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OK people here’s the thing........Greeting and welcome to this edition of ‘The Twisted Times’ coming straight from the printing presses, operated by THE INFECTED, deep within the dungeons at Rock Raunch & Twisted Towers. The aim of The Twisted Times is to feed the INFECTED with their required medication of DARK n DIRTY SHOCK n ROLL . Additionally THE INFECTED are always looking to spread the infection into all of them and their kind, so they cross-over to the TWISTED AFTERLIFE ,and experienced the untold pleasures of the flesh, that await them, in all things hot in the world of Rock, Goth, Punk & Alternative. You can also get your weekly medication of DARK n DIRTY SHOCK n ROLL by tuning into The Rock Raunch & Twisted Radio Shows, which broadcasts to 1000’s across the globe by infecting the radio airwaves of UK Based Noize Level Critical & US Based Rockstarsglued every Monday from 8PM UK time. For tune in details, requests, dedications, advertising and/or to learn more about Rock Raunch & Twisted Visit : WWW.ROCKRAUNCHANDTWISTED.WIX.COM email:

Recent & rocks

with the TWISTED one

OK Here’s The Thing People....Here at Rock Raunch & Twisted Towers we are regularly blessed with getting KICK-ASS RnR sent through to us, which we really appreciate and thank all the bands for taking the time & interest for sending their music into us. We always try to spread and share as many of the tracks we receive either via our various social media, website and/or by giving them some airplay on our radio show which INFECTS the radio airwaves on a weekly basis, broadcasting to 1000’s across the RnR Globe from 8pm (UK Time) via our broadcast partners UK Based Noize Level Critical & US Based Rockstarglued Rock Radio. (Tune in at Currently getting quite a great deal of wear on the players here at THE TOWERS are a couple of albums in particular. Firstly we have the ROCK n ROLL equivalent of LA LEGION! The ‘WHITE COAST REBELS’ who are an international rabble of ROCK WAIFS, PUNK STRAYS & METAL MISFITS! .This ROCK/METAL band based on the Costa Blanca (White Coast) SPAIN have been forged together by their love of that 'HORNS IN THE AIR' HEAVY METAL GRIND & those 'STADIUM ROCK ANTHEMS' we all sing along to on those hot summer nights. Remember when "Ricky was a young boy" & "Tommy used to work on the docks"? Well reach for your lighters because the WHITE COAST REBELS are here to feed & cleanse your RnR souls with their new album HANGIN’ WITH THE BAD BOYS which contains 14 totally awesome original tracks. To get a flavour of their sound, check out ROCKRAUNCHANDTWISTED.WIX.COM under the featured album segment, where you can listen to the whole album via a steam and if you like what you hear you can also order it for a mere £12.00 including UK postage & packing. The other album that seems to of taken root on our player is the debut album from 6 piece Celtic rock, folk , punk, ska ; call them what you will, but one thing for certain, the totally awesome & addictive FEROCIOUS DOG. These guys take traditional instruments such as; fiddles, whistles, mandolins and mix them up with a bit of, raw, buzz saw rock n' roll attitude. The album in our mind is destined to become a CLASSIC . It contains fully charged feel-good ANTHEMS, yet at the same time beautifully dark and full of emotion both musically and l y r i c a l l y. T h e a l b u m i s a v a i l a b l e v i a ROCKRAUNCHANDTWISTED.BIGCARTEL.COM as a LIMITED SIGNED EDITION for only £12.00 (incl. UK P&P)....Til The Next Time ...Rock Long...Rock Hard...Play Harder.......\m/....TWISTED.....\m/

The lords rant..............

Lord Zion Spit like THiS So, I get my own column, eh? About bloody time, too. I have important issues to get off my chest and this gives me the perfect forum.

My first rant is about a topic that gets right on my tits: People Who Say One Thing But Do Another. If that is you, you are a prick. I fucking hate people like that with a passion. They are pointless. They are cowardly. They are liars. If you say to me that you will do something – whatever that may be – I am going to take that on face value. I am going to assume that you aren't a snivelling weasel and that the words that form in your mind and spew forth from your mouth actually mean something. So, if you don't do that thing, you may as well just crawl under a rock and wait there to die. QUIETLY. I mean, why do that? Why not just say “I don't think I can do that” or “I don't think that is a good idea” or “No, I totally don't agree with you”. It's not hard to do and at least I will know that you are a person of good standing. Most people do it because they want a moment where they feel awesome; basking in the glow of your good vibes toward them. I believe they think that saying the thing is the same as doing the thing. It is not. It is very different. And, if you think any different to that, you are retarded. Severely mentally retarded. You may make me feel slightly warm and fuzzy toward you for a moment or two but, as soon as you go back on your word, I just put you in the file marked “cock-sucking low-life”. I realise I am saying “I” and “you” like we are actually having this occurrence between us. I also realise that is not the case. Chances are, I have never met you. Chances are, you are one of the good guys. I hope so. And, if you are not, how about having a re-think? It isn't cool to go back on your word. No-one will trust you and no-one will take you seriously as a human being. They will just presume – quite rightly – that you are a cunt. But it is never too late to change. Just make that conscious decision, right here, right now, that from here to the bitter end, you will just be as good as your word.

For limited edition/signed editions & exclusive merchandise from some of the cream of the current underground scene visit See below a selection of current offers

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DEAN FOXX FAST FOOD CULTURE MUSIC INDUSTRY PRISON SLOP So, here I am sitting at my computer ready to write my first wee piece of hopefully many for this illustrious new publication… Only, Mr mighty mouth here… Mr Never at a loss for words, Mr fire away, let it rip throw anything at me and I will expertly deflect your word cursed defamatory comment bullets with my highly trained prose Ninjas, armed with heat seeking vocabulary missiles… is a little bit stuck…. “Write what you like” they said… “You have free reign” they cooed…. “Just let it flow” they grinned, and walked from the darkened room tittering into their Blood and Jack Daniels stained butchers aprons…. Ahhhh… Now I see…. And so I come to it… the transient nature of popular music, the evil of the throw away fast food celebrity culture that we find ourselves drowning in every day… Everybody wants to Rule the world but nobody wants to take the Earth rulers and planetary politics exams… “I Want it all, and I want it now”… A great Queen Lyric from a great Queen song… and never a truer word spoken as we plug in, log on and zone out to the insipid cries of Justin Bieber or One “Fucking” Direction, So called artists who are taken from stables of clones given their factory manufactured personalities and Pop by numbers songs written by so called “Hit makers”, boxed up, branded and fed to the masses with promises from “The powers that be” that this is good and nourishing….. ...And yet, there is a world out there that is closer to us all than this distant planet of plastic clones that we are told to idolise from afar… Concealed within dingy garages and makeshift rehearsal rooms, hidden within plain sight within the Pubs and Clubs of our fair land… Real human beings with real musicality, playing real songs that they have written that mean something to them and to the people who are listening… that have life and that ooze soul… This is the real music industry, this is the real and future beating heart of what should be…. So wake up people, get off your knees and stop listening to the prison warders… The revolution starts here… What does the Foxx Say?...ROCK N’ F*CKING ROLL!!!


A little bit of moonshine

Mick moonshine Ale-ing on a Sunday afternoon a selection of my favourite real ale houses from the derby real ale trail Lazy Sunday afternoon… a quite week, so you’ll find me in my favourite pubs sampling some mighty fine real ales. Derby the real ale capital, so let’s get on it, Ashbourne Road that’s where you want to start, just off the Ashbourne Road tucked away in Langley Street, is The New Zealand Arms the home of Dancing Duck ales, a great pub friendly people, it’s a proper local pub and Dancing Duck brewery serves up some of the best real ale to be found in the Midlands. A steady walk to Grundys for a quick one, the on down the road to Agard Street, The Golden Eagle, I remember it back in the sixties, brought back to life by Titan Brewery a lovely pub, Great landlord and staff with beers to match, try Titan Gold………. ah pure nectar… now we’re on it , like a magnet The Flowerpot in King Street is pulling us in, the best live music venue in Derby and home of the finest real ales, always plenty to choose from, a couple of pints of BG Sips or Sunflower and were ready to sit and relax and listen to the Sunday afternoon sessions, live acoustic/electric set from some of the best acts from around the Midlands a great Blues/roots afternoon which starts around 4pm til 7pm food is on offer and there’s a great beer garden to chill/relax in. Usually that’s me done and back home around 10pm….however from time to time, it’s not uncommon to bump into some of the Rock Raunch & Twisted Crew on the trail…….as real-ale and live music are just down their twisted alley...and if you do, you know its going to get messy, with the now legendary Ye Olde Twisted walk home……… step forward and two steps back in the early hours of Monday Morning… If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend sampling Rock Raunch & Twisted’s YE OLDE TWISTED ALE…it’s a crackin good drop of real ale……Until the next time……Mick Moonshine.


Gd man of metal New Muscle & Blood New Generation Superstars Sitwell Tavern Derby & The Salutation Nottingham 28th & 29th March 2014 It’s another new era for New Generation Superstars as sadly a couple of months ago NGS said goodbye to their rhythm section Alex and Rick and welcomed on board their latest drummer and bassist Mord Fustang and Jonny Suicide. New muscle and blood adding a fresh dynamic to the Leicester/Nottingham based band who have been around for more than a decade now and with three albums under their belt and a fourth in the pipeline they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Sixteen Tons is not what you’d expect to hear as an intro for New Generation Superstars but that’s what we got, a new era indeed as at both the Derby and the Nottingham show’s the patrons were treated to a ‘new’ look and a different sound driving the familiar songs we know and love. As ever AJ Superstar (guitar/lead vocals) and Davey Messiah (lead guitar) are at the helm of the ship but now they’re joined by new ship mates, former Suicide Tuesday bass player Jonny Suicide and former Wraith sticks man Mord Fustang. The new line-up has changed the dynamism of NGS but I suppose we won’t feel the full effect until new material has been written and introduced to the shows. On these two dates NGS were playing an interesting set which contained about 80% of the songs from their 2013 album Rock n’ Roll or Die, however they did play some of the old favourites from their two noughties albums such as Come Over, Star, Beat Em’ Down and the by now anthemic Overload. The Derby show was excellent, the intimate atmosphere of the Sitwell Tavern made for a fun evening, it was like being invited into a conclave of rock and metal. The Nottingham gig by comparison, felt more like an arena show; NGS never fail at the Salutation, they’ve played that venue many times in the past and it always comes up trumps for them. What about that Ernie Ford intro song I hear you say, well when I asked AJ what was that all about, he gave this as his answer…“I guess it was in the lyrics ‘poor man made out of muscle and blood. Another day older and deeper in dept.’ Sort of sums it all up. We do it for the love of Rock n Roll, not the money or fame!” n the lyrics of one of their own songs from their first album ‘I don’t do it ‘cos I have to I do it ‘cos I can… Man!’ Review By GD Manofmetal For Rock Raunch & Twisted’s Twisted Times Find more of GD’s reviews @

Rock Raunch & Twisted's Rated & rocks festivals Well festival season 2014 is kicking into overdrive.....But with so many UK based established and in some instances TOO CORPORATE DRIVEN/ FORGETTEN THEIR ROOTS, SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DOLLAR INSTEAD OF ROCK N ROLL festivals, in addition to a tidal wave of HAVE A GO festivals starting, with some even failing before they have got off the ground, we thought we would share with you a couple of festivals that we here at ROCK RAUNCH & TWISTED TOWERS, will once again be scheduling into our 2014 festival and/or holiday plans. If like us here at ROCK RAUNCH AND TWISTED, you love your Rock music, in addition to Bikes & Trikes, Value For Money and/or you just festivals that still keep Rock n Roll at their souls..Then schedule the ROCK & BIKE FESTIVAL and also the ROCK & METAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL into your 2014 festival plans. Aside from securing an AWESOME LINE-UP OF BANDS both these festivals in our experience, deliver in regard to value for money, facilities, layout and general FESTIVAL FEEL -GOOD FACTOR. Additionally they are both full of the most WONDERFULLY FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL ROCK BROTHERS & SISTERS, you could ever wish to meet, and who certainly pay homage to the statement, DONT JUDGE US BOOKS BY OUR COVERS. So what you waiting for GET YOUR TICKETS and ROCK RAUNCH & TWISTED CREW will see you there.

WOODSTERS SELECTION Weekends in may Friday 2nd MAY


Friday 23RD MAY

Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham AIRBOUNRE (Rock Covers) Rock City (Basement) Talbot Street Nottingham A FOREINERS JOURNEY

The Old Volunteer Burton Road Carlton Nottingham INCREDIBLE SKANK BROTHERS Rock City (Basement) Talbot Street Nottingham MENTALLICA & MEGADEATH UK Tribute Bands

Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham TIN SOLDIER (Rock/Punk Covers) The Maze Mansfield Road Nottingham BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE

Saturday 3rd MAY The Maze Mansfield Road Nottingham NOIZE LEVEL CRITICAL 2014 ALL DAY ROCK FESTIVAL The Hop Pole High Street Chilwell ACOUSTIC UNION The George Inn High Street Ripley CRAZY HEART

SUNDAY 4TH MAY The Maze Mansfield Road Nottingham NOIZE LEVEL CRITICAL 2014 ALL DAY ROCK FESTIVAL The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton SCRATCH DUO

Friday 9TH MAY Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham WHISKEY MAMA The Maze Mansfield Road Nottingham UK SUBS

SUNDAY 11TH MAY The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton BLACKWATER

Friday 16th MAY Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham BLUEFLIES The Greyhound High Road Beeston THE CLAN

Saturday 24th MAY The Manor Nottingham Road Toton Nottingham MAD 4 SKA The Stumble Inn Tamworth Road Long Eaton COPPERHEAD (Rock Covers) The Barge Tamworth Road Long Eaton CRAZY HEART

SUNDAY 25th MAY The Barge (4pm til 7pm)

Saturday 17TH MAY Tamworth Road Long Eaton The Hop Pole High Street Chilwell CRAZY HEART The Bell Inn Sawley Long Eaton PARKER (Rock/ Punk Covers)

SUNDAY 18TH MAY The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton LUCILLE

TBA Check With Venue

FRIDAY 30TH MAY Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham THREE LEGGED CAT The Flowerpot King Street Derby THE SMYTHES (Smiths Tribute)

Saturday 31st MAY Rock City (Basement) Talbot Street Nottingham WEDNESDAY 13 (Unplugged)

All listing correct at time of printing to the best of our knowledge. Please check full details/timings with venue prior to travelling

WOODSTERS SELECTION Weekends in June Sunday 1st June


The Barge(4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton LIL JIM & BIG JIM

Sherwood Pines Forest Park Nr Edwinstowe Nottingham PAUL WELLER IN THE FOREST The Greyhound High Road Beeston SACK SABBATH (Black Sabbath Tribute) The Flowerpot King Street Derby OHASIS (Oasis Tribute)

FRIDAY 6TH JUNE Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham BLACK ROSE The Greyhound High Road Beeston LOADED REVOLVER

SATURDAY 7TH JUNE Smithy’s Marina Bar London Road Shardlow Marina THE STEVE NAYLOR BAND The Greyhound High Road Beeston MENTALLICA (Metallica Tribute)

Sunday 8TH JUNE Southwell Folk Festival 2014 Upton Road Southwell SOUTHWELL FOLK FESTIVAL The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton JUNCTION ACOUSTIC

FRIDAY 13TH JUNE Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham JESTER The Greyhound High Road Beeston MICK RUTHERFORD BAND

Sunday 15TH JUNE The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton MOJOSA

FRIDAY 20TH JUNE Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham JUNCTION The Lion Inn Mosley Street Basford PARKER (Rock/Punk Covers)

The Barge (4pm til 7pm) Tamworth Road Long Eaton NOTORIOUS DAWSON BROS

Friday 27th june Tap N Tumbler Wollaton Street Nottingham CHARLIE DON’T SURF The Greyhound High Road Beeston IDLE HANDS

SATURDAY 28TH JUNE White Lion Derby Road Sandiacre THE STEVE NAYLOR BAND The Greyhound High Road Beeston DETHONATOR

SATURDAY 21ST JUNE The Stumble Inn Tamworth Road Long Eaton TIN SOLDIER The Greyhound High Road Beeston DEVILS ADVOCATE

All listing correct at time of printing to the best of our knowledge. Please check full details/timings with venue prior to travelling

Big d of nlc The sound Of the underground Hi everyone, well I have been asked to ramble a few words in each edition of this great new music mag, so here goes... “The Sound of the Underground”.... Girls Aloud ? I hear you scream, No none of that at all, what we do at Noize Level Critical radio is aim to support the Underground Rock scene and Local Rock scene as much as we can by airing tracks, giving some promo and trying to get to as many gigs as we can. Believe me this is no easy job as there are so many great bands out there wanting our time. As presenters non of us get paid, we use our own money for equipment and costs but it does have it’s little perks as when a new CD drops through the door from a Band or PR Company of a Band you have never heard of, you put it in the player and WOW it completely blows you away, having those moments is worth all the hassles. It’s a very long time since a Major Band has blown me away with an album but recently I have had 2 or 3 underground bands do just that.. Please go and check out Kodiak Jack, the album “Alhambra” is out in June and I have had the privilege of hearing it many times now and it will be in my top 5 at the end of 2014, no doubt, it is dirty, raw, Southern Rock, just brilliant from track 1 to 11. Another great band that you must check out are Little Mammoth, Notts based , female fronted and again raw, sexy and Southern edged. Finally Falling Red with “Empire of the Damned” just an awesome dirty Sleazy album full of great riffs and vocals. So those are my 3 for this month sure there could be so many more but those will have to wait.. Right it’s back to the office for the last details of the NLC/RACPA UK FESTIVAL to be sorted, no doubt it may well be done and dusted and/or actually taking place as you read this, so next time there will be lot’s to chat about...I Hope !!!!! In the interim and for the best from the current underground and un-signed scene, tune in every TUESDAY (7pm til 10pm UK Time) to my UNDERGROUND RADIO SHOW, brought to you from NOIZE LEVEL CRITICAL, the UK & EUROPEAN arm of US BASED ROCKSTARSGLUED ROCK RADIO (Tune in at WWW.ROCKSTARGLUED.COM) Keep Rockin Rock Freakz...BiG D

Ease the pain with.........

ROb ‘Tcc’ LANE Looking back whilst moving forward !

“Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a LOT AbOuT yOuR DESTINATION” DRAkE I turn forty years old this year but, probably like a lot of you out there, I still feel exactly the same as I did when I was maybe eighteen or nineteen years old. A little creakier here and there but in my head I still love the same kind of stuff I always did with probably, or at least I hope, the same kind of passion and energy. A couple of years ago I started a new let’s call it ‘side project’, which I could do alongside the other musical things I was working on. I’ve always had a crutch which is to have fingers in lots of pies. I sometimes wish I could focus on just the one job but I find that impossible to do - I like too many different things and want to give other stuff a try. Even as a kid I wasn’t into just one thing - It wasn’t just Star Wars - I wanted Action Force, Transformers and Masters of the Universe all at the same damn time! STRAIGHT TO VIDEO (a combination of Movie Soundtrack Cover Versions & 80s Movie Nights) was born out of my love of all things 1980s and early 1990s. Basically anyone of the same age - it’s our ‘favourite years', you know, the ones we look back on when everything felt perfect. Everybody looks back on their childhood and youth with rose tinted glasses, at least parts of it. Our TV shows were the best, our films were the best and of course our music was THE BEST! So yeah, I guess I’ve turned into THAT old person where every teenager I might speak to is thinking, “Who’s this old fart?” Well, hopefully not. That’s one of the things I’m trying NOT to do with STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. All I want, rather than shout out about how great and amazing ‘that time’ was, is perhaps just bring some new eyes and fans to be aware of it, take something from it and add it to what’s happening today. I’ve seen it happening too. Being in bands for sometime you see a whole bunch of new, much younger, more attractive, more talented musicians appearing on the circuit. You can either see it as intimidating or amazing. I try and go for the latter no matter how old it makes me feel. Most of them I’ve found, should they hear about STRAIGHT TO VIDEO, really like it. What is extra awesome is that a lot of them are already more than aware of some of the great pop culture which I try and promote. That’s because it’s fucking GOOD! This year STRAIGHT TO VIDEO starts a whole new journey. Last year we released our debut EP, held a bunch of successful Movie Nights but now it’s time for an album! I’ve decided to try out the ever popular Pledge Campaign. For a few years I’ve stood on the sidelines watching bands undertake this route. Some successful whilst others perhaps, not as much. I’ve been hesitant to give it a try, basically questioning if I think enough people out there give a shit but what sealed it was how pledge and it’s angle has changed slightly. In the beginning I didn’t agree with bands pitching that if people didn’t pledge then they couldn’t make their album! That’s pretty bad form. Like my good friend, Jamie Delerict says ‘If you want something bad enough, then you WILL make it happen!’ No, what I saw from other bands was how they used Pledge to really make people feel involved so that’s what I wanna do and ‘hopefully’ other people will want to be part of it too! So here we go, 2014 sees me on a new journey into the past but with a solid foot in the present and future, let’s see how we get on. I’ll keep you posted! For more information on STRAIGHT TO VIDEO visit the website .

Walk this way with.........

Tommy shan

Steroid freak pussy 1980’S VS…….. I’ve been on some weird nostalgia trip of late, I’ve been buying random 1980’s back editions of Kerrrrang Magazine from eBay. The tours, the bands and the poodle perms have forced me to reflect on the shit state of the Nineties, Noughties and whatever we’re supposed to call this current decade (someone told me it’s the “tenties” but I refuse to call it that as that’s just bollocks). The recent and very sad death of the Ultimate Warrior (“ultimate who???” the youngsters cry out) and the brutal realisation that nobody knows why you would hire the A Team or what spandex is anymore is all just a bit sad. Unfortunately, having only been born in 1979, I was too young to fully appreciate the Eighties in all of its glory (by this I mean I was too young to get boozed- although me and my older brother did pilfer the odd bottle of Export 33 from the latest booze cruise stash). Nonetheless, the influence the eighties have had upon me is immeasurable. There is no doubt that in it’s own unique, magical and crazy way this was a decade unlike any other and as I’m a bit of an egomaniac, I thought I’d categorise what I feel are the most influential/defining moments of the eighties upon my personality. 1. Chas & Dave’s Knees Up. I’m pretty sure this TV Show is one of my first ever memories and where I was introduced to the Grumbleweeds (although Wikipedia tells me otherwise). This was like a cool version of X-Factor. Everyone loves a bit of Rockney. 2. The Grumbleweeds. Musical talent, charisma, comedic timing in abundance and they’re from Leeds. At about 6 years old I remember seeing them on TV (as long as the tubes hadn’t gone) and having no idea what everyone found so funny about them, but being totally mesmerised by the idea of making folk laugh.

3. Quo - In the Army Now. Up until hearing this in the mid 80’s, Karma Chameleon had been my favourite song. SFP could’ve sounded very different if this had been allowed to carry on. 4. Appetite for Destruction. Although I didn’t hear this (on cassette) until 1991, prior to this, Status Quo could’ve ended up being my favourite band. Again if not for GnR, SFP could’ve sounded very different. 5. WWF and Summerslam 88. I don’t mean the World Wildlife Fund I mean the World Wrestling Federation (now called WWE- that was the most pointless lawsuit ever…seriously who would ever confuse the two??) Along with the Grumbleweeds, subconsciously these guys have been a huge influence on my on-stage banter (depending on how much whiskey I’ve smashed!!) as this alternates from being full on Hovis advert to an intense Hulk Hogan styleeee, to being completely ridiculous and nonsensical like the Ultimate Warrior (RIP Jim). 6. The ITV Chart Show. More specifically the Rock Chart! If you had parents like mine who used to say, ‘Sky TV?? Do you think money grows on sodding trees?? Besides, there is enough crap on these 4 channels without paying for another 30’ (only when the tubes haven’t blown mum!) for many of us poor northerners this was the only glimpse of any kind of Heavy Metal Video on TV. Speaking of which when did MTV stop playing music videos and start showing endless episodes of ‘My big fat spoilt pregnant rich kid wankers birthday party’ instead?? I don’t get it?? I’m all teary eyed now…. I know this is all relative and I’m not totally naïve, I know it wasn’t all shits and giggles in the eighties. I’m not talking about Thatcher or any of that shite I’m talking about Rob Halfords haircut!!. Until we walk together again.....Watcha Gonna Do When Tommy Shan Runs Wild On You

A word from the warren

Tony warren

Front-man of fight-back Ex member of the Exploited

Hi to all, be you Punks, Skins, Rockers, Bikers, Goths and/or Herbert's, Tony here from FIGHT-BACK and also former member of THE EXPLOITED. Please take some time to check out my current band FIGHT-BACK on reverbnation at and/or via facebook at Fight back. I also have my own personal page on facebook under Tony Warren and I am contactable via email at Right that’s all the boring SH*T out of the way. OK, so I was having a beer with The Twisted One the other day, and we were chatting about back in the day and also current of which being FIGHT-BACK’S new PANDEMIC EP. “Tell me more” said Twisted...Well....The EP contains 3 tracks...The first track PANDEMIC, took its inspiration from THE PLAGUE from back in the day which wiped out quite a few of us humans. Track 2 is PILLAR TO POST, which is an older song from BISH, Fight-Back’s axe man and is from his 80’s punk band days with GUTTERSNIPE ARMY. The song is about a guy who constantly argues with his wife and is at the end of his tether (we’ve all been there guy's Ha Ha) based on my last comment, I may have to go into hiding now as all you housewife types out there will be looking to push me from pillar to post !!!. The third track on the EP is PSYCHO SAM, which is mainly about a psychopath, who is on the rampage wiping everyone out that get’s in his way. Sam basically was a loner at school who was also bullied and both these life experiences along with others along the way lead his to his current state of mind..!!!. To get a taster of the EP visit FIGHT-BACK’s at reverbnation on the address detailed above. Additionally you can get hold of a copy of the EP at any of our gigs and I am also pleased to confirm that we have nominated ROCK RAUNCH & TWISTED as an official distributor of the EP and a limited number of SIGNED COPIES of the EP can be purchased at Ok that’s about it for this edition but I look forward to bringing you more WORDS FROM THE WARREN in the future, sharing some of my experiences and stories from back in the day with THE EXPLOITED and also the current life and times of FIGHT-BACK who are hoping to be around for a many more years to come. Bye For Now...........Tony Warren FIGHT-BACK

Twisted chats To animal


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LEGENDARY LIVE MUSIC VENUE 257 Mansfield Road Nottingham NG1 3FT TELEPHONE : 0115 947 5650 The Editor/Publishing Team Of The Twisted Times cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright arising from material supplied to us by clients and advertisers. Additionally the views in this magazine are not necessarily shared by the editor/publishing team. For advertising and/or to learn more about Rock Raunch & Twisted & The Twisted Times Visit :


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The Twisted Times For Twisted Minds May/June Edition  

Electronic Version Of The *Hardcopy Rock/Lifestyle Magazine For All That's Hot In The World Of Rock, Goth, Punk & Alternative. Electronic V...

The Twisted Times For Twisted Minds May/June Edition  

Electronic Version Of The *Hardcopy Rock/Lifestyle Magazine For All That's Hot In The World Of Rock, Goth, Punk & Alternative. Electronic V...