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Company: Alegeus Technologies Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts Website: Nature of Business: Consumer-directed health care technology Key Executives: Bob Natt, Executive Chairman; Jennifer Gallego, COO; Adam Hameed, Chief Revenue Officer; Sharon Hecker, General Counsel; John Park, Chief Strategy Officer

Creating Technology that Enables and Empowers Consumers


t the forefront of many health care discussions is the issue of consumer engagement. While health care consumerism itself has made great strides, many are realizing that consumers are still struggling. Alegeus Technologies, a consumer-directed health care technology company, is tackling the problem head-on. Over the years Alegeus has developed innovative consumer engagement tools and resources to help consumers optimize their health care spending and maximize their health care saving. These include interactive analytics, proprietary consumer segmentation models, personalized spend/save recommendations, unique savings and incentive programs, transparency tools, leading mobile and interactive tools and beyond. “Consumer health care accounts represent a logical ‘hub’ for health care decision-making — helping consumers reconcile potential purchases with available funding,” said Steve Auerbach, CEO of Alegeus Technologies. “The exciting announcements of partnerships and innovations we have been making to the Alegeus ecosystem all will allow Alegeus to more effectively engage the consumer at appropriate spending and saving ‘moments of truth’, helping them make better decisions that will optimize their health care spending and maximize their health care savings.” Alegeus’s platform powers consumer-directed health care programs for many of the industry’s leading brands — including health plans, third party administrators and financial institutions. Those organizations are seeking to capitalize on the new consumer-directed health care reality — delivering significant benefit solutions that will enable their employer customers to control health care costs and maximize employee satisfaction and will deliver a superior health care experience for their consumers, who are increasingly responsible for the cost of their health care. According to Alegeus, for those organizations, the company delivers a comprehensive consumerdirected solution that goes well beyond the administration of account-based plans (HSAs, FSAs, HRAs) and the processing of consumer health care payments.

In the past 12 months, Alegeus has demonstrated its innovation leadership in numerous ways. Through a combination of direct market research of 5000+ consumers and analysis of platform data for more than 26 million consumers, Alegeus built a proprietary consumer segmentation model based on consumer attitudes, behaviors and preferences as it relates to the management and funding of their health care. The segmentation model offers unique insights relating to consumer-directed health care products, current lifestyle and health status, utilization of health care services, level of health care fluency and engagement, degree of compliance with health and wellness protocols, degree of cost consciousness exhibited, level of satisfaction and trust in the system, receptivity to incentives — and more. Alegeus also unveiled its new Consumers Like Me™ tool, an interactive decision-support solution that is designed to help consumers make informed decisions about health care account enrollment and funding, based on proprietary segmentation models and data from 26 million consumers supported by the Alegeus platform. In addition, the company announced a partnership with Granite Peak Technologies to deliver an innovative digital health solution that is designed to foster daily consumer engagement, promote healthy behavior, and reduce health care costs. The program incorporates daily fitness goals, a wearable activity tracker and financial incentives — delivered directly into consumers’ health care accounts. A wireless interface and easy-to-use design helps consumers quickly adopt the solution and progress towards real cost savings and healthier behaviors. “I have never been more excited about the future of Alegeus, or our industry,” Auerbach said. “We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us: to help consumers navigate this new consumerdirected health care reality; to be a trusted partner to our clients, helping them deliver a truly differentiated experience for their consumers; and to deliver a platform that offers differentiated value for consumers at every touch point — helping them optimize their health care spending and maximize their health care savings.” I HealthCare Consumerism Solutions™ I Annual Superstars 2015


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