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IMHO Ohio Fa mily Fa rm Adventure WHEN: Su n d a y, Oct o ber 9t h , 20 11 Tra in d ep a rt s a t 1: 0 0 p m ; bo a rd in g begin s 10 m in u t es befo re d ep a rt u re WHERE: Leba n o n Ma so n Mo n ro e R a il ro a d , 127 S. Mech a n ic St reet , Leba n o n , Oh io 450 36 RSVP: J en n il ee ( jen n il ee@p rem iercp a . co m o r 614. 659. 9999, 513. 448. 1184, o r 937. 242. 660 5) Ple ase join us for an afternoon of fun for the whole family on a train ride through Warren County to Schappacher Farm. Walk through a real working farm, pet the animals, find your way through a corn maze, and sele ct a pie pumpkin for your very own! An IMHO presentation and snacks wil be offered after the train ride. For more information, ple ase visit : http://www.le banonrr.c om/pumpkin.html. The full experie nce takes 2 hours & 45 minutes, including 45 minute ride to Schappacher Farm, 75 minute layover at Schappacher Farm, & 45 minute return trip to Lebanon Station.
 This event is being offered at no cost through a generous sponsor; however, a generous tax-deductible contribution to IMHO is very much welc omed. We need your support to help those in need in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, so your generosit y and compassion is very much appreciated! An RSVP is necessary, as seats are limit ed and walk-ins wil not be allowed.

IMHO event flyer ohio 2011  

2011 ohio imho event flyer