IHC Superstars 2012

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6WUDWHJLF &KDQJH LQ +HDOWK &DUH Med-Vision LLC’s vice president, Connie Gee, is using health data analytics to lead the way in wellness. Gee, whose primary functions at Med-Vision (www.med-vision.com) include analyzing health plan data and determining actionable solutions for employee wellness, incorporates the latest innovations into strategic wellness and disease management programs. Gee holds a MBA from the University of Tampa and has over 20 years of experience in developing employee health promotions for major hospitals, corporations, school districts, and county governments. As lead wellness strategist and health data analyst at Med-Vision, she orchestrates initiatives to help large employers achieve higher levels of performance. Her team’s efforts empower people to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle, which results in better health, improved job performance, increased energy levels, and a drive to succeed. For employers, healthy employees translate into greater workforce productivity, increased morale, lower turnover rates, and decreased absenteeism. In 2012, Gee helped Med-Vision launch a proprietary healthcare data analysis tool, Med-View (www.Med-View.net), to help employers more effectively identify and mitigate health risks. “You can’t change what you can’t measure,� said Gee. “That’s why the Med-Vision team worked with leading-edge developers to create a powerful new tool that magnifies health claims data so that our clients can effectively implement solutions to minimize costs.� In one instance, Med-Vision’s experts identified an ineligible member

Company: Med-Vision LLC Headquarters: Tampa Website: http://www.med-vision.com/ Founded: 2005 Nature of Business: Health Plan Risk Management, Health Data Analytics, and Wellness Strategies

Key Executives: Connie Gee, Vice President; Dan Ross, President

surgery costing $700,000, while another instance pointed to $250,000 in medication abuse. Other client examples of cutting costs include: t )FBMUI DBSF FYQFOTF USFOE SFEVDFE UP [FSP t 3FEVDFE IFBMUI DBSF DPTUT CZ QFSDFOU t 1IBSNBDZ DPTUT EFDSFBTFE CZ QFSDFOU t %JBMZTJT DPTUT EFDSFBTFE CZ QFSDFOU t &NFSHFODZ SPPN WJTJUT EFDSFBTFE CZ QFSDFOU Beyond helping clients save millions of dollars, Gee traveled the nation in 2012 presenting wellness seminars and workshops, focusing on how to achieve higher levels of performance of a wellness mission by understanding the “big picture� including the economic and organizational logic important to decision makers. A dynamic presenter and one of the first 90 certified Wellcoaches, Gee is in the business of helping others discover cutting-edge techniques for engaging employees and igniting their energy to improve health and productivity.

3LRQHHULQJ D 1HZ (UD LQ 'HQWDO 3ODQQLQJ Dental health planning is a valuable part of staying healthy, but it’s also a financial investment helping employers and individuals save money. Nicholas Kavouklis DMD, president and CEO of Argus Dental Plan (www.argusdental. com), emphasizes that anyone concerned about financial health should be ensuring employees have incentive for oral care. “Prevention and early detection makes a major difference in financial and clinical outcomes,� said Dr. Kavouklis, who maintains a general practice in Tampa and is founder of two dental insurance plans that have serviced more than a million policyholders. “Beyond protecting oral health, our goals are to design innovative plans to mitigate risks, reduce sick-time, and control health care costs.� A graduate of the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Dr. Kavouklis’ clinical expertise has positioned Argus Dental Plan to provide quality-based Prepaid Dental Plans, Dental Discount Plans, Dental PPO, as well as packages for individuals, families, employer groups, governmental agencies, associations, and large HMO Medicare/Medicaid recipients. Offerings don’t stop there, however, the Argus team also blazed a new trail in dental plan options. In 2012, they announced the launch of the Dental Saving Account (DSA), a dollar-based plan design offering better freedom of choice for patients while helping dentists, employers, and patients manage health costs. The Florida Dental Association provided the seal of approval for Argus Dental Plan to bring DSAs to market in the summer of 2012, thus, adopting a brand new plan design to compete with traditional PPOs and bringing an opportunity for overall lower fees in dentistry. 56

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Company: Argus Dental Plan Headquarters: Tampa Website: http://www.argusdental.com/ Founded: 2007 Nature of Business: Dental Benefits, Plans, Dental Saving Account, Dental PPO, and HMO

Key Executives: Nicholas Kavouklis DMD, President and CEO; Angel Cuervo, VP of Sales

“When the basics of dental coverage have been stagnant for decades, with obvious disadvantages, it was past time to create consumer-driven options,� said Dr. Kavouklis, who coined the phrase “Dental Saving Account.� The DSA maximizes patient premium dollars by utilizing a Preferred Dentist Network. Benefits include maximum annual contributions, maximum fees for dental procedures, fund rollovers, and simple transparency. In addition to innovations in plan designs, Argus Dental Plan became the first dental plan in the U.S. to receive accreditation from the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care), which affirms that Argus Dental Plan meets nationally recognized standards for quality of care, customer service, and business management. Argus Dental Plan is licensed through the Florida Department of Insurance and has a network of thousands of providers conveniently located throughout Florida. Contact Argus Dental Plan at 813-445-4568 or media@ argusdental.com for more information.