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Ask Rebecca

By Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice Listen Now

This powerful column provides you an opportunity to ask Rebecca those business questions, money questions, leadership, speaker, personal growth, and empowerment questions you have. Rebecca wants to help you overcome fear and bring your message forward. In each issue, Rebecca will select 1 to 3 questions to answer.

Question 1:

Dear Rebecca, what is the most essential thing someone needs to do to start to address and hopefully enhance their ability to acquire more money? ~Deidra Trudeau, Women’s Success NOW

Dear Deidra, thank you so much for your money question. I believe there are actually two essential things someone needs to do. First, I advise everyone to look at their relationship with money. I call this the profound level. How are you interacting with money? Do you have a thriving and trusted relationship or are you uncomfortable with money on some level, perhaps keeping it at a distance? If so, really look at this and think about how you would like your relationship with money to be. As long as there is discomfort, you will be resistant to receiving more, because that would bring more discomfort into your life. A great place to start this dialogue with yourself around money is to ask yourself, “What is important about money to me and why?” Treat this dialogue as a discovery. Really look at what is important to you and why. Gain an understanding about why you want more and what more would mean to you.


Ask Rebecca

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April 2015 Issue #1 Maximize Your Wealth Now in Business, Finance, Family & Lifestyle