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TAROT SPEAK FOR SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2013 CANCER Past has to be let gone. When we are tired of something we have to use all our strength to let go off the clutter. In September, you will have to kiss it goodbye and you will never miss it again. Dedicate yourself to making your relationship work. The Eight of Wands represents a romance that comes late in your life. Wealth wise you will have to spend money to make more. A financial venture would need effort and focus. Lucky colour: Peach Lucky number: 4


In September, there will be no magic wand to wave but there will certainly be an improvement you can set in motion and soon you will see the results. In love, your little heart will be pulled by this powerful, invisible magnet. You may feel there is not much to gain from this relationship but as I TAURUS said just wait and watch. Seven of Wands in your money tarot says the harvest is still a long way off. The tarot tells you to Don’t rush into things, be patient and persevering. GEMINI never to say never. Lucky colour: Purple blue What most people Nature abhors a vacuum. If therefore Lucky numbers: 7, 16 refer to as impossible you want to bring something in your you achieve easily. In life all you have to do is create space September, value yourself, your sanity and for it. The trouble is that Geminis accept as much as you can. A recent breakup don’t like space. Absence puts you on has made you more vulnerable and skeptical the edge and actually takes you into when it comes to relationships. Money matters a depression, especially in love. The get a bit complicated in October so don’t be tarot depicts fulfillment of love and naive regarding financial matters. security in a relationship. Financial Lucky colour: Chocolate brown success and physical comfort will Lucky number: 6 come to you, so enjoy a period of accomplishment. Lucky colour: Golden yellow

LEO Strong leaders make friends and foes during their years in power. But does a Leo care? They believe passionately in their own policies. In September expect a particular policy of yours to make you universally popular. You would also make a big leap in success. By allying yourself with another person or group you may be able to earn greater profits. The Six of Pentacles in your tarot suggests a romantic period ahead. Expect chocolates, gifts and candle light dinners. Lucky colour: Light green Lucky number: 6



September is going to make you work like a bee. Your career tarot has the sun card that indicates success - time to make hay while the sun shines. Someone you are thinking about is dreaming about you too. Have a heart to heart conversation with her/him. Financially you be very comfortable. Put your feet up and rest on your laurels. The tarot indicates there are chances of you buying a new vehicle too. Lucky colour: Vintage wine Lucky number: 3

Life is no great complicated formula. The issues that we are up against just need a bit of positive thinking and common sense. Workwise you will have to work hard to complete the deadlines on time. A huge charity event builds a good team spirit. A relationship affects you profoundly. The tarot advices you to cut through all the confusion and get to the essence of what is wrong. Trust this emerging understanding and bring back your love. Lucky colour: Chocolate truffle Lucky number: 5

VIRGO Appearances can be deceptive but so would be disappearances. Sometimes you would feel that something has gone forever, only to discover that it has been in hiding. In September, there would be a cause for celebration or a reason for great concern. September brings you in touch with old friends. It gives you the chance to choose whether you want to renew a connection or sever it. You would be purchasing land in the month of October. Lucky colour: Plum red Lucky number: 9

AQUARIUS You will achieve good name and fame. You will take quick decisions based on your instincts. If you are in a job then you will get a promotion. When you desire something intensely, you can steamroll over objections and obstacles to get it. Family will need your attention. Stress and quarrels with your partner will leave you feeling low and down. Temperance tarot suggests you to take the help of a mediator, who will help resolve differences and solve problems. This could bring back peace. Lucky colour: Emerald green Lucky number: 2 PISCES



The tarot sees a new beginning, a new work. Trust your faith and relax. Don’t stress over small issues. Spend some quality time with your spouse this month. Travel is on the cards. Try a visit to a place that entices you or will take your mind off stress. Change is required and although it may be difficult, it will be interesting and helpful. Main focus has to be on improving financials. Lucky colour: Indigo Lucky number: 8

The tarot strongly indicates focus will be on ambition and career. Work hard, show your skills and you will be rewarded. A friend can be your support system during this time. Travelling for work is on cards. Your sense of humour will be great. Love life is going through lots of ups and downs. Tarot also indicates pain through your sweetheart’s insensitivity. Probably you might feel lonely, rejected or misunderstood. Energise this period with pink quartz crystals. Lucky colour: Fuschia Lucky number: 4


The past may form you but also inform you. In the weeks to come you might benefit from the lessons of experience. Ideas to improve your life without repeating mistakes could be discussed. Decide whether goals that you are focused on are worthy or not. In love, a deep idealistic connection exists between two individuals. Other people may not understand your attraction. The moon card also suspects a clandestine affair. Health is a major cause of concern. Lucky colour: Sky blue Lucky number: 3


September-October 2013  

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. We love the flowers that bloom in spring, the watermelon we eat in summer, the yellow leaves that adorn t...

September-October 2013  

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. We love the flowers that bloom in spring, the watermelon we eat in summer, the yellow leaves that adorn t...