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IMHO Project Proposal Request Format The proposal requests to IMHO (items 1-4) should be limited to 1-2 pages. It needs to be sent on the original letterhead of the recipient organization/individual and signed. One may forward the request by email to for preliminary review. 1.

Outline of the project: a. Explain the need b. Goals and objectives c. Target population or beneficiaries d. Description of the project


Implementation: a. Who is going to implement (name of the organization and key individuals) b. Time line of the project c. Funds to be used as proposed. Any significant changes to the proposal have to be approved by the IMHO Board d. What difficulties do you see in implementing this project on-time? How do you plan to over-come these?


Budget details with break down. If more than one agency is involved in funding, please inform the IMHO Board of the details. If you have submitted this project proposal to other agencies/individuals, please inform us.


Long term sustainability: a. Operating expense, if any (who is going to fund?) b. Staffing needs (Whether available. If not, who is going to train?)


Follow-up: a. Acknowledgement receipt b. Send quarterly reports to IMHO Board c. Any future expansion plans


Supporting documents: a. Contact information (address, email, telephone and fax, if available) of the primary contact person and other key personnel. b. Charity status certificate of the recipient organization and Tax return from the last 3 years, if available. c. Provide information on any of the projects completed by your organization or by you in the recent past. State the names of your current partners. d. Bank account info (Bank name, address, account number and sorting/swift code)


The recipient agency or individual needs to provide a signed document to IMHO that they have not received any other funds towards the particular project being supported by IMHO to prevent any duplication of funding.

Thank you for working with us. Board of Directors IMHO Federal Tax ID Number: 59-3779465 P.O. Box 61265, Staten Island, NY 10306, USA. Email:

IMHO Proposal request form  

Request form for local groups seeking assistance from IMHO