book, The Searcher’s Road Map and view the synopsis of each book in the




Alexzandria Craft is Teen Editor for The Infinite Field Magazine.



Still waiting for happily ever after? Try on Happily Ever Now™ Jen Aly, M.S.


o you know anyone with the perfect

happily ever after? You may hope for it or push the possibility away because you’ve been burned. As a culture we are programmed to want it. Whether happily ever after means the castle, Prince Charming or your dream job, you may still be holding it in the back of your mind. But what if you arrive at that last page in the fairytale and you have it all, and still are not happy? While some of the things in the fairy-tale sound pretty good, the image leaves out important ingredients that support a relationship to grow in love and strength. You can use moments of doubt, challenge, and emotional upheaval to create more connection in your relationship. These signs are opportunities for the relationship to go deeper and as it does, old issues that were buried down deep come to the surface to clear out. This makes room for more expansive experiences of love and ecstasy. When you know how to deal with the stuff coming to the surface, it makes the process of expansion a lot easier. Notice I didn’t say ‘easy,’ just ‘easier.’ During conflict, doubt or fear, even if you don’t know what is there, what it means or how to address it, understanding that on some level it is fertilizer for growth and deepening the relationship is often enough to provide a foundation of inner peace during a storm. This awareness can support you in preparing for a new kind of relationship and/or approaching your current relationship with more love, clarity and a greater sense of self. The most challenging part may be trusting the process and staying present when your ego wants you to walk out the door.

The idea of wanting your relationship to be like it was when you first started dating may seem appealing. However, because you have grown since then and you have had so many experiences together, there is potential to create your relationship with more aliveness, depth, and passion than ever before. Letting go of the past and being in this moment with your current reality is the best place to start living happily ever now. This is not a happily ever after picture. I’m not saying you’ll be happy every moment of everyday after you meet your life-partner. I am saying that it is possible to consciously create your relationship and ride the waves of the ups and downs. Look at relationships like a garden. When you water and fertilize it, it grows just like any other dream that you may have. When you neglect it, it dies. It goes through cycles of growth, harvest, decay and fallowness. The decay can be used as compost for the next cycle…if you utilize it. Embracing these cycles rather than expecting every moment of life to be harvest time can lead you to a bountiful garden with rich soil. You deserve a relationship beyond your dreams that transcends the elusive myth of happily ever after and guides you along a path of living happily ever now. Embrace this moment in your life and relationship and show up for it with your heart open. Jen Aly, M.S. is committed to supporting women to live Happily Ever Now™. Author of Happily Ever Now™ For Your Love Life. She facilitates international women’s groups via the web and phone from her office in Maui. Jen has been a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach since 2003. Visit her website at


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