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do and be. Then it has time (you have time) to build a firm foundation and really connect in a powerful, healthy, and balanced way with your money on both a practical and profound level. You have many practical steps you can take to build the relationship and numbers you want, and need, to bring your life and message forward. But, you have to remember you have a great deal of control over this in how you relate to money. Are you really adding up the choices you’re making with your money (both income coming in and money flowing out)? Are you prioritizing those things that are most important to you, and building these things into your relationship with money? It’s really important to pause and look at your relationship with money. Is it healthy, balanced, and warm? Or are there some charged and negative emotions and feelings associated with it? Where did these feelings associated with it come from -- our family, mentors, growing up, a hurtful experience? Is this the type of relationship you want with money? If not, what is the type of relationship you would like to have? If you are willing to spend a little time and understand your current relationship with money, it gives you a great starting place to make a shift. You then want to spend time reflecting on how you would like the relationship to look, feel, and be. Then you get support and build a plan to start shifting your interaction in the equation and relationship with your money. Please note that others in your life can also be affected by your relationship with money and when you start shifting, they may be supportive and excited for you, or they may not like the shift and change. So, make sure to build in support to encourage you on your journey and keep you in a leadership position in choosing the relationship you want to have with money. Don’t let anyone else dictate or limit your relationship with money. You want to be empowered and moving forward, not held back or limited by another. This is your thriving money relationship we are building!

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Take responsibility for your relationship with money knowing that you can build the kind of relationship you want. Spend time exploring what you want it to look and feel like and start to step into the relationship you want. Be who you want to be in your relationship with money.

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Rebecca Hall Gruyter Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series, Best Selling Author, and International VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Show Host. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business, Strategic Management Concentration, and a strong background in corporate and entrepreneurial circles as an in-demand Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader, and Coach. Rebecca is committed to helping people impact the world powerfully, helping them line up their business and life with their core values and unique gifts. Rebecca is a frequent guest expert on success panels, live stages, radio, summits, and television. She is Creator of the Speaker Talent Search, Rebecca’s Money Summits™, Step Into Leadership™, Offers That Serve™, and Your Success Formula™. She has received the Circle of Champions, Circle of Excellence, Notable Networker, and Client Coach of the Year awards for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine! Website:

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