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The archaeopteryx u lt r a l i g h t

know, innovation is neither simple nor cheap and development can take a very long time. By the time it was delivered, the buying price of the glider had doubled. Undeterred, I looked for a partner to share the glider as I did not want to give up my passion. In February 2011, our bird was finally delivered. I refreshed my gliding skills with a number of twoseater flights with instructors, followed by training on the single seat Archaeopteryx. Maiden flight by constructor

When I was 14 years old, I learned how to fly gliders, but I stopped around 25 years ago to raise a family and focus on my research. Four years ago, while visiting the transport museum in Luzern, I read an advertisement for the ultralight Archaeopteryx glider. I was hooked by the concept of a full sized glider that can be launched by foot, without needing a winch or aerotow, and soon after I attended a demonstration at Alp Scheidegg. When I saw that the unbelievable was real, I ordered my own glider. As I work in research, I know innovation when I see it. The company, Ruppert Composite in Wald ZH, has designed a one-of-a-kind glider which is light, can fly very slowly and yet has very good performance. As we all

«The Archaeopteryx flies, feels and responds like a regular glider – but everything is at half speed. I glide towards the runway and after I land, I realize that I was right to pursue my passion.»


The IBMer - second edition  

November 2011

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