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Working On-­site  to  Enhance  Employee  Care



s organizations face skyrocketing health expenditures, Ray Tomlinson, President employers have scrambled to find ways to control costs. Company: Crowne Consulting Group A lifesaver has been workplace health centers as a Headquarters: Ocoee, Fla. means to cut costs while controlling and preventing Website: www.crowneinc.com chronic conditions. Number of Employees: 15 at Ocoee Offices; 122 CareHere Medical and Administrative On-site health and wellness centers make visiting the docNature of Business: Onsite Employee Health & Wellness Centers and tor more convenient for employees who typically neglect basic Benefits Consulting care or delay treatment. Health centers are full-service clinics Key Executives: Ray Tomlinson, President : Brian Branham, CFO; servicing qualified members covered under an employer health John Watson, Director of Strategic Development plan, which could include employees, dependents and retirees. Members pay no copay, which keeps utilization of the health and wellness serve an array of clients as an employee benefits consulting firm, providing centers high. In addition to primary care, the clinic services typically include free employer solutions and personal lines of insurance. Crowne’s team started investigating the operation of worksite centers in generic drugs, x-rays, screenings, disease management and wellness services 2004, because they noticed the trend of employers in other states considering for plan members visiting the health and wellness center. “We’re essentially lowering health care costs by enhancing employee worksite clinics. It was another two and a half years before they landed the first benefits and offering on-site health and wellness centers for employees,” says client. They spent two years researching clinic operators before launching a Ray Tomlinson, president of Crowne Consulting Group, which collaborates with partnership with CareHere. Crowne’s recent achievements have been in serving Florida’s public sector Tennessee-based CareHere LLC to operate more than 25 on-site health centers employers such as school boards, city and county government, as well as private throughout Florida. CareHere is a national corporation operating more than 100 health centers organizations. Florida newspaper archives are riddled with reports on Crowne’s in 23 states. Tomlinson and Crowne Consulting Group provide executive over- client successes, and the firm has managed to exceed a 50 percent growth rate sight and direction for CareHere’s Florida operations from the initial presentation every year since 2007. This trend throughout Florida emerged as boards began seeing that stage through implementation and ongoing operations. Tomlinson works with medical teams in providing counsel, recommendations and reporting metrics for employee health centers in neighboring governments had produced huge success rates in cost savings. To name just a few clients, the City of Ocoee, City public and private employer-sponsored medical clinics. Outside of the streamlined operations and the cost-containing solutions— of Ocala, City of Sanford, Lake Schools, St. Johns Schools, and Charlotte County Crowne and CareHere’s on-site health care model has actually gotten people to are benefiting from on-site medical care for employees. Some client results have better manage their health. Their innovative solutions are rooted in providing an included: t $JUZPG-FFTCVSHTJOTVSBODFDMBJNTESPQQJOHQFSDFOUJOHSPTTDPTUT effective means to get people to the doctor, to manage their chronic conditions, within one year of launching on-site care. and to schedule their wellness visits easily around their busy work schedules. t $JUZ PG 0DBMB TVTUBJOJOH OFBSMZ B  QFSDFOU EFDSFBTF JO DMBJNT DPTUT In addition to operating during hours convenient for employees, the during a four-year span. patient-centric medical services allow for 20 minutes with clinic physicians t 1BTDP$PVOUZ4DIPPMTnBUUFOJOHQSFTDSJQUJPOESVHDPTUTBOESFEVDJOH as opposed to the average seven minutes. Crowne and CareHere also ensure health costs nearly 5 percent – saving more than $2 million in one year. employee engagement produces an ROI for services. As third-party operators, they ensure employee medical services remain “Crowne Consulting Group and CareHere have been outstanding in setting confidential and HIPAA compliant. Sensitive employee information is kept separate and away from employers’ records. In addition to maintaining patient up and operating our health centers,” says Mary Tillman, director of employee information according to HIPAA laws, they often assist with administering the Benefits for Pasco County Schools, which opened its health care centers in early 2011 to enhance health care for its more than 8,000 employees. “They provided employers’ workers’ compensation matters and drug testing. “Our mission is to bring innovative solutions that meet the fiscal respon- orientations for our employees, and they even offered a prize drawing incentive sibility of employers and maximizes investments in human capital,” Tomlinson to encourage utilization.” Despite being able to access care through their current health plan, nearly says. Tomlinson brings more than 25 years research and developmental half of Pasco County School’s employee population visited the worksite centers experience from the management consulting, health care insurance, human within the first year of opening, totaling more than 26,000 medical visits and resource settings and nearly 12 years of experience as an investigator for benefiting from programs such as nutrition and smoking cessation. “With chronic disease accounting for the majority of all health spending, governmental agencies. This experience helps Crowne Consulting Group provide a range of solutions beyond health and wellness centers, including consumer- these medical centers can identify risks early, which helps employees and driven plans, health reimbursement arrangements, self-funded plans, risk employers avoid serious costs down the road,” Tomlinson says. Easier access to preventive care has ensured that risks could be uncovered management and human resources consulting. Crowne Consulting Group Inc. began by specializing in human resources before becoming high-dollar medical claims. In turn, on-site health care has and insurance consulting. Crowne’s offerings, however, quickly expanded to been a win-win for employers and employees.


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