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Rebuilding Haiti: Serving the Health & Education Needs of Petit-Goave

Presented By: Dr. Tania Desgrottes Administrative Director

Petit Goave ∗ Location: Petit Goave, a coastal town located 70 kilometers from Port-au-Prince and founded in 1663 has approximately 120,000 inhabitants. The town has 23 communal townships as well as suburbs, one of which is “Chabanne”, the site of the Health Center and Ecole Village Lucina

History The Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Medical Center was born in the aftermath of the untimely death of the surgeon, Doctor Henri Gerard Desgranges in 1993; an authentic son of Petit Goave he was a remarkable man and his medical career was successful beyond what anyone could have predicted. Throughout his life he maintained a direct interest in people and institutions conceived to improve the life of others. There was a rich complexity to him that impressed everyone who knew him. By his generosity and his respect for others, he transcended factions to better discover human values. His dream was to create a free clinic in his hometown of Petit-Goave.

Click icon to add picture The Medical Center Clinic doors opened in 1996 with outpatient care and mobile health unit providing health care and education to the rural town of Chabanne.

Click icon to add picture Ecole Village Lucina Ecole Village Lucina (EVL) was founded in 1998, and is located in Chabanne, a district of Petit Goave. It is an affiliation of the health center and is located on the same grounds as the clinic. Since it’s opening E.V.L. has provided free education, and now runs up to the 6th grade. We prepare students for the national exam so that they may continue on to junior high school and higher levels of education. We currently provide uniforms, school supplies, meals as well as free immunizations and health care through our partnered health clinic

Post Disaster: Reconstruction ∗

2011 EVL Accomplisments:

∗ 1. Rebuilt EVL School using Japanese Archictectural Standards and earthquake proof archictectural design- Construction Complete! ∗ 2. Building new community school in remote area of Allium, Petit GoaveCurrently in Construction ∗ 3. Re-enrolled students and enrolled new students for the 2011 scholastic year beginning October 3rd. ∗ 4. Provide all new students annual physical ∗ 5. Added health and hygiene to school curriculum for ALL grades ∗ 6. Partnership with Canaan Ridge School in Connecticut>school supplies and teacher materials and future trainings.

HGD Medical Center 2011 Accomplishments

1. Partnership with Doctors of the World- Established the ONLY Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) in Petit Goave.

CTC ∗ Number of Patients Treated: 2500 ∗ Mortality rate of treated cases: less than 1% compared to world average of 2%. ∗ As of June 2011 The CTC is now dismantled and all cholera suspected cases are referred to the local hospital. ∗ ALL HGD medical center staff received medical training in diagnosis and treatment of cholera. HGD Medical Center is one of few centers specializing in diagnosis and is a certified « diarrhea treatment center »

UCLA Medical Center Mission Trip ∗ In April 2011 a group of physicians and nurses spent one week working and training medical center staff. The group was led by Dr. David Cutler of UCLA ∗ Topics Covered: ∗ 1. Infectious Disease ∗ 2. Non Communicable Illness: Diabetes, HTN, etc ∗ 3. Pediatric Care ∗ 4. Dermatology

Family Planning In partnership with PROFAMIL, SRH focused medical center in Haiti. All medical staff received training in family planning. HGD Medical Center now provides FP (Barrier contraception, Oral Contraception, Implants and Depo Provera) and does FP promotion in education on a wider scale.

Maternal and ChildHealth HGD Medical Center has now dedicated one day a week to maternal and child (less than 5) health for free.

Moving Forward ∗

Goals and Objectives:

∗ 1. Expansion of the maternal and child health program-including Labor and Delivery Unit ∗ 2. Re-establish the use of the medical center as a teaching institution for medical residents and nursing students; on a national and Global scale. ∗ 3. Design and Implement Agricultural Project ∗ 4. Complete Construction of Medical Center ∗ 5. Continue to provide efficient and quality services to the people of Petit Goave

Challenges ∗Funding: fundamental decrease in donor interest ∗Competing with international NGOs ∗Self Sustainability

Thank You! Don’t Forget About Us!

Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation update presentation  

Update Presentation 2011 Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation Haiti