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I Just Need More


by Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Money Myth:

I just need more sometime soon and if I keep hoping for that and wishing for more then it will happen.

Powerful Truth:

Money--and you--both respond to clarity, commitment, and specificity.


oney does, and you do. If you say “Someday I want to weigh less” or “I want to weigh more” or “I want a bigger house,” it is very vague and it is scheduled to happen someday (but not any day soon). Is weighing one pound less or one pound more enough of a change, or is there a specific number or range that you want to lose or add? How big of a house do you want? When do you want it? When we get specific about exactly how much we want and set a date for having it, everything changes. The specificity sets a different commitment and priority level within and around us, and our energy shifts it to achieve the goal. A key shift we, as women, need to make is to step further into a leadership position with our IAE { 24

money. We need to develop a greater level of clarity regarding what we want, and we need to make the commitment to lead our relationship with money on both the practical and profound levels towards our goals. We need to be willing, daily, to lead ourselves AND our money towards where we want to be. The way we interact with money day by day and month to month adds up to our year and our future. Make sure you are leading your money with purpose and on purpose towards your goals. When you can get clarity and are specific about our goals and timeframes, then it’s much easier to craft a plan and clear steps to get there. As long as you keep it “someday” and more or less in amounts, you don’t really have

clear goals, timeframes, or expectations. It can keep being “someday,” with “some amount,” and it’s really hard to know if you’re getting closer or farther away with the actions and steps you’re taking on a day-to-day basis. It is important to be specific, have clear goals and really know what you want, how much of it you want, when you want it, and have measurable metrics so you can see if the steps you are taking are getting you closer to or farther way from your goals. This way, you can make course corrections as you go along to get closer and closer to your goals. Part of the beauty in working with a financial expert is that they can help you really determine how much you need to live the lifestyle you want to live now and in the future. They can help you get very clear numbers so you July 2015

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