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Shifting Your

Money Position by Rebecca Hall Gruyter


ave you ever found yourself saying: “I should be further along than I am now.” Or “I can’t understand money.” Or “I should understand money by now.” Or “I’m ashamed or embarrassed of where I’m at, and I can’t figure it out or make it different.” In our society we don’t provide a lot of education about money, so it is actually quite common that people feel stuck and disempowered when it comes to money. Money and finances are not something we openly discuss. Therefore, it’s a subject I find people are frequently frustrated by because they don’t know how to interact with money in a healthy and supportive way. You may just need a little support to gain a better understanding of money and how it can work for you. It takes a brave person to be willing to look into a subject that frustrates, discourages, or confuses them. The harsh judgment and criticism of yourself is actually disempowering you and further holding you back. We can’t go back, but we can move forward IAE { 20

and get unstuck. The truth, is you can move forward and shift your relationship with money so that you are empowered and in a position of leadership with your money. People are often critical of themselves around money. There is this shame around money, and it’s easy to believe “I should be in a different place than I am now financially.” We believe “I should know better. I can’t get help because I am afraid they are going to judge me.” This is just not true. In our society, we don’t really talk about how to interact with money. It’s not polite conversation. Yet, we really need help in this area. So if someone is willing to

lean in and get support, I always assure them. I really do believe that it takes a brave and courageous person to find out about something you don’t understand, that you’re intimidated by, and embarrassed by at times. I have a lot of respect for people who are willing to do that. I like to encourage you to be kind to yourself, celebrate that you are recognizing that you want your relationship with money and

your financial position to be different… a more positive May 2015

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May 2015 Issue 11