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Meeting Health Needs in Vanni

Ganesa n

Why Should We Get Involved?  

How does the health ministry work? Then, how does the Health services develop in Sri Lanka? Role of specialists, consultant doctors – beyond clinical care

The positive side – the space / welcome input

Whose responsibility is it to develop?

Dr. Nihal Jayathilake Dr. Ajith Mendis

Some Health Needs 

Children - Nutrition, health education to parents on feeding weaning

Youth - planning family, addiction services

Old age - many health needs

Disability - Intellectual disability, war related, disease related disability



Mental Health / Trauma

What is There Now 

Killinochi Hospital

Mullaitivu hospital

Other small hospitals

Some primary care services –

Shortage doctors, nurses, and other staff

No consultants – one person just appointed

Atmosphere - poor

Health Service Development 

Health survey – need identification

Hospitals need building, equipping

Staff need training

Referral system needs developing

Community care has to be established

Communication systems

Data management

Rehabilitation Services

Problems 

Assessment difficult – rapidly changing

Access to assess needs/ work limited

Hardly any leadership to form partnerships

Community weak to highlight needs

Problems in monitoring and evaluation

Some immediate Possibilities 

Visiting consultants from nearby regions – needs support 

Mainly from Jaffna

Support communication needs – phones etc

Tele-medicine support - local/ international

Strategic input to hospitals

Support for training – The different colleges, NGOs, could be partners Support dissemination of material / books

Long Term Programs 

Develop health infrastructure

Training for staff – direct and indirect

Detailed assessments of health needs

Translation of manuals and books

Data management

Tele-medicine support

In Conclusion  

 

Many of the health needs are unmet. Health in a broader framework – determinants of health We have to find different strategies to meet these needs The needs are going to be there for a long time Shift from a emergency response mode to long term sustainable development mode There is a need to develop long term alliances with organizations and individuals

IMHO has clearly demonstrated in the past it's capacity to support interventions to meet health needs This I am sure will continue with increased energy now.

Dr. Ganesan Morning Presentation IMHO Convention 2010