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Sri Lanka • IDP Situation Situation Report #07 24 December 2009 This report covers the period from 14 to 24 December 2009. Limited Circulation

I. Situation Overview •

As of 21 December, 114,025 IDPs remain in camps as follows: Vavuniya (108,111, of which 103,755 are in Menik Farm), Mannar (1,727), Jaffna (3,987) Trincomalee (200). 142,570 IDPs have been returned to their districts of origin (although the majority have not returned to their homes), while 28,162 mainly vulnerable persons have been released into host and community care, mainly in Vavuniya (24,110, with 3,197 in Mannar and 855 in Trincomalee).

In a 22 December meeting with humanitarian agencies, the Governor of the Northern Province Maj. Gen. Chandrasiri stated that all remaining IDPs would be moved out of Menik Farm by the end of January 2010.

According to the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Centre, 50,000 families, mostly in Muttur and Kinniya, were affected by floods and several IDP camps inundated due to heavy rainfall in the East caused by cyclonic conditions in the Bay of Bengal last week. Some affected families were temporarily relocated to schools in the province.

In Jaffna District, rains resulted in flooding of the Kodikamam Ramavil IDP camp and the Maruthankerny, Manatkadu resettlement village. The camps are located in low-lying, flood prone areas which reduced the effectiveness of the drainage system. In Manatkadu, some families stayed in public buildings for few days. Return kits and WFP food distribution was provided to those affected.

The A9 road from the Jaffna Peninsula was opened for public and private vehicles from 18 December, with movement permitted between 6.00am and 4.00pm. Travel no longer requires authorization. However, the transport of goods will continue to take place through vehicle convoys, and standard registration processes. The UN is consulting with the relevant government authorities to clarify use of the A9 road for UN/INGO vehicles.

Returns to Jaffna District • On 16 December, 40 persons returned to Jaffna District. • On 23 December 86 individuals, released from Kodikamam Ramavil camp, went to stay with relatives. Returns to Kilinochchi District • On 16 December, 884 persons were returned to Poonakary District Secretariat (DS) division in Kilinochchi District. • According to the Kilinochchi GA, 9,777 individuals have returned to 15 villages in Poonakary DS division, while 3,444 individuals have returned to eight villages in Karachchi DS division. This brings the total returns to Poonakary, as of 24 December, to 11,047 individuals and 4,046 individuals to Karachchi. • The GA’s office has identified immediate needs of returnees include agricultural tool kits, electricity, fishing gear and support to small industry. • The Kilinochchi GA’s office plans to open the Kandawalai and Pachchilaipalli DS divisions for resettlement. IDPs are expected to be resettled in the Elephant Pass, Umaiyarlpuram, Kumarapuran and Paranthan Grama Niladhari (GN) divisions in these areas. Returns to all locations are expected to use Killinochchi Central College as a transit site. Returns to Mannar District • 1,948 individuals returned of their own to Musali DS division from Anuradhapura. A further 11 and 122 individuals had returned, respectively, to Madhu and Manthai West. • On 20 December 500 IDPs went to Vidattaltivu from Puttalam.


Returns to Mullaittivu District • According to the Mullaittivu GA, 5,999 individuals have returned to Thunukkai DS division and 4,195 individuals have returned to Manthai East from IDPs camps from Vavuniya. • On 22 December, 698 individuals returned to Oddusuddan DS division. • 616 individuals, currently living outside the Vavuniya camps, have registered with the GA’s office to return to the Manthai East DS division, while a further 1,119 individuals, also outside the camps, have registered for return to Thunnukkai DS division. • The GA identified permanent shelters, agricultural assistance, small industry support and materials for toilet construction among the immediate requirements to support returnees in rebuilding their lives. Returns to Vavuniya District • On 20 December, 1,152 IDPs returned to the Vavuniya North area.

II. Humanitarian Response Shelter • IOM provided 9,239 A-frame kits. Kits will be distributed by government authorities to returnees in the Thunukkai, Manthai East, Poonakary, Karachchi and Vavuniya North areas. NFI • In the Jaffna District, UNHCR has distributed NFI kits to 14,457 returnee families as at 18 December. WASH • In Jaffna District, agencies have finalised the necessary design, standards and cost of WASH infrastructure and services (including septic tanks, super structure for toilets, well cleaning, construction of new wells and hygiene promotion) to support returnees. Food • In the Jaffna District, WFP continues to provide dry rations to recently released families, while complementary food packages are issued by FORUT. • In Jaffna District, Caritas will provide complementary food to the Kodikamam Ramavil IDP camp until the end of December 2009. • In Kilinochchi District, WFP delivered 26 metric tons of food to be distributed to returnees in Karachchi DS division returnees. WFP also delivered 63 metric tons of various commodities for returnees in Poonakaryn DS division. Furthermore, WFP sent four containers to Poonakaryn, as requested by the local authorities, to strengthen the food distribution mechanism. Containers no longer in use at Menik Farm will be placed in Kilinochchi for this purpose. • In Vavuniya District, FORUT is distributing 15,000 packs of complementary food to hosted families, while FOSDOO has distributed 10,000 packs. SEED is also planning to distribute 15,000 packs to the hosted families. Health • On 21 December, Menik Farm was sprayed for mosquito infestation / breeding sites. The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) has launched an environmental clean-up campaign in the Cheddikulam area of Menik Farm. The Vavuniya Health Department and Oxfam started a Dengue Prevention Campaign on16 December in Vavuniya. Mine Action • In Mannar District, by 21 December, the Vidaththaltivu East, Vidaththaltivu West, Vidaththaltivu Central, Kovilkulam, Kalliyadi, Illupaikadavai and Anthoniyarpuram GN divisions in the Manthai West DS division were surveyed and cleared. More minefields have been identified and are being clearance in the Madhu area. However, some minefields have been flooded by the recent heavy rains, resulting in suspension of demining operations. • In Mullaittivu District, by 21 December, the residential areas in Mankulam, Panikkankulam, Inthupuram and Thirumurikandy GN divisions in Oddusuddan DS division were cleared by survey. • In Jaffna District, military authorities have agreed that demining agencies will conduct technical surveys in areas of suspected contamination without having to obtain prior security authorization [with the exception of the High Security Zones]. The decision is expected to expedite mine/UXO


• • •

clearance work. Clearance operations in areas of verified mine/UXO confirmation continue to require security approval. In Jaffna District, DDG is on standby from 23 December 2009 to 2 January 2010. HALO Trust’s Jaffna operations will be suspended from 24 December 2009 to 3 January 2010, while its Vanni operations continue. UNICEF is piloting a Community Liaison project in the Thunukkai and Mallawi areas in the Mullaittivu District. The project aims to strengthen information sharing between people and demining agencies and will be replicated in other resettled areas. UNICEF and its Mine Risk Education (MRE) partners have launched a new Community Liaison Programme, where village volunteers disseminate information and strategies for safe behavior to their communities. UNICEF is also planning to expand on an initiative to draw i[on community knowledge to map suspected dangerous areas in the vicinity of each village.

Early Recovery • In Kilinochchi District, FAO provided over 1,500 bushels of paddy seeds for distribution to farmers in the Mulankavil area. • In Mannar District, FAO has distributed paddy seeds to 1,749 households in Manthai West and 500 farming households in Musali. FAO has given other food crop (OFC) seeds to 750 households in the Manthai West, Musali and Thekkam areas. • In Mullaittivu District, FAO delivered 5,250 bushels of paddy seeds to be distributed to returnee farming families in Mallawi and Thunukkai. • In Vavuniya District, FAO has distributed 2,000 bushels (of a total of 4,500 bushels) to farmers. Other seeds FAO distributed include peanut, green gram and maize. Coordination and support services • OCHA is to work with the office of the Vavuniya GA to set up a database of information on host families. The computer laboratory in the GA’s office will be used for this purpose and OCHA will train government staff to continue to enter and update records.


Funding / CHAP

As of 28 December, the CHAP 2009 for Sri Lanka is 70% funded, with US$ 190,032,047 received out of the revised midyear requirement of US$ 270,055,118. In addition, US$ 361,464 has been pledged by various donors.

The CHAP 2010 for Sri Lanka is currently being developed with the participation of Sector Leads, partner agencies and Government counterparts. The global launch of the CHAP 2010 in Geneva took place on 24 November 2009, although the Sri Lanka CHAP was not included. Sectors are currently working on prioritizing their activities and re-evaluating funding requests.

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OCHA Situation Report Sri Lanka Dec 09  

December 2009 Situation Report Sri Lanka OCHA

OCHA Situation Report Sri Lanka Dec 09  

December 2009 Situation Report Sri Lanka OCHA