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Here are some top indicators that it is time to lean in and get expert help to help empower you in your relationship with money: • You don’t really know where your money is going. • You feel like you can’t seem to get ahead. • You feel trapped in a debt cycle.

• You are intimidated or afraid of money and those financial experts. • You want financial freedom in your life.

• You are concerned about being able to retire one day.

• You want to support your future generations to struggle less with money.

• You inherited a sum of money and aren’t sure where to start or what to do.

• You want to feel empowered around money.

• You are concerned about patterns in your relationship with money that you don’t want to repeat…but don’t know how to make it different. • You want money to interact in your life differently.

• You want to be comfortable around money and money conversations. • You want a healthy and supportive relationship with money. Success Tip: Take action now. If you identify with one or more of the indicators above, then I invite you to lean in and get support now…not some day, but now. When you feel that pull at your heart--that urgency to get help in this area--honor it! The sooner you get expert help in your relationship with money, the sooner you can shift forward to that place of empowerment with money. Remember, it’s not an accident you were drawn to this article. Please honor the pull of your heart and seek a way to be empowered in your relationship with money. You and all that you are and all that you are called to do are too important to settle for less in this area of your life.

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Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series, Best Selling Author, and International VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Show Host. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business, Strategic Management Concentration, and a strong background in corporate and entrepreneurial circles as an in-demand Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader, and Coach. Rebecca is committed to helping people impact the world powerfully, helping them line up their business and life with their core values and unique gifts. Rebecca is a frequent guest expert on success panels, live stages, radio, summits, and television. She is Creator of the Speaker Talent Search, Rebecca’s Money Summits™, Step Into Leadership™, Offers That Serve™, and Your Success Formula™. She has received the Circle of Champions, Circle of Excellence, Notable Networker, and Client Coach of the Year awards for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine! Website:

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