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I have seen individuals and families who received a large sum of money just spend down the sum to get back to the amount of money they are familiar with or understand. The most powerful way to counteract this is to change your relationship with money so you’re really more connected with it and, in fact, form a relationship with it that puts you in a leadership position in your relationship with money. Once you discover how to do this, then your money can start to serve you, your calling, and your vision.

Part of stepping into a leadership relationship with money includes learning how to take practical steps with it to move you forward -- to make sure you have a firm foundation and clear goals, and that you understand the next steps you need to take to move you forward. This is where it becomes really important to have money experts help you become empowered in your relationship with money. They can help you develop a practical step-by-step plan personalized to you, your goals and your time- frames.

Also, I have seen people who earned a fairly high or very high income during their working years end up struggling in their retirement years because they accumulated a large amount of debt, despite their income, or they spent everything they brought Explore your current relationship with money. in. I have also seen men and women who earned Notice any patterns and feelings that come up. a fairly low income during their working years live Are they serving you? If not, how will you start very well in their retirement years. The difference to shift them to serve you? Where do you need I found was not in how much they earned, but in support and help to do this? And then, take how they interacted with and related to money. It is how they interacted with what they earned, not just action to get the support you need to empower you in your relationship with money. how much they earned. When they learned how to step into a leadership and empowered position with money, then they were able to build the life they Audio by Rebecca Hall Gruyter wanted and needed financially. They were able to Listen Now make decisions to move themselves forward, to accept the consequences both good and bad for their decisions and choices. When they stepped into leadership and took responsibility for their financial position and relationship, they then, in fact, could move their financial position forward. Money then became a tool and resource they could work with to build what mattered most to them on a short term and long term basis.

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I Am Enough Magazine January 2015 Issue  
I Am Enough Magazine January 2015 Issue